Openmoko Bug #2011: Include python-mokoui in libmokoui2 compilation

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Thu Sep 25 08:48:46 CEST 2008

#2011: Include python-mokoui in libmokoui2 compilation
    Reporter:  Treviño      |        Owner:  tick        
        Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  assigned    
    Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:              
   Component:  Distro       |      Version:  Om2008.9-dev
    Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:              
    Keywords:               |    Blockedby:              
Reproducible:               |     Blocking:              
Changes (by julian_chu):

  * owner:  julian_chu => tick
  * priority:  highest => normal
  * status:  new => assigned
  * severity:  blocker => normal


 Hi  Treviño ,

 It sounds cool.

 Add python-mokoui into our repository is not only get a ipk file ,but also
 add it into our building system,OpenEmbedded.

 That means we should get a .bb file which telling OE how to build python-
 If I got a usable bb file I can add it into repository quickly or I have
 to solve other bugs and then create the recipe.

 ps. I reassign it to Tick to see if he have time to do that

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