Openmoko Bug #2304: gllin or gps chip produces wrong time stamps

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Mon Aug 17 01:03:22 CEST 2009

#2304: gllin or gps chip produces wrong time stamps
 Reporter:  keroami  |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
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 $ ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Athens /etc/localtime
 $ date
 Mon Aug 17 01:38:22 EEST 2009
 $ TZ=UTC date
 Sun Aug 16 22:38:23 UTC 2009
 $ gpspipe -r

 That's 19:38, which is yet 3 hours from UTC in the wrong direction.
 it'd be 20:38 had I used Europe/Amsterdam and 22:38 without any

 I don't know whether gllin/chip is fed the wrong time at startup to look
 at its satellites, or whether it is making a mistake itself.

 Consequences are that otimed will use this wrong time after a while; the
 change can be found in /var/log/frameworkd.log at INFO level, and after
 the change the timestamps in that logfile used as prefix have changed.


 SHR 20090808
 kernel 2.6.29-rc3
 gllin 1.1

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