Openmoko Bug #1656: Bad A2DP performance

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Wed Feb 25 20:31:57 CET 2009

#1656: Bad A2DP performance
 Reporter:  Mercury  |          Owner:  Nytowl
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Comment(by Mercury):

 Also another major issue with A2DP performance is CPU usage.  However
 bluez has a gstreamer plugin that can be used to send raw mp3 data,
 bypassing the CPU intensive SBC encoding and allowing mp3 decoding to take
 place in the headphones.  I've gotten this working and it made a *massive*
 difference in performance.

 Here's how to send direct mp3 with gstreamer's gst-launch:
 gst-launch filesrc location=<some mp3 file> ! mp3parse ! a2dpsink

 I've only tested it under debian and it only works after a communication
 bug between mp3parse and a2dpsink gets fixed (I've submitted a report to
 debian) ... not sure if it works under the openmoko distribution or not.

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