Openmoko Bug #2049: Illume dynamic dictionary has some problems...

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Sat Feb 28 00:34:47 CET 2009

#2049: Illume dynamic dictionary has some problems...
    Reporter:  Treviño      |       Owner:  raster
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Comment(by lysgaard):

 Another problem: If your dictionary have a word with capital letter, let's
 say "Hello", it won't add the lower case version to the dictionary when
 you enter it "hello"
 This is really irritating because if you're unlucky, like me, some of your
 most used words are only in the dictionary with capital letter, so you
 have to type them perfectrly, press the "up-arrow" and select the word.
 This is because it's not in the dictionary, even though I've typed it a
 thousand times.
 NOTE: If you enter the lover case version of the word first: "hello", then
 the capital one "Hello" is added to the dictionary.

 I've looked at the source, but it was a bit to complex for me beginning to
 mess with it, but i think the problem lies in the word normalization,
 before dictionary lookup.

 One fix would be to just fix this, but i suppose that the dictionary
 should be case-agnostic.
 So when you want to enter a word with a capital letter, you have to
 explicitly press te shift button.

 I would also propose that you can touch a word in the buffer area, and do
 an upstroke gesture to make the firs letter in the word upper case.
 Example: you write "david" all in lower case, then instead of just tapping
 it, you press it and do an up-stroke, just like when changing keyboard.
 This would be intepreted as "I want the first letter capital" and the
 input would be "David"

 If you want to write a word with abnormal chasing, like "aBnOrMaL" you
 would have to use the "shift" button to specify the capital letters, but
 not when you just want the first letter capital, then you could use the
 up-stroke gesture.

 *Firstly this greatly reduces the entries in the dictionary, which again
 leads to better performance.
 *It removes duplicate words like "Hello" and "hello" in the buffer.
 *I believe it would add even more usability to FSO/openmoko's absolutly
 best application.

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