Openmoko Bug #2348: dfu-util shows only one partition

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Thu Jul 15 09:10:04 CEST 2010

#2348: dfu-util shows only one partition
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 This bug could be related only to my OM. Every time I run dfu-util (ubuntu
 10.04, ubuntu 10.04 x64, windows xp with dfu-util for windows) in NOR boot
 menu I can see only one partition:

 Found Runtime: [0x1d50:0x5119] devnum=1, cfg=0, intf=2, alt=0, name="USB
 Device Firmware Upgrade"

 Which is not named rootfs but acts like rootfs. I guess my OM doesn't
 switch to DFU mode during dfu-util -l (it should, right?), and stays in
 runtime mode (?)

 After flashing rootfs (OM shows DFU mode, configured device 1 etc..) dfu-
 util shows this partition as :


 Found Runtime: [0x1d50:0x5119] devnum=2, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=0,

 This time seems ok (notice intf changed to 0), but still - where are my
 kernel / u-boot partitions ? Can't flash them if dfu-util doesn't
 recognise them.

 - Tested on different usb cables (4-pin, 5-pin, original 5pin one)
 - tested dfu-util versions: 0.1+svn (win), 0.1+svnexport (compiled from,
 - tested on different ubuntu machines (x86, x86_64)

 my printenv + lsmod + lsusb + dmesg : (should I
 attach here?)

 MY other thoughts: Could it be host kernel related or latest uhci_usb ? I
 will try to confirm this bug on other distros cuz hard to say now is it
 host related or my OM related.

 PS. I've flashed Qi bootloader some time ago (~1 year) and shr-u rootfs
 recently. But didn't checked what partitions were available just before
 flashing rootfs.

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