Openmoko Bug #2348: dfu-util shows only one partition

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Sun Jul 18 18:54:14 CEST 2010

#2348: dfu-util shows only one partition
 Reporter:  gravis          |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
     Type:  defect          |         Status:  new           
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Component:  host utilities  |        Version:                
 Severity:  normal          |       Keywords:                
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Comment(by gravis):

 ok. I've added usb capture during running dfu-util -l

 I've realised that frame length of 4th packet is 64bytes (according to
 header) but seems it was transmitted bigger? See that device name string
 is longer than captured one..

 Would you like me to upload a capture from full connection (from turning
 device on, then dfu-util -l, then waiting for uboot timeout) ? Or is it

 I'll upload those mtdblock strings in a minute..

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