Openmoko Bug #2366: Missing accelerometer events

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Mon Oct 11 00:49:52 CEST 2010

#2366: Missing accelerometer events
 Reporter:  mkburza  |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel     
     Type:  defect   |         Status:  new                 
 Priority:  highest  |      Milestone:  stable-kernel-2009.1
Component:  kernel   |        Version:  unspecified         
 Severity:  normal   |       Keywords:                      
 Haspatch:  0        |      Blockedby:                      
Estimated:           |    Patchreview:                      
 Blocking:           |   Reproducible:                      

Comment(by neilbrown):

 No, I cannot explain that.

 Every time the accelerometers report a sample - which is 100 times per
 second I think - those
 samples are passed to the 'input' layer in Linux.  This input layer
 removes the duplicates.

 So it might be somehow related to noise, whether physical or electrical.
 I have no idea why
 X is most noisy and Z is least noisy.

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