Openmoko Bug #2264: Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash

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Thu Oct 14 14:54:45 CEST 2010

#2264: Heavy GPRS traffic causes a Calypso crash
    Reporter:  budfive      |        Type:  defect   
      Status:  new          |    Priority:  normal   
   Milestone:               |   Component:  GSM Modem
     Version:  unspecified  |    Severity:  normal   
    Keywords:               |    Haspatch:  0        
   Blockedby:               |   Estimated:           
 Patchreview:               |    Blocking:           
Reproducible:               |  

Comment(by lindi):

 If I send 1000-byte packets every 500 ms then 132 of those reach the
 destination before calypso crashes. Since the outgoing bandwidth is 1000
 bytes per second, wouldn't that imply that calypso can buffer 130000 bytes
 before it crashes? Does it even have that much memory?

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