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Author: zecke
Date: 2007-09-18 03:40:30 +0200 (Tue, 18 Sep 2007)
New Revision: 2990

2007-09-16 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke at selfish.org>

        Document some of the bits that were discussed with
        Ellen last Monday.

        * documentation/design/GuiDesign: Added.
        * documentation/design/MainTasks:

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 2007-09-16  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke at selfish.org>
+        Document some of the bits that were discussed with
+        Ellen last Monday.
+        * documentation/design/GuiDesign: Added.
+        * documentation/design/MainTasks:
+2007-09-16  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke at selfish.org>
         Create the browser skeleton. It compiles but is not
         doing anything useful.

Added: trunk/src/target/OM-2007.2/applications/openmoko-browser2/documentation/design/GuiDesign
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+= General Interface (MainWindow) =
+To follow the OpenMoko style guidelines we will be using a GtkNotebook
+with the following pages "Current Page", "Bookmark Page", "Go Page", 
+"Select Page" and "Settings Page".
+When the application will be launched the default page to show is the "Bookmark
+== Current Page ==
+The current page will be viewed in this "GtkNotebook page". To select
+another of the already opened pages visit "Select Page".
+The toolbar will have five entries and up to 8 gestures.
+    Forward
+    Backward
+    Stop/Reload
+    Adding a bookmark
+    Close
+    Page-Overview. Zoom out to give a full page overview
+    Zoom-in
+    Zoom-out
+== Go Page ==
+It should be possible to replace the content of a page and be able
+to create new pages. This is why we will have a very simple input
+dialog to enter a URL/Search (hopefully assisted by the input method)
+and the option to open it in a new page or replace the current. E.g. this
+currently means that bookmarks are either opened in a new page or replace
+the current one. If it would replace the current page there must be an
+easy way to create a new blank page, so currently bookmarks will open in
+new pages.
+    Entry Completion:
+        The proposal is to not remember every page but only the
+        pages that are in the bookmark-list and the pages that
+        got directly entered. The order should be to show the domain names
+        first and then after showing each domain other entries with the
+        path will be shown.
+    Bookmark and Go:
+== Select Page ==
+Show all opened pages in a grid and allow to switch the current tab.
+== Bookmark Page ==
+Allow to open a bookmarked page. This page will be opened and made current. It is
+also possible to manage the bookmark page by removing, reordering and renaming
+We will have a MokoSearchBar but currently have not discussed if we want to have
+a search for the bookmarks. The combobox will be used to navigate the bookmark
+Below a grid with bookmarks will be shown. This grid will have an "up" button on the
+left when we are inside a hierachy. You can also navigate upwards or to remembered
+places using the Combobox of the Bookmark Page.
+== Settings Page ==
+To be discussed
+= Closing Dialogs/Widgets =
+Using the close hardware button will be used to close the widget.

Added: trunk/src/target/OM-2007.2/applications/openmoko-browser2/documentation/design/MainTasks
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+= Main Tasks for an Embedded/Mobile Browser to be used with your thumb =
+-) Open a URL
+-) Visit a bookmarked site, add bookmarks
+-) Easily navigate and get an overview of the page
+-) Have more than one page open at a time
+-) Fullscreen browsing
+-) Gestures
+Tasks in depth:
+== Open a URL ==
+It should be easy to navigate to a new URL. The new URL could be opened
+in a new window/tab/XYZ or replace a current page.
+Ideally the OpenURL dialog/window is fullscreen, features auto completion
+for the entered URL and will show a list of bookmarks below the entry. When
+clicking on a bookmark it should show up in the URL entry and can be edited further.
+== Visit a bookmarked site, add bookmarks ==
+    We will allow to keep a hierachy of Bookmarked sites. The bookmark consists out of a icon
+    (by default the favorite icon of the site), a URL to be navigated to and a small
+    text to be shown to the user.
+Adding a bookmark:
+    Adding a bookmark should be possible with a thumb press. By default the current
+    favorite icon, the URL should be used. The entering of a text is optional. In case
+    of adding an already existing bookmark we will use the already existing icon+name
+    and allow to edit.
+    The add dialog will allow to create new folders as well. The hierachy can be chosen
+    using a ComboBox with the subdirectories being indented in the display.
+Ordering of bookmarsk:
+    It should be possible to change the order/rang of a bookmark by drag and drop. This
+    should be able to be triggered from the Bookmark tab as well.
+    Having a hierachy makes it more tough to move bookmars around in the hierachy. There
+    are two modes to do so. Using the editing menu which will be shown on "Right-On-Hold"
+    or by dragging and dropping along the hierachy of the bookmark view.
+Visiting Bookmarked sites:
+    On one click a grid/icon-view of bookmarks should be presented on the screen. The
+    grid should be of a fixed size and it should be possible to go to the next, previous
+    site.
+    The grid will be reachable using the GtkNotebook of the MainWindow. There will be one
+    GtkNotebook page for the bookmarks. And instead of having a start site the 
+    bookmark page will be shown.
+== Easily navigate and get an overview of the page ==
+One click should trigger a whole page view, and having a rect in the size of the viewport to
+control which area should be seen.
+== Have more than one page open at a time ==
+Some form of tab browsing. Probably similiar to the bookmark screen to show a list of open
+windows in a small, but not too small preview.
+== FullScreen browsing ==
+With one click it should be possible to use the fullscreen for browsing. The question is how
+to toggle back without having to use a keyboard. One option would be to have a fixed point on the screen,
+another would be to have gestures. But they must not conflict with MokoFingerScroll window.
+(Implementation is postponed)
+== Gestures ==
+The gestures should not conflict with MokoFingerScroll, should probably be similiar to the simple XStroke
+implementation and should be used for the following options.
+We will allow to define the corners (my screen has eight corners) and their actions, by default they will
+not conflict with the MokoFingerScroll.
+Go Back
+Go Forward
+Add Bookmark
+Enter Fullscreen
+Leave Fullscreen

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