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Mon Dec 22 05:08:01 CET 2008

Tag 'openmoko/releases/2008.12' created by John Lee <john_lee at> at 2008-12-22 04:08 +0000

This is Openmoko 2008.12

Changes since the dawn of time:
abraxa at (1):
      sane-srcrevs: dump OpenMoko-(Today2,Dates2) and Matchbox-Desktop to unbreak OpenMoko builds

abraxa_ (1):
      packages/openmoko2/ : add gconf schemas

acassis at (1):
      ipatience: add 0.1, closes #1574

ade at (13):
      rdesktop 1.4.1: add rdesktop 1.4.1
      rdesktop 1.4.1: add strip fix for cross compiler
      merge of 56f0ea6b2b447969899f4758a5a538eba3f2b44c
      merge of a49a202a6edf7281ee0864e523a6292173b5be55
      diet-x11: add xim patch to cvs version
      x11_cvs: bump rev
      qemu: add a differing native qemu that works with gcc4, arm support only atm
      qemu-qop: disable docs, patch from Werner Schulte <w1 at>
      rdesktop: add rdesktop 1.5.0
      merge of '366f83dc734476009ff4e31f1729e97e922e72d1'
      rdesktop: cvs change default pref to -1
      merge of '185633f8bb0ba884443e170989d375777cc45902'

Alessandro Iurlano alessandro.iurlano at (1): CVS recipe. Thanks for review from koen. Fixes #3299

Alex Lange (1):
      jornada56x: Use the 2.6er for the Jornada56x, do not use DEVFS

Alex Osborne (3):
      initramfs: New modular initramfs for booting kernel from various media.
      initramfs-image: Revamped image for modular initramfs.
      initramfs: Add blockboot plugin and cleanup dependency handling.

Alexis Maldonado <maldonad at (1):
      libnet: fix building for x86_64 - close #2094

andrea.adami at (3):
      apmd: fix SRC_URI commit attachment 9873 from bug 3738
      nandlogical: initial release.  closes 4470.

andrew.paulsen at (3):
      libx11: fix makekeys compilation, close #1447
      bluez-utils: ship pass-agent
      xerver-common : Add support for TI OSK board with Mistral LCD. From bug #3731.

angus at (1):
      eseries.conf: Machine config for Toshiba PocketPCs.

ant (2): add support for c7x0 and akita
      apply latest u-boot-on-zaurus patch from bug #3738

ant, Jay (1):
      kexecboot: add patch to read mtdparts from /proc/cmdline

antti.andreimann at (8):
      mesa: fix build on FC6, closes #2363
      libxml2: update to 2.6.29, closes #2702
      libxslt: add 1.1.21, closes #2701
      xf86-video-nsc: add missing define, close #2715
      mkfontscale-native: reinstate it, closes #3184
      mkfontdir-native: fix SRC_URI - close #3190
      libungif : Update source URL per bug #3343.
      libx11-native : Add version 1.0.3.

araimondi at (1):
      initscripts: show banner when console is on serial - close #3767

arfankai at (1):
      linux-ezx: enable extra 16MB of ram via the cmdline

arjan at (12):
      h1940.conf: update to make it work with the new kernel and add GUI_MACHINE_CLASS="smallscreen"
      linux-h1940: add kernel 2.6.14 for the h1940 series
      bluez-utils-2.21: add very small patch to make it work on the h1940
      xcursor-transparent-theme: add patch to install the busy cursor as 'watch' instead of 'watcha'
      mtd-utils: add patch to make nanddump --ignoreerrors actually do something different
      linux-h1940: kernel update to 2.6.17
      linux-h1940: add forgotten patch to make usb gadget work
      fontconfig: Add one-j-too-many.patch from fontconfig 2.3.95 also to 2.3.91
      linux-h1940: add two more patches for the usb gadget
      tslib: remove h1940 machine dependency on detect-stylus and switch to using the default /dev/input/touchscreen0 created by udev
      h1940: updated machine config
      h1940: clean up machine config

awilcox at (39):
      openprotium: distro conf and machine conf for iomega storcenter
      linux-storcenter: kernel patch, default config, and bitbake file for storcenter kernel.
      openprotium: bitbake file for flash image construction
      openprotium: package build bb file for the iomega storcenter
      sccd: StorCenter Control Daemon: leds and fan control server/client
      apache2: native and cross compile patches and BB files
      uboot: OS native utils for accessing the boot environment vars.
      initscripts/initscripts-1.0: add openprotium on storcenter specific scripts and bb file.
      modphp: Apache2 module for php, patches and BB file.
      gallery: the popular web photo gallery
      xfsprogs: BB file for XFS utils, mkfs.xfs, etc.
      site/powerpc-linux: additions for apache2, modphp, and samba cross compile.
      MAINTAINERS: add myself.
      apache2-native: replace i686 references with proper ${HOST_SYS} and ${STAGING_...}
      linux-storcenter: missing depend on uboot-utils for mkimage
      apache2-native: doesn't build if native apr is found.
      powerpc-linux: remove superfluous type entries and sh-common duplicates.
      storcenter.conf: remove IPKG_ARCHS in favor of PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS
      perl: addition of powerpc-linux file and bitbake hooks to use
      jhead: addition of jhead recipe
      binutils: be sure and prime the config.cache for libiberty
      powerpc-linux: samba cross compile config.cache entries.
      Remove the CRLF problem in this patch.
      openprotium-init: a descendant of slugos-init with protium and storcenter related changes.
      merge of '375e23fc245ce8133b9f6b1700490e3ff83121e7'
      merge of '359cb2ede75783898c85d7b22cc9699eaf345d8a'
      initscripts-openprotium: improved checking for the root filesystem in
      openprotium-image: better packing of image. fix of bug #1705.
      openprotium-packages: remove broken packages, add a few new ones that
      imagemagick: fix typo, and remove xml and perl support in openprotium
      jhead: add do_install
      openprotium_packages: remove non-building libdvb
      Rename uboot-utils to u-boot-utils-native. u-boot-utils now makes
      Remove u-boot-utils-native from RDEPENDS.  Remove openprotium specificity.
      convert tty to udev name, start a bit earlier to avoid a race condition
      bump storcenter kernel to, improved config, much
      A simple concatenated image class.
      Numerous openprotium fixes as we transition to udev based root
      Make the FEED_ARCH selection a bit more intelligent.

balle at (2):
      socat: fix termios stuff, closes #1407
      tor: add, closes #1408

Bastian Ballmann <balle at (2):
      bacula-client: added 1.38.11 - close #1420
      privoxy: added 3.0.3 - close #1419

Bernhard Guillon <Bernhard.Guillon at (5):
      simpad: added 2.6.20 kernel - close #1867
      simpad: move USE_DEVFS to simpad-2.4 include
      linux: SIMpad ucb1x00 switches driver code beautification - close #1920
      linux: update Simpad patchset - close #2073
      linux: added 2.6.21 for Simpad (progear need refresh of config) - close #2247

Bernhard.Guillon at (2):
      linux 2.6.21: Update Simpad config, enable more wifi drivers and mmc support.
      simpad: add 2.6.24 and fix jffs2 params

bero at (1):
      perl-native: Patch perl's makedepend.SH to work with gcc 4.2. Shouldn't be

blaster8 at (46):
      ixp4xx-npe: quick refresh
      ixp4xx-kernel_2.6.18: General Update
      merge of '1b158f684870f3107f58126d4ca5ced24b2c8927'
      ixp4xx-kernel-2.6.18: pull patches automatically from SVN
      merge of '0b92f5db2f95d0c6de41c8d1e583c2c82e14b488'
      busybox: add mdev support
      slugos-init: Add scripts to autoload relevant modules
      ixp4xx-npe: Update installation patch for 2.1 and 2.3
      SlugOS Distro & Image Files: Major changes
      ixp4xx-kernel: minor SVN revbump
      merge of '4ed867356aa513df5383618b7b7dbfe95e1a60f3'
      slugos-image: missed a couple of extra items
      ixp4xx-kernel: Update to grab patches from trunk
      busybox: drop in an mdev patch from
      merge of '6ff348260412742b1d440ddecd4bbe3ad5355017'
      ixp4xx-kernel: Bump SVN_REV to include full debugging output
      busybox: remove mdev support
      ixp4xx-kernel: Update 2.6.17 patch grab URL
      merge of '18329693bf27e4a4c165e8105cc4ecf9477dd53b'
      ixp4xx-kernel: Bump SVN to add new ixp_npe driver fixes
      mdev: add missing file
      ixp4xx-npe: Add automatic byte-swapping for LE firmware load
      ixp4xx-kernel: Bump to latest SVN for LE fix
      mdev: Add proper firmware loading support to mdev
      Openslug & Debianslug: Add missing sd_mod module
      slugos-init: update script to autoload sd_mod
      merge of '0b0e5efd590cdcc1847caa5505a008258f7a2e45'
      slugos-init: first stages of fixing disk boot
      merge of '116ba428c87f76e784d66658ec09b431f15889fa'
      slugos-init: improve module loading at boot
      tcpdump: tcpdump is compiled without crypto, so remove openssl RDEPENDS
      mii-diag: add new package
      merge of 'b3b16abcf910c9b1e8e145776848c3272f9d2f6b'
      ixp4xx-kernel: SVN Revision bump
      merge of '132c1b3c5921e1354513f1817b3fc526e0c3d674'
      slugos-init: Further improvements to module loading
      merge of '40086c5da432566b67050aa98a809bd2a6dfa5ee'
      udev: Enable udev-100 on SlugOS
      slugos: Revert to using udev (mdev functions, but turnup breaks)
      slugos-init: Add delay to disk booting to cope with module loading
      merge of '11eafc7dd646f2c76d8c21ce224e521730ac6a91'
      ixp4xx-kernel: Add auto-byteswapping patch
      merge of '1b21921e11ef943e73ab8419dbb13a2761967b0d'
      ixp4xx-kernel: One last revbump, cleaning up the patch directory
      reiserfsprogs: update to build with >=2.6.18 kernel headers
      merge of '0e7cf314445d29e0276495334a084542f8d43c44'

bluelightning (3):
      libopieobex: disable bluetooth detection.  Fixes 3173.
      opie-cardapplet: add recipe. courtesy of bluelightning.  hopefully closes bug 944.
      libopie/qte: fix cursor key rotation on spitz.  Closes 3678.

bluelightning at (5):
      libqpe: bump PV for CVS version - closes #3152
      opie-notes:sync numbering with OPIE release
      opie-mediaplayer2: update to 1.2.3 - close #3220
      opie: move OPIE_BINDIR out of opie.bbclass into palmtop.bbclass.  Closes 3669.
      libqpe: recognize SD cards under 2.6 kernels.  Fixes 4317.

bluelightning at (56):
      libopie/qte: fix cursor key rotation for iPAQs. Should resolve 3678.
      merge of '4dbd9e3e7dca8c8ff286cb769fda19743f9302aa'
      libopie: add patch missed out of previous commit (refer to bug 3678)
      merge of '12044547859d68999d0a4712daf7bea26128696c'
      h2200-bootloader: ensure mtdblock is available and loaded
      h2200-bootloader: slight correction to last commit
      konqueror-embedded: fix build problems
      merge of '987c8d92ee736e8162fb230be7d61936f9640e8d'
      merge of '0af36442f2b5ad5f505d802f19a109562afaee66'
      libopie2: add fix for cursor key rotation on spitz
      opie-cardapplet: add detection of card insert/remove and fix postinst
      libqpe-opie: fix error in do_patch compilation for cvs version
      opie-security: install ownerinfo.png in cvs version
      opie-clockapplet: install alarm icon image
      opie-pics: install symlink icon for file selector
      Fix paths to qcop
      Fix path to qcop
      opie-mediaplayer1: Add 1.2.3 versions of mediaplayer1 and plugins
      Fix path to qcop
      metakit: fix source URL
      zshopi: fix source URL
      dcopidl: upgrade to 3.5.8 to fix fetch issues
      konqueror-embedded: improve 20070316 version
      libqpe-opie: enable rtti
      libqpe-opie: remove argv.patch (now in upstream CVS)
      Update Opie 1.2.4-pre CVSDATE and add change opie-cardmon to opie-cardapplet in preferred list
      Change opie-cardmon to opie-cardapplet in list of preferred versions
      xqt: fix to build with either qte or qte-mt
      opie-console: remove double_name.patch (now applied in upstream CVS)
      metakit: fix for breakage caused by newer libtool
      bluez-utils: enable pand & dund
      opie-bluetoothmanager: add missing service icons
      Bump opie-1.2.4-pre SRCDATE
      opie-image: add ANGSTROM_EXTRA_INSTALL
      opie-dagger: remove patch (now merged upstream)
      opie-restartapplet2: add 1.2.3 package
      Prefer konqueror-embedded_20070316 for Opie 1.2.3/1.2.4/cvs
      opie-sh: fix paths and filesystem mounter name
      merge of '2164eb62b60f233738ed0300039cc4c534e16a14'
      libopie2: disable W100 driver for c7x0 (addresses oebug #4191)
      merge of '9ed842c8829018871f79ce96e77189742d9b7c6b'
      Add qpe-nmap - more usable and featureful nmap frontend for QPE/Opie
      libopie2: add W100 disable patch to CVS version
      opie: add 1.2.4 recipes and update preferred list to match
      angstrom-2008.x: include Opie 1.2.4 preferred versions
      opie-console: add back double_name.patch file which is still needed for 1.2.3
      merge of '0e6176690cfdc4e760baed9754ed33c972437f83'
      opie-mediaplayer1: fix compile error (fixes bug #4624)
      opie-securityplugins: Add notice and blueping 1.2.3 & 1.2.4 recipes
      opie-rdesktop: fix crash in 1.2.4 version that unfortunately slipped through
      opie-parashoot: install sounds in 1.2.4 version
      opie-vmemo: install sounds merge recent Opie additions from stable branch
      task-opie-all: remove opie-cardmon (replaced by opie-cardapplet)
      merge of 'a8f3f61cfe31f5cb506de603a9fe0b7ddacc316f'
      merge of '434c4a5a7f3ee7f462db798e27cc0f7c2fd7458f'

br1 at (1):
      test commit

broonie (1):
      linux: update SRC_URI for linux-mainstone patches.  Closes 4237. at (3):
      uim: packaging updates by Tomoaki Takebayashi, closes bug 1117
      granule: A new package, flashcard-based language trainer.
      devio-cvs, upslug2-cvs: Fix remaining cases of old CVS URLs.

c.romain at (4):
      ipkg-native .163: fix SRC_URI
      irssi: fix DEPENDS, closes #1640
      insane.bbclass: make it more consistent. Fixes the following: : Resolve bugg 3663 by updating patch location.

Carsten Haitzler (158):
      fix evas build to disable threads, and clean up formatting
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      fix evas build to disable threads, and clean up formatting
      newer revs of illume and efl/e
      newer revs of illume and efl/e
      update to wpa_supplicant 0.6.3 (also add 0.6.0 in) and build packages for
      reduce package sizes by removing redundant data. save a few mb.
      fix resolvconf to actually work and fix up resolv.conf file properly by
      update to wpa_supplicant 0.6.3 (also add 0.6.0 in) and build packages for
      reduce package sizes by removing redundant data. save a few mb.
      fix resolvconf to actually work and fix up resolv.conf file properly by
      pick up upstream e changes to allow for delayed actions (for pwr button)
      illume update - new hold to shutdown config and using e features as well as
      efl update to make sure illume updates work
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update config to make use of aux ANd power as desired and enable lock screen
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      illume update - new hold to shutdown config and using e features as well as
      efl update to make sure illume updates work
      update config to make use of aux ANd power as desired and enable lock screen
      up to 116 for illume - new config defaults for aux btn
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      up efl srcdate for fixes to alginment usage in scrolledview and other
      update to newer etheme and shelf size options
      up to 116 for illume - new config defaults for aux btn
      up efl srcdate for fixes to alginment usage in scrolledview and other
      update to newer etheme and shelf size options
      up illume to rev120 - had theme problem. 100% cpu usage with infinite timer.
      up to 0630 for date of efl - should fix eet issue? i can't reproduce here at
      don't need efreet or ewl for edbus build.
      up illume to rev120 - had theme problem. 100% cpu usage with infinite timer.
      up to 0630 for date of efl - should fix eet issue? i can't reproduce here at
      don't need efreet or ewl for edbus build.
      update efl to latest to get etk drag+hold changes etc.
      update efl and illume dates/rev to update to gsm "no signal" mode and
      up to illume rev with any_mod for bindings.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      rev illume to 1 second after blank for suspend
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update efl to latest to get etk drag+hold changes etc.
      update efl and illume dates/rev to update to gsm "no signal" mode and
      up to illume rev with any_mod for bindings.
      rev illume to 1 second after blank for suspend
      update illume to use new ompower and new bindings and actions for shutdown
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      remove etk patch
      turn off banner output to cleaner boot
      disable ldconfig for faster boot
      illume - fix fullscreen windows with layering.
      up EFL to include etk momentum scroll fixes.
      up initscripts version
      update illum config
      up exposure to srcrev 55 to fix blank vs suspend timeout.
      up efl srcdate for illume and vkbd support
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update EFL and illume (to match) where illume has all changes but no internal
      update efl and illume dates/rev to update to gsm "no signal" mode and
      update illume to use new ompower and new bindings and actions for shutdown
      remove etk patch
      disable ldconfig for faster boot
      illume - fix fullscreen windows with layering.
      update illum config
      up exposure to srcrev 55 to fix blank vs suspend timeout.
      up illume version to one without internal kbd
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update illume to latest working with qtopia keyboard...
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      upate illume rev
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update efl and illume
      up illume version to one without internal kbd
      update illume to latest working with qtopia keyboard...
      upate illume rev
      update efl and illume
      add "others" menu submenu
      busycover instead of busywin.
      fix flaunch...
      and update to latest efl and illume that uses vkbd wrappers in ecore_x.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      up to 169... to match typo fix in ecore
      e- remove default tarballs of apps etc.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      re-enable software-16 engine (option changed)
      up efl date to get ecore build fixes.
      and actually use right option.
      up illume rev to fix segv
      up efl srcdate to get python-ecore api adds.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      add "others" menu submenu
      busycover instead of busywin.
      fix flaunch...
      and update to latest efl and illume that uses vkbd wrappers in ecore_x.
      up to 169... to match typo fix in ecore
      e- remove default tarballs of apps etc.
      re-enable software-16 engine (option changed)
      up efl date to get ecore build fixes.
      and actually use right option.
      up illume rev to fix segv
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      new efl and illume versions - internal kbd now config option. code default is
      fix etk scrolling - new efl date.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update efl and illume to match to have default configs as test src and
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      up to 188 of illume to get delayed reload of flaunch buttons.
      up ot 178 of illume- fix window list issues.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update ompower - cleaner suspend/resume
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update efl and illume to have config for removed spanner , asterisk moved,
      ok. qwerty gone.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      ecore shoudl really get xdamag/composite support... if its ever used/desired...
      turn on composite at runtime so it can be used.. if u run a compositemanager
      and update efl and illume to fix focus issues qith qtopia and softmenu etc.
      new efl and illume versions - internal kbd now config option. code default is
      update efl and illume to match to have default configs as test src and
      up to 188 of illume to get delayed reload of flaunch buttons.
      up ot 178 of illume- fix window list issues.
      update ompower - cleaner suspend/resume
      ok. qwerty gone.
      ecore shoudl really get xdamag/composite support... if its ever used/desired...
      turn on composite at runtime so it can be used.. if u run a compositemanager
      and update efl and illume to fix focus issues qith qtopia and softmenu etc.
      and fix up suspend on initial boot if it's slow. final change for asu release
      ummm.. merge?
      fuck.. try this.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      move illume back to something normal. comment out illume-none.edj... who'se
      and efl up - get batget changes to handle new "strange" 'not charging' state.
      update illume and efl - dockwin (softmenu) works better. looks to me to have
      and up illume to fix softmenu
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      and push srcrev for asu update. battery theme changes, illume internal fixes
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      ompower - try race cond workaround.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      move all of e17/efl to svn from cvs.
      cleanups to ompower.
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      movw illume to upstream svn version. now use "asu" profile - illume-theme
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      update efl and e to latest - fix segv on startup, gsm  now doesnt use gsmget
      and update to fix slight focus problems with e/illume. working now (tested).
      move to version with less debugging
      up illume srcrev
      update efl and e to latest - fix segv on startup, gsm  now doesnt use gsmget
      up illume srcrev
      fix e revert focus bug reported in #1858
      and update to fix slight focus problems with e/illume. working now (tested).
      move to version with less debugging
      fix e revert focus bug reported in #1858
      ompower - try race cond workaround.
      cleanups to ompower.

Carsten Haitzler (raster (3):
      remove keyboard patch for illume - it has had no use for a long time. just package cruft.
      up illume to rev 98 - new config and config icons filtered out.
      up illume to rev 98 - new config and config icons filtered out.

Carsten Haiztler (4):
      fix build to call 'make links' so dhcp compiles.
      upstream epsilon no-longer need imlib2. deprecation time as a dependency.
      fix build to call 'make links' so dhcp compiles.
      upstream epsilon no-longer need imlib2. deprecation time as a dependency.

Carsten Schneider <zcarsten at (1):
      zsafe: added 2.1.3 - close #1370

cbrake at (164):
      devkitidp-pxa255: rename vibren-pxa255idp machine to devkitidp-pxa255
      merge of 4e126c4523e768ce808bbed9a1c49d7855904efb
      mainstone.conf: test commit
      python-pysqlite2: bump version from 2.0.2 to 2.2.2
      cups 1.1.23: add fakeroot before do_install
      documentation.conf: add to documentation
      clearsilver 0.10.3: add clearsilver to OE
      cups 1.1.23: fix strftime seg fault issue
      python-imaging 1.1.5: add python stringold and lang run time depends
      logicpd-pxa270: initial support for Logicpd PXA270, provided by Shane Volpe
      merge of 4214be31dc929ef728c46eb617bd9385b68e80ab
      logicpd-pxa270 2.6.17-rc5: rename files directory so bb can find patch
      merge of 0b8c4181555b825cbd5881514e7b734305e69368
      logicpd-pxa270 2.6.17-rc5: add defconfig and bb fixes, contrib by Shane Volpe
      merge of 8475cec92c101b0acaa9de1282132ab4c0474027
      merge of 68f7b61f8b07129863090b44593b3b470d146473
      cherokee-nossl 0.5.3: remove gnutls from DEPENDS
      python-pyserial 2.0: add RDEPENDS python-fcntl and python-io
      python-pyserial 2.2: add latest version
      merge of a649313d47adef0c8aa5996b944faf637ae037d5
      python-pexpect 2.1: update to latest version 0.99 -> 2.1
      mainstone.conf, logicpd-pxa270.conf: include xscale instead of iwmmxt conf file
      task-bootstrap-uionroot: add RPROVIDES
      merge of 384828c9ac96947ed787099eb14a15f49ebedcac
      fix sourceforge cvs URL
      python-pyro 3.4: update hardcoded path to python 2.4
      merge of 0f2321c6e0db99fe52fff7034bda2e94071cce3f
      python-pyro: upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5
      merge of 3efc3491a858b50f5a1a71361f539864b71bae43
      python-netclient: add Cookie* files to package
      python-cheetah 1.0: add package to OE
      python-webpy 0.138: add missing RDEPENDS
      merge of e24156fa5aa230f0a3328a27650970263b3b3c9f
      python-profile 2.4.3: add packge to python manifest file
      python-pysqlite2 2.2.2: add python-datetime to RDEPENDS
      logicpd-pxa270.conf: add --eraseblock=0x40000
      merge of '345e8a8f2ff4e1eb4b806053856f075bf111a801'
      initscripts: Add custom for logicpd-pxa270
      compulab-pxa270: Add machine and kernel support for compulab PXA270 module
      cherokee: update download URL due to website move
      logicpd-pxa270-2.6.17-rc5: add touch and audio support (by Shane Volpe)
      merge of '9ebe19c38b13611632684c440b048e45471bf916'
      logicpd-pxa270-2.6.17: touchscreen load/unload fix (Shane Volpe)
      merge of '119a1b8e3787f193a0a34391450debc2878897c4'
      logicpd-pxa270: do not include any files in the kernel package
      compulab-pxa270: do not include any files in the kernel package
      compulab-pxa270.conf: convert to task-base
      logicpd-pxa270.conf: convert to task-base
      merge of '7ccd015112b8aa69fbfe95acc1893ca13ac30992'
      x86.conf: switch to task-base
      mkfontscale-native X11R7.0-1.0.1: add freetype-native to DEPENDS
      update MAINTAINERS file
      compulab-pxa270.conf: corrections in machine conf
      linux/compulab-pxa270: add md5sum check and note about binary NAND driver
      u-boot 1.1.6: add patch so PXA255 IDP builds
      devkitidp-pxa255 2.6.19: move kernel to 2.6.19 and update patch
      devkitidp-pxa255 2.6.11: drop this version
      merge of 'a7c105926e0b0083886d25095383bca3bee3f6b9'
      MAINTAINERS: add devkitidp to my entry
      merge of '3d9d209dc4aaf9913ae7f9891a5736abb9e2d4a7'
      uboot-devkitidp: drop obsolete uboot recipe -- generic 1.1.6 is now used
      compulab-pxa270.conf: change serial console baud to 38400 to match BL
      compulab-pxa270: cond assign variables to allow being overridden in local.conf
      logicpd-pxa270 update kernel, contributed by Shane Volpe
      MAINTAINERS: update Shane's entry to include php
      directfb 1.0.0rc3: update to rc3, contributed by Shane Volpe
      sysvinit: fix divide by 0 error on shutdown in /etc/init.d/rc
      sysvinit: bump PR for divide by zero fix in /etc/init.d/rc
      merge of '23dabd48de15b4db8e9daecccce9ba8abe833091'
      merge of '3e7e04fc7b25bc4ab1a3bd3ba12d6376801cde1a'
      compulab-pxa270: create jffs2 images w/ summary information
      merge of 'a9c9105b2420d6026d79f2b77fa7eb73930cff52'
      compulab-pxa270: add 2.6.20 version of compulab cm-x270 kernel
      compulab-pxa270 2.6.16: remove image creation code as it does not work on all distros
      merge of '2c22bea4b2d6d4e0ad169b4d539960696bad4584'
      compulab-pxa270 2.6.16: add task to create a kernel image file.
      compulab-pxa270 2.6.16: update md5 sum on file downloaded from compulab
      compulab-pxa270 machine: add --no-cleanmarkers as we are using NAND
      busybox: enable CONFIG_SWITCH_ROOT in busybox config
      uclibc-0.9.29: add compulab-pxa270 machine config
      merge of '68f002bfdbf7c0cfe2a043b7055f5ae81fb10a62'
      mono: add mono_cv_uscore to arm-linux site file fix SRC uri (remove ';') so it parses with bb 1.8
      uclibc: fix string comparison ops in do_configure script.
      compulab-pxa270_2.6.16: update md5 as compulab changed their download file
      compulab-pxa270.conf: fix typo in EXTRA_IMAGECMD_jffs2
      gst-plugins-base: add DEPENDS on alsa-lib so that gst-plugin-alsa gets built fix location of custom tasks
      compulab-pxa270-2.6.22: add 2.6.22 kernel
      compulab-pxa270.conf: make default kernel 2.6.22
      merge of '9c8c9d1da282e7fa893b34c07ed5b5c73e0b1013'
      compulab-pxa270: drop 2.6.20 kernel now that we have 2.6.22
      conf/local.conf.sample: update comments with all the image formats
      compulab-pxa270: add correct recipe file for v2.6.22 fix issues caused by inclusion of
      compulab-pxa270.conf: fix serial console setup for 2.6.22 kernel,
      compulab-pxa270.conf: remove MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS and replace with documentation add image
      compulab-pxa270.conf: use angstrom-minimal-image-with-mtd-utils
      mono-1.2.5pre5: add mono 1.2.5pre5
      MAINTAINERS: update my entry set image base name
      mono 1.2.5: add 1.2.4, drop 1.2.5-pre5
      merge of 'a79e5ae3153847b525489dc6fd0b472b58bd3b17'
      angstrom-minimal-image-with-mtd-utils: change RDEPENDS to IMAGE_INSTALL
      epiphany: add libstartup-notification to DEPENDS
      compulab-pxa270.conf: fix --pad option for making jffs2 images
      compulab-pxa270-2.6.22: fix kernel command line, add support for W module
      compulab-pxa270 2.6.22: add kernel cmdline for jffs2 rootfs
      mono- add new version, and remove 1.2.5
      mtd-utils-tests: add package
      merge of '70743353147a08503a9017cee4e94dd6388552d4' replace == with = to make posix shell compliant
      merge of '9b11d89eb867c4452963750a9d48fa45c70d0de6'
      argtable 2.7: add package
      MAINTAINERS: add argtable to my recipies
      mono disable parallel make due to build issues in the MCS tree
      mono: drop old partially finished versions of mono
      merge of '4ea5a9aef34545de02877a14b307a17a78e03939'
      mono add perl-native to DEPENDS
      argtable 2.7: mv to packages, and fix 2.7 version info in recipe
      rename compulab-pxa270 machine to cm-x270
      compulab-px270 kernel: set compatible machine to cm-x270 (machine name change)
      cm-x270.conf: add variable for NAND flash eraseblock size
      merge of '1a130f677a5150a067c580db5a25b619d936b441'
      tiff 3.7.2: patch to work with auto automake 1.10
      merge of 'a6eb93692ca38c674d1bc2d35444de89a6f5414f'
      linux 2.6.23: add kernel version, cm-x270 support, and binutils patch from poky
      glibc 2.3.3+cvs20050221: fix patch pnum (from Robert Shuster)
      merge of '7c2dfd8725acfc6de0286a17d58cccbfa6c141f8'
      em-x270: add machine/kernel support (from compulab)
      merge of '0b2dabb8c740a97651ade85ebd22e45a68907b71'
      em-x270.conf: remove redundant "arm" in PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS
      em-x270.conf: fix include file names
      merge of 'eb36ea3d0bc0c86631fe499a8eff4d72e96e9e86'
      mono-xsp: add package
      mono-xsp 1.2.5: fix FILES_ for mono-xsp package
      base.bbclass: add buildall task from Poky
      mono 1.2.6pre4: add new version to OE
      mono 1.2.6: update recipies from 1.2.6pre4 to 1.2.6
      merge of '780336c3de0d7fe07bb3dea94d53434644cd189c' add mono-mcs-intermediate as it must match mono version
      merge of '8e43a244ea9fa6baf5febba95c6b7c0bf5ed1c99'
      cm-x270.conf: allow user to override kernel version
      linux 2.6.23+2.6.24-rc5: add cm-x270 support (prep for 2.6.24 release)
      linux-2.6.4rc5: add Marvell SDIO module support to cm-x270 kernel
      gesbc-9302: add initial support for Glomation GESBC-9302 SBC
      linux 2.6.24-rc6: add at91sam9260ek support to support SDIO Wifi testing
      gesbc-9302, linux-2.6.24: update gesbc-9302 to 2.6.24 released kernel version
      merge of '57f7077b81d445e3b77f5f1a68139c49a941d322'
      linux-2.6.24: add reboot patch for gesbc-9302 kernel
      merge of 'cc263d55763d24968ff1650d6da1c299ffd7055b'
      linux 2.6.24: update cm-x270 to use 2.6.24 kernel
      merge of '109805d1a31b4db5eb14cf0d0c8ab0a2eeedaec6'
      xf86-video-geode: add package
      merge of '1a467a7ea8dfd7463354c140383975aa0b8b20e8'
      uclibc_0.9.29/svn: add wcs_upper_buffer patch from Henning Heinold
      linux-2.6.25: add cm-x270 support
      linux_2.6.24/25: clean up cm-x270 preferred version and make consistent
      uclibc_svn: add arm_fix_alignment.patch from Poky
      uclibc: add missing arm_fix_alignment.patch
      uclibc_0.9.29: add arm_fix_alignment.patch
      mono-1.9.1: first pass at adding mono 1.9.1 to OE

ccsmart at (40):
      Based on OE bug #244, thanks to Pfudd.
      merge of 6a83bbd03f976982866f96cb6a6c060a9c8f0f51
      merge of 7441878ba0c588c0781b7565310897973e6f36af
      bogofilter: Initial version checkin.
      merge of 865901d3478c57c034f017d899de72e3a1d305be
      merge of a1ab10cae4a810f7d749da7ef9f90eb700bf2a34
      cyrus-sasl: Add comment to account in /etc/passwd
      postfix: Add comment to accounts in /etc/passwd
      bogofilter: add basic environment - system accounts, working dirs, postfix script
      merge of 31484b3a457e2e2ecbac527a3655dd4adcd81277
      postfix: remove temporary file /var/tmp/ after installation
      merge of 789079a5a7935b64dc97e49d75b891825d9f40a1
      bogofilter: add and entries
      merge of 75f6e838caafacb9445ca7479d4abd0d053ac979
      bogofilter: Adding RDEPENDS
      merge of 15102cf542cc997f3e0ddb34d8f69395cdf724c0
      bogofilter: add write acces for group filter to /var/spool/filter
      libg15: added new package
      libdaemon: Add missing header file daemon.h to package.
      libg15: Add library staging.
      g15daemon: Added new package.
      bogofilter: Obey latest volatiles file syntax.
      cyrus-imapd: Obey latest volatiles file syntax.
      davfs2: Obey latest volatiles file syntax.
      networkmanager: Obey latest volatiles file syntax.
      initscripts: Correct description. Speed enhancement in previous change as side effect of making linksource a non optional field.
      postfix: Updating and improving configuration. This should cut off about 75% typical spamload before it enters the system.
      initscripts: Comments are for code functionality.
      libg15render: Added new package.
      merge of '49e38996bda7c1309e587226a9c3d152d0bb62e2'
      lcdproc: Upgrade to new version and add support for g15 keyboard.
      merge of 'b9e76f0e822d1bf37547e1f35a2e99e03a4778d2'
      g15daemon: added runtime dependency and header files
      g15daemon: fix RDEPENDENCY from kernel module. add configure option.
      libg15: add configure option --with-gnu-ld .
      libg15render: add configure option --with-gnu-ld .
      g15daemon: leave staging to autotools.
      libg15: Let OE do it's magic.
      libg15render: Let OE do it's magic.
      lcdproc: Add lcdvc.

ccsmart at (50):
      Adding local HW clock and default security.
      merge of 39ec5c108a34c5b8050cb5c43e6e9b01d0a7e695
      merge of 78a60f71ad7ac118c197c1f2a880699f4d44c06b
      Removed snmp support.
      Make rmrecovery permanent active per default.
      merge of 05bc37d3f00068d129ee791a91fcb0a203d7f7d3
      merge of 741270052fa677010603209da3adb0f5194af3ef
      Adding missing plugin libraries to package.
      merge of 0aff07c0ec1ad6cd2825cb3f73fa8ea5948359e8
      Update staging dir for plugin libs.
      Upped rev to r3.
      Upped rev. to r34.
      merge of 0586ecf0426e9c83d8e3dfab53dfc981b06b8070
      Upped rev. to r1.
      Added mutt and postfix.
      Modified turnup to configure memstick for /var to run splitted in between tmpfs and disk directories.
      Added new populate script for directory creation during startup.
      Moved populate-volatile to suggested place.
      merge of 64742a6240c7bfc0d8e2211cc677ed7556a6ddf8
      Changed to use
      Modified to work with populate-var and allow per target (nfs,disk...) definition of ramfs objects.
      Adding own hostname to hosts. Offered by [g2].
      Added /var/lib/ipkg to fix bug #216 as reported by Adrian Day and solved by jbowler. Added more explanations for links.
      Migrate per package configuration files in drop in directory.
      Initial ready to use changes.
      merge of 209b7382475a49469249357ffce8d8c60b90e409
      Adding configfiles and ready to use changes.
      merge of 32a8152d0bee4b649384f3a9e102a4676de42023
      Committing executable flag for cyrus startup script.
      merge of 10517186af48d14182d0add85267651917d6625c
      Make call to saslpasswd2 more conformant to documentation (adding -p).
      Do not remove user when removing package.
      Do not remove user when removing package.
      User update-rc bbclass instead of issuing commands in post_xx scripts.
      merge of 6fb4978a07ca11f96878426dfaf26f3aab7778c8
      merge of 01bc1e4867d2ea980ba68da0060879a34778c6c0
      merge of 815a46e9006a8a3b26fc0264d17258543b20de44
      Remove start after install.
      merge of 265d2e9e9ce106124a5fafc0bd7dc28c8374fc08
      Initial out of the box functionality changes.
      Prefer populate over installer because of permissions being applied.
      merge of 8691e90bbf4e4ab0587f1abc3e0a4bb9bcdf53df
      Polishing maildir based install defaults.
      Fixed paths for lmtp and notify.
      Change permissions to allow access to lmtp socket.
      Add LMTP transport for Cyrus IMAP.
      merge of 465928d6461b2ec29d7c4cccee77f223c3dbb94d
      Delete /var/spool/postfix directory created by useradd to let volatile assign the correct permissions.
      Removed bogus copy and paste INITSCRIPT definition.
      Add support for /etc/sysctl.conf .

cesarb at (1):
      binutils: workaround x86_64 problems, should close #2928

Chia-I Wu (32):
      [diversity-daemon] Do not use eds-dbus.
      [diversity] Add another map file
      [diversity] Add another map file
      add/update more maps
      add/update checksums of maps
      add/update more maps
      add/update checksums of maps
      [om-locations] Bump up to 30a7e1001ed6426dbb3bd297326dfb655fdf9681.
      [maps] Add map of Hong Kong.
      [diversity-daemon] Bump up the revision to 571.
      [om-locations] Bump up to 5e6efbac816c3a7ab7846e06b27f176325e1562f.
      [om-locations] Attribute to OpenStreetMap.
      [om-locations] Add map of low levels.
      [om-locations] Bump up the revision.
      [Locations] Bump up the rev to 88ecdbab66d1586a8d12a6f83bb40e25336d3086.
      fastboot: task-boot: Make initscripts configurable.
      fastboot: initscripts-openmoko: Replacement for initscripts.
      fastboot: openmoko distro: Customize more.
      fastboot: om-gta02.conf: Set USE_VT to 0.
      fastboot: udev-static-devices: New package to provide static dev nodes.
      fastboot: udev: Update init script to support udev-static-devices.
      fastboot: alsa-state: Run init script earlier and in the background.
      fastboot: wireless-tools: Make zzz-wireless.if-pre-up only for dhcp.
      fastboot: netbase: No longer parse /etc/network/options.
      fastboot: procps: Install and use /etc/sysctl.conf.
      fastboot: modutils: Do not run depmod.
      fastboot: opkg: Do not run opkg-cl configure everytime.
      fastboot: sysvinit: Simplify rc and rcS.
      fastboot: base-files: Simplify fstab.
      fastboot: task-openmoko-linux: Cleanup.
      fastboot: xserver-nodm-init: Start at 05.
      hal: Cherry-pick patch from git to improve startup time.

clarson at (14):
      base.bbclass: bugfix in oe_unpack_file
      Merge from poky:
      patch.bbclass: fix issue encountered by zecke, where PatchTree was only doing a --dry-run, never actually applying the patch.  Only quilt-native in oe was using that.
      patch.bbclass: Fix bug in PatchTree.Import resulting in new patches being imported -before- the current patch rather than -after-.
      merge of '0c337b44505c67c07084efda2b6f15a785d4ee46'
      Add 'rebuild' task to base.bbclass, as it's quite useful and simple to add.
      package.bbclass: yank an unintentional change.
      Restructure the subpackage metadata to facilitate use of that metadata by other packages.

clement.hermann at (1):
      udev: add sbin into PATH for, should close #2869

core.ldf at (1):
      lighttpd: added pcre support - closes #2692

coredump2 at (218): Test commit
      nfs-utils: Fix compile for kernels > 2.6.18
      ntpclient: Add new recipe for ntpclient, courtesy of Colin Hill aka hillct. Closing bug #1894
      logrotate: Add new recipe for logrotate, courtesy of Colin Hill aka hillct. Closing bug #1895 Add ntpclient and logrotate to the SlugOS unstable feeds
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: Implements a  sensational new feature called 'oe-feed' which, for the first time ever, actually lets you use your ipk deploy dir as a feed in ipkg.conf./mtcommit ../classes/rootfs_ipk.bbclass  Oh wait......we already could do that in the past, now couldn't we?? Set DEPLOY_ENABLE_OEFEED=1 in your shell env or local.conf to activate fast oe-feed/Packages creation, set DEPLOY_ENABLE_OEFEED=2 to enable traditional (and slooooow) oe-feed/Packages creation.
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: Work around PATH'ing problems in other image-related bbclasses and / or .bb's
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: All good things... Add missing dependency to libgsmd
      gpe-snes: Add new .bb from Bugzilla, closing bug #1869 by Manuel Teira
      MAINTAINERS: Change reciepes maintained by Joaquim Duran, closing bug #1922 Add new .bb from Bugzilla, closing bug #1806 by Henry von Tresckow, thanks! Add new .bb from Bugzilla, closing bug #1932 by Zero_Chaos, thanks!
      kismet: Add new .bb from Bugzilla, closing bug #1933 by Zero_Chaos, thanks!
      gconf-osso: Unb0rk configure on systems w/o PKG_CONFIG set
      merge of '19d6e36401459c394e778e2c97b17aece67b9345' Update SRC_URI, courtesy of Angus Ainslie, closing bug #1937
      rfakeap: Add new .bb from Bugzilla, courtesy of Zero_Chaos. Closing bug #1936. Thanks! Add new .bb from Bugzilla, courtesy of Alex Ferguson and hrw. Closing bug #1843. Thanks! Apply suggested change by Shane Volpe. Closing bug #1849
      merge of '3560960febd8121cf7263cd584a42d62985d8f26'
      mdk: Add new .bb from Bugzilla, courtesy of Rick Farina. Closing bug #1934. Thanks!
      gtkhtml2: Fix SRC_URI: Gnome moved from CVS to SVN Fix PREFERRED_PROVIDER_gnome-vfs and add PREFERRED_PROVIDER_gnome-vfs-plugin-file
      xserver-kdrive-common: Unb0rk Xserver
      openmoko-pim: Add temporary compile-fix to work-around a missing file
      alsa: Add alsa-state for machines w/o zaurus-updater....
      fic-gta01.conf: Add alsa-state to MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS
      xserver-kdrive-common: Bump PR from previous commit
      merge of 'a854dd28fb847bafd893da5b25effffcb1c92d50'
      alsa: alsa-state: Load asound.state on boot...
      dfu-util: Add dfu-util and dfu-util-native from OpenMoko svn
      openmoko-base: Use http, not https (synced with OM svn)
      merge of '428eab538ab77c581942526cf527bffaa81ffa40'
      base-files: neo1973: Mount /tmp as tmpfs
      altboot: Add support for fic-gta01 aka Neo1973. Booting off SD works, NFS / usbnet is untested
      gspcav1: Add gspcav1 webcam driver
      merge of '0113d92ca6c2c5d48a385cf069c1ce5e2131b90c'
      webcam-server: Add webcam-server
      netbase: Add support for custom if-*.d directories. Also fix failing dhcp mode on SlugOS due to slow auto-negotiation (dhcp fix courtesy mwester & NAiL, thanks!)
      merge of '321bc83276f29f5ade630f7aedf3da763002f5a0'
      netbase: Add forgotten directories.
      altboot: - CVS -> SVN
      merge of '846bde67b99146677600ce9b3ee03f06d8c764c3' Add fixed snapshot for Zaurus models
      altboot: Update to 20070323, enabling first Neo1973 aka fic-gta01 support.
      altboot: Replace rev= with proto=svn.... and update to latest svn
      altboot: Update to latest version
      altboot: Add symlink for /sbin/altboot
      merge of '33ef958347850ae3830b2326a4476282484717bd' Drop
      altboot: Add first installable version for nslu2
      merge of '302d6092c09d8a1b6e5ada2cf66d444d001796b5'
      altboot: Do no use SRCDATE for snapshots, use SVN revision instead
      altboot: Add SNVR28
      merge of 'cea642eee26bd3cdd008cf21f1e1aad4ecfd69e6'
      altboot: Add SVNR30 snapshot
      puzzles: Use an SVN checkout with fixed rev instead of a tarball for, closing bug #2091. Courtesy of slapin_nb
      fbreader: Fix DEPENDS and update SRC_URI
      gpe-plucker: Fix DEPENDS and RDEPENDS
      fbreader: Add 0.8.2a
      libpcre: Fix SRC_URI
      linux: linux-rp: Make compiling a custom kernel w/ changed CMDLINE and defconfig a bit easier.
      merge of '55dae195045d9fd52e41e970627ac6ef031ff672'
      altboot: Unb0rk do_install and SVN path of all altboot .bb's. You'll probably have to rm -rf your sources/altboot directory due to a bug in the SVN fetcher.
      merge of '0c94e8c9c404fc1fc036b1618c97f2b818f86020'
      altboot: Add SVNR44 which unb0rks reboot/shutdown for all Z and adds an advanced bootscript with multi-partition support for SL-C3x00. Not perfect yet but useable, feedback welcome
      altboot: Add SVNR48, completing Flash, HDD and CF booting on spitz.
      altboot: Fix SRC_URI of SVNR48. Thanks to Bernardo who spotted the problem.
      angstrom-2007.1.conf: Remove duplicate entries from DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS Add sysvinit-pidof to the default of DISTRO_INIT_MANAGER
      alsa-state: Add c7x0, cxx00 and tosa state files, borrowed from zaurusd
      zaurusd: Disable handling of alsa state files
      Add The Hentges ROM 2.x ( based on Ansgtrom ) to OE. Very early state.
      merge of '2e1d9e05c5b3d9382dab5905a71f66a069c6915d'
      Fix license
      merge of '3579ac09e8e10d063bab31763cf0dc021524d1ab'
      merge of '65710bca464cc1c83f13f67af1f184e2dd527e19'
      keylaunch: Swap Calendar and Address buttons to launch the correct application whe pressed.
      xserver-common: Import a set of patches from the .oz354x branch, fixing keymapping on akita, spitz and c7x0.
      keylaunch: Fix RDEPENDS to display-brightness for selected machines, closing bug #2110
      merge of '26f36d57c301ef5fca8cc0e0ed28876c469b15c8'
      keylaunch: the h/w hotkeys and LCD softkeys are now in the F20+ range (there was a damn good reason for changing them back in the days, but I forgot why heh )
      altboot: Add SVNR59, unb0rking NFS booting in trunk
      merge of '29262672242dce33a5d94bf91091b9a5a7ea7621'
      wpa-supplicant: Replace /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf with the Debian way to handle WPA:
      merge of 'a9a7321beaf9167825449473ccc62d83ef88fcbc'
      netbase: Add verbose examples for WEP and WPA encrytion to /etc/network/interfaces
      keylaunch: Swap F9 and F10 for SL-Cxx00....again *sigh*
      gpe-login: Allow brightness adjustment via Fn+3 / Fb+4 for spitz, akita and c7x0, closing bug 2230
      xserver-common: Add the enhanced and very nicely commented xmodmap by Jeroen Hoek for SL-Cxx00 devices, closes bug 2404, deprecates at-fix-slcxxxx.patch and softkeys-slcxxxx-xmodmap.patch. Thanks Jeroen!
      initscripts: Create roots home directory on boot if it is missing, closing bug 2109
      keylaunch: Import forgotten patch from oz354x branch, closing bug #2231
      merge of '93c76dabe575881b7335e6aca044cb6fb6aceffe'
      zaurusd: Fix a typo (?) in zaurus-mixer-callback, causing the speaker on spitz to always be turned off. This commit fixes output via speaker and headphones. Please review change on models != spitz as the problem could just as well have been caused by a driver bug.
      zaurusd: Add the bl-on/off-via-hinge scripts to zaurusd as the bl packages has been assimilated by gpe-conf
      merge of 'cc77b9d135248dc8b58b6894e8ed95dcbd474752'
      usb-gadget-mode: Add usb-gadget mode: An initscript to load the configured USB gadget module on boot Add usb-gadget-mode to devices with usb-gadget support
      usb-gadget-mode: Add default configuration (g_ether) for akita, spitz, tosa, c7x0 and collie
      usb-gadget-mode: Move /etc/usb-gadget.conf to /etc/default/usb-gadget as suggested on the ML
      display-brightness: Always try to turn on the backlight when raising the brightness level
      merge of '7ce845adf550b64d9d2250d29acf1667cf40a689'
      xserver-common: Unb0rk the five h/w hotkeys for SL-Cxx00
      usb-gadget-mode: Set proper SECTION.
      merge of '7bc7d5c3532bb5efc024410e9d74cc23ebeb80c4'
      gspcav1: Update SRC_URI
      merge of '64150943417ebf98926c87bea03e27789cb841df'
      gspcav1: Add known-good version from 20070110
      netbase: Correct a comment in /etc/network/interfaces
      linux-rp-2.6.20: Add V4L support to defconfig-spitz and defconfig-akita to enable (beside other stuff) USB webcams
      gspcav1: Add the required video modules to RRECOMMENDS
      mtn2cl: Show total bugs created vs. total bugs fixed over 7 days
      merge of '21c10a8f6d8fab5386df94e29b38d5428ca259bb'
      xchat: Fix QA error over .debug directry in /usr/lib/xchat/
      fluxbox: Fix .debug QA error
      gaim: Fix icon for pidgin
      xchat: Update to 2.6.8
      Remove hentges meta-data as syncing svn with mtn is too much work (and the overlay works perfectly anyway)
      merge of '862020d539b671d14575834bfda296adc8ef20ec'
      fbreader: Enable large icons for SL-Cxx00 devices & add first version of zaurus-VGA.patch, fixing font sizes
      altboot: Add SVNR66, fixing mounts of partitions w/o UUID in 05-boot-HDD. Thanks goes to summatusmentis for nailing down this error
      merge of 'b8b628bfe4824f594298abb40c7545cefd3aa41a'
      alsa: Fix asound.state for c7x0 as suggested in oebug 2569, courtesy of Francesco Marchetti-Stasi
      xfce4-panel; Fix .debug QA error
      xfdesktop: Fix .debug QA error
      phalanx: Fix SRC_URI and .debug QA error.
      merge of '615ba6299e98edf3a5c47976f97de62b10352bf0'
      merge of 'a716072bb40b66870ec9797e151cda776beacf6c'
      imlib2: Fix .debug QA error
      merge of '0e37e6d3147e19d5d8fd54b3596f8b3527e4be92'
      usb-gadget-mode: Add support for host-mode
      merge of '46bdfedbe1ecde1685daaddc2f0b8a46939f17c4'
      alsa: Do not run postinst on the build host
      gnome: Update libbonoboui to 2.18.0 to avoid a compile error with 2.14.0
      angstrom-2007.1.conf: Update PREFERRED_VERSION_libgnomeui to 2.18.1, working around a compile problem with 2.16.1
      merge of '31bba0038265d49f89a999578ff89351b559e4a0'
      hostap: Fix path to firmware for f/w auto-loading
      display-brightness: Do not allow to turn off the backlight
      zaurusd: Try a bit harder to re-enable the backlight on hinge-open and resume when APM fails to do so for whatever reason
      merge of 'a938b4c71ba294501c06bafd379472de8bf9458e'
      altboot: Update to SVNR69,  importing sd-dynamix-fix.patch, thanks!
      merge of '34aab52ad6f5f23f024db0327f33a822b205c50f'
      Add cryptsetup: cryptsetup with luks support creates and manages encrypted containers and partitions
      cryptsetup: Update RECOMMENDS and DEPENDS
      linux: Update ix4xx defconfig to enable cryptsetup on NSLU2
      zaurus-updater: Always treat MTD_PART_SIZE as HEX when comparing sizes, thanks to ZeroChaos for debugging
      webcam-server: Add dependency to jpeg, closing bug #3366
      zaurusd: Add gpe-conf to DEPENDS and RDEPENDS to pull in 'bl', closing bug #3131
      merge of '48478ddf3ddc9dfe86e795c161215a6aff7bed14'
      subversion: Add version 1.4.5
      zaurusd: Fix *DEPENDS until the 'bl' situation has been resolved
      merge of '4688c77d9f496fd36f6b1845f37bc3c42af85968'
      zaurusd: - Do only try to rotate when necessary (no more Landscape -> Landscape / Portrait -> Portrait rotataions)
      merge of '812ef7daa38cb7e71c9e1bb3ef0358566d20c3ee'
      merge of '19bacabe62a70bf0818d663c4cd3bc168e5cf49e'
      images: Drop unused essential*
      zaurus-updater: Try to unb0rk the flashing of Akita kernels. Still needs work Fix SRC_URI as original site appears to be dead Update SRC_URI as original site appears to be offline
      merge of '82ecb3e82df006d48634237ef582542384412148'
      fstests: Add missing dependency to gtk+
      altboot: Update c7x0 configuration, courtesy of ant|work
      merge of '52e45ab9ac04b6e0fc8487939269a87d0a38767e'
      merge of '700ee409f8ee36c40f4c50e4ce581e1d11fd5fa0'
      zaurus-updater: Fix spitz kernel install, display PR to the user & beautify HDD installer messages
      merge of '4a88a5ffedd700d28476cfaa227e1fde7e0a2fed'
      zaurusd: Make hinge scripts independent from bl.
      merge of '8d612652f6f73c5720cff0a8820757b036cf5d26'
      xscreensaver: Fix QA issue in do_configure
      merge of '51181b2162a577bd188446458dc9adf512663dbb'
      zaurus-updater: Add support for installing and updating u-boot, disabled by default.
      netbase: Update /e/n/interfaces to include new WPA example configuration. Closing bug #3567.
      settings-daemon: Add missing dependency to gtk+
      merge of '65fefd8b14862b0291239d37729964b98069c038'
      merge of '13f44cdbfe324214f1eaf83010654d1baabf59c2'
      merge of '4afe7a39abef322799f31bedff527afcc6c16d7f'
      altboot: Update to SVNR73
      gpsd: Provide working default configuration and init-script for fic-gta01. This makes gpsd device-specific for gta01, please check the feeds.
      navit: Fix navit.xml to search for the proper library extensions
      speechd: Add speechd for navit (untested)
      openmoko-apps: Add openmoko-gps by Lucas Bonnet
      dotconf: Add dotconf. Thanks to xjqian
      navit: Add .desktop
      .: Drop deprecated and unmaintained speechd, to be replaced by another package
      navit: Actually _add_ .desktop to the tree...
      openmoko-gps: Update to latest version and add new icon.
      openmoko-apps: openmoko-gps: Fix icon name
      merge of 'a925a41dbe7a5d17f8081a8d5a761042750ef05c'
      gpsd: As discssed on the ML:
      speech-dispatcher: Improve packaging
      merge of '8015a13e63ef13c856f4a5a5f4e9b1fa3f143fa8'
      portaudio: Add a working .bb of the V19 API
      espeak: Add espeak
      speech-dispatcher: Add missing patch
      openmoko-gps: Update to SVNR9
      merge of '32cafe5ca6724aa6333ef32aa6a5604b86123925'
      espeak: Add staging
      speech-dispatcher: Fix packaging of configfiles
      merge of '7a3bad457105ec40106bf5bc6341dfc5906a0088'
      navit: Update .inc, include navit.launcher to enable the low-mem workaround on-demand.
      gpsd-conf: Restart gllin on a resume event
      merge of '2df396d3c9bb3f2afb58c9ecb59aba197323bf87'
      flite: Fixe do_compile, courtesy of xjqian.
      merge of '4d7d106ba858e881e70ced98ec75da0a78a4b634'
      altboot: Update to SVNR76
      altboot: Add SVNR77
      altboot: Try unb0rking collies keyboard once again...
      altboot: Update to SVNR79 (add proper modules for collies SD support)
      altboot: Apply fix from oebug #2647
      altboot: Update to SVN revision 81, fixing Collie SD module loading.
      altboot: Update to SVN revision 82,fixing a timing problem in sd_mount() as seen on collie
      merge of '22d90510dcdbad0d05c38bbc2984c79754336a89'
      altboot: Update to SVN revision 83

coredump at (292):
      Akita: Add a fixed keymap, credits to jh at
      merge of 60b47beac72c6f1f23514b42a309716b470d471b
      merge of 92eb0d6f08f5ac3bdb8b69280bd69145bd2b42ab
      Akita: Add machine definition for SDL
      Akita: Add SD, CF and home entries to ipkg.conf and don't move status to /var
      Bump PR
      prboom: add prboom-devconfig for device specific default configuration. Changed to honor default config
      altboot: Sources are now managed by OE's mt database.
      GPE: Fix rotation for Akita
      merge of b118b8c9292e3a2ce682bc576f53e7d295dd3da4
      merge of 00bebbd1cd84aec5dd39771b35230a3b6d116036
      merge of 2af94f47b2ba34daf8f717acaf9c292ce1f42c61
      Akita & Spitz: Enable nfsd kernel module (unb0rks nfs-utils / nfs-server)
      merge of 2269487af65346b42e5e83ac451ab4bfeb12185b
      merge of 0fbc5bc9e4e013e53c6e2ad33a14cf971844ac61
      merge of 0736c0c5d95f4460e2d4a3712c0220081eb862ee
      merge of 84ec58027c9054b7d66c133d30d0e58049979ee0
      merge of 26ad3f94c9657a7c1863c3ac7d31f1fa6c42b738
      Akita keymap:
      initscripts: Add support for keymap extensions to /etc/init.d/keymap
      initscrpts: Removed -de extension.
      Add keymap-locales package.
      altboot: Fixed a typo preventing any NFS boots
      openzaurus-pxa27 2.4.20 kernel: Add "quiet" to CMDLINE_CONSOLE.
      Akita/Borzoi/Spitz: Use Alt, not AltGr for arrow-key VT switching.
      Akita / Borzoi / Spitz:
      udev: Add rules for PCMCIA NICs. Only used when pcmciautils is installed.
      prism3-support: Do try to uload firmware when cardctl is missing
      altboot: Sync with .dev branch, no notable changes.
      altboot: More 2.6 changes
      altboot: Bugfixes
      altboot: Fixed a type. I wonder how that got in there...
      Add kexec-tools, courtesy of do13@#oe
      altboot: Update to latest development version
      gpe-dm:	Do not install /etc/init.d/gpe-dm any longer, but use /etc/init.d/login-manager instead.
      Add "login-manager": A script to select the login-manager to be used on boot.
      entrance: Do no longer install initscript into /etc/init.d but use "login-manager" to be launched.
      merge of 97d200dc7ec222ba39a0dea542d91ccc2ac67ddd
      gpe-bootsplash: Use update-alternatives to install pictures
      login-manager: Fix a pathing bug which b0rks login-manager if only one LM is installed.
      efl.bbclass: Fix efl/*.bb ipk generation.
      merge of 8ea0fe4b0de92b762636231b067ef6a7f6137d01
      merge of 6dc5369b32237cf596f3cd1b746d8fc2326bf8bd
      merge of 9d680ed94ee3622289ca2e365ea21a4fe475b650
      gpe-bootsplash: Add an opie-theme
      merge of cb780a1cc92769b6b6b6112886a0e540248deb71
      merge of 3c8d71924f7bdcbdae81f3b602e2657fc399b427
      merge of 79fa588c44f87f6ad9821f7fb8136225ef69860e
      merge of 837efe3aeefce257370adc69dbcdf6e0b338c5c5
      merge of 1e7d948f0d03b427916f50dc6a5f9379b1d40f75
      altboot: Add The versioned .bb's download altboot from CVS, this makes stable releases of altboot possible.
      merge of c05500f989033c95b9140a0af0e80c12779ee62d
      merge of 4b0334a79ee9a465dadc42051cb5deeafdc00921
      altboot: mv
      altboot: Update to 0.0.5-rc3, fixes a bug preventing CF booting
      merge of 95868ff13ffd9c5a92e6e0ae4637b3e07e4a626d
      altboot: update to 0.0.5-rc4, this version passes all kernel 2.6 tests
      altboot: Pushing rc4 *yet* again
      altboot: More kernel 2.4 fixes
      merge of 5d00faa43da50d29b85f6526e4e7910ddc4c2894
      altboot: update to 0.0.5-rc5. This version is known to work with kernel 2.4 an 2.6 (all plugins) on Akita
      altboot: Add experimental (IOW untested) borzoi and c7x0 configs
      altboot: Last changes before the stable relase
      altboot: Releas of the first stable version: 0.0.5. Tested on Akita and Collie
      altboot: Sync with .oz branch
      merge of 5e78a71a932c2cdd02e89b6e0cc1e4d360e34b76
      initscripts: tosa: Enable Fn-ombinations for numbers in kernel 2.4. Courtesy of webmind@#openzaurus.
      gpe-bootsplash: Fix a bug where an uncompressed screendump was written to the rootfs. This causes space issues on devices with large screens and low rootfs space.
      zaurusd: Honor user-preferences when starting / killing mbinputmgr on rotation
      matchbox-applet-tasks: Fix do_install()
      mplayer: Add mplayer-common, ported from
      merge of 2e6f4fc5b24b571067b1137624e2b534da044e21
      mplayer: fix a typo in PR
      openssh: Make openssh-sshd and the meta-package openssh RREPLACES and RCONFLICT dropbear.
      merge of 1506d12fe8ff1d8436934663e78fc3c298406bd2
      merge of fa2942578b779e2f09210ed8416c89ed68c49837
      display-brightness: Fix execution error (busybox related?)
      keymap-locales: Include change from .oz3.5.4x
      altboot: Add tosa support for kernel 2.4
      merge of 302d21decbd1d79c1094dfee3467af3dce7f2b80
      altboot: Altboot now remembers the last loop-image (or realfs),too, which allowsa true automatic booting of the last user-setting
      merge of 85ce4d79fae4bbf21ee27afa6cadff190cb23d74
      zaurusd: Include changes from .oz354x
      keymap-locales: Add finnish keymap to Akita, Borzoi, Spitz, C7x0 & Collie
      matchbox-wm: Include update from .oz354x
      keylauch: include changes from .oz354x
      gpe-session-scripts: Include change from .oz354x
      disapproval of revision 'e00cbe4865a1571655d38a2fe99892f1ec2abb83'
      merge of 4089b02c1852c1619a06b04106854c9297b0bcbc
      altboot: Be more verbose about when all messages are coming from the new rootfs
      altboot: Change the way we check if altboot is called by the kernel or the user.The old function only worked because on most Zaurii /var is lost on reboot.
      altboot: Drop kernel 2.4 support for Spitz and Borzoi. These two were a support nightmare w/ 2.4
      altboot: Remove spitz's postinst and postrm for kernel 2.4
      altboot: Remove an error message when /bin/sh -> /bin/bash
      altboot: Add 1.0.6-rc2 .bb
      merge of 1ef2ba501604b3eb3973e0bd43a66f784236b00e
      altboot: - Allow a basic reconfiguration of non-flash based installations:
      ipkg-utils/ipkg-link: Add patch from .oz354x
      matchbox-panel: Upgrade to latest upstream version (0.9.3)
      keymaps: Include softkey mapping from .oz354x for SL-Cxxxx
      keylaunch: Add default mapping for the LCD softkeys on SL-Cxxxx
      xserver-common: Apply 200DPI bugfix from .oz354x
      udev: Apply busybox fix from .oz354x
      altboot: Fix NFS booting with kernel 2.6.16 (not pcmcia-utils)
      altboot: Add 1.0.6-rc2
      initscripts/ Include change from .oz354x
      merge of a1939217dc9fb1b7e264f67745fe46df7a44ef39
      altboot: Fix tar.gz installer to work w/o inserted cf or sd cards, fix mount_cf to work with udev
      merge of 18e53df44c1ad9ea6d82c04e90d3cd97285784a3
      merge of 4054569b89a8d88485aaad916e178d590735fbc8
      altboot: Do not echo the password when entering init=/bin/sh
      merge of 5b47c32159e8766b523639396056aa211d4cd410
      altboot: Add missing file
      merge of 08f8592df7cccc3c4e3e8320dc207aea052520d4
      altboot: Fix STDIN error messages on collie
      altboot: Add 1..6-rc3
      udev: Add changes from .oz354x
      matchbox-wm: Add c7x0 kbdconfig from .oz354x
      xserver-common: Add 200DPI fix and zaurusd/calibrate fix from .oz354x
      gpe-bootsplash: Add changes from .oz354x
      altboot: - Fix image_reconf to propperly mount /home.flash
      merge of cfbb957e3ada5af6623a77618cbb69b758ffa0df
      merge of 37fc56a61784036cba34459336e8498d980243a2
      altboot: Add 1.0.6-rc4
      altboot: Allow usage of USB network (g_ether) for NFS booting
      altboot: Add initial support for kexec, reworked parts of the menu code
      altboot: mv 1.0.6-rc4 1.0.6, added 1.0.7-rc1 with kexec support and changes all over the place.
      udev: Add udev rule to auto-load the sd_mod module on demand, closing OE bug #811
      altboot: Add RRECOMMENDS for e2fsprogs-e2fsck dosfstools ( and kexec-tools for kernel 2.6)
      merge of 90d1e88cc511a5fa4c5ead58df2871041805bd57
      udev: Do not ifup an already configured network device again.
      sysvinit: Add support for more than one enabled getty in inittab through setting SYSVINIT_ENABLED_GETTYS.
      merge of 1fc6af6fa0872867517c8ef7f00e8dca1179d3a1
      altboot: Add 1.0.7-rc2
      merge of 69d638b1c6e39bce739575e34e87d6fbc5e3b092
      conf: Update documentation.conf to include SYSVINIT_ENABLED_GETTYS
      irda-utils: Create /etc/sysconfig if it doesn't exist
      udev: Add /dev/loop* to mount blacklist
      meta: Add Angstrom files from oz354x
      altboot: Add LICENSE
      udev: Do not start any NICs before /etc/init.d/network is run and /var/ is populated
      rcS-default: Add VOLATILE_ENABLE_CACHE=yes to /etc/default/rcS Bump PR
      initscripts: Speed up by caching the command produced by the script. Run times on an idle system:
      initscripts: Add forgotten volatiles cset
      altboot: Split altboot into altboot (PACKAGE_ARCH = all) and altboot-conf (ARCH = ${MACHINE}, cleanup and rework some redirects to use tty1, not tty0.
      altboot: Fix redirection so altboot can now be launched remotely and remove dependency from altboot-conf
      gpe-bootsplash: Remove error-message on first-boot
      altboot: Add Poodle and Tosa kernel 2.6 configs
      merge of 2c0dc71f8da60df5b77594c30e93defdc6912190
      altboot: Add 1.0.7-rc3, containing kernel 2.6 Poodle and Tosa configs
      keymaps: Reworked Poodle-2.6 keymap
      linux: Poodle: Fix keyboard-hotkey driver mapping and update poodle-defconfig
      merge of 6efbfec71e63ee2a821512e58cb523b4ead883d6
      keymaps: Update poodle-keymap to adjust for driver change
      linux: It helps to actually use the new patch from the previous commit
      linux: Poodle / locomo: Enable SysRQ (Address+Home) and fix key-repeat rate
      keymaps: It helps to commit the finished keymap...
      merge of 29e6764d0920c0357aa34e6e348e962da7fd316f
      zaurusd: Add empty Poodle configuration
      base-files: Adjust Poodle fstab for kernel 2.6
      linux: locomo: Raise initial LCD brighness from 2 to 3
      qte: Enable kernel-keymap.patch for Poodle, fixing the broken keymap with kernel 2.6
      merge of 28210fb75ec4808b4be18cbc6efdc2b98f653b26
      opie-taskbar: Poodle: Fix cursor rotation for kernel 2.6 images. Might also be useful for Collie and Tosa with kernel 2.6
      merge of 599c09d67423118adcf4ed6ee44637260778ff74
      merge of dac9c8eeceebb1b6b50179ead5fa288d4c1f99bc
      linux: locomo: Fix up some typos and disable printk
      libopie: Poodle: Fix Calendar and Address hotkeys for kernel 2.6
      merge of 58569a0e47bb26450c7e67d5aa0b20806e2b2a50
      xserver-common: Poodle: Add xmodmap for kernel 2.6, untested in .dev
      merge of b9b66b086ae9b09598a4e46d6864d9ef07f3cc0d
      merge of 11bb54e0cf52d0c5a23e20076d3797d35cd2e8e7
      merge of 94191cc6b29453ad677a49c629a88b38120a4a5b
      merge of 03fd4d06deb0ac1de761650c03d3b56f3d217c49
      merge of 43210f598efbfe0448fd76adff3e7c54597c1238
      altboot: Poodle: Fix boot-timeout, add 1.0.7-rc4
      merge of 8fb156c1063985412f3d3d473d7c4641b7c1ce8c
      site: Samba: Correct site-file entries, courtesy of v8jlene. This unb0rks samba on arm.
      samba: Samba: Bump all PRs to pull in new site-file
      samba: Add samba-essential, a cut-down bare-bone samba server
      merge of 6ba3e310353ca1a6ea62e5f5f11c116d1a1fce6d
      display-brightness: Use head -n 1 not head -1 to determine driver, closing bug #1004. Also fixed a problem with poodles kernel 2.6 driver and added a small help text
      merge of 543f1ae1d5c52bf6c18d56d34bb9f3aebcffdfcb
      keylaunch: Akita: Swap Calendar and Address key binding, closing bug #1026
      merge of 0aa8df480a5fe2c0daeaff3c39171cce7fde6a4a
      samba: samba-sessential: The next step on my way to a fool-proof samba server. This one starts a wide open p/w-less server with a single share containing a helpfile explaining how to configure a samba user+password. Once that's done the _real_ secure samba server is activated grating access to the targets filesystem via encrypted passwords
      samba: samba-essential: Set workgroup to DISTRO
      fbset: Add fbset
      fbset: Change meta-data to MIT license
      fbset: Do not hard-code arm-gcc
      keylaunch: Akita / Spitz: Update keymapping to allow switching to the VT from inside X with Fn+Left or Fn+Right. Also includes a new script to make chvt SUID root to allow users to switch VTs
      gpe-login: Enable switching to the VT with Fn+[Left|Right]Arrow and killing X with Fn+Esc
      merge of cd0b649e3d97651222b64dda95f33c9f25b6da1e
      ipaq-sleep: Fix /e/i/ipaq-sleep stop for busybox start-stop-daemon as gpe-conf sleep depends on it to work
      gpe-conf: gpe-conf sleep: s/ipaq-sleep.conf/.sleep.conf/ for user configuration to sync it with the ipaq-sleep deamon. Previously ipaq-sleep would not pick up the configuration created by gpe-conf sleep for non-root users.
      bl: Add native support for zaurusd and APM
      zaurusd: Make zaurus-hinge easier to use by external programs
      visual-boot: Add visual-boot from .oz
      visual-boot: Add missing image files
      merge of 1bc6b07e0b8d51411a95e5aec7dcf5af6ae2c9e3
      samba: Add missing directory /etc/samba/private
      fluxbox: Add fluxbox-gpe, a GPE session using the fluxbox windowmanager and toolbar.
      fluxbox: Add more geometry defaults for gpe apps
      fluxbox: Add mult-machine support for geometry defaults
      initscripts: Store RTC in /etc/timestamp before mounting root ro, fixing part of OE bug #1055
      fluxbox: Split flxubox-gpe in fluxbox and fluxbox-gpe, courtesy hrw & koen
      merge of 5f35d986fdda87fb19898bc6150d8325c737273f
      merge of 1ab0b6390e66e13ae36640a9fd9b65f9a0bc1b7c
      fluxbox: Use update-alternative only for fluxbox-gpe, thanks koen for pointint it out. We can't inherit update-alternative since it only works with PN, and horr
      scap: Replace bl toggle with bl on + bl off as bl toggle doesn't seem to work on SL-Cxx00 at least
      altboot: Update to 1.0.7 final
      merge of 29e89051e9a2c503357df607dde2562d060d5989
      fluxbox: Add more geometry defaults
      keylaunch: Install configuration using update-alternatives, enables different key-bindings for different window managers
      gpe-session-scripts: Use update-alternatives for gpe-logout to allow for different windowmanagers
      fluxbox: Add custom keylaunchrc, gpe-logout and key-bindings
      merge of 27e5267a63cc6eabfebf01fa54915c4307784a99
      altboot: Upload correct .bb for altboot 1.0.7
      fluxbox: Fix session script to install key file with correct name
      altboot: Fix Tosa/2.6 kbd detection
      wmctrl: Add wmctrl, a cmd line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager
      merge of a1b31cd3f4c833b0f6a699e7a0e93514ddceed56
      altboot: Add 1.0.8, correcting poodle-2.6.conf and fixing tosa / 2.6 kbd support
      altboot: Fix poodle-2.6.conf
      fluxbox: Note to self: Do Not Fork OE when koen is looking
      altboot: Add 1.1.0-wip-20061028:
      altboot: Update 0.0.0 version
      altboot: Update to -wip-20061029
      altboot: Add ENABLE_SOUND to altbootctl
      udev: Auto-add the rootfs partition to mount.blacklist via postinst to work around a bug in the auto-mounter * * Untested in .dev! * *
      initscripts: enable auto-fsck on boot for ext2 and ext3 rootfs partitions * * * Untested in .dev! * * *
      merge of '27501039f4773e7f3b2142998ee04c9f71c6fa20'
      altboot: Remove modprobe-messages on Poodle
      merge of '4db65ff4d445af594f29654a717fe9afb23c9991'
      initscripts: Remove the animated progress bar since it doesn't work well w/ busybox sh
      initscripts: chvt 1 if fsck returns with an errorcode and waits for user input. Fixes the "hanging" bootsplash on some distros
      altboot: Make Mr. Parser happy again
      altboot: Do not show SD-Boot option on Poodle
      merge of '6219faf600ddbd4c2c3b44a157a842316dfa00d8'
      altboot: Update to latest version
      altboot: Unb0rk Poodles 2.6 conf from last commit and store the master password in a new file (altboot.pwd)
      altboot: Update to latest version
      merge of 'c29c2d80a9c5a2b26cc0510f7c58f76201aaebf0'
      linux: Update 2.6.17 to latest asoc * untested in .dev *
      merge of '0f87f8be24df03c0a122d734a9d28e61cdacd4b4'

craig at (1):
      initscripts: lower alignment value for gumstix boards - close #2890

Cristiano P. <cris69 at (1):
      xserver-kdrive: added HVGA and 320x320 resolutions for Palm devices - close #1687

crofton at (333):
      Add u-boot built from git repository. Source pulled from tag LABEL.2006.06.30.2020.
      merge of '0fee5c6e2897d294c4895897736141bed93199a1'
      omap5912osk: change prefered version of u-boot to a recent git tag
      omap5912conf : Fix preferred version variables
      distro/openomap.conf : Update toolchain versions : Fixes so it builds reliably
      linux-omap1_2.6.x+git, omap5912osk: Add bb file to build kernel from omap git
      omap5912.conf: Update required module list to match kernel config from
      merge of '924dc0c33239a73b288ecbb58f6d2ffae8848ed4' Clean up file, eliminate unecessary operations.,, long_double.patch :
      Update openomap distro and omap5912osk machine file with fixes to
      merge of '8605731b4522785b2e02d610d5eb7f491cffad2d'
       * base-files: add machine specific fstab for omap5912osk machine
      omap5912osk.conf : prepare for task-base stuff : Change entry point so kernel boots.
      merge of 'c1c61d69184ac07768aa0ccbfec85a0d7d87ec8f'
      Add myself to the MAINTAINERS file. : Fix file to correctly build without LongDouble support.
      merge of '172e330b964d32daab793a9adb3cc9dc29f58af6'
      omniorb : Delete old and very likely non-working version of omniorb bb files. : Add bb file to build the open source SCA implementation from Va Tech.
      linux-omap1 : Fix kernel entry point so that linux-omap1_2.6.18+git boots
      openomap.conf : Change openomap distro from pcmcia-cs to pcmciautils.
      merge of '7d7875c629a2b57f8e7e29f88aeb9ecbbb1026ab' : Add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "1".
      merge of '517f7efe4d85e8dee36a5d83f349ea374199c9e0'
      Create a directory for all packages specific to the OSSIE project and move
      merge of '56cef8ae3fb871ea0976b2101ed9a1aed03270cd'
      Add files for Virginia Tech's OSSIE project. ( : Ugly hack removes omniorb libraries from build
      merge of '4d2506a7328df70c3c1b58a19a5f52a6e6841a91'
      omnievents : Package does not build properly. Deleted since I do not need
      merge of '25cf9221b246d0e12058653e95979f1aafb0c667'
      omniorb : Add a basic config file to image.
      merge of '576d11411cdf287490200b3387241d0bf692b87e'
      usrp : Update bb file to use 0.12 version. Start fixing build process.
      merge of '52496b27f127642a3f588c6e210021c39be53fb0'
      openomap.conf : Move from glibc-2.4 to glibc-2.5. : Fix do_stage. Yes, this really does the right thing.
      merge of 'd33422da66ef97a509fd9df76b3af823a8016631' : update list of include files that need installing for 0.12.
      merge of '83c4f209d12306d38f3b5bdb26e65c3a97013417'
      linux-omap1_2.6.*+git : Ad support for the USB host interface.
      merge of '143fecd103b7ad42c619a91d888c8b7e3b7f8fb3'
      Rename OSSIE packages.
      merge of '5766b94f1120049e60998bb120cf4519a884d89d'
      packages/ossie/ : Update dependency package names.
      packages/usrp/ : Install the usrp test programs in the image.
      packages/usrp/files/install_test.patch : Add patch required to install usrp
      packages/ossie/ : Add OSSIE device support for GNU
      merge of '26e66d3e313fcde6d3a34f92e9f62370dbf7e7cf'
      linux-omap1-2.6.18-omap1 : Add support for building EABI kernel.
      openomap.conf : Convert to EABI distro.
      merge of '9bb5aacf211c840ef28190458936fec0e3163a18' : Create directory on target file system for omniNames log files.
      Misc OSSIE updates : add sound output device, the c based waveform loader and
      merge of 'a662fc20449855dbd33b90211dc1cb5cf3f6fcd9'
      omniorb, omniorb-native : Fix bb file syntax and style.
      task-ossie : Fixx bb file syntax and style.
      merge of '1a8b8b461f0411e51d72fb156790d6c3a42558e1'
      xerces-c_2.7.0_bb : Add version 2.7.0 of xerces-c.
      merge of '4d957b0f42712e699ac776282979b42345af9a76'
      ossie : Add more components.
      ossie : Adjust RDEPENDS so that waveforms require the component they need.
      merge of 'b1b3feda7d897a425e7e06c085cbfab48b9e4f09'
      task-ossie : Fix so we build waveforms. : Enable fixed point build.
      ossie-* : Add generic username/pw for code fetching. : Add waveform that transmits Random BPSK
      merge of '82ba6ac51742ea64d989ab1d8b3b4633425bcd41' : Add new bb file to build u-boot-1.1.6.
      merge of '1664f078d7d8c6db4b6cc004f6007fe7f4067110'
      linux-omap1-2.6.19-omap1 : Add patch to fix kernel oops starting ALSA.
      openomap.conf : Select kernel version automatically.
      omap5912osk : Select u-boot version automatically.
      merge of '155f936fb623fd266abcbacae678f48bbbecc4ab'
      merge of '21538320b9bfd701fe44c49c42b440022e9f4002'
      site/powerpc-linux : Update sizeof for various data types. : Add EXTRA_OECONF so configure script can find omniorb and : Add CXXFLAGS_powerpc to work around libtool problem.
      merge of 'a353d9a082d436082c139102a0319641e531eaaf' : * Fix to allow build on machine with omniorb : Fix compile.h header file problem. : Add hack so library builds on EFIKA/powerpc. : Allow building when omniorb installed on build
      merge of '8ec6936842d2420f6d2a56139b8385575ba9e27e'
      ossie : Add PV to ossie _svn bb files.
      merge of '1d7800b8e55aef9b9ad0a93c8ef6fa8ed0d43bbb' : Add fftw support to openembedded. : Add hack to build c++ on EFIKA/powerpc.
      disapproval of revision '1b4f1b0c118eeaad3bf775fe1f5c2080e0e260c6'
      merge of '368dc50e87fa25338c003788d5a971d97ad9fd9a'
      merge of '166f244ef427b574bc894a4585b773997e302e97' : Add bb file for fftw (Fastest FFT in the West) : Install pkgconfig files properly.
      merge of '3de88634fec14dacb930fd0e1946c97f51c4b9e2' : Generate cppunit-config properly.
      merge of '16141cfb7ddd939f1759a94546b737b35c0ece43'
      merge of '79c49ff1a9299d8a641388c72a0621d630dbe546' : autoload ohci_hcd module so USB works without manual
      merge of '6a884c524b47bc199d7c8fb08262ba476bc25c13'
      swig_1.3.31bb, swig-native_1.3.31 : Update to latest version of swig., : Remove old files.
      merge of '44bd9a4a5e1a364604d7155b9e6b34a405d65ef2' : Fix QA problems with python packages.
      merge of '136c87650ffb3c5462d9cde38962c88081eb61d7'
      merge of '13c300f63e70c7f9fa8bb5896db6f302da774262' : Fix path in ossie subversion server.
      merge of '7d4cc29019d4d479c6301ca5482417150d83369f'
      linux-omap1_2.6.20 : Add files to build 2.6.20 kernel for the OSK.
      omap5912osk.conf : Set ROOT_FLASH_SIZE to 29M. : Add another waveform to the build.
      merge of '0aca530cedb795675036f35c32e9eca37a2c8985' : Bump version to solve a problem for apaulsen.
      merge of '0038f02055e33a3dad0ba914de112ce9450c45d4'
      Add exmap-console from Poky.
      merge of 'b0e8a7b18bc538b2926b839a1a3adad6234a53e0'
      Update entry for Rick Farina in MAINTAINERS.
      merge of '3bc6872ce914467c560f817b262f8d528b2cf3ed' : Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = -1 : Add version 1.2.0 of u-boot.
      merge of '471d0bd939972db8b9765eaaae30b43f2001abac'
      merge of '3c255d53746782abcd12637930247f2e27ff6f65'
      u-boot-utils : Delete empty directories. : bb file no longer needed. Current release version of u-boot work for the OSK.
      merge of 'd253693f9ba8535d5eb55f96bdfd2b50531cfa16' : Add dependency on intltool-native so configure script runs
      merge of '32161ed8fe97769fa75537a6e2cce7e2a202a301'
      openomap.conf : Angstrom runs fine on OSK so no further need for custom distro.
      merge of '4363d4f2067c14e0433c8a93cf6595a62ffd8ea1'
      libtool : Add bb files for libtool-1.5.22. DEFAULT_PREFERENCE set to -1
      merge of 'bcb26d45f59e69826c0f1f99784cb544fe4d99f5'
      libtool-{cross,native}_1.5.22 : Add changes from Poky to 1.5.22.
      merge of '36a3e8d1c238807062d51987c38ef05ebad7767c' : Comment out experimental, unfinished patch.
      merge of '74fc3044282473d52ab00992eddb5d72da74e7ff' : Correct args to install to work with OE install-native.
      merge of '3ff3791f6f88919a909fbe4ecd9ea923278b08e6'
      documentation.conf : Document QA_LOG variable.
      merge of '7474030a47375702cb66f00aa7ded40e585cf3fd'
      linux-omap1-2.6.20-omap1/defconfig.eabi : Add support for USB serial dongles.
      OSSIE : Remove OSSIE files until there is a real tarball release. If you need
      merge of '161e1a738dc05762f428e26351dfe3cf5cd65ec4'
      pkgconfig : Add support for pkgconfig-0.22. DEFAULT_PREF = -1 pending
      merge of '81786bc5eee231cdb9c16dff4db1629456df1461' : First pass at adding support for GNU Radio. Still needs
      merge of '27a6726f10137aaa1d74bdc2a55d3bfb540b1c20'
      libnfnetlink : Add support for the libnfnetlink library. : Add libtoolize --force to rebuild libtool file in tarball.
      merge of '5b34006a886a797a6d06678129380ba60e87a9d8'
      libtool : Add bb files for libtool-1.5.24 support. This version seems to
      merge of '4bbce1b1f23b34445cc85ab8c7fa08737f26602a'
      merge of '1cdc457f64f3451940bcf06c52bbc5dd90e86a1e'
      exmap-console : Update from Poky. Builds now.
      merge of '122762c7f94c2245c6d7d2b16bc8ae60ba8edab2'
      merge of '036e2e71bb09d2efdeab9165b6946b947e4316b2'
      merge of '444297a3111a94b97335747038fe18af35d24735'
      linux-omap : Move linux-omap1 to linux-omap. linux-omap should work for
      linux-omap : Convert bb file to use linux-omap from linux-omap1.
      linux-omap1_2.6.22 : A support for linux-omap1 version 2.6.22
      merge of '3f2a27262036d4f6ceb75b07aa81c14e4b0fdcf0'
      linux-omap1 : Move compatible machine from generic include file to specific
      linux-davinci : Add support for build TI Davinci processor kernels. Currently
      davinci-dvevm.conf : Add machine file for the TI Davinci EVM board.
      merge of '65fb29ae308602940228134ed6cbae42627b7c1e'
      linux-omap1 : Fix git source line.
      u-boot-omap2430sdp : Add u-boot support for omap2430sdp. Delete when support movies into upstream.
      linux-omap2 : Add kernel support for the omap2430sdp board.
      omap2430sdp : Add support for the omap2430sdp board.
      merge of '0931cbd64db6d6e9a567bada1dd3b5bfd9362192'
      uboot-utils : Eliminate non-working builds. Package now builds and installs mkimage.
      linux-gumstix : Add dependency on uboot-utils. This builds mkimage so kernel build completes.
      merge of 'e1d538a40dd18336f9f3f275226a93557d9741cf'
      uboot-utils : Update SRC_URI to
      merge of '8f0990c1c2ac36fbc06162157be83ae04403f8c6'
      u-boot : Update SRC_URI to the Denx ftp server.
      merge of '251ce0b2ecef56298add803931ece23020b55b51'
      davinci-dvevm : Fix UBOOT_MACHINE. It needs the _config.
      merge of '2f59921c707cbaf0d9cf6efc81b2c89ef6be04bd'
      linux-omap2 : Drop lcd patch from kernel bb file. Patch is in git now.
      merge of '95a513be8426c7ab7565ce3120697b9f88ce67c0' : Apply patch from bug #2078. Move .debug directories to debug package.
      merge of '0cf9456fa245ff793e08982af57529321f4f6576'
      ltp : Commit patch intended for earlier commit. from bug #2078.
      merge of '87df0f67fea2eb35bb2d9bb5d84173bacece8d99'
      linux : Update pxafb-definition.patch from gumstix svn.
      linux : Update defconfig for gumstix verdex from gumstix svn.
      linux : Update defconfig for gumstix connex/basix from gumstix svn.
      merge of '045e56420da1d629481fa1a4c311ddb81cfd68d8'
      linux : Do not set LOCALVERSION in kernel defconfig.
      merge of '0632006dcadf27825774caa5189b1ab23bd8b08e'
      merge of '93ecd3346baebbe99e4a2d92b718f5c6c1b1c887'
      linux-omap : Add support for more machines. Clean up ABI handling. Move toward compatible structure.
      merge of '828c7ed803d3e94f12cb5a5e38678504e4690482'
      libnetfilter_queue : Add libnetfilter_queue to OE. Needs libtool 1.5.24 to build.
      merge of '1eb402d65c65c017f7fabfc389de63084c25dfc6'
      libnetfilter-queue : Add versioned dependency on libtool-cross
      merge of '046d6d9432d8b2f9c1768927b44311f32da334f0'
      MAINTAINERS : Update entry for Philip Balister
      MAINTAINERS : Another update to Philip Balister.
      angstrom-minimal-image : Use mount from util-linux. Needed to moutn tmpfs.
      base-files : Update fstab for omap5912osk to clear up a boot time error.
      omap5912osk.conf : Clean up machine file.
      gumstick-*.conf : Move machine specific parts from to the gumstix-{connex,verdex}
      base-files : Add machine specific fstabs for gumstix-{connex, verdex}. In the
      merge of '610425fd34abfbbedaf9b3792ed2d884bdda9fd3' : Make sure RECOMMENDED modules get into minimal image.
      merge of '4990ba855f0ea2bae626b67500e77e88d48dabca'
      linux : Put all defconfig information in the gumstix-verdex defconfig and : Depend on uboot-utils for mkimage. Do not depend on u-boot.
      exmap-console : Add dependency on glib-2.0.
      merge of '1cc5e1375ebc4a5db05258a8915e819dbad6a77a'
      omap5912osk.conf : Prevent installation of uImage in /boot.
      gumstix-verdex.conf : Prevent installation of uImage in /boot.
      gumstix-connex.conf : Prevent installation of uImage in /boot.
      merge of '208a6cd5055d6d34d2752d9347c76fd999cf39b3'
      omap5912osk : Add usb module to image. : autoload smc91x module. Provide a commented out example of how
      merge of '334f1ee81c31102eb71d125911c2b1de3f3804d2'
      merge of '3338e7932ebf1ee7b603ad0ec86faebba093324a'
      linux-davinci : Update defconfig to current defconfig from git.
      merge of '54a5d8fb4d7a6a20f8dd77f12f48946c8af71061'
      linux-davinci : Add patch to avoid bloated kernels due to binutils confusion.
      merge of '925ef46f820e0b0c4654698e3a371bb2c3b5b29d'
      wifistix : Add driver for Marvell cf8385 wireless interface driver for gumstix.
      merge of '912a4116b92071ce99e54525b89d7f94cbdb6b0e'
      linux : Update patches for gumstix from gumstix buildroot.
      wifistix-module : Clean up bb file, add configuration file.
      merge of '1e1adf51dc9360eaaa91db46f1ad5ca664d7a0cc'
      wifistix-modules : Fix quoting in EXTRA_OEMAKE.
      merge of '6d07e119d774985e157fc9a56bb59bfbe0dcec50'
      wifistix : Change wifistix wireless device name from mwlan to wlan.
      wifistix : Update conf file with new device name.
      merge of '86c3bb401cff2bd54526bee645900700122e1549'
      gumstix-verdex : Add support for wired network interface on netwifimicroSD card.
      merge of '841a5712bf3e160a32fddc18de65062237b46ed6' : Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH so tic finds a library. From bug #2807.
      davinci-sffsdr : Add support for Lyrtech small form factor SDR board.
      wifistix : Sync with gumstix repo.
      merge of '4b48cc331d56f5ee9714871633ccb98a1cfe28e1'
      linux-omap1 : Add 2.6.23 kernel for OMAP machines. Tested on OSK.
      merge of '3979e1b277e23e3a99c5b86306581ddc32a83d53'
      angstrom/ : Remove graphics support from omap5912osk until flashing large image problem solved.
      directfb : Remove patch that changes include file path. For bug #3415.
      linux-omap2 : Move defconfigs into omap2430sdp directory. These files do
      linux-davinci : Update defconfig. Add patch to support NAND flash.
      gumstix-machine : Update gumstix machine files from gumstix OE collection.
      merge of '967336334b2d3b22623c9851eb0ab8a2f5ad19c2'
      gumstix-kernel : Add files to build a kernel for gumstix machines. These are
      gumstix-verdex,connex : Copy machine and kernel updates direct from : Update -dev package.
      merge of '464670c02b54fd9487f739c1b471a0ea8e63bd90'
      omap5912osk.conf : Add UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT to machine definition to support
      linux-omap1-2.6.24 : Add basic kernel build files for OMAP1 2.6.24. Tested on
      davinci-sffsdr machine : Update kernel config, add board patch,
      merge of '32c42c21fa615c7adc822a7cec5695a1227395a0'
      linux-omap2 : Update to current git HEAD revision. Drop patches that are
      beagleboard : Add alsa to machine features. Bump PR in task-base to force rebuild. : Fix typo in SRC_URI.
      davinci-dvevm.conf : Update u-boot version to release and correct kernel
      linux-davinci : Update to current git rev and update defconfig. : Add ANGSTROM_EXTRA_INSTALL to image.
      dsplink : Skeleton for building TI ARM/DSP for omap/davinci processors.
      merge of '12863abb0b7e2930410ef9d63a38c9cebf57361b'
      dsplink : Add URL for manual source download.
      dsplink : Add basic config files created by interactive config utility.
      dsplink : Install files in build source tree. : Add support for building u-boot for the Lyrtech Small
      linux-davinci : Update davinci-sffsdr kernel to build against git. This
      merge of '0c9e50018774b72d8f37660e72fcf552899350bf'
      merge of '77248faae336ad5f2532155f6855f3432b14ff29'
      merge of '8104662b136ce70b58ae47f1c87a35fb7a8e242c'
      dsplink : unset DISPLAY since dsplink Makefile uses DISPLAY for echo command.
      dsplink : More build fixes. bb file builds without errors at this point.
      dsplink : Build sample programs.
      linux-omap1 : Add bb file to build 2.6.25 kernel.
      linux-omap1 : Use defconfig from kernel source. This boots in Angstrom, but
      linux-davinci : Update to git rev e23e6d5c446074082d93285f21cf95ed0d537a6f.`
      libtool : Updates from poky.
      davinci-sffsdr, davinci-dvevm : Add dsplink module to images.
      linux-omap2 : Update to latest git, build tested only.
      linux-omap2 : Remove patches that are now available from kernel git repository,
      Various : Remove uneeded files.
      linux-xilinx-slab : Modify kernel bb file for xilinx based ppc boards using
      merge of 'a1c5133ec8dfc7768c8883c8aa89593ce01f57cb'
      beagleboard-demo-image : Temporarily remove irssi until we figure out why
      beagleboard-demo-image : Temporarily comment out gnumeric and gimp until they
      boost-jam-native : Add support for boost-jam-native-3.1.16. Add a
      dsplink : Package sample programs and install them on Davinci images.
      u-boot : Update SFF SDR board patch and bump git rev to current HEAD.
      davinci-sffsdr : Update kernel defconfig.
      boost : Add file.
      merge of '8f996463a60dbfcc7f4d2c5d595f26e0e2bdb241'
      boost : Remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE from earlier commit.
      gnuradio : Add patch for building with libusb-0.9.
      u-boot_git : Update revs for davinci machines davinci EVM and SFF SDR.
      linux-omap2 : Add patches to fix TWL4030 issues.
      gumstix-kernel : Update from gumstix svn so kernel builds again.
      merge of '6a6b5625ce1a2f68e15757a541a724d13945155a'
      davinci-dvevm.conf : Build u-boot 1.3.4-rc1 for testing purposes.
      linux-davinci : use latest git rev.
      dsplink : Commit work in progress.
      merge of '648476e08584946c4059307fb756f1cd7f7fa603'
      u-boot_git : Update git rev to the tag for u-boot-1.3.4-rc2.
      linux-omap2 : Update ASoC patches.
      nfs-utils : Fix support for util-linux-ng. See bug #4459.
      merge of 'b7175a8d7fdb02e01e375f3df1f6ab39e8ef01ed'
      linux-davinci : Add patch to solve strange serial console behavior.
      merge of '05dd48c35e7fc8bd8ec725a975682953f4e2eb8b'
      merge of '1d51291e2946f8f88897f24b6db6c2e9f0c5bcec'
      synergy : Add patch (from gentoo) to compile synergy with gcc 4.3.
      omap3evm.conf : Allow override of kernel. See bug #4527.
      gnuradio : Add gnuradio-3.1.3. : Add patch to work around problem with install command.
      linux-omap : Add support for gpio sysfs for beagleboard.
      linux-omap : Bump git rev. : Fix broken configure step.
      linux-omap2 : Fix ALSA playback problem.
      linux-omap2 : Bump PR to force rebuild after defconfig update.
      linux-omap : Update defconfig to fix alsa playback
      ttf-fonts : Bump PR of files that use
      libgweather_2.24 : Add dependency on libsoup-2.4.
      libgweather_2.24 : Add dependency on gtk+.
      merge of '3771c597611822587b6e7491171f61908927b778' : Disable aisleriot until it really builds. : Add missing dependency on gst-plugins-base.
      boost-1.36.0 : Add support for building boost-1.36. : Remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE="-1" : Commit basic support for GNU Radio trunk : Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE="-1" and update SRCREV.

Cwiiis (1): : build and package examples

cwixon at (1):
      abiword: ship glade files, should fix #3062

Cyril Romain (1): add a script that does the heavy lifting for making recipes conform to the styleguide in the wiki

cyril Romain <c.romain at (1):
      goffice: make it build (fix QA issues for real).

Cyril Romain <c.romain at (2):
      mrxvt: update to 0.5.2 - close #1964
      prismstumbler: bug #1679, fix inclusion of host headers and incorrect ranlib and ar calls, thanks to Cyril Romain

cyril.romain at (3): Revision 0.4
      contrib/ Revision 0.5
      contrib/ Fix a hang when processing comment block and fix some

cyril.romain at (1):
      angstrom-mirrors: fix for recent bitbake

CyrilRomain (1):
      bitlbee: new recipe. closes 1642.

daka at (10):
      Add apache 2.0.54. This package only compiles nativly, and is only tested on openslug-native. Since this is not for cross I'm leaving the apache files in nonworking for the time beeing.
      Add apache to openslug-native-packages
      Right.. add apache and depends to openslug-native-packages.conf too.
      merge of 7e5aec0634897d3c7afdf3aebe3c28008e54239b
      merge of 9ecdfad028b0756ef24d34ae5fcfb39a2f62a0fb
      merge of 42d69359113ca4019c6288abe81bcb0e233a958a
      Fix apache to use openssl from staging. Fix depends on pcre and expat. NOTE: still just for native building.
      Add pcre and expat, needed for apache, to openslug-native-packages.conf
      merge of 4456e15f23db9a9f052dfcc702caeb50db1ee867
      merge of 15f935ec31419a7188400fe78993271a4634488e

daka at (44):
      Fixed, no longer uses system includes from the build system
      Updated to use update-alternatives and fix some FHS bugs
      Add symlink to cpp, so package cpp-symlinks actually gets created
      merge of 494c257ade51ecd2039f966953f2f83ab5fbb95c
      coreutils hostname doesn't support -F, put at lower priority so the working one (busybox) gets linked instead
      Add gcc-symlinks, fix the files and from libc6-dev (that really should be fixed in there)
      merge of 5bbc6ec4525557db317977a31210230c82e55137
      Add binutils-symlinks, remove the and fix since things work without it
      Check for existance of 'test' before assuming it isn't there and alias test to 'busybox test'.
      Update perl to 5.8.7, modified armeb patch to work for OpenSlug
      Fix perl so (hopefully) it works on both arm and armeb
      On openslug create a package perl-modules depending on the 840+ other packages.
      Remove previuos change and create package perl-modules that recommends all the other 859 packages. Unfourtanly also recommends 86 packages packages that doesn't get created, so some warning messages gets displayed on ipkg install.
      Add perl and perl-modules to openslug-native
      Add -lgcc_s to perllibs for arm too (already added for armeb), Closes: OE-Bug#113
      Update to follow the FHS and use update-alternatives for gzip, gunzip and zcat
      Add gzip to openslug-native
      Change startperl from #!hostperl to #!/usr/bin/perl so that the perl utilities like cpan works
      merge of 4032c1797996f6e321707d68ac4cb1989dae28cd
      Remove ${D} from the install paths in so that cpan knows the correct path to install things in, Closes: OE-Bug#7
      Initial distro for compiling nativly for openslug on the nslu2. Needs some work, but basically works.
      Add missing defines for the i386 and i686
      Oh right, bump the PR...
      Add untested i386 for perl for OE-Bug:#196
      Add openslug-native-packages.conf and .bb, and update openslug-native.conf to work with them
      merge of 0241e7bd233c727dc013a20bd6cbfadd4a2a04dc
      OK, might be an idead to add meta to the bbfiles for openslug-native...
      Add python-crypt to needed for ipkg-make-index
      Add libtool, pkgconfig and quilt to
      merge of bc169bc13b3f82a8d9bdcfabcc2997d7948dab82
      Add a few packages to test with
      merge of 6c249e86f20cab16da75a620e43f22520d6b1f7b
      Remove iperf since it was moved to nonworking
      Fix the iperf patch, and move back from nonworking
      Bump PR too...
      Add iperf to openslug-packages
      Add autoconf to openslug-native
      Only add the two files we need from packages/meta to BBFILES, parsing 50 files not needed on the slug is a waste of time :)
      Fix the i386 and i686 to use 5.8.7 instead of 5.8.4 in the paths
      Add updated for perl 5.8.4 from CosmicPenguin, and add a bit more updated one for perl 5.8.7
      Actually include the correct mipsel 5.8.7 and bump PR
      merge of 02948f94edc060110b60e3cb3e5b547d77f8c493
      Modify the way packages get split so no packages get ${TARGET_SYS} in the names, unfortunately makes some packages change n
      Change RDEPENDS from perl-module-${TARGET_SYS}-xsloader to perl-module-xsloader to match perl packaging change

Dan Williams <dan.j.williams at (1):
      boa: added php via cgi support, initscripts fixes for busybox - close #262

daniel at (50):
      * Change URL of package db3_3.2.9 to working mirror. (Closes #2606)
      classes/base.bbclass: Fallback to for older versions
      merge of '1334265f6bc3427cfeef0ed8c21ef13a71da950c' Fix Makefile so CFLAGS/LDFLAGS in config.mak aren't overwritten Remove openmoko-panel-mainmenu as it depends on libmokoui(1)
      merge of '4363471130869dabc3d90ccdcff57628e3ce25e1'
      openmoko-session2: Change mb session file so today and dialer are started
      merge of '3f578fcf74e37d012b104754e3387f72f82fa832'
      openmook-session2: Start all the other openmoko-panel-applets Bump PR so the new session file gets installed.
      merge of '8d8ae2cc7d30dd97d45288b0abe0fb08f7a5841b' Bump PR so the new theme is picked up Reduce font size for fic-gta01 Use temporary stable patch branch for pinned u-boot revision
      linux-gta01: Add version from OpenMoko svn overlay.
      linux-gta01: Reflect svn path changes between 2.6.21 and 2.6.22 patchset
      disapproval of revision 'c4778a747ca17f52ef9afa2e2c5254081401273a'
      linux-gta01: Reflect svn path changes between 2.6.21 and 2.6.22 patchset Modify fix-EVIOCGRAB-semantics patch for 2.6.22 and Put vte in RDEPENDS so it gets installed into the rootfs (closes OpenMoko bug #809)
      openmoko-sound-theme-standard2: inherit openmoko2 so sources get fetched from the correct location
      matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod: Add a patch to delay mb_kbd_ui_hide.
      matchbox-keyboard: Update for improved handling of shift.
      navit: Add Navit, the car navigation system with routing engine.
      navit: Add checksums for navit tgz. Improve performance on arm (thanks cp15)
      libmokoui2: Touch gtk-doc.make to fix issues with gtk-doc support (Thomas Wood)
      matchbox-keyboard: Bump svn revision and remove some patches in the bb file
      alsa-state: Add state file gsmspeakerout (fic-gta01)
      conf/distro/openmoko.conf: Remove month name from DISTRO_VERSION
      machine/chumby.conf: Produce cramfs image and add kernel modules to image.
      merge of '27de58a95c41839b956f23d0aba523fd7b5b6560'
      chumby.conf: Add missing ", chumby.conf: Add rt73 wifi driver for the chumby Add rt73.bin firmware image to rootfs.
      chumby-kernel: Ignore cmdline from bootloader since we can't change it
      rt73-k2wrlz: Use EXTRA_OEMAKE instead of modifying do_compile. This fixes some
      task-openmoko-ui: Use qvga theme for the Chumby
      conf/machine/chumby.conf: Use rt73-k2wrlz instead of rt73-chumby since the
      chumby-kernel: Add disable-fbchanging.patch that I had previously forgotten Add a tangogps version with experimental patches that
      frameworkd: Don't forward accelerometer data via dbus Gypsy needs libxslt-native for its documentation
      fso-image: Use tangogps-fso
      conf/distr/include/ Update EFL_SRCDATE (unbreaks eet) The keyboard is now runtime configurable Add frameworkd.conf to CONFFILES so opkg doesn't blindly Bump pixman to 0.10.0 (fixes cairo build)
      ttf-fonts: Fix do_install failing if no .ttc files exist in a font package
      dbus: Add a configure option to specify the client side default bus timeout
      merge of 'bbd77769487ba7800c127ef99922a89662346ef8'

daniel at (2):
      device tables: document format and add a table for motorola ezx phones
      opentapi: start up real early to initialize the BP properly to stop the phone shutting of because udev is so slow

dbaryshkov at (5):
      linux-rp 2.6.23: Update tc6393-ohci driver - close #3290
      wlan-ng-modules: build fixes for 2.6.22+ - close #3292
      linux-rp: Tosa usb ports management - close #3295
      wlan-ng-modules: fix for the fix of wlan-ng-modules 0.2.7 - close #3340
      linux-rp: add two patches for Tosa to fix usb networking - close #1527

deller at (4):
      zaurus-2.6: add pcmcia modules for Poodle
      task-base: add crypto_algapi/cryptomgr for task-base-wifi
      linux-rp 2.6.24: remove repeated content from pxafb.patch
      keymaps: fix Poodle keymap - close #4051

denis at (3): : Add recipe for SDK based on CSL 2007q3.
      Add libgcc to RPROVIDES
      Remove the fixed-include header hacks.

dirk at (50):
      zaurus-clamshell-2.6.conf: remove soundmodules from RDPEPENDS for tosa
      tosa-2.6.conf: wm97xx support are buildin, remove RDEPENDS
      linux-openzaurus_2.6.16: add patches for tosa
      lzma-native: split path in oe_libinstall call
      libcap: add 1.10
      wlan-ng: add 0.2.3 and svn version, split usb, cs and pci driver
      conf/tosa-2.6.conf: add wlan-ng-modules-usb to RDEPENDS
      Packages/wlan-ng: make current svn compile
      packages/wlan-ng: drop non working 0.2.2 version
      merge of c10f2ae04603d602b3a9204d9469c590262dfdf9
      packages/konqueror: add new svn version of konqueror embedded
      packages/linux/linux-openzaurus_2.6.16: tosa update (lot of fixes)
      merge of 144528a9bcfa570dd68ffc7f5d3c9e1bd2ba097c
      wlan-ng: close #846 and #847
      linux/ tosa kernel won't work with gcc4.0.x. version check implemented.
      site/mipsel-linux-uclibc: set default value for rp-pppoe
      Asterisk add patches to compile against uclibc
      merge of 7126e8dbb5ecde39f7b2362c65b90630fa5265de
      linux-openzaurus_2.6.17: Update tosa
      wlan-ng-modules_0.2.3: fix to compile with 2.6.17
      glibc-initial_2.4: FILESPATH changed from glibc-cvs into glibc-2.4 update collie patches
      file: add 4.18 version
      add 2.0.9 version
      add 2.4.7
      wlan-ng-modules: new snapshot 20061109
      conf/machine/include/tosa-2.6.conf: remove obsolete file
      collie: fix collie serial console for 2.6 kernel
      wlan-ng: add version 0.2.7
      packages/gcc gcc-4.1.1: fix eabi issues on a bigendian toolchain:
      valgrind: 3.2.3 added
      syslinux: 3.36 added, also install extlinux
      ethtool: version 5 added
      qte: remove unnecessary tosa-keymap patch. This patch is only needed for 2.4 sharp kernels.
      wlan-ng: add new snapshot. This version works with current kernel.
      cairo: upgrade to 1.6.4
      openipmi: add 2.0.14 a set of tools to access the IPMI subsystem
      netperf: upgrade to 2.4.4
      openipmi: forgot the recipe
      merge of '8816a1930a80e66c19c4754fa2383feb1c08d7bc'
      fuse: add curlftpfs, filesystem client based on the FTP
      pixman: add new version 0.10.0
      midori: add 0.0.18
      powertop: upgrade to 1.10 and fix URL
      insane.bbclass: add linux-gnuspe as valid target
      pciutils: add linux-gnuspe as valid system
      merge of 'ca63fe7da843b99d6a109e39aea7a28865c9f2a3'
      stress: upgrade to 1.0.0
      busybox: add new version 1.11.1
      merge of '4d0f3853b3c01cedc22908ba269a7658acf2293b'

Dmitry Baryshkov <dbaryshkov at (2):
      linux-rp-2.6.24: Add tosa supprot from Dmitry Baryshkov (#3879)
      keymaps: Update tosa keymap from Dmitry Baryshkov (#3879)

DmitryArtamonow (1):
      sakura: new recipe.  closes 4265.

dodji at (11):
      Get Xglamo from
      merge of '1da81118402f312c1b90e65968cd0a7f76696542'
      [xserver-kdrive-kdrive] properly set the S variable.
      merge of '00eeaaee6f40de3293fc0a633b5d6fac506a7f54'
      update to fix "off-by-one" bug when scrolling with xglamo
      update Xglamo to the version that use EXA for basic 2D accel
      update to xglamo that fixes the green line bug
      merge of '36152772af2a6e41040b8991c2474e44835a6f0b'
      fix the xglamo bliting breakage introduced by the previous commit
      merge of '1ca38b7c81fa25c184262c924805bd56d1ec2adb'
      Another round at trying to fix the now famous green lines bug.

dp at (1):
      enca 1.9: Fix build.

Dr. Michael Lauer (5):
      alsa-state: fix standard alsa dmix configuration, it now works out-of-the-box
      alsa-state: install correct file
      alsa-state: fix standard alsa dmix configuration, it now works out-of-the-box
      alsa-state: install correct file
      add numptyphysics (ugly ugly build), an insanely cool crayon game

dyoung at (47):
      Add developer targets
      Fix the bitbake fixing line
      Change it to the new serial driver model, enabling serial console
      Add misc other developer related targets
      Add commented out possible solution for initial database population
      Added some comments qualifying the usage of initial db strategy
      changed the candidate source location for initial db populuation
      add some comments regarding compression scheme
      Added CPPFLAGS hack to EXTRA_OEMAKE to prevent default inclusion of /usr/include/ncurses by procps Makefile
      appended the correct suffix
      merge of 5929a3ff8964dccfe8670d2ad8e8815d18c32eb6
      Added hooks for mirror syncing
      change the source URL for initial monotone db
      change names from sync_foo to sync-foo
      change the download location because the real source has a broken source file
      add conntrack and queue modules for iptables
      Oops forgot to bump the version
      Added the missing NetFilter options
      really added the missing netfilter stuff
      Add 2nd serial port support.  It is a RX only port, but useful for things like GPSs
      Bump the PR
      Fixed the syntax
      ipkg: Add the libdir.patch that keeps getting lost
      merge of 4bd9a63f8807f4b1963f6fc396e9807603315627
      zd1211: patch makefile to make compatible with 2.4 kernels; add to unslung-packages
      merge of c680327153be372712b73770b77507e942065816
      openslug-kernel: Add the bits to support USB Video Devices
      pvrusb2: Add support for the Happauge USB2 PVR Device
      pvrusb2-mci: Add some ugly hackery to define LINUX_ARM_ARCH for nslu2, this should be properly addressed in the future
      merge of 18e90deffbe7500d559fd5a3e6ad96258087772b
      openslug-kernel: Add the missing USB Audio modules to the defconfig
      openslug-kernel: adjust the package revision for added usb audio bits
      OpenSlug Packages: Add support for the Happauge PVRUSB2 to openslug builds.
      nas100d-kernel: Fixup the nas100d cmdline to use ramdisk, and reflect 64MB RAM
      nas100d-kernel: update to i2c 0.0.3, and new defconfig
      nas100d-kernel: revised i2c 0.0.3 patchset
      nas100d-kernel: Add PCF8563 as module to the defconfig
      nas100d-kernel: i2c version 0.0.4 plus pcf8563 driver
      Add forgotten patch to re-enable big endian builds based on gcc 4.2.2
      bump PR, forgot to do it 11 days ago when re-adding 801 series patch.
      merge of '361c2ba55f181bc00df146d6f126a924c909d192'
      gcc-cross_4.2.2 -> resynchronize PR to match recently modified gcc_4.2.2
      merge of '59cc00aa5181acfcee64ce8cec61034622bd74a4'
      extra big endian patch to create binaries with a correct ELF header.
      merge of '0c093b26a4dcd73c59fdfd549e99d4e4d6ce6ff7'

eblis102 at (1):
      mono: add

eFfeM at (168):
      Added 20051016 snapshot (now supports 2.6.14)
      defconfig: changed settings to support wider range of hardware
      merge of 3cf0fa9590bc0a6c7738ae80bed30587c5cd9fe9
      set NETCONSOLE to m instead of y
      openslug defconfig: changed settings to support wider range of hardware
      merge of 4350e5b1e0c9dfe943f5937f8a3a4ca10e86ad5b
      bumped PRCONFIG since I modified defconfig
      merge of 0cf2c32074f58ddc96dacfcb6af604f6a34e0c0d
      Been told that I should also bump PR for ixp when I bump PR_CONFIG in the {nslu2, openslug} bb files; so here it is... (better safe than sorry)
      merge of 3e09771118f46dd5b429d9481e1be7f6a12628b8
      packages/linux/nslu2-kernel/2.6.14/90-pegasus.patch packages/linux/ added patch to support Philips CPWUE01/00 usb network adapter
      packages/pwc: added pwc_10.0.9-rc1 release
      ixp425-eth/ixp400-eth: added pollcontroller patch for ixp400; required for netconsole
      pvrusb2-mci: also pass TARGET_CFLAGS to the make command in order to get all comnpiler flags.
      merge of 21d66a92293faf76a506c7d17e3cd16e143bb401
      pvrusb2-mci: added release 20051113
      cdstatus created package (rel 0.96.05)
      merge of 3e475547db06d6faf88fd643f2b80f61626f8fd5
      merge of 074f56407ae01edaf2a9a0ab4cf9fb1222987ef2
      cdstatus: added unneeded definition of TARGET_LDFLAGS in .bb file
      pvrusb2-mci: added several releases that somehow did not make it to the archive
      cdstatus: created; made patch that allow both LE and BE machines to write a proper wav header
      groff: ported 1.19.2
      openslug-packages.conf: added groff
      conf/distro/openslug-packages.conf: added libiconv to packages list, needed for php
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060103 release
      pvrusb2-mci: added release 20060121
      pvrusb2-mci: added release 20060209
      spca5xx: added release 20060202 (on request, builds fine, cannot test this as I do not have this cam)
      merge of 0de420be8d89c746c304a8ee1bd19126090ff3df
      btsco: fixed path in patch, added PR and RDEPENDS fields in .bb
      merge of 3c138aa1bdcdf1ce187405d9531d4ad94efa34a2
      ixp4xx defconfig: added CONFIG_VIDEO_DECODER=m
      merge of 6fdb3347025c12bf6ebe065971216714232b9f38
      slugos packages: added spca5xx and btsco
      merge of 1b40358f6780e83c543c70e31d60b6ac676544e8
      pvrusb2-mci: upgrade to fix undetected host dependency
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060326 snapshot
      ixp4xx kernel: added patch for copypage-xscale.c
      merge of d666453b1d27ca8088768cfc910fd4bd31f2682c
      cdparanoia: add patch for; replace strip by $(STRIP)
      slugos-packages: added cdparanoia
      merge of 4ac478c0ff58cc879efa4b3954a917e2377a16a8
      pvrusb2-mci:	- added 20060329 snapshot
      ixp4xx-kernel: accidently touched defconfig and checked in my modified version
      asterisk: updated download path, added PR
      sanity.bbclass: fixed typo in error message (utilits -> utility)
      ixp425-eth: added DEPENDS line for ixp-osal
      pvrusb2-mci: added release 20060423
      merge of 33e2cbcd599ba7ed2f9f5dccf7f4f2f24514ce89
      merge of 8aba1d7399a8286555d917d8cc039be86a2fd93b added HOMEPAGE in bb file
      pwc: added pwc_10.0.12-rc1 release, fixed build
      ark3116: usb serial adapter driver module
      merge of 7df389f1eac3887a08aa90c06c5abb20cd46ee79
      motion: created package (release 3.2.6)
      slugos-packages: added motion
      merge of 8b0bc8c41b0802e756c70c90ed7dc760e76bb9bf
      slugos-packages.conf: added w3cam (this also provides vidcat)
      merge of 9a80eb5deb2b5f31c20a1da2065134687e7ef5eb
      slugos-packages.conf: added dhcp (includes dhclient)
      merge of 61de3f0b56891aca58e64a61d937595181f9775f
      dhclient: added README file to warn not to use this package
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060517 snapshot
      lcdproc: added bb file for 0.5.0
      merge of 055117b01c82e44d365d183017d935199f7ed576 removed RDEPENDS, this breaks the bb file
      btsco: added bb files for 0.42
      alsa: updated to 1.0.11
      merge of c07983d563d6bb267abbabb4971b40387f9e16f4
      gcc 4.1.1: added patch for big endian
      glibc_2.3.5+cvs20050627: added patch for raise.c for compilation with gcc 4.1.1
      asterisk: added 1.2.8; kudo's to Corneliu for providing the bb file and patch
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060607 release
      util-linux: gcc 4.1.1 did not like umount being redeclared as static
      merge of 0fbcc5da7abe05787c6a591e53e9072cb3b115d5
      asterisk: added
      asterisk-sounds: added package on behalf of Corneliu. release 1.2.1
      slugos-packages.conf: added asterisk-sounds
      merge of 2a0956d3d788fd6caf098eb56a5f161a02ad649a
      ixp4xx-csr: added patch to make paremeter livelock_dispatcher non-static
      ixp425-eth: when compiled with gcc 4.1.1 module parameters cannot have static
      merge of 482d0ac7ec1cff34c9fc7affc4b051abafb85e03
      gcc-4.1.1: added patch for configure to compile with the right target flags
      slugos.conf: set preferred gcc version to 4.1.1
      merge of 12b4da6c57d22b540df4a906937d3c7d4fa403fc
      asterisk added dependency for curl
      ark3116: added missing , after -rpath-link
      ark3116: also added -Wl
      pvrusb2-mci: added -Wl and missing , after -rpath-link
      asterisk: added patch for to compile if alsa is present
      asterisk- added dependency on libogg and libvorbis
      merge of 472137c91cd2763cfea42083bda4e61baa8fadac
      asterisk_1.2.9.1: added patch and dependency for popt
      asterisk-sounds: add dependency on asterisk;
      ixp kernel and network modules: bumped PR to force recompile with gcc 4.1.1
      merge of 6944b5095dc4e51204d347f835d2582dd53a3453
      gcc 4.1.1 added uclibc patches to gcc 4.1.1 (see README file)
      openldap: SCR_URI -> SRC_URI and removed superfluous ;
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060626 snapshot, also added some missing RRECOMMENDS
      pvrusb2-mci: added hotplug scripts
      zd1211: bumped PR to force rebuilding for 2.6.17 several packages reporting as broken actually worked
      icecast: added --disable-yp (otherwise it will try to use curl but for
      ctorrent: updated with the latest patches from removed memtester; it builds locally but fails on the autobuild
      pvrusb2-mci: added missing hotplug files
      autoconf: changed the sizeof patch a little bit;
      merge of 27ae8c38ea46dc438dd5410aef29822f1e94db2b
      cyrus-sasl: removed static for local decl of a var mentioned in .h as
      reiser4progs: added patches to let it compile with gcc 4.1.1
      mutt: added #include in keymap.h to make it compile
      mdadm: added CFLAGS += "-fno-strict-aliasing" to avoid build errors
      ircp: added EXTRA_OECONF="--prefix=${D}" to bb file to make it work
      radlib: removed /usr/include and friends from include path
      wview: removed /usr/include from list of include dirs
      merge of 889a2048fa859be73c244aeb31e982b29d624283
      xinetd: slightly changed code to make it compilable with gcc 4.1.1
      mpd: added --prefix to remove /usr/include
      merge of bbe2ca73dbb6c79907ca7a1181ac42294641e6cf
      mpd: removed --prefix added a few --with-*-libraries and --with-*-includes
      merge of 9745a12b67075009baa19a1144d34090818e6904
      ircp: added configure flag for obex lib, removed --prefix
      zd1211: added missing $ in bb file
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060702 snapshot
      slugos-native: added libc6-dev to DEPENDS list, added hdparm and lirc
      merge of 82ffaf9e2567890f4e83883fbbe794c759dac49b
      slugos-native: previous fix did not work, now added DEPENDS "libc6-dev"
      slugos-native-packages: added php-native
      merge of 44feda31605fad4e0b09c7f8c3f7fb125d386297
      Added patch (from gcc fix for bug 27363). This makes alsa work with gcc 4.1.1
      merge of '1fabadea24c36f83b75bb8e13e7fe5bd38d9a6ce'
      slugos-packages: added flite
      merge of '233bbfa6009ef8bfd4c0cf83a114892b0f99fc16'
      slugos-packages: added madplay
      merge of '5764283f87193bd83a2ef24e01c9e67092f8d2fe'
      linphone: upgraded to 1.3.99 (console), courtesy of Thomas Reitmayr added linphone bumped PR_CONFIG
      pvrusb2-mci: added 20060726 snapshot
      merge of '0ad856b6642c4e58968f9c79bca5829bd462a6c0' moved memtester to the working packages
      glibc-package.bbclass: added libc6 to PACKAGES_DYNAMIC removed PACKAGES line,
      ipkg: refined FILES spec to exclude debug info in package
      kernel.bbclass, module.bbclass: changed depmod -A into depmod -a
      merge of '72f3c1ab1f4863f49829ab72e6b3206f7c8720b0'
      madwifi: removed -mapcs-32 and -malignment-traps from patches.
      merge of '41f08fea37c410bb9ff7093f2c2d35572c69171c' readded madwifi to the packages list as it is fixed
      uclibc: added patch to compile uclibc for thumb; patch is from
      merge of '42fa696a594e3a4b211f213594277acc96fef947'
      uclibc: patches to compile with gcc 4.1.1 with thumb instruction set
      uclibc: added UCLIBC_HAS_SYS_SIGLIST to uClibc.distro so watchdog compiles
      wpa-supplicant: changed -m755 etc in do_install into -m 755
      slugos-native: moved libc6-dev to the linux section as it is not for uclibc demoted apr, boost, linphone, sudo for ucslugc
      merge of 'cb591f5b883733fa2368b93267c8b93a727fa2c7'
      ushare: created; ushare is a UPnP media server
      slugos-packages: added libupnp and ushare
      puvrusb2-mci: added 20090903 snapshot; made bb file style guide compliant
      uclibc: chaned do_stage to do_install_prepend to resolve order issue
      slugos-packages: demoted ushare for ucslugc
      ushare: added two missing DEPENDS
      slugos-packages: commented out icecast: for some reason it is moved to
      merge of '277f2a83646d0f7a24e0b10b4d24642817d8c5ed'
      asterisk: added on behalf of Corneliu Doban

eha at (11):
      net-snmp: Add 5.4.1
      logrotate: fix packaing, closes #2844e
      task-base: add cramfs and smbfs DISTRO_FEATURES, closes #3143
      bind: update to 9.3.4
      vlan: update to 1.9
      libmad: fix SRC_URI - close #3147
      libid3tag: update to 0.15.1b, fix SRC_URI - close #3147
      libol: fix SRC_URI
      eventlog: fix SRC_URI, add staging
      syslog-ng: added 2.0.5 - close #3225
      apache2: Use WORKDIR path to access apache2 init script - close #3226

Enodr <nicolasfr at (3):
      kf: patch to make it buildable with gcc4 - close #1523
      python-pyiw: added 0.3.2 - close #1635
      python-pywpa: added 0.3.4 - close #1639

erik at (31):
      Merge of fix in oz354fam083 branch for familair bug 1606.
      merge of 406934f50b9f92db47af1cb9d9777b268c5484b5
      Phil's fix for glibc and mmap_threshold default.
      merge of 59f97700899a07187b176ccd4ee9885184f096ae
      merge of 599c09d67423118adcf4ed6ee44637260778ff74
      merge of 46c1cdea7bf65d8ba6bbe951e7408d24d5b05d06
      merge of 6b93ecbe268d25fd1431774e86d13249d43b909c
      merge of ce94922846908c2edd7362a56618ea051b244c3b
      Backing out PARPORT config since it causes oops on h3600.
      merge of 2d6f8bd4b71a9ad4cd46736ff74dcf0bae763780
      The init script says it has restart in the usage. But it didn't
      merge of 311aee6b0e9c7e9db57f288fca6db1879c2922e8
      gpe-package 0.3 | GPE Settings: fixes the use of gpe-package having to be root
      Found out that gcc that comes with mandriva 2006.0 will barf on compiling
      This commit adds the necessary bitbake recipes for the newer
      merge of '7bf39cf992a3dbe062066db3100333fa62967447'
      merge of 'd0e2c30b999cbef32c26717651606b8411ad02d6'
      merge of 'c131d7e3d40b16059d9414cab4af635e5681c790'
      Provide new recipes for the latest kernels for the h3900 and
      Update of my earlier change to make it possible to compile glibc
      Provides the latest 2.4 kernel for strongarm based handhelds.
      gpe-package: Make minor tweaks associated to familiar 0.8.4 release
      busybox 1.00: Incorporate fixes from familiar 0.8.4 release
      familiar unstable: Peg glibc and busybox
      handhelds-sa 2.4.19-rmk6-pxa1-hh42
      ntp 4.2.2p3
      wpa-supplicant 0.4.9
      MAINTAINERS file
      sqlite3 3.3.13: Point release
      dropbear 0.49: Version bump

erin (4):
       create python-lightblue bb recipe and update python-pybluez to version 0.14
       checksums.ini: Add python-lightblue 0.33 and python-pybluez 0.14
      remove libopenobex dependency in python-lightblue recipe
      add opd_args file to append arguments for starting opd

F. Hackenberger (1):
      [qtopia] Set the build key to $HOST_ARCH

Fabrice.Aeschbacher at (1):
      xfce-mcs-manager: added intltool-native into deps

florian at (915):
      Remove IrDa stuff which will never be useful here.
      Add basic configuration files for maemo distribution.
      Add latest maemo stuff to meta package, improve sorting by using more "task" metapackages.
      Add a set of packages for sound support in maemo images.
      Add several utility applications for maemo images.
      Add ESD daemon for Nokia 770 to be used with DSP stuff.
      Some formating changes.
      Fix SRC_URI to contain patch. Fix shipped files.
      Remove some obsolete stuff.
      Disable per default to avoid trouble in distributions not using maemo stuff.
      New release of gpe-login fixing a major bug.
      Add new release of minilite featuring improved support for sysfs.
      merge of 3a90bb2a96133732a5f60c88043d4ec81591720c
      Add dummy defconfig file for Nokia 770.
      Use gcc-3.3.3, because default gcc doesn't seem to work anymore.
      Rename file to avoid break version in bb.
      Don't use this special version of tslip as long as we don't know what it does.
      merge of 5d0bf12db458113fa06f91798e1362090e49ba8f
      merge of e1a4a6a54101a12142258575aaa1bcea126adbcb
      Add patch to define quota type which defaults to an imcompatible one in latest glibc.
      merge of 09a8da47b54f1328431c3acf759622b48a210fb1
      Patch to disable the use of -Werror which will cause the build to fail.
      Patch to disable the use of -Werror which will cause the build to fail.
      merge of 9493767780c108c1eb032fd49a0a9898244577b9
      Fix package name.
      merge of 0e4f20b5f73c66a8b0ff442658306eb24666a628
      Add patch fixing build issue.
      Change RDEPENDS to make sure gpe-contacts-hildon doesn't pull in gpe-icons.
      Get rid of irda-utils.
      Move esd dependencies.
      Fix build problem.
      merge of 8b7c8c60a9c08d2032c5f9659b2bbdc8bb4ba7d0
      Add configuration file for Nokia 770.
      Add missing startup scripts.
      Update postinst task to create default user properly and link
      Move responsibility for setup links to extra package.
      merge of 3337830555cb6398337a599f4649e61cac2ae122
      Update to new udev naming.
      merge of 23bb3a5261f624ea5502a4ccac2f393b317945aa
      Limit RPROVIDES to the binary package.
      Add package to do some initialisation and fixups like unmounting stuff
      Fix file location.
      Get finally rid of irda stuff.
      Ensure that /lib/firmware is created.
      merge of 44956d593fd4538bf972ccf1c800c55fc6155982
      Fix firmware links.
      merge of 2c175103edd16989707cafa26c364d4c836c78f1
      Move away from broken udev.
      Several tslib-maemo package metadata fixup, fixed configuration file to avoid trouble with
      Remove useless cruft.
      merge of 6da8c85dc8bb8f2cd343e417a2e33cb7f19c1dda
      Move to newer gcc.
      Add some bits to fixup some rough edges in the SDK filesystem:
      merge of 0d3287a95928eaa1b09e468ef501316c65f16248
      merge of f5dd78fd37750576d502b8124f093d45ca992ca6
      Add new release of gpe-filemanager.
      merge of 1128356cf74edd3dc9e128ad1f830a989faf8e2f
      Disable as long as it doesn't compile properly.
      merge of 10c91c11403b2d2d4fa391bee1e6f60bfdf75c08
      Update dependencies and package names.
      Set correct RPROVIDES for development package.
      Add a pile of definitions from to separate gcc-cross-sdk
      merge of 1d2858e7bbc771e55a5752909b283a96145ea424
      merge of 2933613fafe3ac2d994543bb7f22239bb1b339a8
      Applied patch by Philip Blundell to fix package names in dependencies.
      merge of 174d7040f322a50d144d696708459641e213eeec
      One more try to establish r4 version.
      Remove obsolete file.
      merge of 0bd531ea93535099ce9029cd8d58fdc46c8e8cdd
      Start in gpe-dm in runlevel 2 too.
      merge of dab6767a89a86747fef0c30bb89d19d0c66af8ae
      merge of 8ea955d88bde7e28f0fa1895a44821e4806806fa
      Move file to make sure bitmake finds it building the -native packages.
      merge of 12ed033e3e5826427e0456f03ba57c34edef42c0
      Fix build  for x86 platforms.
      merge of a566830db3638f59faeeac4e7bc31d7f93677248
      Fix dependency.
      merge of 1d24ccd116b8a70c0a23a022713e88fbe6c83097
      Update kernel bb a little bit.
      Add new release of gpe-login.
      Add new release of minilite supporting the Nokia 770.
      Include Sylpheed and Gaim in the default GPE images.
      merge of ba1902d8dbd8a626bad7a6b5ace212501925610e
      merge of 5c8caead42a2c879d5b9eb133d13144c60bf2346
      Add libgpewidget to package dependencies.
      New description of hildon UI version of gpe-mini-browser.
      Add gpe-mini-browser-hildon to the list of applications.
      Rename file to match the content a little bit more.
      merge of d161fb82f9d1ec0a546a8c69497c077f271e3659
      Install gpe-mini-browser in gpe images, some minor bugfixes.
      Add patch to support Sharp Spitz.
      merge of 04e09174bf8e53fb7de4e212a13de0b81d84852a
      merge of 8d3e2ffe587553463ee2931a0a34ed3432e24242
      merge of 034e3efa6ef57ca55cebbeeb39b7546ae1454e36
      New release of gpe-login.
      merge of 160027e459479e16ccb9e2adf9a086fd90ac1468
      Add calibration tool for omap xserver.
      merge of 6c249e86f20cab16da75a620e43f22520d6b1f7b
      merge of 2e8724564f1be9e0e883e070fe0666659493959e
      Add new release if gpe-dm.
      merge of 5d55a16ffc837f40e87d1a7b2e6e27aebc3e1acb
      Add new release if gpe-mixer.
      merge of 2819ed65548adb15c53612a3b51eb7bef109c647
      Update to slightly larger icon.
      Update netvista cinguration.
      merge of 7a93d384016e8e1ae79f574d3c804e0a38a222e7
      merge of ddc841bc5413de481ba5f7392575bba7a9ef04a7
      Update dependencies to a fixed version of dbus. Change PROVIDES to virtual/gnome-vfs.
      Add missing dependency to xtst.
      Introduce a new version of gpe-bluetooth.
      Add new version of gpe-conf.
      merge of 771edb7edd8b560569a56b0e95f25a9a5685a599
      Fix typo.
      merge of 791935fd8d64ea337f4c38ae545377e69b3d5ab6
      Fix typo in -mtune value.
      merge of 1dee375784a345fa0f5a64a238267569e93342c5
      Update scap script to include a delay of 5 seconds and to toggle
      Deactivate missing development packages breaking the SDK.
      merge of 28bb58fd6f81a9c29ff99ea86b0e5dea519615de
      Reduce delay to 2 seconds.
      Change text.
      New release of gpe-session-scripts.
      merge of 3789df83652bc5f54fcfc4a326e887c2e0194900
      meta-sdk: remove obsolete libxsettings.
      libxsettings-client: Add V 0.14
      libschedule: Add V 0.15. Courtesy by Philippe de Swert.
      gpe-announce: Add V 0.13. Contributed by Philippe de Swert.
      gpe-calendar: Add version 0.63, contributed by Philippe de Swert.
      gpe-clock: Add release 0.21, contributed by Philippe de Swert.
      gpe-nmf: Add version 0.22.
      merge of 2f7b3d5a4cb419e012fd15bb7d621b195cd4bc84
      merge of 1259794e0c84040e49ab53241786b7c7689b69b5
      pkgconfig.bbclass: Fix bug causing failure.
      gpe-sessionscripts: New release using xserver-common.
      New release making use of xserver-common.
      New release improving access restrictions.
      xserver-common: New package providing common X support files and scripts.
      Use xserver-common instead of x11-common.
      merge of 160720a48fbbbc4d952d090bb639c0f278e17f2f
      merge of 1008f485c5a4815b155d1b11108fdcf704c936bf
      Remove useless patch breaking several other applications.
      gpe-login: Use patch by Philippe De Swert to work around bugs in busybox related to handling of links.
      gtk-2.6.10: Add GTK+ 2.6.10.
      merge of 086de75a7766964d8f97bff13a302c1f7d3c9fde
      gpe-ownerinfo: Add new release.
      merge of 209a6256e96743750d5150f593397ed7477dc5db
      gconf-dbus: Add another path to catch all service files.
      suspend-desktop: New package providing a desktop entry to suspend some devices using apm or the pm helper.
      Add latest integral version to list of devices using small icons.
      merge of 2d9229c5d5599b6452b58e1bd6237f75be857428
      libeventdb: Add new release 0.17 using autotools.
      libgpevtype: Add new release 0.13.
      gpe-calendar: Add new release 0.66.
      libgpevtype: Add missing dependency to libeventdb.
      merge of 655c27b21e9a61ebe5a2012682a1b2fe05fd32de
      libgpevtype: Add new release 0.14.
      merge of 6ab2f457e844b836d62477722d28ecf0f43b8572
      matchbox-applet-cards: Add improved version of the pdaXrom card applet. A kind contribution by Patrick Steiner.
      simpad.conf: Use suspend desktop file, the button might be used otherwise.
      handheld-common.conf: Remove scap from the default images, UI tools provide similar services. If necessary add to the target descriptions which need it directly.
      mete-gpe: Add gpe-screenshot to the default gpe images.
      gpe-bluetooth: New release 0.47.
      msn-cap: New package contributed by Bob Davies <tyggerbob at>
      redfang: New package contributed by Bob Davies
      icmpquery: New package contributed by Bob Davies.
      genlist: New package contributed by Bov Davies.
      bluesnarfer: New package contributed by Bov Davies.
      dcetest: New package contributed by Bob Davies.
      ghettooth: New package contributed by Bob Davies.
      Change maintainer to myself.
      gpe-contacts: Add maintainer.
      merge of 270dcdaefb593b358e63d5e0e0d535a802f790fd
      nokia770-init: Fix broken dependency.
      merge of 4b8efd8ea23df73f8397284e81b3d7ba92173f77
      pkgconfig: Install more modern pkg.m4.
      libgpewidget: Add new release 0.107.
      merge of 8c9119306b7c5e40fc88a0a35736702a0c1e03bc
      gpe-clock: Add new release 0.23.
      gpe-timesheet: Add new release 0.21.
      gpe-mini-browser: Add new release 0.19.
      atd: Updated patch to turn on pidfile generation.
      merge of 4aeadc5b624f802be51ae097db69e1b49194e1df
      gpe-what: Add 0.42.
      merge of 1fd7665c4adb18dbc8ea2095452ff1fbac9c02be
      libxsettings-client: Add 0.16.
      merge of 40056da70781bf36b181b88a8599031c80c2b1cc
      gpe-calendar: Add 0.68 release.
      merge of 94dc534986dc5c018c2c127e01fa7cac5f51270a
      libcontactsdb: Update to 0.3.
      gpe-bluetooth: Add version 0.49.
      libgpelaunch: Add 0.14 release.
      gpe-taskmanager: Add version 0.19.
      gpe-mininet: Add version 0.6.
      xserver-common: Add new release 1.5.
      startup-monitor: New package.
      merge of ea34d6924de8c8149d3cc9f059758304e8f5880d
      minilite: Add version 0.50.
      gpe-calendar: Add version 0.69.
      merge of 6cbed502eb1ed26562c8c85a641f2c046d0a4f70
      rxvt-unicode: Split binaries into separate packages (5.6).
      merge of 6140847fcfac52c881f2bf65906299e435571b8f
      merge of 1fd96e7d233a7113f1bee08df16d96bcff4340b1
      merge of c7620f4faaa4b7b9a2f58272644e99ef17e66c9c
      gpe-mininet: Add new release 0.7 and remove ancient 0.4.
      merge of 133a287639dd166886ae2319eb8501109f2e2f1a
      matchbox-panel: Include patches to fix polling and cancellation of panel messages.
      gpe-conf: Add 0.1.28.
      merge of 6ac1a4c52127b4cff0f1697486446d35bc700a93
      gpe-nmf: Add patch to fix segfault allpying the playlist.
      merge of 86a447fd0f337e15aaf4a48806a2b49968398915
      gnome-vfs-dbus: Add svn package by Patrick Steiner.
      gpe-filemanager: Add 0.24 by Patrick Steiner, remove ancient versions.
      merge of 0deaec7d8f25d48f053907f69869ff62a2482979
      gpe-conf: Add version 0.1.29, update cvs version and drop a pile of old releases.
      merge of 0aeab38c7b048a94b7c6c7450371d19dd75789fd
      gpe.bbclass: Set default maintainer to GPE ml instead of OE.
      merge of 776c1d678f47c9a56a592cc06a10d2ca9e415611
      busybox: Add slimmed configuration for Familiar.
      merge of 379077a1fae1f193142e23eba34b908f1c6c7491
      libgtkstylus: Remove development files from package.
      merge of 4719567c59f1d982327cbf37da292cdc3a68caff
      openssh: Change location of xauth in filesystem.
      merge of 6287535c46a3cdb7bc8a84eaeead326756fd3f98
      pango: add 1.8.2
      fontconfig: Do not install bogus local.conf.
      merge of b8ec663985e414ccfe39f06489f001bf60b50a0b
      xserver-common: add 1.7, remove 1.1 and 1.2
      gpe-login: remove 0.76, add 0.86
      merge of 35bf847ec624a472e7754b8b62294721f8d0d281
      libgpevtype: Add 0.15, remove 0.11.
      gpe-shield: add 0.9:wq
      libgpewidget: add 0.109, remove 0.95 to 0.100
      libeventdb: Add 0.19, remove o.15.
      gpe-calendar: Add 0.70, remove 0.56 to 0.65.
      gpe-bluetooth: Add verison 0.51, remove 0.36.3 to 0.44
      merge of 292383187b69910b92b356736312e07186f59e9d
      merge of 0d00e27c7db6b5d464be5054298c16347f2ad046
      merge of 18ce6b72fd26080ec7e6e9ed186f6a83a140a40b
      ipaq-sleep: Add 0.9 release.
      xerver-common: Add 1.8, drop old patch.
      merge of 83ec6c603eb4d350be69c0ac3f03f8be63a970cd
      glibc_2.3.5+cvs20050627: Fix source location.
      gpe-conf: add 0.1.30
      gpe-conf: Add patch to fix segfault in 0.1.30.
      gcc-cross-sdk: Add 3.4.4
      merge of 478afa572b085ffd7462b36a0578c6b3c783c9ef
      keylaunch: add new release 2.0.8 with libgpelaunch support.
      gpe-keylock: add 0.12
      merge of 15add738eb54d20132cb520348c334580b071e35
      bitbake.conf: Update default GPE mirror.
      disapproval of revision '9cd0f34b9dc26c55cd6929716454080ef9f93526'
      keylaunch: add 2.0.10, drop old versions.
      display-brightness: Add 1.0.0 contributed by Patrick Steiner.
      keylaunch: Add keylaunchrc for multiple other clamshell Zaurus models. Please test!
      merge of 4c803688c12b803a4519adfc06f927ddb07199bd
      gpe-filemanager: add 0.25, drop obsolete releases
      keylaunch: add missing 2.0.10 bb
      syncml-client: Add version 0.1.
      ortp, tapioca: new packages.
      openssl: add 0.9.7g with pkgconfig support
      libjingle: Add Tapioca patched version.
      merge of 569bea40cbdd5df22789ea7739aa76e3942c869f
      tapioca-xmpp: Add 0.3.0.
      tapioca-xmpp: add staging
      tapiocaui: Add missing RDEPENDS to tapioca-xmpp.
      task-gpe: add gpe-screenshot
      libschedule: Add 0.16, remove 0.13.
      merge of 85fd10648ec4aa2a8ae0c12145857b60fe032501
      gpe-today: Add new release, drob obsolete ones.
      merge of 551667095e22fd8245f03b1ae7d45c0c5a3ec1c3
      merge of 40e0d43922ade23991fd310c42765e18cb590337
      gnome-vfs-dbus: Make compile again, add missing patch.
      merge of 6a34921c6649c2bea10ed83770e2567ab6ae34e0
      libeventdb: Add cvs version.
      gpe-calendar: Update cvs bb version.
      gpe-filemanager: Adjust recommended vfs plugins.
      merge of 095485c13d43cfd2d416d2dd5827fd20d2f21c51
      fbreader: Add 0.7.3d with gpe support.
      merge of 542b1a3d999b25674ade56ded685c4211f27090f Change file names, new names present at
      simpad.conf: Default to CL4/T-Sinus Pad flash size and don't install big applications.
      merge of 055fac88594cb867a9e5f8bc0c610cd1d94dad73
      merge of 300f5db9f8e0ccf916ea03ecd5fc5ac7918cafc2
      wireless-tools: Add updated script by Stefan Tomanek to fix dhcp problems with devices which need some time for association.
      task-gpe: add gpe-windowlist
      merge of 7cbb3ccbaa04f56674778282d171edc3a8768a03
      gpe-aerial: Fix build problem with libgpewidget >= 0.111.
      merge of c251cce67b945ec4058e85c1e9a492c346fb51f3
      lua-native: Change include order to fix staging.
      lua-gtk2: Add GTK bindings for LUA.
      merge of b24e9b02520ed2fe3a20db83419ea19b2d18e951
      merge of 6cf43463f8980c4949a1dea852d710d362f18ac8
      vmedit: Add version 0.01.
      vmedit: Add author, dependency update.
      merge of 5b0f4b84adef041cf78ecdf5c1a735acd5deac13
      gpe-package: Apply patch by Erik Hovland to make sure gpe-package is suid.
      libgpevtype: reduce default preference of 0.17
      acx-firmware: Add bb descriptions of Universal/hx4700 firmware.
      xanadux-un: Add kernel for HTC Universal by goxboxlive <goxboxlive at>
      htcuniversal.conf: Machine description file for the HTC Universal by goxboxlive.
      smartphone-common.conf: Add common include file for smartphone devices.
      tslib: Add files for HTC Universal.
      sysvinit: Add inittab for HTC Universal by goxboxlive (slightly modified).
      blueprobe: Add patch for HTC Universal.
      merge of 67ad681c17b58ee0ff1e672b4aa634ab523a9e11
      smartphone-common.conf: Add some missing modules necessary for fat/vfat.
      htcuniversal.conf: Add some modules, autoload wireless LAN driver.
      tinymail: Configure for minimal dependencies.
      merge of 0e9d72f51e2b65b5d2ccc5321b4872af899180c6
      merge of 72af984e29557c3fa599bd1cfa5aacc5bf3ada8c
      htcuniversal.conf: Remove power module (builtin now).
      gpe-conf: New cvs bb courtesy by Patrick Steiner.
      gpe-contacts: add 0.45, drop ancient versions
      merge of 048984452e3625e7ebd5e99419f289d1ea6a9d40
      merge of 8abbcea495957d422ccb84ed43b0802a81601b3a
      libcontactsdb: Add release 0.4.
      merge of 2e5f74aaab40ef75a6f2fc3a1957ec9e64efe919
      gpe-timesheet: add 0.30, remove ancient releases.
      xserver-common: Drop old releases, add 1.10.
      merge of a55899e7fb1da0f7185db8d30edf992411f9dffc
      gpe-bluetooth: Add 0.54, remove old releases.
      merge of 7bdc9a56f17551347d3b0b1a957cdb1e1429e3ba
      glib: add 2.12.0
      pango: add 1.13.2
      cairo: add 1.2.0
      gtk+: Add version 2.10.0.
      gtk+: Lower preference of 2.6.10 because of missing patches and missing test.
      merge of 6de86d14a70c1fff678e2d61e0d87e5bb56444ef
      gpe-timesheet: Add missing dependency for latest release.
      merge of 146608cb9e3b0c4ee68e611a117558706e6cbecb
      gpe-timesheet: Add 0.31
      merge of 94291eae06928b22e09d03d183930448448dbfc1
      glib: add 2.8.6
      glib: drop broken 2.10.1 and 2.10.2
      merge of 5180d45d06f92e034b4c024f4f52e16d157aa0d9
      htcuniversal.conf: Update to latest version by goxboxlive.
      handhelds-un-2.6: New description for up to date Universal kernel. Courtesy by goxboxlive at
      tslib: Update universal bits and specific dependencies.
      base-files: Add htcuniversal fstab by goxboxlive.
      merge of cddb2bc75922196fed2e730ac6188b75cec87184
      handhelds-un-2.6: Rename to include extra version. Some major fixes.
      merge of 41ea97e1b1f6b95460ba05a33629865ebf33e4b9
      merge of 1bacecb273540857245889bce3c3159044e52cea
      bgpewidget: add 0.113
      libgpewidget: drop ancient versions.
      base-files: Ad Netbook Pro bits.
      tslib: Add Netbook Pro bits.
      netbook-pro.conf: New machine description for Psion Netbook Pro.
      merge of 5979643441d3c55d014e5c0f2955c6c482b2d0bf
      task-sdk, meta-sdk: Update libmimedir, add additional libraries.
      binutils Do not remove ldscripts, it breaks the SDK.
      merge of 23f392c4a32f829ba2c33998e47b14cc08c51a26
      disapproval of revision '23f392c4a32f829ba2c33998e47b14cc08c51a26'
      task-sdk: Add alsa libraries and missing libgcc.
      merge of 2e4e17489b3fa4aeb0a87a036efb8b485adec26b
      task-sdk: add libcontactsdb-dev to gpe development libraries.
      merge of 0c794d3c26ebf237e0cb48477ca29509caf0987c
      libmimedir: Add update patch not applied to cvs.
      libcontactsdb: add 0.5
      gpe-contacts: Add 0.46, drop ancient versions.
      gpe-contacts: drop my version
      libcontactsdb: drop my version
      merge of 70cd861a84040db0f14008d8552b1f2dbc5c8084
      libmimedir: Add patch to allow writing the sequence property.
      merge of 635cbb19e0568d65029138d49de7e16737269724
      htcuniversal.conf: Update to latest Goxboxlive version.
      bluez-utils-nodbus: Add ti patch used in bluez-utils-dbus.
      irda-utils: Add HTC Universal support to init script.
      handhelds-pxa-2.6_cvs: Add Universal to compatibility list, don't ship an image in Add Universal bits by Goxboxlive.
      sysvinit: Fix inittab for Universal.
      merge of 5c865738b86de25a1967c923136fa0cc3cb3e3f7
      gpe-contacts: depend on dbus-glib instead of dbus
      merge of 1ce847551d29aa89a9004dbe9df99547f6f93e3f
      merge of a7036976b6cb2edb2ff33917effbb633b05764e6
      sqlite3: add 3.3.7
      libsoup: add 2.2.96 Turn on esd support, add dependency.
      starling: Add inital release.
      merge of 02201a31a371cb4632ab2389a885f4c37494a1eb
      merge of df84e8f6ddb4607c824cd8dbc63c44ffbb308f9a
      gpe-screenshot: Add fix for segfault uploading files in current release.
      libhal-nm: add 0.0.2 by Milan Plzik.
      hicolor-icon-theme: add 0.9 (by Milan Plzik)
      libnl: add 1.0-pre6 based on an earlier version by Milan Plzik
      dhcdbd: Add 1.14 by Milan Plzik
      merge of 0c62f25e84f8a78969b680d2d89b88b32c540d8a
      networkmanager: depend on libglade
      merge of 9c1afd1eb601fbbce3f463329ea539bd31524d01
      dhcdbd: Add 1.16
      merge of '45e28823197989e0c3767d4f08431f1e6f35eadb'
      linux-nokia770: Add patches to fix compile.
      merge of '83d98662c6868a7aa140a2381a42dd66253867b5'
      removal.txt: Add nsqld and gpe-mileage
      MAINTAINERS: Add myself
      merge of '574770392742c88b4d3a04f82d9c482f3b529ac7'
      gpe-what: Add patch to set window type hint. Necessary for compatibility with matchbox > 0.9.5.
      merge of '3fa76fd2a4646a878f0810156dec4b7da94c14f2'
      removal: Drop gpe-mileage and nsqld.
      removal.txt: Update
      esound-gpe: Add new version with correct date and location.
      merge of 'b943092a679d2bbcfefdf0a6584665f2007e24ca'
      gpe-conf: Add new release 0.2.3
      blueprobe: Add 0.18
      gpe-conf: Remove obsolete MAINTAINERS field
      libmimedir: Add patch by Jan Arne Petersen to support parsing of Google Calendar files.
      e2fsprogs-libs: Add 1.39, take care of pkgconfig files.
      phoneserver: Add patch to use a different port.
      merge of '6532e26aa38ae6a2b6f815a67a5c317d6fe32c3f'
      bitbake.conf: Add GPE Phone Edition mirror.
      x86 machine: Add some basic features, update kernel configuration to add support
      MAINTAINERS: Update myself :-)
      gtk+: Add some patches to improve focus control using keyboard for 2.6.10.
      merge of 'cec78a074a0675e54847a082185ddf501faa9d67'
      bitbake.conf: Unbreak G(PE)^2 mirror
      librecord: Fix dependency
      merge of '1ced81b8e37ff2e92b41ce7ba7c6d5482c409182'
      glib: add 2.6.6
      xserver-common: add 1.14
      merge of 'b27ad9ec4f0d5643c56c77358b7e886841ea363d'
      linphone: Work around build problem... and yes it matters...
      merge of '0397dd52df31390bf119eeb7aa7be8c09aec7c3f'
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Fix install on x86 builds.
      xserver-common: Make 0.14 default again after uploading the source package.
      gpe-conf: remove 0.2.2, add 0.2.4
      gpe-bootsplash-theme-gpephone: New theme for gpephone images.
      task-gpephone: Use specific theme.
      task-gpephone: Do not depend on gpe-bluetooth.
      merge of '429208b5266a7b0f415415f366574681726ab49f'
      soundserver: Work around libtool breakage.
      merge of 'b3d0613a356ef781ed84bdb1cd373059e4210cdd'
      tslib: Remove wrong for A780.
      merge of '514f567825ae8e6637db7739ff19922824ab5430'
      tslib: Bump PR
      libim: Add patch to work around linking problem.
      merge of 'b5baf49fc7cdce9f5faaa2e3303b691a5a10b339'
      libim: Add 0.2, remove 0.1 and move some files in place.
      task-gpephone: Make use of some feature definitions.
      sms: Add patch fixing several issues.
      sms: Update patch
      merge of '68a7e26996faf9485b677d7a33ff7d762732355a'
      libim: get rid of obsolete patch
      task-gpephone: Move to tasks directory
      merge of '195349e45808ef372f79fd4ac6edd04f4c558162'
      gpe-applauncher: Make sure default loading icon is found.
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Some session startup fixes, correct dependencies.
      gpe-session-scripts: Pull in ipaq-sleep.
      gpe-conf: Do not depend on ipaq-sleep directly.
      merge of '06296810795c121aba4a5607d1e6e154bec0c768'
      image.bbclass: Add function to turn on autologin for device images we do not want to log in at all.
      gpephone-image: Turn on automatic login.
      gpephone-image-vm: Turn on automatic login.
      xserver-common: Add 1.15
      merge of '2a83a3cf4b622a0ca66d5de38b7d9bbb6be39bb1'
      gpephone-image: Include libgtkinput in all images.
      merge of '4628d4ecb47157250aa2bda58f024a5abc413eff'
      gpe-scap: Add patch to fix device information on ARM devices.
      merge of '3a81a92297b91a0316a744c06361a9cdf470ede8'
      gpe-ownerinfo: Add patch to fix compile issue contributed by Cyril Romain
      merge of '685f49aca74594ca1579d7481b11e07b315708e8'
      iptables: Apply patch to use cross ar instead of host ar. (by Cyril Romain)
      linux-ezx: Add additional fix to improve the touchscreen behaviour.
      fic-gta01: Pad to the end of flash to work around filesystem issues due to lacking flash erase.
      merge of 'a493ab6d3816df87b73bd14750c0ae4c366680be'
      linux-ezx: Add patch to improve touchscreen behaviour.
      merge of '8db34d3c922bc225d441090dfb421dad9abdcaa9'
      gpe-conf: Add missing dependency. Add patch to name sound settings script correctly.
      gpe-conf: add 0.2.5
      gpe-login: add 0.88, drop some unused scripts
      merge of '786f6df732a820a55dd0bd7dfcae2fceed17eb51'
      gpe-conf: 0.2.5 replaces bl
      site/ix86-common: Add enca bits
      gpephone: Update some library descriptions.
      merge of 'e348a5573be571fc7921f8e7107bb19524bc4d19'
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Save dbus session bus address to a file.
      merge of '30ed2981d1b51e1b7515fb7bad6e1447ce6ab4e5'
      tzcode-native: Replace unfetchable 2007c with 2007d.
      tzdata: replace unfetchable 2007c with 2007d
      libsdl-directfb: lower preference, depends on directfb which fails to build.
      libgpewidget: Add 0.115
      merge of '113174d33136a54f14b81e89817064146ea7422c'
      task-sdk: Update various bits to current names.
      meta-sdk-sbox: Start of a scratchbox based SDK.
      merge of '56b25a110aa475e3158b4ad35b8444a1da0716cb'
      libxcompoisite: Depends on libxext
      linux-hackndev: Update palmtx config
      merge of '427729cc94e3f82c079a15e376d7ded66c9b2d52'
      merge of 'a313b4ef183dbf50cfe3226664e5f17033c03dc2'
      gpe-aerial: add 0.3.0
      prismstumbler: add 0.7.4pre1
      merge of '616de078e37b5586f22bd5a29a7e83e7bdc21ef0'
      gpe-applauncher: Remove obsolete patch.
      gpe-applauncher: remove patch file
      merge of '9b61539b8e105d428c07a9a551cc2bec487151bf'
      merge of '2550a6545e07449f49f20d9d0ff1bc4dd316bcaa'
      disapproval of revision 'e93b10cfd979b1f989c686de6d2f75006362d34e'
      disapproval of revision 'aff69a14340dd1655bfe774109fde80cc509eed6'
      merge of 'd49bb94575326116c1e8f8c649730d522f234dae'
      merge of '2fe65e7dd5b612b8e4cc4b42152fc78d586840d1'
      task-sdk-gpephone: New
      meta-sdk-sbox: Add G(PE)^2 dependencies as well.
      xserver-common: Add 1.16
      generic.conf: Allow overriding the image types to be generated, ext2 can be critical.
      netvista.conf: Use faster VESA Kdrive
      merge of '7d50f2e0aeefca053ef8407566020fd864a8b12c'
      merge of '9825e252e64e709a5ee477d7bd717c6c8fe00957'
      merge of '1bc14b7ef5beb91bf437549772b7bd6d03474c41'
      libgemwidget: update dependencies
      task-sdk-gpephone: Fix some names
      task-sdk: Fix some names I guessed wrong to make it buildable.
      netvista.conf: Update to more modern standards and kernel 2.6
      linux-netvista: remove old kernel
      linux-x86: Add Netvista 8365 defconfig
      merge of '36aafe8bf796c1a22dbb0f206a98273975012f86'
      gpe-image: Remove obsolete familiar feed.
      libart-lgpl: Add i486 configuration header.
      prismstumbler: Some additional fixes.
      merge of '59df690e4022993ebd05954ef260ae9362300ac1'
      merge of '6bfdd9236ce5c2bd674bdbbed5ae1c5559601bbb'
      netvista.conf: We have a big screen.
      merge of '487b26a10d1dba93c52637b9458e55e24907a81c'
      gtk+: Apply patch to 2.6.10 to allow background images in iconview styles.
      merge of '0dce271df8041510469d6f47bc99206c42c821e1'
      linux-x86: Deploy bzImage
      merge of '93691535aba89a9ed8c657fdc80e62bf1e46e93d'
      gtk+: Minor packaging fix
      gtk+: not useful
      task-sdk-sbox: Add new task to cover some scratchbox SDK stuff
      meta-sdk-sbox: Several updates - we can build binaries now and have the most important tools.
      linux-x86: Update Nevista defconf
      merge of '0d4432345566d8f0530a727b921a6e4958412475'
      merge of '11fbd241114c45627e68feeedf5c8f172d22de15'
      ptim-headers: Shared headers for Phone Text Input
      ptim-headers: fix typo
      ptim-headers: fix another typo
      ptim-manager: Add the Phone Text Input manager module.
      ptim-manager: Add patch
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Update session file to set up environment for PTIM.
      ptim-helper: Phone Text Input helper module.
      ptim-engine: New package: Phone Text Input Engine
      ptim: Adjust license information.
      task-gpephone: Add PTIM bits.
      merge of '8ce7c583143e7bf2db21265ca891d4da719d7794'
      merge of '053d742c2229e2b07ec4091286904c0972494f3c'
      task-sdk-sbox: Add some useful things.
      task-sdk-sbox: incude gettext development stuff
      task-sdk-sbox: Add some more bits to make autotools work completely.
      disapproval of revision '636bac75e27918f87914b16fd745dd92dd014ea4'
      merge of '6933e9269c2cb234bae34723207669df9d2ff463'
      Add sbox sdk stuff.
      Add GPE SDK
      task-sdk*: Split up SDKs into multiple different variants.
      meta-sdk*: Update to reflect task-sdk changes.
      merge of '038512d47d170566799a85daf9e937b4f9e673a0'
      meta-sdk-sbox-gpe: Use a nicer name.
      merge of '426022a70eefa9cef4f266532c2febde719d5cd9'
      iksemel: Fix dependencies
      iksemel: Move to its own directory.
      gloox: Move to its own directory.
      merge of '7861396822409ca6c3e24762209c49eec2b2d690'
      disapproval of revision '8d044c26b37ff724e3f1c34dde3455615ef675c3'
      disapproval of revision '7861396822409ca6c3e24762209c49eec2b2d690'
      merge of '89bba7eb47ad2f3eb9ac364f1e647d914b007772'
      merge of '53f259329d14afe6fe60b4952d59f0f5765e7d63'
      iksemel: Move to its own directory.
      gloox: Move to its own directory
      linphone: Do not stage broken la files.
      merge of '9518b4f4eabaf4a22b686fd2ade256eee6952b47'
      miniclipboard: Fix Makefile issues.
      palmtx.conf: Add some useful modules.
      htctornado.conf: New machine description for HTC Tornado and similar phones.
      MAINTAINERS: Update my record, add machines and interests.
      linux-tornado-omap2: New kernel package for HTC Tonado and similar devices.
      linux-tornado-omap2: Some cleanup
      tslib: Add dummy script for HTC Tornado without touchscreen. Disables pointer in X.
      merge of '2a9f522bb79ea664167e746c79c80fe0d104c20f'
      linphone: Some workarounds to get rid of build system issues.
      merge of '172b1c53191fd7a6d9ccf76d18a5f18e78f4e8fb'
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Supress messages on phones, do not add mbdock apps.
      merge of '5a4285ad6b3d7c5a06194b0dd1ae8e7c57cdeaaf'
      xtscal: Update patch to fix some HTC Universal issues.
      merge of '9e2ea1f2a87bc495597a9bda44b7d5921358c104'
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Some updates to improve behaviour at session start.
      merge of '406806cf65111e556275d6b815ff18a65a152652'
      linphone: Make sure broken la files do not end up in staging.
      libsettings: Add svn recipe
      librecord2: Add librecord2, the new G(PE)^2 database library.
      merge of '6c10e4e698bad3b70189cebcd53c4381ae45b884'
      gpe-bluetooth: Add svn version.
      osb-jscore: Update to build latest svn trunk.
      osb-nrcore:  Update to build latest svn trunk.
      osb-nrcit:  Update to build latest svn trunk.
      merge of 'b43a990c14ad8ab39c9290ff13c74413357d3365'
      merge of '2e36c8f0c56f59ea677a4fe8814a5a2db0728380'
      htcuniversal.conf: Load the acx module.
      merge of '390f4dbb9cf6d095a35cd58c7e953fa2e81d669c'
      merge of '038f91aa279cf1b9a1f4f7bd7988f3768ee86ff0'
      merge of '9f8dec37506722f0949550fe1cb9c966bcac3ffc'
      libgpevtype: fix dependency
      merge of '1363ef74e5eef89aecd3b1cd42142546b27d3d6a'
      prismstumbler: Add wireless header patch for 0.7.3+0.7.4pre1
      merge of '0d0649342cfba110eb1f0f2d062937f0ad35f01a'
      gnome-desktop: Work around documentation build failure by skipping it.
      merge of '2f33e3153b5f921d4625e4f8ea16adf0f25d161c'
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Work around broken OE instal-sh.
      connect: Work around broken OE install-sh.
      merge of '30fdc7758a8b7a86b7d59101eff9bd0011257d00'
      keylaunch: Update patch
      pcmciautils: Update patch to fix install breakage.
      gtk+: Add patch to fix file selector segfault contributed by HEXaBYTE.
      0xFFFF: It depends on libusb...
      merge of '63c0f4548dc8826fb967782c39dc4105c3c47268'
      linux-x86: Enable wireless for i486, unbreaks madwifi build.
      linux-x86: bump PR Update gpesyncd srcdate to become compatible with latest libraries. Fixes #2491
      linux-x86: Add deploying of kernel image again.
      0xffff-native: Depend on libusb, license change to GPLv3.
      merge of '2d48e0fc062c46f883515824089be8f20112f660'
      sdk.bbclass: Add function to create sdk pacakge indices.
      meta-sdk: Update to support new sdk arch names and splitted package directories.
      merge of '0e150443d291bc62c30745eee41a34a08f3eb3db'
      meta-sdk-gpe: Update to support new sdk arch names and splitted package directories.
      meta-sdk: Some more directory layout related fixes.
      xoo-vm: fix packaging
      linux-x86: Update i486 configuration (sound, networking) to run in VMWare.
      gpe-scap: Add fixed version 1.3
      merge of '66573a06c1ee62e38d70a6c82f8d99a41243cd5c'
      fic-gta01.conf: Update included modules and enable padding of jffs2 images.
      merge of '5675a11f29ad06019a800afe9d5c0b13611dc46a'
      task-gpephone: Add some tools to debug section.
      ptim: Drop some obsolete patches.
      merge of '4d01e12fde33f43c99f3c6215f4514d9f9d24479'
      linux-gta01: Add from OpenMoko
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Update session script to support gtk 2.10 and run machined.
      machined: Hardware status and abstraction tool.
      merge of '83d9cf101f881f4f23bd0c33560c2179b08d8874'
      linux-gta01: Add defconfig for
      gnet: Add svn version instead of CVS one. Add necessary site file bits.
      hiker: Add 0.9.1... we silently ignore demos installed to wron directories.
      merge of 'd7fd55c2b036fe77aaf2964c99702f65a6833031'
      gtk-engines: Inherit gtk-binver in 2.6.5
      merge of '4213de3ffd14e7cf6ceeabc6b2c47a76575ff89e'
      meta-gpephone: Fix typo
      phoneserver: Add patch for FIC GTA01 support.
      cms92init: Add patch to work around broken install tools.
      libgpephone: add 0.4
      gpe-phonepanel: add 0.9
      gpe-applauncher: add 0.8
      ptim-manager: Make install more flexible agains gtk versions.
      ptim-helper: Add missing files to package.
      disapproval of revision '8cdc9906876cb88040360ad2c43a38608055f2b4'
      merge of 'a06e8907f1fe04daf5997ead2a947bfbdc675a7c'
      phoneserver: Fix PACKAGE_ARCH
      ptim-manager: Remove patch which was applied upstream.
      gpe-applauncher: add 0.9
      machined: update svn bb
      merge of '7d8bd4701e2b3328a7a4c0642bc7685d7fc7f91e'
      starling: Update svn version number and use esd instead of some pulseaudio which does not seem to be available.
      merge of '15b74f4a5710e603d60db9716cb6cb0619511ac7'
      librecord2: Add svn recipe
      libsoundgen: add 0.6
      gpe-calendar: Add 0.91 and update SVN recipe accordingly.
      prismstumbler: Fix build issue with up to date gpsd.
      task-gpephone: Add machined, remove some unused bits.
      meta-gpe: Switch to new GPE task names.
      e-image: Update to use new GPE task names.
      gpe-image: Update to use new GPE task names.
      task-gpe-*: New GPE tasks
      gpe-package: add 0.4 Fill it with versions...
      merge of '2c4ce910697bba06555153194e59aa010346bb7c'
      gpephone-image: Depend on virtual/xserver
      task-gpephone: Adjust dependencies.
      gpe-task-base: Adjust dependencies
      gpe-image: Update dependencies
      xrandr: Remove patch that does not apply any more.
      tslib: Add dummy ts.conf for htctornado
      libabenabler: Add SVN recipe
      addressbook: Add SVN recipe
      merge of '90fdf0ac19d7e035c60649e9885973e7f8d0a281' update keylaunch version
      merge of '10bc51a56352cd32ff5b7b70a1690ba41c538716'
      gpe-filemanager: add 0.30 Use latest libmimedir release. Some more numbers...
      libmimedir: Add 0.4 2
      task-gpe-base: fix RDEPENDS
      gpesyncd: Add 2.0
      merge of '526e95d4cdf1cd30f201f0f6f8abbd0f7afbceab'
      task-gpephone: Get rid of obsolete dependency task.
      meta-gpephone: Remove obsolete dependency.
      merge of '03be9e5a3850ab5de1d4fc22dae2a3d06eabcb39'
      linux-hackndev-2.6: Update palmtx defconfig to make it build again.
      linux-hackndev-2.6: bump PR
      merge of '7dac8ac92aeba65ca1a74b6ff34b5bcfce5d6ee2'
      gpe-task-base: Back to Vera fonts... Dejavu is too big.
      gpe-bootsplash: Update logos in order to reflect latest GPE release.
      gpe-bootsplash: Fix text
      merge of '445066af3cf565c9d88cd6187570272cfa926958'
      merge of '09957ec14fdf3babf0d22d779c7264d24330e535'
      merge of '65fb29ae308602940228134ed6cbae42627b7c1e'
      tinymail: License is LGPL, not GPL
      libsettings: Add 0.3
      sqlite3: Add 3.4.1
      merge of '397efbec9ac99e7d5a70da62efbdb0739257baec'
      minimix: add 0.9
      preferred-gpe-versions-2.8: Prefer minimix 0.9 over broken 0.8
      vlc-gpe: Fix linking issues
      ffmpeg: Update svn recipe to stage some missing headers.
      fbreader: Use Zaurus patches for htcuniversal too, update patch to fix link problem.
      merge of '9ee75dbc81277b54460c4e8c5212693a1fb2fd03'
      task-gpe-pim: fix RDEPENDS
      merge of '93f0d1fb19b8af1a17b5e5f54901cc7a2886891e'
      htcuniversal.conf: more specific modules
      task-gpe-base: Add libgpewidget-bin
      bluez-utils: Fix breakage of bluetooth on htcuniversal by re-adding essential patch.
      gloox: Add 0.8.9
      sms: add 1.1
      librsvg: Add 2.11.1 again
      fbreader: Add libiconv depencency
      gpe-bootsplash: Update GPE version number for Angström
      libsettings: Update download location
      merge of '1549b0afc63f5679fb6877ec547a593b858995b3'
      fbreader: fix dependency
      xserver-common: Add 1.17
      vochistory: Add 0.1
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Drop some environment crap.
      libabenabler2: Add version 1.0
      ptim-engine: Package additional files
      task-gpephone: Add vochistory
      merge of '5281adaea9fd65292934a8ed7fa0e871e220ca7f'
      fbreader: Get rid of iconv crap
      xserver-common: Add 1.18, drop some older versions.
      merge of '2f5bd4fb087c959aaf282ec818451c284de8277c'
      palmtx.conf: Include more modules, makes sound, battery and pcmcia work.
      palm.conf: Autoload the TX battery module.
      linux-hackndev-2.6: Update Palm TX defconfig from upstream defconfig: Build bluetooth, border and pcmcia modules, some configuration changes, reduce number of PTYs.
      linux-hackndev-2.6: PR++
      merge of '2bc8a3eb9ed9de9cc86448fe66997525637bb09d'
      intltool: It needs some perl modules to work at all - latest ones at least.
      merge of '4fb1a7447c5d8ace96a5ac6358c7fe10f0d951c4'
      intltool: increment PR
      gpe-applauncher: Add 0.10
      merge of '471f6e7d5fb5bc4d13a2338851dabca9f72b3f0a'
      fakeroot: Apply patch for fakeroot-native to fakeroot too.
      merge of '0ffedb7c7f00db7f23e28aec3cbb44abdd01876f'
      siteinfo.bbclass: Add mips (MSB) architecture
      site: Add mips site information (untested)
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Minor session update to avoid session restart.
      gpe-applauncher: Make a separate package for the machine specific configuration files.
      task-sdk-extra: Some updates, add libraries, drop obsolete.
      merge of '367c12212e0958deb4779abbb80a10a6bd71e208'
      gpe-applauncher: add 0.11
      gpe-applauncher: add svn recipe, ship device specific softkey configuration.
      merge of '24425de40f0bf34d6e4ec14e718e9691d9943c60'
      bd-neon.conf: New machine: Boundary devices NEON board.
      linux-bd-neon: Linux kernel for Boundary Devices Neon boards.
      linux-bd-neon: Use KERNELORG_MIRROR
      tslib: Add NEON board support files
      tslib: bump PR
      u-boot: Add support for Boundary Devices Neon board.
      gpe-session-scripts-phone: Load ALSA profile in session startup.
      merge of '397294e12f174d25745f5b3b591468ffd54fec4d'
      minimo: Fix libIDL linking (patch by Takeshi Hamasaki <hma at>)
      linux: Add bd-neon support to 2.6.22 recipe.
      bd-neon.conf: Use regular linux 2.6.22 recipe.
      merge of '72e4dc922a7829f373c983065e7bb1c5d196fee4'
      linphone: Make sure 1.5.0 does not use -Werror which is going to break.
      merge of '72dbc16dce7e66fe79d27960cc49c7f53a01d917'
      bitbake.conf: Add -pn bit to alternative OVERRIDES definition and update descriptions.
      bd-neon.conf: Add missing uboot bits
      merge of '0ae58917d460020990b038630d35c74df4f95059'
      tea: Add Tea - a small and powerful text editor.
      merge of '0b6354a57db70b62eccbe5522490947545014f85' bd-neon needs the uboot mkimage tool
      librecord: Add 1.0
      tiff: Add lzo to dependencies, otherwise it will try to link against a build host lzo.
      libiac: add 1.0
      libabenabler: add 1.0
      merge of '1d191d57e609530bf7d6ccd6705f7e63b0c24231'
      checksums.ini: Remove no longer valid checksums, workaround for #3122
      libtinymail: add 0.0.3, stage files, use include
      tmut: Add tmut - a really small email client based on tinymail. Add tmut
      tmut: Do not override SRCREV from inc.
      MAINTAINERS: Add tmut and bd-neon to myself
      gpe-applauncher: Improved softkey layout.
      task-gpephone: Remove email application which has no pushable bb. Fixes #3123
      checksums.ini: Remove more checksums of "updated" packages.
      disapproval of revision '312b45a45c1194cc085cdbc31b261aef92ce23bb'
      merge of 'cdb2e28e89c82aad619cd71c60829800e4dd8d0b'
      vmware.conf: New machine definition and defconfig for vmware disk images. Fixes #868
      merge of 'c5d7d939915c058ea8efba4e6e2fa2e5f1648626'
      libgemwidget: add 1.0
      libchenabler: Add patch to fix i18n breakage.
      merge of '689e57bae9a2678694a0233e81f710e4878928f4'
      quickdial: Add svn recipe
      useen: Add svn recipe
      firewall: Add svn recipe
      merge of '30d6a9a8f183fa3269a65f234e3bf92f0da8eff5'
      libical: New recipe: iCal (RFC 2445) C library
      libical: Fix linking bug
      libcalenabler2: Add svn recipe
      libiac: Add patch to work around i18n build breakage.
      ptim: Add 1.0 ptim release set of components.
      libabenabler2: Add svn recipe
      libabenabler2: Major update to make it usable.
      contact: New svn recipe for new G(PE)^2 contact application.
      checksums.ini: Remove some G(PE)^2 bits to work around a stupid package "update".
      tmut_svn: Update
      libtinymail_svn: Update version number Update some G(PE)^2 related versions and tmut
      merge of '61e3209c19410f3d0436f4afa1f9a1429e8f4caa'
      libx11-native: Add 1.1.1 - courtesy by Arne Zellentin
      gpe-applauncher: Use grid layout per default.
      mainstone-kernel: Update configuration to become more useful: use rootfs from internal flash, enable pcmcia module, mmc and power management
      mainstone.conf: Add jffs2 magic and adjust image size to the default 16MB partition.
      merge of '9c2f6fca7c62c837fc449c39821e20313450c4c3'
      mainstone-kernel: Major rework of bb, activate Dyntick and tmpfs, add some modules in kernel configuration.
      gpephone: Unify all SVN recipes, fix several issues.
      merge of '3a9c0f4a00528662d37b097973dd3b51287562c4'
      merge of '6d44b490ec30acc0370a045d7b1eb3eae2b73ab9'
      libmsgenabler: add svn recipe
      libmsgenabler2:  add svn recipe
      libim2: add svn recipe
      libiac2: add svn recipe
      libiac: add svn recipe
      libgemwidget: add svn recipe
      calendar2: add svn recipe
      liblipsevent2: add svn recipe
      libalmmgr: add svn recipe
      almmgrd: add svn recipe
      dialer: add svn recipe
      merge of '1f9075ae3f232cc2e5b6024d908c97361fa4cd82'
      libgsmd-lips: Add modified gsmd with LiPS API
      linux-tornado-omap2: Enable IP configuration on boot (patch by Patrick Steiner)
      meta-toolchain*: Introduce name suffix for toolchain packages to avoid toolchain targets overwriting each other.
      libmsgenabler2: Improve packaging
      libmsgenabler2: More packaging improvements.
      merge of '9d6e060052df45c5be50896005c5b965f0d64900'
      linux-tornado-omap2: bump PR
      libgpephone: Add svn recipe.
      libgsmd-lips: Remove obsolete patch, but package stays bad.
      libgpephone: fix svn uri
      libgpephone: Fix source dir name.
      libgsmd-lips: Drop obsolete package.
      merge of '1cc9d40e03f431fac4150580f6a58521cae55509'
      merge of '8819bbf6f539509b1d3b6df6a827db9c8050a2e3'
      gpe-filemanager: Add 0.31
      merge of '558d7f8556530ca23dc6e4b7d687d6727d3a7397'
      openssl: Add patch to build for avr32
      merge of '8e8a1c48faec2dc479cec1aee6c9031525ea9306'
      libvoc, libtapi: Add SVN recipe
      merge of '5c04010dc0ca86da15eacb212b5845c24d73eb1e'
      calendar2: Disable broken tests
      merge of '52333e2ff8a0a55bff7597d29b54ad3d0e836033'
      xserver-common: Add 1.20
      linux: Add support for IBM J320 Netvista to 2.6.23
      netvista.conf: Use generic kernel recipe instead of always broken linux-x86.
      merge of '0f1b9dcedb4d611ce7ce7ca8935b934dbc44061c'
      xserver-common: Update to 1.21
      u-boot: Trim Neon patch a little bit, fix some issues.
      merge of '34e43612b25ab2cef55713b9d003cdb82e7cfa25'
      linux: Update bd-neon config for 2.6.22
      merge of '6828c0e5742385a5f78150f5504e1690ea6c4111'
      logic-analyzer: Some tuning to make build work.
      task-java: Add task to provide basic java runtime support.
      x11-gpe-java-image: Add image with java application support.
      task-java: Split out GTK UI stuff, include jni pacakge for rxtx.
      task-java-gtk: Add task for Java UIs in GTK environment
      x11-gpe-java-image: Update to use new task.
      renderproto: Lower preference of v. 0.9.3 since it breaks xserver-kdrive-xomap.
      osso-gnome-vfs2: Move include to fix SRC_URI.
      libosso: Adjust dependencies
      xserver-kdrive-xomap: use fix-picturestr-include-order patch to fix compatibility with more modern xrender
      renderproto: remove default preference after fixing xserv-kdrive-xomap
      nokia770.conf: Fix virtual/xserver
      libhildonmime: Set extra config flag to avoid -Werror to get used.
      hildon-thumbnail: Add missing dependencies...
      xserver-common: add 1.22
      merge of '0c8de9825ca55a0e846e8c00dd29764c73349c6f'
      mtd-utils: Install headers into correct directory (patch by Tom Rini)
      linux-mainstone: Add 2.6.25-rc4 for Mainstone including latest PXA27x love and keypad patch by Eric Miao.
      mainstone.conf: Use new kernel
      merge of '4a7a14fac99e1af17265980554b9c5390863c35b'
      mainstone.conf: Fix padding of image for current flash layout.
      merge of '7a689ee422b77b79d4b13b0d7a7c7060c257c930'
      linux-mainstone: Update to 2.6.25 final
      gpe-login: Add 0.92
      gpe-session-scripts: Add 0.68
      gpe-conf: Add 0.2.7
      gpe-todo: Add 0.57
      gpe-login: Remove some patches applied upstream.
      merge of '51c8bec079d3bd6ef15c2674a76e2fd007e47122'
      gpe-conf: Add patch to make shutdown work in Angstrom
      gpe-conf: add patch file
      merge of '0636d241febb1e9b04366ce2e9bf469251c2c14f'
      gpe-login: add 0.93
      merge of '002eda28acb76c39ae5920ebf07cf3756277bd37'
      task-gpe-base: Remove gpe-bootsplash, this might be provided by the distribution as well.
      gpe-su: add 0.20 including new translations
      merge of '05e9902f277de28b4e08c6bb6aff89f8862b84ac'
      merge of '377e4d7bcf91440bd806ee920d1b7ff72c44b991'
      merge of 'd99c8702df0201605c294d4a9f65791562789838'
      merge of 'c0b80d25e48faf3cabe4d83d5586401a0a5e1188'
      libgpewidget: add 0.117
      tslib: Update configuration for latest bd-neon kernel
      tslib: bump PR
      netvista.conf: Add tuning options, use Xfbdev which has touchscreen support for USB touchscreens
      netvista 2.6.23 defconfig: Update for better USB touchscreen support.
      atd: add 0.80
      Ad atd to my bbs
      merge of '77de2c054faaf8169bea5553ae2311a39a581403'
      libgpewidget: add 0.117
      gpe-memo: add 0.2

frederic at (34):
      added opensimpad-2.4.27-vrs1-pxa1-jpm1 kernel. This contains the
      Changed section from network to console/network.
      totem: version 1.0.2 now compiles
      merge of 0f46196206904515c0939c84c80210e251c74960
      gnome-vfs-dbus: do not use GSSAPI_LIBS if gssapi does not compile
      merge of 344cfe464bbb04179a1e0d2688978bfb90f8c882
      let opensimpad-64+0 find files in the opensimpad subdir too
      simpad can be built with kernel 2.4 or 2.6 (default is 2.4, set KERNEL_VERSION=2.6 in local.conf to change this). Copied from the zaurus machine conf files.
      let tslib on simpad work with both kernel 2.4 and 2.6
      second try at a patch for kernel 2.4 support for simpad.
      dosbox was broken because the OE libsdl is configured without cdrom support.
      aliens doesn't need/use SDL (pure qpe game)
      simpad fstab was missing a /dev/hda1 entry for CF
      libsdl: disable building static lib, don't install libtool .la file
      petitepainture: dialogs now work (added patch) in 1.5
      petitepainture: add dialogs.patch
      opensimpad: MMC support + better support for SinusPad and 128M SIMpad
      lbreakout: set SDL_CONFIG (see bug #500)
      libsdl-mixer: set SDL_CONFIG (see bug #500)
      supertux: set SDL_CONFIG (see bug #500)
      qte 2.3.10: let QWS_KEYBOARD default to Buttons on SIMpad
      merge of 31055e640cd3ed10f565b48ba9c4ef57da2243cb
      disapproval of revision '31055e640cd3ed10f565b48ba9c4ef57da2243cb'
      snes9x-sdl: new version that doesn't depend on qte and libstdc++, qte version still available
      opensimpad: apmd signal handling bug finally fixed!
      opensimpad: Update to WE-18
      merge of 6dfbf762c0efe217e0a64b119b456e471f667ae7
      merge of 7f8c25c665b1a4c10bb8b79773f833ed97d5cdde
      merge of 9c1b32d8825be71ddfdcbe3ddfa31b4cc8bb2aa0
      disapproval of revision 'd36f69289f03c75db72375cba8d47b713a10221e'
      merge of 680ed6274f4c973ac350fa89a09c39128b0a2758
      opensimpad: update to WE-18
      xmame: fix URIs, add 0.100 and xmame-tiny
      vlc-gpe: add 0.8.4, with PDA interface patch

freyther at (807):
      Fix "Nothing provides virtual/arm-linux-depmod-" by setting
      devfs.patch make it apply again... the removal of the qFatal looks
      Clean up (begin):
      Check this patch into my own branch
      Syntax Fixes for the grammar from the bitbake c parser.
      merge of 4bab829d6e0b67e537734ef4a2e79ef512e4e9eb
      KEY = "VALUE" changed the grammar to force the quotes and update
      More syntax changing updates
      export CVSBUILD = no -> export CVSBUILD = "no"
      More syntax changes
      More syntax  fixes, unbelievable I spend most of the time at GPE bbfiles...
      Random syntax fixes. R_VALUE must be quoted
      patcher on FreeBSD:
      merge of 017e300c655c242acf6836a1ede06b9973369572
      merge of 30639ddeefa3cbe079a4a2314acd8e784e2f8ee5
      merge of 674017eb4dff8527f93f526834e8c7e766e1f8a3
      merge of 72702dc0f20d493c1f7ba7870f55f950538bb364
      merge of e5acdfaa87f7fb6c194d2558c484524f1152c8c6
      Manually redo:
      merge of ea784b81f1d057de11cac0f979a22ebe0d182bcb
      tinderclient.bbclass remove even more debugging stuff
      Beagle (MasterIA Hardware):
      merge of 7c9a557bba5b572a0b318b0874446c5b6fdab04f
      Qt3 Native builds:
      merge of 0b2d2dab01a71f8522d03a6b9052a532752f6252
      QtE 2.3.10:
      QtE 2.3.10:
      Update Qt3 from Qt3.3.x to Qt3.3.5
      merge of bff5eb1baa4a8d1aeba9320cdea1a563336225a0
      merge of 4a65e17c0fdaf3ba0d74238ffc7bf69e9d318fb8
      KaRo Electronics Triton Board:
      merge of 4cc4648923ad8444dbe849ae4489ed6dbc605c47
      merge of 8c6c13a2a369d86ba5e2a6f3a63e11594969ef7a
      Opie 1.2.1:
      Triton XScale Board Support:
      merge of 77fc8f2b5232044a734ff79b0bdd873ad80ec7c3
      GNU cp has a nice -a switch, sadly the BSD tools lack it
      Same GNU cp changes...
      Make cp invocations BSD compatible
      merge of 015819701896dc2df9f749ce23a18396353e34c5
      GNU cp the last missing files... all cp invocations should be BSD compatible now
      merge of 053ac8efabaade9bb5a09b2b2cc0138921efc3b5
      merge of 4648f865a842cefe397db73feeab9f094661b71c
      merge of 18e058971e016e73900c603bff12aec32123910b
      merge of 2f0e7f1ce8fbde6583638fca4ada465528b71877
      merge of 71e92e1770bc5fc32e38bca7b672012a47870d1f
      merge of 3c8d71924f7bdcbdae81f3b602e2657fc399b427
      merge of 623eed7c92806a0e18e3daa7e8dee2edd301a94e
      merge of 679b6743c415e633df58c8d40a8ff52506243a02
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Send the name
      merge of 284d424308c92240b4986482d28587433a310a21
      merge of 590c343527de29389e3b51357e820bf77c21f956
      packages/qte/qte-2.3.10 borzoi kernel-keymap:
      merge of b41b048ca226620e98989f7e71c6b758b4cbaf43
      merge of 21066969832f6a294ed9f0024ab410c98d0e1344
      OS X OE builds:
      OS X: core and native.bbclass:
      merge of b40b9fb8b17f69ba321fa34167b8ddb37dc72ec2
      merge of 184b27ced469fdd85ff3130c07f410177622b810
      merge of 6340b7b27daca8ee4d5ae8542bdcd7207897c823
      packages/konqueror/konqueror 3.5.4:
      merge of 3a1f3b49721651ad51810489d8d2924c5e347a54
      merge of 58fa3405ec1464ee3bd0716311bfa77dabbb7efb
      merge of a827766397c44459630ecda3cc16b9032793e8ea
      packages/meta/ Remove opie-calibrate DEP
      merge of 206b62d33d8fadd9502205340feea3a4daeadab2
      packages/gcc/gcc 4.0.2:
      merge of 0891623e6f467a1ec0b2b34526d3c23593360df1
      merge of 8b751e588b401c6381aeb1ce5afd7e1819ee5236
      merge of 0a8833f5024cfc86b8e7c6e2159a0a8aed542cd9
      merge of 008eb71d2c280e1f5c511b697e1376dda71d5eef
      merge of 1ee22e5dc2cdeec8a88f1136a019329901a0c9f3
      merge of 10e936f740ef32098dd4610aa27ba7185cd6085d
      merge of 8efb6d518237c849bc9f83f3b790e512ede468b5
      merge of 0fbf41554fa2b01e83cab0aecfdcef09910bf4a1
      packages/bluez/bluez-utils: Do not add -I/usr/include
      merge of 3d66f5adca4bb88d74e07587eafa41c603b98fc5
      packages/libxine: Do not search for aalib-test
      packages/libcroco: Fix generation of libcroco*.pc to not include /usr/include
      packages/libxsettings-client: Do not put -I/usr/include to the compile line
      classes/base.bbclass: Add GnuPG mirror
      packages/nbd/: Add Network Block Device Client and Server version 2.8.4
      conf/machine/include/ixp4xx.conf: Enable fail-fast as well
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Retry sending, Clean package when failing
      openembedded/classes/base.bbclass: Add CTAN mirror
      merge of 683e48c12e6a8aa2b4e1245376904a4906e067dd
      class/tinderclient.bbclass: Change the tabs again
      merge of a43e775504bf8b451ce3b336be11741fc47f98a2
      merge of 0491d3e3c337e2a3611d241e197e4bb3f0bcc2bb
      merge of 3a3ce2ba295b051169b23016abf8c2dc694c11f2
      Opie: Rename Opie 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, Remove PRs
      Opie: bump the CSV Opie version to 1.2.2+CSV, drop old backports
      packages/autoconf/autoconf-native: Do not RRECOMMEND automake-native
      class/tinderclient.bbclass: Send bigger files in smaller chunks to avoid broken firewalls
      packages/xerces-c/ Use configure directly instead of runConfigure
      merge of 9e87109e716f77df8d97648a6db285fa5a2f8a95
      merge of 22c05a7492aef8241f0667aacb228ac303fe8642
      conf/distro/openzaurus-unstable.conf: binutils 2.16 is preferred
      conf/distro/openzaurus-unstable.conf: prefer 2.15.x of binutils to fix #1183
      merge of '151f96332675f5008c225f4aa580dcaaea8f04f8'
      classes/insane.bbclass: Remove GPL text, add more planned checks
      packages/pax-utils: Update to 1.1.13, make the effect of make -e up
      classes/package.bbclass: Only set PACKAGEFUNCS once!
      classes/insane.bbclass: Add skeleton for the tests
      merge of '526a073fc87c09567076f347f0e042c0aa8a264a'
      packages/gcc: Use require instead of include for the 'base' files
      packages/gcc: require the right files, add a gcc4-build-sdk (review please)
      packages/glibc: Use require for the glibc files
      packages/binutils: Use require for the base files
      packages/automake: Use require instead of include to get the base files
      packages: sed -i s/^"include "/"require "/ */*.bb GNU sed rocks!
      packages/ipkg/: There is no do not require it
      packages/unionfs: We only have a which is not versioned include it
      classes/base.bbclass: Make find call portable
      packages/quilt: Add quilt version 0.45, 'cleanup'/complicate layout
      conf/bitbake.conf: quilt 0.45 lacks -n but has -P for setting a patch name
      merge of '61c6cd8658c99e2416e242b79cdff01967f01c94'
      packages/autoconf/autoconf: Update SIZE_OF check. Use the new $SIZE check only on cross compiling, try to use arm-linux-size from binutils
      packages/gcc: For targets (libstdc++,java,mudflap...) use xgcc -E as CPP
      packages/glibc: Add patch, patch glibc2.4 to use $target-readelf
      packages/gmp/gmp-native: OSX/Darwin/gcc hack. Force gmp to not used assembly versions
      merge of 'af0f25bad53ac40966623922f300d0010d5bddcd'
      packages/*/*.bb: Stop GNUism on cp. -d -> -P, -a -> pPR...
      clases/cpan.bbclass,packages/perl: add EXTRA_CPANFLAGS, fix native
      packaes/zlib: Do not use uname to determine the library ending
      packages/quilt: Fix build of quilt 0.45
      packages/binutils: Binutils 2.17 make compile on OSX
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Add workaround for bitbake -k and save the status
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Fixes. truncate does not work this way...
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: TINDER_AUTOBUILD=0 to disable running do_clean
      merge of '1a4a3b2be416c7c4f63918779f9d0ee5704745df'
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Fix the getVar invocation and the test...
      packages/opie-mediaplayer1: Do not link/add rssparser a second time
      merge of '122eeaf13917f2390126c38cbde2f7e519a5709c'
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Send PF instead of only P
      classes/icecc.bbclass: Remove tabs, use inherit_class to check if we build a native or cross package
      classes/icecc.bbclass: Determine version of gcc by executing it, use os.path.join to create paths
      merge of 'ed2d98bad995f47d5d9407c6f6042a4a0a16e4e8'
      merge of '99919cb8b538ef795301795c0abf7a23fa66d751'
      classes/icecc.bbclass: Simplify, improve code creating a tar.bz2
      classes/sanity.bbclass: Check for bzip2 in the path as well
      conf/bitbake.conf: Add FETCHCOMMAND and UPDATECOMMAND for subversion
      conf/bitbake.conf: Add a SVNDIR similiar to GITDIR and CVSDIR as well
      packages/qte/ Correct the md5sum
      classes/insane.bbclass: Run the first test of the insanity.bbclass
      classes/icecc.bbclass: Use split so we get the real version instead of a single charachter
      merge of '9fa7d7e59941b8d15fcc1dc722bd3d781d3a4407'
      classes/insanity.bbclass: Check for possible insecure RPATH, make it work with the funy BitBake scope
      classes/test.bbclass: Add a new task called test which we can run after compile
      merge of '04cd7b14ad574131ab6b03984f2d0bd53c6f19fc'
      MAINTAINERS: Add myself and my interests. icecream and insanity
      MAINTAINERS: Place 'Holger' somewhere else...
      classes/insane.bbclass: Check if packages RDEPENDS on -dbg packages
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Send some more useful data to the tinderbox
      packages/fbgrab: Fix build dependencies of fbgrab
      classes/insane.class: Make workdir known, remove whitespace
      classes/test.bbclass: Make sure tests are really executed
      packages: Add net-tools to OpenEmbedded
      packages/net-tools/net-tools_1.60: Obey at least one policy and remove MAINTAINER
      conf/bitbake.conf: Fix quotes for the more strict parser
      Add quotes for assignments to make the new parser happy
      merge of '6f1ed32f3107efcffe73ac9ab6ad5ae91a60c3da'
      merge of '889b38d9aefee8fdff26966f3716f5e5a12ac8be'
      Add site-conf a one stop to the utilized autoconf scripts
      merge of '7cf3b400cf166b89986056289fa50151e6511f08'
      Add empty and almost empty m4 files for packages we have test results from
      site-conf: Include builtin.m4 through aclocal.m4 and execute the defined function
      Fix parse error by adding one or two "'" or '"' removing whitespace behind \...
      Micro-Optimisation decreasing initial parsing time by 10%
      packages/glibc/glibc-packages.bbclass: Oh no, tabs :)
      packages/glibc/glibc-package.bbclass: package.bbclass is not yet spacified...
      Use aclocal -I m4 to generate the aclocal.m4. Somehow autoreconf refuses to do this
      Add gnu.m4 which has a copy of the libiberty calls from binutils.m4
      contrib/site-conf: No need to require autoconf 2.60
      packages/nbd/nbd: Update to nbd client 2.8.7
      merge of '623ea3aff033ebbbbf8a8a9524a46a58768afed1'
      Add the DNARD/Shark machine configuration and kernel
      classes/insane.bbclass: Grep through config.log to check for CROSS Compile errors
      classes/insane.bbclass: Print the actual error, write a log file
      merge of '89cd2556ac06a9a9dd5fe232a734dec9569772da'
      classes/insane.bbclass: Allow errors to be ignored
      classes/insane.bbclass: Add a small elf reader and check ABI,ARCH and Endian
      classes/insane.bbclass: Be less verbose
      merge of '7cd8f588a839cdf3733e1712ce77ad9483fb8a5c'
      classes/insane.bbclass: Remove whitespace
      classes/insane.bbclass:  Make the .so-check check for symlinks (merge poky r1258,r1195)
      classes/insane.bbclass: check stages .pc and .la for sanity
      merge of '44766714d588caf0607b7f0e513a17f06efead43'
      classes/insane.bbclass: missing import os was added in the .so check
      classes/insane.bbclass: No use to make it bb.fatal if we return False...
      classes/insane.bbclass: Do not follow links, fix the issue that made koen add bb.fatal
      packages/{libmrss,libnxml}: Add two interesting libraries from Andrea Marchesini
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Add a class which might report build issues to a bugzilla directly
      merge of '8a114c24deca9328747f14101e87db8845400833'
      contrib/qa/ Add the standalone test bugzilla sucker
      contrib/qa/ Fix the inlined all_bugs html code
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Add the BugQuery code, add code to post a bug
      merge of '005491f350146d41b598e61470a349d6466dbd0d'
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: This could be feature complete now
      conf/local.conf.sample: bb should be defined, oe is not defined
      conf/documentation.conf: Document the keys influencing seppuku.bbclass
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Make it almost work
      merge of '39030d97b266cc74d362571046ff686f9fa4b71c'
      classes/insane.bbclass: Use split and make it work with python2.3 again
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Switch to HTTP post, attach the build logs instead of using comments
      merge of '1f214e14c9d3b425af04e63d10366f79a2483e70'
      contrib/qa/ Extract all bug reports, even the ones from
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Make parsing of OpenEmbedded's bugtracker work
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Make it work with OpenEmbedded bugtracker
      merge of '084b301b3063c88fe114f956424ce200979b1c31'
      classes/base.bbclass: Add code to verify md5/sha256 sums on do_fetch
      classes/base.bbclass: Make the checksum code work and test it with file-native
      merge of 'b3e68096a01405d0ca9422a644f8b5d2c2a6e54c'
      classes/patch.bbclass: Make sure to raise func_failed on any exception from within Import
      merge of '2b9fbd2b94d0dd1a3b6560f1e64c3ba54d0491c9'
      qa/checksum: Add python code to verify a sha256,md5sum
      merge of '0fe51495ad822c39d441e76fe38da75d576761b0'
      classes/base.bbclass: [] is good enough
      classes/sanity.bblcass: Require shasum since base.bbclass is calling it
      classes/sanity.bbclass: md5sum is required as well
      conf/checksums.ini: Remove the PN/PV from the section and only use the SRC_URI
      packages/libmrss: Apply my patches to libmrss (will be send upstream)
      packages/{libmrss|libnxml}: Make koen happy and replace '//' with '/'
      pckages/{libmrss|libnxml}: Remove the md5sum and add md5sum/shasum to the config file
      merge of 'a2a88493748857f520eccb0e35d7277af6762e61'
      packages/libmrss: Remove the printf from the patch
      packages/libmrss: Add a memory leak patch and bump the PR
      merge of '1d81bf38470b2447c375082a9a8b46bfeb3e76b3'
      classes/base.bbclass: place shasum-native as the first package to build
      packages/shasum: Add a sha256sum utility with little dependencies
      packages/libmrss: Move to 0.17.1 and drop all patches
      packages/libmrss: Correct the month of atom dates
      packages/*/*.bb: Change the license to MIT as agreed by Matthias
      packages/{qmake,uicmoc}: Update qmake and uic/moc from Qt4.1.2 to 4.2.3
      packages/gperf: Add GNU perfect hash generator. This is needed for WebKit
      conf/checksums.ini: Add my icu sums
      packages/uclubc: Enable C99 math to get isnan needed for perl on ansgtrom
      packages/pciutils/pcituils-2.2.4: Fix configure for gnueabiuclibc builds
      packages/bluez/bluez-utils: angstrom uclibc fixlet. Make custom ppoll not clash with sys/poll.h
      packages/strace: Apply patch from uclibc buildroot to fix compilation uclibc angstrom
      pakages/avahi: Do not RRECOMMEND libnss-mdns when building on uclibc
      merge of '49e541f0397109bdc6530a7380f2980a60d577ba'
      merge of '5d944267f089d88f0f7c550646a80562f5db2bb3'
      packages/libmrss: Update to mrss 0.17.2
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: Merge with the one used at openmoko's autobuilder
      packages/libiconv: Battle libiconv to not use a rpath (and fix the uclibc build)
      merge of '51a33385cc433c55cd19bd8dc3705adb1e86f59a'
      packages/{abiword,gtk}: Do not depend on glibc gconv when compiling for uclibc
      packages/libtool/ Disable --rpath on compiling!
      packages/lftp/lftp: Delete the custom iconv.m4 in favor of the staged one fixing the uclibc build
      merge of '36f14d73e014c31eddebc1591ca83ba7baf264fe'
      packages/orinoco/ Building depends on unzip, make sure it is built
      classes/sanity.bbclass: Check stty settings and complain when tostop is present
      disapproval of revision '5f324e98b61ec50554d929eb59723aaef495ef64'
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: Assert for not None when posting, do not handle MsgNote
      classes/seppuku.bbclass: We can't handle NoProvider for, don't handle it properly, more debugging added
      classes/tinderclient.bbclass: add the missing 'g'
      python-openmoko: Apply Marcin's patch until today as this is going to be applied upstream
      qmake2,uicmoc4: Fix the LICENSE to only be GPL. QtopiaCore/QtE never was QPL licensed
      conf/checksums.ini: Add md5,sha256 sums for QtopiaCore 4.3.1
      classes/{qmake*,qt4x11}.bbclass: Add a qmake2.bbclass to use qmake version two
      packages/qte/qtopia-core: Add QtopiaCore version 4.3.1
      MAINTAINERS: Add the Qtopia interest...
      packages/icu/icu-3.6: Use binconfig to stage icu-config to avoid having icu-config --ldflags return the host dirs
      packages/llvm: Build version 2.1 of LLVM
      packages/qmake/qmake2-native: Move the LFLAGS to the end of the linker line
      contrib/mtn2git: Add a tool to export the monotone database to git
      contrib/mtn2git: mtn add is not recursive by default, actually add files ;)
      packages/webkit: Build the Qt/Qtopia port of WebKit as well.
      merge of 'df62641d95864e75f130d2ac3448745cd933e572'
      conf/distro/include/angstrom-2007-preferred-version: Add a PREFERRED_VERSION for exmap-console.
      packages/webkit: Change the package names of WebKit/Qtopia and force upgrade.
      packages/{qt,qte,uicmoc,qmake}: Update to Qt(opiaCore) 4.3.2
      packages/webkit: The API/ABI of WebKit/Gtk+ has changed, update the PV
      merge of '57f94c184ca1457e6b7683e84bcdf4863b46cd03'
      packages/libxml/libxml2: Create the directory before staging files into it.
      packages/xrestop: Package the wonderful xrestop
      packages/uicmoc: Depend on zlib-native as reported by Jan Luebbe
      packages/webkit: Build and package naming fixes (when using debian renaming)
      packages/webkit/ Allow debian package renaming again
      conf/distro/include/ webkit-qt and webkit-qtopia can use the same rev
      packages/uicmoc: Unify uicmoc4-native
      packages/webkit: Apply the qtwebkit-use-image-decoders.patch to WebKit/Qt, WebKit/Qtopia
      packages/curl/{curl,curl-native}: Do not try to use libssh2.
      merge of '5e43d3e4f15cce50de048baf7164796af353cd26'
      QtopiaCore: Do the minor/bugfix only upgrade from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3
      packages/qmake/qmake2-native_2.10a: No tabs, 4 spaces for indention
      packages/uicmoc/ No tabs, 4-spaces for indention
      QtX11: Upgrade from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 as well.
      Remove some GNUism and replace cp -a with cp -pPR (once again)
      conf/distro/include/ Propose to update Qt4/X11 to 4.3.3
      packages/qmake/qmake2: Make it more easy to do updates
      merge of '4a9764846eca8e7a6608990c71feaab1b82bda1f'
      Move Qt/X11 and Qt/Embedded (known as QtopiaCore) to a qt4 directory. We will see a great unification in this directory.
      packages/qt4/ No tabs, 4 spaces are wonderful
      packages/qt4: Move QtopiaCore over to the
      package/qt4/qt4-x11-free,qtopia-core: Start sharing packaging
      packages/qt4/qt4-x11-free, qtopia-core: Move boilerplate lines to a .inc file
      packages/qt4/qtopia-core,qt4-x11-free: Make it share the DEPENDS and inherits
      packages/qt4/qt4-x11-free,qtopia-core: Unify configure and compile of Qt4
      packages/qt4/ Use the same patches as Qt/X11
      packages/qt4/ Put the header files somewhere else
      packages/qt4/qt4-x11-free,qtopia-core: Change the order, move the config flags to the .inc files
      packages/qt4: Move the staging bits from qtopia-core to, use it in Qt4/X11
      classes/qmake2,qtopia4core: Change the Qt include and library dir to match the new location/names
      packages/qt4/qtopia-core_4.2.0: Use the common ${PN}.inc as well
      conf/distro/include/ Propose to update uicmoc4-native to 4.3.3 as well
      packages/qt4/, Require the as well
      classes/qmake2.bbclass: Remove the usage of the QTDIR from this line as well
      packages/qmake/ Install the specs only once, add a patch to change the prefixes at runtime
      packages/qt4/ Make use of the new QT_CONF_PATH, correct the configure line
      packages/qt4/ Only install Qtopia translations if they exist.
      packages/qt4/ Keep PARALLEL_MAKE untouched the buildsystem should handle deps
      packages/qt4/ ccache and pch conflict with each other
      packages/qt4/qt4-x11-free,qtopia-core: Work on properly packaging Qt4
      packages/qt4/ Next round of typo fixing and trying
      packages/qt4/ Sadly the previous glob didn't work. Write .so, .la, .prl in the long form
      packages/qt4/ All Qt modules are roughly similar, have one python function to generate the files for the dev package
      packages/qt4/ Do not remove everything from the bindir, fix the glob
      merge of '909c536d732a709ac1bbe82a546de7dade5fdf07'
      packages/qt4/: Share some more patches (no host includes, cross-compile) between Embedded and X11
      packages/qt4/files/0005-fix-mkspecs.patch: Remove the O2 we want OE to decide the tuning!
      qmake,Qt/X11,QtopiaCore: Allow OE to set the tuning options. Allow to add a default module
      packages/qt4/ Examples/Demos are in ${QT_DIR_NAME}, disable them due QA issues
      packages/qt4/, Bump the PR as the packaging did change
      packages/qt4/ Fix place of the include and library directory
      merge of '49e39c42b944dda8eed607394e1849029b9f527f'
      packages/libqanava/ Fix spelling of the description
      Qt4 based applications: Do not inherit qmake when building for Qt4/X11
      packages/qmake/qmake2-native: Change the specs to find our resource compiler (rcc)
      classes/qtopia4core.bbclass: The current name of the include and libdir is qtopia
      packages/qsvn: Experiment with building the same source in different variants
      packages/qsvn/ Propose a function to be able to set the FN
      classes/insane.bbclass: Removal of whitespace and tabs
      MAINTAINERS: Add qt and qmake to the recipes list.
      classes/insane.bbclass: Try to increase readability, remove deadcode, ask to make desktop errors fatal
      classes/insane.bbclass: Try to increase the readability
      classes/insane.bbclass: Make .la failures non-fatal the right way, split up the .la test in two parts
      classes/insane.bbclass: Separate the workdir test and make it fatal
      conf/checksums.ini: Correct the URL of the Qt/X11 4.3.3 sourcecode
      classes/insane.bbclass: Handle non-elf files gracefully (again)
      classes/insane.bbclass: Decided to not make the workdir issues fatal
      Qt4/QtopiaCore4: Backport QT_LIBINFIX to add a suffix to libraries. Adapt qmake
      merge of '4b397824de03002b9957b412e8f6f2dc0f2d48be'
      classes/binconfig.bbclass: Allow packages to add sed expressions
      packages/apr/apr,apr-util: Stage the and install it as in apr-util
      packages/apr/apr-util: Manually patch the .la file to not reference /usr/lib/ but use -lFOO instead
      packages/qt4/ Manually fix the .la files to say installed=no
      classes/autotools.bbclass: Use bruteforce and set installed=yes to =no
      packages/qt4/qtopia-core: Force building of tools, demos and examples
      packages/qt4/ Fix packaging of the QtUiTools${QT_LIBINFIX}
      packages/qt4/ Stage the .prl and semi private Qt libraries.
      packages/cmake: Add CMake version 2.4.7
      conf/checksums.ini: Copy these from my TMPDIR
      package/qmake: Remove the pub/ from the SRC_URI, all Qt4 sources lack the pub/.
      merge of '25c6c2c84233203b8c3f1a65223fc9904814cfe2'
      classes/sanity.bbclass: We need GNU fortran installed to build the gcc4.2 cross compiler
      contrib/mtn2git: Ignore unknown certs, try to be more robust against CTRL-C when saving the status
      packages/python/python-pyqt: We have Qt4.3.3 now, make use of it and enable the assistantclient
      Bashism fix: echo -e is a bashism and doesn't work when /bin/sh points to dash
      contrib/mtn2git: Start with only using the manifests
      contrib/mtn2git/ Remove all old code that tried to figure out what changes happened
      contrib/mtn2git/ We are not interested in these bits. Do not store them.
      contrib/mtn2git/ Have only one function that is parsing the manifest
      contrib/mtn2git/ Built a fifo to avoid parsing the manifests all over again
      contrib/mtn2git/ Add modifications to the right list, check if _file_revision and file_revision of the manifest are equal
      contrib/mtn2git/ Stub the most important function. diff_manifest will tell us what to do
      contrib/mtn2git/ Add the TODO for sanity checking!
      merge of '4758ca456d2363e1b00659c33da6c72ea4ac3074'
      contrib/mtn2git/ Return the tree if it is was not in the cache!
      contrib/mtn2git/ Start diffing the manifests and find added,deleted dirs and added,deleted,modified files
      packages/gcc/ Add as a copy of
      * Import revisions without a parent properly! The diffing would have been all right but
      * Incrementally updating the former heads did not work right. Sometimes we have
      packages/gcc/gcc-cross_4.2.2: Attempt to fix the fortran issue
      * Use static linking for mpfr/gmp instead of the rpath. This avoid the layering
      packages/qt4/ Set QT_LIBINFIX to an empty string to fix the packaging
      packages/qt4/ Treat the staged .la files as well to not point to the workdir
      merge of '5c05d65c9dd90a63a937c3b8da02ae5f8af28a21'
      packages/qt4/qtopia-core_4.2.0: Remove the older version, it is not used
      packages/qt4/qtopia-core: Build the features that are available as plugin as plugin
      packages/qt4/qtopia-core: Prepare for someone to use -qconfig
      merge of '0ce1ec91df499539b43f53a80718a77449b22b6b'
      classes/cmake.bbclass: Spaces are cool, use them
      classes/cmake.bbclass: A small explanation why it says inherit autotools
      classes/cmake: To invoke cmake it has to be present, add cmake-native to the DEPENDS
      packages/tasks/tasks-qtopia-core-console: Add a task for the core libraries of QtopiaCore/QtE
      packages/images/ Create a minimal image with the QtopiaCore Core libraries
      merge of '69a166c7072b74d6a2c00aef7ecebacee3e1706a'
      Add a task for QtopiaCore GUI libraries and related libraries and install this task to a image
      packages/qt4/ Fix the splitting of the translation packages
      packages/qt4/ Package the phrasebooks
      packages/qt4/ Attempt to package all possible plugins properly
      packages/qt4/ Remove the attempt to create the meta packages this way
      packages/qt4/ Fix packaging of the -dbg packages
      merge of 'd31528c971eb974748d7b182b56381c6f4b7ab55'
      packages/libogg/libtheora: The encoder example is using vorbis add it to the DEPENDS
      packages/speex/speex: Stage the speex.m4 file as well, copied the line from the vorbis recipe
      packages/libshout/libshout: Add initial version 2.2.2
      conf/checksums.ini: Add shoutcast to the list
      conf/checksums.ini: Add fakeroot
      conf/checksums.ini: Add theora 1.0alpha7
      conf/checksums.ini: Add libvorbis 1.2.0
      conf/checksums.ini: Add MesaLib 7.0.2
      conf/checksums.ini: Add libogg 1.1.3
      conf/checksums.ini: Add gcc-4.2.2
      conf/checksums.ini: Add libXi-1.1.3
      conf/checksums.ini: Add busybox 1.7.2 and the patches we apply
      conf/checksums.ini: Add Xrandr 1.2.2
      conf/checksums.ini: Add fakeroot 1.8.3
      conf/checksums.ini:Add gtk+ 2.12.0
      conf/checksums.ini: Add libXcursor 1.1.9
      conf/checksums.ini: Add cairo 1.4.8
      conf/checksums.ini: Add 0.9.4 of libXrender
      conf/checksums.ini: Add libICE 1.0.4
      conf/checksums.ini: Add glib-2.14.0
      conf/checksums.ini: Add glibc 2.6.1
      conf/checksums.ini: Add quilt 0.46
      conf/checksums.ini: Add inputproto
      conf/checksums.ini: Add renderproto 0.9.3
      conf/checksums.ini: Add libX11 1.1.3
      packages/libshout/ Stage the headers, libs and m4 file
      merge of '8725fc715529f6dba921a0a92e01e4e68124bfdb'
      package/cmake: Update cmake from 2.4.7 to 2.4.8 and add the new checksums
      packages/libmrss/files/better-parse-url-r0.patch: Document what's up with this patch, hopefully some one is sending it upstream
      packages/glibc/zecke-sane-readelf.patch: This was needed because OSX has no readelf command by default
      packages/gcc/gcc-4.2.1/zecke-no-host-includes.patch: Document this patch and explain why it is a hack
      packages/gcc/gcc-4.2.1/zecke-xgcc-cpp.patch: When cross compiling we want to use gcc's cpp for the cross compiled headers
      conf/checksums.ini: Add xtrans 1.0.4 to the list of checksums
      conf/checksums.ini: Add glib-2.14.4 to the list
      Qtopia-Phone/X11: Add qtopia-phone based on Qt/X11.
      qtopia-phone-x11: Fix depends gstvideosink.h is provided by gst-plugins-base
      qtopia-phone-x11: Disable gstreamer for now. We have different multimedia solutions anyway
      packages/qt4/ No use for QT_DIR_NAME in the lib directory remove it
      packages/qt4/ Remove the moc_location and uic_location completely from the .pc file
      packages/qt4/ Clean the .pc and .la files to not point to STAGING_*
      Qt: The suffix for the staging libdir was omitted, remove it from the libs
      Qt and QtopiaCore: Bump the PR on request due the staging fixes
      efl: Illume and Qtopia needs a recent version of ecore to get along. Update to todays copy.
      qtopia-phone-x11: We do not install this start script, no need to
      openmoko: Avoid using the top level directories. This is a OpenMoko Project move it into the projects dir
      openmoko: Avoid using the top level directories. This is a OpenMoko Project move it into the projects dir
      illume: Add raster's illume module. This is based on his recipe but removed the sed in do_compile and some depends fixes
      Qtopia Phone X11: Attempt to install the fdo .desktop files and a Xsession start script
      Qtopia Phone X11: Fix packaging, install the .desktop files and the launcher script
      Qtopia Phone X11: Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH bump the PR due the package content change
      merge of '5f0840d886de3702b9da184050476e21ca104094'
      Qtopia X11: Add a task and image for Qtopia/X11
      Qtopia X11: Build the Qt codecs instead of iconv
      directfb: Remove potential dangerous sed invocation. Add a -I in front and replace it with nothing
      merge of '8e91c5efc3e57c7b54e4a849b3b21eaf9a7dfe75'
      directfb: This magic is not needed for directfb
      merge of '0bce6a5194a4bb1f18f55b0dffee505b24073d3f'
      edbus and exml deserve a proper PV otherwise bad things will happen on install
      Qtopia/X11: Use keycodes that exist on our target
      Qtopia/X11: Install a into the profile.d to set PATH, QPEDIR and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      merge of '453235132f7854f1822704d1398a978b23b4a64a'
      Qtopia/X11: We need fontconfig to display any fonts, xrandr and xrender should be there as well
      Qtopia/X11: Both _INCDIR and _LIBDIR are not used
      Qtopia/X11: Assist the Qt/Qtopia buildsystem in finding the freetype2/fontconfig headers
      Qtopia/X11: Fix the export of the PATH
      merge of '3ad0844ce9d5f38938193e537eef14f3eedc5aaa' Start with 12 for illume
      intltool: Add 0.37.1 to have a version that knows about INTLTOOL_POLICY_RULE needed for packagekit
      packagekit: We need a specific version of intltool-native to have INTLTOOL_POLICY_RULE
      packagekit: Package the debug symbols of the backends as well
      Add my tools to forward the Serial from the Neo to my PC and provide a PTY on the PC
      Next attempt to get a non segfaulting qpe/Qtopia. -edition phone might be the key but this should be set by .configureoptions..
      Qtopia/X11: Use the muxer and phone vendor for the TI calypso module
      Qtopia/X11: Rework configuration, compilation of Qtopia with the hope to make the segfaults go away
      Qtopia/X11: The alarm handling of Qtopia needs atd around to make sure we wake up
      Qtopia/X11: Make sure we get started before the window manager. No idea if the xmodmap settings will persist
      Qtopia/X11: For proper operation timezone information is needed
      Qtopia/X11: Add some more packages to the RDEPENDS
      tzdata: Both tzdata and tzdata-dbg provided tzdata, ipkg picked tzdata-dbg. Kill the -dbg package, try to provide a upgrade path
      classes/packages.bbclass: This sounds like a place for past tense. We ran strip...
      packages/tzdata: Only tzdata should provide tzdata, specially not tzdata-dbg
      qtopia-phone-x11: Fix the SRC_URI after the rename, spotted by Stefan Schmidt
      merge of '4216327dbc55e359d557266da86971e66ff5f595'
      Qtopia/X11: Install the right Qtopia XSession start script as well
      merge of '7393275c6ccce67cadeb49d4afb3459e56edf8a9'
      neod: neod uses apm.h which is staged by apmd, so put apmd into the DEPENDS
      classes/autotools.bblcass: Fix staging of nested .la/.so files (e.g. evas modules)
      packages/dvbtools: Add the last release of dvb-apps. Specially the evtest utility
      merge of 'ab0c31145edf87166335e443b48ae96f4e0dd786'
      Qtopia/X11: Give the modem some time to power up before we open the serial connection.
      merge of '505fb94ac7b73107630862e3f36f5d31761ad963'
      classes/base.bbclass: This code only works if the dotlai name is unique. Fail if it is not
      classes/autotools.bbclass: Installing libs from ${S} breaks if the lib name is not unique
      Share the libtool mangling code between base.bbclass and autotools.bbclass
      propagate from branch '' (head 6b6f52153dc207c2f96bbaa72c7da5c3df057896)
      base.bbclass: Fix the logic. Zero or One lai files are fine more is bad
      classes/autotools: Stage every lib file.
      Do the fic-gta => om-gta renaming in the remaining files
      merge of '6b6f52153dc207c2f96bbaa72c7da5c3df057896'
      propagate from branch '' (head 52d5fcc8163d5985f494fb46fa39820181c47ff5)
      xserver-kdrive-glamo: Compilation fails because Glyph in renderproto.h is not known because XID is not typedefed
      Openmoko april update: Install assassin and diversity as well
      OpenMoko => Openmoko
      illume: Fix up the manual merging errors.
      e-wm: Upstream switched to pkg-config, their pc files are broken, fix it
      efl: Update to 28.03.2008 version of efl
      diversity-daemon: autotools decided that knowing xmmp-marshal.c is needed
      Openmoko projects: Update assassin, illume and diversity versions
      disapproval of revision 'c0c0c7f609f8893b69340222610147bf94e442b0'
      disapproval of revision '37f99cc2830468372dcf809d72a565ab6a3389f4'
      disapproval of revision '5439f8a2f7fc8aea9b32a5d1af1bc53635604c40'
      disapproval of revision '43ea8ddf0a60747c8d49c614b07611f5c00ad43f'
      merge of '93639427613beb2904c27b60327fa946d461a230'
      merge of '36dfc5fa3a297eeb3869675142b04b397d20e144'
      merge of '7e8d09acbf0d11a3ab7910974ed7c9291bc04451'
      merge of '0b7370fe509c8848aaf3021d8c025403d1322f48'
      propagate from branch 'org.openmoko.zecke.autotools-bustage' (head 21625ffe13803c20406e9d8df6bbfcca22aae23a)
      disapproval of revision '3197ebcd4ab946d62de31dd9c786d0852f28288b'
      merge of '00de978b3e348a2ce272326420b6509f1b980ece'
      evas-native: Bump PR after the disapprove
      propagate from branch 'org.openmoko.zecke.autotools-bustage' (head 28b4948d589b9f00dfc10ce518202804ea790e4c)
      openmoko-browser2: Make sure we find the libstdc++ even if we use gcc to link
      propagate from branch 'org.openmoko.zecke.random-fallouts' (head 5107cbb123fd1a8c8c407f14ae0703658431c1aa)
      propagate from branch '' (head 5b17834086b1f36b297d3b4c4d3c8a01bd0940d6)
      propagate from branch 'org.openmoko.zecke.autotools-bustage' (head aef99139a93c720262b8b6069c4d20a94b1edd5c)
      illume: Find the keyboard file if you are not raster
      e-wm: Allow to have system profiles. We have one with illume which is not the default
      e-wm: Start e with optional arguments we get from a config file
      mtn2git: Add an example script that can be used to update the git mirror
      illume-theme: Theme and config of illume used by e-wm/e.
      openmoko-qtopia/april update: We need the illume-theme to be installed as well
      illume-theme: Start with revision 17 as well. The same as illume
      packagekit: There is no need to always build the latest at a recent version
      yaffs2-utils: Attempt to lock down the CVS date. yaffs2 is pretty stable
      tasks-openmoko-qtopia: Bump the PR after the addition of illume-theme
      merge of '27abeeb864b442cbface632b25316195358b3b38'
      sjf2410-linux-native: Switch it over to SRCREV, update the SRCREV
      illume-theme: Fix packaging, one elightenment is enough
      merge of 'b793711080575e3f2f8e556644bfecd2e743b304'
      e-wm: There is no use to install a Xsession.d script
      e-wm: Change the to add Settings to Settings
      diversity-daemon: Do not depend on openmoko-dialer2 as it pulls gsmd in
      ecore: Add libxtst for the XTEST extension so the list of DEPENDS
      illume-theme: Fix the SRC_URI as spotted by graeme
      merge of '852bfbd36cccdcb81d6d9e5160afb18043239d80'
      illume: Update illume to r21 to benefit from the improved keyboard
      efl: Illume needs a recent e-wm change, update EFL to the version as of 2nd April
      illume-theme: Provide a custom theme with a keyboard button in the slipshelf
      propagate from branch '' (head fe7623a7fed8990bef1cde83bc99b6f117b546d0)
      disapproval of revision 'cfb3ded609a1785e1bbce848ea71139f23c2278e'
      merge of '7ae56963436f4d7f6698252191f59f3d6ce5e8fc'
      illume-theme: Use raster's illume.edj to be able to toggle the keyboard
      packaged/gdb: Add gdb version 6.8.
      classes/insane.bbclass: Do not barf on the pc files in my native staging directory
      propagate from branch 'org.openmoko.zecke.random-breakage' (head ae7883c91296fbf42de84d28e8f2ee9ec6b12376)
      qtopia-phone-x11: Upstream fic/gta switched over to GStreamer as mediaengine, catch up
      qtopia-phone-x11: Add gst-meta-audio to the RDEPENDS to make sure that we can play the ringtone
      checksums: add mpfr 2.3.1
      checksums: add glib 2.16.1
      checksums: Add db-4.3.29 from oracle, matches with the other one
      checksums: Add popt 1.13
      checksums: fix the gdb-6.8 entry...
      checksums: bash-3.2 patch
      checksums: Add the other bash-3.2 patches as well.
      checksums: libXaw 1.4
      checksums: libXpm 3.5.7
      checksums: hcidump 1.38
      checksums: bonnie++ 1.03c
      checksums: gstreamer 0.10.17
      checksums: pango 0.18.3
      checksums: gst-plugins-base 0.10.17
      checksums: udev-118
      checksums: gtk+-2.18.3
      checksums: printproto 1.0.4
      checksums: libpcap 0.9.8
      checksums: bluez-libs 3.28
      checksums: xf86dgaproto 2.0.3
      checksums: libXfont 1.3.1
      checksums: libXtst 1.0.3
      checksums: libXxf86dga 1.0.2
      checksums: pulseaudio 0.9.9
      checksums: gpgme-1.1.4
      checksums: xorg-xserver 1.4
      checksums: xinit 1.0.5
      checksums: xmodmap 1.0.3
      checksums: busybox 1.9.1
      checksums: xset 1.0.3
      checksums: screen patch from sarge
      checksums: rsync 3.0.0
      checksums: bluez-utils 3.28
      checksums: portmap 6.0 (matching the other entry)
      checksums: sqlite 3.5.6
      checksums: python 2.5.2
      checksums: gnome-vfs 2.20.0
      checksums: libxslt 1.1.22
      checksums: gst-plugins-ugly 0.10.17
      checksums: gst-plugins-good 0.10.7
      checksums: gst-plugins-bad 0.10.6
      checksums: libao 0.8.8
      checksums: libspiff 0.8.2
      checksums: gpsd 2.36
      checksums: vte 0.16.13
      checksums: gst-pulse 0.9.7
      checksums: xrdb 1.0.4
      checksums: xev 1.0.3
      checksums: vorbis-tools 1.1.1
      checksums: dbench 4.0
      checksums: matchbox-window-manager alternative 1.2 location
      merge of '06184f28bf7ee91ed0775af2e966b9c522fbcb4f'
      checksums: iproute2 2.6.22-070710
      networkmanager: We require iproute2, it is isnatlled to /sbin/ip.iproute2, busybox's ip is in /bin/ip
      networmanager: Reduce the diff between the _svn and .inc file
      networmanager: Package the not packaged files as well. This needs further cleaning
      networkmanager: Fix packaging, have separate locales again, split out libnm_glib_vpn
      propagate from branch '' (head a65325dea87a216542ed573242fc36d32f1411d9)
      packages/openssl: Update 0.9.7 from g to 'm' using the debian patch for 'k' It is tcl/tk, fix the config value use the DESTDIR instead of poking with the other paths (which lacked libdir)
      git: Add version 1.5.3 for the target as well
      openssl: Add 0.9.8 of OpenSSL. Merged the various configure scripts and enhanced it
      wvstreams: Add initial compiling and linking version. This is needed for wvdial
      wvstreams: Stage the headers and libraries
      wvstreams: Split wvstreams into smaller packages
      wvdial: Add wvdial 1.6.0
      propagate from branch '' (head 373f0f8ca1df02b8bf1de72a372cacf0e8da569c)
      sane-srcrevs: Upgrade illume to revision 39
      efl: Newer efl is better than older ones
      Xglamo: move the git revision to where it belongs
      openmoko-projects: Bump the PR to force a rebuild against newer versions of EFL
      OpenMoko => Openmoko
      Use the openmoko-alsa-scenario files for Qtopia as well
      alsa-state: Remove the Openmoko scenario's. They are provided by openmoko-alsa-scenarios
      disapproval of revision 'f8a74c51e696bf2a9b7316b79c36ed5fad934d21'
      merge of '3c42b95ace0b0da5978b5b4538d890af07da8f8d'
      enlazar: Pin it to r37, upstream are busy working on it
      alsa-state: The alsa scenario's depend on the hardware and not on the distribution
      propagate from branch '' (head a087de1b034f51c0c94b8d94197cefb8e2185b5f)
      xglamo: Update th the version as in
      wvdial: Install the peers file into the right place
      Qtopia tasks: Remove alsa-state as it is installed by task-base already
      propagate from branch '' (head 39e5f6a80d9fb6c05976e90c19a567c1e8248ab4)
      linux-openmoko: Move to SRCREV, specify a sane version
      Mess with the tree in a unknown way due the limitations of a tool. No idea which
      merge of '3e22c6ee5af012d09e9027c2ade50920300fb0f2'
      Git to rescue. Make a change to create a head again. Update the example script
      [janitor] Do not use AUTOREV in the recipes.
      [janitor] Use ?= instead of = for the SRCREVs to allow overriding them from the outside
      base.bbclass: Begin to generate PREFERRED_VERSION, SRCREV, SRCDATE to lock down
      mtn diff -r 3e22c6ee5af012d09e9027c2ade50920300fb0f2 -r 60d4d904e10f8212b1c2242377b31ccc2e29e374 | patch -R -p0 --remove-empty-files
      merge of '54b3dda1df013d6327e2ce8df95d7cfeeac2fbae'
      Build more recent versions of illume, assassin and update EFL.
      [lockdown] Print the expanded PV as well and allow the user to pick what he wants
      [qtopia] WAV support is needed for the ringtones
      [qtopia] Fixup the wrong SRCREV line for Qtopia.
      [qtopia] Adjust the plugin names to point to the right ones
      qtopia-phone: Explain why we don't use a proper PV for Qtopia
      scenarios: Update to the latest version in svn
      propagate from branch '' (head a30fcc61989369a846225a007ece00d68a2858b9)
      merge fixup: Readd pty-forward-native and serial-forward to the sane srcrevs
      qtopia: Upgrade to a newer version
      sane srcrevs: Build a more recent version of Qtopia, bump the PR to force the update
      sane srcdates: More recent versions of efl in preparation of updating illume
      sane srcrevs: Bump the illume to r68
      Unify the PV writing of svn based recipes.
      Make sure the TMPDIR exists.
      And use tabs...
      Introduce a SRCPV and use it inside the PV as replacement for SRCREV
      mono: Two svn checkouts are used, specify a SRCREV_FORMAT
      u-boot-openmoko-devel: Use a revision that exists again.
      sane srcrevs: Add a rev for linux-openmoko-devel
      illume: Update to r71, change the recipe to work with rev's below 71 and above
      illume-theme: Update the installation routine as well. the illume config is new in r71
      merge of '2e30494ce5ee48ab1b148ee26272a2aed0454dd9'
      [qtopia] Upgrade the used Qtopia/X11 revision and the recipe.
      merge of '49de21e9c145baf25b797bb8f1c1c930c0071d5b'
      merge of '8dc01c4260b53e9916f86d867fd4094c3e118600'
      sane srcrevs: The kernel tree changed, update the ref, the content shouldn't change
      base.bbclass: Use git-log to get a possible git-revision and populate OE_REVISION with that
      merge of '178c97ae0a693edea4d65673050d3cf8080f2bba'
      illume: Update illume and illume-theme to r86 and install the new files
      merge of '083c85544a6e460740bde19d5712dec0f40da16d'
      efl: Make raster happy, a more recent EFL please
      sane-srcrevs: Use latest Qtopia to have improved "speed"
      sane-srcrev: Build a new kernel with the motion sensor fixes
      e-wm: We need shared-mime-info and mime-support to find out what files we have.
      edbus: Update the e_nm-big-hack patch and put it into mtn.
      qtopia-phone: Bump the PR to force a rebuild after the SRCREV change
      enlazar-qh: Sanitize the Bitbake file.
      merge of '08ddd0b2296f99251fd8c2eb93cb83277549f002'
      task-openmoko-qtopia-x11: Install icon engines and picture formats to have better icons
      srcrev: Set a base version for enlazar-qh
      openocd: Use the SRCPV as well
      exposure: Clean the recipe
      sane srcrev: Set a sane srcrev for exposure
      qtopia-phone-x11: Say bitbake where to find the providers for iconformats and iconengines
      qtopia: Update with fixes for ringtone handling, make the app icons transparent

geoffrey.wossum (1):
      proxy-libintl: From #4370, dummy replacement for gettext.

gfellerpatrik at (1):
      sanity: also check for bison, closes #2580

giel (1):
      add qtopia-core 4.2.0 (first shot)

gilligan at (1):
      * armmon_xfer: Tool to automate tarnsfer of kernel/ramdisk to compulab

Giorgio Padrin <giorgio at (1):
      keymaps: added h2200 support - close #1304

GoxboxLive <goxboxlive at (1):
      keymaps: added HTC Universal keymap - close #1731

Graeme Gregory (181):
      qtopia-phone-x11: merge in changes from april-update branch, this includes
      e-wm: remove 98enlightenment its not used anymore
      illume: merge in changes from ASU branch : fix to DEPENDS from ASU branch, add mime-info
      efl1/edbus/series : remove bogus series file from repo : maxdate the old patch, and add rediff for later dates, : tidy recipe and remove AUTOREV that doesnt belong : tidy recipe and remove AUTOREV that doesnt belong : bring in all the fixes and additions by raster from, : version bumps from ASU : make exquisite the default splash for openmoko : bring what apps are installed inline with : add om-gta01 support and fix silly bug in
      [qtopia] The images are jpeg now, also install the screenshots
      Update Qtopia (picture changes) and change packaging of Qtopia
      py-odeviced changed to python-odeviced : remove libnotify and neod not used
      om-gta01.conf : add tar.bz2 image types for people who want to boot SD : fix om-gta01 RDEPENDS bump PR : granualise the packaging to reduce .ipk size : no need to confuse people by using https : no need to confuse people by using https : rejig patches to renable Size:
      Merge branch '' of /home/dp/openmoko/openmoko/ into
      [om-gta02] change the default .jffs2 file to be the summary version
      [qtopia-phone-x11] RDEPEND on dejavu-sans as without the font qpe segfaults
      [om-gta02] change the default .jffs2 file to be the summary version
      [qtopia-phone-x11] DEPENDS on libtiff
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into : rejig patches to renable Size:
      [boost] better fix for atomicity problem, allows gnash to compile again
      [qtopia-phone] fix TARGET_DEVICE in same method as -x11 version
      [openmoko-feed] remove midori for now as it doesnt compile
      [gypsy] needs DEPEND libxslt-native for xsltproc executable
      [gypsy] gypsy DEPENDS on libxslt-native, actually commit right file this
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge branch '' of /home/dp/openmoko/openmoko/ into
      [qtopia] SRCPV isnt in .dev yet
      [midori] upgrade from
      [exposure] dont make PR go backwards
      Merge commit 'origin/' into
      [versions] bump gmp-native to version that doesnt fail on gcc 4.3.X
      [versions] bump gmp-native to version that doesnt fail on gcc 4.3.X
      Introduce a SRCPV and use it inside the PV as replacement for SRCREV
      [mono] set a SRCREV_FORMAT
      [mikmod] re-add removed m4 that is needed
      [connman] correct DEPENDS and RDEPENDS
      [autorev] berlios is down more than its up so dont autorev openocd
      [openmoko-pim] appmanager2 no longer compiles with opkg
      [openmoko.conf] add ability for our autobuilders to play with deploy dir
      [dfu-util-native] deploy into DEPLOY_DIR_NATIVE
      [openocd-native] deploy into DEPLOY_DIR_NATIVE
      [meta-toolchain] create usr/lib/opkg before using opkg as needed
      [image.bbclass] make sure image directory is created before image
      [sjf25410] deploy into DEPLOY_DIR_NATIVE
      [moko-autorev] remove packagekit from autorev.
      [sane-srcrevs] fix rev for mickeyterm
      Merge commit 'origin/' into
      [openmoko] remove DEPLOY_DIR_NATIVE as it should have been _TOOLS
      [om-pref-vers] update udev to 118
      [openmoko] turn on packaged-staging for openmoko
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [gtk+] add the latest version of gtk+
      [glib-2.0] add the latest version of glib
      [pref-versions] update the gtk+ version used to the latest.
      [openmoko] remove all ${MACHINE_CLASS} settings, they are no longer
      [busybox] enable mdev to be able to experiment in OM
      [busybox] add 1.11.0 which has device renaming which is essential I
      [busybox] update defconfig to enable device renaming in mdev
      [busybox] update to 1.11.1 taken from OE
      Merge commit 'openembedded/' into
      [merge] fix the mistakes in the previous merge (never trust xxdiff)
      python-setuptools[-native] 0.6c8 fix log usage bug
      Merge commit 'openembedded/' into
      [linux-openmoko] for official builds use defconfig in git
      [detect-stylus] install and package detect-tsdevice
      [firefox] working firefox for openmoko, from mamona with one fix from poky
      [linux-openmoko] fix bad merge that meant uImage didnt end up in kernel-image
      [linux-openmoko] stop the lack of /boot/uImage breaking devices
      [portaudio] make recipe not blow up, doesnt compile but at least bitbake
      [portaudio-v19] inherit pkgconfig to install .pc files
      [preferred-om-2008-versions] increment libogg
      [openmoko-feed] python-odeviced has been removed
      [gtk+] kill off gtk+-fastscaling
      Merge commit 'openembedded/' into
      [openmoko-feed] remove stuff doesnt build due to java/perl breakage
      [preffered-om-2008-versions] update some versions
      [preferred-om-2008-versions] remove bogus SRCREV lines for opkg #1686
      Revert "[preferred-om-2008-versions] remove bogus SRCREV lines for opkg #1686"
      [preferred-om-2008-versions] remove bogus opkg SRCREV entries
      [om-gta01] make sure g-ether is in image
      [om-gta02] we have large flash so load all modules
      [task-base] increment PR after modules changes
      [linux-openmoko] clean up the recipes
      [om-gta01] make sure g-ether is in image
      [om-gta02] we have large flash so load all modules
      [task-base] increment PR after modules changes
      [cpan] point PERL_ARCHLIB to perl-native, hint taken from xjqian OE
      [openmoko-feed] perl problems are fixed, re-enable gpsdrive
      [distro-feed-configs] set the right variables in openmoko.conf
      [sane-srcrevs] update OM kernel to something buildable
      [sane-srcrevs] update 2007.2 software stack versions
      [sane-srcrevs] increment xglamo to the rotation fixed version
      [openmoko-qtopia-x11] remove accidently merged asu task
      [qtopia-x11-image] didnt mean to merge ASU image
      [sane=srcrevs] update linux-openmoko to fetchable rev
      [openmoko-feed] correct some merge errors
      [bluez] update all to same version
      hal: create volatiles *after* creating the haldaemon user
      [python-setuptools] import a fix from OE which means we now have
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [openmoko-feed] add epdfview nice small pdf viewer
      [libsdl-image] new version 1.2.6, doesnt need autotools.patch
      [python-pygame] it seems libSDL-* stuff changed name sometime, catching
      [prefferred-om-versions] use the newer libSDL-image
      [openmoko-feed] add python-pygame
      Merge commit 'openembedded/' into
      [expedite] inherit e
      [prefferred-om-versions] uprev bluez stuff to what is available
      [sane-srcdates] remove EFL stuff accidently kept in merge
      [rootfs_?pk.bbclass] add -force-defaults to _ARGS to stop asking
      [bluez-utils-alsa] uprev and sync with OE
      [preferred-om-versions] increase libSDL version
      [python-pygame] fix the building with SDL
      [tasks/*asu*] merge in the asu tasks from ASU branch
      [alsa-scenario] fix the versions
      [connmann] fix the versions
      [openmoko-*-image] use the new asu tasks
      [diversity-daemon] fix the depends
      [enlazar] fix the versions
      [illume] merge in theme and config changes from ASU
      [om-settings] fix versions
      [app-restarter] fix versions
      [openmoko-set-root-password] fix versions
      [hal] remove old versions of hal and hal-info
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [xserver-kdrive-common] remove splash and vt1 from args
      Merge branch '' of /home/dp/openmoko/openmoko/ into
      [openmoko-feed] add gzip as some stuff like CPAN needs a real gzip
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge commit 'origin/' into
      [sane-srcrevs] update to ASU versions
      [python-etk] repair merge damge
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [openmoko-alsa-scenarios] update for new voip state
      [qtopia-phone-x11] fix PV to be higher than stable
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      Merge commit 'openembedded/' into
      SRCREV -> SRCPV in a number of new .bb files introduced in the merge
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [prefferred-om-versions] remove ffmpeg update gnash want git ffmpeg
      [ffmpeg] fix versioning and armv4 building for svn version
      [sane-srcrevs] remove the svn ffmpeg, we want git
      [ffmpeg] make default for openmoko
      [openmoko] change to .opk files
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [firefox] disable PARALLEL_MAKE as it breaks build
      [openmoko-feed] remove emacs as it doesnt build.
      Merge branch '' of /home/dp/openmoko/openmoko/ into
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [sane-srcrevs] update opkg to get 302 redirect bugfixe
      Merge branch '' of /home/dp/openmoko/openmoko/ into
      [wpa-supplicant] add the dbus service and conf files with a small patch
      Merge commit 'openembedded/' into
      [checksums.ini] add some new checksums
      [sane-srcrevs] update kernel, illume there, and python-etk revs
      [exquisite-theme-freerunner] dont inherit e as that tries to use
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [autorev] add tichy as an AUTOREV package
      [sane-srcrevs] add tichy update
      [accelges] PV fixes
      [remoko-server] PV fixes
      [remoko] PV fixes
      [smpeg] PV fixes
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [om-gta?.conf] remove old compatibility names that are no longer used.
      [distro-feed-config] PR bump due to machine changes
      [checksums] add new ones for liboil and schroedinger
      [prefferred-om-versions] update schroeding and liboil
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [efl] updates from E17 svn courtesy of raster so we can use later SRCREVS

gremlin at (2):
      linux-handhelds-2.6: Add defconfig for h3600.
      neuros osd: add machine and kernel for neuros OSD v1

Guillaume Chereau (1):
      apply john fix to

gwossum (4):
      binutils-2.17: Add AVR32 patch 1.2.6 from Atmel.
      gcc-4.2.2: Add AVR32 patch 1.0.9 from Atmel. Re-enable optimization for AVR32 now that we switched to gcc-4.2.2 with Atmel patches which has the ICE fixed.
      angstrom-2008.1.conf: Move AVR32 to gcc-4.2.2/binutils-2.17 which now has the Atmel AVR32 patches.

gwossum at (9):
      at32stk100, atngw100: fix the SERIAL_CONSOLE setting for the AT32STK1000 and ATNGW100 Fix issue with building (from uclibc-0.9.29).
      uclibc 0.9.29: Add avr32/uClibc.machine for uClibc-0.9.29.  With this patch you should now
      uclibc 0.9.29: Fix issue with AVR32 optimized string routines in uClibc.  bzero() would not
      gcc 4.2.1: update avr32 patches
      angstrom 2008: bump avr32 toolchain
      gcc 4.2.1: Fix ICE that occurs with AVR32 gcc, especially when compiling OpenSSH.
      strace: update avr32 support
      uclibc 0.9.29: Actually apply the uClibc-0.9.29 patch for the AVR32 bzero() issue

henryk.ploetz (1):
      libsdl-net: fix #2813

henryk at (11):
      mono: add recipe for building from svn
      mono: Remove obsolete files, update README
      openmoko-appmanager2: DEPENDS on libipkg from ipkg
      mono.bbclass: Stage all .dll files that have been packaged so that other packages can compile against them
      gtk-sharp: Inherit pkconfig to stage .pc files, so other packages can compile against gtk-sharp
      libgsmd: fix typo in last commit
      classes/angstrom-mirrors.bbclass: fix mirror regex
      conf/distro/openmoko.conf: Fix regex for the https case
      python-pygtk-2.10.4: Fix duplicate ${PN}-dev in PACKAGES
      python-pygtk: Remove more duplicate ${PN}-dev
      vte: Add missing DEPENDS

henryk at (8):
      mono-native fix up mono native compile and make mono depend on it
      mono-native add needed patch libdir patch
      mono added mono.bbclass, many changes required for packaging
      mono.bbclass: fix whitespace problem
      mono patch to use cpp from staging instead of host
      ipkg: fix long filenames
      gtk-sharp 2.10: add package
      mono: clean up packaging

hillct-oe at (1):
      logrotate 3.7.1: Eliminated hard coded paths, removed recommendation of gzip

Holger Freyther (20):
      Update Qtopia (picture changes) and change packaging of Qtopia
      [srcrev] Update diversity-daemon and diversity as of Jeremy's and Julian's request
      [diversity] Bump the PR as olv changed the upstream http file...
      [checksums] Add my sums for bash
      [checksums] Add my sums for curl
      [checksums] Add my sums for dbus
      [checksums] Add my sums for libtool
      [checksums] Add my sums for Pyrex
      [checksums] Add my sums for cython
      [checksums] Add my sums for rsync
      [checksums] Add my sums for setuptools
      [checksums] Add my sums for scowl
      [checksums] Add my sums for diversity-maps-providence
      [checksums] Add my sums for diversity-maps-taipei
      [qtopia] The images are jpeg now, also install the screenshots
      Merge branch 'org.openmoko.april-update' of git+ssh:// into org.openmoko.april-update
      [diversity] Bump the PR as olv changed the upstream http file...
      [checksums] Add my sums for Pyrex
      [checksums] Add my sums for libtool
      [checksums] Add my sums for scowl

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (575):
      tzdata: Write a default /etc/timezone, install a /etc/localtime
      Remove "Call Networks" and "Call Forwarding" as of the ASU Feature Plan
      [qtopia] Fix packaging and install the application icons again
      [e] Install the as config file
      [openmoko] Do not install the callhistory icon, it can be reached from the dialer
      [qtopia] Update Qtopia, build a version with timezone fixes
      [qtopia] The -app-data packages depend on the actual application
      [qtopia] Upgrade Qtopia and make it work with png AND/OR jpg images
      [qtopia] Do not install the qtopia-qasteroids.desktop as we don't have a binary for that
      [qtopia] Update Qtopia to get better icons for illume
      [sane-srcrev] Update illume and efl
      [e-wm] Do not show System;Settings categories for ASU/illume
      [qtopia] Upgrade and adjust packaging. More icons for Qtopia
      [openmoko] Install a small hint when a certain image was built and what was used
      [sane-srcrevs] Upgrade the kernel to the latest stable one
      [linux] Use defconfig-2.6.24 and make the kernel the same for gta01 and gta02 again
      [qtopia] More recent version to get the life-cycle of Qtopia fixed
      Use SRCPV instead of SRCREV
      [qtopia] Increase the Qtopia version
      [srcrev] Add revs for the etk ninja theme
      [srcrev] Build a more recent version of illume
      [srcdate] Bump the EFL SRCDATE to the 28th of May
      [qtopia] Fix packaging and install the application icons again : Install the as config file
      [openmoko] Do not install the callhistory icon, it can be reached from the dialer : Update Qtopia, build a version with timezone fixes
      [qtopia] The -app-data packages depend on the actual application : Upgrade Qtopia and make it work with png AND/OR
      [qtopia] Do not install the qtopia-qasteroids.desktop as we don't have a binary for that
      [qtopia] Update Qtopia to get better icons for illume
      [sane-srcrev] Update illume and efl
      [e-wm] Do not show System;Settings categories for ASU/illume
      [qtopia] Upgrade and adjust packaging. More icons for Qtopia
      [openmoko] Install a small hint when a certain image was built and what was used
      [sane-srcrevs] Upgrade the kernel to the latest stable one
      [qtopia] More recent version to get the life-cycle of Qtopia fixed
      [qtopia] Increase the Qtopia version
      [srcrev] Add revs for the etk ninja theme
      [srcrev] Build a more recent version of illume
      [srcdate] Bump the EFL SRCDATE to the 28th of May
      [x11] Make sure to set a HOME and LOGNAME when launching
      [qtopia] Allow to build Qtopia/X11 for gta01
      [qtopia] Add the Qtopia Xsession start script for gta01 as well
      [qtopia] We can now properly name the source directory do so
      [x11] Make sure to set a HOME and LOGNAME when launching
      [srcdate] Update efl
      [illume] Update to r111
      [qtopia] Upgrade to get a version with some new dbus interfaces needed for exposure
      [qtopia] We can now properly name the source directory do so
      [srcdate] Update efl
      [illume] Update to r111
      [qtopia] Upgrade to get a version with some new dbus interfaces needed for exposure
      [srcrev] Stable kernel upgrade
      [qtopia] Qtopia upgrade. Various server changes, fix the installpic script
      [checksums] Add the sums for libid3tag (different uri)
      [checksums] Add the sums for iptables 1.3.8
      [srcdate] Build a more recent version of efl (crashes are gone)
      [qtopia] Build a more recent version of Qtopia
      [srcrev] Stable kernel upgrade
      [qtopia] Qtopia upgrade. Various server changes, fix the installpic script
      [checksums] Add the sums for libid3tag (different uri)
      [checksums] Add the sums for iptables 1.3.8
      [srcdate] Build a more recent version of efl (crashes are gone)
      [qtopia] Build a more recent version of Qtopia
      [e] Make sure edbus is present.
      [xterm] Don't go backward with the PR and follow policy (having r in it)
      [evas] Bump the PR because the config changed
      Merge commit '6c573d4' into
      [e] Make sure edbus is present.
      [evas] Bump the PR because the config changed
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to have "Save to Contacts" fixed
      [srcrev] Upgrade ninja to get the Green bar selected animator
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to get animation changes
      [asu] Install the Openmoko Gtk+ theme to make gtk+ apps look like OM2007.2
      [om2007.2] Install the settings-daemon to better integrate Gtk+ applications
      [om2007.2] Install a package which contains the default config
      [splinter] Make sure we have an application icon
      [qtopia] systemtime uses worldtime pictures but they are not installed (#1463)
      [qtopia] Update Qtopia to get GSM work initiated by mwester
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to have "Save to Contacts" fixed
      [srcrev] Upgrade ninja to get the Green bar selected animator
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to get animation changes
      [qtopia] systemtime uses worldtime pictures but they are not installed (#1463)
      [qtopia] Update Qtopia to get GSM work initiated by mwester
      [srcrev] Upgrade the ninja theme to rev 5 as of ticks request
      [srcrev] As on ticks request upgrade opkg to 4488 to fix some segfaults
      [srcrev] Qtopia upgrade to have various bugfixes for regina
      [qtopia] helpbrowser couldn't find index.html (#1465)
      [srcrev] Upgrade splinter to r427 as of Jeremy's request
      [gdbus] Add libgdbus of moblin for connman
      [connman] Add connman as we want to use it for ASU/exposure
      [connman] Split the scripts and plugins into separate packages
      [connman] Package all d-bus services even if they have weird names
      [connman] Connman is using a lsb helper for init scripts that OE does not offer
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get various bugfxies
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to r34 to get profile, suspend, brightness changes
      [checksums] Add my sums for dbus-python
      [checksums] Add my sums for for wpa_supplicant
      [e17] bump version after rasters packaging changes
      [srcdates] Bump EFL to 17th of June 2007
      [task] Remove the Qtopia profile application because exposure offers a replacement
      [asu] Throw out NetworkManager and welcome ConnMan
      [checksums] Add my local sums for gmp-4.2.2
      [srcrev] Build exposure r35 to not call not wrapped etk methods
      [srcrev] Upgrade the ninja theme to rev 5 as of ticks request
      [srcrev] As on ticks request upgrade opkg to 4488 to fix some segfaults
      [srcrev] Qtopia upgrade to have various bugfixes for regina
      [qtopia] helpbrowser couldn't find index.html (#1465)
      [gdbus] Add libgdbus of moblin for connman
      [connman] Add connman as we want to use it for ASU/exposure
      [connman] Split the scripts and plugins into separate packages
      [connman] Package all d-bus services even if they have weird names
      [connman] Connman is using a lsb helper for init scripts that OE does not offer
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get various bugfxies
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to r34 to get profile, suspend, brightness changes
      [checksums] Add my sums for dbus-python
      [checksums] Add my sums for for wpa_supplicant
      [e17] bump version after rasters packaging changes
      [srcdates] Bump EFL to 17th of June 2007
      [task] Remove the Qtopia profile application because exposure offers a replacement
      [asu] Throw out NetworkManager and welcome ConnMan
      [srcrev] Build exposure r35 to not call not wrapped etk methods
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia with some minor callscreen bugfix
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia with some minor callscreen bugfix
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get SMS account fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get SMS account fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the softmenu rework. Some bugs should be fixed
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the softmenu rework. Some bugs should be fixed
      [qtopia] Remove -debug from the build and hope things get faster
      [srcrev] Upgrade kernel to get the a6k netdev fix
      [glamo] Update the origin of glamo, now hosted on
      [glamo] Put OE patches "upstream" and additonal keyboard fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get qLog changes and be able to set the time
      Compile with recent glibc,gcc,headers (e.g. fedora 9) Add a patch to dbus to properly compile on fedora 9.
      Make it work on fedora 9. "control.tar.gz" got listed as "`control.tar.gz" The root cause is somewhere else in the parser. So this is a workaround that will help to find the right file. opkg on the device should use the proper ar executable and that should be able to extract the right files.
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to get faster startup speed
      [srcrev] We want the experimental callhandling fixes from Qtopia
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to be launchable again
      [srcrev] Build a Qtopia version with Theme performance improvements
      [srcrev] Upgrade xglamo, it got a fix for extended keycodes.
      [connman] Make sure that connman gets started, do that after dbus is running
      [qtopia] Remove -debug from the build and hope things get faster
      [srcrev] Upgrade kernel to get the a6k netdev fix
      [glamo] Update the origin of glamo, now hosted on
      [glamo] Put OE patches "upstream" and additonal keyboard fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get qLog changes and be able to set the time
      Compile with recent glibc,gcc,headers (e.g. fedora 9) Add a patch to dbus to properly compile on fedora 9.
      Make it work on fedora 9. "control.tar.gz" got listed as "`control.tar.gz" The root cause is somewhere else in the parser. So this is a workaround that will help to find the right file. opkg on the device should use the proper ar executable and that should be able to extract the right files.
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to get faster startup speed
      [srcrev] We want the experimental callhandling fixes from Qtopia
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to be launchable again
      [srcrev] Build a Qtopia version with Theme performance improvements
      [srcrev] Upgrade xglamo, it got a fix for extended keycodes.
      [connman] Make sure that connman gets started, do that after dbus is running
      [qtopia] Use the gcc options that Trolltech might used for their gta01 build
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure, getting more close to a usable version again
      [netbase] Do not set a nameserver for the usb connection to help apps like assassin
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to r50
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure to r50
      [qtopia] Remove the callforwarding and phonesettings application from the image
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to a version with the massive painting changes
      [edbus Bump the PR after raster's change
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the callscreen/theme improvements
      [checksum] Add checksum of elfutils
      [checksum] Add prelink checksum for the normal mirror
      [python] Add pyxdg to use fdo specs from python
      [checksum] Add checksum for pyxdg, matches the debian source
      [srcrev/exposure] Upgrade exposure to have the xdg changes
      [qtopia] Remove the callforwarding and phonesettings application from the image
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to a version with the massive painting changes
      [edbus Bump the PR after raster's change
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the callscreen/theme improvements
      [checksum] Add checksum of elfutils
      [checksum] Add prelink checksum for the normal mirror
      [python] Add pyxdg to use fdo specs from python
      [checksum] Add checksum for pyxdg, matches the debian source
      [srcrev/exposure] Upgrade exposure to have the xdg changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to the latest stable kernel
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the various callscreen improvements
      [srcrev] Get the callscreen state transition fixes from Qtopia
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia. Revert micro optimisation and improved callhandling
      [srcrev] Upgrade splinter as of Chia-I Wu's request
      [task] Bump the PR of task-openmoko-feed to force a rebuild
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to 194 for GUI changed as requested by tick
      [assassin-thumbnail] Add tick's assassin-thumbnail recipe
      [openmoko feed] Add assassin-thumbnail to the openmoko feed
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get further improved call handling
      [qtopia] Disable parallel make for Qtopia, it is breaking...
      [initscripts] Fork the for Openmoko
      [initscripts] Remove ldconfig call from the initscript to gain a speed increase
      [glibc] Split up to allow to install other paths by other packages
      [qtopia] Install a hint for ldconfig to find the Qtopia directory
      Remove the ldconfig call from the right file. This revers/fixes up
      Merge commit 'origin/' into
      Move the banner change to a openmoko specific file. And remove stuff we don't use
      [srcrev] Attempt at a stable kernel update.
      [qtopia] Pipe the output of qpe through the "logger" utility
      [qtopia] The app to inform illume about incoming calls was never implemented, remove
      [qtopia] Remove the helpbrowser from the image. Qtopia should disable the Help entry
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to a version with various fixes
      [qtopia] Add a openmoko/ASU specific ring profile setting
      [qtopia] Use packagearch all for the openmoko profile data
      [srcrev] Upgrade stable kernel to get some more suspend/resume fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia for some cosmetic changes
      [qtopia/srcrev] Increase the SRCREV, remove the "active call" desktop entry
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to 198 for various bugfixes
      [ringtone] Make Ring Only what it says
      [srcrev] Upgrade splinter for bugfixes and animation changes as of Jeremy's request
      [srcrev] Upgrade assasin to benefit from various bug fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to latest stable
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the predictive keyboard and virtual keyboard changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade EFL to the 18th of July to get the virtual keyboard changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade illume to handle the showing/hiding of external virtual keyboards
      [qtopia] In a debug distro build enable logging
      [qtopia] Put the words.dawg into the main package so it gets installed
      [initscripts] Do not mix tabs and spaces, do not fail if the led-trigger is not available
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the CME ERROR: 512 modem dead detection
      [efl] Package efreet-trash separately to keep having a libefreet0
      [efl] To avoid future issues also set the LEAD_SONAME
      [sanity] Move the mmap_min_addr check out of arch == arm as ecj-initial fails
      [midori] Force linking to supc++ to avoid undefined symbols
      [task-openmoko-feed] Remove qtopia-phone as it does not build (gta02)
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add the critical minicom application to the feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add a good editor to the feed
      [u-boot-openmoko] Clean up, move the git rev to sane-srcrevs
      [u-boot-openmoko] Remove the old svn recipes
      [u-boot] Fix recipe parsing after the removal of the other u-boot recipes
      [iotop] Add iotop 0.2.1 to OpenEmbedded/Openmoko
      [iotop] Make the installed package work
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add python-gst
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add iotop to the feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add pdf viewers to the feed
      Merge commit 'origin/' into
      [djvulibre] Build without the Qt based viewer due the usage of Qtopia
      [srcdate] Bump the EFL version.
      [srcrev] Bump the illume rev to get a version that will use the Qtopia keyboard
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel, SDCLK and various other fixes are included
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get a better ringtone, ringtone delay, callscreen fixes...
      [packagekit] Disable generation of the docbook
      [srcrev] Upgrade our kernel, some more charging patches done by andy
      [app-restarter] Add the little helper utility to the OpenEmbedded/Openmoko metadata
      [qtopia] Use the app-restarter in case the Qtopia process exits
      [iotop] Actually remove the and site.pyo from the package
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to the latest stable kernel
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the various callscreen improvements
      [srcrev] Get the callscreen state transition fixes from Qtopia
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia. Revert micro optimisation and improved callhandling
      [task] Bump the PR of task-openmoko-feed to force a rebuild
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to 194 for GUI changed as requested by tick
      [assassin-thumbnail] Add tick's assassin-thumbnail recipe
      [openmoko feed] Add assassin-thumbnail to the openmoko feed
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get further improved call handling
      [qtopia] Disable parallel make for Qtopia, it is breaking...
      [initscripts] Fork the for Openmoko
      [initscripts] Remove ldconfig call from the initscript to gain a speed increase
      [glibc] Split up to allow to install other paths by other packages
      [qtopia] Install a hint for ldconfig to find the Qtopia directory
      Remove the ldconfig call from the right file. This revers/fixes up
      Move the banner change to a openmoko specific file. And remove stuff we don't use
      [srcrev] Attempt at a stable kernel update.
      [qtopia] Pipe the output of qpe through the "logger" utility
      [qtopia] The app to inform illume about incoming calls was never implemented, remove
      [qtopia] Remove the helpbrowser from the image. Qtopia should disable the Help entry
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to a version with various fixes
      [qtopia] Add a openmoko/ASU specific ring profile setting
      [qtopia] Use packagearch all for the openmoko profile data
      [srcrev] Upgrade stable kernel to get some more suspend/resume fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia for some cosmetic changes
      [qtopia/srcrev] Increase the SRCREV, remove the "active call" desktop entry
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to 198 for various bugfixes
      [ringtone] Make Ring Only what it says
      [srcrev] Upgrade assasin to benefit from various bug fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to latest stable
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the predictive keyboard and virtual keyboard changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade EFL to the 18th of July to get the virtual keyboard changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade illume to handle the showing/hiding of external virtual keyboards
      [qtopia] In a debug distro build enable logging
      [qtopia] Put the words.dawg into the main package so it gets installed
      [initscripts] Do not mix tabs and spaces, do not fail if the led-trigger is not available
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the CME ERROR: 512 modem dead detection
      [efl] Package efreet-trash separately to keep having a libefreet0
      [efl] To avoid future issues also set the LEAD_SONAME
      [midori] Force linking to supc++ to avoid undefined symbols
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add the critical minicom application to the feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add a good editor to the feed
      [iotop] Add iotop 0.2.1 to OpenEmbedded/Openmoko
      [iotop] Make the installed package work
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add python-gst
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add iotop to the feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add pdf viewers to the feed
      [djvulibre] Build without the Qt based viewer due the usage of Qtopia
      [srcdate] Bump the EFL version.
      [srcrev] Bump the illume rev to get a version that will use the Qtopia keyboard
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel, SDCLK and various other fixes are included
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get a better ringtone, ringtone delay, callscreen fixes...
      [packagekit] Disable generation of the docbook
      [srcrev] Upgrade our kernel, some more charging patches done by andy
      [app-restarter] Add the little helper utility to the OpenEmbedded/Openmoko metadata
      [qtopia] Use the app-restarter in case the Qtopia process exits
      [iotop] Actually remove the and site.pyo from the package
      [om2007.2] Install a package which contains the default config
      [srcrev] Upgrade app-restarter and fix the PV also bump PE
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get some predictive keyboard changes (input symbol keys, show/hide it)
      [srcrev] Upgrade xglamo to get a bugfix for #1533 (bracket instead of 7 shown)
      [srcrev] Upgrade opkg get the user.c fix to use va_start/va_end around vsprintf
      [srcrev] Upgrade app-restarter and fix the PV also bump PE
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get some predictive keyboard changes (input symbol keys, show/hide it)
      [srcrev] Upgrade xglamo to get a bugfix for #1533 (bracket instead of 7 shown)
      [srcrev] Upgrade opkg get the user.c fix to use va_start/va_end around vsprintf
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia. Get tick's and jeremy's fixes (ringtone latency, keyboard fixes)
      [srcrev] assassin update, mem leak fixes
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add the important xprop, xev and xwinfo utilities
      [e-wm] Package the efm files somewhere else. we don't want to see firefox... and such
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin. Change font, size and wording of dialogs
      [task-openmoko-feed] Put mc, gpsd and devmem2 into the feed two
      [srcdate] Upgrade EFL to a date/time to really get today's version
      [efl] Bump the PR of efl users to force a rebuild
      [dhcp] Apply patch to make a null pointer warning/error go away
      [bluez] Rework packaging of bluez-utils and bluez-utils-alsa (only provide asound pcm plugins)
      [bluez-utils] Package the gstreamer audio modules
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add bluez-utils-alsa to the feed
      [srcrev] Upgrade opkg to get fixes for memory management
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia. Get tick's and jeremy's fixes (ringtone latency, keyboard fixes)
      [srcrev] assassin update, mem leak fixes
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add the important xprop, xev and xwinfo utilities
      [e-wm] Package the efm files somewhere else. we don't want to see firefox... and such
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin. Change font, size and wording of dialogs
      [task-openmoko-feed] Put mc, gpsd and devmem2 into the feed two
      [srcdate] Upgrade EFL to a date/time to really get today's version
      [efl] Bump the PR of efl users to force a rebuild
      [dhcp] Apply patch to make a null pointer warning/error go away
      [bluez] Rework packaging of bluez-utils and bluez-utils-alsa (only provide asound pcm plugins)
      [bluez-utils] Package the gstreamer audio modules
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add bluez-utils-alsa to the feed
      [srcrev] Upgrade opkg to get fixes for memory management
      [bashism] Move away from pushd/popd as it is only available for bash
      [srcrev] Upgrade Xglamo to get Xinerama fix needed for Qtopia
      [sudoku] Use SRCPV instead of SRCREV in the asu branch
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia, two ATD related changes for testing
      [opk] Prepare to switch over to the "opk" fileending
      [opk] First set of function name renaming
      [opkg-utils] Add svn version of these tools
      [packaging] Continue with the opk renaming
      [asu] Create ASU/Om2008.8 task and image (to ease removing Qtopia from it)
      [package-index] Make it work with ipk and opk...
      [srcrev] Upgrade diversity-daemon as of olv's request for wifi changes
      [openmoko] Back that accidental change out.
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get some bugfixes and semi experimental changes
      [illume] Allow people to easily replace the illume edje files
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia for various changes to SIM/modem handling
      [exposure] Add patch to make r62 build
      [connman] Connman needs libhal to build, make sure it is there
      [opk] Fix the image files that passed IPKG_ARGS
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get Julian's mediaplayer.desktop change
      [exposure] The patch is not needed so remove it.
      [openmoko] Add python-gst to the feed.
      [openmoko] Put tcpdump, gdb and lsof into the feed
      [srcrev] Stable kernel upgrade. g-ether is now a module, beware
      [openmoko] Fix the feed configuration
      [srcrev] Qtopia upgrade, some reverts, some more modem initialisation and PIN dialog work
      [qtopia-phone] Add a package for assassin to enable debug output
      [om-gta02] Do not generate yaffs2 due size issues
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to avoid packagekitd races
      [app-restarter] Add X11 to the dependencies.
      [openmoko] Add a Gtk+ utility to set the root password
      [task-openmoko] Add the Qtopia debug helper and root password utility
      [openmoko] Add the matchbox-keyboard-im gtk+ modules for keyboard input
      [dbus] Bump the PR after the update-rc change as we know dbus benefits from it
      [srcrev] Upgrade linux-openmoko to get the charging indicator fix
      [srcrev] Use the latest stable u-boot.
      [bashism] Move away from pushd/popd as it is only available for bash
      [sudoku] Use SRCPV instead of SRCREV in the asu branch
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia, two ATD related changes for testing
      [opk] Prepare to switch over to the "opk" fileending
      [opk] First set of function name renaming
      [opkg-utils] Add svn version of these tools
      [packaging] Continue with the opk renaming
      [asu] Create ASU/Om2008.8 task and image (to ease removing Qtopia from it)
      [package-index] Make it work with ipk and opk...
      [srcrev] Upgrade diversity-daemon as of olv's request for wifi changes
      [openmoko] Back that accidental change out.
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get some bugfixes and semi experimental changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia for various changes to SIM/modem handling
      [exposure] Add patch to make r62 build
      [opk] Fix the image files that passed IPKG_ARGS
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get Julian's mediaplayer.desktop change
      [exposure] The patch is not needed so remove it.
      [openmoko] Add python-gst to the feed.
      [openmoko] Put tcpdump, gdb and lsof into the feed
      [srcrev] Qtopia upgrade, some reverts, some more modem initialisation and PIN dialog work
      [qtopia-phone] Add a package for assassin to enable debug output
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to avoid packagekitd races
      [app-restarter] Add X11 to the dependencies.
      [openmoko] Add a Gtk+ utility to set the root password
      [task-openmoko] Add the Qtopia debug helper and root password utility
      [openmoko] Add the matchbox-keyboard-im gtk+ modules for keyboard input
      [srcrev] Use the latest stable u-boot.
      [illume] Remove the leftover from the stable release
      [srcrev] Upgrade Xglamo with Chris Ball's xrandr patch
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia with various GSM stability fixes
      [linux-openmoko] Remove the evbug removal as it was removed upstream too
      [srcrev] Upgrade the linux kernel to the latest stable version
      [srcrev] Upgrade opkg-utils-native to get tick's Size fixes #1803
      [srcrev] Upgrade u-boot to the latest stable version
      [ecore] Fix DEPENDS to make the build deterministic
      [evas] Fix DEPENDS to make the build deterministic
      [srcrev] Upgrade to the latest stable kernel (hardware ecc preparations)
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add navit to the feed
      [checksums] Add checksums for alsa-oss
      [checksums] Add checksums for djvulibre
      [checksums] Add checksums for dotconf
      [checksums] Add checksums for espeak
      [checksums] Add checksums for flite
      [checksums] Add checksums for navit
      [checksums] Add checksums for portaudio
      [checksums] Add checksums for speech-dispatcher
      tzdata: Write a default /etc/timezone, install a /etc/localtime
      [tasks-openmoko-asu] Split out connman and gtk+ to save for gta01
      [tasks] Set PACKAGE_ARCH so it has an effect
      [tasks] Remove ALLOW_EMPTY=1 as task.bbclass is already setting that
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia with various GSM stability fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade opkg-utils-native to get tick's Size fixes #1803
      [srcrev] Upgrade u-boot to the latest stable version
      [ecore] Fix DEPENDS to make the build deterministic
      [openmoko] Fix the feed configuration
      [checksums] Add checksums for djvulibre
      [checksums] Add checksums for dotconf
      [checksums] Add checksums for flite
      [checksums] Add checksums for navit
      [checksums] Add checksums for portaudio
      [checksums] Add checksums for speech-dispatcher
      [checksums] Add libgpewidget 0.117 to the checksums
      [preferred versions] Build 0.117 of 0.115 of libgpewidget to fix segfault at crash
      [checksums] Add KoboDeluxe to the checksums
      [checksums] Add xwininfo to the checksums
      [checksums] Add gst-python to the checksums
      [espeak] Add portaudio-v19 to the depends so linking is working
      [srcrev] Upgrade linux-openmoko to get some accelerometers changes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to see if #1766 (No Network) is fixed
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to get the sensor fixes from Andrzej and Andy
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the SMS and phonebook on reset fix
      [checksums] Add numptyphysics_setup.tgz checksums..
      [hal] Remove commented out things we have a SCM to recover it
      [hal] Move almost everything into the file
      [hal] Create and share it with the releases
      [hal] Add latest hal and hal-info
      [preferred versions] Build hal 0.5.11 and recent hal-info
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get a version that sends the noise reduction command
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to hopefully fix the cross build
      [preferred versions] Upgrade gdb to 6.8 because of #1890
      [hal] Remove commented out things we have a SCM to recover it
      [hal] Move almost everything into the file
      [hal] Create and share it with the releases
      [hal] Add latest hal and hal-info
      [preferred versions] Build hal 0.5.11 and recent hal-info
      [hal] Remove commented out things we have a SCM to recover it
      [hal] Move almost everything into the file
      [hal] Create and share it with the releases
      [hal] Add latest hal and hal-info
      [preferred versions] Build hal 0.5.11 and recent hal-info
      [preferred versions] Upgrade gdb to 6.8 because of #1890
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin as of tick's request
      [task-openmoko-asu] Bump PR after we have made some changes to the content
      Merge commit 'origin/' into
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get Charlie's fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade om-settings to r71 for wifi and profile changes
      [ffmpeg] SRCREV make it work with BB_GIT_CLONE_FOR_SRCREV
      [linux-kaiser] Set a SRCREV for linux-kaiser
      [srcrev] Upgrade linux-openmoko to a rev that exists now...
      [vlc-davinci] Fix the SRCREV usage
      [base] Autodetect the SCM and add listing of git repositories
      [PackageVersion] Remove the abuse from the PV variable
      [naming policy] If we build a specific revision from a SCM have a "r" after the SCM name
      [srcrev] Upgrade to Qtopia to be able to show the findbar in the addressbook app
      [srcrev] Upgrade diversity/om-locations as of Chia-I Wu's request
      moblin-proto: Fix PV line
      linux-omap: Fix PV... do not do these hacks
      [srcrev] Add one for ohm
      [srcrev] Add a SRCREV for moblin-proto
      [e-wm] Fix the DESCRIPTION as of
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia, Erin's, Charlie's and a user patch
      [etk] Bump the PR of two ETK consumers after the recent change
      [connman] Use the http protocol to be able to git-clone/git-fetch connman
      [libgdbus] Use the right git server, use the right protocol
      [moblin-proto] Use the right git server
      [srcrev] Upgrade exposure on marek's request
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia with various "search changes"
      [tasks] connman plugin packages got renamed, catch up
      [misc] Use ln -sf to overwrite an existing link
      [checksums] Add curl 7.18.2
      [checksums] Add alternative fakeroot source
      [checksums] Add alternative directfb 1.1.0 location
      [checksums] Add bluez-hcidump 1.42
      [checksums] Add alternative rsync location
      Revert "[task-openmoko-feed] Add python-pyqt into Openmoko Feed"
      Revert "[task-openmoko-feed] Add python-pyqt into Openmoko Feed"
      Revert "[task-openmoko-feed] Add python-sip into Openmoko Feed"
      [checksums] Add SDL image 1.2.6
      [checksums] Add libmodplug 1.8
      [checksums] Add speex 1.2rc1
      [checksums] Add pygame 1.8.1
      [checksums] Add PyYAML 3.05
      [checksums] Add alternative fbreader source
      [checksums] Add xournal
      [checksums] Add om-maps hong kong
      [checksums] Add asterisk 1.4.17
      [checksums] Add alternate xvnc source
      [checksums] Add sip 4.7.7
      [base.bbclass] Make it fatal if no entry in checksums.ini exist
      [squeak] Remove unbuildable old version of the squeak vm
      [task-openmoko-feed] Put back the java stuff
      [swt] We will need jni.h of GNU classpath to build
      [site-conf] Add the tests for the squeak vm
      [squeak] Attempt to add squeak 3.10-1
      [squeak] Use a regenrated configure file, build against ffi
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get two bugfixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia with two main changes
      [qtopia] Remove LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the profile
      [qtopia] Qtopia/X11 is now assigning keycode's on the fly
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get GSM Sleep/#1024 changes and keyboard fixes
      [qtopia] Split out the new libqtopiainputmethod library
      [qtopia] Split out the predictive and stylus keyboard
      [qtopia] Add the keyboard applications to the task
      [tasks] Set PACKAGE_ARCH after inherit task
      [ompower] Ompower executes xset and needs to find the display
      [qtopia] Add a broken default so 89qtopia is present for everyone
      [srcrev] Qtopia upgrade, CUSD, SLEEP, keyboard
      [qtopia] Build default by default
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get a build fix
      Revert "[qtopia] Remove LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the profile"
      [prelink] Add recent version of prelink
      [preferred versions] Upgrade inputproto to 1.4.4 for the xserver 1.5 releases
      [checksums] Add inputproto 1.4.4 to the checksum list
      bluemchen wiese: Allow to disable certain ugly packages globally
      python-pygame: Blacklist smpeg and build pygame without smpeg
      enterprise: Blacklist ffmpeg and mplayer too
      gnash: Build without ffmpeg
      bitbake.conf: Disable fortify for host tool builds
      gstreamer_0.10.17: Work around glibc bug with dlopen
      debianutils_2.30: Add this version and make it default for openmoko
      task-openmoko-feed:  Add various full blown tools to escape from busybox
      checksums.ini: Add mkfontscale 1.0.5 to it
      checksums.ini: Add font-util 1.0.1
      checksums.ini: Add bdftopcf 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-alias 1.0.1
      checksums.ini: Add font-xfree86-type1 1.0.1
      checksums.ini: Add font-winitzki-cyrillic 1.0.0
      libxfont-native: Do not provide xfont...
      checksums.ini: Add font-sony-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-sun-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-screen-cyrillic 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-mutt-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-schumacher-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-misc-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-misc-cyrillic 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-misc-ethiopic 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-misc-meltho 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-micro-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-jis-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-ibm-type1 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add font-isas-misc 1.0.0
      checksums.ini: Add a bunch of font checksums
      task-openmoko-feed: Add a bunch of Xorg server side fonts
      tasks-openmoko-feed: Add wget for werner
      task-openmoko-feed: Use task-proper-tools as pointed out by Koen
      fso-gpsd: Do not RREPLACE gpsd as of
      task-openmoko-feed: Add wmiconfig to the feed
      netkit-telnet: Add a telnet package...
      task-openmoko-feed: Add netkit-telnet to the task
      tichy: This project moved from svn to git, catch up
      bind: Add bind version 9.3.6
      task-openmoko-feed: Add bind-utils to the feed
      coreutils: Build and package df of coreutils

hrw at (1):
      opkg: sync with poky, based on patches from

hrw at (1775):
      replaced lzma patch with CRLF version which is needed
      added module-init-tools 3.2-pre7
      updated kdepimpi to 2.1.12
      added dtl1_cs patch to get Socket CF+ Rev.E autoloaded with pcmciautils (patch sent upstream)
      added pcmciautils 005
      merge of 2c175103edd16989707cafa26c364d4c836c78f1
      added sysfsutils 1.3.0
      merge of 5c4d556f091e882c9014ef703c500aed62f7c8f0
      updated kdepimpi to 2.1.13
      updated kdepimpi to 2.1.16
      added MIPS related change to gcc4.patch - now it is buildable if host system
      added zlib 1.2.3
      merge of 91b0af10527652528b88682f4fc9a481225a11c2
      staged m4 macros which are needed by arpwatch to build
      merge of 3e6fa3a7826f139009a84b5f7f5a8ad4798c8b88
      merge of d23fa20efa477539bb55a99c02a96896167f1c2b
      initscripts: added two new keys to c7x0 keymap:
      fixed SRC_URI for libxlst 1.1.7
      fixed SRC_URI for fbui
      updated regex-markup to 0.10.0 as 0.9.0 is not fetchable
      merge of 80f30ae21237b71a9c041da46d5aab2ee7aeec6f
      oops.. upstream link to source was named 0.9.14b but it was to archive with 0.9.14c
      updated etherpuppet to 0.2
      putty switched to Subversion some time ago
      updated gkrellm to 2.2.7
      fixed SRC_URI for tda1004x-firmware
      fixed SRC_URI for lmbench
      fixed SRC_URI for sparse
      updated libssh to 0.11
      switched to fetching source from Debian 'stable' + patch from Debian to get it build with gcc 3.4
      t1lib: changed SRC_URI to Debian mirrors (it is in 'stable' so will be fetchable for years
      merge of cd42ec314bd37793cf241d63236ff65f5851c99e
      added gtk-industrial-engine
      fixed SRC_URI for gnokii
      updated to Debian 0.5.2-6 as 0.5.2-4 is not fetchable
      updated memtester to 4.0.5
      merge of cf227662bf5075a64cb22a8e517fa3a4ed9a6b45
      fixed SRC_URI for python-imdbpy
      merge of 6b7fc0bd3ea1ea989db0c0fcde52be00258cc1b4
      drop dgen-sdl 1.18 - it is unfetchable and whole project is non maintained by upstream
      updated slotsig to 0.6
      merge of e1fcdfd9f2f2a7a6141992636e1bf716a50644d3
      fixed SRC_URI for inputpipe, changed PV to something more normal
      added arpwatch 2.1a13 with some patches taken from Debian
      merge of 85ab954bb82c2414794b5e63feca7970416e1156
      fixed SRC_URI for linux-geodegx
      updated rsync to 2.6.5
      updated offlineimap to 4.0.9 from Debian 'stable'
      added ipkg 0.99.152
      fixed SRC_URI for python-scapy
      simplify ipkg(-native) structure
      added forgotten files to ipkg
      fixed SRC_URI for prism2-firmware-update
      added hdparm 6.1
      dropped older versions of hdparm (not fetchable anyway)
      fixed SRC_URI for gchub-module
      updated to 1:8.1.2-0.20040524cvs-4 from Debian 'stable'
      marked as BROKEN - it is unfetchable now as Debian use 0.6.7 even in 'sarge'
      marked as BROKEN - it is unfetchable
      marked as BROKEN - upstream is at 4.22 now and patches do not apply
      marked as BROKEN - patch is not fetchable
      fixed SRC_URI for dhclient
      fixed SRC_URI for dhcp 3.0.2 (3.0.3 is available)
      marked totem 0.99.15 as BROKEN - it is not fetchable
      added totem 0.101 - BROKEN due to lack of 'libnautilus-burn' package (or option to disable it)
      updated dpkg 1.10.* to 1.10.28 (Debian 'stable' version)
      fixed SRC_URI with part of patch from bug#191
      fixed SRC_URI for gtk2-ssh-askpass 0.3 - I set it to Polish Gentoo mirror
      c7x0 keymap changes:
      added uinput and keybdev modules into collie kernel to allow usage of kbdd
      regenerated poodle defconfig for 2.4.18 - no changes applied
      added uinput and keybdev modules into poodle kernel to allow usage of kbdd
      revert CMDLINE in collie defconfig to note
      updated kdepimpi to 2.1.18
      added hostap-modules 0.3.9
      updated DejaVu (TrueType) font to 1.13
      updated kdepimpi to 2.2.2
      updated gammu to 1.02.0
      updated ttf-dejavu to snapshot with fixed Mono faces
      merge of 22ca4fd70d5673f7122ddd1ac0a7874b737c1dc6
      ttf-dejavu: changed PV to get 1.13-snapshot newer then 1.13
      added 'add_event.patch' to get hostap-modules working with 2.6.12+ kernels - close bug #231
      added sword 1.5.8
      merge of 0b249bb9453266c79a3b51dcf685ec09b9d9f554
      opie-i18n: package opie-dict-en also
      merge of 2819920094dca747f14618a39af7015cd0241b2d
      linux-oz: added info from upstream about future of dtl1_cs-add-socket-revE.patch
      added hostap modules 0.4.4 (development version which works with kernel 2.6.13)
      updated pcmciautils to 007
      removed old versions of pcmciautils
      added hostap-daemon 0.4.4 (development version)
      added hostap-utils 0.4.0 (development version)
      updated kdepim/pi to 2.2.3
      fixed typo in conf/zaurus-clamshell-2.6.conf
      ttf-dejavu: archive mirrored on my account on - close bug#272
      updated debianutils to 2.14.3 (current 'sid' version)
      added ipkg 0.99.153 which fix problem with Provides: support (needed when using PARALLEL_INSTALL_MODULES)
      merge of 3ca788a65aef8d771564894175d04f8e315091fb
      drop all old versions of ipkg
      python-gnosis: fixed SRC_URI - partially close bug#279
      mtd-utils: switched back to CVS with fixed CVSDATE
      simplify libopieobex recipes
      opie-console: added 'opie-keytabs' to DEPENDS
      opie-embeddedkonsole: added 'opie-keytabs' into DEPENDS
      added sqlite 3.2.5
      merge of 945d26824bc94348e306d9812e110b32ec79fcd9
      upgraded DejaVu fonts in QPF format to 1.13-20050820 snapshot)
      added busybox 1.01
      ipkg: added my fast fix to get ipkg 0.99.153 working
      openzaurus-pxa:ported APM fix from collie kernel
      merge of 44e8475fbbcb9d102706a96d952948b2bdbfe12d
      reversed (R)DEPENDS in opie-freetype and opie-ttf-support:
      collie.conf: removed few not needed kernel modules:
      handhelds-common.conf: removed uinput kernel module
      disapproval of revision df55dfa120c7e309713e729dcd552f9e207de952
      added libetpan 0.38 - based on patch supplied by Frederic Devernay
      merge of 444d1a1c1d3bc630ab21c03a79787f3d2351a40b
      added gnutls 1.0.25
      merge of 120e5d123e8915df8c4bcc5ba02bd1812a289f9b
      opie-image: added opie-freetype into OPIE_BASE
      initscripts: added keymaps definitions for collie and poodle
      opie-reader: update common part with stuff from CVS version
      opie-mediaplayer1: backport fix from CVS
      opie-packagemanager: drop ipkg-fix.patch which was applied upstream
      opie-mediaplayer2: fix-switch-yuv2rgb_arm2.patch was applied upstream set PV to 1.2.1 as it is now available in CVS
      OPIE applets: fix postinst() to not be used during image create
      meta-sdl: added more stuff which use SDL and not SDL/QPE
      meta-opie & opie-image restructure (bug#307)
      synchronized opie-kdepim-image with last changes to opie-image
      gnuz: switched from generating levels during build to pregenerated ones
      meta-opie-all: added gnuz into task-qpe-games
      merge of 4971c75b1b9a6e41c9989e488a272d42ceae8635
      opie-mediaplayer2: moved opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default from RDEPENDS to DEPENDS
      opie-wellenreiter: backported fontfix from OPIE CVS
      added ipkg 0.99.154
      ttf-dejavu: upgraded to 1.14
      meta-opie: added opie-freetype into task-opie-base
      qpf-dejavu: updated to 1.14
      qt/e 2.3.10: changes for MACHINE="native":
      opie-pimconverter: fixed dependency on both SQLite versions
      meta-opie: cleaned dependencies on openobex
      added libxine 1.1.0 - someone more familiar with assembly should check it
      openzaurus-pxa kernel: added APM fix for 'suspend on right-arrow' problem
      openzaurus-pxa for poodle: added possibility to build kernel for PXA250 and PXA255
      openzaurus-pxa: update APM patch to apply correct also for TOSA
      added coreutils 5.3.0
      added corsair 0.2.0 - RSS aggregator for Qtopia
      meta-opie: add BT and WiFi tools to task-opie-base
      orinoco-modules: moved spectrum.conf and spectrum_fw.h (firmware) into files/
      hostap-modules: added few cards into hostap_cs.conf
      orinoco-modules: added one card into spectrum.conf
      pcmcia-cs: added two cards into network.conf
      fixed orinoco-modules 0.13e build after last change
      hostap-modules: added two more cards
      sqlite3: added 3.2.7 version
      merge of 4b3d9cdde8aef8881f08d4d4331b3936af9c78a4
      ttf-dejavu: update to newer snapshot - this close bug#365
      opie-image: add irda and BT tools - close #369
      Two changes to sourcepkg.class:
      meta-opie: added opie-alarm to DEPENDS
      openzaurus-sa, openzaurus-pxa, opensimpad-2.4.xx: fix SRC_URI of openswan kernel patch
      merge of 43ac6cf3fe43c95b123d6d6cef025463fe86d845
      libopieobex0: added missing DEPENDS on openobex-apps
      jlime-shrek.conf: fix typo - close bug #397
      opie-datebook: backported fix for opie bug#1707 from CVS
      opie-datebook: forgotten patch for opie-datebook 1.2.1
      opie-stumbler: new application for scanning WiFi networks
      collie.conf: set orinoco-modules 0.13e as preferred version
      dhcp: added patch to fix build problem - close bug #400
      bluez-hcidump: added 1.26 (close bug #398)
      DejaVu fonts: upgraded to 1.15 (both TrueType and QPF versions)
      gammu: updated to 1.03.0
      pcmcia-cs: cleaned pcmcia config file - close bug #364
      opie-console 1.2.1: CVS backported patch for OPIE bug #1686
      opie-backup 1.2.1: CVS backported patch for OPIE bug #1492
      opie-button-settings 1.2.1: CVS backported patch for OPIE bug #1624
      opie-appearance 1.2.1: CVS backported patch - add settings for icon sizes
      opie-console 1.2.1: CVS backported patch for OPIE bug #1647
      openzaurus-3.5.4.conf: tweaked feeds list to use DISTRO_VERSION and added upgrades/${MACHINE} feed
      python: fixed SRC_URI for 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.4.0, 2.4.2 versions - fixed #407
      nano: upgraded development version to 1.3.9
      nano: fixed SRC_URI for 1.2.1 release
      opie-notes: added version 0.3 and CVS
      asterisk: fixed SRC_URI
      diethotplug: fixed SRC_URI
      directfb: fixed SRC_URI
      dfb++: fixed SRC_URI
      dnsmasq: fixed SRC_URI for 2.11 version
      libxml: fixed SRC_URI for 2.6.7, 2.6.9 versions
      cyrus-imapd: fixed SRC_URI for 2.2.5 version
      cyrus-sasl: fixed SRC_URI for 2.1.17, 2.1.18 versions
      dash: get debian patch from
      enscript: switched SRC_URI to Debian mirrors
      libelf: fixed SRC_URI to new location
      opie-notes: upgraded to 0.4
      opie-appearance 1.2.1: updated CVS backport of icon size settings
      kdepimpi: upgraded to 2.2.7 (current testing)
      opie-launcher-settings: fixed SRC_URI to HANDHELDS_CVS
      opie-mediaplayer1-libmpeg3plugin: fixed SRC_URI to HANDHELDS_CVS
      merge of 6fca06e20d50764f7e51708275124a30ef3b8500
      merge of e25895d0b5e8a86707eba051a810b2bd0c1c113d
      vim: added 6.4
      vim 6.4: reorganization and split into more packages
      openttd: upgraded to
      corsair: package takeover, cleaning, patching fixed versions for opie-lockapplet and opie-icon-reload
      ttf-gentium: added Gentium TrueType font version 1.01 (license allow to distribute but not to changes)
      ttf-hunkyfonts: Added version 0.3.0 (common for ttf-fonts/ttf-*.bb) updated
      qpf-hunky(sans|serif): changed License to LGPL
      collie.conf: added altboot to base system
      DejaVu fonts: updated to version 2.0 (both TrueType and QPF versions)
      ntp 4.2.0: fixed build problem with gcc 4.x
      meta-opie: removed usbutils from DEPENDS as nothing in OPIE use it. Machines with USB Host function should depend on it in their machine config.
      merge of 5df1387cd8c625374e63d4615c0507cf6c6a45c0
      ntp 4.2.0: added workaround for IPv6 problem on 2.4.18 machines
      opie-pcmciaapplet: backported fix from CVS - use 'activate' as default
      opie-aboutapplet: backport from CVS: added Marcin 'Hrw' Juszkiewicz to authors
      hdparm: updated to 6.3 - close #471
      at 3.1.8, atd 0.70: make them conflict/replace each other - close #470
      gmp 4.1.4: added asm fix for sh4 provided by Jamie Lenehan - close #469
      libnet moved from nonworking by Jamie Lenehan - close #467
      package.bbclass: added support for preinst/prerm actions - patch by Jamie Lenehan
      merge of 82395a95d15315d08913d7db8bca623b608fd94c
      merge of cea2e905efcc547c29cbeeb5cf1c21624a03e1d7
      libnet updated packaging
      console-tools: added kbd_mode patch to change keyboard repeat rate
      initscripts: fix CapsLock in 2.6 keymaps for Zaurus clamshells
      merge of 158afdd838b31df26f6951d343eb64d7a3eb3909
      lirc 0.7.1: added X11 dependencies, moved X11 stuff to lirc-x - close #330
      lirc: fixed path to daemons in initscripts - close #453
      yamonenv, nylon-scripts, nylon-statistics, logrotate-script: fixed SRC_URI
      dbh: fix problem with linking - patch by Guillermo Juárez - close #394
      sudo: upgrade to 1.6.8p12 due to CVE-2005-1993
      module-init-tools: upgraded to 3.2.1
      qte 2.3.10: set proper keyboard on Simpad - patch from Frederic Devernay
      disapproval of revision '1836da10f903d9ee68a7255b7a5d899128f4f43c'
      lirc 0.7.1: fix DEPENDS - close bug #514
      linux-openzaurus 2.6.14+2.6.15-rc5: fixed typo in c7x0 defconfig
      ALSA upgraded to 1.0.10 (lib, oss, tools, utils)
      linux-openzaurus: added KERNEL_RELEASE to get module dependencies generated
      module-init-tools: upgraded to 3.2.2, removed all versions older then 3.2.1
      DejaVu font: updated to 2.1 (both TrueType and QPF format)
      merge of 4264a3481fbafe5152b995ab34011c0af9c1461d
      bluez-utils: added "Socket Rev. G" card to pcmcia/bluetooth.conf - close #539
      netkit-base: switched to update-rc.d bbclass - close #544
      links: fixed SRC_URI
      merge of a818dc636cf9c113650aea6ea99075dc8cedaff0
      dropbear: added security fix for 0.45 and 0.46 versions
      dropbear: added 0.47
      merge of 0619253ce15b0299b9eff713880777d377f81ae3
      opie-bluepin: change APPTYPE to binary to get package correct
      debianutils: updated 2.14.3 to 2.15.2 (current 'sid' one)
      mysql: update to 4.1.16 - close #485
      iqnotes: added 2.1.0-rc1 version
      openzaurus: change version from 3.5.4 to 'unstable'
      opie-sh: fix RDEPENDS self dependency
      opie-examples-python: few fixes
      opie-security: removed dependency loop
      merge of 3a0a7021e4d48fa98ec14249578b13b3e3cc4489
      recode: added native version - needed for fortune-mod - close #585
      fortune-mod: changed dependency on recode to recode-native
      metakit: fix SRC_URI
      gammu: updated to 1.04.0
      dropped not used opie-securityplugins recipes - each plugin has own one
      merge of 1ac9a4a5dc21044643760bdc04d49ea3b67e2fe9
      opie-securityplugins: cleanup to get them look like other OPIE recipes
      added hostap-conf package with cards definitions for pcmcia-cs
      zaurus-clamshell-2.6.conf: added pcmcia-cs definitions for wireless cards
      linux-openzaurus: added check for DISTRO_TYPE
      opie metapackages restructured to new way
      opie-meta-all restructured to new way
      meta-sdl restructured to new way
      merge of 477391c8fb10ffc2c9755224604d250af04156b6
      merge of 83739874587da7060ea036057cd64ecfc72a9727
      ipkg-utils(-native), ipkg-link: fixed SRCDATE to 20050404
      linux-hotplug 20040920: added patch which remove message about lack of PCI events
      dejavu font: updated to 2.2 in both formats: TrueType and QPF
      opie-packagemanager: added backport from CVS of two new config options
      bluez-utils-nodbus: added 2.24 which someone forgot
      opie-console: yet another CVS backport
      qpealarmclock: updated to 1.0.9 and added it's clock applet - close #536
      merge of 70c6a809b479d2c6e6e5eaaffd412be3c60d71f3
      merge of 883763a8bbaafe2d1fcab405b8e623657615d7ef
      ipkg-utils/ipkg-link: added fixed SRCDATE and renamed due to policy
      opie-ttf-support: updated to 1.1
      bluez-utils: disable HIDD for OpenZaurus
      bluez-utils: added workaround for dtl1_cs CF cards
      ttf-dejavu: created ttf-dejavu-sans-mono-lite package to gain free space
      task-opie: make task-opie-base use ttf-dejavu-sans-mono-lite to gain some space
      openzaurus, opensimpad 2.4 kernels: fixed SRC_URI for openswan patch
      opie-aboutapplet 1.2.1: let it show OPIE 1.2.1 instead of OPIE 1.2 (CVS backport)
      dropped openswan 2.1.2 - its not fetchable from upstream
      openswan 2.2.0: fixed SRC_URI - close #630
      openzaurus branding: new package 'openzaurus-version' contain /etc/openzaurus-version
      libopie: openzaurus branding (CVS backport)
      irk: cleaned build of it
      fortune-mod: added 'recode' to DEPENDS - it needs normal and native one
      apm: finally fixed suspend/resume problem on Zaurus with 2.4-crapix
      ttf-gentium: updated to 1.02, license changed
      qpf-gentium: dropped as it is 'Modified version' according to new Gentium license
      initscripts: fixed Tosa keymap-2.4
      busybox 1.01: smaller config for OpenZaurus
      merge of 8831508ad34817afd4114ca9c413c355bda57a0d
      netbase: make usbd0 (zaurus 2.4) static with IP like in SharpROM
      usbutils 0.70: removed preference of as it does not have archive
      sharp-sdmmc-support: added some tweaks to fix #653
      merge of 7ba73700ed732b698e688443c1f964454f76f1e8
      zaurus-clamshell: s/c7x0/$MACHINE in IPKG_ARCHS - not every clamshell is c7x0
      sharp-sdmmc-support: unbreak it if kernel is not yet built - close #679
      added macchanger 1.5.0 - close #673
      module-init-tools: change depmod removal - close #671
      sharp-binary stuff: fixed SRC_URI to
      merge of 8b577ca08ab7b7fb1fc1a3b476b2d58fe81e6f4c
      otpkeygen 1.3.0: one-time pad password generator for OPIE
      changed SRC_URI in my packages to ewi instead of
      file: upgraded to 4.16 (4.13 is not fetchable)
      file-native 4.16: use just built 'file' to generate magic files - now it should not break with older file-native installed
      dropbear: added 0.48 and unified all recipes/patches
      ttf-dejavu-sans-mono-lite dropped - it never worked like I wanted
      ttf-dejavu: updated to 2.3
      dropbear: add 0.48 - this time for sure
      dropbear: updated 0.48 to 0.48.1 and removed -DGNU_SOURCE from .inc
      libxpm split sxpm/cxpm into separate packages
      qpe-vexed-levels: do not fetch from CVS but use archive of levels
      sharp-aticore-oss: patch makefile to get it working with make 3.81
      zaurus-updater: add SL-7500 (chinese version of C-750) into c7x0
      rsync: update to 2.6.7
      hostap-daemon: create common .inc file to simplify managment
      hostap-utils: move common part to .inc
      added hostap-utils 0.4.7 (set as not default)
      hostap-daemon: moved repeated patches to hostap-daemon/ dir
      hostap-daemon: added 0.4.8 (latest stable) and 0.5.1 (latest devel) - both set to non default
      gnupg: added which contain security fixes: CVE-2006-0049
      gnupg2: maintainer is MIA
      gnupg: maintainer is MIA
      otpkeygen: set me as maintaner
      rsync: removed maintainer (it was Kergoth)
      zbedic: set me as maintainer (as it was discussed with previous maintainer)
      IQNotes: set me as Maintainer
      iqnotes: moved common part to
      iqnotes: added forgotten file
      udev 0.84: create symlink to /dev/rtc from /dev/rtc0
      gammu: updated to 1.05.00
      libxslt: fixed SRC_URI
      ttf-gentium: Debian moved it from non-free to main so I fixed SRC_URI
      prism3-support: fixed to work with pcmciautils
      drop gpe-wlancfg - gpe-conf is used to configure network
      hostap-modules: hostap-modules-cs now RDEPEND on hostap-conf
      zbedic: updated to 1.0
      zaurus-updater: added zImage.bin to tosa
      groff: fixed paths so manpages are packaged
      otpkeygen: install correct binary
      bootstrap/gpe/opie/sectest-gpe/e/pivotboot images: dropped openzaurus/opensimpad feed urls
      keymaps handling moved from initscripts to keymaps package
      fbreader: added version 0.7.3b from #720 - thx to John 'JohnX' Bloom
      enca: added version 1.9 from #720 - thx to John 'JohnX' Bloom
      site/arm-linux: added yeti_cv_func_scanf_modif_size_t needed to get enca 1.9 buildable
      enca: added quotes in make call - close #834
      linux-openzaurus: fixed hashes for Seagate ST1 microdrive
      linux-openzaurus 2.6.16: added few new PCMCIA ids
      added qt/e 2.3.12 as non-default, WIP
      linux-openzaurus: added some PCMCIA ids from Pavel Roskin (this will go into 2.6.17) and other places
      corsair: switch to tarball instead of CVS
      gammu: updated to 1.06.00
      ntp: fixed SRC_URI - close #906
      jornada6xx: fix TARGET_ARCH to 'sh' - close #892
      nfs-utils: disable PARALLEL_MAKE - close #845
      kdepimpi: added patches from #848
      bootsplash: make it building - close #346
      linux-openzaurus: added 2 MMC patches from RMK - should help with timeouts a bit
      quilt: switched to tarballs
      quilt: unbreak dependency chain
      qscintilla: added 1.65-gpl-1.6 (build as shared, no packaged yet)
      visiscript: added 0.4.3 - need qscintilla 1.65 (broken for now)
      bitbake.conf: specify CVSROOT on update - close #908
      merge of 9581bce5c1996139a91c3c53f2d2c03079629ea0
      quilt: move RDEPENDS to quilt so quilt-native will have them correct too
      zsh: disable PARALLEL_MAKE - close #714
      sysvinit: use upstream 2.86 release instead of patching 2.85 locally
      * add initial support for gumstix (xscale pxa255) platform (
      new hotplug-ng 002 built and tested - close #864
      * add build for u-boot 1.1.4 with default_pref -1
      * new grub version 0.97 built and tested
      drop opie-calibrate - it is already part of opie-taskbar - close #577
      merge of 0fea0b8c37d1fc8cb58fb2a3232fd4ad560019a6
      linux-openzaurus: added some changes which give extra kilobytes for next addons:
      hostap-conf: added some cards from #836 and some from orinoco-conf. set me as maintainer
      orinoco-conf: Prism cards moved to hostap-conf, added me as 2nd maintainer
      orinoco-conf: set PACKAGE_ARCH='all'
      bitchx: package previously unpackaged files in -defmsgs, -help, -scripts, -translations subpackages (from .oz354fam083)
      hostap-conf: removed some Orinoco cards
      gnuz: fixed levels - close #835
      mysql: updated to 4.1.18 (security fixes)
      wpa_gui: added 0.4.8 - its GUI tool to scan and configure WiFi networks - need qt3/x11
      added irdadump 0.9.16
      linux-libc-headers: copy /include/asm/cpu-sh3 content to /include/asm - close #952
      glibc 2.3.5-20050627: fix glibc build for superh archs - close #954
      tk: depend on libxt - close #966
      htb-init, miau: fix mirror
      netcat: use SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR - file is available on heanet (default mirror)
      wireless-tools: fix SRC_URI
      merge of 309ed8790b9b5f6e51c3bd638a7861ab23c24416
      linux-openzaurus: added check for collie kernel size
      linux-openzaurus: sync with last changes in .oz354x
      merge of 5264149c55c2ce0175cfc150ff3379723e409b52
      linux-openzaurus: add forgotten logos
      zsh: do not ship zsh as symlink to builddir
      jlime-donkey: new distro - close #1002
      base.bbclass: add support for 'min/max' date for patches
      merge of 01c1850873f10c350058c1f27c3c2f03fc450a29
      merge of 213055f44fbb065f13acbde0cf78285357fa5b17
      linux-openzaurus: disable logo on akita/spitz/poodle to get this machines booting - console rotation block logo
      linux-openzaurus: added SquashFS support, fixed mousedev resolution
      puzzles: added r6712 - fetching from SVN
      merge of ae422df79b5b9f0a401e9a4e9ae694ece441d33e
      gnutls: added 1.4.0 (current stable)
      libgpg-error: added 1.3
      cherokee: added 0.5.3 with GnuTLS support
      pcre: stop libtool from trying to link with host libraries - fix from #33
      cherokee: granular packaging, enabled PARALLEL_MAKE
      cherokee: added 'nossl' version - WARNING: subpackages have same names as in SSL enabled one
      merge of 73a040e1292f94333eab9d73425b9fdecf4da694
      python-formencode: added 0.4
      python-sqlobject: added 0.7.0
      python-mysqldb: added 1.2.1_p2
      python-imaging: added 1.1.5 (also called PIL)
      mysql: split packaging - mysql -> mysql-client + mysql-server
      mc: we use ncurses - so let it be set (to not fetch slang)
      machine/native.conf: added 'virtual/libiconv virtual/libintl virtual/libc' to ASSUME_PROVIDED so we do not get our libc built
      vim: added 7.0
      hostap-conf: ship module aliases for Prism2 cards supported by orinoco to get only hostap loaded
      base.bbclass: added gnutls mirrors
      linux-openzaurus: REALLY apply logo patches
      gammu: updated to 1.07.00
      opie-mediummount: do not show during First start wizard
      linux-openzaurus: dropped not used logo patches
      linux-openzaurus: added pcnet_cs patch, added me to maintainers
      twisted: fix SRC_URI - close #1077
      openttd: added some bugfixes from .oz354x - #904
      opie-mediummount: remove 'fix' - opie images had problems with start which 'fixed' version
      sdl.bbclass: use proper image file as icon
      autofs: added patch to get do_install working
      cramfs: sync with cramfs-native to get new features and fixed building
      dcron: patched Makefile to not strip binaries - OE will do this
      added qpf-unismall - Japanese font - close #1112
      libaal: fixed SRC_URI
      reiser4progs: fixed SRC_URI
      reiser4progs: fixed SRC_URI for sure
      debianutils: added 2.16.1
      fbreader 0.7.3d: fixed SRC_URI
      sword: fix packaging so -dev will not contain libs
      added mc 4.6.1 - close #1120
      wireless-tools: added 29-pre10 - this version support WE21 and 2.6.17 use WE20 so 28pre13 is too old. also me as 2nd maintainer
      merge of 8285fffeea14ff0cd3878dcb884e0b5144db0c60
      merge of 5672c342d20576efa34f379ef1131d03b578ce6b
      fluxbox-gpe: package manpages into -doc
      merge of 039788d041fbc01b3a9b583c254eec64a5d3b578
      dejavu TTF: updated to 2.7
      dejavu QPF: updated to 2.7
      wlan-ng-utils: package man pages
      linux-openzaurus: applied patch from #1084 to get squashfs built
      merge of 1ef406c4b198bad95e32551f7dbaf3d28aa7a399
      t1lib: ship static lib in -dev package - close #1133
      ttf-dejavu: fixed SRC_URI
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: show which packages are lacking - may require GNU grep
      keymaps: updated keymap for tosa/2.6
      merge of 28158d679a65dc8b24fcdb891cf73aa3981add9a
      opie-help-en: PACKAGE_ARCH set to 'all', added empty PN package which depend on help browser
      linux-openzaurus: enable USB Audio for 2.6.16/2.6.17 (taken from .oz354x)
      merge of 2d36b229116ed3b36fa7bf9adf431fba21eb82ac
      linux-openzaurus: added PCMCIA Id for 8GB CF card
      linux-openzaurus: fixed hrw-pcmcia-ids patch PV
      corsair: upgraded to 0.2.5
      linux-openzaurus: updated pcmcia-ids patch
      hostap-conf: synced with .oz354x (added two cards)
      merge of '22a005b824014688c2c41c2dba34c42bf145a946'
      firefox: upgrade to (builds, not tested on device)
      merge of '9145fc8b71029fb9ef74ec089e40d4b29737efe8'
      mysql: fix SRC_URI - close #1319
      lftp: add 3.5.1 (3.5.4 req autoconf 2.60), drop older
      lftp: added gnutls to depends (from .oz354x)
      gnutls: stage m4 needed by lftp
      gnutls: fix path of m4
      slcalc: added 1.2.1 from .oz354x (not tested in .dev)
      merge of '9e2e029c381836af3e6c709f7c34a64fa970fa5a'
      tosa: linux 2.6 by default
      glib-2.0: fix SRC_URI for 2.12.1 version
      bitbake: updated to 1.6.0
      bitbake: it is not PACKAGE_ARCH='all' as it contain python byte-compiled stuff which is arch related
      metakit: fix copying of libtool files
      dejavu: updated to 2.9 (TTF and QPF)
      angstrom: added some PREFERRED_PROVIDERS. PREFERRED_PROVIDER_hotplug need fixing
      merge of 'b60b9cbd9811d42fdfd03aae3fb9d35d428d7ddc'
      python-pymp3: fix DEPENDS: s/python-ncurses/python-curses
      feh: fix DEPENDS: s+imlib2+virtual/imlib2
      giblib: fix DEPENDS: s+imlib2+virtual/imlib2
      gsoap-native: unbreak self-dependency
      angstrom-bootmanager: if it does not do anything then let it does not add bugs - disabled RDEPENDS
      kaffeh-native: clean RDEPENDS to get it build
      task-mythfront: set COMPATIBLE_HOST to same as mythtv
      xqt: fix DEPEND on flex-native
      task-dvb: set COMPATIBLE_HOST to same as mythtv
      irk: point SRC_URI to OpenZaurus source archive - close #1348
      rt2570: added driver for Ralink USB 802.11g WiFi stick
      openzaurus.conf: force BitBake to be atleast 1.4.4
      linux-openzaurus: bump PR to get dependencies in modules recreated for feeds
      linux-openzaurus: added dummy do_rm_work to not remove WORKDIR because wlan-ng stuff needs it
      merge of '1f2f012d4e3072be1a917b5e7a8798d0990b2134'
      merge of '5b9a87ae38dcfb5f93e5ef675666514e1e0a7ed0'
      base-files: (un)load ohci-hcd on tosa to get usb working after suspend/resume
      merge of '3fb5d51ceb8343d28129bfcd6d65bd7525eac8d6'
      netbase: bump PR because of change of tosa interfaces pushed in 5ea9eb6f097fe0b646889d1b3a1312d9d7fc796e
      zaurus-updater: move do_deploy so it does not conflict with rm_work
      keymaps: add h2200 keymap - finally close #1304
      wlan-ng: fixing to get it build and updated - close #1260
      merge of '5c6bd9229c2912167e04e747499aa015e936f86e'
      merge of '34f1a5cd503f1c1aef18d4468fb112306166c499'
      task-angstrom: cleanup WiFi a bit
      merge of '06b0b9044cf254cee3054b4f66aaa84dbd8e1677'
      feed-browser: starting version of web browser for feeds (GPLv2 license)
      feed-browser/update.php: define database name once
      feed-browser: more cleanups
      feed-browser: another set of functionality and look changes
      feed-browser: no need to keep two copies of package listing generation code
      feed-browser: split maintainers to separate lines (works when ', ' is used as separator
      feed-browser: move section list to end of page source, fixed 2 column layout CSS
      feed-browser: show feed name in download section, sort by feed/arch
      feed-browser: show links to all depends/provides/conflicts, show packages not only by Name: but also by Provides:
      feed-browser/updater: removed warnings, simplified, reformatted
      feed-browser: moved functions to include/, updater check/create database now
      feed-browser: feeds adding improved, updater more silent
      merge of 'a65c738fddaff369abdad3492d66bdf8f6144220'
      merge of '20692657869f7a733266d5313f4932a7ff336fb4'
      feed-browser: FIX: feed structure was changed - database NEED to be rebuilt
      feed-browser: forgotten structure change
      feed-browser: much better sectionlist (rewrite to be recursive anyone?)
      libxine: add libpng to DEPENDS - close #1357
      feed-browser: make all sections lowercase, really remove packages before update
      feed-browser: feeds has a type now: normal/upgrades.
      linux-openzaurus: added patches from mikearthur to fix TS on tosa
      merge of '3c1d5bb41a1a43996eb9d3ac2133cb180c1e9033'
      ruby: added 1.8.5
      rox-filer: package ALL needed infos. do_install() taken from Debian package which I maintained years ago
      rox-filer: fixed do_install() typos
      merge of '65ff7721de076446ac1291f0f00a8fb30df71eff'
      merge of '31da046f926a473ba6aab3543102759603fa6db9'
      linux-openzaurus: autoload ohci-hcd on tosa
      linux-openzaurus 2.6.16: backport of USB MaxPower limit information
      linux-openzaurus 2.6.17: added HACK which remove some IDs from orinoco_cs to not get it loaded for some cards
      linux-openzaurus 2.6.17: enable Multiple LUNs for tosa and collie
      opie-freetype: package files, do not allow to rename package by debian.bbclass
      opie.bbclass: move do_opie_install before do_package so we will have opie stuff packaged.
      opie-freetype: fix packaging in proper way: APPTYPE = 'plugin'
      linux-oz: added 2.6.18 (not tested)
      linux-oz: added one more CF card into hrw-pcmcia-ids patch
      opie-mediaplayer1: remove unneded DEPENDS on opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default - probably close #1406
      linux-oz: s/r4/r5/ on hrw-pcmcia patch
      zaurus machines: renamed zaurus-clamshell-2.6.conf into zaurus-2.6.conf as it is used in all 2.6 powered models
      zaurus-2.6.conf: added keyboard, touchscreen into features, added tosa info
      merge of '25bb53fbf963dd3caa035a35812ce4e881aaf682'
      task-base: added support for keyboard feature
      merge of 'b6708d0e783584df013d6e06de41bae699f0bd34'
      task-base: bumped PR
      task-base: portmap is needed for NFS not for core system
      task-base: hostap-cs only if DISTRO has wifi in features
      task-base: if there are usbhost and bluetooth supported then add module for USB BT
      task-base: if there are usbhost and irda supported then add module for USB Irda
      task-base: do not add USB BT/Irda into usbhost list - they are part of bt/irda already
      task-base: added portmap into task-distro-nfs, added cifs into smbfs
      merge of '1e14a41a1a368acd06c76c94c9e67fd660fd6d0a'
      task-base: bump PR
      task-base: added modules needed for WEP/WPA support into wifi section
      omap5912osk.conf: transformed into task-base format (old config commented as part of it will probably need to be added into MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS)
      openomap distro: switch to task-base format
      tcl: fix dirs in so tcl related stuff will be buildable after cleaning WORKDIR
      tk: fix dirs in so tk related stuff will be buildable after cleaning WORKDIR
      merge of '1413d095164c683305cfc29d3e275c6cd0aff5c2'
      libxml: added 2.6.26
      libxslt: added 1.1.17
      merge of '497bad113a4cfe870e10990d7361bc8a266713e5'
      task-native-sdk: one simple package to install all needed to build some stuff on device
      oz.conf: switch to binutils 2.16 - this version works OK on device
      gcc-cross: package libgcc-dev (named libgcc-s-dev :(
      task-base: add usbutils for usbhost machines
      libusb: package libusbpp into separate package so libusb will not RDEPEND on libstdc++
      python: fixed manifest to NOT rdepend on libraries - shlibs code will do it in correct way
      h4000: converted to task-base
      h2200: cleaned task-base switch
      merge of '154202574ebfd29256ed7276e3e9e0a12972ab15'
      h2200/h4000/hx2000/hx4700/ipaq-pxa270: drop OSS Emu (featured by alsa) and HIDP (featured by bluetooth) modules
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: Add ipkg packages into rootfs to unbreak task-base
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: add ipkg/ipkg-link/ipkg-collateral also into RDEPENDS
      wpa-supplicant: added 0.4.8 from .oz354x
      merge of '60605dfd26307f8e6c10619a67ff31ca6dead66e'
      lzma-native: reformatted
      added Leon Woestenberg to MAINTAINERS
      fltk: dropped non-fetchable 1.2 snapshot
      merge of '8aa0a2deaca11c572f50a69143d5615291b53252'
      task-base: install hostap-utils only if there is pci or pcmcia featured
      MAINTAINERS: edited my entry, added WiFi, changed fonts info
      linux-omap1: split common stuff into and fixed do_deploy()
      linux-omap1: added 2.6.18 version from git which should work
      merge of '2499650fe5abe59981764422b43f078dffad390c'
      merge of '948a3826e06f14adc54097e1356e07ee2779f1b6'
      omap5912osk: move PREF_VER of kernel to distro config
      openomap: moved PREF_VER of ompa5912 kernel to distro config - set to 2.6.18+git
      dbench: added 3.04
      interbench: added 0.30
      kernbench: added 0.41
      dbench: package also tbench
      libaio: add 0.3.106 which build for ARM
      libaio: remove not needed Debian patchset
      reaim: added
      aiostress: added as 0.0 as there is no version defined upstream
      libaio: added hack to get rid of undefined reference to '__io_getevents_0_4'
      fsx: added Linux version as 0.0 because there is no version defined upstream
      libaio: revert __io_getevents_0_4.patch (FTBFS on x86) and fix ARM version of io_syscall5 as suggested by Jamie Lenehan
      openzaurus-sa: added COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      openzaurus-pxa27x: added COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      task-base: support 'pci' feature
      guiness: added pci to MACHINE_FEATURES
      openzaurus-unstable: set glibc version to same as in release versions: 2.3.5+cvs20050627 - probably will close #1421 bug
      merge of '0fcb36ac99d9411a139d45f77b738646aaab2ebf'
      merge of '47d594be43a773db8f35b058cc2d3113cb26f441'
      linux-omap1: add one CompactFlash card into ide-cs
      celinux-test: distro for CELF testlab
      merge of '5dee8b7dd3218e6fce472b9a9e2455cb3b3765fc'
      MAINTAINERS: added celinux-test to my distros
      celinux-test: softfloat only for ARM machines
      (g)vim 7.0: enable big features set
      merge of '7766951901c250170ac71fd9268ec9c8e230e2e3'
      fltk: dropped empty dir - close #1490
      merge of 'c8b6f226355d3351327e8b61f52855537a448a23'
      MAINTAINERS: added Rolf Leggewie - close #1493
      keymaps: fixed tosa/2.6 keymap - close #1500 and partially #1498
      stage-manager: fixed typo in inherit
      celinux-test: override TARGET_CC_ARCH for omap5912osk - gcc 3.x use other mtune then gcc 4.x
      celinux-test: added more comments, restructured
      celinux-test: one more typo missed
      mainstone: prepare for task-base stuff
      merge of '4b8b5099e580dc976fa1eb82cf2b1d9e1dd32d3e'
      bluez-utils: enable hid2hci util - close #907
      merge of '179df98f22edaa74332b35d2b383a55ecae7f2ba'
      merge of '2f5ddd4439353dd39a492ac747a3f655b361c234'
      gnuz: removed from repository - close #933
      glibc: re-added 2.4 with DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" set for ARM
      merge of '2754e872d313aa16f8b70a6b1475a5fe5cd1b5c0'
      u-boot: do not build helloworld example
      linux-omap1: added 2.6.18-omap1 fetched via HTTP
      linux-omap1: use OBJCOPY instead of hardcoded binary (so it will work with EABI), use  for temporary files
      celinux-test: set fixed glibc version
      celinux-test: set fixed toolchain stuff to not get sharprom crap info
      merge of '09b95864e7ee73a1de1bc720bb60f856f66e46d5'
      celinux-test: bump omap5912osk kernel to 2.6.18-omap1
      openembedded-essentials: package for Debian compatible distributions to get all Required Software installed
      pcmciautils: add 014
      task-base: include irnet module only if distro feature ppp
      gnutls: added 1.4.4
      libgcrypt: added 1.2.3
      merge of '59af9461600816295b2ae93e9b4152253f8fade0'
      libqpe: create -dev/-dbg packages - based on code from .oz354x
      qte: create -dev/-dbg packages - based on code from .oz354x
      iozone3: added version 263
      clucene: fix SRC_URI
      many packages: fixed SRC_URI: SourceForge CVS moved from ->
      gtk+ 2.10.6: added information about pangoxft2.10.6.diff in its header
      xorg-xserver-common: add missing space to install invocation - spotted by nicolasfr/#oe
      ttf-dejavu: updated to 2.11
      qpf-dejavu: dropped. OPIE use TrueType fonts by default
      devshell: do not try to package but deploy it
      linux-input: fixed SRC_URI
      pciutils: added 2.2.4
      python-spyro: fix SRC_URI - close #1543
      python-pycodec: fix SRC_URI
      gmailfs: dropped - OE lack python-fuse which it depend and there were few new versions upstream so it looks like no one care
      merge of 'e598cc999e9e7eefa6ce1cf9b440e869d9d61d28'
      libpcre-native: do not PROVIDE pcre
      povray: DEPEND on zlib not on libz
      task-essential-to-boot: removed, obsoleted by task-base
      merge of '6e9430a4e782e0542e8046eb8950843c594a3fc0'
      merge of '2d7ccf067fb2306addce3d751e077c398ca4df93'
      task-qpe: removed gnuz and qpf-dejavu as there were removed from repo
      merge of '07ea9deeb7ff9046420d90b9ebec93c6f4210f67'
      opie-mediaplayer1-ogg-mp3: fixed (R)DEPENDS
      slugon-image(name): set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to nslu2
      merge of 'bb8fbe01b0ec479cc2c248dbdbf80b35b77226f3'
      libao(-plugin)-alsa: removed RDEPENDency on libao2
      slugos/ludeos-packages: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = 'nslu2'
      gmailfs: re-added broken version - koen will fix it
      curl-native: DEPEND on zlib-native not on zlib
      native.bbclass: set INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS - native packages does not need cross toolchain which is added by base.bbclass
      ossie/*: mark as BROKEN due to #1589 (HTTP AUTH on fetch)
      qemu-native: added gcc34 and gcc33 as available CC - close #1584
      mnci-ramses: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to 'mnci'
      debianutils: updated to 2.17.3, dropped older
      perl: add support for x86_64 - close #1591
      tinymail: switched SRC_URI to HTTP method (was HTTPS)
      ortp: fixed SRC_URI
      python-itools: fixed SRC_URI
      offlineimap: updated to 4.0.14
      man-pages: update to 2.41
      lsof: update to 4.77
      pine: fixed SRC_URI
      merge of '83560af206bd8bb934b62f0842171cd71f11387e'
      opie-camera: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to collie - this program need Sharp Camera card (binary driver only for 2.4) and only collie use 2.4 kernel now
      base.bbclass: added two mirrors for
      unzip: changed SRC_URI to one with mirrors in base.bbclass
      ixp-osal: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to nslu2|ixp4xx
      ixp4xx-csr: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to nslu2|ixp4xx
      ixp4xx-npe: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to nslu2|ixp4xx
      python-spydi: fixed SRC_URI
      prism54-firmware: fixed SRC_URI
      nkf: update to 2.07 (2.06 not fetchable) and package docs
      merge of '764fab90ce78632168aaaa389123bbc7beacc0af'
      removal.txt: first version of list of stuff to be removed from metadata
      chmlib: fetch sources from Debian mirrors instead of non-reachable upstream
      openembedded-essential: added gawk
      local.conf.sample: libsdl-x11 and DISTRO="generic" instead o unmaintained familiar-unstable
      openembedded-essential: bumped to 1.2, now it is more lintian happy
      merge of '68d786d826a65a1207a0d57228f667514ce0e74b'
      hostap-utils: removed rrecommending hostap-modules
      merge of '697fec81441b0b917323c2bac556f686813d0440'
      many packages: fix parse errors
      many packages: fix parse errors #2
      kernels: fix parse errors
      another set of parse errors fixing
      merge of '8c0da7de9130cf6ce338544b5a8d83595a1fd839'
      another set of parse errors fixing
      another set of parse errors fixing
      another set of parse errors fixing
      another set of parse errors fixing
      linux-jlime-jornada7xx: fix parse error
      sbrsh: fix SRC_URI
      base.bbclass: added lsof mirrors (main server does not allow connections without revdns)
      font-util-native: fix SRC_URI
      mb-applet-tasks: fixed SRC_URI
      documentation.conf: added SVNDIR
      documentation.conf: added SOURCE_MIRROR_FETCH
      base.bbclass: added support for creating source mirror
      spca5xx: updated to 20060501, dropped 20050419 - both on lardman request
      wpa-supplicant: add 0.5.5 with optional madwifi-ng support
      angstrom: added progear support
      angstrom: orinoco 0.13e is 2.4 only - under 2.6 you want to use 0.15 from kernel
      angstrom: we want PCI support
      progear: added machine config
      wpa-supplicant: fix parse error
      moved COMBINED_FEATURES and rest of task-base calculations from into bitbake.conf
      native: set images to 'tar.gz' if not set
      task-opie: switched to task-base style
      acpid: added 1.0.4
      linux: added 2.6.19-rc6 kernel without any patches
      DejaVu font: updated to 2.12
      ttf-dejavu: fixed SRC_URI
      task-base: added 'acpi' machine feature
      progear.conf: added acpi feature, set fstypes to tar.gz
      phalanx: fix SRC_URI
      removal.txt: added 'Proposed by' field, added new entries: mono, zeecookbook, qpe-vexed
      lmsensors-apps: updated to 2.10.1, dropped older
      merge of 'f537311d9440fd345dc036915c31a41292d8e978'
      libexif: added 0.6.13
      bash: added 3.2 with upstream patches: 001 -> 005
      libexif: stage few more headers in 0.6.13
      merge of '755167f16f9b0fce49c13343f86891cd973fc1cb'
      sharprom-compatible: prefer glibc 2.2.5 - close #1551
      merge of '1a4cfa896e213a1c6c15d152c0b570b340bdb272'
      libpcap: added 0.9.5
      netperf: added 2.4.2
      libpcap: added forgotten patch
      libpcap: bump version of library due to Mickeyl comment. Thx
      linux-hotplug 20040920: fix bashisms
      task-base: added support for 2.4 kernels
      collie: converted to task-base
      poodle/tosa: drop 2.4 support
      Zaurus configs: unified all machines
      merge of 'a97c08deaa64fb078313a1bd6084b0922666da7a'
      merge of '54848140214b3d180243cd747004c124b89af382'
      merge of '5f8e2fb083d5b8b890fa66425a21fcce539d65ef'
      dpkg: dropped all old versions - close #984
      merge of '71b2a974e9dd890e2d240ddc1eaa4be6592e629e'
      opie-mediaplayer1: added missing dependency on libqtaux2
      merge of '5353be39ab2ea320be019c163381f5d3e4cadc2b'
      vmedit: update to 0.02 - close #162
      merge of '9ddee6d313b8df8d5c53bbbdff56ee8fad2b2a17'
      python-pyzeroconf: added 0.12 from #1565
      python-pythondaap: added 0.4 from #1565
      python-pyzeroconf: cleaned
      merge of '1669749c4615b77d79a8df668ac9ce91730cf77a'
      bitbake: update to 1.6.2
      merge of '575362d4559ed152d30fb5c13f83010cf658bf44'
      merge of '290a4d774320220c9ab2a3fa23f71d7277d2551f'
      site/ix86-common: added apr_cv_tcp_nodelay_with_cork to get apr 1.2.7 built (copied from powerpc-linux)
      gpe-mixer: dropped older then 0.42
      merge of '14cb91ca9bde319dd1a0b9521a6f7b44c8d5d462'
      pcmciautils: simplify recipes
      many files: KERNELORG_MIRROR variable created
      merge of '89819f9979e4ce42d678a887b2cb1a7daf6b614f'
      qpe-vexed: dropped from repository - unfetchable, no upstream
      zeecookbook: dropped from repository - unfetchable, no upstream
      removal: dropped qpe-vexed, zeecookbook
      gnutls: added 1.6.0 - new stable branch
      package.bbclass: set PATH before running OBJDUMP to get dependencies calculated
      merge of 'a582b05ef4bc8acaf2777e0d19dad2a5be6399f4'
      gnutls: simplified recipes, dropped version older then 1.4.4
      gnutls 1.6.0: package libgnutlsxx into separate package - close #1678
      otpkeygen: rename otpkeygen binary - close #1663
      openzaurus-unstable: fix binutils-cross-sdk (2.16) and wpa-supplicant (0.5.5) versions
      opie-image: removed familiar feed stuff
      task-base: 2.4 machines need modutils-depmod
      task-opie: switch to bluez-utils due to fact that bluez-utils-nodbus got removed
      opie-image: install extra stuff on machines with more flash only. Supported are spitz/akita now - other must be added
      openzaurus: we do not want ipsec
      osb-nrcore: unified recipes, added missing libxt dependency
      ekg: updated to 1.6
      ncftp: fix SRC_URI for 3.1.9
      task-qpe: removed qpe-vexed and zeecookbook as they got removed from OE
      sane-backends: fix SRC_URI
      ccache: update to 2.4, fix SRC_URI
      u2nl: update to 1.3
      dbus: package libdbus into separate package - opie images will get smaller now
      dbus: make lib recommend dbus
      wireshark: updated to 0.99.4 (it was ethereal before)
      scw: update to 0.4.3, point to Debian mirrors
      cdtool: update to 2.1.8
      masqmail: update to 0.2.21, switched to Debian mirror
      live555: point SRC_URI to one of places where it is available
      c7x0/akita/spitz: fix order or zaurus includes
      maradns: update to 1.0.39 (last 1.0.x version)
      merge of '7d5c4e9e02ee9f5067a674b75bf7163b0b89b564'
      autoconf: added 2.61 (with DEF_PREF=-1 as not yet tested)
      automake: added 1.9.6 (DEF_PREF=-1 as not yet tested)
      htcuniversal: added wifi, bluetooth into machine features - requested by goxboxlive
      findutils: updated to 4.2.29
      merge of '0285e32ca4006ec769b788f9d74dac4d57326bf4'
      texinfo: added 4.8a - needed to build binutils on target
      task-proper-tools: change description, added some comments
      gallery: fix parse errors
      jhead: fix parse errors
      openprotium-packages: fix parse errors
      u-boot: fix parse error
      merge of '9ac27641c9c3a76dca545c31690c7f5780076ff7'
      bitbake: unified, added rdependency on python-crypt (md5) and python-netclient (tinderclient.bbclass)
      merge of '50e6b56f1469addca3c0756da42f227da6a71b4d'
      gcc: dropped 4.1-20060217 snapshot - it is unfetchable from GNU mirrors
      libsamplerate: fix packaging - close #1698
      merge of '63a6f6349530accb6a38bc556a6c380e3bf4d32c'
      apr-util 1.2.7: do not build with sqlite2/3 support
      merge of '3ac74c1bd7ff1bde609181b634938ce9bed0a3d3'
      apr 1.2.7: stage all
      task-self-hosting: Metapackage to install everything needed for self hosted builds
      merge of '1d2340f5c0766711d217ca40fbfcb4cb196412ac'
      merge of '2601e7ef59afcc83010bc4a599716c775a867e2e'
      mono: dropped - not fetchable, not maintained
      removal.txt: mono removed
      ipac-ng: dropped as scheduled. It depended on libgd-perl which is not present in metadata
      removal.txt: ipac-ng removed
      cmake-native: update to 2.2.3
      matchbox-desktop: fixed SRC_URI for 0.8*
      liblockfile: dropped 3 years old unfetchable 1.05 version
      ssmtp: dropped 2.60.9 - it is not fetchable from upstream
      mnci-ramses: fixed SRC_URI
      mailx: dropped not fetchable 8.1.2-0.20031014cvs version. 8.1.2-0.20020411cvs will follow after Debian 'etch' release
      matchbox stuff: fixed SRC_URI
      libmatchbox: fix SRC_URI
      ncftp: update to 3.2.0
      man: fixed SRC_URI
      interbench, ypbind-mt, ypserv: fixed SRC_URI
      site/ix86-common: revert wrong changeset
      apr-util: revert wrong changeset
      ixp425-eth 1.5.1: fix SRC_URI
      man: dropped 1.5m2 as unfetchable
      binutils: started unifing recipes to be able to fix #1465
      arpwatch: dropped 2.1a13
      stunnel: dropped 4.05 obsoleted by upstream
      gbluezconf: dropped (19 11:30 < koen> hrw|work: gbluezconf can be dropped)
      portmap: unified, added 5-24, dropped 5-7
      merge of '5a54ff951084840540d73015604fc8e7141bcf97'
      intercom: fix SRC_URI
      kismet: dropped 2004-04-R1, 2005-01-R1 (dropped upstream)
      geode-v4l2lx: dropped. xorg 7.1+ driver is in git://
      merge of '31db29464dd50bf11190fd9efbeaece3d3e83025'
      debian.bbclass: fix typo
      merge of '3961d9fa0932ee3f91d25b24350816ff1c3c7ff8'
      linux-omap1: added 2.6.19-omap1 with DEF_PREF = -1 as it was not yet tested in OE
      merge of '6a0dba34fcb662231f3a7f15f592a0c89586df4a'
      collie: added 2.4/2.6 kernel switch from .oz354x
      merge of '02f0d5fddf858a7c968f6aa8a0733e64c373840d'
      task-gpe: remove gpe-nmf from images - it want gstreamer 0.8 which was removed
      merge of '5238e30c679ed4c9836291822577cc8cf6d35993'
      gtk-industrial-engine: dropped not fetchable versions
      merge of '0d5ce889e37fadac205e4382869384682f077fe4'
      palmtx: added machine description for Palm Tungsten X - close #1681
      palmld: fix kernel name
      linux-hackndev 2.6: added kernel recipe for Palm Tungsten X and LiveDrive - partially close #1683
      merge of '4a394f7770c7d370e3ad0bf4e77cb2288e195180'
      linux-hackndev: FIX palmld defconfig
      syslinux: fix SRC_URI
      syslinux: unify
      syslinux: added 3.31, fixed previous commit, unified
      ifupdown: updated to 0.6.8 (current Debian version)
      cvs 1.12.8: fix SRC_URI
      lftp: fix SRC_URI for 3.5.1
      u-boot: dropped CVS version - upstream moved to git tree
      u-boot: added GIT version with DEF_PREF = -1 to not select it automatically
      linux-hackndev: added recipe (not ideal one)
      palmld/palmtx: tune for XScale
      zip: drop 2.31 (not fetchable)
      libxml2-native: fixed SRC_URI for 2.6.9
      documentation.conf: describe BBINCLUDELOGS/BBINCLUDELOGS_LINES
      uboot-devkitidp-pxa255: merged in old uboot_cvs recipe, marked as BROKEN
      conf/machine/*.conf: require everything which needs to be included
      amsdelta: do not hand tune for arm920t but include proper tune config
      libnet: fix SRC_URI by pointing to Debian mirrors
      merge of '00d78946cd1515dee27466d89f128fdb53cca857'
      tin: fix SRC_URI, unify
      merge of '8e623bd3d9631210d8aa1139b96c2b1091fdd59a'
      tin: added
      tin: dropped 1.7.3, added libpcre into DEPENDS
      merge of '2c8930a5e3dfc1e355f0dede8fde6b887e2d33de'
      merge of '2f874ef26d3d188bdba338d64271407ff2d178e5'
      corsair: s/DEPENDS/RDEPENDS (my fault)
      xserver-kdrive-imageon: added description to patches
      gnutls: update to 1.6.1
      merge of '44f1e05faf7c7b048dbf53c08ede5b091b16a321'
      progear: added modules for AC detection and Battery status
      progear: ship AC & Battery modules
      rxvt-unicode: fix SRC_URI - need BitBake trunk r734 or later
      wpa-supplicant: added 0.5.7, unified 0.5.x, added script to autostart wpa-supplicant on ifup
      progear: added modules for sound, pcmcia, i2c
      progear: remove APM from features
      merge of 'e7b51cdff552f8acee23869051f6d9ddf9b5cb85'
      devkitidp-pxa255: use COMPATIBLE_MACHINE instead of python function, use KERNELORG_MIRROR
      site/x86-64-linux: add ac_cv_sizeof_off_t to get mysql-native build - part of #1743
      merge of '4326959c5e60e2f30639de951de06bf46a10e335'
      site/ix86-linux: add ac_cv_sizeof_off_t to get mysql-native build - part of #1743
      site-conf/mysql.m4: filled with some tests from mysql 4.1.18
      merge of '1fa25c4ed2c76f537724929745c0f65656880cc7'
      file: drop 4.16
      merge of '3d9d209dc4aaf9913ae7f9891a5736abb9e2d4a7'
      ruby: dropped older then 1.8.5
      zlib: dropped older then 1.2.3
      merge of 'e0c739838b7e6137895eca3e66135e7867b5bd5c'
      frodo: fix SRC_URI
      ruby: build more extensions (zlib, curses, openssl) - close #1725, #1699
      merge of '23aaca50b161d66de0dd1f96937010f0ad1f1f54'
      fbreader: drop 0.7.3b
      merge of '02399f609ed573f10db394149ecfa4897f7ceb20'
      linux: updated to 2.6.19, progear config updated, added progear backlight support
      merge of '6b3a4b7868d3ebe4f5c8cf504377475025fcaaed'
      ipkg-collateral: added some tweaks from OpenZaurus
      htcblueangel: fix parse error
      xf86-video-vesa: fix CROSS COMPILE BADNESS
      merge of '5156b0a1647a5b55a939de58b3824e987070afee'
      linux-mtx-3: DEPEND on u-boot not on uboot
      merge of '4a4b64f21ff11ca4338f177d164f1dcaa692e856'
      ffmpeg: drop CVS, add SVN - close #1125
      gpm: provide link, use update-rc.d class - close #543
      gconf-osso: DEF_PREF = -1 - should close #1780
      merge of '072966cba710b512bdaeb39992db259a90fb7fdd'
      opie-icon-reload: PACKAGE_ARCH = all (it is shell script)
      openobex: do not rename openobex/openobex-apps packages (from .oz354x)
      ttf/dejavu: updated to 2.13
      perl: cleaned from paths of my build
      ruby: added forgotten patches
      xfce.bbclass: provide bz2 extension for (4.4-rc2) release
      libxfcemcs: added 4.4-rc2 (
      libxfce4util: added 4.4-rc2 (
      libxfcegui4: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfce-mcs-manager: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfce-mcs-plugins: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfce-utils: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfce4-goodies: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfce4-goodies: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xffm: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfce4-panel: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfdesktop: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfprint: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfwm4: added 4.4-rc2 (
      xfwm4-themes: added 4.4-rc2 (
      ruby: rename dir to give patches for ruby-native
      ruby: unified, fixed build
      merge of 'b7543cd2dc462a6eac2d07da5b8a046d889abacb'
      xfce-mcs-manager: mangle pkgconfig a bit during staging to get proper includedir - fix compiler badness
      merge of '101fe5719b8175ae1fd5c8bb133f3310512691c8'
      task-xfce: moved xfce-utils-mcs-plugins to recommends as they are missing in xfce 4.4-rc2
      xfdesktop: added xfce4-panel into DEPENDS - needed by xfce 4.4-rc2
      portmap: updated to 5-25
      merge of '81bbe6194f50dea1d1a9838b702680d8b353e689'
      xserver-kdrive: move kmode-palm.patch to xserver-kdrive
      zire72: rename to palmz72 like it was submitted
      tin: it is BSD licensed not GPL - close #1807
      mythtv: unified, need testing
      keymaps: fix typo so htcuniversal will get keymap working
      merge of '9c284cd4dcd70a6810c5c2b6081836536cadeddd'
      spitz: add tar.gz image fstype instead of ?=
      progear: prefer full over kdrive
      linux: upgrade to 2.6.20, update Progear support
      merge of '76862bf171f16f2d44c6ea1adf561172aab9a84f'
      linux-rp: added 2.6.20 (from poky)
      merge of '64b4c8fe4237a26afc063affc6aa1633bea9dba0'
      mono: make mono-native buildable not only on ARM
      lighttpd: simplified config (disabled webdav, auth modules)
      wireless-tools: package also ifrename
      lighttpd: provide proper init script and config (from poky)
      linux: updated progear backlight support
      MAINTAINERS: added Bernhard Guillon as simpad maintainer, added progear to my devices
      lighttpd: lot of bugfixes
      merge of '6f820aa47b2adf3dabcea3acc51e15b7eae933ef'
      merge of '069cb75cc86b7dc6009c903b63cddcb884858210'
      linux/simpad: cleaned mq200 patch from backup files, defconfigs - spotted by Zecke
      insane.bbclass: added dict entries for mipsel, i386, x86_64
      insane.bbclass: added ia64, alpha, hppa, m68k, mips, s390, sparc based on Debian packages
      rootfs_ipk/package-index: created function to update deploy dirs and made package-index use it
      bash: create /etc/shells before using it
      bash: unified, bumped PR
      insane.bbclass: add i{4,5,6}86
      insane.bbclass: reformatting
      insane.bbclass: remove commented code to unbreak builds
      insane.bbclass: unbreak it for 64bit targets
      libxslt: use destdir.patch to fix do_install
      libxfont-native: add 1.2.0 needed for recent freetype update
      libx11: bump PR to the same as in diet-x11
      tosa: prefer 2.6.17 kernel as this is last with working USB Host support
      merge of '2be33b1e41d85f27342ef28ca591afd1055abbcf'
      classes: package, rm_work - fix bashisms (from Poky)
      dropbear, sysvinit, linux-nokia770: fix bashisms (from Poky)
      merge of 'cf825d08cde9f17188ff1a768443dd312658cb7d'
      contacts: update to 0.3, drop older (from poky)
      dates: dropped 0.1 and 0.2
      util-macros: added 1.1.5 from poky
      util-macros: added patch to get it cross compiled (from poky)
      merge of '59341f601c1006b473e6599023cd3870fec6ff99'
      inputproto: added 1.4 from poky
      xproto: added 7.0.8 from poky
      bitbake.conf: add ext3 images support from poky
      dhcp: Fix dbg packaging and clean up hardcoded paths (from poky)
      zaurus-updater: Fix typo in description (from poky)
      alsa-lib: ship needed configs in alsa-conf-base and rest of them in alsa-conf (backward compatibility), also added dependency on configs to library
      task-base: do not ship alsa-conf as this will be added as rdependency of alsa-lib
      merge of '7cd971721449f843bea317fc1d0bf7b659f7daee'
      e2fsprogs: dropped old versions
      e2fsprogs: unbreak -native version, move common code to .inc from
      merge of 'de732b9edab14596e25612f268a89373d0b775ab'
      mplayer: package  which contain xvidix drivers
      mplayer: disable mmx2, sse, 3dnow for progear
      merge of '7ecf0e32974264619fa996b2de3f674cfe2ef705'
      linux: fix KERNEL_IMAGETYPE for simpad
      merge of '6ff9d848f46715bdb745a274b6611f75395b0755'
      linux: update simpad switches patch
      task-base: add EHCI/UHCI controllers into task-base-usbhost
      glib-2.0-native: add 2.12.4 from Poky (needed for python-pygobject 2.12.x)
      OpenZaurus 3.5.5 distro config - need work
      merge of '0f71fa3d11b92ce6173ba2ed5c99235de2f4f336'
      maemo: moved gconf-osso, osso-gnome-vfs2 to obsolete/maemo/
      merge of '0303d4291ff3297fae792050c054f118512fd08d'
      uboot-gta01: fix parse error
      u-boot-mkimage-gta01: build uboot-mkimage needed for Neo1973 kernel
      u-boot-mkimage-gta01: renamed to u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native
      linux-gta01: depend on u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native so kernel can be built with EABI
      cups: we do not want web interface so do not check for PHP, Perl, Python, Java
      merge of '33540f0bfe9c570bf5e5c1a8ef55968815395f11'
      ttf-dejavu: update to 2.15
      ltp: added 20070228 version of Linux Test Project (based by recipe from CELF)
      own-mirrors.bbclass: added class which can be used to set PREMIRRORS from config
      rglueap: added 0.1 version - close #1967 (initial recipe written by Rick Farina <r.farina at>, cleaned by me)
      ziq, ztappy, win4: create directory for .desktop file - close #1961
      task-sdk/task-sdk-opie: moved OPIE sdk task to separate recipe.
      merge of '4ed305871b29e4d307ecf92b216e8016878ca38b'
      picocom: add UUCP_LOCK_DIR define and one patch to get it built with gcc4
      merge of '210c562ba9ddf03eaef5986221c80453bb820d06'
      picocom: revert part of my changes, add nolock.patch written by Marek Vašut <marek.vasut at> - close #1972
      MAINTAINERS: edited my entry: removed qtopia apps/fonts
      fic-gta01: added MMC driver and Ext2 support modules
      merge of '3a6b4696678a9d7415cda888f0ffc2f453699f4e'
      python: package not packaged files into python-misc (from Poky)
      merge of '608ac63921c4d1a58f52ff5666e33b863be0d5e2'
      openmoko-pim: tweaked RDEPENDS to same as Contacts/Dates (from Poky)
      merge of '820eb34bc4a417691a71d40bf2d2ae059cf1fccd'
      contacts, dates, tasks: moved to pimlico directory (from Poky)
      mx31ads-kernel: remove bashisms - close #1611
      contacts: added 0.4, unified recipes, fixed PV in svn version, disabled gnome-vfs (from Poky)
      tasks: added 0.4, unified recipes, fixed PV in svn version (from Poky)
      dates: unify recipes, fix PV in svn version (from Poky)
      merge of '5b67d1cb3227253f3f4b525375b174d391b45a4a'
      merge of '93cd24c7fe5b0752c90fe9cc0ccbb8f1b492f27e'
      task-base: ECB is needed to get WEP working
      task-openmoko: ship openmoko-today, openmoko-icon-theme-standard and settings-daemon by default
      gpe-terminal: recommend rxvt-unicode
      nfs-utils: give file with exports for mountd to get it working (from Poky)
      merge of '45ed69e5efc5ba31b80dc1e00747aeb58424e6c1'
      linux-omap 2.6.18: refreshed defconfig to get it build on RHEL4 (no changes)
      python-pygtk2: make it build on 64bit host for 32bit machine (from Poky)
      merge of '5071c48a87d5b7fe1522ead80ed52698f40d90af'
      python-gst: updated to 0.10.7, added fix to get it built on 64bit (from Poky)
      python-pygobject: updated to 2.12.3, added fix to get it built on 64bit (from Poky)
      openmoko: we use GTK not GTK-DirectFB
      site/*: move mr_cv_target_elf to common as all our targets are ELF systems - this also make libelf buildable
      ltrace: make it buildable on misc architectures (copied some stuff from linux-libc-headers recipe) - bug reported by Dodji Seketeli at OpenedHand
      libxaw: split into libxaw6/7/8 as our apps depend on one of them only so why install all
      package.bbclass: added support for private libraries (used only in package)
      dates/openmoko-dates: mark as PRIVATE, make them conflict
      X11R7.1: prefer libxfont-native 1.2.0 as we use freetype 2.3.x
      acpid: use update-rc.d class
      aumix: added ncurses to dependencies
      edje-native: fix staging
      gpe-mini-browser: do not comment code but remove it. we have SCM
      gst-plugins-good: depend on gst-plugins-base (from Poky)
      hostap-daemon: do not depend on hostap-modules as they are 2.4 only now
      starling: fixed dependencies - close #2055
      uucp: package /usr/spool/uucp/ (empty) for cu
      merge of '33a1439ed0925b6fdb7b29081cfb7c2481aebdd3'
      package.bbclass: fix build problem related to private libs
      sapwood: fixed packaging, recreated patch
      merge of 'a169800c21f9c42630c25ab09b4da7ca73dac614'
      php: dropped 4.3.6/4.3.10
      merge of '113174d33136a54f14b81e89817064146ea7422c'
      openmoko-libs: split to have libmokoui and libmokojournal packages
      merge of '441bcea0ba57eb2b93c3337a770e15a243b489e8'
      (openmoko-)dates: fix Rconflicts/Rreplaces: they do not replace each other but conflict and only PN
      merge of '6f0db148d82d30078ed867182e31679b32d6fe62'
      gammu: updated to 1.10.0
      merge of 'cc5e07dd7b07fafb652332925795d57a51e7d58c'
      merge of '1054ca4965286d532ebc6789997a44625d410958'
      gnupg: drop 1.4.0 directory, drop gnupg2 1.9.15 (too old)
      merge of '3dca1a73b62f0ff1be73ca1a304fd542319e323d'
      merge of '7d07d609f8af621d346ce23b17396f9c6c2c9c72'
      merge of '131aca0c8651e56bac39f5f02b88e33abc133b07'
      coreutils: added 6.0 (DEF_PREF=-1)
      merge of '696fafb88835f59c6692b229e898775cd7a46691'
      zip: added DESCRIPTION, cleaned recipes (from Poky)
      libol: use binconfig class to install libol-config (from Poky)
      merge of '2dedd269e3ce065dd32e2397e0e647b83f2a26ee'
      merge of '9e29945dfdbfc2fec2c1df2f2690b9e3a59ae6d0'
      merge of '05e24f5610763d569f2c11c8f26e2152e34063bb'
      dates: update to 0.4.1 (from Poky)
      tasks: Patch tasks to make it single instance (from Poky)
      merge of '0b31bda390691b7d9e15f77a2ea3e3705bbf2f12'
      task-base: major restructure
      linux-rp: added SD/MMC driver for collie - written by Thomas Kunze
      libopensync-plugin-irmc-sync: add missing dependencies (from Poky)
      merge of '9fbffdcb9794d661ec2be0360be70be480cdaf93'
      checksums.ini: added result of 'bittest chksum_checker' run on CELF source mirror
      merge of '4fa4f87979de4219c88fba63ac6ae11b020aeced'
      dates: updated to 0.4.2 (from Poky)
      pimlico: point SRC_URI to Pimlico website (from Poky)
      collie-2.6: ship all kernel modules now
      collie-2.6: ship wifi support too
      db1200: added MACHINE_FEATURES based on db1200_defconfig from 2.6.21-rc7 Linux kernel - should close #2116
      gkrellm: updated to 2.2.10 with patch by Marek Vasut to fix install - close #2090
      gnutls: stage libgnutls-extra.m4 needed by centericq
      gnutls: update to 1.4.5 (last stable in 1.4 branch)
      gnutls: update to 1.6.2
      collie: use 2.6 by default. If someone want 2.4 then set MACHINE_KERNEL_VERSION=2.4 in local.conf
      progear: add touchscreen into features
      merge of '4699a5e1d4242bae2ec7ffb11bfb87bd49e92de6'
      contacts: update to 0.5 (from Poky)
      merge of '0b26a61d4fccf634b89eaba8f9db28208faa2d9f'
      telepathy-glib: added 0.5.10 (from Poky)
      telepathy-gabble: updated to 0.5.10 (from Poky)
      merge of '09bb66d3fb1db889848916179b819a78e4efde02'
      telepathy-gabble: drop old versions
      merge of '4c8bd7ca61d815d94202feba1abab9c776a93350'
      merge of '87b49518bcc5300a395daeb3510b7801f333eda9'
      OpenZaurus time is over - long live Ångström!
      base-files: drop OpenZaurus support
      busybox: dropped OpenZaurus config for 1.01
      initscripts: dropped OpenZaurus specific checkversion script
      bluez: dropped OpenZaurus config
      openzaurus-version: dropped
      gtk+ 2.8.9: dropped OpenZaurus RDEPENDS
      merge of '52b8f41a965e291eede4b4094b41d82b1b115c2f'
      merge of '666358c5490cf7ad12c0b64e3e81b9d28fde6536'
      Familiar: drop distro configurations
      familiar-version: dropped
      images: drop Familiar feeds informations
      libice: added 1.0.3
      libxaw: added 1.0.3
      libxfont: added 1.2.8
      libxi: added 1.1.0
      libxinerama: added 1.0.2
      libxrandr: added 1.2.1
      libxt: added 1.0.5
      libxv: added 1.0.3
      mkfontdir: added 1.0.3
      xdm: added 1.1.4
      xrandr: added 1.2.0
      xrdb: added 1.0.3
      xf86-input-evdev: added 1.1.5
      xf86-input-keyboard: added 1.2.0
      xf86-input-mouse: added 1.2.1
      xf86-video-siliconmotion: added 1.5.1
      merge of '6f5210038562db01ca0770735bbb801e0fa828e1'
      settings-daemon: merge changes from Poky (proper PV, dependencies)
      merge of '4775c58714baf936cab4e2cb0e464e1fb7dd1a73'
      merge of '1bb95c93cc0333355720a49f6933cddc3e57fc7a'
      libglade: set '-lz' in LDFLAGS instead of CFLAGS - close #1774
      image.bbclass: remove *all* IPKG list files
      linux 2.6.20: drop Simpad and Progear support
      merge of '80f7f84f9356a16a8a92b8c33d7297b74324541a'
      minimo: add EABI patches for 0.016 (from Poky)
      merge of 'b44f4735776226776eff9f2c0c692f9658a207a8'
      checksums.ini: remove xfce m4 macros fetched from svnweb
      checksums.ini: remove gaim patches fetched from cvsweb
      XFCE: update 4.2.x to 4.4.1
      merge of '098b7308900ba9b5e6e5ff83f5e4a2f5d3b8da04'
      xfce.bbclass: update for 4.4.1
      xfce: drop empty libxfce* dirs
      merge of 'd1543bd877e6311e2749d600361efe4cd9878cac'
      liburi-perl: added 1.35 (needed by exo, only native one tested)
      merge of '6173a4536a04d6f35d0e9579922e1529d01e3327'
      powertop: update to 1.2
      merge of '8390c5b6b9d59cb9aaf655dbe6f2e39726610caf'
      merge of 'b9c37660cebe17de93a1e9fd5e1be9c5035fb211'
      rt2570-k2wrlz: added 1.6.0 version - close #2357
      merge of '4f32005a985543bea4ff090bb1bc2b31df62ac89'
      oplinux-packages: reindented to get parsed - use 4 spaces not tabs
      slugos: set PREFERRED_PROVIDERS for libiconv/libintl/libc
      merge of 'a73ff29a7779a9a8a8b4220a0bab38e53c25c6a9'
      kb9202: initial configuration for KwikByte KB9202 devboard
      linux 2.6.21: added kb9202 support
      linux 2.6.21: kb9202 use u-boot so switch to uImage
      task-base: add task-base-extended which adds wifi/bt for pcmcia/pci/usbhost devices
      task-base: add PROVIDES = PACKAGES (requested by Rod Whitby)
      merge of '31255ba5192f33ebbab0596e34dbb8754a1d6f5a'
      task-base: really add task-base-extended, fixed it's code
      merge of '06afba065baa0aa6cc772fb60024fa37cb131af1'
      xrandr: fix uclibc build (from Poky)
      merge of '917b0d8264255bcc05a47f9b2b7167bf8781ef46'
      libxml-parser-perl-native: fix RDEPENDS (from Poky)
      merge of '3b2a4c2d157c55e28c1c710b49f9431e03679512'
      linux-mtx*: added COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      merge of '4be62db5e8ff5d5cad0e43cd8487d753ab05b5db'
      linux-tornado-omap2: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      linux-h6300-omap1: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      merge of 'c9d129a39ce3a34bfb785b028a0bb8d75802177f'
      merge of 'd3fa7065b141a0eadc8b300509ed7e4508ac1f95'
      task-base/pcmcia-cs: moved hostap-conf/orinoco-conf to RDEPENDS of pcmcia-cs package as pcmciautils does not need that
      liba52: create debug packages (from Poky)
      merge of '48b3ebe818c6d71c00ae88870e198d7a6aaab977'
      powertop: update to 1.5
      twisted: add 2.5.0 from Poky
      python-gst: fixed debug packaging (from Poky)
      zope: added 3.3.1 from Poky
      merge of '2418db31e5eea055a273730099614b6244381544'
      merge of '5259dfab416d5f0ea53cc4ad85ec7445cd760e9c'
      wireless-tools: add 29pre21, fix packaging for pre10/21 - close #2458
      merge of '043369f4d3f199290929731a9ad8b9be49e12a98'
      wireless-tools: dropped 26 & 27, updated 28pre13 to 28
      merge of '38e38f27d81c78058d1cfa4e57d5cf1c52981c7e'
      udev: make only udev RPROVIDE hotplug not all packages (from Poky)
      merge of '5c7cb8a0cf72b57be73ae08b5e625eecf68c3969'
      gpsd: added forgotten file
      merge of '0a38e7566051393faa3d7b2924eecdf612c4c021'
      task-boot: bump PR after last changes
      pcmciautils: added patch (from git) to not use MODALIAS in rules as it is deprecated since udev 080 (sync with Poky)
      merge of '60f8ab65a31175b75e99193102e2ec70cbdfdef8'
      prism-firmware: added support of loading 1.8.4 firmware for Prism2/3 CF cards on insert (from Poky)
      prism3-firmware: dropped in favour of prism-firmware
      prism3-support: dropped in favour of prism-firmware
      task-base: use prism-firmware instead of older ways of support for Prism2/3 cards (based on Poky work)
      merge of '674974b81d2da7e7d81070dc38e8b163632c887e'
      pimlico: tasks updated to 0.9, dropped old versions
      tosa: added wifi to MACHINE_FEATURES
      merge of '627199fbe7856e67f8ca9485039c90a227b48598'
      sarge_at91: added AT91RM9200 board from Black Mesa East project
      sarge-at91: renamed to not conflict with overrides
      sarge-at91: use u-boot 1.1.6 and linux 2.6.21
      linux: added Sarge-AT91 support (based on original submission kernel)
      merge of '2d48e0fc062c46f883515824089be8f20112f660'
      linux: make Sarge-AT91 use u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native instead of uboot (which is not building)
      merge of '1293c35f9186cb98ae4e1efe9e3cb8cc0e607def'
      linux-rp 2.6.21: adapted collie patches to apply - close #2592
      merge of '290305d126092679b5d9b8f4f299b6dce4dd8da6'
      linux-rp: switch to Thomas patches
      linux-rp: switch to Thomas patches
      task-opie-all: added missing PACKAGES - should close #2572
      qemu-native: added zlib-native to DEPENDS - close #2561
      merge of '48173d5e9ba6b9c01006caf0faeedb090a20d0d1'
      sanity: if OE is used by root user (userid 0) then raise error (from Poky)
      linux-rp: update locomokyeb_suspendkey patch to fix build for collie
      feed-browser: include architecture selector
      feed-browser: exit if database cannot be found or created
      feed-browser: updated copyrights
      feed-browser: updated copyrights
      feed-browser: use read_vars_from_get to handle HTTP GET params
      feed-browser: simplified URLs (no 'action' var anymore), simplified code a bit
      merge of '6ecc6574ba0db38196a290448aaaf3706bcacee3'
      feed-browser: list of architectures from database instead of static list
      feed-browser: search when arch is selected and no package name provided
      feed-browser: in package details sort by version, then by arch
      feed-browser: mark selected architecture in list of archs, also show entered package name
      libxosd: fix packaging (from Poky)
      glib-2.0: fix packaging in 2.12.12 - should end discussion on OE list
      merge of '69c4f23827bd5d45cfcc6008cf24a3877da4126e'
      merge of '37a4a98782bda17b384e225dc6561e633f49393c'
      automake: added 1.10 - not tested too much, needed by parted 1.8.7, not default
      uboot-gta01: deployed files are not executable so use -m 0644 during installing them
      lighttpd: update to 1.4.16, drop older
      merge of '6b7b8a54d7265a7382da09d8df6a830b3be30fc4'
      ttf-dejavu: updated to 2.18, added fontconfig aliases support
      merge of '339d8c23276df48d5bd47404a5a8da2f987f0713'
      libw100,vincent: fixed SRC_URI - SSL certificate is for * not for *
      merge of 'b25e19744697afbbde21b5770c7d4f474f5c201b'
      ttf-dejavu: really ship aliases file
      linux-rp 2.6.21: fix poodle build - close #2682
      merge of 'a49fe2e2da0e39e35809f715b1dcda205597a1ec'
      makedepend-native:  add DEPENDS on xproto-native - spotted by Crofton
      merge of '5825a3b31a4da8bd899bac6fef5c9f16e34dc883'
      lsof: upgraded to 4.78
      merge of '8a506316a17c249d0b58a6a584e41a5f3920f173'
      patch.bbclass: give empty file for quilt so it will not use config from user homedir - closes #2704 (code from Poky)
      gstreamer: added meta package from Poky to get plugins grouped
      openmoko-dialer2: depend on gstreamer for ringtones
      merge of '0b702cfd69c428d647fe3d50e3f95d0cd7faa70f'
      merge of '96bb64a3731e126f99a327d5a0e1146bddcc95e0'
      linux: added 2.6.22 with config for PC Engines Alix1c board
      alix: added machine config for PC Engines Alix1c board
      merge of 'a32f961c13d10e74ded721ccb9fe83cf7ca3af41'
      linux 2.6.22: Alix boards use bzImage kernels
      palm machine configs: fix names in comments
      merge of '484354fc7d908c35f064448e992d669099255726'
      disapproval of revision '88c64741ce48efad01b051c81bcb07df08267748'
      merge of '101e6eac19d0386458366b1121296ec77262c99b'
      disapproval of revision '87f4964e99b725f1fc7dfcdb6feb62a3b3b0cd12'
      merge of '76e1e69496801009ea0aa69c84f76e858978ab99'
      python-pyode: depend on ode
      python-pygtk-1.2: fix build on amd64
      makedepend(-native): fix DEPENDS (taken from Poky) - close #2723
      merge of '4843e0d9b2f929adb80e40eaaaa3db435a7ff676'
      xorg-xserver: fetch from individual releases dir
      merge of '0639bf215ed95b383ca3a8350a92186db74d524c'
      xserver-xorg: apply drmfix.patch to get rid of /usr/include/drm
      merge of '30914cc94bbce1be08b75646f1755f25e9f9f4e1'
      task-python-everything: removed python-crypto as it does not build (acked by Mickeyl)
      tar: added 1.18
      tar: drop VERY OLD recipe which is not used since BitBake was created
      site/ix86-common: added glib_cv_sizeof_system_thread definition to get glib 1.2 built
      tiff: more granulated packaging
      merge of '4287770ea855fb20a7ff1b944f48982f4aab48c9'
      gammu: updated to 1.13.0
      python-gammu: unbreak it - we have recent gammu now
      merge of '1aa9d5d2291a43dd7550da56fed4507af7db2c81'
      task-python-everything: remove python-pyode which is in nonworking
      angstrom-glibc: prefer glibc-initial
      KERNEL_IMAGETYPE cleanup
      merge of '98b14503e47a28e2ea274f0efb9dca54e5ce4037'
      freetype: added 2.3.5 from Poky (target and native)
      qemu-qop-nogfx-native: dropped
      qemu: added 20070613 version from Poky - this works on 32 and 64 bit machines
      qemu: let 20070613 be default
      merge of '4ceb0ef60a086087bfe7a232b07d6fb71c3ccd04'
      sane-srcdates: fix qemu date
      merge of 'b2043e7a059106dce11b80a41022ab9a738027e4'
      qemu: remove stripping during do_stage - close #2831
      merge of '27baa018f9f9e77156f5eb95353722f773cc651d'
      python-dbus: make it build on amd64
      merge of '19b3553f698a014d63c349b2723f835295c7b5da'
      python-openmoko: make it build on amd64
      disapproval of revision '38e2cd40a04ac88008e433a43002415c562145e4'
      merge of '3fc90cd6e5ca8fdb9040cd52f97c35c106987f7b'
      python-dbus: make it build on amd64
      merge of '9ffaf3c87a0ed022e4d1a5278dd3fa333a996305'
      MAINTAINERS: updated my entry
      merge of '1479b8771eb7ed5d675e3c565d67c40c2030888c'
      openmoko: use proper version of qemu
      merge of 'ac74fcc2453aa7482b87f6c60813db2ff346f849'
      grub: rdepend on diffutils to get 'cmp' command needed by grub-install
      gtk+ 2.10.14: fix combo-arrow-size.patch (from Poky) - closes #2845
      linux: select proper PATA driver for Alix board
      powertop: update to 1.8
      less: update to 406 (from Poky), drop older ones
      merge of '13a2fd4a576e4ad16ad4a7365dddd911d1a008c9'
      lmsensors-apps: totally changed packaging + build of sensors application
      portmap: added 6.0 from Poky
      alsa: added 1.0.14 from Poky
      linux: switched ALIX to 2.6.23-r3, added MFGPT patches, changed config
      merge of '23ca474a9b8158ff4608c0bbd8ce769d4e3d9348'
      linux: added forgotten alix patches - close #2878
      merge of '81566ccb8400689db54be19c2d4bbb9bcab8a73b'
      nfs-utils: do not check for nfsd kernel module as it can be built-in into kernel. (Taken from Poky - r1395)
      nfs-utils: Add patch to work with uclibc (Taken from Poky -r1796)
      nfs-utils: start/stop also statd so clients will be able to do locking (Taken from Poky -r2578) - close #2799
      update-modules: depend on depmod (Take from Poky - r2589)
      merge of '28c0b47110d44620be450547dae379ac6a2c8868'
      linux-gta01: use KERNELORG_MIRROR instead of german mirror
      merge of 'a20b528579d5908635ab78e38cfc45339051c775'
      disapproval of revision '4fb1a7447c5d8ace96a5ac6358c7fe10f0d951c4'
      merge of '2d89d48451ccb04cdcce8533e88ab183e6fd5bbc'
      gcc/gcc-cross 4.1.2: bump PR to build working compiler after broken ARM Crunch
      binutils: added 2.18 from Poky (normal, cross, sdk)
      merge of '0b5587edb6c37bedf357b56ee1438f317f10673f'
      merge of '14dd1ebc66d8ff7879e828544c4b811a8b57489a'
      samba: depend on virtual/libiconv and supply path to it to fix building - taken from #2900
      scummvm: give proper path to sdl-config
      merge of 'db3553a557f70630b0299ead528cf8868b9d65fe'
      glibc: do not package /usr/include/scsi as it is in libc-linux-headers-dev (from Poky)
      merge of '0e25c8665bca3c8d9e7c99e4432c9ce60811994c'
      openmoko-common2: switch to SRCREV
      merge of '6a0bfe7d7f1e6ca611514ff0861ebfa76ea062f6'
      tcpdump: update to 3.9.7 whic do not need libpcap 0.9.3 but builds with 0.9.6
      merge of '3b618e174a1bdef0e2e2e2fe1efddadb3d3ce48d'
      base.bbclass: change message about lack of checksums.ini entry for URI to something easier to understand
      linux: changed way of adding uboot-mkimage dependency so #2926 should be fixed
      merge of '6cbf0719a581ec7faecefbc05b3c17d8b1b72d52'
      madwifi-ng: make r2702 default for alix (which use 2.6.23-rc kernel) - close #2974
      settings-daemon: switch to SRCREV (from Poky)
      merge of '4f5beacbe7b1e42fd9aef1829880d4574a224107'
      openmoko-terminal2: fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS error
      starling 0.2: fix DEPENDS
      merge of '7370b7cb2be2fee991acda2f9f3376b3f7b46a68'
      merge of 'd6b23e81759fb2972944b275544f4969ce3412cc'
      openmoko: use to get OpenMoko apps from SVN always
      merge of '159bde97bf43587e841741dc7ae1798e02ad78f6'
      moko-autorev: add also libraries: libmoko* and libgsmd
      merge of '80e71d36ec321be9cd506e086c7f71856a768989'
      tune-geodelx: added tuning for AMD GeodeLX cpu
      alix: use tuning for GeodeLX cpu, switch to i586
      merge of 'a36e23769513e1d9865ab5c60bcf73693b58581d'
      task-boot: include keymaps for devices with keyboard (taken from Poky)
      merge of '439e88dbf769d76561150772ce1e5a9f63623d35'
      merge of '452dd174691484101b95e30de9d1f28ba4615bcc'
      gnutls: update to 1.6.3, remove autoconf 2.59 hack (from Poky)
      merge of '147ea1808ce9dcca465549615b959e4aedc81359'
      lmsensors-apps: added missing patch
      lmsensors-apps: ugly fix to get it properly packaged
      merge of '0e7d709ae536ea44f5cea432f11a470b4b8508cc'
      x86 machines: added 'x86' MACHINE_FEATURE to limit amount of overrides needed when package need x86 special options - look at mplayer as example
      linux 2.6.22: merge cm-x270 kernel (from compulab-pxa270 recipe)
      cm-x270: change kernel provider to linux
      merge of '80b5c8a3efa25ab2eb9325c08c68cc36f0d664d9'
      cm-x270: prefer 2.6.22 version of linux not compulab-pxa270
      merge of '4438796403c22448a9b59d2e3ef3a1862c3dbb5c'
      cm-x270: added iwmmxt into archs and features
      merge of '1ba9df24f1f8128a61ec636e73db71360782f1fc'
      linux: provide symlink to lastest kernel image built
      linux 2.6.22: provide symlink to latest kernel image built for Compulab CM-X270 board
      merge of '0a4d4659daacb61a9f99c17aa64908c24e07b67d'
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-contacts2 to get fix for openmoko #815
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-dialer2 to get fix to OM #860
      merge of '399ad82a65eae57d617ef7178f450016dcc3c1da'
      neod: added gpe-scap and xrandr into RDEPENDS
      neod: no need to have gconf in DEPENDS when gconf.bbclass is inherited
      neod: added alsa-utils-amixer into RDEPENDS
      neod: added apm into RDEPENDS
      ttf-liberation: fetch from http not https - closes #3153
      merge of '5845bcf9f2b77a412308ab9b7bd6e383f6c902ce'
      merge of '3157b6fd0bec0b66971ea7b32ac57dc1a5c92940'
      at91sam92*: fix require lines
      opie-usermanager: drop as this is not supported in OPIE since 1.2.3 - close #2709
      libmutil: dropped empty dir
      merge of '6491515c0991b335eb83774c7692f5c94ed7c304'
      disapproval of revision '6491515c0991b335eb83774c7692f5c94ed7c304'
      libmad: use SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR
      libid3tag: use SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-today2
      base.bbclass: add checksums.ini generator (from Poky)
      checksums.ini: add some new entries created by generator built-in to base.bbclass (from Poky)
      mathomatic: mark unstable version as BROKEN
      checksums: removed am.tgz which is generated daily
      checksums: integrate changes from Poky
      source-checker: small Python script to check local sources against conf/checksums.ini
      merge of '6a20ffdd5a12f195a2bbd1c8cdb586851f2c7ba4'
      oe-source-checker: some improvements (usage, less exceptions)
      merge of '1146b968b17a4186232fbe41a3a6eb7fe30cc300'
      source-checker: added progressbar (from BitBake) and status info at end
      merge of '40d52bf1bf72c125584b4da643b7f704470ad4fc'
      source-checker: move bad news to end of program (list of errors when program end)
      checksums: dropped geda snapshots (unfetchable)
      checksums: few more fixes from Koen's run
      generic distro: prefer X.Org 7.2 instead of 7.1 (which is mostly not-existant)
      merge of '686e9c3c9548df9c0c138bec3dbfc29bd7d8c301'
      check: stage pkgconfig data (from Poky)
      merge of '62840d70a6509ba3585a883b01fcbdd249f064ed'
      exmap-console: switch to SRCREV (from Poky)
      exmap-console require glib-2.0 (from Poky)
      gnutls: drop autoconf 2.59 hack (synced from Poky)
      gtk-clearlooks-engine: fix debug packaging (from Poky)
      gtkhtml2: change to SRCREV (from Poky)
      hostap-utils: promote 0.4.7 to be default
      merge of '9551a443b67af5912951314c6eae39950acd1ba3'
      keymaps: start after psplash (from Poky)
      site/ix86-common: removed repeated entry for ac_cv_linux_vers
      zlib: cleanup
      merge of '7479d49ced219e54d9513c70988e30d564115acf'
      libxpm: add dependency on libsm (from Poky)
      wv: cleanup, added missing fields (from Poky)
      libfakekey: switch to SRCREV (from Poky)
      sysfsutils: split libsysfs to separate package (with dev and dbg ones) (from Poky)
      sato-icon-theme: sync with Poky
      libxml2: drop useless note
      merge of 'ac4b5988727da1d0b584ac9a22c5fa12a864842f'
      libfakekey: bump PV to 0.2
      linux-rp: make 2.6.21 default for collie
      merge of '11a5d1e39dfa8f07f966376ef34897af5fbb0dc4'
      oe-checksums-sorter: small script to sort checksums.ini
      checksums.ini: sync with Poky
      merge of '4681b04a3d2d7f7f51e4bc94ec5d6582ea3ae5e0'
      merge of '1cdc12c3862be0a347484d50284adc22bea0c4b4'
      zaurus machines: c7x0 and akita require pcmcia core modules with 2.6.23+ kernels
      merge of '6eab8aa968a601fef1ab31a6236358e693096ae9'
      bash: apply upstream fixes: up to 025 (was to 005) - from Poky
      merge of '56ceab0da14ebf9acac5e367a5e2300e7da4882f'
      portmap: sync 6.0 with Poky (no package changes)
      pkgconfig: remove whitespaces
      merge of 'a77bbd441d90f7bcc382233502647387947ff15c'
      tasks: upgrade to 0.12 from Poky
      contacts: dropped 0.5
      dates: dropped 0.4.3
      bootimg.bbclass: import of new version (from Poky)
      module.bbclass: RDEPEND on update-modules (from Poky)
      hostap-conf: depend on update-modules (from Poky)
      orinoco-conf: call update-modules to populate information from /etc/modutils
      merge of 'd0db4fe5ad1d91160b33f81ec5ebbbf8fec44705'
      mtools: add DESTDIR support patch from NetBSD (sync from Poky)
      sane-srcrevs: added OProfileUI
      linux-rp: sync with Poky (removal of OpenZaurus stuff, added autoload for pcmcia)
      merge of '3664c8386a83989b0e4b61c25a0c3f5782c2b71f'
      libowl: sync with Poky
      gconf-dbus: do not install gconf.service into /usr/share/dbus-1.0/ dir as it is not used by DBus (from Poky)
      merge of 'a41270f197c19482f466d5e12850e9c76c7358b5'
      linux-rp 2.6.23: enable WiFi and PXA Overlays on Akita (from Poky) - closes #3230 #3212
      linux-rp: enable uinput for Tosa in 2.6.17 - close #1372
      linux-rp: update Tosa patchset in 2.6.22 and 2.6.23 - close #3233
      merge of 'b3a66a0251c3a47228fa0f4ce4cdc78856bb70f3'
      task-base: bump after c7x0/akita config changes - should close #3223
      merge of '9d487e0e820ff337d6de3af6ade625bea99a13f0'
      opie-mediaplayer2: OPIE_CVS_PV cannot be used without inheriting opie.bbclass
      zaurus-updater: revert tosa one to standard working one
      merge of '5d703df48687b18de3beac73a0d364f47a49a736'
      merge of '1168c6045fce975d6d8f7098c478705bea1622c8'
      linux-rp: cleaned Tosa patches (my fault)
      busybox 1.7.2: use Angstrom defconfig as default - there are usable fixes in it
      merge of '2516927691cb7bcdc148fa4797baf97a39ab6b0c'
      alsa: added 1.0.15 from Poky
      merge of '7fe4c06ce30cce4695a8e59d2e11f23206fd87c0'
      qte: mark qte-mt 2.3.10 as preferred version to make bitbake a bit more quiet on parse
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-appmanager2 to get fix for OM #960
      merge of 'ace7ee05b32c937d9f796b47ec02fd555802e032'
      task-native-sdk: dropped libgcc-s-dev which is now part of gcc
      merge of '3ceed45c9d4c44db45af90121464ecd4dfb6317c'
      em-x270: do not assume where mtd-utils are installed
      merge of 'ccec70abe8a98a77de4b5435a375269cdd6a1879'
      notecase: unify recipes
      uicmoc3-native: depend on qmake-native
      quasar: added 0.9beta - close #3224
      merge of '43591068998de05cfdac737237e45e3cd0260ea3'
      alix: fix config and tune naming
      python-gst: fix FILES
      merge of '4da6387963b0050f0f62cbd7daa0a2826339e342'
      merge of '2c836c72090e9a06860096627e902f49c103f562'
      linux-rp: fix tosa patch name (my fault)
      merge of '5bba276288eaa8fa9d57001cdafb8cb332fcb78b'
      tosa: stop preffering 2.6.17 kernel - 2.6.23 is up-to-date and have improvements
      ettercap-ng: added 0.7.3 - close #3298
      ettercap: drop 0.6
      merge of '0e8df4b23554bb3ad3929e08fff126dce73bd38b'
      sqlite: added 3.4.2 from Poky - close #3301
      merge of '5fc01752a7d73572c40917d73b0efb4a550c89dc'
      sqlite3: upgrade to 3.5.2 - now really close #3301
      base-files: disable /dev/mmcda1 for all Zaurus machines - we use 2.6 not 2.4
      merge of '49e3b25caa2441cc80257be9db4cfae38d02f9f4'
      lmsensors-apps: fix DEPENDS
      merge of '353324dd9a65b594eaee01782ae8aa085ae87b9a'
      task-gpe-sectest: dropped as it is now in task-gpe recipe
      merge of '3dba2b4dd503fad1d9b3136a589986975da39964'
      librcf: drop bogus RDEPENDS
      python-pygtk: PROVIDES python-pygtk2 for compability
      libtheora: do not depend on itself
      gpsdrive: fix SRC_URI - close #3279
      zaurus-updater: Unified version for all PXA zaurus models - close #1526
      merge of '6b88eb96e13fd36fb152748d49b315d3e58466c8'
      merge of '479b064df21386e3f77f93516e86f40c7ea9ccfa'
      zaurus-updater: dropped spitz one as unified works on spitz (tested by Rolf Leggewie)
      merge of '618bc57259adc999e3aa2e274184f51d0b2c25ff'
      gettext: Disable java since it finds any native gcj and breaks cross compiled builds (from Poky)
      merge of '0a649e59614b2140ef8f93c2dc52b1361f2acb0b'
      zaurus-updater: remove logs - added by mistake
      zaurus-updater: use value from /proc/mtd to get rootfs size
      merge of '0b6935355f7d83e008381e3bc46345a5f8c686d9'
      merge of '2ea9f4ae40e1a9b07744e81b924d464d9e450aba'
      libxml-parser-perl: add expat dependency (from Poky)
      merge of '9e08f0a0ea353d01da3e8da16012b96b9e4e2fa2'
      task-native-sdk: really drop libgcc-s-dev (part of gcc now)
      merge of '3c3da8a3266f52fdedbc998f8e7f9dd516cc43eb'
      merge of '08c861d0f603db088f96ca2512d224a78406fea6'
      task-base: build only parts required by machine/distro combo used in build (like in Poky)
      merge of '21f54c80b635c2c7554e7423c333597138564f8d'
      task-base: arghh - task.bbclass fixes rewritten Ångström autobuilder script
      merge of '0fb6c6e17d53f8f9619779a7259b3225d01cf28d'
      contacts: added libowl dependency - close #3377
      merge of '18c78b60a5927032930ff3a527704644b4381596'
      dates: added libowl dependency - close #3417
      merge of '2d067cd21ac0062a769daf58cd58b0453c54c071'
      firefox: added forgotten patch
      firefox: bit more formatting
      Ångström autobuilder: new RSS generator
      merge of '105955293719b2a1414f1b03af410b8ff8dbdb1b'
      merge of 'b5e8ca9e2938b9d08d831d84eefefa0b5443ab45'
      merge of '2f056216a3cb2fc336cb26d0b043d22913f23616'
      updater: reformat (please use space not tabs)
      zaurus-updater: fixed JFFS2: wrong bitmask problems (some code needs to run only on Tosa and Poodle)
      merge of '5e862ccc5f65ba4b2947b0c3a5c0f84596b9fd8f'
      zaurus-updater: fix shell error visible on tosa/poodle
      merge of '44e174b3ce2f7bdec89689f8329e4fe03a345f08'
      zaurus-updater: do not run shell at the end - reboot instead
      merge of '1a297661067ec620e2c9c90e050d5b5f78991383'
      rootfs_deb.bbclass: few fixes to get it working
      matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod: fix RCONFLICTS to get openmoko-image built
      curl: really disable libidn (from Poky)
      libxml: dropped not used file
      merge of '1eda447bcdb08adfa9f20f565bd08e963be86a92'
      merge of 'c3ca473fa0f2691fd3779230e61273dde401f5a4'
      merge of 'c1fd09a0b09739640d55402e3a267d14a39bfd80'
      x11-sato-image: renamed poky-image-base as this image is not related to any of Poky images.
      merge of '9f1fe2504c55293cd4cdd2e508adf582c8ae44c3'
      x11-sato-image: fix also image name - spotted by Rolf
      merge of '5a00df302fa5f0bd27e8591c24d944d935e7a4e9'
      contacts: updated to 0.8
      dates: updated to 0.4.5
      dates: refreshed patch
      tasks: update to 0.13
      pimlico: sync svn versions with Poky
      merge of 'aa908f9edf3bb81b538c3115f62602d8a40d01df'
      contacts: SVN version is not default
      merge of '4c707078f812ad92fe59bccdba4b732c19d86f58'
      base-image: depend on ext2/usbhost only if machine supports them - close #3499
      merge of '4a084d17d8150e500fccc6f78c116ab863359656'
      linux: switch alix to use 2.6.24-rc5
      merge of 'ac1039a1d9d91d76eddb2acaf45a698b02653e22'
      gammu: updated to 1.17.0
      angstrom 2007: bump gammu to 1.17.0 and cmake-native to 2.4.7 (gammu req it at least 2.4.2)
      python-gammu: updated to 0.24
      angstrom 2007: update python-gammu to 0.24
      merge of '2e363cde1e696e4fd40b45167cf73e5a7dd0109c'
      linux-rp 2.6.23: really apply Tosa patch from #3295
      openmoko-messages2: added libjana to dependencies
      mtd-utils: move mkfs.jffs(2) to separate packages - mtd-utils do not need LZO
      linux-rp 2.6.23: Added Linksys WCF11 to list of HostAP supported cards. Acked by upstream
      merge of 'd5e892324794fc60bc2f9d3d05e2463b239b42e6'
      linux-rp: fix hostap patch
      merge of '038fd3d7de50165436251d3b2878a79da0607174'
      linux-rp 2.6.23: enable WiFi drivers for Poodle - close #3592
      dbus: added 1.1.1 from Poky (non default)
      merge of '49d63989ff625988d6bb90696a2abb7d3fc939bb'
      base and sanity bbclasses + qemu: move gcc3 availability checking into base.bbclass (from Poky)
      merge of '0d7f35f44f5002f7df5f605bc373d3feecb8602d'
      merge of '6794aa0dd1ca646be71cc57651a883ac99f55985'
      wifistix-modules: added missing patch from Gumstix
      merge of '964b970138436b573add519a1eae7ca7aec32517'
      kernel.bbclass: stage also include/video directory (from Poky)
      kernel.bbclass: added sizecheck task from linux recipe (merge from Poky) removed OpenZaurus related note about feeds
      xcursor-transparent-theme: fix SRC_URI
      shared-mime-info: add dependency on glib-2.0 (from Poky)
      merge of '0e7dafd4ba684994da9cbab0292dbd6e3c6be3ec'
      linux-rp: removed size checking as it is now in kernel.bbclass
      zaurus-2.6: added kernel size for do_sizecheck
      linux: do_sizecheck moved to kernel.bbclass (merged from Poky)
      merge of '0a2c0b977acc12b551929c86418ebe390325056e'
      kernel-arch.bbclass: x86 is now proper arch in kernel
      merge of '58a64bc4f0e9295e4e68eaf15495ee2eb9e6fbd8'
      merge of 'b4db7faff89bf68649ff9993f351d168e6ee5446'
      madwifi-ng: make 'alix' use newer snapshot
      linux-rp: update 2.6.24-rc8 to final release
      ttf-dejavu: updated to 2.23
      strace 4.5.15: added missing patches (from Poky)
      angstrom-glibc: use linux-libc-headers
      merge of '3e30fd93324363fef5804864bf39efef2522563b'
      anki: fix parse error
      anki: comment out that export. I hope that maintainer of it will solve it properly one day
      merge of '4b9bf269fccb2d8469b9d1ccfe6d73ac060a6b29'
      gvim: added xt to dependencies
      merge of '1d187fa547c16ed9ca31c2975f54b8812e88b0f6'
      linux-nokia800: added 2.6.21-osso71 used by OS2008 release (from Poky)
      kgrok: remove from repository - I added it few years ago and no one fixed it
      lftp: removed 3.2.1 from nonworking - we have 3.5.1
      apache: drop 2.0.x from nonworking - we have 2.2.x working
      lzma: dropped nonworking 0.01 version
      dropped minisip and its components from nonworking - we have them in packages/ too
      merge of '17c778274717898b377338f8552576cb4fd350eb'
      bitbake.conf: added QEMU_OPTIONS variable used for generating glibc binary locales for armv6 cpu (from Poky)
      glibc: use QEMU_OPTIONS to generate binary locales for armv6 machines (from Poky)
      vagalume: added 0.5.1-1 version of GTK+ based client
      checksums.ini: added some entries
      hildon-control-panel: added 2.0.1
      ukeyboard: added 1.2 version of alternative Maemo control panel for keyboards
      merge of '242a466ed405559b9394dbf1b3a8678ba25cf86f'
      djvulibre: fix SRC_URI
      chinook-compat: use libgcrypt 1.4.0 like Maemo4 does
      chinook-compat, gcc-csl: make 3.4.4-csl-2005q3 have other PV for chinook-compat distro
      ix86-common: added ac_cv_func_posix_getgrgid_r=yes required by glib 2.15.6
      less: upgrade to 418 (from Poky), drop 382
      merge of '381386545295748802d49e020def79338aa8d301'
      ncdu: added 1.3 version of ncurses disk usage tool
      openttd: dropped as unfetchable
      pwgen: added 2.06 version
      merge of '2862048e0d5216ac90156a012c86db94c23d2742'
      merge of 'a3db419309941fac383949b8b58b338cc5742f39'
      merge of '38a9dd2ba2b2469b6368cf23490a2f8d5fec3065'
      python-lightmediascanner: added python-cython-native into dependencies to get it built
      merge of '5529fcc6533f38f6369900c99f864fda054a188d'
      merge of 'ab5ad4e59f4a6f702c25734887b847d5f8f38376'
      task-gpe: ettercap is not ettercap-ng
      opkg: native version needs native Curl
      merge of '1baac115ff1ee3cfa594ac8bdb5a672342a18c6b'
      gnome-vfs: added 2.22.0 - partially close #4061
      qt/e: dropped 2.3.12 snapshot as I do not mirror it for quite long time bump matchbox-keyboard to solve 'unable to find expat' problem
      cpan.bbclass: removed bashisms (from Poky)
      flumotion: fixed packaging (from Poky)
      merge of '66d9cc1155353a9e1d178f4143dd89f86fc64dcb'
      libx11: added 1.1.4 from Poky
      libxfont: added 1.3.2 from Poky
      libxinerama: added 1.0.3 from Poky
      libxscrnsaver: added 1.1.3 from Poky
      libxv: added 1.0.4 from Poky
      xproto: added 7.0.12 from Poky
      linux-nokia800: merge with Poky - suspend/resume support, more filesystems
      apmd: merge recipe cleanup with Poky
      base-files: install GFDL 1.2, GPL 3, LGPL 3 licenses (from Poky)
      bash: fix postinst to not touch host system
      bash: also sync PR with Poky
      curl: update to 7.18 (from Poky)
      diffutils: use update-alternatives for cmp (also provided with busybox 1.9.1) (from Poky)
      dosfstools: merge 2.6.20 syscalls patch from Poky
      less: merge cosmetic change from Poky (no changes)
      libid3tag: add pkg-config support (from Debian) - merged from Poky
      libmad: merged with Poky: pkg-config support + no-Thumb for ARM
      mtools: do not link with X11 (from Poky)
      wv: Fix DEPENDS and pkgconfig file (from Poky)
      libx11: added forgotten patch
      opkg: really disable GPG in native and sdk (from Poky)
      opkg: added version without GPG support (from Poky)
      util-macros: added forgotten patch for 1.1.6
      libx11-native 1.1.4: do not provide libx11
      merge of '4f55fef36523ba6ae829feec111a2bcd0e9e7088'
      python-pygtk: unbreak prevent_to_get_display_during_import.patch (from Poky)
      uclibc: use ncurses-native instead of host one (from Poky)
      merge of '3a47981fd330163efa2f76ef144ec299e22bfa96'
      portmap: do not install initscript with world writable permissions
      MAINTAINTERS: update my entry
      angstrom-2008.1: prefer bluez-utils for bluez-utils-dbus
      gammu: updated to 1.20.0
      gammu: re-add stage task
      python-gammu: updated to 0.26
      checksums.ini: added some entries from one build
      checksums.ini: merge Poky version
      merge of '73a23186ee8c84f6b4f8391bda1d41f034358c5c'
      linux: make alix use 2.6.25 kernel
      merge of '46ca801f1efcaa636eaa43837f3587c7c90a93ec'
      base.bbclass: print metadata revision as METADATA_REVISION - code is cleaned so easier to add git/hg (from Poky)
      src_distribute.bbclass: merge Poky version which handle all licenses
      chinook-compat: make it more Maemo compatible
      cmake-native: added 2.6.0 (from Poky)
      cmake.bbclass: use cross-compilation support with 2.6.0 (from Poky)
      checksums.ini: sync with Poky
      libsyncml: added 0.4.6 (from Poky)
      opensync: added 0.36 release (from Poky)
      qemu 0.9.1: fix SRC_URI (from Poky)
      dbus-glib: added 0.76 (from Poky)
      image.bbclass: Make sure DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE exists before running image generation (from Poky)
      distcc: ship fixed desktop file to get QA happy (from Poky)
      linux-rp: fix sound on c7x0 in 2.6.26 kernel
      merge of '5f80d82b77d53ef77154af1dcd9298bf7c5f389d'
      glibc: use ARM instruction set always - it is not buildable with Thumb - close #1708
      gsoap-native: unbreak build - close #2373
      fontconfig: added 2.6.0 from Poky - should close #2951
      merge of '474680366447a4dab2f989364e5d93df82ff5054'
      libopensync: added missing patches for 0.36
      cmake: configure with proper prefix
      x86: do not add 'x86' into list of package archs
      smpeg: added SVN version (tested only for building)

hs4233 at (1):
      busybox: defconfig for MNCI

hvontres (1):
      linux-kexecboot-2.6.24: add new version (mainly for poodle)

hvontres at (1):
      linux-rp: misc fixes to make 2.6.24 compile for poodle - close #3715

I-Fan, Chen (45):
      [Assassin] bump up the version of assassin to 233
      [illume-config]  remove unused illume-config-asu form
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [assassin] dump up the version of assassin to 234
      [qtopia] adding AT+CSCS=UCS2 for Non-English language PhoneBook support
      [assassin]  Bump up assassin version to 244
      [om-locations] Bump up to 398dfc8513a3a7429d23a1e66a7019fc8e28aafc
      [etk] adding patch for adding extra margins on scrolled_view
      [etk] update the extra margin patch and solving issues.
      [assassin] bump up the assassin version to 249
      [connman]  modify the git server from to
      [assassin] Bump up to version 251
      [packagekit] modify summary field to support alias Tags.
      [assassin] Bump up assassin to version 257.
      [etk] update the extra margin function as William's wish
      [assassin] Bump up the version of Assassin
      [qtopia-phone-x11] adding alias name for packages.
      [alias name] Adding alias name tags for packages
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [Descriptions] Adding more description to applications
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [Assassin] Bump up to version 263
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the assassin-thumbnail to 2688
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [assassin-thumbnail] Adding thumbnail of Hong Kong
      [Qtopia] Fix the missmatch of packages alias.
      [Qtopia] Sorry forgot adding PR.  Update PR to 48
      [assassin] Bump up the version of Assassin to 265.
      [Qtopia] Bump up Qtopia to eea26c74b18007142d7f02cb5633dffbfb63bd7a Adding a boundary check to avoid dead lock and arbitrary memory access
      ncurses: Let ncurses replaces libncurses5
      dbus: adding RPROVIDES and let dbus-1 becomes a virtual package
      dbus: Bump up PR for last RPROVIDES change
      xserver-kdrive-glamo: make xserver-kdrive a virtual package
      glib-2.0: Bump up to 2.18.1
      etk: extending the etk_scrolled_view with STOPTOOBJECT mode.
      Assassin: Bump to to 267 modify the extra margin
      qtopia: Bump up Qtopia to 308224ef2f37548b6865f21e643b62a4d6a28a5b
      etk: adding more boundary check for scroll bars
      mokoko: Bump up mokoko to 127
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      mokoko: adding conf file, tags, and alias
      Qtopia: Bump up version.
      qtopia: update the PhoneProfile.conf in OE
      Assassin: Bump up assassin to 268

ifaistos at (280):
      merge of '14f068bc8b024f32842f257eef00e729033b40d9'
      merge of '66118fcaf02332902350af917b57b972df319ac9'
      merge of 'c1a64808fc49d61ea2634c0c011011da9e5a7886'
      merge of '6b9317985dfcaa8a8a68bee3324d6644fcd77d37'
      Update dht-walnut machine file to current format
      Machine file update for dht-walnut
      Fix to allow glibc 2.3.5 to compile for powerpc arch
      Fixes gcc-cross 4.x compile error on x86_64 arch due to multilibs missing
      Add dht-walnut 2.6.12. and kernels
      Allow kernel image to be created for both uclibc and glibc targets
      Fix to allow uboot to build with newer make (i.e 3.81)
      Fix typo in system restricted packages
      Point to correct dir containing kernel headers
      Initial commit for a powerpc-uclibc site file *needs clearing up*
      Updated icecc.bbclass to fetch script required by icecc.bbclass
      Remove depedancy on icecc-create-env to temporeraly solve circullar dependancy problem
      Fixed error in the way the user specified exclusion lists were handled
      merge of '9bbebb754095353f3763fe66f59709eb8f986b9e'
      This fix allows uclibc-initial-0.9.28 to compile and closes bug #1632
      Set corect path to kernel headers for uclibc_svn
      dht-walnut uclibc_svn config file
      Efika uclibc_svn config file
      dht-walnut.conf: Modify to use task-base
      Add missing uboot patch for dht-walnut
      Fix getline error when compiling for uclibc
      dht-walnut.conf: Add ppc405 are package arch
      Add missing uboot patch for dht-walnut
      efika.conf: Add console
      site/powepc-linux:Add ac_cv_sizeof_int_p
      /uclibc/uclibc-svn:Add generic powerpc config
      /uclibc/uclibc-0.9.28: Add generic powerpc config
      pciutils-2.2.4: Add patch so they compile for uclibc
      /conf/machine/efika.conf: Remove extra PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel
      merge of '93723410c189ef3068ef506f4970af5d12467d3c'
      /packages/linux: Add kernel 2.6.20 for efika
      /packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.28: Add config for i486 Bump PR
      /packages/uclibc/uclibc-svn: Add config for i486
      site/ix86-common: Add ac_cv_sizeof_long_p
      site/powerpc-linux: Add ac_cv_sizeof_long_p
      site/powerpc-linux-uclib: Add ac_cv_sizeof_long_p
      packages/apache2/apache2-2.2.3: Fix wrong assuption about ptr length during configure
      packages/php/ Patch to allow php-5 to compile for x86 (at least)
      packages/libxml/ copy xml2-config to staging/bin
      /packages/linux: Add kernel 2.6.20 for dht-walnut machine
      packages/linux: Add kernel 2.6.20 for x86
      packages/memtester: Fix download URL for
      packages/modphp/ modphp requires apxs from apache2 to build. Point to the correct dir where apxs is
      packages/nmap/ Change URI to point to new download location
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.28: Add uClibc config for i586 targets
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-cvs: Add uClibc_svn config for i586 targets
      packages/madwifi/ Revert the xscale specific changes back
      packages/madwifi/ Add efika and walnut compile support
      packages/madwifi/ Add latest madwifi package
      packages/linux/ Copy additional kernel headers required by externel modules
      packages/linux/ Copy additional kernel headers required by externel modules
      packages/linux/linux-efika-2.6.20/defconfig: Set kernel timer tick at 1000Hz
      packages/linux/linux-dht-walnut-2.6.20/dht-walnut_defconfig: Add support for additional drivers
      classes/kernel-arch.bbclass: Remove powerpc -> ppc conversion. Now both of them exist
      packages/asterisk/ Several fixes
      packages/libesmtp/ Fix Q&A errors
      packages/asterisk/ Add correct section console/telephony instead of telephony
      packages/openssh/ Fix Q&A errors. Remove debug files from openssh-misc
      packages/modutils/ Modprobe has changed between 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.
      merge of '062f11ac5a659cd78342432c3122546e10111fd2'
      packages/asterisk/ Add new asterisk version that fixes a security vulnerability
      packages/asterisk/ Remove older versions of asterisk
      packages/asterisk/ Remove old versions of asterisk
      "packages/asterisk/ Remove old version of asterisk
      "packages/asterisk/ Remove old versions of asterisk
      packages/perl/perl-5.8.7/ Don't use share library for powerpc targets
      packages/gcc/ Make sure that the build machine uses the correct site files and not cached values which
      packages/gcc/ :The following set of 2 patches adds support for soft-float and mlong-128 to powerpc
      packages/glibc/ The following set of patches adds support for soft-float to powerpc targets
      packages/speex/ Make sure speex compiles with fixpoint support on walnut(ppc405)
      packages/linux/ Add full duplex ethernet to efika
      site/powerpc-linux: Add powerpc definitions
      conf/distro/oplinux.conf: Initial commit of oplinux and oplinux-uclibc
      packages/binutils/ Add latest binutils
      packages/jpeg/ Add patch that allows libjpeg to compile using libtool on varius architectures
      site/powerpc-linux: Add definitions for mysql and sudo
      packages/perl/perl-5.8.7/ Fix typo
      packages/gift/ Gift required libtool in order to build, so add dependacy
      Initial commit for a number of oplinux and oplinux-uclibc specific configs for base-files, netbase, sysvinit and
      merge of '04df4bfb5309be414eb8f12a269e5e70d3ed2dcf'
      packages/php/ : Make-over of the php 5.2.0 package.
      packages/gcc/ Bump PR
      packages/linux/linux-efika-2.6.20: Add missing patch file
      packages/gift/ Set dependancy correctly.
      packages/ipkg/ Add dest definitions for oplinux and oplinux-uclibc
      packages/base-files/ Add semi-custom profile for oplinux and oplinux-uclibc
      packages/mysql/ Make sure mysql-native does a full install in staging as php-native now builds
      packages/perl/ A set of patches to make perl usable on powerpc targets.
      conf/machine/magicbox.conf : Add machine config for magicbox routerboards
      merge of '60583f10638bed4ae577443e95e8245aaacfcd6f'
      conf/machine/xilinx-ml403.conf : Add machine config for xilinx-ml403 fpga dev platform
      merge of '7ad3f9d635aeae55347b5d737664b09b109d5e44'
      conf/machine/sequoia.conf: Add machine config for AMCC's Sequoia 440 based dev board
      packages/linux/linux-magicbox- Add kernel for the Magicbox board
      packages/asterisk/ : Add asterisk 1.2.18 which has some security fixes
      packages/asterisk/ Enable speex support for asterisk
      site/powerpc-common: Add a common site fike for powerpc arch
      packages/linux/ : Fix a wraped-line creating an error during bb execution
      packages/uboot/ : Add suport for Magicbox boards
      merge of '2087be8072069ca04fed4f7641aed94abcddeabd'
      packages/linux/ : Add squashfs-lzma support to the kernel
      conf/machine/magicbox.conf : make sure jffs2 and squashfs images generated are for big endian machines
      packages/gcc/ Do not apply ppc soft-float patches when building with uclibc
      conf/bitbake.conf:make default values for jffs2, squashfs and squashfs-lzma generated images architecture neutral
      conf/machine/magicbox.conf: Make sure squashfs-lzma image builds for big endian arch
      packages/initscripts/ script for oplinux-uclibc
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-cvs/magicbox: Add uclibc config for Magicbox
      classes/magicbox-image.bbclass: Add a class that handles the generation of flash images for Magicbox
      conf/machine/magicbox.conf: Clean up the image generation parameters , inherit magicbox-image.bbclass in order to
      packages/linux/ Add kernel for Magicbox
      conf/distro/oplinux.conf : Make oplinux distro provide all availiable types of images
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-cvs/magicbox/uClibc.config:Add full Math99 support
      classes/oplinux-mirrors.bbclass: Add mirrors for OPLinux distro
      conf/distro/include/ the mirrors to oplinux and oplinux-uclibc
      packages/linux/ Remove some comments, bump PR
      packages/madwifi/ set magicbox's arch to ppc so madwifi-ng compiles
      packages/clish/ Add new package clish
      packages/images/ : Add a minimal-image that contains only the nessesary progs to boot
      packages/aiostress/ Change URI as the file has disappeared from the Suse ftp
      conf/checksums.ini : Fix boost-asio checksums
      packages/linux/ Add TARGET_VENDOR to the
      packages/linux/linux-dht-walnut_2.6.20.b: Add TARGET_VENDOR to the
      packages/meta/ :Initial commit of meta package containing all the packages which build for OPLinux nad OPLinux
      packages/meta/ fix some tab/spaces issues that made bitbake 1.8 complain when processing the package
      packages/meta/ : Fix "identation error" when used with bitbake 1.8 (thanks to zecke for the info)
      classes/icecc.bbclass : Make sure that PARALLEL_MAKE is set to null if the package is not to use the icecc scheduler.
      conf/machine/dht-walnut.conf : Set MACHINE_TASK_PROVIDER  to task-base
      conf/machine/magicbox.conf: Add licence
      conf/machine/sequoia.conf : Set PREFERRED_VERSION for u-boot to "git" and use the same tag
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf: Add a machine for a generic i586
      conf/machine/i686-generic.conf: Add a machine for a generic i686
      packages/uboot/ : Add sequoia dev board uboot release tag
      packages/linux/linux-sequoia-2.6.21 : Add Denx 2.6.21.git kernel for the Sequoia dev board
      packages/linux/ Build kernel using gcc 4.x
      packages/linux/linux-dht-walnut: Remove old dht-walnut kernels
      packages/linux/ : Set kernel configs for i486, i586 and i686 kernels
      packages/linux/linux-x86-2.6.20/defconfig : remove old config of linux-x86 kernel
      conf/machine/epia.conf : Add GLIBC_ADDONS = "nptl" and GLIBC_EXTRA_OECONF = "--with-tls" to
      merge of '3d4a85aa2c2724b95dcfd705b2078392bd5fe7fa'
      conf/machine/sequoia.conf: Sequoia board is using AMCC's ppc440EPx cpu with an FP unit and
      packages/linux/ : Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE for the git kernel to -1
      merge of 'adf6b2ff45e62d57dd1f4e1c9f4cabd669b74f07'
      packages/madwifi/ Set the correct arch for the Sequoia board
      packages/mesa/ : Fix a bug in mesa that tries to build a binary
      packages/debianutils/ : Add debianutils 2.19
      packages/linux/linux-epia- : Enable wireless extensions
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf : Remove tune includes
      patched  conf/machine/i686-generic.conf : remove tune includes
      packages/clish/ : Disable parallel make
      conf/distro/oplinux.conf : Various changes
      classes/oplinux-mirrors.bbclass : Set mirrors to correct url. Remove local (i.e awmn)
      merge of '6f561d859809d8ecf2f630fa156e48ff01eec95e'
      packages/linux/ : Set correct path for images
      packages/uboot/ : Disable parallel make for u-boot as it fails for no apparent
      packages/libpcap/ : Add libpcap 0.9.6
      conf/machine/i686-generic.conf: Add MACHINE_EXTRA_RRCOMENTS="kernel-modules" as this is a
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf: Add MACHINE_EXTRA_RRCOMENTS="kernel-modules" as this is a
      packages/tasks/ : Task boot should honour MACHINE_EXTRA and DISTRO_EXTRA
      packages/asterisk/asterisk-1.2.23 : Add asterisk 1.2.23 which has some
      packages/asterisk/asterisk-1.2.13 : remove older varsions of asterisk
      packages/asterisk/ : remove old versions of asterisk
      packages/asterisk/ : Remove old versions of asterisk
      packages/asterisk/asterisk-1.2.14 : remove dir from old asterisk package
      merge of '0555144bbfce710d5332e8c393cf6caf99ce8c8b'
      classes/magicbox-image.bbclass : Fix a problem with "tail" which failed during fs creation
      merge of '590d553c33bb0be5913ed85157e07a6b2896b7bc'
      conf/machine/xilinx-ml403.conf : Change url for board description
      conf/machine/xilinx-ml410.conf : Initial commit for a machine file for the Xilinx ML410 dev
      packages/xorg-lib/ : Fix an issue when building for Efika, where it used
      merge of '112f00d072dac9a989e6b502c04819e4f2a2be86'
      packages/xorg-lib/libx11 : Fix makekeys generation on all libx11 bb packages
      packages/asterisk/ New package asterisk_1.2.24
      packages/asterisk/ : New package asterisk 1.4.7
      merge of '1d12a1b636559d38c780ceef99084b156db20d5c'
      packages/asterisk/ : Varius fixes to get asterisk 1.4.x to build on all
      conf/machine/include/tune-ppc440e.conf and tune-ppc603e : Add -mhard-float gcc switch as
      classes/xilinx-bsp.bbclass : Add a class to handle xilinx kernel requirments
      packages/linux/ : Add kernel for the xilinx ml403 board based
      packages/linux/ : Add kernel recipe for xilinx ml403 board
      conf/machine/xilinx-ml403.conf : Set default kernel for the xilinx ml403 the one build
      packages/linux/ : Add DEPENDS="git-native" to use native git
      packages/linux/ :Add DEPENDS="git-native" to use native git
      packages/linux/ : Make sure git-native builds before the
      merge of '61fbd617cd31be5cf16e7fef30e206cf64890e27'
      packages/asterisk/ : Remove old asterisk version
      dropped  packages/asterisk/ : remove old asterisk version
      merge of '6d7ffa8639429361a773bc0b2834f143afea7a5d'
      packages/asterisk/ : Add asterisk 1.4.11
      merge of '0e26ba58720a1849aa7900d3994580287bca5ac9'
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf: Add pentium optimization for i586-generic machine
      conf/machine/i686-generic.conf: Add pentium pro optimization for i686-generic machine
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf : Rename the included tune file from .conf to .inc
      conf/machine/i686-generic.conf : Rename the included tune file from .conf to .inc
      merge of '67a0d6fb746dc6576bd8ae2410c1144c785b13d0'
      site/ix86-common : Add a def for libpcap
      conf/machine : Remove MACHINE_TASK_PROVIDER from all machines that defined it
      merge of '904a73c537db997791db05bbbdc95a7aa894e621'
      packages/linux/linux-x86-2.6.20/i486-defconfig : Make x86 kernel "generic" by building most
      merge of 'c4e3261ed96dba8896cae7e15744b68c96b7e8c1'
      packages/xorg-xserver/ : Fix a typo that broke xserver-xorg during
      merge of '2e2fceb9af5c82c6cf12adb7606b22b485e6c8a1'
      conf/machine/x86.conf : Switch x86 to use OE's default kernel
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf : Switch i586-generic to use OE's default kernel
      conf/machine/i686-generic.conf : Switch i686-generic to use OE's default kernel
      classes/icecc.bbclass : Add support for the SDK packages
      packages/dbus/ : Add group netdev during installation (if it does not exists).
      merge of '380d0bd7c4a4d64fd250a72fc04232264b91f091'
      conf/machine/x86.conf : Set default xserver to kdrive-vesa as its supported by most
      merge of '785f4833ac707489462f9c6ad05b4bb9b70be453'
      packages/linux/linux/x86/defconfig : add more drivers as modules
      conf/machine/i586-generic.conf : Add xserver-kdrive-vesa as the default xserver
      conf/machine/i686-generic.conf : Add xserver-kdrive-vesa as the default xserver
      packages/grdesktop : Add new package grdesktop
      conf/distro/angstrom-2007.1.conf : Set atk version to 1.20.0
      merge of '070533cbb8f39d9306bbc120371891e171775516'
      conf/machine/dht-walnut.conf : Set soft-float for the machine as its uses amcc405
      packages/grdesktop/ : Set RDEPENDS
      conf/machine/include/ : Move TARGET_FPU    =  "soft" to the tune file so its
      conf/machine/dht-walnut.conf : Remove TARGET_FPU as its now included in the
      packages/gcc/ : Fix to handle /nof/ dirs generated by some ppc
      conf/machine/include/ : Default to soft-float is distro/machine/local.conf
      conf/distro/angstrom-2007.1.conf : Set toolchain to gcc 4.1.1 for dht-walnut.
      packages/madwifi/ : Set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE=1 for mpc8323e-rdb
      packages/uboot/ : Add support for the MPC8323e-rdb board
      conf/machine/mpc8323e-rdb.conf : Set uboot version to 1.1.6
      packages/linux/linux-2.6.23/mpc8323e-rdb/defconfig : Enable moreoptions as modules.
      conf/distro/angstrom-2007.1.conf : Set gcc version to 4.1.1 for mpc8323e-rdb so that both glibc and uclibc targets
      packages/gcc/ : Add mpc8323e patches
      merge of '5375fc74346cb588fda63467cc2a6d8152472b3c'
      packages/linux/ : Bump PR
      conf/machine/mpc8323e-rdb.conf : Fix a previus commit where TARGET_FPU was commented.
      packages/glibc/ : Add a new patch for the powerpc targets with softfloat
      packages/liboil/ : Correctly detect if the powerpc target has fpu
      merge of '9f9b86bbd2f122252996f226e9935395f5db92c5'
      conf/distro/angstrom-2007.1.conf : Set gcc to 4.1.1 for the xilinx ml403 board
      packages/netpipes/ : New package - netpipes
      packages/haserl/ : Update haselr to latest version
      conf/machine/x86.conf : Due to changes in recent gcc/glibc make sure that x86 image -march
      merge of '6fe43ab76c4fc12eb8d88adfd84e1aa260ca5d6f'
      packages/asterisk/ : Add asterisk version 1.2.28 that has some security
      packages/asterisk/ : Add asterisk which has some security fixes
      packages/asterisk/ : Add latest asterisk 1.6 snapshot
      packages/gpsd/ : Add gpsd 2.37
      conf/machine/d201gly2.conf : Add new machine definition for Intel's d201gly2 mini-itx board
      packages/asterisk : Drop older versions of Asterisk
      merge of '2a3b367f33ce37c133f19ffba687595aa7b1cbb4'
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.29/avr32/uClibc.machine : Enable gnu compatible GLOB stuff for
      merge of '9bb9579fd7698d62103b3f88f6d0910f8ba1e53d'
       packages/uclibc/ : bump PR
      conf/machine/atngw100.conf :
      Oplinux branch initial
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.29/uClibc.distro : Enable GNU Glob support as its need it by
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.29/avr32/uClibc.machine : Fix avr32 uclibc config so that it
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.29/dht-walnut : Add uclibc 0.9.29 config for dht-walnut
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.29/kilauea : Add uclibc 0.9.29 config for the Kilauea board
      packages/uclibc/uclibc-0.9.29/sequoia : Add 0.9.29 config for the sequoia board
      packages/uclibc/ : Bump PR to account for additions/changes in several
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.oplinux' (head d9363ecbe581bf473057c4e79b0a93b7487d52e9)
      conf/machine/sequoia.conf : Use OE kernel infrastracture instead of a custom kernel .bb
      packages/linux/ : Set linux_2.6.25 as the kernel for the sequoia board
      merge of '14e97fe0b2064e524213634d9ffbc49971355012'
      merge of '2c62d5f53df6ab7b1ada734c156e6c252c1ef900'
      packages/ffmpeg/ : Disable mmx for x86
      packages/perl/ : Change section to devel/perl to match python
      packages/spandsp/ :  Change section from voip to libs
      merge of 'ac1784612908005401efde55a082dc8fa374bd2e'
      packages/ppp/ : Add mppe support
      merge of '1d6a9becb57e689050e4b9b1fb6482e04e3e5111'
      packages/ffmpeg/ : Add libmp3lame if mp3 support is configured in

Jake MORRISON (1):
      cups: fix packaging error and add LEAD_SONAME (bug 2345)

Jake MORRISON <jake at (5):
      gpsd: add /etc/default/gpsd config file - close #2465
      twisted: fix debug packaging
      lua: fix packaging - close #2457
      distutils-base: improve packaging of debug packages (approved by Mickeyl) - close #2443 and probably few others
      python-pysqlite2: improve packaging - close #2456

Jake Morrison <jake at (1):
      gpsd: mark /etc/default/gpsd as CONFFILE

jay4mail at (1):
      fvwm: initial release.  closes 4439.

jbowler at (540):
      Version 2.15 of ypserv has gone from the server, ypserv_2.17
      merge of 541dc5976410d780e5918ffaf19fc9e2e17e40cc
      Cron changes from repvik.
      Add two missing files (init script and a LFS configure patch).
      Move strace to BROKEN_PACKAGES
      Fix unslung image build by putting the kernel version number make the FILESPATH include 2.6.12 as well
      merge of 8e63001b71c44d7180fad5cb696c1f236ca499bf
      Fix first build so that 'make' (no args) works.
      Fix creation of downloads directory in absence of make setup
      Make a raw, unconfigured, NSLU2 default to DHCP boot proto
      Enable 2.6.12[.*] kernel
      propagate from branch '' (head e7deec567712930f830c6a392453b58268463120)
      Allow kernel and root partition to be updated in the flash alone, i.e.
      libboost, builds but untested
      Builds but has bugs in very basic functionality (db init does not work).
      New version of devio with a progress indicator (-p option)
      Changes to make libboost compile and link on uclibc
      Working (db init capable) version of monotone.  r1 fixes an endianness
      Building but not working monotone - still has problems in cryptopp (in
      This is a sufficient startup script to get a disk-full nfs server working.
      merge of 1031d19d0f1be5bb1839e46b6f7dd3cc1bc86668
      Working, tested, nfs-utils.  This now pulls in all the dependencies on
      Build reliably against db 4.3
      Fix build break - bind apparently requires openssl for the configure
      Official openslug-kernel_2.6.12
      This is an attempt to regularise the dependencies of cyrus-sasl, the
      Fix the uclibc build - 'bind' does not build against a uclibc libc.
      Working, tested, versions of monotone.  These past most aspects of the
      Add monotone to the development packages list.
      propagate from branch '' (head 99876a04715cb6df80cabdbeed48323d46e1d6f5)
      Remove spurious blank line introduced by merge
      Move various packages which only compile with glibc to the 'linux only'
      Add install-native package and remove the install-sh from those packages
      propagate from branch '' (head 026dfb76437b8ee365af6ed7b1a122bd595d202f)
      propagate from branch '' (head e7c80380016749ce0426efb89bd3a65e04ea1bd9)
      mpd does not build on osuclibc because libvorbis will not build, that
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux' (head 9c0cb9eef455eaf3c4cb9e1631ed1443ce6346e9)
      propagate from branch '' (head 50712da157ce819a41034d91e842f659f060e42e)
      Fix the missing quotes round string values.
      Add support for -p and -D options to install.
      util-linux does not build on uclibc (fails in do_install step).
      merge of d3dcb0c356424f9ab47b293d423a45686bc79ba2
      propagate from branch '' (head 888665f8d2b7e9a8781c746c740393ab7115129a)
      Horrible hacky, maybe working, work round for shutdown -r.  Please report
      Fix for the hardware reset hang problem - shut down the flash memory
      propagate from branch '' (head 905c8d454a8f78a32652b51edb7d9fc32edc640b)
      Work round ccache/timestamp problem in util-linux caused by a machine
      monotone 0.21 and associated patches
      Fix for slugbug 197.  This no longer runs udhcp to get the network address
      slugbug 205
      propagate from branch '' (head 951c0c24b5755e15cac36ec6f6306473638e2522)
      merge of 0c0e42d7342579eb1ee491a6b8a0a8610fe644c5
      Remove timestamp issues caused by the compilation of dftables external
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux' (head 0d839000a930b9f5aa897d3cfa5fb5f62ef9f266) was patched to change ${CC} to cc for something which needed
      Modified FULL_OPTIMIZATION for NSLU2
      slugbug 206: fix the tmpfs directories in NFS
      Support for disabling irq debug messages - slugbug 109.
      propagate from branch '' (head a84100b19e514d33f6c1ebe63173f106d9b09026)
      unmountflash would make /dev/mtdblock4 on / ro, this only affects a turnup
      merge of 3a43238b0a602039ba26a7418ed911eaee3d4748
      propagate from branch '' (head 4ebdb5bb78b28c6a866bf5b6492e5fc7c9a839b9)
      merge of 80a8130b3da0a98fbccd7bef8f3b8647239e6bc2
      The head is OpenSlug-2.4-beta to avoid confusion.
      propagate from branch '' (head a09cb27506f56d7b4d048f4d60c7df2e11968692)
      Freeze the kernel to match the change in the SVN OpenSlug-2.3-beta
      merge of bc7ae097617d5f492c1f50dccf43a2f36147110a
      propagate from branch '' (head bd1eab971c784a6487568f750750a55c7ed91645)
      Use of [.coreutils caused problems because the coreutils [ link ended up
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux' (head 822ad5fc7fe817f48926a5ab26f7f2eb03ab8e8a)
      Remove the update of oe-symlinks from the update target so that it will
      Better fix for PKGDIR
      Fix the build - under some circumstances the do_install step will end up
      Support for freezing BBFILES and reading BBFILES from a conf file.
      Corrected comments to match changes file names.
      unslung-packages based on current state of the build machine
      Fix the glibc build by setting the FULL_OPTIMIZATION back to the OE
      Add the kernel directory into the list.
      Add mtd packages back in.
      propagate from branch '' (head f6d1ae33ad9b63f1019d123e3289f40da611ea70)
      Make unfreeze reveal all the packages.
      PKGDIR must be defined in the environment for the correct operation of the
      propagate from branch '' (head 666070b0cf253d3d285f17c05f7b55f699a37d96)
      Add unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH before the make for the optware build, this
      Sufficient structure to make a buildable ucslugc (only ucslugc-safe tested
      Add setup-env and local.conf.sample, correct the 'bb' alias and make a
      Add ucslugc targets
      Add ucslugc to the build and upload targets
      Change make to $(MAKE)
      Change to use ${MAKE} (not make) everywhere
      propagate from branch '' (head 3e8a1aa38ecbd1a04d0cc182d8d1809d71b51079)
      Fix the location of one of the patches not to use the unreliable
      Copy over source location changes from OpenSlug-2.3-beta
      merge of d5c1c82a4f4d4259c9ae9a22865774bf9df663ca
      Disable all the sgml documentation building - this should fix both 186
      merge of 8b8120727862804deb9f2a39e3783ab361641903
      Add OPENSLUG_EXTRA_BBFILES to the BBFILES in conf/distro/openslug-packages.conf
      Remove error message when OPENSLUG_EXTRA_BBFILES is not defined.
      Fix the renames of the obsolete files so that they no longer happen if the
      Prevent DISTRO, MAKE_TARGET and MACHINE getting into the environment.
      Remove the unnecessary and confusing copy of the patch
      Add support for UcSlugC builds.
      merge of 121ddca6013972dd4ad8d52c0eece2b80188cff9
      Remove duplicated packages.
      propagate from branch '' (head ba788d2a3a02c778c4ebf930f757e20a54f2b642)
      merge of b6008583593bfaa7470e73a2fd374f3a43d499d7
      Merge the man/man-pages change
      Change ucslugc to build it's own target - ucslugc-packages
      Fix the UcSlugC feeds (they were not being set).
      ccxstream package from kolla
      To avoid further errors this is a manual copy of the current
      merge of a0c6e9d622b3b7fa68f6ed104d4006492634cb1d
      propagate from branch '' (head 47c2f7f436790105a8af32ec352907b8ff53aba1)
      Add new packages bb for ucslugc
      Put the non-linux (uclibc) excluded packages back into the main lists now
      netpbm, compiles on glibc only (because it uses sinf)
      Add netpbm and dependent graphics (and other) libraries.
      Make netpbm work by removing the use of built in sin and cos (not supported
      Add streamripper and mpd in to the build, vorbis now builds.
      propagate from branch '' (head 12b28d2f47b4bb757cdc94aa084d2b6b9c38c66e)
      Add netpbm (missed out from packages before), add wakelan, clean up the
      Add /etc/syslog.conf to the CONFFILES for busybox (CONFFILES are previously
      propagate from branch '' (head 62f17dde6e02af42bf4eab7e425978b66cea3823)
      merge of 4f25673bce4a4b71f224f593c0e8891b8d43b7a5
      netpbm: Fix perl RDEPENDS, make ppmtojpeg work (disabled by default because
      propagate from branch '' (head f074c1519c5299b34afd4a3139adcecd1eb5702b)
      ucslugc: add back in BROKEN_PACKAGES which now build
      Return postfix, move to OpenSlug-2.6-beta for furture development.
      merge of 4f3b068b42e8ca31b85ba27c4b0497b10dd7f320
      propagate from branch '' (head 1d5079e0a2930e5f1c383e83c898c6459c81d3ec)
      Fix the microcom source download by using oesources directly - the mirror
      merge of 90381a674a1aead7590d9fe88885d9a57dea4e9e
      propagate from branch '' (head 5aab3b574105c74c9718f6213acf73847b9010b3)
      Make NTP 4.2.0 available for the whole OE world by removing the
      Document disabling iperf (I tried it, it doesn't work) and explain why
      This fixes the problem with the tick count on NSLU2 boards by correcting
      Change to the OpenWRT mirror so that oesources has something to pull from
      Updated for OpenSlug-2.5-beta
      UcSlugC: make (significantly) smaller by removing the kernel from the root
      Add diffstat.
      merge of b429c0f1af49e05679400d4ba67f96a25e2b4316
      explicit_merge of 85d8528d47a6cf1ff8d3c10b55e327fea4c8262b
      propagate from branch '' (head e5ee515fa896606518481b09699b0237741b79e7)
      Add missing DEPENDS on vorbis.
      ucslugc, UCSLUGC_PACKAGES: make various prerequesite packages explicit in
      This set of changes ensures that TARGET_CC_ARCH is passed reliably to all
      libmad: thumb only (so no PR change): remove the erroneous use of 32 bit
      libvorbis: thumb only (no PR change): prevent all optimisation to hide an
      db-4: thumb only (no PR bump): prevent the erroneous use of 32 bit arm
      propagate from branch '' (head af7da4406babf078f2747a3588cfa451ae711315)
      merge of c05b7d0d68a0aebf878d9b85531b595e425dabaa
      mpd was building, but not necessarily using, it's own local cache of the
      propagate from branch '' (head 2733583ee4724b13e2625abab589a558da043628)
      merge of 4cabc1f4514de7d06d191258f499a56e52e61d7b
      Change the NSLU2 kernel build configuration method to allow the
      Set -mthumb-interwork on ucslugc builds to allow building (and maybe
      nslu2.conf: change to the IPKG_ARCHS to include the correct architectures
      monotone-5 0.22 - the LUA hook for anonymous_read must be updated (moved
      propagate from branch '' (head 167e15fd041bdf8e86fff3513e13934a284b3d06)
      UcSlugC: add dev packages
      merge of 23548cd42cadf3483cc0fe532a297853c7daaaa4
      Add lrzsz
      propagate from branch '' (head ff70c4efdf949524471cddabffb7d724440d81d2)
      Fix uclibc thumb support - with these patches and by disabling the ARM
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux' (head c344fe8206f75436b7afc51a0294cd7ee00d9a1b)
      merge of a43a3081d043237ce284af591c69b35171e746be
      Remove the step to create a UcSlugC binary image (for upslug), thereby
      merge of 0a13f5649c4ff4f86d90c76b024acd06c136a588
      merge of 2f5ec9223fa71bbca67ec2ecb5e1b62ddbc450d4
      propagate from branch '' (head 90c52179101c43123ae384910c0aa1ee36375c11)
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux' (head f989264a8c89fbd800a1e6a120a268f248ea651e)
      merge of 0856e0c924897487f6fe46a20c85d346215d0090
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux' (head 73e2401761de62395b421d1c71a5b7643732885f)
      ucslugc-packages - add glib2.0 back into ucslugc build
      ucslugc conf - remove slugimage,nslu2-binary,unzip - no longer required
      upslug2 - a more robust replacement for upslug
      ucslugc: Add upslug2-native to the UcSlugC build
      upslug2: correct the LICENSE setting
      uclibc: release 0.9.28 - upgrading to the release requires a rebuild
      alsa-utils: alsamixer.c is patched to use strsignal not sys_siglist
      ucslugc-packages: add ucslugc-native, alsa-lib, alsa-utils
      uclibc: ucslugc config 0.9.28 updated
      binutils: patch 2.16 for uclibc, enable 2.16 on uclibc builds
      netpbm: partial fix to the perl module dependencies
      iptables: fix the do_install step
      uclibc: put ARM thumb patches from 0.9.27 into 0.9.28
      freeze: Add support for uclibc_svn build
      uclibc: fix STT_ARM_TFUNC handling in the uclibc
      uclibc_svn: fix the SVN version to build the uclibc SVN head
      mt-daapd: fix to work with 'iTunes5'
      gcc( fix the arm interwork _call_via_rX out of line ops
      busybox: Enable busybox_1.01 on nslu2
      uclibc, alsa, monotone-5, util-linux: enable thumb on ucslugc, disable it on these packages
      gcc_3.4.4: fix the native build on ucslugc by using arm, not thumb
      ucslugc-packages: add vim and nmap
      ucslugc: add udev bb files to the packages to support udev in openslug-image
      upslug2: move to upslug2_4, move to file (not cvs) release
      devio: move to devio_1.0, move to a file (not cvs) release
      binutils_2.16: patch thumb trampoline and glue code generation
      gcc_3.4.4: updated thumb patches
      uclibc_0.9.28: fix thumb support to allow thumb uclibc
      ucslugc, openslug-init: changes to ensure compatibility with new thumb compilation
      merge of 71128e6c89c536ab0046ade14dfc6c2b2dc7b2e4
      nslu2-kernel_2.6.12.2: add a patch for thumb breakpoints (via a thumb SWI)
      gdb_6.3: patch the thumb handling to use a thumb swi (not an undefined instr)
      ucslugc-packages: temporarily remove perl
      merge of 8982ebf16224df4ea5b5e7852e63112f004bbd33
      ucslugc-packages: remove (temporarily) sane-backends and streamripper
      merge of 31e4b6a6f2954655d18e0e65341dbd7053995cec
      nslu2-kernel: working copies of patches to push upstream
      nslu2-kernel: reworked ixp4xx copy_from patch
      perl: add libgcc.a to on armeb to support thumb
      sane-backends: add gphoto2 to DEPENDS
      nslu2-kernel: initial .bb files for and 2.6.14-rc2
      ucslugc-packages: add streamripper, sane-backends and perl back in
      ixp425-eth: patches for 2.6.13 kernels
      openslug-kernel: new kernel
      nslu2-kernel, openslug-kernel: 2.6.14-rc2 (ixp425-eth will not build with this)
      gdb_6.3: remove discredited thumb breakpoint (SWI) patch
      nslu2-kernel: minor fix for a header file error
      ixp425_eth: commit fixes for 2.6.14 kernels
      ixp425-eth: extra patch for 2.6.14+ kernels with netfilter
      nslu2-kernel: working 2.6.14-rc2 kernel
      openslug-init: make /etc/fstab a 'preserve' file
      nslu2-kernel_2.6.14-rc2: remove nslu2-part.c from the kernel
      openslug,ucslugc: python now requires tcl and tk
      openslug-packages.conf: add x11, required by tk
      python: remove the tcl and tk depends on MACHINE=nslu2
      upslug2: fancy new version with no support for LKG MAC ids (no other change)
      openslug: 2.7 in preparation for a source release
      openslug: updated .conf file correct for 2.7 release
      openslug-packages.conf: undo accidental removal of irrsi/*
      freeze: add extra package/version syntax so irssi works
      openslug: revert accidental change to the preferred kernel version
      openslug-packages: remove tcltk for release
      openslug: move head to openslug-2.8
      merge of 55fefa60fda5100c3bc1a4ecf8d48d0ea4bb9193
      ucslugc: updated/corrected packages list
      ucslugc: move to kernel 2.6.14-rc2 and ucslugc-3
      nslu2-kernel 2.6.14: latest patch set, includes LE patches
      coreutils 5.3.0: uptime needs -lm on uclibc, fixed the
      nfs-utils: inherit rc-update.d so the startup script gets linked correctly
      openslug.conf: put upslug2-native into the build
      nslu2.conf: uclibc now has sinf and cosf, remove uclibc specific compiler options.
      nslu2-kernel 2.6.14-rc2: latest patch set
      freeze: regular expressions to recognise x11 package versions correctly
      python(openslug), openslug kernel: enable tcl/tk in python, move kernel to 2.6.14-rc2
      ixp intel drivers: ixp4xx v1.5 ixp425-eth v1.2
      ixp4xx: corrected licenses and dependencies
      freeze, unfreeze: look for auto.conf as well as local.conf
      ixp4xx, ixp425-eth: add Intel Access Library 2.0, ethernet driver 1.4
      monotone: monotone-0.23
      nslu2-kernel 2.6.14-rc3 (and openslug-kernel) - select in .conf to use
      ixp4xx,ixp4225-eth: provide virtual/ixp-eth
      nslu2-kernel: postprocess the kernel image to set mach-type, support le
      openslug-init(modprobe.conf),nslu2.conf: generate the correct ixp-eth alias, support le
      merge of 0d6d444e1b9f86d0b1f42ce130e9287440bd927f
      ucslugc: fix endinaness of le jffs2, add glibc to packages
      nslu2-kernel: changes for a working LE build
      ucslugc: le/glibc version: fix ucslugc-native for gcc and remove patcher
      nslu2-kernel: integrate 2.6.14-rc3 patchset 4 fixed LE implementation better fix for LE flash access
      perl: NSLU2: fix LE config in 5.8.7
      upslug2: version 8
      ucslugc, openslug: add mdadm 1.12 to packages
      uclibc: add uClibc.machine, uClibc.distro + empty defaults in
      jamvm: thumb builds; force use of arm because of assembler within v 1.3.2
      openslug-kernel: cleanup, move to 2.6.14-rc4
      devio: version 1.1
      openslug-kernel: version 2.6.14-rc5
      ixp400-eth: fix reboot (module unload) problem in LE patch for 1.4
      ixp4xx-csr: improve Intel license handling in 1.4
      openslug-image: add udev to RDEPENDS within openslug-image itself
      ucslugc, nslu2: formalise different build configs, move to IAL 2.0 and nslu2-kernel
      uclibc: rename ucslugc config file to nslu2 in 0.9.28
      nslu2-kernel: fix redboot.c compiler warning messages in 2.6.14(all)
      ixp4xx-csr: move to NPE library 2_0_5 in 2.0
      nslu2-kernel: delete unused patches, add Debian config in 2.6.14
      ucslugc: correct UCSLUG_EXTRA_BBFILES, damaged by change to nslu2-dist.conf in distro conf
      merge of 7961785499462b0a3444277448e496a1efd6deda
      samba: fix uclibc builds (struct timespec) in 3.0.20
      ucslugc: reintroduce support for UCSLUGC_* names in parallel with NSLU2_* (all versions)
      openslug: move to new configuration file organisation, use IAL 2.0, remove zImage (all versions)
      ixp4xx: (comments only) fix bad version number in comment for 2.0
      slugos, openslug, ucslugc: move to new slugos base distro in openslug 3.0, ucslugc 3
      nslu2-kernel: split nslu2 patches in 2.6.14-rc5
      nslu2-kernel: bump PR, add back patches erroneously removed for testing in 2.6.14-rc5
      nslu2-kernel: add MM kernel to verify patches in 2.6.14-rc5-mm1
      nslu2-kernel: release 2.6.14
      merge of 749a74b807f23c00b9560c4ea5e45c3bdd945ae9
      nslu2-kernel: comment update, no change to 2.6.14
      nslu2-kernel: patch format, nslu2-power now uses ctrl-alt-del in 2.6.14
      nslu2-kernel: updated patch set and defconfig in 2.6.14
      openslug-kernel: remove old revisions 2.6.12 2.6.14-rc3 2.6.14-rc5
      opie-launcher-settings: remove erroneous (typo) line in 1.2.1
      nslu2-kernel: split out LE part of drivers/mtd/maps/ixp4xx.c patch in 2.6.14
      merge of 56c4ad3f8bd89081f85f57b468371c5550c5ac02
      nslu2-kernel: 50-nslu2-arch.patch now matches l-a-k format rules in 2.6.14
      merge of 1671361e7579e71d868be23893006f827fbff717
      nslu2-kernel: cleanup openslug, ucslugc and slugos kernels, ALL
      zd1211: fix module path naming in 20050822
      db: fix db3/db4 confusion by causing all packages to use virtual/db in db-4.3 4.3.29
      libnet: add uclibc support in 1.0.2a
      openslug, ucslugc: convert to use slugos.conf
      openldap: libldap-2.2 new revision 2.2.29
      openldap: libldap-2.3 (untested) 2.3.11
      masqmail: building, untested, no startup script v 0.2.20
      ixp400-eth: make building for 2.6.14-mm in 1.4
      nslu2-kernel: upgrade to
      slugos.conf: add masqmail to build, version 0.2.20
      nslu2-kernel: fix IXP flash map driver (ixp4xx.c) in 2.6.15-rc1
      merge of 1d77723ab3664440912bed42625259c5a156e94e
      openslug: fix flash image build, only affects openslug.conf
      db: fix thumb uclibc operation in 4.3.29
      db-native: unbreak build of 4.3.29
      openldap: (libldap) upgrade to 2.3.11
      merge of 7f8e96e82814721e7ae8b59c9afa5c0a9084d7d7
      nslu2-kernel: incorporate official mtd/maps/ixp4xx.c into 2.6.15-rc1
      nslu2-kernel: New timer patch which allows variable crystal frequencies in 2.6.15-rc1
      ixp4xx: fix ixp4xx NPE ethernet MAC for kernel 2.6.15-rc1 in all versions
      upslug2: upslug2 with mac support (very slow) in v 10
      ixp4xx-csr, ixp-osal: remove unrequired stuff from LE patches in all 2.0
      ixp4xx-csr, ixp-osal: minimal LE patch in 2.0
      ixp4xx-csr: deconfigure ixp400.ko in 2.0
      ixp-osal: November 16 2005 release from Intel, 2.1
      ixp4xx-csr: November 16 2005 release from Intel 2.1
      ixp400-eth: release for ixp4xx release 2.1: 1.5
      slugos: new ethernet driver, ixp4xx release 2.1, ethernet 1.5 (all slugos distros)
      base.bbclass: attempt to fix the staging .la problem
      nslu2-kernel: release 2.6.15-rc2
      ntp: fix crash in 4.2.0
      cherokee: release 0.4.29
      upslug2: release 11
      cyrus-imapd: fix 2.2.12
      nslu2-kernel: bug fix release
      ez-ipupdate: release 3.0.10
      slugos.conf: add ez-ipupdate package to slugos conf
      ixp4xx-csr: attempt to fix build timestamp problems in 2.1
      nslu2-kernel: add maclist proc entry to and 2.6.15-rc2
      nslu2-kernel: change board setup to call maclist in, 2.6.15-rc2
      ixp400-eth: change to use maclist MAC values in 1.5
      merge of 067348788424405023bc8971f401fd647ff123d2
      merge of 36bba38125b0902fe1eaddcaeaa996528cbb7364
      ixp4xx-csr: force rebuild, correct error handling in 2.1
      monotone-5: release 0.24
      merge of 542f6b46587305352d62fe667186ce8ecb2b961f
      nslu2-kernel: release 2.6.15-rc5
      merge of 39a77001ea8e83e4668aac829096b729bcc93056
      slugos-packages: move irssi to broken in
      pcre: change do_stage to autotools_stage_all in pcre 4.4
      expat: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in expat 1.95.6
      libaal: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in libaal 1.0.4
      libexif: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in libexif 0.6.9
      gdbm: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in gdbm, gdbm-native 1.8.3
      flac: change do_stage to use autotools_do_stage in 1.1.0
      audiofile: change do_stage to use autotools_do_stage in 0.2.6
      libogg: change do_stage to use autotools_do_stage in 1.1
      db: change do_stage to use autotools_do_stage in db4 4.3.29
      kernel.bbclass: prevent self-referential asm links in kernel.bbclass
      klibc: release 1.1.1
      nslu2-kernel: bug fix kernel release
      binutils: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in
      glib: change to use autotools_stage_all in native 2.6.5 and 2.8.2
      jpeg: change to use autotools_stage_all in 6b
      bluez-libs: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 2.21
      cyrus-sasl: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 2.1.19
      sysfsutils: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 1.3.0
      setpwc, mdadm, wakelan, xinetd: inhibit autotools staging (not required)
      ipkg: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in
      ssmtp, nail: inhibit autotools stage in nail 11.21, ssmtp 2.61
      puppy: inhibit autotools stage in puppy 1.11
      popt: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 1.7
      openobex: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 1.0.1
      nfs-utils: inhibit autotools stage in 1.0.6
      ncftp: inhibit autotools stage in 3.1.9
      lzo: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 1.08
      libao: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 0.8.6
      libgphoto2: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 2.1.6
      libid3tag: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 0.15.0b
      libvorbis: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 1.0.1
      libmad: change do_stage to use autotools_stage_all in 0.15.0b
      slugos-packages: add klibc to build (meta package)
      disapproval of revision '40cd64edf16241a37663807e311fba8e23f0d258'
      disapproval of revision 'e16cffcf452086640211ee23d9ec8188163f1b83'
      disapproval of revision '97dc9b1bab1e50b43f23ce37062529fa51c369c9'
      disapproval of revision '97eb37ffc8cf19126ddc1bb342fc10727fecf64a'
      explicit_merge of '662a617882f791ea9f9ca8aa0bd50f264d6c1db7'
      explicit_merge of '2ca40160bd8dc53bfb886ca5453a2b26f9e2d358'
      explicit_merge of '67a7cd199ed48c512b8405c701f22fe1fd94bd17'
      explicit_merge of 'ff8f93bf075f5225452de6de0f7feb3aa1174889'
      explicit_merge of '12e4d92e98860b8d7e48bdb73bfd9efb0e0a7c21'
      merge of 9d518c785db1a806d81a8aacc799725428e542f4
      binutils, glib, ipkg, libgphoto2, sysfsutils: bump PR
      fetchmail: ensure fetchmail builds with USE_NLS=no in 6.2.5
      merge of 0241a34ef686562063ef44062a77a85c9c8343ca
      slugos: remove/correct references to openslug
      slugos: update floating CVS packages and ipkg to latest versions in conf
      explicit_merge of '85da89c673cc2faec29d5ea692e6e7638f4c1b5e'
      explicit_merge of '93b8d4a095a60dfe2b4b6e82f4ce68721a1d4f11'
      merge of 45134ada52bf69aa376e98002657a0c130e6ff44
      ixp-osal: merge with latest nslu2 CVS patch set in 2.1
      ixp4xx-csr: sanitise patch dates in 2.1
      ixp400-eth: incorporate new patches from nslu2 CVS into 1.5
      merge of d2b50db8c3a2dfa93a56f34063e7e78182ac274c
      ixp4xx-csr: add support for the RTL8201CP in NSLU2 in ixp4xx-csr 2.1
      merge of 050df893918bae2f4a6a2cb3fcdc9f0ee8e8ee04
      ixp4xx-csr: split OE specific makefile patch parts out, correct patch dir names in 2.1
      merge of 9258879eec9f4765e063760525cb63d32a681bc0
      ixp-osal, ixp4xx-csr: gcc4 patches in 2.1
      ixp400-eth: gcc4 patch in 1.5
      merge of 1b601f0ec6ab29681a14be2f437f3ea7d01e877b
      merge of 035c277be666bb4820b89ac86d5503b539c1d665
      slugimage: put in correct RDEPENDS, kill RDEPENDS on native in 0
      slugos-image: remove spurious DEPENDS in conf
      ixp4xx-kernel: update to latest patch set, add NSLU2 support in 2.6.15
      slugos: make slugos-??? default to big-endian throughout in slugos.conf
      slugos: extract common parts of machine conf in slugos.conf
      slugos-image: temporarily force correct kernel/ixp-eth in slugos-image
      ixp4xx-kernel: correct PACKAGE_ARCH in 2.6.15
      ixp4xx: correct IPKG_ARCHS to include ${MACHINE}[bl] in ixp4xx.conf
      slugos-imagename: added to ensure distro-specific images still build in
      ixp4xx-kernel: loft support in 2.6.15
      ixp4xx-kernel: add comment to jffs2 patch in 2.6.15
      slugos: move to ixp4xx-kernel, change nslu2 to more generic ixp4xx in conf
      ixp4xx-kernel: correct config for Loft in 2.6.15
      slugimage: remove unnecessary emptying of native PACKAGES in 0.0
      slugos-imagename: add license in meta package
      slugos-image: add description/maintainer/homepage, correct arch.conf fixup in meta package
      ixp4xx-kernel: create generic and machine specific images/packages in 2.6.15
      ixp4xx-kernel: unbreak nas100d build in 2.6.15
      merge of 190ba6d987a58bb9185b18f91b075113f31cbae0
      ixp4xx-kernel: add loft EEPROM MAC support in 2.6.15
      merge of 5ea9ec229c4d406638d5639fade5d53798bc6556
      ixp4xx-kernel: fix boot setup parameters in 2.6.15
      devio: release 1.2
      merge of 37095a40659e7e7112038308d6b630bd7a258bd5
      ixp4xx-kernel: improve fixup patches, remove loft one, add cmdline byteswap in 2.6.15
      ixp4xx-kernel: generic CMDLINE in defconfig in 2.6.15
      merge of 9c6d2f9ed3be4745760b4dcd14811587f4acd623
      merge of f32b2805c6ecb514661bd053c664684ab5f7323f
      libnet: add PROVIDES for API specific versions in 1.0.2a,
      slugos-image: correct the sed arch.conf edit in the rootfs for 1.0
      ctrlproxy: fix configure step in 2.6.2
      slugos-packages: add MAINTAINER info, move corrected dsniff package back in in meta
      ixp4xx-kernel: bugfix release
      slugos-image: correct zImage name used in full .img in meta
      merge of 595aea330d5742253d5d1cca25ea86a0c2814685
      uclibc: updated thumb patch set (compiles, doesn't work) in svn
      ixp400-eth: correct the maclist handling in 1.5
      merge of 8ae00e8423679ec41790b01db397b47b07473927
      findutils: add --without-included-regex for uclibc builds in 4.1.20
      merge of c495c19159f4a954f2b8e7b6ecd3c1e60fbf15df
      diffutils: add --without-included-regex for uclibc builds in 2.8.1
      uclibc: put back thumb patches in svn
      slugos-image: remove DEPENDS which is no longer necessary with bitbake 336 in meta
      ixp4xx-kernel: new LED driver in
      ixp4xx-kernel: merge in changes from CVS to
      ixp4xx-kernel: update LEDs patches, add NSLU2 beeper back in to
      ixp4xx-kernel: add patch for cpu activity monitor to new LEDS timer trigger in
      ixp4xx-kernel: update to nslu2 beeper class from CVS in
      ixp4xx-kernel: clean up maclist code in 2.6.15
      ixp4xx-kernel: updated beeper code from CVS in
      util-linux: split out umount/swap/losetup commands in all
      udev: make work with util-linux mount in all
      slugos-packages: add zip and devlabel in conf
      ixp4xx-kernel: add rw back to nslu2 and nas100d command lines in
      busybox: change slugos defconfig not to include mount/umount/swaponoff in 1.01
      initscripts: update comments with correct udev stop point in 1.0
      slugos-init: update for new LEDs, turnup save/restore suppport in 0.10
      slugos-init: remove unnecessary execute attributes in 0.10
      beep: release with Debian event/dwery patches in 1.2.2
      slugos-packages: add beep in conf
      beep: release 1.2.2
      busybox: put fdisk back in to slugos defconfig in 1.01
      slugos-image: add beep remove the util-linux fdisk in meta
      initscripts: slugos only change to device_table in 1.0
      slugos-init: update to use 'beep' in 0.10
      merge of 45de09dab54a555a9dcd180a4903909773cf34d2
      busybox: add missing patch in 1.01
      slugos: temporary workround for the RUNSTRIP problem in conf
      linux: fix missing HOST_CC_ARCH in module compilation in kernel/module all
      devlabel: release 0.48.01
      module-base: unbork module builds in bbclass
      e2fsprogs: split out blkid for use in initrd in 1.38
      slugos-image: add e2fsprogs-blkid (fs id finding program) to meta
      slugos-init: make /linuxrc use disk uuids, remove .recovery stuff in 0.10
      uclibc: EABI thumb patch in cvs
      file-native: fix do_stage in 4.13
      package.bbclass: implement a failsafe strip in classes
      slugos: force strip errors to halt build in conf
      ixp4xx-kernel: bug fix release
      binutils: make strip and objcopy return 0 if asked to write ro files in 2.16
      slugos: select ixp4xx-kernel in conf
      slugos-init: add init script to handle USB device moving in 0.10
      slugos: bump all version numbers to 3.2 for alpha testing in conf
      busybox: fix udhcpc with multiple ports on slugos in 1.01
      merge of 0a4dda033896ff5bcc2aac99f0ac7064e34f6cd6
      unslung: add file/*.bb to conf as file-native is required in conf
      merge of 883e320e9096e9d226b4afb571bc0438af7de629
      beep: fix install to bindir in 1.2.2
      merge of 22dc71271d5b2f33b17e7dbea3e143f38d85c8d7
      merge of 60f3b0b53da7fd9ca4c8f4c025a26f9843c016f7
      ixp4xx-kernel: update to new LEDs code in
      merge of 972552ee20c9c9c79e01afea5f9276b5e4c554bd
      merge of 755dbf7499934a2404de279fb00043830c15add1
      explicit_merge of '911d39563f4bbb32b27acb504168de96ff1e68f7'
      ipkg: fix spurious characters in ipkg upgrade messages in 0.99.155
      merge of 7caf52c13ad07d23cad84c5570562fdd3fb0c581
      slugos-init: do not create recovery in boot/disk in 0.10
      merge of 40d10bcbb5038258ca03225d0154ca5e48858b4d
      merge of 46db27fa739a4e4dbc48014380db5c6d2cbde37f
      initscripts-slugos: modify the slugos not to hang on fsck failure in 1.0
      initscripts-slugos: correct to default to DOSWAP in 1.0
      merge of 2510e5252ac32a4848eb302514a1d35602ed7afd
      merge of cf839618d6d1e2c970c9b85fa8849fcbeaafb8d4
      slugos-packages: setpwc version 0.9 is no longer available, remove from conf
      initscripts-slugos: further fixes to in 1.0
      merge of 2eccf1b9297e1bdfb05d568694f7c92afa03eb9e
      merge of ffcf1e664e4c623df8d1843978006676812e0bca
      initscripts-slugos: make work with any sulogin in 1.0
      slugos: release 3.3-beta
      slugos: development branch 3.4
      merge of ad980e031ab94ad3b8f2d1e29f2bbae35f47d710
      slugos: release 3.5-beta
      slugos: development branch 3.6
      merge of 06709bc13077018369389fc415f45693986fa694
      merge of 87274db5332eba6f472a3332129b88b8282ccda2
      gcc: change _nslu2 override to _slugos+_unslung in
      merge of 53837b57b14a20c51df704090e14559b1bb45c2e
      merge of 282bd719dad582050c3698357176c4c2a53181da
      ixp4xx: roll back to working ipkg version 154 in all ixp4xx conf
      slugos-image: use SLUGOS_FLASH_IMAGE consistently in meta

jbs at (1):
      opie-i18n: update to 1.2.3 - closes #2693

jemery_laine (2):
      mpc8323e-rdb: Adapted from mpc8313e-rdb, tested.
      mpc8323e-rdb: Added Linux defconfig.

Jereme_Laine (1):
      conf/machine/mpc8323e-rdb.conf : Add pci and uboot to MACHINE_FEATURES

Jeremy Chang (4):
      [om-locations] bump up to a0de11f295c6d2fd1e567205f853c9b994b2a306
      xserver-kdrive-glamo: update sane-srcrev to use the latest.
      om-locations: Bump up om-locations to latest version. update qtopia-phone-x11 to the latest version.

jeremy.laine at (1):
      opentapi: fix typos in initscrip

jeremy_laine (2):
      conf/machine/mpc8323e-rdb.conf : Add correct parameters for jffs2 creation
      packages/linux/linux-2.6.23/mpc8323e-rdb/defconfig : Add MPC8323E-RDB's NOR flash support

Jeremy_Laine (2):
      packages/madwifi/ : Add new package
      packages/linux/linux-2.6.23/mpc8323e-rdb/defconfig : Enable auto module loading

jeremy_laine at (213):
      Fix python 2.5 manifest:
      iptables: backport fix for "getsockopt failed strangely" (Closes: #3260)
      linux-2.6.23: add LEDs driver for MPC8323E-RDB boards
      distutils.bbclass : make the arguments passed to variables to allow customisation
      setuptools.bbclass : add class for python packages using setuptools package pyrad 1.1 add simple Python wrapper around OpenSSL
      merge of '665b4cb1684c47ed44b254783ed9a928b4bfc1a0' package version 2.0.1 of the cheetah template engine add FEED_ARCH for mpc8313e-rdb and mpc8323e-rdb machines package version 0.6.0 of hostap-daemon
      uclibc-0.9.29: add configuration for qemux86 machine
      insane.bbclass: add package_qa_get_machine_dict() entries for linux-uclibc / i*86
      linux-2.6.23: update mpc8313e-rdb defconfig based on mpc8323e-rdb
      merge of 'ce64d96dcf3b268df1bdcd7e945e7188d09c7db8'
      u-boot: add version 1.3.0
      mpc8313e-rdb: use u-boot 1.3.0 instead of git
      linux-2.6.23: add NAND flash driver for mpc8323e-rdb, fix NOR mapping
      linux-2.6.23: fix mpc8313e-rdb LEDs patch (didn't apply cleanly)
      linux-2.6.23: add license for mpc8313e-rdb LEDs module, fixes module loading
      linux-2.6.23: enable mpc8313e-rdb realtime clock (ds1339)
      dtc-native: package version 1.0.0 of the device tree compiler
      linux-2.6.23: fix mpc8313e-rdb realtime clock patch for use with dtc-native 1.0.0
      merge of 'b67fa447ea540c7174493e27cff5886f3f4ee90d'
      merge of '65f2a2de9fd90693f2c33ba07aab5da699166173'
      linux-2.6.23: add generation of binary device tree for mpc8313e-rdb and mpc8323e-rdb
      keymaps: provide keymap for qemux86 machine
      keymap-locales: provide French keyboard extension for qemux86
      mpc8313e-rdb: add JFFS2 arguments for rootfs on NAND flash
      devmem2: add package description
      linux-2.6.23: fix LEDs driver for mpc8313e-rdb
      sofia-sip: add missing DEPENDS on glib-2.0 and openssl
      sofia-sip: package version 1.12.7
      sofia-sip: restore call to autotools_stage_all, previous commit was wrong
      sofia-sip: split glib-specific parts to ${PN}-glib
      python2.5: fix RDEPENDS for python-codecs and python-netclient
      python-pysqlite2: add pysqlite Python interface to SQLite 3
      merge of '01ae5b27f3e0a00ab17a31f68cf002afac6cb807'
      python-django: add Django Python Web framework
      linux-2.6.23: improve LEDs support on mpc8313e-rdb
      linux-rp-2.6.22: improve defconfig for qemux86
      libogg: package version 1.1.3
      libvorbis: package version 1.2.0 add patch for powerpc e300c2 and e300c3 cores fix sources for mpc8313e-rdb, there is no 'defconfig-rt' file
      conf/machine/qemux86.conf: define TARGET_CC_ARCH, fixes build failure for glibc >= 2.6
      merge of 'ab0df719db1a0db16a19dcb44ad9ac7df72730f4'
      linux-rp-2.6.23: build netfilter modules for qemux86
      linux-rp-2.6.23: enable wireless extensions for qemux86 only include the CFS patch once! package u-boot 1.3.1 with patches for mpc8313e-rdb
      mpc8313e-rdb.conf: make u-boot 1.3.1 the preferred version
      libexosip2: add libexosip2, a high-level SIP library
      merge of 'bec88f8c787bf716caa2fed4d5076d31a98bba16'
      libc-client: package University of Washington's mail protocol library fix build on non-x86 machines, update homepage
      linux-2.6.23/mpc8313e-rdb/defconfig: build USB audio and lm75 modules add flags for mpc8313e-rdb device tree generation package version 1.1.1 of vorbis-tools
      u-boot-1.3.1: add patches for mpc8313e-rdb nand & autoboot package libupnp 1.4.2 (pupnp fork) package ushare version 1.1a
      MAINTAINERS: add my entry
      merge of '68843ccbc1303f0acf6b974257c646058b1a731a'
      linux-2.6.24: add mpc8313e-rdb patches for LEDs and real-time clock
      linux-2.6.24: fix sources for mpc8313e-rdb, refresh defconfig
      merge of '6c0f3ae545f03846a2a1df3e227d38a0ec34f366'
      linux-2.6.2[34]: rename mpc8313e-rdb LEDs
      linux-2.6.23: for mpc8313e-rdb, modularise kernel some more to reduce size
      linux-2.6.24: improve mpc8313e-rdb support
      linux-2.6.24: add defconfig for qemux86
      classes/kernel.bbclass: fix staging for x86 on kernels >= 2.6.24
      linux-rp-2.6.24: add netfilter modules for qemux86, make 2.6.24 preferred
      linux-2.6.24: revert addition of qemux86 defconfig, use linux-rp-2.6.24 instead fix the list of packages built from madwifi-ng
      merge of '1c40da9a692a6c3985b5d6fe8eb5b28dd7738c66'
      powerpc-common: added ac_cv_func_posix_getgrgid_r=yes required by glib 2.15.6
      libc-client: fix build error by quoting CC
      linux-2.6.24: build TUN/TAP module for mpc8313e-rdb
      mpc8313e-rdb.conf: resync features with mpc8323e-rdb (add pci and uboot)
      opkg: fix md5 hashing on big-endian machines add pump DHCP/BOOTP client set SECTION to console/network add squidview interactive tool for squid
      squid: improve configuration defaults and provide init script
      merge of '339249f7db7afee978eb07ba05490a35e8bbca0c'
      squid: fix a typo in the init script
      kernel.bbclass, move dependency on u-boot-openmoko-native to kernel.bbclass
      kernel.bbclass: fix generation of uImage on powerpc platforms remove UBOOT_* definitions, they are already defined in kernel.bbclass
      kernel.bbclass, cleanup definition of ${KERNEL_IMAGE_BASE_NAME} move binary devicetree generation to add dtc-native to DEPENDS if KERNEL_DEVICETREE is defined
      hostap-daemon: replace version 0.6.0 by 0.6.3 provide a u-boot-${MACHINE}.bin symlink like kernel images add mtdparts support for mpc8313e-rdb don't force the PACKAGES variable
      merge of '6fedd04121b05719430c13ec266e45683ed3b7bf' build yenta-socket module for mpc8313e-rdb remove kexec on mpc8313e-rdb which accidentaly slipped in fix SRC_URI and S definitions, they have changed update dtc to 1.1.0, it's needed for linux > 2.6.24 keep dtc in sync with dtc-native, update to version 1.1.0 add linux 2.6.25 with mpc8313e-rdb patches fix powerpc/soft-float builds add RFID library add sane SVN revision for librfid package u-boot version 1.3.2 update libupng to version 1.6.5
      conf/machine/{various}.conf: cleanup PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS for powerpc machines
      haleakala.conf: add config for haleakala (PPC405EXr) board add initial support for haleakala
      kilauea.conf: replace haleakala machine by kilauea replace haleakala machine by kilauea cleanup for no-fpu builds too
      kilauea.conf: add uImage entry point and load address provide defaults for KERNEL_DEVICETREE_FLAGS add Python module to manage iptables rules add workaround for build failures on powerpc/soft-float update libc-client to version 2007a1 update to version 0.5.10
      wpa-supplicant: drop antique 0.2.x and 0.3.x releases
      wpa_supplicant: only keep version 0.5.10 for 0.5.x (stable) branch
      hostap-*: drop antique 0.3.x releases fix SRC_URI, snapshots have moved
      hostap-daemon: improve init script (based on Debian package)
      hostap-daemon: use version 0.5.10 by default
      gnash: restore files from 1700660cbcacdefa98e0bff486cd798bd7d7a128
      MAINTAINERS: mention work on wpa-supplicant, hostap-daemon, linux, u-boot
      netbase: add /etc/network/interfaces for mpc8313e-rdb make postinst/postrm work for opkg-nogpg too
      madwifi-ng: prune old versions, make r3314 the default version
      merge of '09870e1a9a4da31b62af99557013fa62d824804b' add patches for mpc8313e-rdb
      merge of '1f1207adefc2b440a93c771a15e7c5aab26497a4'
      mpc8313e-rdb.conf: switch to u-boot 1.3.2
      merge of '95cefda8965d9f34e429a5b0e01d5c392825e133' add keyboard to MACHINE_FEATURES build packet support in qemux86 kernel substitute OE_QMAKE_LIBS_X11 in libtool files package Sailcut CAD sail design software
      merge of '2e9e31aaab7b3cb9ec8159571920f5085524e6c9' build lrelease translation tool
      merge of '665b801ef26b2b5da6423ad9a47eac8ab53b6574' build lrelease translation tool
      merge of '5c57f792fa4408bfd1d31632734168b1434d7100' pick up correct versions of lrelease and lupdate fix references to OPEN_MAX (Closes: #3762)
      v86d: import v86d (from poky) for uvesafb support add pointer calibration for qemux86 (from Poky) add touchscreen to MACHINE_FEATURES
      qemux86.conf: add MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS for framebuffer support fix generation of shared libraries (use correct CC)
      merge of '07638b4b82998b594ffb4858eaca86494159cda0' fix openssl 0.9.8 builds for x86 targets bring openssl-native in sync with latest openssl
      oestats-client.bbclass: initial version of an oe-specific tinderbox tool
      oestats-client.bbclass: include elapsed time in task reports
      merge of '87aa8e8cdbee54b3d7ff294da220db58798e8c12'
      openssl-native_*.bb: do not export CFLAG, this is set by do_configure
      oestats-client.bbclass: use METADATA_REVISION variable (thanks hrw) add definitions for mips/mipsel (Closes: #4268) update debian.patch to fix ssl hole (Closes: #4266) disable stats if we cannot get a build id
      oestats-client.bbclass: switch to multipart/form-data (prepare for sending logs)
      oestats-client.bbclass: catch errors communicating with stats server
      oestats-client.bbclass: upload log file when a task fails
      oestats-client.bbclass: switch to new URL scheme
      oestats-clients.bbclass: discriminate between Succeeded and Failed builds
      oestats-client.bbclass: add the DEPENDS variable to task reports
      base.bbclass: add a METADATA_BRANCH variable
      oestats-client.bbclass: report METADATA_BRANCH variable
      seppuku.bbclass,oestats-client.bbclass: add bug number and tracker to oestats
      oestats-client.bbclass: don't include bug number/tracker if empty use ${GNU_MIRROR} instead of hardcoded mirror
      kernel-arch.bbclass: fix map_uboot_arch for x86 optionally generate a kernel-devicetree package resync cairo-directfb version with plain cairo add patch to solve autoreconf errors
      directfb: don't use linux/config.h in powerpc assembly add a symlink from /boot/devicetree to /boot/devicetree-${KERNEL-VERSION}
      netbase: drop mpc8313e-rdb specific etc/network/interfaces add python module for WSGI servers
      lighttpd: fix init script (restart did not work)
      lighttpd: backport support for url.redirect-code from 1.5 branch
      merge of '305437fef3e07f06f422c525af6d258fe65bd133'
      merge of '162bf228da944fcdae3d12cc94a424a78acc3dd1'
      libosip2: add libosip2 version 3.1.0
      libexosip2: add libexosip2 version 3.1.0
      imagemagick: don't call libtoolize for imagemagick, it doesn't work fix generation of shared libraries (use correct CC) fix openssl 0.9.8 builds for x86 targets bring openssl-native in sync with latest openssl
      openssl-native_*.bb: do not export CFLAG, this is set by do_configure add definitions for mips/mipsel (Closes: #4268) update debian.patch to fix ssl hole (Closes: #4266)
      hal: create volatiles *after* creating the haldaemon user
      imagemagick: move *.la files out of dev package, they are needed for modules
      oestats-client.bbclass: display information URL for failed builds/tasks (Closes: #4475)
      merge of '0e9b0714e6ab764eaa6afb85fbd5d15b41175604'
      madwifi-ng: update to snapshot r3837 (required for linux-2.6.26) package linux 2.6.26 for mpc8313e-rdb
      gstreamer: fix call to mkinstalldirs
      u-boot: add support for mpc8313e-rdb Vitesse switch
      u-boot : add missing files for mpc8313e-rdb Vitesse switch
      linux-2.6.26: add support for mpc8313e-rdb's eth0
      opkg-nogpg: use the same patch as opkg-nogpg-nocurl to reduce noise
      u-boot: massage mpc8313e-rdb patches so they apply cleanly
      u-boot: add SPI, EEPROM and DTT support for mpc8313e-rdb
      linux-2.6.25: resync mpc8313e-rdb defconfig with 2.6.26
      oestats-client.bbclass: add support for QA logs (see bug #4345)
      python-pycairo: generate pycairo.pc ourselves (fixes QA issue)
      orbit2: patch instead of using sed on ORBit-2.0.pc (fixes QA issue)

Jeroen Hoek (1):
      contrib/angstrom/angstrom.svg: An Angstrom logo design, accepted as the official.

jin at (1):
      fmtools: Add fmtools package, courtesy of Jin^eLD

jin at (1):
      image-magick: fix staging and packaging, closes #2892

jluebbe at (1):
      packages/openmoko2/ RDEPEND on eds ecal server to fix crashes

jluebbe at (44):
      openmoko-base: use startup_unintrusive.wav instread of startup_openmoko.wav
      merge of '57d7542ed0fd0b8b1f119cea4a56f425d875a4a0'
      base-files: mount mmc card async
      openmoko2: use startup_unintrusive.wav instread of startup_openmoko.wav
      linux-openmoko-devel: Upgrade to 2.6.23-rc9
      merge of '6290a5cbe0263dc9f36d8173dc82cfd5253fcba4'
      linux-openmoko-devel: correct versioning mistake (thanks, koen!)
      linux-openmoko-devel: change CONFIG_LEDS_S3C24XX from module to compiled-in.
      linux-openmoko-devel: add missing squashfs port to 2.6.23
      linux-openmoko-devel: update to
      linux-openmoko-devel: add missing patches (thanks mickey)
      checksums.ini: Add some new checksums.
      wesnoth: add a package for the current svn version (thanks Johannes Schauer)
      merge of '5bee5fc529fd2691fe3b0a867bbb28edcd59b01d'
      linux-openmoko-devel: add a recipe for the current patch queue
      merge of '128beb53ed0092647984a87f2a86eaec9d1f3510'
      chumby: Add machine definition and kernel recipe
      checksums.ini: add some chumby sources and sort
      chumby-kernel: allow booting from USB disks (/dev/sda1)
      MAINTAINERS: add my entry
      chumby-firmware: package upstream firmware for a future kexec initramfs
      ttf-liberation: Fix -dbg package RRECOMMENDS since PN as a package doesn't exist
      freesmartphone: add a fso-image and fix bb-files
      zhone: fix RDEPENDS
      python-oeventd: add bb-file and update fso-image
      freesmartphone: start services after dbus
      merge of '6aa3a34371e0ba98066d355ab1bc9a3c72356bf0'
      fso-image: include python-oeventd
      dropbear: disable reverse host lookups
      frameworkd: add conf-file and new RDEPENDS
      e-wm: Make sure edbus is present (picked from org.openmoko.asu.stable)
      e-dbus: edbus doesn't need efreet or ewl
      illume: sync to
      fso-image: use e-wm instead of matchbox
      illume: pin to version 134 until the refactoring is done
      frameworkd: fix frameworkd.conf (ogsmd instead of ophoned)
      frameworkd: configure ogpsd for GTA02
      zhone: depend on python-cairo for graphs
      merge of '832167cf1cc0ab655072532b7c546a8a25821e44'
      ttf-fonts: fix
      autorev: bump efl to a newer version and use the same version for illume
      fso-image: add a chinese font for gta02 (gta01 has not enough flash)
      mtn2git: fix importing of revisions with no ancestor
      distro-feed-configs: use .example instead of .org (according to RFC 2606)

jnc at (17):
      sync type explicitness fixes for libmb 1.7 from svn upstream
      libmatchbox: closes oe bug #705 "mb panel menu font too small"
      Version bump for libgcrypt to 1.2.2, plays nice with new gnutls release.
      Version bump. Plays nice with new wpa-supplicant, hopefully.
      Introduce experimental wpa-supplicant linked against GNU/tls library.
      merge of 931370684daa1b1fc8aac0ef4e41d0ba46bb6517
      WPA Supplicant updates, and inclusion of version 0.5.1 for distros with gnutls already being built. Resolves licensing issues, and non-working supplicant issues for those with 2.6/2.4 kernels. Report breakage to Eric (jnc).
      s/ for teh mirror URL. fixes b0rkage.
      (re-)Addition of gnutls and libgcrypt packages/bumps, taking maintainership. Please report breakage to maintainer kthx.
      (re-)Adding updates to wpa-supplicant, myself as secondary maintainer to handle fixes on bugtracker. This is completely untested, breakage expected. Please report ASAP.
      Pushing gcc 4.1.0 after a short review.
      Pushing glibc 2.4 per OE bug ticket #741. Thanks to Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
      change defconfig of 0.5.1 to build against gnutls instead of openssl.
      Make wpa-supplicant 0.5.1 bb build again.
      Add a couple of 64-bit buildhost cleanup patches to the tree, but do not use them yet. These need to be further tested by devs with ia32 buildhost, and activated by uicmoc maintainer. Thanks to Darren Edmundson for patches (OE bugs #345, #535).
      disapproval of revision '028a611cef6b234bc056ae3e11b0b983d6762f4e'

Joaquim Duran <joaquinduran at (1):
      atk: added 1.19.3 - close #2567

joaquinduran at (4):
      fltk: added 1.1.7 - close #1459
      fltk 1.1.7: Better configure options and revamped staging.
      cups: update to 1.2.12, closes #2705
      xdm: added libxaw to dependencies

John Lee (82):
      meta-toolchain-openmoko: add native opkg-cl into toolchain.  another
      from openembedded.devel mailing list, Robert Schuster:
      opkg-cl depends on libopkg, libcurl, libz.  However, native recipes do
      from openembedded.devel mailing list, Robert Schuster:
      preferred-om-2008-versions: modify the classpath rev to more sensible
      preferred-om-2008-versions: modify the classpath rev to more sensible
      illume: remote the duplicate package in openmoko-projects.
      e-wm: bugfix, specify the path to eet as well. remove the duplicated pn-illume, make it in sync
      illume-theme-asu: change to svn and use asu config by default
      busybox: update to honor the UTC setting in /etc/default/rcS
      sysvinit: switch openmoko distro to use UTC=yes by default
      busybox: changed PR in the wrong bb file... should be 1.11.1
      dropbear: improve dropbear security by listening only on usb0 by default
      xserver-kdrive-common: stop Xserver from listening for TCP by default
      openmoko-sound-system2: make pulseaudio stops listening for TCP by default
      xterm: add desktop and png icon
      tzdata: add localtime in conffiles
      openmoko-sound-system2: make pulseaudio stops listening for TCP by default
      xserver-kdrive-common: stop Xserver from listening for TCP by default
      dropbear: improve dropbear security by listening only on usb0 by default
      xterm: add desktop and png icon
      tzdata: add localtime in conffiles
      busybox: update to honor the UTC setting in /etc/default/rcS
      sysvinit: switch openmoko distro to use UTC=yes by default
      dropbear: add /etc/default/dropbear in conffiles only on openmoko
      dbus: enable x support and put dbus-launch into new package dbus-x11
      netbase: set the default nameserver to OpenDNS for om-gta0?
      ompower: update to 4727 to match with EFL changes.
      illume-theme-asu: fix install argument
      illume-theme-illume: fix install argument
      add illume-theme-illume (from raster)
      e-wm: fix merge error
      illume-theme-illume: update PV to match the om format
      illume-config: this package should not exist anymore.
      illume: add illume-config-illume, but not illume-config-asu.  Planning
      illume-theme-asu: add correct DEPENDS
      illume-theme-asu: update srcrev to use the latest.
      assassin: increase PR to reflect the EFL ABI change.
      python-e*: increase PR of python-efl bindings to relfect the EFL ABI
      python-etk: need DEPENDS python-evas and python-ecore update openmoko-alsa-scenarios rev.
      openmoko.conf: fix an error in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND update xserver-kdrive-glamo rev to let the update to the latest stable kernel. update moko-gtk-engine to include the mediaplayer update strace to 4.5.15 due to #1829.
      openmoko-mediaplayer2: remove pulseaudio, use alsa instead.
      illume: add RDEPENDS e-wm change qtopia-phone-x11 to include Erin's commits to update qtopia-phone-x11 to reflect the recent fix compile error python-etk moved from its own git scm to
      illume-theme: change illume-theme to virtual/illume-theme
      avahi: fix postinst script error add postinst script to purge the incompatible update om-settings to latest. fix upgrade path from Om2008.9 change to RPROVIDES_${PN} pump for DISTRO_FEATURES really update INITSCRIPT_PARAMS during upgrade. really update INITSCRIPT_PARAMS during upgrade. use the new configure script during upgrade fix wrong usage of update-rc.d.bbclass fix wrong usage of update-rc.d.bbclass fix PR, should be "r1" instead of "1" fix PR, should be "r2" instead of "2" add override ${PN} to RPROVIDES fix a stupid typo that ruined everyone's build... update to the latest stable kernel update to latest qtopia for #1610 update om-settings for #2097
      om-settings: postinst script increase PE again to *really* exceed asu.stable. PE in asu.stable is 2, so this need to increase PR to get the modified config.
      e-wm, illume: apply raster's patch to fix #1946 make the patches apply to r36882 only. change linux-openmoko for #1841, WSOD. fix trailing white spaces. update Tichy as requested by Mirko.
      openmoko.conf: change feed to Om2008.8.

john_lee at (183):
      mono: replace STAGING_DATADIR by STAGING_DATADIR_NATIVE since it's where
      mono: replace STAGING_DATADIR by STAGING_DATADIR_NATIVE since it's where
      e-wm: remove file:// since it's not there and
      intltool: add patch from
      mono: use monoburg from mono-native instead
      openmoko-minimal-image: add this package to be the base of all openmoko
      solving merge conflict
      merge of '211b2bf7086145ba83e7b54cebded9bb3025b075'
      merge of '9069b40ccba3d40edd8269797ab9b49024e8bdc8'
      merge of '26501141207c84e31e0f43c5795a15c0f16dbce5'
      gypsy: workaround automake failure in docs/reference
      diversity: Diversity is a framework for Internet + GPS applications.
      diversity: update to SRC_URI in
      packagekit: add recipe for packagekit
      assassin: add recipe for assassin
      midori: update to 0.0.17 and add patch to go with the new webkit
      gnash: add 0.8.2 and clean up/fix for sysroot
      preferred-om-2008-versions: prefer gnash 0.8.2
      python-pygtk: sync fix upstream
      merge of '3a2c550685a02d29aea9d584a7fbab44de0f8f32'
      gypsy: workaround automake failure in docs/reference
      diversity: Diversity is a framework for Internet + GPS applications.
      packagekit: PackageKit is a system designed to make installing and
      assassin: add recipe for assassin
      python-pygtk: add missing patch
      midori: use upstream patch
      intltool: add patch from
      preferred-om-2008-versions: use newer intltool
      u-boot-openmoko: enable autorev
      e-wm: remove file:// since it's not there and
      mono: use monoburg from mono-native instead
      preferred-om-2008-versions: use midori 0.0.17
      merge of '826e3d1604a7153fbec79dbf0287cbde9dd32200'
      gnash: clean up/fix for sysroot
      gypsy: remove duplicate do_stage from merge
      alsa-state: sync upstream from XorA
      gnash: add 0.8.2
      task-openmoko-feed: temporarily disable python-efl because no provider
      preferred-om-2008-versions: change gnash to 0.8.2
      merge of '7ecf249aa01227cf559b984727eddf32c13c84a5'
      tangogps: map and position on Openmoko / Neo1973
      diversity-daemon: update DEPENDS, RDEPENDS and EXTRA_OECONF
      diversity-nav: update RDEPENDS
      packagekit: update RDEPENDS
      task-openmoko-feed: add diversity-daemon/nav, assassin and tangogps
      merge of '6b297f40d507a619bdd7d471e82d15807c186499'
      tangogps: fix hardcoded include path problem in src/
      merge of '17052bfd7be914a890ec54d73c91df769727c7db'
      openmoko-session2: remove matchbox-applet-startup-monitor because it's
      merge of '27a990a9e4bdc09a026f0125d6d771ab891d2156'
      assassin: add new depends 'etk'
      assassin: add depends edbus
      alsa-state: increase PR to reflect changes in fic-gta01
      u-boot-openmoko: update UBOOT_UPSTREAM_REV
      merge of '0d06ef20f42dbc757e10ca1639e06561c357d92d' update u-boot-openmoko and openmoko-icon-theme-standard2
      openmoko-session2: add RDEPENDS openmoko-panel-memory and oe-stylize update u-boot-openmoko to 4230 change SRCREV_FORMAT and PV
      openmoko2/neod: disable aux key orientation for gta02
      merge of '5da2917d65975f5af69680a92711460545cae6e6'
      gcc-cross_4.1.2: temporary fix to disable libspp and libmudflap
      tangogps: add it back into openmoko branch.  somehow it vanished in the
      merge of 'a1dbfb7ee9885518ffbf9f32565ae25635e17da5'
      neod_svn: should be om-gta02 instead of fic-gta02
      neod_svn: remove the om-fic02 specific patch because we have the solution
      merge of '52d5fcc8163d5985f494fb46fa39820181c47ff5'
      openmoko.conf: no need for opkg-ipkg-compat now.
      diversity-nav: add DEPENDS ewl
      tangogps: add the missing patch back in.
      openmoko-panel-wifi: add this new panel plugin
      openmoko-session2: add openmoko-panel-wifi replace ipkg by opkg
      task-base: update PR to reflect changes of DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS update pn openmoko-panel-wifi
      openmoko-session2: a bit of cleanup and move RDEPENDS to task-openmoko-base fix mindate and maxdate
      openmoko-minimal-image: use rootfs_update_timestamp instead
      merge of '0ff17d0b9cb80265ac8a796c8cd1469047ab5ece'
      gtk+_2.10.14: remove migration.patch to improve performance
      testlab.bbclass: add the output of opkg list_installed to list-installed.txt
      openmoko-feed-configs: use feeds from daily build
      preferred-om-2008-versions: fix various incorrect versions
      om-gta02.conf: set preferred virtual/xserver to avoid multiple providers
      task-base: increase PR to reflect the change of openmoko.conf
      gsmd: change the script to reflect the kernel revert 0/1 change
      merge of '3a2c62ea2433a015dde1983cb1b58a20d70244d9'
      gsmd: change init script yet again to get rid of GSM_DL switch to stable branch. update openmoko-alsa-scenarios rev fix asound.state install path to /etc
      settings-daemon: no need to put it into background when starting. update srcrev of settings-daemon temporary fix to pack all engines into one package.
      EFL_SRCDATE: a really nasty hack to always build cvs head of efl stuffs.
      pkg tags support: first attempt update EFL_SRCDATE to something not as silly add illume
      wordlist: add scowl to provide dictionary files
      illume: RRECOMMENDS wamerican for the keyboard auto correction put illume-theme in as well update illume and illume-theme
      diversity-nav: first try of PKG_TAGS.  more to come later. make it recognise PKG_TAGS
      xserver-kdrive-common: set USE_EXA=no if we're using xglamo update linux-openmoko rev.
      assassin: modify PV format from 'svn' to 'svnr'. set PE=1 because +git sorts lower than +svn
      diversity-nav: add RDEPENDS ewl-themes
      merge of 'a65325dea87a216542ed573242fc36d32f1411d9' update stable revs.
      openmoko-agpsui: openmoko-agpsui is a GPS diagnostic tool written in GTK+.
      openmoko-agpsui: fix DEPENDS from gtk-2.0 to gtk+
      xserver-kdrive-glamo: revert to the previous version
      exalt: Exalt is a network manager for the windows manager Enlightenment
      etk: fix engines setting to match upstream. put "?=" back to EFL_SRCDATE.  it's lost during the merge.
      opkg: fix to r4247, disable autorev for now.
      hal-info: add 20080313 change to alphabet ordering and remove duplicated
      merge of '39e5f6a80d9fb6c05976e90c19a567c1e8248ab4'
      task-openmoko-ui: changed the default theme to moko-gtk-engine
      testlab: get rid of list-installed.txt sync upstream. fix linux-openmoko rev.
      openmoko-panel-wifi: fix Openmoko naming.
      Openmoko: replace OpenMoko by Openmoko
      exalt: Exalt is a network manager for the windows manager Enlightenment
      wordlist: add scowl to provide dictionary files
      tangogps: tangoGPS is a lightweight and fast mapping application designed
      openmoko-agpsui: openmoko-agpsui is a GPS diagnostic tool written in GTK+.
      openmoko-panel-wifi: add this new panel plugin
      moko-autorev: fix duplicated lines
      openmoko.conf : unify the two different versions files and bump glib upto
      openmoko: remove ipkg.  replace by opkg. change to alphabet ordering
      EFL_SRCDATE: always build efl stuffs today when enable moko-autorev
      openmoko2/ : pull alsa audio scenarios directly
      sane-srcrevs: update revs
      openmoko-feed-configs: use feeds from daily build
      diversity-nav: add DEPENDS ewl
      task-openmoko-ui: changed the default theme to moko-gtk-engine
      neod: sync from om branch
      settings-daemon: no need to put it into background when starting.
      openmoko-session2: a bit of cleanup and move RDEPENDS to task-openmoko-base : om-gta02 should also have a custom file like om-gta01 change SRCREV_FORMAT and PV
      neod: disableSWAPOrientationforGTA02.patch no longer necessary
      openmoko: replace OpenMoko by Openmoko
      merge of 'a2a92e439059bfbcfe8dfd0a40c05cd88f09c92b'
      gsmd: change init script yet again to get rid of GSM_DL
      openmoko-minimal-image: use rootfs_update_timestamp instead
      openmoko-session2: add the missing 'D' back... fix incorrect PR
      diversity-nav: switch from ewl to etk
      classpath: update preferred versions to 0.97.1.
      jamvm: update preferred version to 1.5.1
      task-openmoko-games: add kobodeluxe
      task-openmoko-feed: add jamvm, classpath
      openmoko-toolchain-scripts: update SRC_URI
      sane-srcrevs: update rev of openmoko-toolchain-scripts
      openmoko-toolchain-scripts: bugfix ${S}, change directory.
      meta-toolchain-openmoko: a gross hack to put pkg-config in.
      merge of '5a5e955c4e067a5ab216f6e9a28c27f869862051'
      webkit-gtk: requires libxt now.
      cacao: add hg version 8190 and the corresponding cacaoh-native.
      cacao: change hg rev to corresponding date.
      oprofile: make opcontrol compatible with busybox 'kill'
      dbus-java: add 2.4
      libmatthew: add 0.7
      pkgconfig-sdk_0.23: add pkgconfig-sdk from poky.
      curl-sdk: add from poky
      zlib-sdk: add from poky
      task-sdk-host: add pkgconfig-sdk and opkg-sdk not in sync with pdb requires pprint add python-difflib add python-doctest update by
      frameworkd: modify frameworkd.conf for om-gta02 to support accelerometer
      icecc.bbclass: make it work again.
      icecc: include glibc into blacklist because we don't have a full cross modified from mesa_7.0.2 but added libglut and demos.
      dbus: enable x support and put dbus-launch into new package dbus-x11

john_lee at (111):
      Integrate helper scripts into meta-toolchain-openmoko.
      fix typo to make sourcepkg.bbclass work when inherited.
      fix sourcepkg minor error.  make it possible to inherit in .bb
      patch to reflect the removal of OM2007 in svn
      missed SRCREV_pn-openmoko-panel-demo ?= "${AUTOREV}"
      fix bugzilla #882
      remove epdf from task-openmoko-feed for now.
      merge of 'fa81c2e4895bf07fa663deaca7f47ed9b591f7e7'
      merge of '4d03f56302a38e79c12327695f01f27a836720ec'
      disapproval of revision '9784df253c04df1dfcc620c6bf064869215598f6'
      merge of '42aef61ee7960f3e8df22a2a931c9a46a49531ab'
      Add fbset by Dodji's request.
      Remove ipkg-list-fields because already in ipkg-utils
      Add ability to find the directory of parent package if the child package
      Integrate mainstream to build meta-toolchain-openmoko
      Comment out the RPROVIDES line as a workaround of Bug 3509
      make it possible to INHERIT += 'sourcepkg' during OM build by:
      disable autorev openmoko-terminal2 for now to recover daily build.
      remove glamo-report-vram-size-to-userspace.patch to reflect OM svn change.
      remove epdf for now because it refers to nonexist ewl_tree2_new
      merge of '8996304d45d20965f75c306e6317a0238f26fbf7'
      (Merge OM mtn modification back into mainline)
      (Merge OM mtn modification back into mainline)
      (Merge OM mtn modification back into mainline)
      (Merge OM mtn modification back into mainline)
      merge of '4b30415f5d28ab66598f7324bc7a1a3f91781ed2'
      enable openmoko-terminal2 AUTOREV
      update SRCREV_pn-openmoko-toolchain-scripts ?= "3767"
      stage geoclue and gypsy for later usage. remove it to resolve conflict
      merge of 'a250ef0b1707ead866fe051ca88c56e538d51bfb'
      task-openmoko-toolchain-host: fix duplicated text.
      task-openmoko-toolchain-host: fix duplicated text.
      merge of '214ed7e892086095fb4e656e5d3777e201866e46'
      external-toolchain: enable RPROVIDES again
      merge of '558d7f8556530ca23dc6e4b7d687d6727d3a7397'
      swt-gtk: fix dependency and possible cross compiling badness
      task-openmoko-feed: add swt and cacao
      gpsdrive: update download URI
      external-toolchain: enable RPROVIDES again
      openmoko.conf: add PREFERRED_PROVIDER_swt3.4-gtk
      task-openmoko-feed: fix incorrect RDEPENDS
      openmoko-panel-memory: shows an out-of-memory warning in the OpenMoko panel
      openmoko-launcher: add a slim application launcher
      openmoko-session2: add openmoko-panel-memory
      multitap-pad: multi-tap input method for GTK
      task-openmoko-base: replace matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod with multitap-pad
      libwww-perl: add libwww-perl and native
      gpsdrive: add 2.10pre4
      task-openmoko-base: remove unnecessary RDEPENDS
      asterisk: add unset RANLIB to make the build success.
      openmoko-launcher: no longer exists.  remove from include files.
      openmoko-launcher: remove this recipe because it no longer exists.
      checksums.ini: add gpsdrive-2.10pre4.tar.gz and libwww-perl-5.808.tar.gz
      linux-openmoko-devel: add 2.6.24
      alsa-state: update for fic-gta02
      libgsmd: add support for fic-gta02
      merge of 'af017fe79f8b912b23d5f41862d46c33df4db680'
      openmoko.conf: add preferred version of gpsdrive.
      openmoko.conf: add preferred version of asterisk
      task-openmoko-feed: add gpsdrive and asterisk.
      openmoko.conf: preferred version of asterisk should be 1.4.17 instead of
      merge of 'acaec69cff5e01d75fc25fc008a3647d4276e23a'
      alsa-state: add gsmhandset.state for fic-gta02
      alsa-state: forgot to increase PR in the last commit
      task-openmoko-feed: add qtopia-phone
      qtopia-phone: move contents to
      gnash: create
      openmoko: set preferred version of gnash to 0.8.1
      task-openmoko-feed: add gnash
      linux-openmoko: move 2.6.24 from linux-openmoko-devel to linux-openmoko
      gsm: remove machine specific settings for gta01 and gta02
      openmoko-dialer2: add machine specific patch for backlight and vibrator
      u-boot-openmoko: update to newer version of upstream and OM patchset
      linux-openmoko: sync 2.6.24 upstream
      linux-openmoko-devel: drop
      dbus: use 1.1.1 instead of 1.0.2
      linux-openmoko: update SRCREV to 4082
      openmoko: move preferred versions from openmoko.conf to
      openmoko-feed: add mono
      linux-openmoko: remove 2.6.24 to solve merge conflict from upstream
      merge of '8dccbf106093aaa7b62b2a96962945185534c923'
      busybox: 1.9.1 add cmp into openmoko distribution
      moko-autorev: add opkg and native use default mono version from angstrom
      openmoko: add DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "opkg-ipkg-compat"
      task-base: increase PR to reflect changes in distro openmoko.conf.  Big big
      merge of 'a694034ad4f05ead506bab01c8f41ffa116d5f5d'
      asterisk: add unset RANLIB to make the build success.
      busybox: 1.9.1 add cmp into openmoko distribution
      gnash: create
      gpsdrive: add 2.10pre4
      gsm: update gsmd initscript for gta01 and gta02
      multitap-pad: multi-tap input method for GTK
      openmoko-dialer2: add machine specific patch for backlight and vibrator
      openmoko-panel-memory: shows an out-of-memory warning in the OpenMoko panel
      openmoko-session2: add openmoko-panel-memory
      task-openmoko-phone: include openmoko-panel-memory
      perl: add libwww-perl and native
      task-openmoko-base: replace matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod with multitap-pad
      u-boot-openmoko: remove do_configure_prepend because it's no longer
      checksums.ini: add checksums for libwww-perl-5.508.tar.gz,
      moko-autorev: add opkg, opkg-native, multitap-pad and
      preferred-om-2008-versions: add preferred version of asterisk, gnash
      sane-srcrevs: add multitap-pad and openmoko-panel-memory
      openmoko: add DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "opkg-ipkg-compat"
      openmoko.conf: add stuffs for jalimo
      merge of '20657a67dd3d46190016de2069fb77e48b12f0b9'
      u-boot-openmoko: enable autorev
      alsa-state: merge upstream
      task-openmoko-feed: disable python-efl because no provider

jorik at (1):
      openssl: add sparc support - close #1927

jp30 at (5):
      upload-unslung-modules target
      merge of 6f569e40f806d552c6c14147b17fd927fb9d5718
      set PYTHONPATH for bitbake
      build binfmt_misc as a module
      merge of 4f79e58603c4d9bc504f3147b0aea55a2d10f615

julian_chu (2):
      py-odeviced changed to python-odeviced
      Revert "py-odeviced changed to python-odeviced"

Julian_chu (379):
      [sane-srcrevs] Update opkg, opkg-native, opkg-sdk to 4448
      [sane-srcrevs] Update assassin to 135
      Add etk-theme-ninja into image
      [sane-srcrevs] Update diversity-daemon to 386
      [diversity] Add patch to diversity-nav
      [sane-srcrevs] update diversity-nav to 391
      [sane-srcrevs] Update opkg to 4452
      [sane-srcrevs] Update Assassin to 141
      [diversity] Change Tag of diversity-nav
      [autorev] Disable all entries in (mark as comment)
      [moko-autorev] Set Assassin as AUTOREV
      [feed] remove qtopia-phone from task-openmoko-feed
      [sane-srcrevs] Update opkg, opkg-native, opkg-sdk to 4448
      [sane-srcrevs] Update assassin to 135
      Add etk-theme-ninja into image
      [sane-srcrevs] Update diversity-daemon to 386
      [diversity] Add patch to diversity-nav
      [sane-srcrevs] update diversity-nav to 391
      [sane-srcrevs] Update opkg to 4452
      [sane-srcrevs] Update Assassin to 141
      [sane-srcrevs] Update opkg to 4465
      [sane-srcrevs] Update exposure to 25
      [packagekit] Add 2 patched for packagekit.
      [sane-srcrevs] Update opkg to 4465
      [sane-srcrevs] Update exposure to 25
      [packagekit] Add 2 patched for packagekit.
      [sane-srcrevs] Upgrade version of neod to 4471
      [diversity] Add diversity-radar, a GPS location based communicative application
      [diversity] remove PACKAGES = "${PN}" from diversity-radar
      [packagekit] Add patch to packagekit.
       [openmoko] Modify the hint of building information.
      [diversity] Set diversity-nav and diversity-daemon as AUTOREV
      [diversity] set diversity-radar as AUTOREV
      [packagekit] Add patch to packagekit.
       [openmoko] Modify the hint of building information.
      [sane-srcrevs] Bump the revision of diversity-nav to 421
      [diversity] Add splinter.
      [openmoko] Add splinter into openmoko-feed
      [openmoko] Splinter replaced diversity-nav in task-openmoko-qtopia-x11
      [diversity] Splinter replaced diversity-nav to use AUTOREV
      [openmoko] Remove Tag of enlazar-qh, kobodeluxe
      [openmoko] add Openmoko community repository bbfile.
      [openmoko] add Openmoko community repository bbfile.
      [exposure] As Marek's request.
      [sane-srcrevc] Bump up revision of assassin to 160.
      [exposure] As Marek's request.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [sane-srcrevc] Bump up revision of assassin to 160.
      [openmoko] the original reversion of linux-openmoko-devel
      [diversity] To change the applications's title name to Splinter.
      [exposure] Bump up reversion of exposure to 30.
      [python-cython] This commit is a temporary solution.
      [openmoko] the original reversion of linux-openmoko-devel
      [exposure] Bump up reversion of exposure to 30.
      [diversity] Diversity team create a branch for splinter.
      [diversity] Bump up the reversion of splinter to 433
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg, opkg-native, opkg-sdk to 4491
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg, opkg-native, opkg-sdk to 4491
      [exposure] Marek needs python-edbus for exposure.
      [python-etk] Adding patches to python-etk binding.
      [python-etk] Adding patches to python-etk binding.
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 174.
      [splinter] Bump up the reversion of splinter to 438
      [Assassin] Add curl to assassin's depends.
      [splinter] Bump up the reversion of splinter to 449
      [divesity] Bump up the reversion of Diversity-radar to 453
      [python] Add python-ecore to DEPENDS of python-etk
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 174.
      [Assassin] Add curl to assassin's depends.
      [efl] etk didn't initial scrolled_view correctly.
      [efl] Remove entry edbus_edbus in PACKAGES of
      [efl] Remove entry edbus_edbus in PACKAGES of
      [splinter] Bump up the reversion of Splinter to 462
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 193
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add
      [diversity] Add default map packages into task-openmoko-asu-feed
      [openmoko] Change default feed repository
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Fix a stupid mistake
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Remove diversity-nav from asu-feed.
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Bump up PR of asu-feed to force rebuild
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4528
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 195
      [assassin] Remove curl in DEPENDS of assassin
      [packagekit] Add a patch to packagekit.
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4529
      [pyefl-sudoku] Add Python EFL sudoku.
      [pyefl-sudoku] Add pyefl-sudoku into Openmoko Feed
      [pyefl-sudoku] Set AUTOREV for pyefl-sudoku
      [openmoko] Add assassin-thumbnail into ASU image
      [openmoko-qtopia-x11] Change the sequence of RDEPENDS in task-openmoko-qtopia-x11
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [checksum] Add checksum for fastjar-0.95
      [checksum] Add checksum for cacao-0.98
      [checksum] Add checksum for classpath-0.93
      [checksum] Add checksum for ecjsrc
      [checksum] Add checksum for cacao-0.98+hg20071001
      [checksum] Add checksum for classpath-0.96.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for libgpepimc-0.9
      [checksum] Add checksum for mono-
      [checksum] Add checksum for URI-1.35
      [checksum] Add checksum for libtododb-0.11
      [checksum] Add checksum for classpath-0.97.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for pcre-7.6
      [checksum] Add checksum for pycairo-1.4.0
      [checksum] Add checksum for pygtk-2.10.4
      [openmoko] Add start up script for trigger AUX led
      [checksum] Sort the entries with FILENAME by alphabet ordering.
      [checksum] Remove the duplicate entry
      [checksum] Add checksum for 42c_skins.tgz
      [checksum] Add checksum for free42.tgz
      [checksum] Add checksum for nano-2.0.7
      [checksum] Add checksum for settingsgui-0.8
      [checksum] Add checksum for MPlayer-1.0rc2
      [checksum] Add checksum for midori-0.0.17
      [checksum] Add checksum for gnash-0.8.2
      [checksum] Add checksum for gpe-timesheet-0.32
      [checksum] Add checksum for synergy-1.3.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for gpe-filemanager-0.30
      [checksum] Add checksum for
      [checksum] Add checksum for jamvm-1.5.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for poppler-0.6.4
      [checksum] Add checksum for x11vnc-0.9.3
      [checksum] Add checksum for SDL_net-1.2.7.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for tangoGPS-0.7.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for wxWidgets-2.8.7.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for qtopia-opensource-src-4.3.1.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for asterisk-1.4.17
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4545
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 202
      [packagekit] Add a patch to packagekit
      [packagekit] Add patch force_depends.patch
      [efl] etk didn't initial scrolled_view correctly.
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 193
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4528
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 195
      [assassin] Remove curl in DEPENDS of assassin
      [packagekit] Add a patch to packagekit.
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4529
      [openmoko] Add assassin-thumbnail into ASU image
      [openmoko-qtopia-x11] Change the sequence of RDEPENDS in task-openmoko-qtopia-x11
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [checksum] Add checksum for fastjar-0.95
      [checksum] Add checksum for cacao-0.98
      [checksum] Add checksum for classpath-0.93
      [checksum] Add checksum for ecjsrc
      [checksum] Add checksum for cacao-0.98+hg20071001
      [checksum] Add checksum for classpath-0.96.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for mono-
      [checksum] Add checksum for URI-1.35
      [checksum] Add checksum for classpath-0.97.1
      [openmoko] Add start up script for trigger AUX led
      [checksum] Add checksum for 42c_skins.tgz
      [checksum] Add checksum for free42.tgz
      [checksum] Add checksum for nano-2.0.7
      [checksum] Add checksum for settingsgui-0.8
      [checksum] Add checksum for MPlayer-1.0rc2
      [checksum] Add checksum for gnash-0.8.2
      [checksum] Add checksum for synergy-1.3.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for gpe-filemanager-0.30
      [checksum] Add checksum for
      [checksum] Add checksum for poppler-0.6.4
      [checksum] Add checksum for SDL_net-1.2.7.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for tangoGPS-0.7.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for wxWidgets-2.8.7.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for qtopia-opensource-src-4.3.1.tar.gz
      [checksum] Add checksum for asterisk-1.4.17
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4545
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 202
      [packagekit] Add a patch to packagekit
      [packagekit] Add patch force_depends.patch
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 204
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 204
      [splinter] Bump up the reversion of splinter to 505
      [diversity] Bump up the reversion of diversity-daemon to 483
      [packagekit] Add a patch for packagekit
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4562
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion to 4563
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4564
      [autotools] Adding do_install_append() to autotools.bbclass
      [apmd] Correct the .la file
      [splinter] Bump up the reversion of splinter to 507
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [pyefl-sudoku] Add Python EFL sudoku.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [assassin] Change the source URI of assassin
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Replace minesweep with python-efl sudoku as default game in ASU
      [pyefl-sudoku] Bump up the reversion of pyefl-sudoku to 28
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 222
      [gpe-scap] Replace the default icon for design issue
      [qtopia] Replace icons for ASU
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion for exposure  to 59
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4577
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in gpe-scap
      [packagekit] Add a patch for packagekit
      [gpe-scap] Add Icon into OE
      [qtopia-phone-x11] Add Icon into OE
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion of exposure to 62
      [openmoko] Rename from spliner to om-locations
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion of exposure to 63
      [openmoko] Add GTK applications into openmoko-asu-feed
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion of exposure to 65
      [openmoko] Rename from diversity-maps-* to om-maps-*
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumnail to 4580
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Change default feed repository, again.
      [openmoko] Rename from exposure to om-settings
      [midori] Add icon for ASU in midori
      [minimo] Add icon for ASU in minimo
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in openmoko-terminal2
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in xterm
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in openmoko-mediaplayer2
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4587
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add minimo and xterm into asu-feed
      [openmoko] Change default community repository
      [openmoko-browser] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-browser2
      [openmoko-mediaplayer2] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-mediaplayer2
      [openmoko-calculator2] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-calculator2
      [openmoko-terminal2] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-terminal2
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Remove minimo from ASU-feed
      [om-settings] Bump up the reversion of om-settings to 66
      [openmoko] Calling packages .opk
      [diversity] Bump up the reversion of diversity-daemon to 483
      [packagekit] Add a patch for packagekit
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [assassin] Change the source URI of assassin
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Replace minesweep with python-efl sudoku as default game in ASU
      [pyefl-sudoku] Bump up the reversion of pyefl-sudoku to 28
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 222
      [gpe-scap] Replace the default icon for design issue
      [qtopia] Replace icons for ASU
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion for exposure  to 59
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4577
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in gpe-scap
      [packagekit] Add a patch for packagekit
      [gpe-scap] Add Icon into OE
      [qtopia-phone-x11] Add Icon into OE
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion of exposure to 62
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion of exposure to 63
      [linux-openmoko] Turn off EVBUG
      [exposure] Bump up the reversion of exposure to 65
      [openmoko] Rename from diversity-maps-* to om-maps-*
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumnail to 4580
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Rename from exposure to om-settings
      [illume-theme] For Design issue.
      [midori] Add icon for ASU in midori
      [minimo] Add icon for ASU in minimo
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in openmoko-terminal2
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in xterm
      [openmoko] Change the TAG which used by assassin in openmoko-mediaplayer2
      [openmoko] Assassin need Tags.
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4587
      [openmoko-browser] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-browser2
      [openmoko-mediaplayer2] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-mediaplayer2
      [openmoko-calculator2] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-calculator2
      [openmoko-terminal2] Add icon for ASU in openmoko-terminal2
      [illume-config] For Design issue.
      [opkg-utils] Bump up the reversion of opkg-utils to 4592
      [om-settings] Bump up the reversion of om-settings to 66
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add illume-config theme to ASU-feed
      [om-settings] Bump up the reversion of om-settings to 67
      [openmoko-community-repository] Modify the URL
      [checksum] Add checksum for jamvm-1.5.1
      [checksum] Add checksum for midori-0.0.17
      [illume-config] For Design issue.
      [illume-theme-asu] Add illume-theme-asu into Image
      [om-settings] Bump up the reversion of om-settings to 67
      [openmoko] Change default community repository
      [openmoko-community-repository] Modify the URL
      [checksums] Sort the entries with FILENAME by alphabet ordering.
      [illume-config] Fix a bug in illume-config when do alternative
      [pyefl-sudoku] Bump up the revision of pyefl-sudoku to 49
      [openmoko] Add openmoko-bare-image
      [openmoko] Remove duplicate RDEPENDS
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add openvpn into openmoko feed
      [openmoko] Change name from Diversity-nav to Om-locations
      [openmoko] Change the default feed uri
      [tichy] Apply Charlie's change
      [tichy] Bump up the revision of tichy to 180
      [openmoko-feed] Add tichy to openmoko-feed
      [openmoko]  Remove the duplicated preferred of dbus-native
      [openmoko] Change the order of illume-theme in Openmoko Bare Image.
      [openmoko] Bump up the PR of distro-feed-config
      [openmoko] Change name of image from openmoko-bare to openmoko-base
      Merge branch '' of git+ssh:// into
      [openmoko] Remove openmok-qtopia-x11-image
      [assassin] Bump up the revision of assassin to 230
      [openmoko] Change name from Diversity-nav to Om-locations
      [om-locations] Set om-locations to use 0.2 branch of om-locations git.
      [om-locations] Bump up the revision of Om-locations
      [om-locations] Set om-locations to use 0.2 branch of om-locations git.
      [om-locations] Bump up the revision of Om-locations
      [illume-theme] Add
      [openmoko] Add illume-theme-illume to task-openmoko-basic
      [illume-theme] Modify
      [edje-utils] Add tag group::programming to edje-utils (#1716)
      [python-pygame] fix python-pygame-1.8.1/Setup to let it usable
      [python-etk] Bump up the revision of python-etk to 8d36de2726003ad0356056fcf3ede5f2d3f4fca7
      [edje-utils] (#1716) Add RDEPENDS to edje-utils
      [binconfig] Fix a small defect of binconfig.bbclass
      [libtool] add libtool-sdk_1.5.10
      [meta-toolchain] Abstract using package.
      [meta-toolchain] Add libtool-sdk to openmoko-toolchain-host
      [meta-toolchain] Add POPULATE_SDK_EXTRA_TASK
      [opkg-sdk] Fix wrong opkglibdir
      [openmoko-toolchain-target] Remove some libraries.
      [connman] Upgrade connman to latest revision.
      [edje-sdk] Add edje-sdk.
      [meta-toolchain-openmoko] Add edje-sdk
      [qt4-x11-free] Bump up revision of qt4-x11-free from 4.3.3 to 4.4.1
      [qt4-x11-free] Add webkit support
      [sip] Patch came from Erin_Yueh
      [pyqt] Patch came from Erin_Yueh
      [python-pyqt] Change SRC_URI
      [python-sip] Change SRC_URI
      [om-locations] Switch back to master branch
      [fso] Remove illume-config-illume from fso-image.
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add zhone into openmoko-feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add frameworkd into openmoko-feed
      [gpsd] Modify gpsd daemon script to use start-stop-daemon
      [gpsd] change gpsd device file from /dev/ttyS3 to /dev/ttySAC1
      [python-xlib] Add recipe python-xlib
      [checksums] Remove one wrong line which was coming when do merge.
      [checksums] Sort the entries with FILENAME by alphabet ordering.
      [checksum] Add python-xlib 0.14
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add qt4-x11-free into Openmoko Feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add python-pyqt into Openmoko Feed
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add python-sip into Openmoko Feed
      [edje-utils] Add recommends to edje-utils
      [linux-openmoko-devel] Giving a exist revision number of linux-openmoko-devel
      [checksums] Remove useless warning message when doing git merger
      [checksums] Add checksum for systat-8.1.5.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for gdb-6.7.1
      [task-openmoko-feed] Add gpe-scap into openmoko feed.
      [checksums] Add checksum for yaml-0.1.1
      [checksums] Add checksum for liberation-fonts-ttf-3.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for powertop-1.8.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for Arkanoid_PSID.sid (fso-sound use it)
      [checksums] Add checksum for ttf-arphic-uming_0.2.20080216.1.orig.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for icon-naming-utils-0.8.7.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for pidgin-2.5.1.tar.bz2
      [checksums] Add checksum for
      [checksums] Add checksum for x11vnc-0.9.4.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for wxWidgets-2.8.9.tar.gz
      [checksums] Add checksum for mysql-4.1.22.tar.gz
      PE should not use float number. Change it into integer.
      [task-python-everything] Remove python-lightmediascanner
      [task-openmoko-python-devel] Remove python-lightmediascanner
      [edje-viewer] The source code changed, remove the patch because it
      [icecc.bbclass] Add connman into blacklist
      [epdf] Add a new patch for epdf.
      [mokoko] Add mokoko recipe
      [evas-native] Add _GNU_SOURCE for preprocessor
      [eina] Add a patch to eina
      Merge branch 'enterprise-for-dev' into Apply ENTERPRISE_DISTRO condition for madplay
      oprofile: Bump up preferred version of oprofile to 0.9.4 to match current kernel version Apply ENTERPRISE_DISTRO condition for mplayer Apply ENTERPRISE_DISTRO condition for mplayer
      illume-theme-asu: update srcrev to use the latest.
      paroli-gui: Add recipe of paroli-gui and set preferred revision to 118
      paroli-dialer: Add recipe of paroli-dialer and set preferred revision to 118
      linux-openmoko: To Modify the post-install script then it

Julian_Chu (1):
      Change default.edj to original-default.edj in

julian_chu at (54):
      propagate from branch '' (head ace8bd503af4f386fb3a9a5e1f315f127b64fcd2)
      propagate from branch '' (head 9455801300c282c1468f2996676b4113cd314999)
      merge of '40b12530b2405143a6b366e37e5ac23713043a33'
      merge of '6feeee7cedae2c1d6e038bdb47e8b7d670f2149f'
      File of imlib2 was changed in 20080420
      merge of '262a1eb4ef461caa8e0fd85a487b2145d7c35614'
      task-openmoko-toolchain-target contains quite a few
      These files also have to modify to pass "opkg-cl install"
      the error of of evas was fixed.
      unfix opkg svn rev, use autorev
      Assassin use EET to maintain all the thumbnail images.
      Change SRC_URI to correct URI
      merge of '6d846a4ffe70093808f6f332fab900f0568db533'
      Change Tag from Maps to Communication
      Plus PR to diversity-nav to trigger rebuild
      it's a very quick dirty hack.
      Add Ninja Theme as default
      Delete one line which doesn't needed anymore
      Add PR. I always forget to do that.
      Add Exposure, a setting application
      set packagekit build as AUTOREV by moko-autorev
      Add exposure, a setting application, to openmoko feed
      merge of '298524baac2b91e94a087197f637cd981f8d1174'
      applied partial changes from 568c22f89e802bfa2941b3ff64c9b8b8fb590bfd
      avahi-ui, avahi-python : change preferred version to 0.6.21
      Add dbus version 1.2.1
      Change the patch from Stefan's web space to local directory
      Add exposure, a setting application
      Add exposre into Image
      add enlazar-qh, enlazar quick hack.
      update diversity-nav    to 360
      merge of '1cf68138048c940ec45b671a80d6ddd2e40c7c23'
      Add Ninja Theme as default

justinp at (359):
      Fix xtscal for spitz (probably also needs to eb done for akita)
      Make xtscal work for Akita as well. We'll need another fix once we know the 3100's name
      Add Borzoi to xtscal cxk patch
      Fix typo in postinst for spitz, add more robust checking
      merge of 5381d172a27c05bdc841a6ebf55d265354d4e66e
      CoreDump was right, the REAL_INIT is init.sysvinit
      Add /dev/loop0 to list of modules to be created
      Bump PR
      Add a patch to run ranlib on 2 libraries (bug 172)
      themes dir should be included in the main package
      Switch to creating a -theme package instead of including themes in the main package
      Change theme package to themes instead
      merge of a0401b9f09376ea2c7d6eb10ff1ccfb84ec7649c
      Add edje to e depends
      Fix ranlib problem correctly by removing CC in plugins Makefile
      Commit band-aid for pcre until someone finds a better solution
      Make clean and distclean for EFL
      Fix dependencies for all EFL and E17 packages
      merge of 2b96ead32d1d5f15cc59a0f801a519f3bf4644cf
      Set entrance, esmart, and e-wm back to -x11 dependencies
      stage src/bin/e_*.h as well
      Specify edje_cc for e-modules
      esound-gpe needs to inherit from binconfig as well to install the esd-config file (this fixed libxine trying to link against /usr/lib/
      Remove extra spaces around "=" causing shell script syntax errors
      Remove evoak as it no longer builds and is not depended on by anything
      Also remove extra $ causing syntax errors
      Add patches and configuration to make entrance(d) actually work
      Add binaries to dev package
      Add engage and examine bb files
      Stage e.h as well
      merge of 197281d5c070515d756b2679b2e5b25952f3fa14
      Move e-image to nonworking. Please use the GPE image and install e packages on top of it. e is not ready to run standalone.
      Removing unneeded longer-sleep patch
      Use bash in entrance_session to get around "entrance quitting right after login" bug
      Patch to fudge screen edges for menu autoscrolling works now
      merge of 0b8f9c74e2214a11c23f2aa33fc6a56678bcc7d3
      Remove fudge-menu-autoscroll and replace with add-menu-autoscroll-options which adds enlightenment_remote options
      More descriptive help messages for enlightenment_remote options
      merge of 089249369750f63e5367ef0ab91c190f50ae55e9
      Add e17genmenu, a program to convert KDE and Gnome menus to e17 menus
      First stab at getting e17genmenu to work with GPE dirs...still segfaults
      Alter ordering of PACKAGES to allow themes package to get its files (still not working for ewl, however)
      Add missing s on FILES for themes package
      Bump PR due to changes in efl.bbclass
      Make entrance RDEPEND on gpe-session-scripts and gpe-dm (doens't need to DEPEND on gpe-dm)
      merge of 5e74415fe54cee50b20464dc706894370da0035d
      Move X scripts which are not GPE specific out of gpe-dm and gpe-session-scripts and into x11-common
      Update license, package still not working correctly
      Add Xsession entry for e-wm
      Add chkhinge to clamshell GPE images
      Adding evidence
      Add elitaire, an EFL based card game playing program
      merge of 691f0a578002a1d669bfbee72d4a577ba19f5509
      Move e-image back out of nonworking (I did this a few days ago but it seems to have been reverted...)
      Add elitaire to e-image
      Adding missing xsettings-client dependency
      Remove XDefaults as well to fix collision errors
      merge of 269ecf74ab47710eabc0ef60b75f09342ff542c8
      Fix bug 257, hotplug and hotplug-doc both provide hotplug
      merge of 2c7a585a04594ec0d49d170b8fd07f7eaaf33875
      fix older version of linux-hotplug as well
      Move e core dependencies to task-enlightenment-x11-core
      merge of 0495eaa1fec4c7cc4ca6223fd48d22ce3718a65b
      libao: Fix SRC_URI
      Add xscreensaver 4.22
      glurp: update version, switch to SF mirror
      merge of 1c3f5d84b51552d7b6e9729979f4fd8da7deceb1
      merge of b709fb98bf1d4bd61921847f0a83d8cfb1c03504
      ipkg: fix bb syntax
      gpe-dm, gpe-session-scripts, entrance: x11-common => xserver-common
      mpd: Add a patch to save/restore volume state in the state_file
      gpe-dm, gpe-session-scripts, entrance: bump PR
      Add synergy
      slutils: add slfb, a command-line utility to turn on/off the FrameBuffer for 2.4 Zaurus kernels
      entrance: set DISPLAY before calling Xinit
      entrance: run entrance from entrance_wrapper instead of from Xinit to fix login issues
      merge of d83dde07166637966b2851273fb1192e98171072
      entrance: remove unused directory from SRC_URI
      entrance: remove more Xinit.d references
      entrance: add glibc-gconv-iso8859-1 to RDEPENDS, fixes earlier issue with keyboard not working
      e-wm: Remove 2 large unused fonts
      merge of 06f3983d464e263927b50412d18a25426951bf5c
      xserver-common, x11-common: Remove x11-common in favor of xserver-common, remove unneeded from xserver-common
      Fix typo
      merge of 6cb03263ec6dc70d88e5694bd4793512b85564eb
      merge of 0875a62d1c0833c8b7734c612ecec134c8480059
      Remove unused patch
      task-e-x11, e-image: Rename e tasks, fix dependency problems after -core split
      entrance: add edb-native to depends
      mete-e-x11: Remove task-e-x11-core from DEPENDS as it will already be built
      ecore, evas, imlib2, esmart: Update vitrual and native PROVIDES
      entice: change esmart dependency to esmart-x11
      e-modules: change DEPENDS to use -x11 instead of virtual as they are part of the WM and need X11
      openzaurus-3.5.4: no need for preferred-e-versions currently
      elitaire: change esmart to esmart-x11
      meta-e-x11: break task-e-x11-core out into its own file so that e-image-core builds don't have to build all the extra stuff
      merge of 6dd4b1d7e7f2b41926f77732f5d5ea0320d125e7
      gcc_3.4.4: add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE_arm-linux to replace same removed from gcc_csl
      gcc-cross_3.4.4: add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE_arm-linux
      gcc-3.4.4, openzaurus-3.5.4: remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE from gcc bb files and use PREFERRED_VERSION in openzaurus conf to force use of gcc 3.4.4
      merge of 2ca1f9659bc04e69f377b91c15db406518d31e2e
      edje-native: Use the staged cross-compile binaries to avoid host version mismatches
      edje-native: bump PR
      conf/distro/openzaurus: rename openzaurus.conf to as it's not a valid DISTRO target. This causes builds to fail *before* anything is built.
      xserver-common: fix portrait startup rotation for Cxx00
      e17, efl: major upgrade to newer versions
      merge of 5ef8750d9a69c84b19f6d9bf623a45342b0b07b5
      entrance: Make the Default session Englightenment since the sesion chooser doesn't work
      efl, e17: use cvs:// instead of viewcvs for SRC_URI
      efl, e-wm: add a quick sed fix for e builds using system include paths
      lineak: fix S
      merge of 417b6b1ab4151082a038c4eb1bc88276a46675b0
      merge of 188899a39ad7b9fa56483bbf49b6b859ecc6e093
      efl, e-wm: Add a sed fix for X11 system headers
      php: Add version 5.0.5 and 2 patches for it
      appweb: Add version 2.0.4 and patches
      appweb: Make v2.0.4 compile with php 5.0.5 (this is hard-coded for now)
      efl, e17: update to newest versions
      merge of 1a138e228b9a27d00855a6c27775e9b2430220a2
      Add missing patch
      merge of 0967efd07b22c9bc660b86824d4c3a888f0d9e4a band-aid fix for compiling on Gentoo AMD64
      Add netcat 0.7.1
      efl, e17: update to newest versions of e17 packages
      merge of 464cb51e4f1333becda8dfa1ccf4f9bbcea5514f
      efl, e17: update to newest versions, add CVS versions for all
      merge of 05f59d0250f45dd58a55c7c2c2889b58d28951ef
      merge of 87e4f0da031411c350745ff1cd9325a82c7c3cb9
      merge of e588b97112ee40d0ed224469b12043a82ffb1366
      merge of 1323e1df6038dca4973ee3bea9b6d558e7ce8fba
      merge of 8fe9e84203f325715a995ee73f2ced825d331544
      gconf-dbus: fix compile error with gconf lock functions in XML backend and fix oldxml in Makefile
      merge of 4d5b94a92602e5e257fa068651ecc2760fd67b44
      synergy: update to 1.2.7
      merge of 82bcdbbeb00c95318d566c7433ccdc8ac512737e
      merge of 7bae67cd8daef4d5a9307341c2352670e31ca3b5
      efl, e17: update CVS versions again, fix cpp issues
      e2fsprogs: uuidgen is in bin, not sbin
      efl, e17: Fix auth mode in entrance, turn on buffer support in evas-x11 (needed for e-wm)
      entrance: replace new usage of /bin/sh with /bin/bash
      meta-e-x11, task-e-x11: move task-e-x11* to and create meta packages to conform with new standard
      merge of 1de0fd1842b598a87e5a45127325beb9643793a4
      efl, e17: Update to newer release tarballs
      openzaurus-unstable, preferred-e-versions: update preferred-e-versions with newest releases (and add lots of packages) and uncomment the entry in OZ
      familiar-unstable: re-add preferred-e-versions
      merge of 6f3628b0dba700cfacce31a608706bb638c5c134
      parted: adding version
      task-gpe: remove redundant gpe-task-games
      e-image: make it useful, remove non-working e packages and adding GPE tasks
      task-e-x11: remove task-e-x11 (not -core) as it's non-working
      fstab (spitz, borzoi): hda3 is vfat, not ext3
      e-wm: remove pulling of themes from CVS for released package
      libgpewidget: fix strange issue with do_configure getting changed to nylon-image_do_configure
      libeventdb: fix another strange problem with do_configure getting nylon-image_do_configure
      gpe-calendar, gpe-bluetooth: fix nylon-image_do_configure errors
      merge of 12ad312536380ea2dc9169b7d73257f999484105
      gnome: remove duplicate gtk-doc m4 and make files, move files to files/ for all packages to use
      disapproval of revision '282bd719dad582050c3698357176c4c2a53181da'
      disapproval of revision '6ee2cf10506faaf26c12f6efda57f472f0240cd3'
      disapproval of revision '12ad312536380ea2dc9169b7d73257f999484105'
      merge of 18dd8cf21b475b0438065a81c795a331d4dd1076
      merge of c2094ddd8cbb045e11f78698e810cdeb3511237c
      merge of 72da6517a613608cf82abf0dfaac25e03fbf478b
      entrance: Move startup script to new location so that update-alternatives can be used
      efl.bbclass: use += for PACKAGES to allow setting of PACKAGES before inheriting
      preferred-e-versions: Add PREFERRED_PROVIDERS for evas, ecore, and imlib2 for x11
      edje: move binaries to edje-utils package from edje-dev
      e17-gpe-menu-convert: add a new package to convert GPE .desktop files into an e17 menu
      e-image: add e17-gpe-menu-convert to installed packages
      edje: move template and include directories to edje-utils, move files in -themes to -examples
      embryo: split out binaries into embryo-utils
      edje: Remove unneeded files from edje-utils, add dependency on embryo-utils
      edb: move utility binaries to edb-utils from edb-dev
      edje: use += just in case
      embryo: remove extra embryo-dev in PACKAGES
      merge of 3af6af596405ee2d8df8c79397157adaf28023b3
      merge of 924ef15fba1f0235d0a67fd6a565e0da0f09389b
      efl.bbclass: switch to  from  to work around bitbake problems, switch from += as package.bbclass breaks on it
      e17-gpe-menu-convert: remove , add PATH_TO_PIXMAPS, switch tabs to spaces, switch RDEPENDS back to libedje-dev, remove postinst for now
      edb, embryo, edje: remove -utils packages as package.bbclass can't handle it
      evas-x11: --enable-buffer, edje_cc needs it remove unneeded do_configure
      task-e-x11-core: add new e bootsplash
      efl: bump PRs
      merge of 52ebd988f59f6be0851649e3d117ae3734e87b4f
      efl.bbclass: include is now part of -utils packages, not -dev packages
      edje, embryo, edb: split out binary programs into -utils packages again
      e17-gpe-menu-convert: put back RDEPEND on edje-utils now that it's fixed
      xmonobut_0.4.1: add missing DEPENDS on libmatchbox
      edje-utils: fix DEPENDS
      merge of 224679d0d1adfe1e36b72ea199644249ab797df3
      efl.bbclass: fix changes reverted by a bad merge
      preferred-e-versions: add PREFERRED_VERSIONs for gnome-vfs-dbus and gcc
      ecore, evas: update date for m4 checkouts
      e-image: add missing DEPENDS on e17-gpe-menu-convert
      e-image: add some more missing DEPENDS
      e-image: add pango module dependency (fixes GPE progs)
      e-image: Add gdk-pixmap-loader packages (how do these get pulled in in a GPE image?)
      merge of c70cc7660d061a9f9bb0fa1790b31bff0a914bc4
      gpe-confd: add missing DEPENDS on sqlite
      e17-gpe-menu-convert: don't create eaps which already exist, don't add items to menus when they are already in there, re-added postinst, fixed DEPENDS
      sqlite: bug #687 fix INTPTR_TYPE on 64-bit hosts
      sqlite: Add 2.8.17 from bug #688, thanks to Eric Shattow
      osb-jscore: add new version to fix bug 681, thanks to Eric Shattow
      osb-nrcore: add 20060212 to fix bug # 682, thanks to Eric Shattow
      osb-nrcit: Add 20060212, fixes bug #683, thanks to Eric Shattow
      gtk-webcore: add gcc4 patches for jscore, nrcit, and nrcore, fixes bug #684, thanks to Eric Shattow
      osb-browser: add version 20060212, fixes bug #685, thanks to Eric Shattow
      linux-openzaurus-2.6.15: fix gcc4 compilation, fixes bug #676, thanks to Eric Shattow
      gtk-webcore: make newer versions only compile with GCC4 by default
      libxine-x11: Add a patch tto fix gcc4 compilcation, fixes bug #694, thanks to Mikko Rasa
      altboot: update pkg_postinst_spitz and pkg_postrm_spitz to skip flash install/remove for 2.6 kernels
      altboot: update spitz postinst/rm for 0.0.0 as well
      merge of ebab7974168f9cf1be51590ec9e84f2ce521b7b9
      altboot: update the postinst/rm again for spitz, if installing to flash on root just do update-alternatives
      efl, e17: update to newest versions, split e and efl bbclasses and use e for e17 packages, update preferred e versions
      package.bbclass: deal with multiple copies of the same package in PACKAGES
      disapproval of revision 'b7326fa2f47e0d1df4fc54428bf5d903b1042483'
      merge of a7533fe1dde530db43cb0e31307632437139f2af
      merge of 4ad70d03f3a19dce2f2582ea1b294336864413d6
      evas_0.9.9.025: add missing patch
      tslib-maemo: add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = -1 as this is a special purpose tslib provider
      libgpewidget-hildon: add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = -1 as this is a special purpose libgpewidget provider
      preferred-e-versions: remove some PREFERRED_VERSIONs which probably shouldn't be in here
      e, e-wm: LORES_PDA => LOWRES_PDA, fixes bug #820, thanks to Olivier Gournet for spotting
      merge of 455dc2b2093e23d2ff07aff2bc93ea164c0405a5
      entrance: remove useless autodetection script and fix packaging with e.bbclass
      merge of b387bb17fbe66898242adaa29f44ed4c12eaea1e
      evas: stage modules to arch-based directories
      e-wm: remove unneeded fixes from patch
      e-image-core: fix DEPENDS
      efl, e17: Remove CVS bbfiles for any package which has numbered releases
      php_5.0.5: remove outdated NOTE
      gnome-vfs-dbus_svn: Add sed hackery to replace missing werror patch
      linux-openzaurus-2.6.16: add missing patch (found in oz354x branch)
      merge of 776e1905d2f3baf38c1533b632b4f01946bfc375
      efl, e17: update to newest versions
      task-e-x11: make it actually have some content again (same as task-e-x11-core for now)
      etox: drop deprecated package
      e-modules: drop, this is part of e-wm now
      efl: fix SRC_URI for m4 dirs, fix ewl compilation
      emotion: switch to CVS
      engrave: re-add
      Add, a script to parse and import a full monotone diff
      mtnpatch: replace split with regex
      efl, e17: update to newest versions
      qemu: add missing 0.8.1 file
      emacs: add a first stab at an emacs recipe, uses qemu to bootstrap, hangs for me on certain el files currently
      emacs: add LDFLAGS for libgcc_s, add 2 more qemu replacements
      emacs: switch to using a patch instead of sed hackery, turn x11 back off since the default is diet-x11
      x11: switch to virtual/x11 so that diet or full x11 can be selected
      emacs: split out el files into their own package, make bootstrap its own task, fix quoting in patch, add one more place to use QEMU
      emacs: re-fix qemu patch
      emacs: add a note about the qemu version used
      emacs: fix emacs-el package (ordering of packages caused it to be empty)
      emacs: re-add default packages
      x11: change virtual/x11 to virtual/libx11
      emacs: Add dated CVS emacs version, make default emacs not use x11, add emacs-x11
      efl, e17: update to newest versions, remove e as the src/lib dir seems to be gone
      esmart-fb: fix patch and build, bug #1261, thanks to Cyril Romain <c.romain at>
      entice: add explicit esmart RDEPENDS
      e-wm: set menu autoscroll options to better defaults for touchscreens
      emacs: add --without-sound to fix building problems, fix FILES
      php: upgrade PHP5 to 5.1.4, thanks to Shane Volpe <shanevolpe AT gmail dot com>, bug #1338
      merge of '2727f9135b6cab138d8484eaefc8eda4afcfbc41' Remove unneeded script (mtn now has pluck)
      merge of '1f105f36299c6054d7758befecdb4b1b4f596b6e'
      merge of '073ad5402a8d039936fab5d043945003a8b19e1e'
      mtnpatch: resurrect mtnpatch
      e-utils: remove e dependency as it is no longer a package
      merge of '4b5876260ca7de97ddf57046863ff17cf59f9346'
      uim: fix apparent typo, pkconfig => pkgconfig
      MAINTAINERS: Add myself
      MAINTAINERS: fix alphabetical ordering
      jikes: link jikes to javac.jikes for update-alternatives
      efl, e17: update to latest versions
      mtnpatch: update for newer monotone versions, move patch command to end to allow for rename or add and patch
      mpd: add faad2 support
      gst-plugins-base: fix PROVIDES
      ecore: add missing patch
      efl.bbclass, e.bbclass: move -dbg before
      glibc: use xargs to avoid a long command-line
      merge of '1d5bc74366555c918ab3f1f2f9c2231aa64356ae'
      emotion: update to newer version, remove sed line which caused compile problems
      evidence: move to noworking, it has not been updated in a long time
      merge of '7d8c3952daf9f091a203b0e0fa34bb7a25273315'
      apr: add versions from .oz354x
      merge of 'e5da8f4ab8c8240d2eee77d2cf6860c91f068802'
      emotion: switch libxine for gstreamer in DEPENDS due to libxine being too old for emotion
      openzaurus-unstable: virtual/libx11 provider should be overridable
      mtnpatch: update to read newer diff format
      quilt: add util-linux to RDEPENDS for getopt
      gizmod: add gizmod
      merge of '98112dc48d05ba36117d1045ed0b25ac449d5c7f'
      gob2: add gob2, a GObject support package
      merge of '821236cd07549d1b91216012a2ef789aaad4c7a0'
      mpd: add mpd_svn as 0.12.x releases have problems with autoreconf
      glurp: downgrade from 0.11.6 to 0.11.3 as higher releases don't seem to exist
      gmpc: add newer versions
      libmpd: add libmpd
      py-libmpdclient: add py-libmpdclient
      angstrom: set PREFERRED_VERSION_freetype-native as well as PREFERRED_VERSION_freetype
      libnl: add 0.5.0 (stable)
      merge of '4c6648cc891f04859672dcba49bb1bb243e2340d'
      bmon: add 2.1.0 (depends on libnl-0.5.0)
      aalib: stage lib and headers
      bb: add bb 1.2, currently does not cross-compile
      xaos: add 3.2.2, compiles but cannot find drivers when run
      bb: add LICENSE
      merge of '7444bbc2e9419bb40174ad81518b1c056919b98a'
      xaos: fix DEPENDS
      mpd: add pulse support, fix mod support
      efl, e17: update ot newest versions
      mpd: fix mod patch
      ecore: add missing patch
      ecore: re-add missing patch (thanks Mickeyl)
      freetype: add 2.3.1 from bug #1906
      angstrom-2007.1: update freetype to 2.3.1
      gmpc: add missing DEPENDS, curl
      evas: fix -dbg packaging
      imlib2: fix -dbg and -dev packages
      edje: fix edje-config name
      e.bbclass: remove include hack, add -dev package
      e-wm: fix -dev and -dbg packages
      merge of '3d8929bfa9340617185c89d3812c28b27c5b5f56'
      imlib2: add -dbg packages for loaders and filters
      merge of '301b5f25d70581b16e0309f3f3629def0c5d13f6'
      angstrom-e: add e-image and tasks for angstrom
      linux-rp-2.6.20: add sharpsl-rc patch for the CE-RH2 remote
      merge of '35b8bd70ed8e2755085595012957857f237ca782'
      angstrom: re-add e-image and tasks without gpe-bootsplash
      prismstumbler: add missing crosscompile.patch, made a few additions to Makefile.arm to patch in bug #1679
      merge of '34962ef398e90928f67f478c73011580d467dd42'
      libsgnomeui: make 2.16.1 not preferred by default
      libgnomeui-2.16.1: add unpackagedd files to -dev and -dbg
      libgnomeui-2.12.0: add unpackagedd files to -dev and -dbg
      angstrom: add PREFERRED_VERSION for libgnomeui-2.16.1 (bug #2029)
      linux-rp-2.6.20: add CONFIG_SHARPSL_RC=n for non-spitz machines add PREFERRED_PROVIDER for qemu-native
      openzaurus-3.5.5: add PREFERRED_VERSION_gtk-engines ?= 2.6.5 as 2.7.* won't work with the gtk version built
      edje-native: make sure to use the right edje-config
      merge of 'a664968fa31cd22e4e26d9d058bd6c55d5358c6e'
      gpsd: export BUILD_SYS and HOST_SYS as expects them to be set
      gpsd: export BUILD_SYS and HOST_SYS as expects them to be set, add python to DEPENDS
      linux-rp-2.6.20: update sharpsl-rc patch to allow corgi to compile
      merge of '7d03dcf1bf6a567f7abe9fab170d25130437298a'
      gizmod: add alsa-lib to DEPENDS
      angstrom-e-image: switch to task-base-extended
      efl, e17: update to latest versions, entrance has been heavily patched and seems to have some issues so I left the old version as the default
      merge of '48538c8eb890138522fdaa67c07c26e8dccd5419'
      efl, e: update for better packaging
      directfb: forcefully disable vnc
      merge of '3715ba2581395f5be7a350afaaddb444e3568f12'
      linux-rp-2.6.21: add sharpsl-rc patch
      merge of 'c80492670adbda2d61a72a0c64c1a2a873d10b51'
      merge of 'cfd14c49a0d924daeec754ef84c5b25d0b1a730f'
      revert inadvertent defconfig commit
      merge of '1387039c3c15738450afefa2fce201e47d65b903'

ka6sox at (7):
      Added the Ubuntu-host-setup target
      Fix the added the Ubuntu-host-setup target
      Added usb-audio support
      merge of 47c741e249fa9fd872ab3d835c3c5b28a6897aae
      Added back in -image targets for Master makes for unslung, openembedded, and ucslugc
      merge of 4844115704ef8669d1a44359d8e2f4aea0f4e0a3
      Fix .PHONY line for ucslugc-image

kalev at (1): : Unbreak ttf fonts

Karol Sokolowski <sokoowpwr at (1):
      amsdelta-oe: fix typo - close #2408

khem at (69):
      Delete the fcntl2 patch. Its committed upstream.
      Update SVN revision of eglibc.
      Handle new textinfo version in binutils configure.
      Forward port PRO34130 patch for gcc 4.2 variants.
      Disable libssp libgomp and libmudflap in cross gcc 4.2.x
      Add glibc-* to equivalent eglibc-* packages in RPROVIDES.
      Bump the eglibc sane revision.
      Make iptables buildable on latest eglibc. This patch will also be needed with glibc 2.8 onwards.
      Fix libeventdb compilation error. Patch from Andrew Paulsen
      Fix eglibc to make it build using OABI.
      Fix glib 2.16.1 compilation error.
      Busybox shell is not executing /etc/profile.d/* files, thus fixed.
      Bump eglibc svn to 2.8
      merge of '8a3c4530401cc8efd585c6614fd3e4bcc0679140'
      Add libm=yes to target gas builds on uclibc.
      Fix make to compile on uclibc.
      make diffutils compile on EABI uclibc.
      Add GDB 6.8
      Revive uclib-svn recipes. Fix bug 4198.
      Revive uclibc svn. Rearrange preferred providers based on libc. Bump up some package versions.
      merge of 'a147eede058360494dc7116dfa7a3de17b92123b'
      Do not include cachectl.h for arm.
      Apply scp-argument-fix.patch only to dropbear 0.49 recipe.
      Move eglibc to a separate package. Adios glibc.
      Add 2.6.25 kernel headers.
      Do not use asm/page.h its not exported anymore.
      Bump uclibc and eglibc sane revs.
      uclibc-dev should rdepend on kernel-headers-dev
      Reduce preference level of uclibc_svn recipe.
      Do not copy .a files into $sysroot/lib instead let make install do it for us.
      Include limits.h explicitly in zeroconf.c
      Fix to copy the .a files to /usr/lib and not into /lib
      Add -frename-registers fix to GCC 4.3.0
      Prevent the loop in timespec_add_ns() to be optimised away
      Fix an obvious typo in the patch. The variable exported was 'CCP' should have been 'CPP'. I have tested build for gcc-cross-4.2.2 recipe.
      Make inline patch also applicable to gcc 4.3 now that gcc 4.3 implements C99 conformant inline behaviour.
      Fix rsync source path.
      Fix ARCH_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET and --with-build-sysroot on gcc 4.3.1.
      Change the toolchain build sequence. Helps in reproducable toolchains components when recompiled. Also same sequence for all different combinations (uclibc/nptl/eglibc/glibc/linuxthreads). Also fixes and patches that I worked to get various ancient compilers working.
      uclibc initial svn recipe overwrote the FILESDIR wrongly. As a result the build for was failing because it was not picking correct uClibc.distro and uClibc.machine files. Also moved the arm-ftruncate patch to files/ because it will be shared by other recipes to be added in future.
      1. Bump up the SVN revision.
      Fix horribly broken util-linux-ng 2.14 for uclibc. It also needs a new config option in .config of uclibc to enable
      Delete dummy that was created during glibc-initial step.
      Move the RRECOMMEND for libgcc from glibc to busybox.
      Consider i386 when making XMLCALL as decl type.
      create the ChangeLog file that hold irssi date and time version.
      apply uclibc-arm-ftruncate64 patch for 0.9.29
      include sys/types.h in netfilter headers exported to userspace.
      Disable building objc for uclibc targets.
      Specify --enable-libssp explicitly.
      Enable gcc 4.3.1 to build for uclibc.
      Enable -fgnu89-inline on compilers that support it. This helps
      This patch Does following
      CPPFLAGS were being passed to build machine related targets too inside gcc/gcc
      Make 2.6.25omap1 build with gcc 4.3
      This adds a package name alias virtual-libc-dev for libc-dev(uclibc)
      Enable e300c2 and c3 support for gcc 4.3.1
      Refresh patches based on 4.3.1 for 4.3.2
      All below is done for GCC 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 recipes.
      Convert spaces into tabs for better readability.
      This fixes the problem reported in bug 4536. Backport the patch which adds include-fixed to be searched for include files in glibc configure mechanism. This means we do not need the include packaging hack that we have in gcc 4.3.x recipes.
      I have tested this on Intrepid which has gcc 4.3 native gcc. Recode builds after this patch is applied.
      Binutils cross SDK does need -Wno-error when compiling with gcc 4.3. Yes, I am using Intrepid already.
      Fix the uclibc locale patch in gcc 4.3 for missing desctructor.
      Get the latest changes for uclibc-nptl branch. Compilation fix needed when
      merge of 'ba9f12683fbdcb311491785e5974e59d2b9a8c86'
      Add new recipes. Old recipes do not compile with gcc 4.3. They need backports.
      merge of '1d03ea3d490cbb5935a7a927a9bfd95a70c8599f'

KhemRaj (1):
      dropbear: apply scp-argument-fix.patch to version 0.49 only.  reorder some fields according to Style Guide.  bump PR.

Koen Kooi (1):
      netkit-telnet: use u-a so it doesn't conflict with busybox: root at omap3evm:~# ls /usr/bin/telnet -la lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Oct 26 14:14 /usr/bin/telnet -> ../../bin/busybox

koen at (5269):
      import clean BK tree at cset 1.3670
      sync bk, cset 1.3668.1.1 and 1.3672
      more meamo improvements, courtesy Florian Boor
      merge of 532d9ba2654dfb76ff4b9272867357a92726e966
      Remove stale familiar distro configs
      Add libgpewidget to depends
      merge of 0415e9a2076e6c6342016b64c577a71db1c9d5d0
      merge of 002a1f51b953da649d96ae8ecdac59ea1ae42bd5
      Add new gpsdrive prerelease, disable it for now till I finish testing it
      Update host-ldflags patch, courtesy Patrick Steiner. Closes bug #146
      merge of ae86a51b6b338f8674cb343b7489121aaf099abc
      Fix gpsdrive patch again
      merge of 366c9cacab100ffea940e562c6e00a915c9b135b
      disapproval of revision 10c91c11403b2d2d4fa391bee1e6f60bfdf75c08
      merge of 6da21d0d95b412989c3883c587af4931afea6741
      disapproval of revision 6da21d0d95b412989c3883c587af4931afea6741
      merge of 15e035df7fe4e06f903b284d02d9093184c03e78
      disapproval of revision 6d3ab1c248e51c9e183169b8ec8cd0fee592080c
      Apply patch found at to fix libusb on ARM (more likely everything not x86)
      merge of 4fe4838753ca7f23c9801afa9ecc94acdb3f3e2f
      Add new cairo snapshot
      Add ARMfix patch, thanks to rwhitby for spotting it
      merge of da9de24c6bfa7b08b9abc3a124f370c7d0d7a037
      add cvs version of gpsdrive
      add cvs version of gpsdrive
      fix srcuri and pv of gpsdrive_cvs
      change maintainer of gpsdrive_cvs
      remove ARMfix.patch
      add patch for pdamode
      fix patch for pdamode
      add patch for pdamode
      merge of 856181643b2a33fbd80da145f003dc111c407d9e
      Add tinder.conf containing the vars needed for a tinder client
      merge of 694e3e889df61d4f0755b908f187cc494887e701
      remove / and add a warning about it. Any volunteers to add the keys to documentation.conf?
      merge of 657428f7610ffe279e57ccd9a34630fcb0db722f
      Fix up tinder.conf some more
      merge of 27f2a826933d2cb6c774d60011191463985ec017
      more info on VERBOSE_REPORT
      apply 3figures.patch to instead of
      merge of 6311b4a3e3e4d0a0680848dadc193d5790149001
      merge of 659f1b6f8d68752f4656f3cbc2491ec0fed162d2
      add gpe-mini-browser, a *web* browser for the people who didn't know what it meant.
      bump PR
      merge of 2ab40f2da7b39983c44422e04888f7b91471b2d7
      remove stray }
      clean up override mess and header
      merge of 1b091d0abe5b4c834f7740acbbeaabddb98135d5
      remove a wrong dependecy from gpe-helpviewer
      merge of 5e069de84dc8d0ae51245045a22e3495ec81393d
      add new .bb or gpe-helpviewer
      merge of 096ab2e7684a33253342cb1f15736f6f0b75cfab
      first try at libgc
      first try at inkscape 0.42
      Fill in some blanks for gc
      make libgc compile
      stage libgc headers and libs
      Attempt to fix the overrides situation in h3900.conf
      merge of 4dadf63bbebda1f933b9233fd040beaafb872686
      disable inkscape 0.42 for now
      propagate from branch 'org.openembedded.koen' (head bb1a38be37cbbff81441ed44aa2837140560b742)
      merge of 38c59f83153253c1fabaad0222e0d23afef45135
      add : before KERNEL in h3900.conf
      Disable PARALLEL_MAKE for perl-native
      Apply patch from Philpp Zabel to make xauth compile again, closes #178
      Add tty patch, courtesy Philpp Zabel, closes #177
      Apply hx4700 patch from Philipp Zabel and clean up a bit
      merge of 0a527a883f902e45560614ecaddc3e42e790c62f
      update libbonobo to 2.10.0
      update libgnome to 2.10.1
      update gnome-mime-data to 2.4.2
      Update libbonoboui and libgnomecanvas to 2.10.x
      Apply dbus-init patch, Courtesy Philipp Zabel
      Add gpe-mini-browser 0.15, courtesy Philippe DeSwert
      Add gcc-cross-kernel 2.4.4, courtesy Philipp Zabel
      merge of 4a52b2abf7680da958a90ec6fd03a53027731946
      put miplv6 under a _kernel24 guard, courtesy Philipp Zabel
      Use apm hack for ipaq-pxa270 too till we find a better solution.
      Add support for ipaq-pxa270
      Add clearlooks gtk engine
      Add gimp 2.3.2 with a nasty sed script in do_configure_append since I couldn't figure out how to patch to autofoo files to stop including -I/usr/include
      Disable cairo support in gst-plugins since it uses the old api, 0.8.10 uses the new api, but someone else will have to add that
      Bump PR for dbus' initscript change
      merge of 7a7b09b428b0fc588bb40bec9d545736c70956e8
      Add sourcepkg.bbclass, a crude way to tar up the patched sources into DL_DIR/sourcepkg and md5sums the result. do INHERIT += "sourcepkg" to get all of this goodness.
      Add cvs version of gpe-mini-browser, DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = -1
      Remove hyphen from arm926-j *again*
      Add license for evince
      remove espgs-native depends from evince
      Add gnome-desktop 2.10.2
      Update intltool to 0.31
      Remove --retry and --oknodo from dbus' initscript, busybox doesn't like those
      Remove bogus 'opie' from section in the abuse .bb
      Remove gpe-gst-plugins
      merge of a09349c6898e30d65e9c452702bf6dc94421c65a
      Select vanilla gcc for familiar instead of the CSL one
      Add gpe-contacts 0.41
      Add ipaq-pxa270 defconfig and update 2.6 kernel, courtesy Philipp Zabel. Closes #217
      Apply patch from CVS (Thanks Phil!) to fix cairo. More vector goodness in gpewidget!!
      Fix cairo.patch for libgpewidget
      Update glibmm to 2.6.1
      Ship all available evas-tests
      Lower default pref for glibmm 2.6.1 as it doesn't play nice with other
      esmart: depend on virtual/imlib2
      remove ipaq-pxa-2.6, use h3900 instead
      Add slightly adjusted h1910.conf
      Add ifupdown to openslug-packages, needed for tunnels
      Add gtk+extra 2.1.1
      gimp 2.3.2 -> gimp 2.3.3
      merge of 0cac7f8ff05ffed52b7fd8c45edd92ac63c50786
      make gnome-mime-info depend on shared-mime-info
      make gnome-mini-data also depend on mime-info
      Add libart-lgpl to gimp DEPENDS
      add fstab for ipaq-pxa270
      Don't use devfs names in ipaq-pxa270 fstab
      Fix DEPENDS for inkscape 0.42
      Add gnet 2.0.7
      Add asterisk 1.0.9, delete 1.0.9
      Add libgpewidget 0.103, matches cairo 0.5 API and fixes the dateselector widget
      Add iptables 1.3.3
      Install iptables in sbindir instead of bindir
      Really install into /sbin, fix packaging, bump PR and add RRECOMMENDS for the needed kernel-modules
      Add libcroco, a css parsing an manipulation library
      Fix staging
      Add librsvg 2.9.5
      Add glib 2.8.0, ABI and API compatible with 2.6.x
      merge of dba8bfabcab64d08a5e0f59cab78bdb6d75b91d3
      Add pango 1.9.1
      Add atk 0.10.1
      Add libpixman 0.1.6
      update cairo and libsvg-cairo to the latest snapshot
      Add treecc, closes #226
      remove PR='' from treecc
      Remove libpixman from cairo depends, since it was usurped into cairo
      merge of 2d7197eeafa133909e9e8460e7954cb93dfc840b
      Add first cut at gpe 2.7 and make familiar + openzaurus use it
      Update to comply with
      GPE 2.7: tie down glib-2.0 and cairo, update gpe-taskmanager
      GPE 2.7: update gpe-gallery
      GPE 2.7: update gpe-soundbit
      GPE 2.7: update gpe-tetris
      GPE 2.7: adjust calendar and gpe-edit to existing versions
      GPE 2.7: turn of minimo cvsdate
      merge of 46e0039f24ae8a639a638dadeb0b8e88e8fb48b0
      GPE 2.7: update gpe-bluetooth to 0.42
      gpe-package 0.3: add to repo
      conf/distro/ updates
      merge of 23a6ba326b8bc5b4996899473c171710e6bb6685
      GPE 2.7: use gpe-conf 0.1.25
      Add sqlite to gpe-mini-browser depends
      Add cairo 1.0.0
      merge of 1892913050b4a9d4204f2fb9202f7cd6d84c0e99
      gpe-buttonbox : add cvs version
      rrdtool: fix SRC_URI
      pcmcia-cs: patch arm/pcmcia to handle 2.6 modules
      xst 0.15: add it
      xst 0.14: blow away nonworking version
      gpsdrive_cvs: remove pda patch as it's applied upstream
      gpsdrive_cvs: add libart as a depency
      Device-mapper: Add it, courtesy Dan J Williams
      LVM2: add it, courtesy Dan J Williams
      x11-common: add h2200 keymap, Courtesy Matt Reimer, closes #266
      mdadm: add it, courtesy Dan J Williams, closes #265
      h6300: add machine description and kernel, courtesy 'lamikr', closes #255
      openslug-packages: re-add ifupdown which seems to have gotten lost in on of the merges
      merge of 982bd6dee5de1d8614e7b6dca3d8ff2864d9be56
      openslug-packages.conf: add ifupdown so it will be parsed too
      gpe-bluetooth: add 0.43 and blow away the broken 0.42 gpe-bluetooth 0.42 -> 0.43
      blueprobe: change section to 'base' xst 0.14 -> 0.15
      GTK+ 2.8.2: Add it
      merge of d1b5c87dce377ea2c44f56b5dc50a30a516622d8
      matchbox-panel-hacks: use 'left' modmap on rotating to the left, not the 'right'
      gpe-buttonbox: add 0.5 and tidy up the cvs version
      gtk+-2.8.3: add it
      gpe-calendar: add 0.64
      conf/distro/ update gpe-calendar to 0.64
      familiar-0.8.3.conf: don't include stale
      libmimedir: add upstream source
      libmimedir_cvs: default_preference = -1
      libmimedir_cvs: fix staging
      merge of 0a900d63608cab0110252c20c271767fbdb6a129
      set default_preference=-1 since it has problems
      conf/distro/ update gpe-bluetooth to 0.44
      gaim: update packages/gaim as per bug #273
      gpe-session-scripts 0.65: fix patch URI, closes bug #275 update gpe-login and gpe-session-scripts
      tslib: change ts.conf-h2200 to use module_raw for h2200 to include it in the calibration, bump PR
      gpesyncd: add cvs version of gpesyncd till it sees a release
      Add gpe-sessionscripts 0.66
      conf/distro/ use gpe-sessionscripts 0.66
      gpe-contacts: add 0.42
      libmimedir_cvs: change default_preference to 1
      gpe-calendar: add 0.65
      gpe-beam: add 0.2.8 update gpe-beam, gpe-contacts and gpe-calendar
      blueprobe: add 0.14
      gpe-timesheet: add 0.18
      familiar distro files: make it harder to build unversioned distros and set preferences for iconv
      gpe-today: add 0.09 + patch and update
      gpe-bluetooth-0.44: add it to the repo
      merge of 445191ac8aa50c61b1a86a6ed50f98515cfe4502
      libmimedir_cvs: stage some more headers, patch courtesy Logan Owen, closes #285
      handhelds-pxa 2.4.19-hh40: lower default preference
      gaim: add PV to gaim_cvs and prefer the smallscreen version for gpe 2.7
      conf/distro/ add poppler and evince
      poppler: add 0.4.2
      gnmoe-vfs-dbus: depend on an older samba to fix build
      merge of 865901d3478c57c034f017d899de72e3a1d305be
      tslib: add h6300 support, closes #256, courtesy Mika Laitio
      merge of 42c2ebb949d65887341284ca09de93294c715b77
      merge of 7520de304a270fbab16bd5fe46ec31e3fe275d51
      tslib: remove beagle support which sneaked in again
      merge of 514709e2adeba06a2b887310a65a6b3b440f6076
      gaim cvs-mco1: refresh patches, courtesy Patrick Steiner
      conf/distro/familiar-0.8.3.conf: prefer hostap 0.3.9 and use ?= for gcc selectors
      merge of 4d61b91c4301e551e3af7c94c94703dd49b8a5c3
      packages/base-files/base-files/ipaq-pxa270/fstab: remove user from mount options
      packages/base-files/ bump PR
      gaim-2.0: use CVSDATE in URI
      merge of 1ba5e5da6f959068ba57d3ec6046c21ca621cd8c
      gpe-bluetooth: add 0.45
      conf/distro/ update to gpe-bluetooth 0.45
      gaim 2.0: add cvsdate in .bb
      packages/gnome/ version dependency on samba
      gnome-vfs: fix typo in depends
      gpe-mini-browser: add 0.16 and bump PV in the cvs version
      gpe-mini-browser: add sqlite DEPEND
      classes/package_ipk.bbclass: put HOMEPAGE into the Homepage: control field
      abiword: add 2.3.5
      abiword 2.3.5: add libgnomeprint dependency
      packages/nonworking/freenx/: add freenx suite to nonworking
      packages/nonworking/monotone-viz/ add monotone-viz to nonworking till we have a ocaml crosscompiler
      Abiword 2.3.5: add libgnmoeprintui dependency
      abiword 2.3.5: add libgsf dependency
      gaim 2.0: s/PV/PN/ in cvsdate
      conf/distro/ update gaim PV
      gaim 2.0: update bb to fetch patches out of cvs via cvsweb, courtesy Mads Olesen.
      conf/distro/familiar-0.8.3.conf: add missing ", thanks to Matt Reimer for spotting it
      libgalago: add libgalago to OE
      galaga no-check.patch: move to files, since it can be shared with galago-daemon
      galago-daeom: add 0.3.4 to repo
      packages/galago/ fix staging and inherit pkgconfig
      packages/avahi/ add 0.4, disable gtk and Qt
      conf/distro/openzaurus-3.5.4.conf: select glibc as provider for iconv and intl
      packages/gpe-calendar/ add (disabled) cvs version of gpe-calendar
      packages/gpe-conf/ add (disabled) cvs version of gpe-conf and add Makefile.* to work around the CVSBUILD 'feature'
      packages/tslib/tslib/ts.conf-h2200: remove linear-h2200 module since we can do that in hardware now
      packages/gnome/ : add most of the gnome 2.12 platform
      packages/gnome/ add 2.12.0
      packages/gnome/ stage more headers
      packages/gail/ add gail 1.8.5
      packages/libidl/ : add 0.8.6 and -native 0.8.6
      packages/libglade/ add 2.5.1 and patches
      packages/libxslt/ add libxslt 1.1.8
      packages/driftnet/ add the nogui version, courtesy Simon Pickering, closes #318
      merge of e025b5cfac5c9b13b6b61b1ab249e0dc1e946aa4
      packages/libschedule/ set tarball suffix to bz2
      merge of b0b409a47fdbf9ac358337e7b92f39a6ee431b32
      conf/local.conf.sample: add a note on DISTRO and INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP
      packages/gpe-mini-browser/ fix typo in PV
      conf/distro/familiar-0.8.3.conf: prefer Opie 1.2.1
      packages/libschedule/ switch back to .gz since the libschedule.pc in the .bz2 seems to be broken
      packages/abiword/ : add abiword 2.3.6 and patches
      gcc-csl/, gcc-snapshot/: remove unused gcc cruft. All necessary gcc metadate already is in gcc/
      merge of 014c14278f078f6dfed141f49e7c46dc3a059ae9
      packages/gpe-bluetooth/files/ install gladefile for pin requester
      packages/libgpevtype/ add (disabled) floating cvs version of libgpevtype
      conf/machine/ipaq-pxa270.conf: remove some cruft, needs to in meta/ anyway
      conf/machine/ipaq-pxa270.conf: add i2c-pxa module
      merge of 1e90bf9bb883c8aeccaddeaac59be01a87a31dc3
      packages/gpe-mini-browser/ add some more DEPENDS
      packages/avahi/ disable mono*, ship service-types and add to OE
      conf/machine/ipaq-pxa270.conf: hardcode preferrence for 2.6.12-hh3
      packages/matchbox-wm/ make PV conform to OE standards
      merge of 1fa7381f2503250b521218a5b5ee04a508cd6456
      packages/gpsd/ fix depends
      conf/distro/ add preferred provider for gnome-vfs-dbus
      packages/rxvt-unicode/ : add 5.6 + patch
      packages/gpe-themes/: move foxbox to here and add gpe-theme-clearlooks
      packages/abiword/: add 2.3.99 + patch
      packages/minimix/: add
      packages/gpe-themes/ fix (R)DEPENDS
      packages/gpe-themes/ gtk-engines provides gtk-engine-clearlooks, but gtk-clearlooks-engine provides something else. g-c-e is obsolete, so let's depend on g-e and rdepends on g-e-c
      packages/gpe-themes/ bump PR after rdepend changes
      packages/meta/ add gpesyncd to gpe-task-pim
      packages/gpe-contacts/: update hildon version to 0.42
      merge of d98bddca253787a807b76b6be9423e6ba00c82d6
      packages/tslib/tslib/: remove h2200 linearizer, courtesy Matthew Reimer
      packages/abiword/ s/AbiSuite-2.2/AbiSuite-2.4/g to fix packaging
      packages/pcmcia-cs/: apply patches from #287
      packages/pcmcia-cs/ bump PR after last change
      packages/blueprobe/: add 0.15
      packages/keylaunch/files/keylaunchrc: apply patches from #337
      packages/xserver/ enable apm hack for h3900 too
      packages/netbase/netbase/interfaces: make usb0 behave like it's 2.4 counterpart, bump PR in .bb
      packages/blueprobe/ add patch from
      packages/xserver/ add serial patch from #340
      packages/netbase/netbase/interfaces: indent usb0 entry to make
      merge of 3918e04d271278074bcf12fe4c07ea259cbc92b0
      packages/atd/ apply patch from #341 to remove -oknodo from the initscript
      packages/gpe-today/: add (disabled) cvs version of gpe-today
      conf/distro: make oz and fam include distro.conf *after* setting DISTRO_VERSION
      conf/distro/opensimpad-0.9.0.conf: include distro.conf after setting DISTRO_VERSION
      packages/linux/linux-h6300-omap1-2.6.12-rc5/defconfig: apply patch from #343
      packages/gpe-mini-browser/ recommend some pixbuf loaders
      packages/gpe-themes/ add tweaked industrial theme to OE
      packages/gpe-today/ fix PV
      packages/gpe-today: add 0.10
      conf/distro/ prefer gpe-today 0.10
      conf/machine/: add ROOT_FLASH_SIZE for h3600 (16), h3900 (32) and ipaq-pxa270 (80)
      packages/gpe-themes/ use gtk-engines, which ships the smooth engine too
      packages/gaim/ bump PR to force rebuilding
      packages/gpe-themes/ add 0.3 to OE
      packages/gpe-themes/ add 0.2 to OE
      merge of 21f344c989a3a8ccee3b8cf3bcbae08afeb2a699
      packages/glib-2.0/ : update glib to 2.8.2
      packages/gtk+ : update gtk+ to 2.8.4
      conf/distro/familiar-0.8.3.conf: add bbfatal message explaining
      conf/distro/ update gpe-icons to 0.25
      packages/linux/ remove extraversion patch since it has been applied upstream
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: add machine config for the iPAQ h22xx since it uses different jffs2 params as h3900.conf
      packages/gomunicator/: add gomunicator, a GPE frontend for GSM cards and pdaphones
      lots of files: update Phil Blundell's email address
      packages/gomunicator/ inherit pkgconfig too
      packages/gomunicator/ add missing hyphen in PV
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: adjust jffs2 params
      merge of 0f45b0c3fc2b6adfebfe80c87e5ad86cb75e9916
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: add autoload statements, courtesy Matt Reimer
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: 20:04 < mreimer> koen: also, I think you want to change 'pm' in H2200_MODULES to 'apm'
      disapproval of revision 2c7d22fd4425878d42417193c1900d5174f3024a
      merge of 87173fb74721cf392e0e3b101c9f04c6b8e7f02d
      packages/abiword/: add 2.4.0 + patch
      packages/gpe-ownerinfo/: add 0.27
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: remove RDEPEND on ipaq-boot-params
      packages/hicolor-icon-theme/hicolor-icon-theme_0.5.bbL fix SRC_URI
      packages/gaim/ Substitute Gaim ad in the irc quit message for some OE branding
      merge of 2283efd4d5567696fe045058b3d139e9871549e9
      packages/udev/files/udev.rules: add buzzer, closes #367
      udev: add 0.5.4 and package the device-manager seperatly
      packages/kismet: add 2005-08-R1
      packages/h2200-bootloader/ add firmware extractor for the iPAQ h2200
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: add bootloader firmware dumper, needed for suspending
      packages/tilibs/: add support libs for TI graphing calculator apps
      packages/familiar/ add script to generate /etc/familiar-version
      conf/distro/familiar.conf: BOOTSTRAP_(R)DEPEND on familiar-version
      packages/gtk+/: add gtk 2.8.6 + patches
      conf/machine/h2200.conf: include sound modules
      merge of aa89decda49eb9f74b334f404fd14af6fde11da8
      packages/xserver/ add apm-hack to h2200
      packages/xserver/ _append needs a space and our patcher is too powerfull ;)
      packages/meta/: image tweaks
      merge of e456a2310df1801ba270e5aeeb453ad03c281e84
      packages/matchbox-panel/ use small icons for h2200
      packages/meta/ add RDEPENDS for gpe-task-connectivity
      packages/gpe-bootsplash/ add patch to make it compile against the cairo we are using in gpe-2.7
      packages/gpe-bootsplash/files/splash-*.svg: update svgs to gpe 2.7
      packages/meta/ add gpe-bootsplash back to gpe-base
      packages/meta/ sort out DEPENDS vs. INSTALL business with tasks
      packages/meta/ it now builds all deps
      packages/gpe-bootsplash/ ship working svg files and bump PR
      packages/blueprobe/ add patch for h6300 support from #373
      merge of 063f5fcd2659dd00fdd34f052bb22a04c2558a5f
      packages/libgpewidget/ add (disabled) cvs version of libgpewidget
      packages/gpe-login/: add gpe-login 0.83
      packages/btscanner/ fix compile with recent bluez headers, patch adapted from
      packages/btscanner/btscanner-1.0/0909132213173.patch: don't forget to commit the patch too.....
      packages/btscanner/ add btscanner 2.0
      merge of 4ba84c5c9cdff518f67f0beabbc85ba4888d789c
      preferred-gpe-versions-2.7: prefer gpe-login-0.83
      abiword: add 2.4.1, move patch to files/ and remove 2.0.14, 2.2.7, 2.3.5, 2.3.99 and 2.4.0
      goffice: add 0.0.4
      gnumeric: add 1.5.90 + patch
      libgeda: add 20050820 release
      geda: add 20050820 release
      libgeda: fix staging in 20050820
      geda-utils: add 20050820 release
      xserver-common: add 1.2
      geda-gschem: add 20050820 release
      geda-gnetlist: add 20050820 release
      geda-symbols: add 20050820 release
      geda-gattrib: add 20050820 release
      geda, geda-utils: ship ${datadir}/gEDA in 20050820 release
      puzzles: add r6358
      loudmouth: add 1.0.1
      geda-gsymcheck: add 20050820 release
      geda: add .desktop for geda-20050820
      libgsf: add 1.13.2
      goffice: add 0.1.0
      libgsf: use autotools_stage_all
      gnumeric: add 1.6.0
      h3900.conf: use tune-xscale
      octave: add 2.1.71
      file: autotools_stage_all in 4.13
      merge of 47f2334c425ce0824448c079cc45315c7b44a9f4
      libeina: add 0.96.5
      libeina: update to 0.96.7
      libeina: fix typo in 0.96.7
      gpe-bootsplash: add custum familiar splash-p.svg into files/familiar
      libeina: add patch to remove libmagic dep from 0.96.7
      vte: add 0.11.15
      gtkhtml: add 2.6.3, needed for scilab
      gpe-bluetooth: add 0.46 update gpe-shield and gpe-bluetooth
      libgpewidget: add 0.105
      libgpewidget: update PV in the cvs .bb
       handhelds-pxa-2.6: update PV in cvs version to 2.6.13-hh1
      powernowd: add 0.96, it doesn't have an initscript yet, though
      libsdl-x11 1.2.7: enable cdrom support, need for scummvm. Also bump PR for -qpe version
      h2200.conf: make IMAGE_CMD actually work
      gpe-image: remove gpe-nmf and gpe-filemanager from >16MB rootfs to make it fit better in simpad and h2200
      h2200-bootloader: don't fail if mtd modules are builtin
      gpe-mini-browser: add normal and hildon version of 0.17
      h2200.conf: change jffs2 pagesize to 4k to have more space in flashi
      gpe-su: add 0.19
      /preferred-gpe-versions-2.7: sync with oz354fam083
      matchbox-keyboard: fix up .bb a bit and use --disable-cairo per mallums suggestion
      lots of files: use ${HANDHELDS_CVS} and update bitbake.conf to use
      gpe-conf: add 0.1.26
      merge of 3ac4779a56bf9130aadc5166d793c061e945e4eb
      xserver-kdrive 20050207: apply faster-rotate patch for more machines with a rotated framebuffer
      h6300: use udev in machine description and kernel, patch courtesy Mika Laitio. closes bug 426
      h6300 kernel: add 2.6.14-rc5
      xserver-kdrive 20050207: add missing \
      libmimedir: add 0.3.1 release and DP down the cvs one
      merge of 4741ce472626483ef14f4a9e8706f74f696beea4
      xserver-kdrive 20050207: make simpad use the apm hack too
      gpe-sketchbook: add 0.2.9
      gpe-sessionscripts 0.66: add conditional patch for devices with a high dpi
      merge of 1c2bc7bfcd2c35cb60327cf7d30eae444c422cd5
      gpe-login 0.83: add conditional patch for high dpi machines
      merge of 25db80bea462a7241e31b8a78ccf8333e59e1160
      preferred gpe versions 2.7: sync with the branch
      merge of 0e4a1c08bfbbaefe2b813f4ba08b4c186b04a484
      gconf-dbus: fix wrong installation path for service file
      libgpeplugin: add cvs version
      libsexy: add 0.1.4
      libsexy 0.1.4: fix DEPENDS
      tune-arm926ejs: change mtune param to work with gcc3.x and add a note on how to fix it for gcc4
      merge of 2aabdd81a27bbf17ccee6c78a6e49d74e5a9719f
      merge of 6ce286acc5aed59832502c3ad006c1d171a4bb5f
      gpe-conf cvs: bump PV
      libxml2: add 2.6.22 with a patch to remove the regression tester that fails to compile (the irony!)
      qof: add qof 0.6.0-pre1
      merge of 2d0c6c5ae9de1c7f719379b1be47dc565de60d41
      qof: update to 0.6.0 release
      merge of 2b5fa295a117990b2c79f21b2bcd9f9d730cca15
      gpe-calendar cvs: ->
      minimo: update to use new cvs location and new mozconfig, based on work by Doug Turner
      conf/distro/ update to latest 2.7 bits
      matchbox-applet-cards/files: add missing file
      osb-nrcit 20050430: add patch to improve 'stop' handling, courtesy Philippe De Swert, closes #477
      xserver-kdrive 20050207: move apm-hack from overrides to the main SRC_URI
      meta-gpe: add suspend-desktop to base images
      libmimedir cvs + 0.3.1:  improve packaging so library renaming kicks in
      ghettotooth: RPEDEPEND on perl and some style fixes
      xserver-kdrive 20050207: remove apm-hack patch from h3600 since there may or may not be possible problems
      merge of 44ef2a80f1407b2958e8f750892482362d9bb352
      merge of 264f8902da57233dad1ce1345495ca9e2fa6e2d4
      opensync: remove old opensync package and add libopensync 0.18
      multisync: add 0.90.18
      libopensync-plugin-file: add 0.18
      libopensync-plugin-gpe: add 0.18
      libopensync 0.18: fix DEPENDS
      libopensync-plugin-irmc: add 0.18
      libopensync-plugin-irmc: fix DEPENDS, thanks to OE shlibs code
      gpe-todo: add 0.55 and it's hildon counterpart
      gpe-mini-browser: add 0.18
      librsvg: add 0.11.1, the latest release without cairo support
      merge of 47d86e9a403d6513783b2b5fafbc7e4d0873f343
      merge of 351f471d442cbf1517f5d2327e576fad094e0712
      minimo: update mozconfig to exclude plugins
      merge of 7d1c333a7a53d6a178e09f1c4d8fc0ea9d243f7b
      sword 1.5.8: Fix staging, inherit pkgconfig and add curl support
      gtkhtml: add 3.6.2
      gnomesword: add 2.1.2
      atmelwlandriver add patches to support iPAQ h5xxx, courtesy Erik Hovland
      wget 1.1.1: enable ipv6, courtesy Erik Hovland, closes familiar bug #1333
      libxml2: enable schemas, needed for qof and php
      qof: depend on libxml2
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: add defconfig for h2200
      handhelds-pxa-2.6/: update h2200 defconfig to make task-bootstrap happy
      h2200.conf: adapt to changed module names
      handhelds-pxa-2.6 cvs: copy zImage into deploy/images
      fuse 2.4.2: add libfuse, userspace utils and udev script
      fuse 2.4.2: fix typo
      fuse-module 2.4.2: fix type in LICENSE
      fuse: fix another stupid typo
      sshfs: add sftp/ssh based filesystem for FUSE
      atmelwlandriver: add missing patch
      atmel-wlandriver: move file to the correct directory
      atmelwlan-driver: add last mising patch to make it compile
      gmailfs: update python-libgmail and DEPENDS
      LAB: add Linux As Bootloader
      bootshim: add 0.2
      LAB-kernel: add defconfig for h2200
      bootshim: put both rescue and dd-able images in deploy
      gtk+: add latest stable release (2.8.9)
      irssi cvs: bump PR since 0.8.10 was released today
      irssi: adapt .bb to build from svn instead of cvs
      irssi: add 0.8.10
      pcmcia-cs: fix module loading on strongarm, courtesy Matthew Reimer
      h2200 defconfig: compile in SD support
      gpe-timesheet: add 0.19 release
      h2200 defconfig: tweaks
      pcmcia-cs: bump PR
      merge of 24e9a57c16a592bd13ccd1e8cf31feac9a2510a3
      gpe-contacts: add CVS version
      poppler: add 0.4.3
      gpe-contacts: Add dependency on libcontactsdb
      familiar 0.8.3: add note on zap-root-passwd
      hostap-utils 0.4.0: fix serious bugs:
      bootshim: remove it because it has been obsoleted by
      xchat: add 2.6.0
      meta-sdk: put DISTRO and DISTRO_VERSION into the tarball name
      pcmcia-cs: RPROVIDE virtual/pcmcia-manager
      merge of 1d8a85d29d23285494e2dc937981b14cd0907e19
      merge of 56f0ea6b2b447969899f4758a5a538eba3f2b44c
      merge of 39a66ef7f4c4fa168070a43466472921e43df04d
      rdesktop 1.4.1: fix some typos
      merge of 93e812fbc937162b0851de128abef31f54210e80
      gnome-menus: add 2.10.2
      libwnck: add 2.10.2
      merge of 86961384c74c6bc29d336fbabba45f0473a97806
      libgnome fix staging
      merge of 080644e9588853545b0a7f1ff6839082ba558f88
      libgnomeui 2.12.0: fix staging
      gnome-desktop 2.10.2: fix staging
      gnome-panel: add 2.10.1
      tsclient: add 0.140
      tsclient: rdepend on rdesktop
      matchbox-panel 0.9.2: add 2 patches to fix wireless applet and cpu/mem applet, courtesy Patrick Steiner
      libgsf: add 0.13.3
      goffice: add 0.1.2
      gnumeric: add 1.6.1
      merge of 0b9d1fff00de0e6e3607281ba24e99cc229cda94
      matchbox-panel 0.9.2: update system monitor patch
      familiar: remove '0.8.3' and replace it with 'unstable'
      xcursor-transparent-theme: bump PR
      dbh: fix staging
      xfce-utils: package and install mcs-plugins as well
      xfce4-panel: package and install mcs-plugins as well
      xfdesktop: packaging tweaks
      xfwm4: package and install mcs-plugins as well
      xserver-common: add 1.3
      xfwm4: update to
      xfcalendar: add 4.2.3
      xfce-mcs-manager: update to 4.2.3
      xfce-mcs-plugins: update to 4.2.3
      xffm: ship mcs-plugins as well and update to 4.2.3
      gpe-conf: add 0.1.27
      blueprobe: add 0.16
      h2200: RRECOMMEND kernel modules
      gpe 2.7: prefer gpe-conf 0.1.27
      gnome-menus: add 2.12.0
      eel: add 2.12.2
      nautilus: add 2.12.2
      r: salvage r-native from nonworking/ as it seems to build again
      intltool: update to 0.34
      intltool-native: update to 0.34
      libwnck: update to 2.12.1
      autotools.bbclass: remove -a (require static) from oelibinstall
      esound-gpe: tweak (R)PROVIDES to make other apps happy
      hh-pxa-2.6 ipaq-pxa270 defconfig: disable dyntick to stop it from oopsing
      tslib: use autotools_stage_all
      merge of 050c7f49109b8bf3ea8516bec1745c93a28a1b83
      gnome-icon-theme: fix DEPENDS and packaging
      merge of ef62b2555a5d30ff42544ba03d38558f139601b4
      gpe-calendar cvs: adjust SRC_URI
      gpe-waht: add cvs version
      familiar unstable: tweaks
      pango: update to 1.10.2 which should be a lot faster as its predecessors
      cairo: update to 1.0.2
      libschedule 0.15: clean up .bb a bit
      familiar-unstable: don't use cvsdate=now because it produces stuff like this: xrdb-0.0cvsnow-r2
      h2200: machine and bootloader fixes
      h2200 defconfig: update to latest working version
      merge of 186f778d1d10c9a87957e79c704e1336f936d92c
      gpe-what: update to 0.41
      gpe-bluetooth: update to 0.48
      libeventdb: add 0.18
      libeventdb: fix typo
      libcontactsdb: add 0.1 release, courtesy Florian Boor
      gtk+ 2.6.10: add patch to enable help support, courtesy Florian Boor
      liboil: add 0.3.6, liboil is a library of simple functions that are optimized for various CPUs.
      liboill 0.3.6: add do_stage, which will hopefully not get dissapproved
      gpe-contacts: add 0.43
      gpe-timesheet: add 0.20
      ipkg : add 0.99.155 which fixes the following bugs:
      gpe-calendar: add 0.67
      merge of 2057bca5a2cf515271e6a43d7432ecd028f5dca5
      merge of 259a4ccadefe0737612a849ff810ce6a4debd589
      merge of 47dce11edfa131d098408e653487b0f793394e95
      merge of 58369b166fb6519ed53ee159962ce2cba13e0d25
      native.bbclass: use BUILD_ARCH instead of 'native'
      familiar-unstable: add a warning about touching this file
      directfb: also ship wm files
      libgsf: add untested fix for RDEPENDS 2.6: update PV to 2.6.15-hh0
      cbrpager: add 0.9.14 as requested by Alan|home on #oe :)
      add RDEPEND on the real unzip
      kbdd: bump PR of cvs version
      h3900: stop people thwarting my attempt to get thumb-interwork running
      familair: change image naming
      aircrack: add 2.41, courtesy Rick Farina, closes #650
      xkbd: fix equal sign, closes bug #1512
      dbus: add patch to stop dbus-daemon-1 being built staticly, closes bug #1494
      led: add led from h3600-utils (adapted from .oz354fam083)
      merge of b0041ee48a666506c812a40e9060b22a24c30129
      merge of 4b06abdf57f4120c272429171977e1efd7378926
      matchbox-panel: apply patch to stop wastefull battery polling, closes bug #1474
      libgtkinput: add libgtkinput, a gtk module which enables maemostyle keyboard popup when using an inputmanager like the patch mb-applet-inputmgr in OE
      gpe-gallery: add 0.97
      libgtkinput: use SRCDATE
      GPE: push latest gpe bits
      merge of 0dcf135f8174d6cb8b709f2104158f5de5fa769d
      cups: add 0.1.23, with hacks to make it build
      ep93xx-kernel: add kernel for ep93xx machine + patch from cirrus-logic git tree + defconfig
      ep93xx.conf: add machine config for ep93xx based boards like
      merge of 37906cae8de28e3888cce307d6dbdab279f57164
      linux-mtx1 2.4.24: move to nonworking to get rid of those pesky parssing errors
      linux-mtx: move to nonworking/linux that is
      ep93xx kernel: update defconfig to include pcmcia, ipv6 and more usefull stuff
      ep93xx: updates
      merge of 37a520a39f5f3affca5295dece5c847608f29174
      ep93xx.conf: inherit linux-modules
      ep93xx-kernel: update defconfig to work around some breakages
      tune-ep9312.conf: add file containing optimized parameters for Cirrus-Logic ep9312 cpus
      tslib-maemo: fix do_stage as described in oe bug #690
      merge of 0a90fa3f8e7b85f79fe8930a1969aff12f3553b8
      familiar-unstable: add locale feeds
      mainstone: use iwmmxt optimizations, courtesy Justin Treon
      LAB: add warning about build order
      LAB: don't stage headers
      merge of 330dd41d9c920bd7109ac7473efd170ce60c9cf7
      familiar-unstable: put back gcc stuff which I commented out by accident, thanks reenoo for spotting it
      glibc 2.3.5+cvs20050627: use a different name for the tarball to avoid corruption due to wget -c
      libtool-native: DEPEND on autoconf-native as well
      inkscape: add 0.43
      merge of de843404287b36479dc45ace9ce134cef2ab6e93
      familiar-unstable: remove myself as maintainer as the folks have made it clear they want to take over again. It was a fun couple of years, good luck with it
      merge of 398c56ddec631f7498795808fb0abbc73ef60d0b
      ep93xx kernel: new patch from Lennert Buytenhek
      ep93xx kernel: use r1 patch which includes a defconfig
      angstrom-2006.9: set distro version to test
      handhelds-pxa: update to 2.6.15, include patches and new defconfigs
      ep93xx kernel: update to derevo2
      merge of 3abff1bf232495168a2b305065a4da2954e5a9db
      merge of 143171ba4cb95821314675d1cb46491353e62030
      ep93xx: use correct serial device
      ep93xx-kernel: update to derevo3
      ep93xx-kernel: update to derevo4
      merge of 50ca43556e311a226bcabbf74fef8be758ad8982
      tslib: also inherit pkgconfig
      eds: apply patch from OE bug #700, courtesy Patrick Steiner
      merge of 4ed0964b486b99773aa438f582fa52d0b4e9b0d1
      merge of 0db003fda92c4fe80ee76010788aa8e895b485eb
      angstrom: use multimachine and splitout images per machine in deploy/images
      xchat: add 2.6.1 which does seem to build against a recent dbus
      eds-dbus: refine fix by symlinking camel-1.2 to camel to satisfy all apps building against eds
      tinymail: add svn version, courtesy Patrick Steiner
      matchbox-panel: set package arch to machine to avoid iconsize troubles
      merge of 34a8195854b5fc3cb0a1dbdc076ea457055675c3
      linux kernels: use DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE instead in DEPLOY_DIR/images
      angstrom: add some more PREFERRED_VERSIONS
      merge of a9f324c20ac7e7ac1d2a2525d55b2e2894aac109
      ipaq-pxa270.conf: start making it more ipaq hx2xxx friendly
      merge of 23fbf27774beb8da3d4bc3672a8415bfd24eb369
      ep93xx kernel: update to derevo6
      angstrom.conf: use -Os by default, see the comments in the file for more info
      libgpepimc: update to 0.6
      ipaq-pxa270.conf: add an option to use iwmmxt optimizations
      libgpevtype: update to 0.16
      site/mipsel-linux: updates courtesy Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
      merge of 006bbeb2da2090839ec05cdbd7cd825c900ac850
      base.bbclass: Handle crlf with DOS ZIP file, courtesy Raymond Danks
      kernel.bbclass: Add kernel-modules meta package for PARALLEL_INSTALL_MODULES, courtesy Raymond Danks
      ipkg: add .159 (cross) version
      Add realvnc 3.3.7, courtesy Raymond Danks
      dia: add 0.95-pre3
      libgpewidget: update to 0.110
      angstrom: prefer softfloat till we get proper eabi
      libwnck: add dependency on gtk+
      angstrom-2006.9: move some preferred providers around so angstrom can override stuff in includes like e17 defining a gcc version (WTF?)
      glibmm: update to 2.8.4
      gtkmm: update to 2.8.3
      gtk+ 2.8.9: ship update-icon-cache binary
      hal: update to 0.5.7
      angstrom-2006.9: fix stupid error in feed uris
      explicit_merge of '09145be36a071f7c39a4d421da54e87a449cecc1'
      explicit_merge of '601faaded8a6427e29dc8dc43433fe9be662c96c'
      dia: packaging tweaks and pkgconfig workarounds
      tine-iwmmxt: add iwmmxt to ipkg_archs
      gcc: add 4.1
      python-pygtk2: add rdepend on python-shell
      merge of 1b89afb60b39052c2a305d2b4ea3aed76b0d7a59
      angstrom-2006.9.conf: add a working feed URI
      Angstrom: always ship dropbear and sysvinit
      binutils csl: set default pref to -1 for arm so it will use the regular binutils
      ep93xx kernel: switch to derevo10 to fix serial
      merge of 4331fe84e383e44c80f5771143f3f2ab6f522c48
      merge of 6e9e8adcb21fef25823c9f2d82e7207a517c308a
      ep93xx: pad jffs2 file
      ep93xx kernel: use a custom defconfig
      dbus 0.61: also disable qt3 support to protect innocent people with qt3 headers on their host system
      ep93xx kernel: update to derevo12
      ep93xx: add eraseblock size for the glomation board
      glibmm: delete old versions
      merge of 253db2cc1289b54dcf638e5bd3cd11ae2a9c432f
      ep93xx: add USE_VT = 0
      merge of 7d24213f70bee7eac546332151b9d70410532933
      angstrom 2006.9: prefer dbus 0.61 to work around some building weirdnesses
      ep93xx: update to 2.6.16-rc5 and derevo14
      glibc: make qemu breakage disasters opt-in instead of opt-out
      openocd: add openocd, a Free and Open On-Chip Debugging, In-System Programming and Boundary-Scan Testing
      libmatchbox: update to 1.8
      matchbox-wm: add 1.0
      ep93xx-kernel: fix some PV related bugs
      gconf-dbus: bump PV up to 2.10 to provide an upgrade path
      ep93xx kernel: update defconfig to match 2.6.16-rc5-derevo14
      gpe-bootsplash: start adding some Angstrom branding
      gpe-bootsplash: update angstrom splash-l.svg
      zaurus-updater: use ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}
      merge of 03b24ac5bbfd34988917e742c3d058a0e65c9cae
      meta-toolchain: add a .bb to generate a tarball of the SDK toolchain
      ep93xx-kernel: update defconfig
      ep93xx-kernel: update to derovo15
      add binutils
      merge of 5de21ce1146b76cf25440eddc66aaa8a9a984df9
      merge of 2310202db82b311ad297541e20f94d8bf5706860
      ep93xx-kernel: update .bb and defconfig to match derevo16
      merge of 1ba45cf53c0878304cb1ded93545b1938b45606f
      angstrom 2006.9: correct some toolchain bits
      documentation.conf: document ENABLE_BINARY_LOCALE_GENERATION
      merge of 29372ce60254772158ba48179cc6d86e4146ee5d
      gcc 4.1.0: turn off building of libssp
      angstrom.conf: turn of locale generation via qemu because qemu doesn't like the gcc 4.1 + glibc 2.4 ARM binaries
      angstrom-2006.9: start using ARM EABI capable toolchain
      angstrom.conf: various clean up
      glibc 2.4: use eabi capable headers
      glibc 2.4: ooops, forgot to change a version number
      gcc-cross-sdk: add 4.1.0
      gcc 4.1.0: disable fortran since it is breaking the build
      gcc-cross 4.1.0: add fix for the mpfr problem, courtesy Philipp Zabel
      net6: add 1.2.2
      orbit2-native: disable parallel make
      xournal: add 0.2
      glibc,glibc-intermediate 2.4: fixups for EABI build:
      glibc-intermediate 2.4: don't stage own headers now he have a llh package containing them
      glibmm: put some more headers in the -dev package
      glibmm, gtkmm: fix typo in FILES statement
      libgc: add 6.7, fixes build problems for ARM EABI targets
      gtkmm 2.8.3: fixes
      angstrom-2006.9: specify extra machine specific installs
      angstrom-2006.9: _append needs a leading space
      openssl: reinstate armeb.patch
      sofia-sip: add main sofia-sip library
      tapioca: s/glib/glib-2.0/
      tapioca: ship dbus service file in the main package
      libjingle: add a PV
      farsight: add todays snapshot of the farsight darcs repo
      gst-plugins-{bad,good,ugly}: depend on gst-plugins-base DEPEND on liboil
      gst-plugins-farsight: add 20060322 snapshot
      tapioca: stage more headers
      farsight: stage some headers
      tapiocaui: add 0.3.0
      merge of 4fa7f171e4ab9878ada3ea61bf2133d23760f203
      scw: add scw, a set of chat related widgets for GTK+
      angstrom: insist a bit harder on making angstrom-dev the default maintainer for unmaintained recipes
      merge of 31c5baa26e5b5993142fafde34198358342c9a30
      disapproval of revision 'cdf56cd23df8324d279945d07a8a2c711f55b025'
      gthumb: add 2.6.9
      nokia770.conf: remove cruft
      angstrom 2006.9: add PREFERRED_PROVIDER_hostap-conf = "hostap-conf"
      ep93xx kernel: update to 2.6.16
      merge of 178f3f0b13daf4d30ab59b4d784ffc9784e60fe3
      merge of 3668ee2a346de324f1a080ffc39842da7fd5a787
      mb-applet-task: add a task switcher applet for matchbox-panel
      mb-applet-tasks: fix typo
      libupnp: add 1.3.1
      wxbase: add 2.6.2 and 2.7+cvs, partially fixes OE bug #716
      bitbake.conf: add E_CVS, a var holding the new anoncvs uri for enlightenment stuff
      matchbox-panel 0.9.3: default preference = -1 due to segfault and iconsize issues
      angstrom-2006.9: insist a bit harder on using the right toolchain bits for EABI to reduce PEBKAC problems
      gpe-windowlist: add cvs version of gpe-windowlist, a panel applet that lists all active windows
      linux-openzaurus 2.6.16: change defconfig-cxx00 to defconfig-spitz as the former doesn't exist
      efl++: fix SRC_URI
      gpe-windowlist: inherit gpe to ship the icons as well
      gpe-windowlist: add 0.1 and fix metadata for _cvs
      gpe-taskmanager: add 0.20
      libxsettings-client: add 0.17
      libtododb: add 0.10
      gpe-calendar: update to 0.72
      libeventdb: add 0.21
      gpe-clock: add 0.24
      orbit2: disable parallel make for the non-native version as well
      gbluezconf: add gbluezconf 00.10
      perl: make 5.8.7 compile for arm EABI
      libwpd: add 0.8.4
      abiword-plugins: add plugins package for abiword
      gtkmathview: add 0.7.6
      abiword-plugins: enable mathml plugin
      poppler: install xpdf headers for apps that need those
      perl 5.8.7: remove extra copy of from SRC_URI
      ep93xx-kernel: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "ep93xx"
      angstrom 2006.9: move cvsdate to get some important updates
      gaim cvs: default pref it low and fix PV
      angstrom.conf: only use softfloat on arm
      gtk-engines: add 2.7.4
      freeciv: add freeciv 2.0.8
      efika.conf, linux-efika: add files to get rudimentary support for the efika machine into OE.
      binutils_*.bb: apply patch from OE bug #812 to all binutils versions
      merge of 4ed4d06c5ea603aeb65c4f23220d3a64c7e917c8
      abiword-plugins: temporarely remove gtkmathview
      nogravity: add nogravity, a space age shooter
      tcl/tk: add pnum=2 to make the latest patch apply
      gnutls: ship psktool in 1.3.5
      perl: someone seems to have botched a merge, so I'm reapplying
      merge of 1db2f2b8a272dbada8a2ce16756fbd5d1e2a143d
      efl++: add first cut at 0.1.0
      handhelds-pxa 2.6 cvs: turn on EABI for eabi target, inspired by
      use pcmciautils for some more machines
      sysfsutils: update to the latest stable version (2.0)
      sysfsutils: default pref -1 till we get a newer pcmciautils
      h2200, ipaq-pxa270: remove ipaq-common include:
      gpe-what: add 0.43
      angstrom 2006.9: some tweaks to get things to build properly
      angstrom-2006.9: add some safeguards
      gpe-session-scripts: add 0.67
      zaurus-clamshell.conf: add support for adding jffs2 summaries to improve mount times
      merge of 40758b8f78807bab8274eaa33560a44c6ac8ec96
      merge of 55616adc37fd37aa5b75ff09493523a3f11eb2e9
      udev 084: ship links.conf, patch courtesy Stelios Koroneos
      merge of 8681a1676985a0df1f06fc59cc7f50915300e156
      gpe-today: update to 0.11
      angstrom 2006.9: set CVSDATE to 20060424
      gcc-package: apply patch form #851 to 'fix' building of gcc-4.x
      merge of b503225bb0570ffa6a6474a82c5619d84e7b924c
      merge of 5992e9a1a1abd66e6753553c665d0e27fe718e72
      poptop: add 1.3.0, courtesy Stelios Koroneos
      angstrom: s/CVSDATE/SRCDATE/
      vde: add vde2 2.0.2, a virtual network that can be spawned over a set of physical computer over the Internet
      irda-utils init: fix path to serial port for h2200 and hx4700
      udev 089: add links.conf
      gtkmm: ship headers in 2.4.8 dev package
      orbit2: disable parallel make
      gpe 2.8: prefer gaim 2.00-mco1
      merge of 2e72ff814146cd6f8905742854f09312f89f7f5e
      nokia770.conf: make it work with a newer mtd utils
      fontconfig: update to 2.3.91 for some much needed speed improvements
      merge of 487e52f30ac1424e4299105affc248ed1bcb625e
      epdfview: update to 0.1.3
      epdfview: fix PR
      gtk+ 2.8.9: rrecommend some pixbug loaders for OZ and angstrom
      merge of 44b28997699d21a52c2534ad766098e70cb37851
      merge of 78224668a76c9e5a8eb51b5e4683dac08c86d491
      gaim: gaim switch from svn to cvs, updating recipe to match
      zaurusupdater: make sure to create the directory to copy the script in
      angstrom: remove parallel-install-modules
      merge of 86a33c5fda130dcc0e2efc8590bdb14838b69ccd
      wlan-ng-modules: remove patch that was applied to svn
      hh-pxa 2.6 cvs: add patch to fix enums problems with eabi
      bootchart 0.9: add the device part of bootchart, a neat way to view the boot process of your favourite device.
      liblbxutils: start merging stuff from #870
      libxkbui: merge from #870
      libxxf86misc: merge from #870
      bdftopcf: merge from #870
      iceauth: merge from #870
      mkfontscale: merge from #870
      mkfontdir: merge from #870
      rgb: merge from #870
      twm: merge from #870
      xauth: merge from #870
      xeyes: merge from #870
      merge of 7134dba3d19d7e37fe8d91b2eb4472f07be7a583
      mesa: merge 6.4.1 from #870
      merge of 0248315b9fe761433566e0707c8fbad66689a3af
      font-alias, font-cursor-misc font-misc-misc, font-util: merge from #870
      anthy-native: break dep-loop
      xclock: merge from #870
      xinit: merge from #870
      xkbcomp: merge from #870
      xorg-date: merge from #870
      angstrom 2006.9: use qte-mt
      merge of aa6f9aaabdcd4ae0fc3588b296bfb909b1deb0fa
      ep93xx 2.6.16: apply eabi enums patch
      busybox: add defconfig for angstrom
      gpe-bluetooth: add 0.53
      srec.bbclass: add nostamp=1, closes #78
      libgnomeprint: enable cups and libgnomecups, closes #197
      gnome-mime-data: added dependency on libxml-parser-perl-native, closes #222
      xserver-common: update to 1.9
      iproute2: add 2.6.16
      quagga: add 0.99.2 and 0.99.3, closes #476
      iputils: apply patch from #463
      binutils: add (default pref = -1)
      tcptraceroute: add 1.5beta6, closes #475
      merge of 03b7b6de8867ce08c1e283e916d64764e390c898
      asterisk: stage headers, close #238
      gstreamer: update to 0.10.5
      angstrom 2006.9: use gstreamer 0.10.5
      gst-plugins-base: update to 0.10.6
      nokia770.conf: clean up a bit
      gpe-themes: add license = gpl
      merge of 36c85029caf52a5bdf60cd12bee0ef045cf0937b
      telepathy-gabble: add 20060503 snapshot
      merge of 55cbddab59b09643a3b63cc4ee2b0e3868e00881
      xcb-proto: add 0.9 release
      merge of 46964b2367c68919c05de337c00dfb0f80a7bc6f
      hh pxa 2.6: eabi enums patch is on upstream cvs
      classpatch: add 0.90, closes #858
      jikes: add 1.22, closes #860
      jamvm: apply patch from #859
      site/i586-linux: add bits to make php5 compile
      monotone: add 0.25.2, closes #876
      monotone: add 0.26
      qemu: add 0.8.0, closes #865
      libmusicbrainz: add 2.1.2
      neon 0.26: inherit pkgconfig
      glib-2.0: add 2.10.2 (default pref = -100)
      libxcb: disable parallel make
      xcb-util: disable parallel make
      coreutils-native: update to 5.3.0
      Angstrom 2006.9: switch to newer binutils
      angstrom.conf: ship coreutils by default
      ep93xx-kernel 2.6.16: remove framebuffer patches
      linux-libc-headers add ARM patch 3477/1 to undefine some syscalls
      angstrom: put some branding in the EABI toolchains :)
      angstrom 2006.9: update toolchain bits to match angstrom.conf
      angstrom-2006.9: remove ?= from srcdate, since bitbake sets it before parsing $DISTRO.conf
      gpe-clock: update to 0.25
      glib: update to 2.8.4
      freetype 2.1.10: apply patch to fix rpath abuse, courtesy Phil Blundell
      merge of 8ccd07ecf96c1e1dae6de3e4a8b449b5ecfcfc1b
      libcroco: update to 0.6.1
      libcroco: fix staging
      jornada6xx.conf: sh -> sh3 and remove PREFERRED_VERSIONS, those should be in the $DISTRO.conf
      lite5200.conf: remove stuff that should be in $DISTRO.conf
      site/arm-linux-gnueabi: update site file with dpkg and enca bits
      merge of b9b3b3f5835946b0838fa649c358e5f9df8ef861
      angstrom 2006.9: slide cvsdate for hh-pxa kernel forward to get some bugfixes for hx4700 and h2200 machines
      libgpewidget: add 0.111
      fuse: update to 2.5.3 and improve packaging:
      base.bbclass: add DISTRO_VERSION to the summary
      merge of e1fa4ab4db4576d220e90fd564d67769403c4742
      ipaq-pxa270.conf: fix touchscreen by autoloading evdev and use pcmciautils
      h2200.conf: use pcmciautils instead of pcmcia-cs
      handhelds pxa 2.6 cvs: add patches by Marcin 'hrw' Juzkiewicz to add some pcmcia ids
      gpe-plucker: update to 0.3 to fix crashes on load with non pdb files
      gpe-plucker: 0.4 fixes the crash, not 0.3
      libetpan: disablle parallel make
      libgpevtype cvs: bump PV
      add libhandoff
      glibc-packages.bbclass: make use ${libdir}/locale exits before trying to put stuff in it. Fixes i18n for non pregenerated locales
      libmimedir 0.3.1: add patch by Neal Walfield to fix importing of ics files generated by Apples iCal
      merge of 314e9e28fab0e5aff2e8901741180ce581d7e1fa
      blueprobe 0.17: fix serial port path on h2200
      linux-jlime: set compatible host and machine
      merge of 079fcd329857f0a9c2515a187110ac87377cafd1
      merge of 34a4cccc8cdb74f4173031879341a1dcedfc7e31
      h2200: tweak defconfig a bit
      handhelds pxa cvs: first stab at updating ipaq-pxa270 defconfig
      glibc: revert #954
      sh3-linux: remove  ac_cv_host=${ac_cv_host=sh-pc-linux-gnu} from site file, part of #954
      glibc: add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE_sh3 = "-99" to glibc < 2.3.5
      merge of 315a43a2834c10ffcb7b5641f22459f878a47297
      merge of 311e1d1fc2eefa2efc02e72f033f7f8ff3d1099b
      merge of 66c62d7fb075e5d0b30f7334eb98a0c3515f163c
      ep93xx: as pointed out on irc, the ep93xx is armv4t, not armv5te. Include tune-arm920t to tell gcc we have thumb as well
      libxcomposite: fix SRC_URI, closes $974
      Strace: add patch from #978, closes #978
      merge of 1f12dbd1bf0fd30504f661a5c169a9551e06202b
      glibc 2.4: adjust arm-long-long.patch, fix by 'likewise' on #oe
      libgpewidget: add 0.112
      merge of af4df6cf6c1c2920365147ec393e688fdb85b6de
      update gstreamer and base plugin set
      binutils(-cross): add snapshot
      add latest gcc 4.2 snapshot for gcc-cross
      gcc: add, which is needed for gcc-cross, but doesn't build (yet)
      pango: recommend modules needed for basic operation for 1.8.2 and 1.9.1
      merge of 83195d46f6bf1906b76383eda46dabd7b3f07787
      gtk2 2.8.9: really RRECOMMENDS gdk-pixbux loaders - close #990
      libsdl-x11: add 1.2.9
      uqm: update to 0.5.0
      intltool(-native): update to 0.35.0
      angstrom 2006.9: add multiple tarball stashes till we get our own
      angstrom: adjust angstrom uri
      angstrom-2006.9: slide pxa kernel cvsdate forward a bit
      merge of 2d74ab18755124460de464b7d2ee0ce76344837e
      merge of fe620b82f3ed9b9828a78908bfe73a5c27ccc59d
      add wifiradar, closes #992
      libxss: fix XORG_PN
      epdfview: add 0.1.4
      angstrom 2006.9: slide srcdate forward to avoid some build problems
      merge of 3ce424d5d8f31e0ba22a3979298d97c8a37e4f4a
      intltool: add dep on xml-parser(-native)
      merge of 93a7ad23db8afae5e3440a5866caf7bf2f8ee416
      intltool: remove dep on xml-parser since it doesn't build
      libhandoff: fix DEPENDS
      croco, xsettingsclient: zecke forgot to bump PR
      gpe-plucker 0.4: add patch to plucker from using host includes
      merge of 08292c00115e7d304ae354db337ee4feee93fd17
      gpe-mixer: remove host includes from the makefile
      oz unstable: enable some more tarball stashes
      conf/bitbake.conf: enable the fail-fast host include finder. At least opie, gpe, e17 and python build cleanly
      merge of 7b99c91d607aaec886913e28b8d90df3ea56d5d9
      libfribidi: adjust src_uri to use mirrors
      gimp: add 2.3.8
      libeventdb: add 0.30, which bumps SO_VERSION because of API changes
      libgpevtype: update to 0.17
      liboil: update to 0.3.9
      merge of 1a204644a2419a905a060144eb028dfcb467391a
      schroedinger: at first public release of the schroedinger/dirac codec. The package includes a librady and gstreamer plugin
      schroedinger: at some missing metadata bits
      site/arm-linux-gnueabi: pull in fixes from r601c39f83683596d280f8ad94530e9447018a8d6
      gcc: add gcc 4.1.1 toolchain
      gcc 4.1.1: unbreak SRC_URI
      gcc 4.1.1: but the zecke patch in the right dir. I suck
      Angstrom 2006.9: use gcc 4.1.1 to get real eabi, so it won't work on armv4 cpus
      h2200.conf: tts/0 -> ttyS0, closes #1044
      monotone: add missing patch
      merge of 126ec62999c60bc43412b0635388956112083a61
      gpe-calendar: add libsoup to the DEPENDS field of the cvs version
      glibc 2.4: hopefully solve the do_stage loop
      libsoup: unbreak staging
      libeventdb: update PV
      merge of 1c17f3bc992735c3812d224e4eec728fd12650f3
      gpe-calendar: add libhandoff to depends
      gpe-login: add 0.87
      libhandoff: glib -> glib-2.0
      pwlib change SRC_IRU to use DEBIAN_MIRROR and sent default_pref to -1, since it doesn't fetch
      linux-ezx: fix patching brokenness:
      linux-ezx: properly fix patching troubles:
      postgresql: add 8.1.4, with a slight hack to make packaging work
      speex 1.1.12: enable fixed point from ARM
      classes/kernel.bbclass: also stage include/media
      sn9c102: add 1.32, needs >=  2.6.16 to build
      libeventdb: lower default pref
      merge of 063a83fd9a6c656a5d54258b7c3e437e159f7302
      libsoup: update to 2.2.93 and install an extra libsoup-2.2.pc since apps expect that instead of libsoup.pc
      wbxml2: add 0.9.0
      wbxml2: add do_stage
      libsyncml: add 0.4.0
      libsoup: fix up copying of .pc file
      angstrom.conf: add example for building uclibc enables stuff
      ep93xx: add kernel
      merge of 401e5a3d3886286d5d38029666c6ac415b7be733
      merge of 11d7234c6c07e62a7ec6e5c77e57b47cbdafb16e
      gomunicator: removed RDEPENDS
      merge of 57049c964aaa418dc6616a940358cef3ba2d9c93
      merge of 6c8af3e5626e2962745d40f48121c1f325288cda
      efl++: add floating cvs version to get the latest and greatest efl++ goodness depends on etk as well
      gcc 4.1.1: raise default pref since it has proven to be working quite well
      conf/machine/include/: remove openswan, do distro stuff in conf/distro
      merge of 96fed78607f0529e7177d55147568944ff559a90
      suspend-desktop: fixups
      ipkg-native: add 0.99.163, fetched from tarball instead of cvs
      merge of a0bb6704d46edd06e3acb50139d67212a028aa50
      ipkg-utils-native: add patch to stop ipkg-make-index move all ipkg to morgue/
      merge of 214b4c4e7d773cc8d94d28db3d1f88d20f67c976
      angstrom 2006.9: move srcdate
      angstrom: brand the toolchain regardless of architecture
      ep93xx-kernel make it work
      packages/angstrom/ add initial version
      scummvm 0.9.0: depend on libvorbis since the tremor patch hasn't been forward ported yet
      merge of 44f2e80d1a5751741be6c6f1fd4928f3d53a32b2
      linux-jlime-arm: fix mismerge
      angstrom: misc stuff
      merge of 54fc43a41a444cc06b399d28786e681cc3f280b0
      merge of 5dbe23f7d98cb390990ba2c2f1ad27667148516a
      angstrom: cleanups as per Marcins suggestions
      gcc: add eabi to atexit cases and bump pr for affected toolchains
      gcc-cross: bump pr
      h2200, ipaq-pxa270: start seperating kernel-modules from BOOTSTRAP_foo, so people aren't forced to use the bloated task-bootstrap to get a booting image
      task-angstrom: start using the new BOOTMODULES_RRECOMMENDS var
      fluxbox: hopefully fix alternate selection
      twm: register with u-a as x-window-manager
      twm: we need to inherit u-a to make the previous change actually do something
      e-wm: misc fixes
      tune-iwmmxt.conf: use -mcpu=iwmmxt instead of -mtune=iwmmxt
      handhelds-sa*: set compatible machine to h3600 and simpad
      handhelds-pxa: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = '(h3900|h2200|ipaq-pxa270)'
      opensimpad-kernel: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = 'simpad'
      merge of 8f7f4f1a6f08da91c5fe2312650063893394888b
      gpe-taskmanager: add missing dep on libgpelaunch
      merge of 6859af4fc51969fe6d5b6513f506486d9437a4cd initialize vars before using
      merge of 2e750f1fb2ff29c22b1870939bd30694fa946cb9
      angstrom-gpe-image: work around some weirdness involving the xserver
      tune-ep9312, tune-iwmmxt: use -mcpu, -march and -mtune
      angstrom-gpe-image: set some preferred_providers
      merge of 94e87f750741788f0f284fbad40cb6eddee8f689
      gtk+ 2.10: depend on cups to enable the printing plugin
      busybox 1.2.0: add it, closes #745
      busybox 1.2.0: add initial defconfig for angstrom
      task-angstrom: D'oh, somehow I forgot to add dropbear
      Angstrom 2006.9: prefer a busybox with EABI support
      busybox 1.2.0: fix horrendous bug where busybox wouldn't use the crosscompiler, spotted by the good mister Davey
      angstrom-2006.9: use target prefix instead of hardcoding
      busybox 1.2.0: save 8k by disabling httpd in angstrom defconfig
      binutils 2.17: add normal and cross version
      angstrom: use a released binutils instead of a snapshot
      merge of 2e3b25afd1276eaa7c2205ada5c506c1a6e8df5e
      tslib: add h4000 support
      h4000.conf: add cleaned up version of h4000.conf
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: add make_zimage_symlink_relative
      h2200.conf: make symlink relative to fix booting with LAB
      merge of 7af01deb5f2ccfe6a46c47c7d3366897760b7f50
      angstrom-2006.9: apparently 'arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi' != TARGET_PREFIX
      qemu-qop: remove nodocs patch
      angstrom-2006.9: pinch some preferred providers from Poky*
      sane-srcdates.conf: add a file which contains sane srcdates for floating packages. Taken from
      angstrom 2006.9: switch to using sane-srcdates.conf
      linux-jlime-arm: set compatible machine
      libtool-native: stage libltl files, courtesy Zachary T Welch, closes #1157
      merge of 210506ba1cbb231216c4c537654bc61f30cdd6d5
      angstrom 2006.9: use font tools without alignment traps
      angstrom 2006.9: make the typo police happy
      monotone: add 0.27
      vim: add a gtk2 gui version of 7.0, needs work
      task-angstrom: ship module tools
      angstrom: remove some stray slashes from the feeds URIs
      bitbake: update to 1.4.2
      angstrom-2006.9: setp preferred provider for task-bootstrap
      merge of a0cb602edb3bf2f732004fc35bed483bf4b559f7
      bitbake 1.4.2: add correct RDEPENDS, shebang is still pointing to staging
      oz-unstable: lock down binutils tils oz switches to a newer glibc
      oz-unstable: prefer task-bootstrap over task-bootstrap-onionroot
      oz-unstable: fix typo
      linux-ezx: and bump PR....
      handhelds-un: fix parse-error in SRC_URI, tag might be wrong, leaving that up the to MAINTAINER
      ep93xx-kernel: add derevo20, drop old stuff
      ep93xx-kernel: fix defconfig
      tune-arm920t: add -mcpu=arm920t since gcc will happily generate armv5 isns (clz, bx) when using -march=armv4t, spotted by Lennert Buytenhek
      librsvg: disable mozilla-plugin since mozilla isn't in DEPENDS, should close #1178
      tune-arm920t: set PACKAGE_ARCH to armv4t allow JAVA to be overridable inside recipes using this .inc
      classes/base.bbclass: adapt to monotone 0.27
      README: remove leading space
      gcc 4.1.1: fix build troubles
      Split out *image* and *task* from packages/meta into their own subdirs.
      task-angstrom: s/diet-x11/libx11/
      conf/machine/h5xxx.conf: start adding support for a cruftless h5xxx images
      basefiles: add fstab for h5xxx
      tslib: add support for h5xxx
      hh-pxa: add skeleton support for h5xxx
      oz, generic: set provider for tslib
      avahi 0.6.12: add do_stage
      distcc: add 2.18.3
      pango: fix RRECOMMENDS regression
      emacs: depend on libx11
      keylaunch: add patch to fix badness with 'install -sD'
      task-e-x11: remove obsolete chkhinge
      angstrom-2006.9: add more feeds
      gnome-doc-utils: initial add
      gpe-soundbite: fix install badness and remove old version
      gpe-gallery: fix install badness and remove old versions
      gpe-question: fix install badness and remove old version
      prelink: update to new version, since the old one vanished from the debian mirrors
      gdm: add 2.14.9
      netbook-pro.conf: clean it up a bit
      netbookpro-kernel: add WIP 2.6.17 kernel for the netbook-pro
      merge of '171104fab4f21e3a390cb753995beffa459843ab'
      netbookpre-kernel: make it compile
      fontconfig: apply a patch by Philipp Zabel to stop xtscal from crashing
      merge of '04e7fd23b654ca78723da82bfeaf289b3d013aae'
      netbook-pro.conf: xscale is spelled with an x
      drm: inherit autotools and use autotools methods for install and staging
      angstrom: s/libx11/x11/
      libxfont 1.2.0: fix SRC_URI
      libxfont: also fix S
      libxfont: and use $XORG_MIRROR
      netbook-pro kernel: rename
      h3900.conf: remove h5xxx bits
      drm: inherit pkgconfig
      task-angstrom: add some debug stuff
      netbook-pro-kernel: update patches
      h5xxx.conf: fix include for tune-xscale
      merge of '424953790319440fd6f6ed53f7e06225ac29f8df'
      h3900.conf,h5xxx.conf: inherit linuxmodules
      gdal: add 1.3.2, doesn't stage anything yet.
      nonworking: xlibs are working now
      proj-4: add 4.9 hh4 -> hh5
      handhelds-pxa-2.6_cvs: implement check to spot -hh version mismatches
      task-angstrom, angstrom-bootstrap-image: add machine specific stuff for ipaq-pxa270
      angstrom: fixes
      merge of 'cf1a08098edb7df94073a8189329602a04381206'
      task-angstrom: ship strace and gdb is DISTRO_TYPE = debug
      task-angstrom: add modutils-initscripts
      dbus 0.90: add a patch to fix the segfault when trying to access the system bus
      glibc.bbclass: remove spurious '/'
      glibc: and bump PR after last change
      oz-unstable: use sane-srcdates
      angstrom: catch up with virtual/libx11
      e-uae: de-opiefy
      angstrom: stop misspelling virtual
      angstrom: prefer a newer dbus
      e-uae: replace .27 with .28
      freetype 2.2.1: add HACK to work around libtool breakage
      gpe-edit: add .31 and remove old versions
      merge of '5488dcb57b02d59ec27d65e068bc0069a4e4c86e'
      xorg-app/ no need for a virtual/libx11-native
      virtual/libx11: also RPROVIDE it
      netbook-pro.conf: prefer xserver-kdrive-epson
      angstrom-2006.9: dbus 0.90 doesn't include glib bindings, so we'll use
      task-angstrom, angstrom-gpe-image: catch up with the viertual/libx11 thing
      netbook-pro.conf: create initrd directory
      zaurus-clamshell.conf: add working jffs2 summary support. (contributed by
      angstrom-gpe-image: zap root passwd when DISTRO_TYPE = "release"
      merge of '04f4f8d195ec1a23e53f2158cf15535337100d4f'
      font-alias: depend on virtual/xserver instead of xserver-xorg
      merge of '7ca686a64736f6787bbb283a3f9d21966212d549'
      linux-efika: set compatible machine
      dbus 0.62: 'fix' segfault using patch from dbus 0.90
      dbus 0.62: also set filespatch in the .inc
      xterm: fix SRC_URI
      gcc: make fortran switches behave like the java switches to battle the 'g++ disappeared' symptoms
      akita, spitz, ipaq-pxa270: accept iwmmxt binaries
      merge of 'acd8498e4573491722380c035bd7b58de78410ee'
      libgpewidget: update to 0.114
      libgpepimc: update to 0.8
      gpe-todo: update to 0.56
      merge of '355262927125dc01051bf0f6b36fc492b766c9d7'
      busybox 1.2.0: remove unupdated defconfigs, add a large default one and remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = -1
      gomunicator: fix SRC_URI, HOMEPAGE and PV
      angstrom: prefer busybox 1.2.1
      libxfont: add (rediffed) version of scalable patch that seems to have gotten lost with the update to xorg 7.x
      gpe-conf: update to 0.2.0
      gpe-conf: drop old versions
      font-util_X11R7.1-1.0.1: fix RDEPENDS
      kbproto: update to 1.0.3, needed for kdrive-git
      xserver-kdrive git: fix PV
      xserver-xorg R7.1: fix configure brokenness by telling the ents.def file isn't there
      xserver-kdrive git: include SRCDATE in PV, even if it doesn't make sense for git trees
      xserver-kdrive X11R7.1-1.1.0: disable non-compiling dmx
      angstrom-2006.9: prefer a kdrive that actually work :)
      libsoup: fix #1275
      angstrom-2006.9: use a newer srcdate for gconf-dbus
      rgb _X11R7.1-1.0.1: ship rgb.txt RDEPEND on the default theme sed out pointers to host includes
      preferred xorg versions X11R7.1: make everything overridable
      angstrom 2006.9: use xorg 7.1 versions
      merge of '3cc9017ec1982d67d07a8059097acd2ee7b8c42c'
      sane-srcdates: add date for xcalibrate
      sane-srcdates: add date for rosetta
      preferred xorg: use a non-broken xfont apply patch instead of renaming it
      merge of 'ab20bf4ac663aeb2ac1f0fd51955d412dabfe7c5'
      entice: "esmart-x11" doesn't exist in packageland, libesmart<foo>0 does
      angstrom 2006.9: fix typo spotted by Philipp Zabel
      udev 092: remove BTNTOUCH for touchscreen rules to fix it for ipaqs
      cups: rrecommend doc package for the webgui
      mb-wm: add 1.1
      libmatchbox: add 1.9
      merge of '2ca01af51f12b07b28c6a80e57347d82f7122780'
      cups: ship files needed for the webgui in the main package
      cups: stage files needed for gutenprint
      gutenprint: add to nonworking, needs to run a native tool, qemu doesn't do EABI so I can't fix it :( set appropriate PACKAGES_DYNAMIC
      libwpd: update to 0.8.6
      task-angstrom: ship procps till the busybox ps gets debugged and include dbus-glib till pH5's patch gets applied
      entice: add 20060416 snapshot which has some ipc fixes
      libcontactsdb: add 0.5
      gpe-contacts: add 0.46
      merge of '4dfc78edd77f8873f466310c5aeb329cb95eb08e'
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: add patch to enable iwmmxt for the hx4700
      ipaq-pxa270.conf: make iwmmxt a higher priority as armv5te
      openssh: add 4.3p2
      openssh 4.3: wind back PR now it's still safe
      libmimedir 03.1.+cvs: bump PR + up default_pref
      libmimedir: update PV to match so-version
      merge of 'a215524bc68709c948773354aab3283121aed094'
      task-angstrom: ship missing pcmciautils, spotted by zeenix
      maemo: fix feeds
      angstrom: correct email address
      merge of '14667242175a1d72fe6a6278ffb941a5c170c04f'
      lots of files: fix my mailaddress
      cairo: add 1.2.2 release and drop the bugridden 1.2.0
      diet-x11 X11R7.1: re-add xim.patch
      gpe-conf: update to 0.2.1
      gpe-conf: drop buggy 0.2.0
      gpe-icons: set package arch to 'all', follow the styleguide a bit more, fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS, drop old versions
      libpng: update to 1.2.12
      speex: disable parallel make
      telepathy-gabble: add release, remove snapshot
      farsight: drop snapshot, add release
      gst-plugin-farsight: drop snapshot, add release
      sylpheed-claws: add mbox plugin
      gpe-theme-e17: add a matching gtk+ theme for the default e17 theme
      xserver-kdrive-git: fix DEPENDS
      libpng 1.2.12: fix libpng.pc
      pango: update to 1.14
      libpng: add -lz to the .pc to fix cairo->pango->gtk+. I'll leave it up to the knowledgeable people to fix up the .so
      ipkg: add .163
      task-angstrom: remove dbus-glib hack
      sylpheed-claws-plugin mailmbox: de-typo PV
      libpng: *sigh* more .pc munging
      eel 2.12.2: fix DEPENDS
      htcuniversal.conf: unbreak it
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: set maxdate for iwmmxt patch
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: add defconfig for h5xxx
      htcuniversal.conf: "Since TARGET_ARCH is in IPKG_ARCHS by default you can lose the "arm" in
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: update h2200 defconfig
      merge of 'bc5087d2ff20b3a1f43d573613a883bbc0594976'
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: update hx4700 defconfig
      merge of '1415f8fe0c4b15b7c24e2f8492c219ba906af8fd'
      fakeroot: add staging
      merge of '1cd257c57e952cce419bacf94a4f03a148fcd17d'
      shrsh: add 7.1
      merge of '3b5717e88b7dc6248a4a04b0383da3e66cb7e025'
      sbrsh: RRECOMMEND nfs module
      merge of 'e383b4da996a2fc451decc374fb00f9c927e9ca1'
      gpe-conf: add 0.2.2
      merge of '0d5d329305f1889da24316c8f1a1c4055aa1c965'
      h5xxx: update defconfig
      efika, ep93xx: stop using the obsolete linux-modules class
      merge of '2813b5b33a80acca8e53166638a06c31c96fc819'
      ntp 4.2.0: fix PACKAGES to include debug files
      nautilus 2.12: add libexif to depends
      ipaq-sleep 0.9: add patch to fix install issues
      udev 092: fix hostap on h2200, courtesy Joshua Layne
      gtk+ 2.8.9: s/jpg/jpeg/
      libmimedir 0.4.0: add patch by Martin Felis to fix list append behaviour
      udev: add mount.blacklist for h2200 and ipaq-pxa270
      mikmod: depend on ncurses
      chmlib: add 0.38
      merge of '73a0fd7a86c83ccf1f4ef3268b3d5af71f74a60a'
      xmms: make rebuilds work
      sane srcdates: try to catch all floating cvs packages (bitbake -s | grep cvs | grep -v opie) and categorize it
      asterisk: de-arm-ify
      merge of '28c6631c48492003a3883657f53019459fbef9c4' set appropriate PACKAGES_DYNAMIC fix bitbake crashes
      task-sdk: fix some RDEPENDS and set PACKAGES_DYNAMIC for some more packages
      libmimedir 0.4.0: fix packaging
      libsoup: add PACKAGES_DYNAMIC
      gnutils 1.4.0: add PACKAGES_DYNAMIC
      task-sdk: s/ice/libice/
      base.bbclass: remove nostamp for fetch
      merge of '447bcfa88f0dd373b4eabc33996f6b72e757747a'
      LAB-kernel cvs: add hhv version check
      angstrom-2006.9: prefer dbus 0.92
      merge of '1cbd1bde7832b3e86e5c8ad0fabfa6a90408baf5'
      wpa supplicant 0.4.7: change do_install to work with OE's install from coreutils-native
      task-angstrom: mask out broken packages
      mesa 6.4.1: add a hack to use 'gcc' for building gen_matypes on x86
      merge of '2098d6e0cf6da177c9c29ab698039d0012c237cf'
      task-angstrom: add wifi modules for wep/wpa
      gpe autostarter: add 0.12
      gpe-beam: add 0.2.9
      gpe-edit: update to 0.32
      firefox 1.5: put debug files in the -dbg package, the main package still has empty debug dirs: put inspector bits in the inspector package
      thunderbird: put debug files in the debug package
      alsa-lib: fix packaging
      esound-gpe: fix packaging
      merge of '8ccc9ddeffbeea9f755fb4b0caf0a811f8221384'
      contrib/feed-browser/update.php: add GPL header
      contrib/feed-browser/update.php: fix path to db
      merge of 'ba1952e77d8317a620918dafd4d7de027e092e7d'
      libhal-mm: fix packaging and recipe style
      libnl: fix PV and clean it up a bit
      merge of '45d524b88abbb00dc07aaebd7b8f052ad47664b6'
      networkmanager: add modified nm by Milan Plzik
      dhcdbd: add patch to make it work it the new dbus api
      networkmanager: fix depends and add patch for new dbus api
      feed-browser: also list number of packages per feed after updating
      merge of '53526775d6ee970cc212293fcfa79e27b87e4a5b'
      gpe-edit: insert \n to unbreak metadata
      merge of '1ee32088f5f2a9a808845cf1074bbe5566d7be4a'
      libgnomecups: add dep on libgnomeui
      xserver-kdrive git: fix packaging so Security Policy ends up in the rootfs
      classes: run do_package before do_stage so we can populate staging with package if we want
      merge of '910e407ede2c21fb664e4341b86db29ea58c5a5e'
      pango 1.14: add appropriate PACKAGES_DYNAMIC to stop bitbake trunk from building pango 1.10 to satisfy  dependencies on pango-module-*
      busybox 1.2.1: replace mv with a non-gnu-ish cp
      db-native: make sure do_package() is empty
      angstrom: enable binary locale generation and add visbility stuff to cxxflags
      glibc 2.4: mask out more broken locales
      qemu 0.8.2: use the cross compiler to build 'qemu'
      merge of 'bf8790b0b16ee7e79a7ef29a775d55ffeabcb9a2'
      glibc 2.4: also mask out gez_ER
      glibc 2.4: remove spurious committed Werror bit
      qemu: fix typo
      package.bbclass: remove do_install from PACKAGE_FUNCS, as noted by Philipp Zabel
      gconf-dbus: depend on dbus-glib
      dbus 0.92: remove default pref = -1
      gstreamer: add 0.10.8
      gst-plugins base: stage things so good, bad and ugly can proceed to build stuff
      angstrom: slide data a teensy bit forward
      gst plugins ugly: add 0.10.4
      e17 menu-convert: set package arch to all
      angstrom: tidy up
      h5xxx: add apprpriate MACHINE FEATURES
      ipaq-pxa270: add appropriate MACHINE FEATURES
      tslib 1.0: use tarball instead of svn and fix packaging
      dbus-glib: depend on dbus to get dbus.h
      merge of '8c9fa400aa857e0110b0a702db34db034b841697'
      libxml++: move to correct subdir
      merge of 'aebf88ce897b2503c671d3dd0b5828248df55257'
      scummvm 0.9.0: enable all engines to get rid of undefined symbols*
      merge of 'bea143d94e8d276b8e97bf1f82928984f2ac040a' remove Troll technology
      linux-ezx: update to ezx7 and add 2 patches for gcc4-isms
      merge of '736e3745c824a8c11dfc76795f69158b8940190a'
      merge of '5aa5d42f826b82e5dcae45d30186d8ec6fc7f784'
      linux-ezx: remove outdated patches
      imagemagick: add 6.2.9, closes #336
      tune-arm926ejs: .dev uses gcc 4 by default
      xserver-kdrive git: remove tslib and xcalibrate patches that have been applied upstream (yay!) and enable tslib in EXTRA_OECONF
      calibrateproto: add git version
      calibrateproto: add a PV
      libxcalibrate: add git version
      xserver-kdrive git: adjust for new calibrate stuff, package Xsdl, enable build of epson server
      hh-pxa-2.6 2.6.16 hh5: unbreak do_configure for EABI, add proper COMPATIBLE_MACHINES and do a version check for good measure
      horizon: add cvs version of this cool sketch toy
      libx11: bump PR to keep up with diet-x11
      angsgrom: make TARET_FPU overridable
      hh-pxa-2.6 2.6.16-hh5: remove maxdate from iwmmxt patch
      task-angstrom-x11: mask of thcrut
      gpe-package: backport search functionality from cvs
      merge of 'b85e20731701ef2d7dc18d059fe5b5cd0e2eb8ac'
      h2200-bootloader: try to make sure only h2200 machine will build and install it fixes
      ep93xx kernel: update defconfig
      angstrom: prefer 2.6.16-hh5 for machines that use it
      packages/linux: set some more COMPATIBLE_MACHINES
      hh-pxa 2.4-hh42: really make sure it supports h5xxx
      hh-pxa 2.6.16hh6: add it
      angstrom: prefer hhpxa 2.6.16hh6
      angstrom: zaprootpw happens automagically now
      cairo 1.2.4: libx11 -> virtual/libx11
      angstrom: prefer cairo 1.2.2
      gpe-login 0.87: replace highdpi patch with one that just sets a normal theme, since the dpi issues should have been resolved
      merge of 'b0b77e51fdd4802821fa1c92b384ac48838955b2'
      angstrom: tslib and/or libxcalibrate is broken in kdrive_git, so use the release for now
      angstrom: hh6 has broken dependencies due to version mismatch, switch back to hh5
      imlib: add 1.9.15
      qiv: add 1.9
      wxbase cvs: fix SRC_URI
      merge of '0f5fc910a03052e7b935c22cf24e1235f9cc1576'
      openntpd: don't pickup unwanted ssl libs, closes #1378
      nfs-utils: fix #1378 and fix RDEPENDS on a kernel-module
      merge of '269c1d3f7a6a873041635f5ec41aacff978e166d'
      merge of '0cb2088c75cd013fa4b79bb46028d9d384f0ef81'
      networkmanager: RDEPEND on iproute2
      libsndfile: slightly improve packaging
      abiword-embedded: RPROVIDE abiword fix DESCRIPTION
      povray: add 3.6.1 (from 2004), since the povray dudes haven;t released the source for 3.7.0beta yet
      rox-filer: add 2.5
      povray: remove bogus section
      libgnomeui 2.15.2: lower default pref since it need gtk 2.10, which also has a negative default-pref
      merge of '5fca8a9235857878b0071b8bbb8836022bc08a23'
      tesseract: add 1.0, tesseract is a OCR engine
      angstrom: set correct mail address
      gpe-shield: test run of Cyril's sanitizer and drop obsolete versions
      merge of '4e7386151d1273724db821c550dbd7106a83f5ab'
      fuse: fix RRECOMMEND(S)
      gpe-buttonbox: fix embarrasing typos
      merge of '331c796786f820575978cca1b06ff1676cbbfb45'
      merge of '0cc400441946f7a721b718fe50f7bbce5c9ea24f'
      various: correct typos spotted by Cyril Romain
      gpe-calendar: reformat according to styleguide and drop obsolete versions
      gpe-conf: reformat according to styleguide and drop obsolete versions
      openocd: unbreak build
      gimp: add 2.3.10
      minimo: check in stuff from #1391 (various authors) to make it easier for people to test
      udev: add 0.100, default preference = -1
      angstrom: clean up preferred_providers a bit
      speex: add 1.2beta which has reduced memory usage and  lower cpu requirements
      hh-pxa 2.6: update defconfigs
      bitbake.conf: update default maintainer
      pcre: attempt to repair the damage introduced
      sl: add 3.03 allow EABI uclibc builds
      uclibc_svn: remove patches that have been applied upstream
      rename to
      dbus: drop 0.6x
      angstrom: introduce ANGSTROM_MODE to select between 'glibc' and 'uclibc', inspired by poky reinstate TARGET_VENDOR
      merge of '5b517db465e78171fe40e917eed17ab8594b1423'
      glibc: adjust check for uclibc
      merge of '178ad077ac028be1b22bf39a8144558596dbb686'
       angstrom: some more uclibc stuff
      merge of '33a35e22030bcab7919a207fd07515e79928efab'
      angstrom: prepare for uclibc/NPTL and seperate uclibc and glibc packages
      merge of 'a1d864e39820a6d83791681ce836e11ac38a89b6'
      merge of 'd4c11ccced24bf281af2ed0d7b7c4d0fdd33692a'
      thumbpad: add 0.8
      package.bbclass: remove do_install *again* to fix all the failed builds people are reporting fix up DEPENDS
      libgnome 2.14: add esound to DEPENS
      base.bbclass: add ${D} to do_install[dirs] to fix some issues introduced by the task reordering
      base.bbclass: attempt to fix the case where do_install wants to run from inside ${D}
      liblbxutilo: fix mkg3states generation, reported by Leon Zhang
      lcms: update to 1.15
      site/arm-linux-uclibcgnueabi: copied from arm-linux-uclibc
      uclibc svn: beat it into a working state, but given the massive desinterest the OE/uclibc people are displaying for patches sent to the mailinglist, this could break for some configurations
      linux kernels: fix uclibcgnueabi detection
      linux kernels: and bump PR where available for previous commit add code to enable/disable EABI for ARM systems based on TARGET_OS
      uclibc: fix packaging in so we can get .dbg package.
      handhelds-pxa-2.6 cvs: fix uclibc/EABI
      gpe-plucker: remove obsolete stuff
      ibc-cvs arm uClibc.config: update to current svn
      gpe-dm: RDEPEND on procps:
      zaurusd: RDEPENDS on procps
      multimachine.bbclass: include TARGET_VENDOR, closes #1440
      multimachine.bbclass: fix typo spotted by mr Leemans
      busybox 1.2.1: set PR to something sane
      dbus: move obsolete versions (0.20 - 0.61) to packages/obsolete/dbus
      merge of '300063bb2f3d1abb7a7532b48c45894ec6098d31'
      tune-athonmp: tune from athlon MP cpus
      guinness.conf: machine description for computers containing a tyan 2462 mainboard
      linux-x86: add a rudimentary config for the guinness machine
      guinness: add MACHINE_FEATURES
      multimachine: remove spurious hyphen in staging-kernel-dir
      merge of '5a91122748a2eff5f19fc8d9fdd0d6d0b748f3d8'
      h2200, h5xxx, ipaq-pxa270, netbook-pro: add MACHINE_FEATURES
      a780: add MACHINE_FEATURES, the 'keyboard' one might be a bit misplaced
      task-base: include tslib for 'touchscreen'
      gumstix.conf: fix typos for kernel modules
      xournal: fix SRC_URI
      xournal: add 0.3.1
      merge of '5d78367052376f9cb5cf1254ebd88c2b1a03a2e7'
      angstrom: start of migration to task-base
      angstrom: start removing overlap between task-base and task-angstrom
      classes/package.bbclass: use ?= for PACKAGEFUNCS *again*
      lzma: depends on zlib-native, spotted by Leon Woestenberg
      zlib-native: stage zlib.h, spotted by Leon Woestenberg
      angstrom: don't use linux-oz as provider for hostap-modules for ipaq-pxa270
      gcc-cross: bump PR
      dpkg: sync with poky
      apt: sync with poky
      apt: update to 0.6.46, hack do_install to work around missing .so files
      merge of '10d887a6bc65bb22550e2964935e1dea718ab462'
      gdbm: add PACKAGES_DYNAMIC to satisfy python
      python: python has been broken long enough with recent bitbakes, so lets do PACKAGES_DYNAMIC="python*". Feel free to properly fix it.
      disapproval of revision 'bc5677e9c976a0343cf5804e7e3ef53a9a8fc47b'
      htcuniversal: add MACHINE_FEATURES
      task-angstrom: decrease overlap with task-base some more
      merge of '223327fd3033fa458005719c617ffb6c13746e86'
      angstrom 2007.1: prefer hh-pxa cvs for htcuniversal
      merge of 'd70f986456dbed534668139d7aff0d7ddbd4d10e'
      handhelds-pxa-2.6: add defconfig for htc-universal
      task-angstrom: move tslib utils to debug-section
      packaged-staging.bbclass: Add a class to put staging/ under package management
      angstrom: switch to task-base
      oelint.bbclass, documentation.conf: update OE email address
      merge of '4b73558623bbfab1759729a3f14c435cc6b440a1'
      Remove MAINTAINER fields from recipes, add MAINTAINER file to replace them.
      hx4700, hx2000: start adding support for hx4700 and hx200 ipaqs to solve overloading of the ipaq-pxa270 machine fix breakage introduced by the MAINTAINERS cset
      ntp: fixes
      psplash: add psplash from poky
      angstrom: add psplash to images
      glibc 2.5: add version that builds, not tested on device yet
      glibc 2.5: re-enable zecke-sane-readelf
      zaurus-updater: add c3200 support
      glibc 2.5: remove some hardcoded references use hx4700 machine from now on
      hx4700.conf: drop task-bootstrap support, add task-base support
      h2200: convert to task-base
      hx4700, h2200: fix typo
      angstrom: use glibc 2.5 to (seemingly) solve the shm problems
      angstrom-2007.1.conf: add some extra utils to task-base
      task-base: bump PR
      psplash: add a way to replace the bootup logo, currently an OE logo will be displayed
      linux kernels: remove ipaq-pxa270 support, remove obsolete recipes
      gpe-login: remove obsolete versions
      gpe-session-scripts: drop obsolete versions
      gpe-session-scripts: s/ipaq-pxa270/hx4700/
      angstrom: fix typo in linux-libc-headers PV
      angstrom: use libc headers to avoid ' strtol_l.c:497: error: 'ERANGE' undeclared (first use in this function)' that 2.6.18+2.6.19rc1 produces for glibc-intermediate
      angstrom disable strace for debug builds, since it doesn't build. It is still in the feeds:
      cairo 1.2.2: add libsm to DEPENDS
      bitbake.conf: point GPEMIRROR to the new home of the gpe project
      gpesyncd: move gpesyncd over to gpe svn
      bitbake.conf: add GPE_SVN var
      gpesyncd: use GPE_SVN var
      htc-universal: convert to task-base
      h5xxx: convert to task-base
      htcuniversal: correct module names
      merge of '3eca6e20852dc85705fb05ad1be96527ff27ec27'
      task-base: don't use obsolete wpa-supplicant-nossl
      linux-x86: enable some more filesystems for the guinness machine
      procps: update to 3.2.7
      merge of '2af10c8f8ecac83cfb23286aebb3172d45a4a12f'
      htcuniversal: ship acx module as well
      merge of '348938c3555546469580e952fd705c085456a048'
      MAINTAINERS: UTF-8 rocks, so let's use it
      MAINTAINERS: also fix RP's entries
      remove pre xorg stuff, as indicated in
      site/i686-linux: add ettercap sock_len
      strace: bump pr after last patch
      angstrom: re-add strace
      angstrom: add no-arch feed
      bitbake svn: trunk is 1.7.0, not 0.0
      h2200, h4000: s/include/require/ and add some comments
      conf/machine: remove <foo>-common stuff
      merge of '3a72c4b2962d909444aaaee9569be3bb90169577'
      rename xorg-lib to something more appropriate
      poodle2.4.conf: remove spurious commit
      hx4700: prefer the Xw100 x server
      gpsd: add 2.33
      gpsd: remove DEPENDS on dbus 0.23.ancient.obsolete
      h5xxx: rename machine back to its original name
      gtk+: add ttf-dejavu-sans to RRECOMMENDS, otherwise applications requiring fonts will crash
      packaged-staging: add a recipe for stage-manager and DEPENDS on it
      packaged-staging.bbclass: update instructions
      stage-manager: correct PV
      hx4700.conf: hx4700<hyphen>acx, not hx4700<underscore>acx
      merge of '015d8066795c710542be78b0d248e74face7af15'
      gpe-scap: replace gpe-screenshot and update metadata accordingly
      merge of '5112c5ba79fa1a1fc2a20c61652fd3ab8ef6b833'
      angstrom: use a newer binutils
      navman-icn330: add support for the navman iCN 300 gps receiver
      u-boot_LABEL.2006.06.30.2020: fix compiling for non-standard target prefixes (like ones including target-vender)
      linux-navman: add kernel for the navman-icn330 machine
      htc-universal: fix another batch of typos
      hx4700: remove some more hyphens
      celinux-test: typos
      angstrom: set the correct binutils version
      binutils: add with patches from uclibc buildroot
      task-base: bump PR
      merge of '91e857f4e4f0139bbea26d8f79434e22885acf30'
      rxvt-unicode: add 7.9
      rxvt-unicode: remove def-pref -1 from 7.9
      stagemanager-native: add empty do_stage
      task-angstrom-x11: add rxvt and autostarter back
      gpe-session-scripts: remove unused patches also ship matchbox-keyboard
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass: remove ipkg-link from IPKG_INSTALL libg2c ins't always present, so don't error out if strip has a fit
      ossiecf: put it in a place where OE can find it
      angstrom: check for sanity
      netbook-pro: finish conversion to task-base
      angstrom: use binutils-cross 2.17 till we figure out how to teach OE to handle the newer and stricter strip
      module_strip.bbclass: filter out directories to stop recent binutils from barfing
      angstrom: more binutils pingpong :)
      stagemanager: remove dep on quilt-native by zapping PATCHTOOL
      *ipk.bbclass: banish ipkg-link
      merge of '00032e7126f86cd85fcd04db2fbf6b89c2502be7'
      kdrive: remove duplicate packages.
      bluez-libs: add 3.7
      merge of 'a6f1d179d5b142243bfd53363872c06f4207c8da'
      gpe-session-scripts: 'matchbox' doesn't exist, remove it so bitbake doesn't choke libx11 -> virtual/libx11
      hh-pxa .inc: fix typo
      h2200 defconfig: set cpufreq to 'M' since it can mess up the TS
      merge of '59db29c2fbf652e798bf9169df311698fabe2566'
      xterm: xpm -> libxpm
      kbdd: move over to the new home at linuxtogo and move the srcdate forward so we get 0.12
      glibc: drop 2.4, since it is confirmed to be nonworking on arm
      glibc 2.4: start whitelisting compatible hosts with COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      conf/: remove references to
      base.bbclass: remove
      merge of '365d8f133c3f7699978ee00c41919fac8d53bd47'
      glibc 2.5: stage correct sigthreads.h
      merge of 'ba75ce699520265ea15b201913787870af7e0572'
      uucp: add 1.07
      h3900.conf: fix include path for tune-xscale
      alsa-driver: add compatible_machine mask
      gpe-calendar: move over to gpe svn
      libgpevtype: move to gpe svn
      htcuniversal: pcmcia isn't in MACHINE_FEATURES, so setting PCMCIA_MANAGER is a bit strange
      libgpewidget: move cvs version to svn
      gpe-conf: move _cvs to svn
      dbus: move fix-segfault to dbus/ so dbus 0.94 can find it
      initscripts: add an extra check to, inspired by the logicpd cset earlier
      fluxbox svn : MAINTAINER isn't used in .dev anymore
      dhcp: also package dhcp-dbg
      libgsf: update to 1.14.2
      goffice: add 0.3.2
      perl: fix issues with debug packages, from Poky
      gtk+: various fixes
      insane.bbclass: update to current -dbg handling, as indicated by QA meister Holger F.
      angstrom: don't prefer a non-existing qemu-native
      angstrom-glibc: set preferred provider for virtual/libc
      angstrom-glibc: remove stray space
      insane.bbclass: fix some python stuff and make error message a bit more helpfull
      libgpewidget: don't ship debug stuff in main packages and clean up old versions
      libgpelaunch: don't ship debug info in main packages, clean up old versions
      libmimedir: fix packaging
      openobex: fix packaging
      lib_package.bbclass: unbreak packaging
      expat: bump PR
      mdadm: update to 2.5.5, which should work a bit better on BE systems
      gcc-cross-sdk: add 4.1.1
      ep93xx: convert to task-base
      merge of '5a26245df5a73c8d0bf8f987e469566f6955e6cf'
      insane.bbclass: import bb
      gcc 4.1.1: Add patch from Dallas Foley to fix EABI on armv4t
      gcc 4.1.1: bump PR
      merge of 'd0a5769f631be6669cccf0f43f7161eb8c9b64a1'
      busybox: add 1.2.2, needs further testing, so it has a negative default preference
      base.bbclass, package.bbclass: don destrucively set RDEPENDS and RRECOMMENDS, from Poky
      angstrom: add pref versions for sdk stuff as well
      merge of '15b7eadc9952c4f918a8390a157c5b9c400e4394'
      angstrom: nobody wants to support either an opie-based image nor opie itself for angstrom, so lets remove the opie bits and select appropriate defaults for xine and sdl
      angstrom: lets not subject users to an untested busybox version right now :)
      merge of '80203f8e0e1f0ca5359560cbebadc073a4aa239c'
      busybox: add support files for 1.2.2
      libxml2-native 2.6.10: fix SRC_URI
      packages/: various .debug packaging fixes (from Poky)
      bitbake.conf: Fix .debug packaging (from Poky)
      angstrom: fix FEED URIs
      merge of '4d5affce3ba65df3658b9b749b1db11d11ef1d8f'
      update-alternatives: add from poky
      dpkg: sync with poky
      binconfig.bbclass: mangle *-config and .la files that end up in packages, based on work by Marcin Juszkiewicz
      merge of '0c89fbedbb59ef7e1b229b833813e59080b4952a'
      bump PR on various recipes using binconfig
      gtk+: fix the immodules postinst to use 'gtk-query-immodules-2.0' instead of the non-existant 'gtk-query-immodules'
      binconfig.bbclass: protect foo-native stuff from do_install
      fltk: add 1.1.4 + fldevice patch, needed for giac 0.6.x
      gpe.bbclass: make SRC_URI a weak assignment
      angstrom: add support for ixp4xx/LE and disable NLS for uclibc set mandatory COMPATIBLE_MACHINE and add EABI magic remove MACHINE=e680
      tslib: don't use detect-stylus for h2200, hx4700 and h5xxx. Feel free to remove others if the new udev rule for /dev/input/touchscreen0 works
      gpe.bbclass: apparently weak assigments in SRC_URI don't work :(
      merge of '418c8f8721711c31d603902018e139a4834946ca'
      libgtkinput, libgtkstylus: fix packaging with gtk+ 2.10.x
      merge of '79ea02243e94fe9936f10935156fe8832b208e82'
      h6300.conf: fix ipkg archs
      angstrom: add support for h6300
      tune-arm9tdmi.conf: if you tell gcc to allow thumb code you also need to set package_arch to armv4t
      angstrom-version: set PACKAGES
      insane.bbclass: update message for -dbg packages
      libw100: add svn version
      cairo 1.2.4: add patches from Dan Amelang to speed up fixed_from_double conversions
      ixp4xx: remove pcmcia support
      libgnome(ui): update to 2.16.0
      merge of '5f21c437aa0fff306d71bc8a8df1b5108b220a05'
      tslib: touchscreen, not touchsreen
      abiword: update to 2.4.6 package up some more files
      angstrom: disable binary locale generation for mx31ads since qemu doesn't like armv6/eabi/hardvfp
      mx31ads: add task-base stuff
      mx31ads.conf: add some more compatible archs
      libopensync: update to 0.20
      task-base: add 'screen' and 'pci' machine features
      angstrom: updates
      disapproval of revision '00fbddaa13e002e339a062c328b76d88c57a345e'
      geoclue: add geoclue, a dbus service to find out where you are via various means like gps or
      dbus 0.94: fix initscript, closes #1563
      merge of '6af5be50367621ab5838c9f4dc4e831a81c1d225'
      dbus: add 0.95 cross version
      gcc 4.1.1: make $JAVA and $FORTRAN actually have an effect on $LANGUAGES
      merge of '051aed6118dfe66775aef988fe3b9f0792cf80a9'
      site/arm-linux-gnueabi: add test for abstract sockets
      dbus 0.95: re-add cross.patch for people that don't have the ac_cv test result in their site files
      eds-dbus: merge in some fixes from poky
      libiconv: fix SECTION
      tinymail: catch up with latest svn, still doesn't compile
      h5xxx.conf: remove devfs style serial port
      tinymail: add patch to get past the iconv configure stage, tinymail will build again starting from rev 1121:
      tinymail: split up packages per Marcins RFC
      vino 2.16.0: add the vino vnc server
      libpcre: also set PROVIDES = "pcre" for compatibility reasons
      palmld.conf: add rewritten palmld.conf
      sysvinit: fix divide by zero at reboot for angstrom
      initscripts: fix RO root problem for angstrom
      xserver-common: add 1.11
      xserver-common: add 1.12 which incorperates all patches from OE minus the script
      Dbus: add 1.0.0 release, needs testing before removing DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = -1
      mb-applet-inputmanager: apply patch from Phil Blundell to pop up input method on focus
      matchbox-applet-inputmanager: clean up
      faad2: add a gcc4 fix
      merge of '0c748e1d7bac1a47ec910c7acdb38a694ca28999'
      angstrom: fix some parse errors to make Holger happy
      eds-dbus: fix parse error
      gnome-doc-utils: fix another parser error to make Holger even happier
      merge of '4e4a2d2a3c172e0018ad8039dd9f8ac05a09e270'
      jpeg: fix packaging
      task angstrom x11: add .desktop file for rxvt
      distutils-base bbclass: exclude debug files from $bindir and $libdir, PYTHON_DIR still contains them, see bug #1581
      python-fuse: add it
      glibc 2.5: add patch to fix
      gmailfs: update to 0.7.2
      add check_pf.patch to glibc-2.4/ as well
      fuse: update to 2.6.0
      cups: fix SRC_URI, courtesy Todd Blumer
      merge of '2001ac2acd66ae1b7566b3830724007b6854f03f'
      gtk+ 2.10.6: fix cups backend by removing a stale patch
      notecase: add 1.2.6 of the notecase outliner
      sysvinit: attempt to fix #1582
      notecase: add missing patches
      merge of '9addc8085e450d56da3a5559a74f27e8334b960b'
      mx31ads: add eabi switch and some stylistic changes
      MAINTAINERS: add lrg remove hardcoded references
      libmimedir: add a maxdate for the gslist patch and a sane-srcdate to work around some weirdness in bitbake trunk
      merge of '3019a41b13454b8c73c07731830e179cef6cf1a1'
      gtk+ 2.10.6: bump PR
      mx31ads-kernel: fix copy/paste error
      tinymail: add maxdate for configure patch
      libmutils: removed all tarballs, use SVN
      tsclient: fix DEPENDS
      libmutil: first pass at updating to current SVN
      h3800.conf: add the groundwork for splitting h38xx out of h3600.conf
      h3800.conf: add task-base stuff
      e classes: include dbg packages
      e classes: fix -dbg
      e-image: the e dudes have gotten a clue and are using .desktop files nowadays, so the convert script isn't needed anymore
      merge of '60961ec466bc4987a9fab147de3b7703dfe6317f'
      alsa-lib: update to 1.0.13
      alsa-utils: update to 1.0.13
      merge of '61f51adb910c35364a495ee3a926fea53aad7b57'
      linux-nokia770: add 2.6.16, from poky, but enhanced greatly by me :)
      nokia770.conf: add armv4t as extra ipkg arch
      linux-nokia770: fix defconfig install
      linux-nokia770: remove old config before adding a new one
      gnome-doc-utils: stage xml files so XorA and I don't need to make so many <foo>-nodocs.patch patches
      schroedinger: fix parse error
      suspend-desktop: fix parse error
      xserver-kdrive-git: fix parse error
      xserver-kdrive 1.1: fix parse error
      libxft: fix parse error
      xf86-input-mouse: fix parse error
      xmame-tiny: fix parse error
      tighvnc: fix parse error and debug packaging
      dbus: add 1.0.1
      minimo 0.016: remove spurious ${D} in mozdir, should fix #1600
      minimo 016: fix parse error and bump PR
      minimo 016: fix -dbg packaging
      angstrom-2007.1: prefer cairo 1.3.2
      angstrom 2007.1: prefer dbus 1.0.1
      dbuys 1.0.1: ensure /var/lib/dbus exists before writing to it
      tinymail: update iconv stuff to latest svn
      libbacon: add floating cvs version
      contacts: update to 0.2
      tinymail: add missing files
      dbus-native: update to latest stable (1.0.1)
      enca: remove -I/usr/include from Makefiles and build native tools without -I<staging cross>
      angstrom: prefer hostap-utils 0.4.7
      merge of '5aa0bfca72176a539f36057d142b7fbc248c3987'
      mozilla bbclass: inherit pkgconfig
      tinymail: fix parse errors
      task-angstrom-x11: fix parse error
      esound-gpe: move to the new gpe location, with a slightly confusing date thanks to the wonders of svn
      merge of '3d939eee6aecc2b2d2d099a3f29faf68ba2b347b'
      avahi: update to 0.6.15 (security update) and add a patch to build against dbus 1.0 (from freebsd)
      networkmanager: add patch to build against dbus 1.0
      util-linux: add debian patch and patches from #1533, courtesy Gerwin van der Kruis, should close #1533
      tslib-maemo: remove it, since tslib has nokia 770 support and later maemo versions seem to use a sane tslib
      angstrom 2007.1: use glibc-intermediate 2.4 to get around a build problem with 2.5
      angstrom: bump DR
      merge of '4ddff6248143a48297190b36c8ec6148bc9301bb'
      git: RDEPEND on perl:
      git: also rdepend on perl-module-file-path
      linux-nokia770: update to osso26 (from poky)
      librsvg: add 2.16.0
      librsvg: add cairo dep
      cairo: add floating git version
      linux-nokia 770: fix deploy
      cairo git: also compile performance suite
      cairo git: remove local diff
      libsoup: update to 2.2.98
      rsync: update to 2.6.9, remove old versions
      fontconfig 2.3.95: up default pref so people will stop seeing alignment traps on arm
      cairo git: adjust PV to match upstream
      cairo: update snapshot to 1.3.4
      maemo-mapper: add (a bit outdated) no-hildon version, courtesy Richard Purdie also use softfloat for armeb
      removal.txt: add task-bootstrap*
      tinymail: drop eds-dbus, since tinymail has its own camel now
      poppler: update to 0.5.4
      evince: update to 0.6.1
      btsco: stop configure from putting -I/usr/include into the commmand line, fixes the problems people where seeing in #oe
      h3600.conf: add MACHINE_TASK_PROVIDER = "task-base"
      linux-nokia770: bump PR
      angstrom 2007.1: add another CVS_TARBALL_STASH
      base-files: mv ipaq-pxa270 hx4700
      mb panel hacks: set package_arch to all
      removal.txt: add bluez 2.x
      wpa-supplicant 0.5.5: if [] ; then ; do isn't valid sh, remove ';do'
      wpa-supplicant 0.5.5: work around OE/bitbake arch bug
      gcc-cross 4.1.1: fix libg* architecture bugs, closes #1265
      bluez gnome 0.6: add bluez-gnome, a config applet for bluez stuff
      task-angstrom-x11: add rotate applet
      angstrom 2007.1: prefer cairo 1.3.4 (for fpu speed ups) and wpa-supplicant 0.5.5 (<0.5.x breaks with networkmanager)
      gcc-cross-sdk: change include order to make it fail in a different place
      gpe-theme-foxbox: fix SRC_URI
      mb-panel: add 0.9.3 which has been in my local tree for ages, ooops
      merge of '7b822d191962a6aa7f36fbc3f5fc943962cf04a4'
      guinness: add acpi
      hal 0.5.7: disable hal-device-manager till someone adds python-pygnome
      wpa supplicant 0.5.5: $MACHINE} isn't valid as PACKAGE_ARCH, use ${MACHINE_ARCH}, makes kergoth happy when he's building without setting MACHINE
      udev: merge stuff from 097 and 100 into, add do_stage from poky, bump PR
      merge of '190c717fcefa9f89f739dac0295c41c977c5f2da'
      hal: add
      python-pygtk2: update to 2.10.3
      hal surpress dependencie on hal-info
      ep93xx-kernel: fix src uri for kernelpatch
      merge of '15b6f45301fda6f790437001f9294ee5c0aa8b0b'
      python-pygtk2 2.10.3: stage files needed for codegen as well
      python-pygtk2 2.10.3: stage even more defs...
      angstrom 2007.1: only install psplash formachines with a 'screen'
      lots of machines: add 'screen' to MACHINE_FEATURES
      merge of '566766a2d7562a96a2abccaf2cea055e8c0cbfc6'
      gpesyncd: adjust DEPENDS to match svn
      gpesyncd: add some more DEPENDS
      pango: update 1.14.8
      sane src-dates: add gpesyncd, since r8867 depends on non-released libraries
      glibc 2.5: bump PR due to class changes this afternoon
      merge of '34c552438e2e3487f826b3198c4bdf7e1445e77e'
      task-propertools: add a task to get proper tools instead of the dumbed down busybox versions
      merge of 'ad36a7c0dc09029ac7c1a503d76ef1f5ca0600e0'
      task-proper-tools: add more utils
      task-proper-tools: don't emit bogus packages
      task-angstrom-x11: exploit *_FEATURES a bit more
      mplayer: remove Obsolete Palmtop Integrated Environment from section
      task-proper-tools: set arch to all
      gpe-synctool: add svn version
      epsilon: fix includes, closes #1623
      ixp4xx[bl]e: add machine descriptions for be and le mode in order to remove a lot of magic vars from distro configs
      angstrom 2007.1: remove arch byte sex var
      gpe-mini-browser: update recipe to use svn
      diet-x11: add patch from
      diet-x11: add info into xchar2b header
      angstrom 2007.1: remove spurious hyphen from TARGET_PREFIX
      merge of '7db6bb945fe2a5fda8aa63a3f14cb88e4f63c7ce'
      glibc initial: add 2.5, needed for powerpc
      angstrom 2007.1: some more tweaks for powerpc
      linux-libc headers 2.6.18+2.6.19-r1: fix install for powerpc
      linux libc headers 2.6.18: fix install for powerpc
      glibc-package.bbclass: remove bogus --without-fp
      angstrom 2007.1: more powerpc tweaks
      gcc 4.1.1: add patch to fix an ICE with building glibc with certain CFLAGS, if you get the ICE, you should update to binutils as well
      merge of '8c4d9d143b3386e8a9e062fd8917459f5b7958a2'
      tslib: remove some more detect-stylus depends for devices that can use a recent kernel and udev to get the touchscreen0 symlink
      tslib: fix HOMEPAGE
      pango: update to 1.15.1, changes LIBV to 1.6.0
      task-angstrom-x11: add detect-stylus, since it's still needed for the xcursor theme
      merge of '77bf6cf9356d5ff7595faaf06c5e8138020cb353'
      angstrom: add source mirror for angstrom
      cups: add 1.2.7, a recipe with less hacks as 1.1.13
      cairo git: cairo is at 1.3.5 now
      linux-efika: update to 2.6.19-rc6
      linux-efika: fix do_deploy
      linux-efika: fix do_install as well
      linux-efika: OE sets ARCH=ppc for TARGET_ARCH=powerpc and apparently that's wrong for a 603e core, so set ARCH to powerpc
      linux-efika: fix quoting before zecke sees it
      cairo: update to the 1.3.6 snapshot and steal some magic from gcc to set option for FPU-less systems
      angstrom 2007.1: prefer cairo 1.3.6 to avoid some overflows
      gpe-session-scripts: change default theme for angstrom
      merge of '17c261d19b8358762e0eb5cbbc9a4cc29c9e63bc'
      xserver-common: add patch to de-pink rxvt
      xserver-common: patch the right version, and fix quoting
      sane-src-dates: bump psplash SCRDATE to stop debug spam
      minimo 016: disable internal strip so -dbg package come out right
      gpe-session-scripts: due to a patch conflict angstrom resorts to the more reliable sed magic
      merge of 'dd905d1faac53a401f49cb464e9668c7754e986b'
      angstrom 2007.3: use glibc-initial 2.3.2 for powerpc, should close #1637
      arm site: add tcpnodelay + cork test
      powerpc site: add entries needed for glibc-initial 2.5
      angstrom 2007.3: powerpc can now use glibc-initial 2.5 due to the recent changes to the site file
      glibc 2.5: fix some funkiness with mathinline.h
      efika: include ppc603e in extra archs
      minimo: apply patch from mozilla bugzilla in an attempt to fix #1600
      angstrom use -O1 for perl to fix #1616
      libeventdb: use the new GPE svn repo
      efika: add MACHINE_FEATURES
      powerpc-linux site: add some more entries
      libx11: don't use oe_runmake to build makekeys since that fails for cross-endian builds
      fontconfig: use some more sed magic to stop the wrong endian.h ending up in the include path for stuff using BUILD_CC
      firefox 2.0: move jsautocfg.h to arm/
      merge of '0f6914ddb71c4af09ef7eaffe37c3c74c50c60b7'
      firefox 2.0: add jsautocfg.h for powerpc
      merge of '34f6928a9e37b4cbcbf32f2d5a04ecf42a67b8dc'
      Bluez: removed outdated stuff so multithreaded bitbake doesn't break apps depending on it
      merge of '45fb4fa94d52a65c3a3fa636c6122139173dfa8d'
      libx11: revert last commit till someone comes up with a proper fix
      merge of '1fc9d550468a28c01730e8075da9eb6354279e82'
      dbus: make Marcin happy:
      merge of '184d60b944ea10ce3ad82441a2729777a0ff3122'
      binutils add site prime fix. add it
      dbus 1.0.1: apply patch to fix CVE-2006-6107
      merge of '8ed5d1634e5cf85d56285543499643908effdede' glib-2.0 isn't needed any more
      dbus: add 1.0.2
      angstrom: prefer dbus 1.0.2 revert granularity change till someone comes up with something that doesn't break every dbus using app
      dbus: drop 0.95
      ipaq-pxa270: drop as indicated before. This machine has been split into hx4700 and hx2000
      psplash: sync with poky
      cairo: update git to 1.3.9
      angstrom 2007.1: prefer cairo 1.3.8
      removal.txt: add gstreamer 0.8.x
      libxml2: fix build for powerpc, which is suspiciously lacking a -ldl
      merge of '0214582b05132b8f733d073082c352b0d19100fd'
      libart: add powerpc config.h
      edb-dbus: updates
      task-proper-tools: add tar
      libx11: add fix for makekeys generation, tested for armv4t, armv5te, armv6, ppc603e and i686
      opentapi: add svn version
      boost: update to 1.33.1
      monotone: add 0.31
      task-self-hosting: fix typos
      task-self-hosting: fix packaging
      libsoup: add hack to fix rebuilds
      a780: unbreak kernel selection
      glib-2.0: update to 2.12.6
      pango: update to 1.15.2, create
      tune-thumb: add tune file to enable thumb stuff on armvXt
      binutils: update to
      tune-thumb: add more elaborate version which should allow setting ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm" in recipes as a killswitch, stolen from ixp4xx.conf
      tune-thumb: fix typos
      expat: repair some SRC_URI breakage
      angstrom-version: make machine specific small tweak to make building from scratch work
      glibc 2.5: for some reason (#1708) glibc doesn't like thumb, so set ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm"
      libgcrypt: disable thumb for thumb capable CPUs
      xserver-kdrive: disable thumb using ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm"
      merge of '3dbb1098a936a64f470f96db6fb6810f8b872d3b' disable thumb via ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm"
      tune-thumb: convert to negative logic
      merge of '0a670ad135de80006479fae559372bd4a2a6953e'
      apr-util: stage everything
      subversion 1.4.0: it builds now
      start removing task-bootstrap* as stated in removal.txt
      local.conf.sample: update it a bit
      task-pivotboot: drop it as part of task-booststrap removal
      angstrom: add provider for powerpc stuff
      angstrom: really add powerpc providers
      gnet cvs: stage all
      hiker: initial version of Access' hiker application framework
      cairo: update to 1.3.10
      angstrom: prefer cairo 1.3.10
      sapwood engine: add svn version
      angstrom 2007.1: prefer an older glib-2.0 for armv4t
      bitbake.conf: remove reference to task-bootstrap
      angstrom-bootstrap-image: honour ANGSTROM_EXTRA_INSTALL
      tune-thumb: remove explicit -nothumb, it is now disabled by omission to avoid strangeness with EABI
      gnomebaker: add 0.6.0
      poppler: cleanups:
      merge of '315f8d949ff4e2e3c22ae6f04a8b05818b5a7403'
      evince: add missing DEPENDS on libxt
      intltool: update to 0.35.2
      linux-hh 2.6.16-hh8: add patch from Milan Plzik to fix UDC on h5000
      libexif: fix do_install and staging
      merge of '2040fbc4df2aa380693c353ed60010c6857265d0'
      mediatomb: add svn version
      gnome-vfs: add 2.6.13 (partially from poky). This version uses dbus instead of corba, hence the missing One version to rule them all :)
      linux-handhelds: add blueangel to COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      libschedle: clean up and add dependency on libgpewidget
      angstrom: add OABI version for armv4 machines
      gstreamer: remove 0.8.x as indicated in removal.txt
      cairo: drop obsolete recipes
      cairo git: adjust PV
      liboil: add 0.3.10
      swfdec: add 0.4.0
      qof: fix up 0.6.0
      qof: update to 0.7.2
      gpe-expenses: add 0.0.6
      mx[23]1-kernel: use a proper PV
      angstrom: bump SRCDATE
      libxft: update to 2.1.12
      contrib/site-conf: add all m4 files to aclocal.m4
      ixp4xxle.conf: add tune-xscale
      merge of '5c1ed62467a4b699ec7940179d22e83acf36ad4f'
      libbacon: gnome cvs moved to svn, so lets use that
      ezx-boot-usb: update to svn rev 1922 which adds supports for the ROKR E2 (motorola should get a better spellchecker)
      merge of 'dad836385287178e12f53cd63adfb7b695a4c09f'
      ezx-boot-usb: add 0.1.0 release
      a780: include opentapi in the default rootfs. opentapi does still need an initscript to start on boot, though
      kanjipad: add svn version
      libusb: fix compilation for powerpc
      kanjipad: correct some cflags
      aspell: fix compilation for powerpc
      tinymail + maemo-mapper: depends on gnome-vfs, not gnome-vfs-dbus
      merge of 'c0e1d74b2a331789caaf72b458b57924d21c7da3'
      gnome-vfs-dbus: the -dbus branch has been merged upstream, so remove the old forked code. gnome-vfs_2.16.x has no orbit deps left
      linux-rp 2.6.19+git: s/DOSRC/RPSRC/ for kexec patch
      opentapi: add (untested) initscript
      angstrom oabi: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE is a bit unreliable in a distro.conf, so remove it
      basefiles: updates:
      basefiles: add fstab for efika and ep93xx add testdisk. From the homepage:
      fbgrab: add patch to enable a network mode, see for details
      h1940: tune for arm920t
      hx2000: clean up machine config a bit
      poppler: drop old stuff
      minipredict: fix packaging
      matchbox-common: clean up metadata a bit
      linux-x86: update guinness defconfig
      intltool: also fix 0.35.0 RDEPENDS
      gst-plugins: add PKG_DYNAMIC for gst-plugins
      gpe-scap: update to latest release
      gpe-login: update removeblue patch
      gnome-keyring: update DEPENDS
      glibc-2.5 initial: hide the 2.3 inheritance a bit better
      fltk: 1.1.4: also build gl plugins
      gnome-menus: add 2.16.1
      gnome-panel: add 2.12.1
      gnome-desktop: add 2.16.1
      linux-rp 2.6.19+git: up default pref for hx2000
      fbset: stop making my eyes bleed with '############' and use the update-alternatives bbclass to update the alternatives
      a1200.conf: add machine description for the motorola a1200 phone
      a780: support iwmmxt
      linux-ezx: add 2.6.20-rc version for a1200 based on dotmonkey's patches
      rokr-e2: add machine file for the ROKR E2 (motorola needs a spellchecker)
      linux-ezx: s/1200/rokr-e2/
      linux-ezx: fix CMDLINE for rokr-e2
      osb-jscore: add floating svn version
      osb-nrcore: add floating svn version
      osb-jscore svn: lower default pref
      curl: add 7.16.0, make linking against gnutls work
      merge of '00349fdb43ae1a7befdd9ed46ef8b8906eb2ad90'
      task-base: add blueprobe and bluez-utils to bluetooth-rdepends
      gpe-mini-browser: bump PR for curl/tls change
      merge of '6390f37ba1af225733a09408253deb2c380f9603'
      curl 7.16: package ca-certs (88kB), needed for ssl (e.g https) and RRECOMMEND it for libcurl
      merge of '198a1c8502da246aeea1c3db2cd3085a2722f68c'
      efika: remove pci from machine features to avoid troubles with building task-base
      angstrom 2007.1-oabi: tag packages as arm-oabi to minimize confusion
      angstrom oabi: add kernel version for h3600
      merge of '597405ebde19640675e0298f9206b90ef981a115'
      add an .inc for those poor clueless users that demand opie support but surprisingly do not want to do anything to support it
      make include zecke compliant
      linux-handhelds-2.6: add support for writing reflash.ctl files containing kernel information as needed for hx4700
      h3600 (and h3800 by inclusion), h5000, hx4700: add support from writing reflash.ctl files containing instruction to flash the rootfs using bootldr
      lots of machines: remove bogus architecture
      gcc 4.1.1, fix libsupc++ and libstdc++ la files with some XorA sed magic
      h3600, h5000, hx4700: fix quoting of EXTRA_IMAGECMD add safeguard for gcc-cross-initial remove spurious spaces
      htcblueangel: fix kernel-module naming
      task-base: add 'phone' to machine features
      gtk 2.10.7: add WIP version:
      gtk 2.10.7: rediffed run-iconcache.patch
      merge of '243cd3c062dedab306729396ebc2e44a5b81f1e9'
      gtk 2.10.7: rediffed hardcoded-libtool.patch
      angstrom-oabi: correct FEED_ARCHs
      maemo3: start adding maemo3 packages that build against stock base libraries:
      merge of '1494fe26d3240d31000724d1c5a00aaf8566b48b'
      hildon-base-lib: remove warning, that should go into hildon-libs
      maemo3: move outo from maemo/ to maemo3/
      libosso-gsf: add
      maemo3: add mce-dev 1.5.6
      linux-handhelds: add 2.6.16-hh9
      merge of 'f48ac043926352f44cb734d06f001be6e51080ef'
      angstrom-2007.1: prefer 2.6.16-hh9 to get the arm cache fix add rx3000 and h3800
      ipaq-boot-params: unbreak h5000
      basefiles: fix h5000 fstab
      blueprobe: fix serial ports for h5000 and h3900, and use HWUART on h5000
      blueprobe: fix patch
      mediatomb: updates
      diet-x11: enable xcms to fix rxvt and icewm, should close #1658
      esound gpe: use revision instead of date, fix path
      angstrom: prefer gtk 2.10.7
      angstrom: prefer gconf-dbus
      epia: cleanup and adapt to task-base
      angstrom: add feed arch for epia
      qiv: fix do_install
      povray: fix do_configure
      angstrom: make kernel version overridable via machine.conf of local.conf
      eds-dbus: add intltool-native to DEPENDS, closes #1786
      merge of '91b2ffc800916b90a5871806e605e65d6b2806d2'
      gtk-theme-torturer: fix DEPENS
      libsql-qpe: move it to packages/obsolete.
      wv: add 1.2.0, from Poky, ran through add include file for abiword 2.5 series, based on the one present in Poky.
      abiword: add 2.5.0 so abi-master Xora can play with it
      jpeg: add RPROVIDES to fix dependency errors caused by earlier (ab)use of debian.bbclass
      libgnomeui: update to 2.16.1
      eds-dbus: add patch to work with a recent dbus-bindings-tool
      dates: add 0.2
      eds-dbus: add maxdate for the bindings patch
      sane-src-dates: bump eds to yesterday to get some bugfixes
      opentapi: start right after udev to prevent BP powering off the phone
      task-angstrom-x11: ship bluez-gnome for device with bluetooth, since gpe-bluetooth doesn't provide a pass-agent that works with a recent bluez
      xfce-utils: fix packaging
      xfce-image: allow machine and distro to override the preferred xserver via ${XSERVER} in the other X based images libx11 -> virtual/libx11
      merge of '062ebbe44379bc5a91c32a65954e729d5496ff44'
      pulseaudio: fix packaging
      initscripts: bump PR so people can get the fixed via their favourite package manager
      gpe-session-scripts: add custom matchbox session for angstrom that keeps the panel always at the bottom
      angstrom oabi: define PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/arm-angstrom-linux-libc-for-gcc
      clutter: add the o-hand eyecandy thingy from
      pulse-audio: update to 0.9.5
      pulse-audio: add CONFFILES
      cairo: update 1.3 to latest snapshot
      angstrom: prefer cairo 1.3.12
      hal: merge in HAL bits from Poky
      angstrom 2007.1: make DISTRO_EXTRA_DEPENDS appendable in local.conf
      merge of '57565ef68b5336bb18f16b962b9646b84daff984'
      hal: add intltoon to DEPENDS
      hal: add udev to DEPENDS as well to get libvolume_id in staging
      prism3-suppot: fix error in load script
      lots of files: esound-gpe -> esound
      angstrom: add preferred provider for esound
      pulseaudio: provide esound
      linux-ezx: update to ezx8
      linux-ezx 2.6.16: also apply RPs xscale cache workaround
      linux-ezx: update a780 defconfig
      ep93xx: prefer kdrive
      xorg-xserver: diet-x11 doesn't provide kdb (yet), so depend on full-fat x11 again
      pulse-audio: inherit pkgconfig and stage headers
      merge of '471ef3857da5fc96553904b1d994120f6d84f018'
      mediatomb: switch to id3lib
      pulseaudio: make it RPROVIDE esd to really make it a drop-in replacement for esound
      gnokii: update to 0.6.14
      gnokii: disable parallel make
      cairo 1.3.12: update surface-cache patch to r3
      merge of '6989002d4c2b4ec91fce1dff1c9495f8f5227065'
      dates: add 0.3
      gtk+: add 2.10.9, a bugfix release
      dates: update to 0.3.1, a bugfix release
      esound: add proper esound, move away the gpe fork
      abiword: update to 2.5.1
      merge of '44b48a8021a29d930331e47aac526ec54edead5a'
      angstrom: prefer gtk 2.10.9
      merge of '64a99c44cf4b94f829d2fb02ed7fb05a16da4669'
      glib: add 2.12.9 and remove unused versions
      merge of '29f34b6c27e10d81f001d11a5e9ab29d1e915ffd'
      dht-walnut: use PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS instead of overwriting PACKAGE_ARCHS
      angstrom: add mipsel support
      pulseaudio: create pulse user and create /var/run/pulse via volatiles
      pulseaudio: fix do_install
      esound: actually add it
      eds-dbus: really bump PR :)
      eds-dbus: make it even more granular
      merge of '11f0ee99928fd3f1abcbb6452894ad035ca86caf'
      libjingle: update to 0.3.10 release
      tapioca: update to something more recent
      dbus: add patch by Rob Taylor, inspired by Rob McQueen to fix waitpid problems
      ep93xx-kernel: update to 2.6.20rc7, needs a new defconfig and discontigmem patch
      ep93xx kernel: add patch to make some more boards work
      libsbdfile: fix packaging
      mono: also package dlls needed for mcs
      merge of '4b9a0b16383fa2823e6bb13e422ef8a64dbe7c2f'
      gpephone.bbclass: start merging gpephone bits from
      gpephone: add recipes from
      bitbake.conf: add GPEPHONEMIRROR
      gpe-phone: fix some bugs
      e2fsprogs 1.38: stage .pc files
      gpephone: more bugfixes
      libim: disable parallel_make
      gpe-phone: make everything fetch
      linphone 1.6.0: clean up recipe and mark hacks when found
      h5000.conf: another hyphen versus underscore problem....
      merge of '400e309c08a8818180ce9e6440f4695a898cdf83'
      bitbake.conf: back out Florian's spurious GPEPHONE_MIRROR
      siteinfo.bbclass: add support for oldstyle powerpc hosts
      firefox- replace arm/jsautocfg.h with one generated on arm hardware
      js: add jsautocfg.h for powerpc and arm, copied from firefox-
      mozilla: move jsautocfg files to files/ so all mozilla products can use the proper ones
      pixop-test: add small benchmark program to test gdk pixbuf scaling speed
      merge of 'c80d3d5fe446b4ab1b902de2706822e04b306ab8'
      libhandoff: move to gpe svn
      libgpevtype: fix staging
      pixop-test: adds new enhanced version written by Rob Taylor
      base-file: add some prettier issue files for angstrom, courtesy Stelios Koroneos
      cairo: update to 1.3.14 snapshot, apply surface-cache patch from Jorn
      shared-mime-info: update to 0.20
      fic-gta01: add machine file for the neo1973 from (from openmoko svn)
      uboot: add uboot for gta01 and qt2410
      uboot gta01: add patch to get around EABI version 0 versus version 4 problems
      openmoko*.bbclass: add classes from openmoko svn
      angstrom: prefer a newer cairo
      matchbox-panel-2: add it from openmoko svn (which probably got it from poky)
      libgsmd: add from openmoko svn
      openmoko: add openmoko framework (from openmoko svn)
      openmoko-simplemediaplayer: fix packaging and install
      openmoko-panel-demo-simple: don't hardcode -Werror!!!!
      openmoko-mainmenu: link against libmatchbox manually
      ipkg: add patch from openmoko svn to get status info from libipkg
      openmoko-dates: set maxdate on patch
      openmoko-contacts: add
      openmoko-base.bbclass: switch to svn http transport, as requested by Harald Welte
      site: add monotone bits for powerpc, clamav bits for all and forced-unwind for arm
      merge of '66db83630ba1bf253d3e2c23e104ba40c0836d50'
      gpsd: add 2.34 (from openmoko svn)
      uboot-gta01: BINDIR -> BINDIR_NATIVE
      task-openmoko: add it from openmoko svn
      openmoko images: add them, IPKG -> PACKAGE (from openmoko svn)
      openmoko-image: image_ipk -> image
      xserver-kdrive-common: merge from openmoko svn, merge in fixes from upstream xserver-common
      mtpaint: merge from openmoko svn
      xoo: merge in gta01 skin from openmoko svn
      merge of '27361f2a0b1eebdce6a9d0830236764c47824c0d'
      glibc: don't rdepend on bash, bitbake doesn't like thatd
      libgsmd: switch to plain http for checkout
      amsdelta-oe: make it angstrom based
      openmoko-dates: add
      openmoko-dates: add patch to remove bogus include
      autotools.bbclass: merge in patch from openmoko to get intltool working for some packages
      openmoko-dates: merge in changes from openmoko.svn and fix packaging
      merge of '17456d839ed6d5a9ca1e700a26784cc663820a4d'
      sane-srcdates: bump srcdate for EDS-dbus at Ross' recommendation
      openmoko-dates: catch up with eds and autotools changes
      linux-gta01: update to 2.6.20
      eds-dbus: sync packaging with poky
      site/arm-linux: remove forced unwind, glibc/oabi doesn't like it
      s3c2410 utils: merge from openmoko svn
      eds stuff: bump PR to notice new EDS packaging
      merge of '471af30b8adb13fb7681f57fbf429fee02749677'
      eds-dbus: bump PR as well
      glibc: add a workaround for some strange shlib renaming problems, needs a proper fix
      eds-dbus: rework packaging a bit to make it go from "not too broken" to "doesn't make ipkg freak out"
      libftdu: add libftdi from openmoko svn
      merge of 'aa2c7cca9146ef3910ca2f5ea908bc240fc478f9'
      openocd: merge openocd from openmoko svn
      netbase: merge in fic-gta01 bits from openmoko svn
      lmsensors: merge in changes from openmoko svn
      base-files: merge in fic-gta01 and qt2410 files from openmoko svn
      openmoko-dialer: depend on eds-dbus
      merge of '7bc0867c76d85a5f85fa0d7a9f66dfd4d9c499bb'
      cups: fix packaging
      insane.bbclass: don't do bb.fatal is a .so is present in ${PN}, lots of application ship plugins with that extension (e.g. perl)
      libgsmd: fix packaging
      gnome-vfs: fix #1881
      openmoko: add messages application
      gpe-session-scripts: clean up dependencies
      openmoko-panel-plugins: add gsm and mainmenu
      task-openmoko: convert to matchbox-panel-2 and clean up a bit
      openmoko distro: add openmoko distro, slightly modified from openmoko svn
      merge of '1fc4ea9615a3789569ba8f07b7090012fce2afbf'
      tslib: merge patch from openmoko:
      merge of '04a1a2e0cc7e9b66f26b0c342d210418c07d6127'
      insane.bbclass: fixes
      insane.bbclass: fix some more ',' vs '%' issues
      esound: sed out insanity in
      mb-panel-2: rreplace mb-panel-1
      task-openmoko: fall back to matchbox-panel-1 since the default session script still uses version 1 instead of version 2
      angstrom: inherit the new and improved insane.bbclass by default so everyone shares and enjoys our QA efforts
      insane.bbclass: report, but don't die on broken .la files
      merge of '4c745bba392cfbeb0cf77848b5c125b61d003df4'
      package_ipk, rootfs_ipk: Add patch from Marcin and Koen to sort ipkgs into per architecture subdirs of deploy/ipk
      merge of 'dfe542a129a68cf1ad09b99b69533dacab99aa45'
      package-index: catch up with recent package_ipk changes
      arm-linux site: add ac_cv_sizeof_long_p=${ac_cv_sizeof_long_p=4}
      insane.bbclass: we really don't want packages with the wrong architecture, so do bb.fatal instead if bb.error
      c3110x: add wifi driver for connexant chips (from poky)
      insane.bbclass: fix ERROR: Exception:exceptions.TypeError Message:not enough arguments for format string by removing a spurious '%s'
      openmoko-dates: fix svn location remove PARALLEL_INSTALL_MODULES
      linux-ezx: update to ezx9
      eds-dbus: add libglade to DEPENDS
      linux-ezx: remove localversion, we already have it in PR
      angstrom: add linux-libc-headers version for i586 and i486
      libsoup: fix staging
      bitbake.conf: fix PKG_CONFIG_PATH as per RFC on the mailinglist
      merge of '75bd0ba9307d9ac6d29617d8194b73d953f31739'
      insane.bbclass: only check for workdir in .pc files, we already forcefully sed out /usr/include references
      pulseaudio: use integer resampling on FPU-less devices
      opentapi: bump PR for the last change
      angstrom legacy: add a skeleton for building angstrom for devices that require legacy software (e.g. kernel 2.4)
      package.bbclass: comment out the cleandir since it breaks constructions like "inherit package_ipk package_tar" and seems to interfere with do_split_packages
      pulse-audio: improve packaging some more
      sparc site file: add some more entries
      angstrom: add rudimentary sparc support
      openmoko-panel-demo(simple): fix packaging
      merge of '7f12c033c369afe355ed9fdfe14dfe1531391fac'
      openmoko-session: fix depends, make startup 2 seconds faster and add some matchbox-panel-2 tweaks
      task-openmoko: switch back to matchbox-panel-2 now openmoko-session can handle it
      bitbake.conf: add matchbox-panel debug dirs
      openmoko-sesson: scale icons to 96px instead of 100px
      openmoko-session: start some panel applets by default
      openmoko-session: use openmoko-footer instead of second panel (thanks Mickey!), start mbimputmgr by hand
      bitbake.conf: ensure root flash size is set and default to '0'
      sparc-linux: add glib_cv_uscore=${glib_cv_uscore=no}
      o-hand tasks: add 0.2
      merge of '8f6b66511e35bbf7f98fd72d6d67545037684189'
      rootfs_ipk: as per OE policy: remove feed management tools
      fic-gta01: set flash size to '60' instead of '60M'
      sparc-linux: add more glib entries, provided by Jorik Jonker
      task-base: also ship ehci-hcd for usbhost
      merge of '24e6547fb1a547a4930278a58e0636a8d40f93b6'
      merge of '59f75bdc33171d30c812abb8da6d9bfb4c9aed68'
      task-base: fix up merge, we don't need ehci twice
      pango: update to 1.16.0
      merge of '148cdd86dd3fa957bcac82224ad1babe724fd835'
      sparc-linux: add some more entries, courtesy Jorik Jonker
      monotone: add 0.33, with a slight hack to silence scanelf
      merge of '224b10a52b5c05999e18cb7bfe86f5706f939f89'
      a780, a1200: remove duplication and use new device tables
      angstrom: don't use -Os on sparc, glibc won't compile due to some libgcc weirdness
      openmoko: add openmoko-today
      merge of '21f4ee6d8fb062180d2dc43b1e650ead520ca0a9'
      merge of '69edd2665ebcc2300e8bc7e99639c741befd2ec0'
      MAINTAINERS: add openmoko stuff
      angstrom: rename gpe and bootstrap images to something that describes their purpose better
      angstrom: add task for opened-hand PIM apps
      tzcode, tzdata: update to something that actually is fetchable, remove hardcoded paths, install binaries in correct staging dir and make sure we use the correct 'zic'
      openmoko-session: autostart the gsm plugin now it has been converted to mb-panel 2
      angstrom: prefer file 4.18, we have the sources mirrored via angstrom-mirrors.bbclass
      linux-gta01: update to moko8 patchset
      gconf-osso: drop it, part of the maemo clean up
      cairo git: bump PV
      Cairo: update to the latest stable release (1.4.0), apply the surface cache patch to get a nice speed up
      merge of '6466dc79dded8ec3ade8c212b27f84f9699f48e1'
      angstrom: prefer cairo 1.4.0
      gcc-package: package more files and attempt to unbreak the case where PV_gcc != PV_gcc-cross
      gcc: add 4.1.2, only tested to compile for arm/eabi
      gcc 4.1.2: drop unused patches
      mediatomb: add prelease
      angstrom: add feed arch for the neo1973
      xserver-kdrive-common: add GTA01 support
      mb-panel2: rconflict with mb-panel-1
      task-openmoko: ship matchbox panel plugins and openmoko panel plugins, install a .desktop for rxvt
      angstrom: recommond kernel-module-vfat so people can mount their favourite fat formatted cards and disk by default
      merge of '189467654b7dd4ef08fe922c71ecdfe054b0e4dc'
      gtkhtml: add 3.8.2, has cross-compile badness
      fic-gta01: disable SERIAL_CONSOLE so we can actually use the gsm modem
      glib: add 2.12.10
      tslib: disable grab-events thingy by default, turn it on for fic-gta01
      merge of '22707d4a2732d846be50633b33777233881d2761'
      gtk+: update to 2.10.10
      fic-gta01: ship SD driver
      merge of '6f74b1eb3fab7fe5291f29a3ca501a9512fc4ff3'
      gtk+: commit
      merge of '4b6976e36ba815fc58bd0c8e4d468ba5c4d66aa9' unbreak libgcc package
      loudmouth: pdate to 1.1.1
      libgsmd: merge with openmoko svn, but put the device-specific initscript in a device specific directory
      libgsmd: contrary to popular belief at FIC, you can't actually make calls with a GPS, you need a GSM
      libgsmd: unbreak initscript some more, thanks to rwhitby for spotting that typo
      gcc-cross: add 4.1.2
      merge of 'd03e6ea9b33f8649e0fd60a9e531f435ef2a40ca'
      gsmd: fix another typo in gsmd
      llvm: add llvm-native 1.9
      cairo: add 1.4.2 (latest stable) + surface-cache patch
      linux-gta01: remove bogus CMD_CON that breaks the gsm modem
      libgsmd: hack around bug where the kernel console is pointed to the gsm modem
      tzdata: also rconflict with timezones
      disapproval of revision '6cb06ec6fefb58a8630562ccfdd7e9b156c05f3d'
      openmoko-session: start dialer so people can receive phonecalls by default :)
      openmoko-image: install a terminal, virtual keyboard and other stuff to make it useable
      openmoko-icon-theme-standard: merge from openmoko svn
      angstrom: bump some versions
      merge of '02a6624c71727e9ca8fc9cb4497b838837b84379'
      gtk: remove 2.10.x cruft
      apt: sync apt.conf with Poky
      angstrom: prefer gtk 2.10.10
      geoclue: don't build panelapplet to prevent pulling in half of gnome
      merge of '90351b745d224f3df5a0fd1defc219452b21a55b'
      Angstrom: ship avahi daemon by default ( and some small updates
      angstrom: prefer dbus-glib 0.72
      angstrom: some more preferred providers
      openmoko-session: start openmoko-mainmenu plugin by default
      openmoko-rssreader: add svn version
      merge of '239b4232a0af35c5c04016055fb9696c66213993'
      openmoko-rss-reader: fix description
      mplayer: add optimizations for a780 and hx4700
      gsm: add default 'default' file
      task-openmoko: remove some duplication with task-base and add sms and rss app
      bluez-utils: enable cups backend and package it seperately so only bluez-cups-backend depends on cups at runtime
      angstrom: add a provider for gtk+ on Holgers advice
      merge of '6ca0327eb664414f4653bb5a14758c9b8138fcff'
      gpstk: add a custom do_install
      matchbox-panel2: don't make the applets replace mb-panel, that breaks image generation if you build both
      gpe-conf: depends on tzdata instead of timezones, makes the USians a bit happier
      librsvg: add 2.16.1 disable magic that doesn't work and causes builds to fail. Disable oe_libinstall as well, since lib* got built statically provide an example on how to provide the glibc version to configure
      merge of '54413dcee93082ea892457c360c17618573085e5'
      xserver-kdrive-imageon: bump PR of the right xserver
      openmoko-keyboard: add openmoko-keyboard recipe based on matchbox-keyboard, and add it to task-openmoko
      xorg-app-common: add dep on util-macros
      openmoko: add qvga theme and mark themes as arch agnostic
      mediatomb: merge 0.9.0 recipe from mediatom svn
      merge of '0530cbc2e708bd334c3cfce29e493b23ac334eae'
      angstrom: prefer gcc 4.1.2 as native compiler (cross versions are still 4.1.1)
      merge of '07c919d18fca5a836fd51fcd05e0c09e6a9482e0'
      kdrive 1.2: rediff optional-xkb.patch
      disapproval of revision '3747999334cad4bb22159396976a802d18c50703'
      merge of '915e7bca8f798ca0d2f6da81429ccae09aa97fd5'
      gpe-sessionscripts: remove PV in depends
      meta-sdk-sbox: remove hardcodes references, reuse functions instead of copy-pasting them, and we have an SCM, so no need to comment stuff
      kdrive 1.2.0: bump PR due to patch changes
      kdrive 1.2: bump PR due to patch changes
      sane-src-dates: bump psplash
      sysvinit: merge psplash reboot handling from poky
      openmoko-libs: add eds-dbus dep
      util-macros: update -native to 1.1.5, needed for R7.2
      drm: remove in favour of libdrm drm -> libdrm
      mplayer: add powerpc support
      merge of '3ec01b0a91ae1b235f0cba59ba95f67f6b6f859f'
      task-openmoko: remove some more matchbox-panel-1 stuff
      openmoko-messages: add patch from Marcin to make it build again (OM bug #333)
      initscripts: fix checkroot and remove angstrom specific checkroot
      gpsd: disable python bindings
      prismstumbler: fix PV
      angstrom: prefer a prismstumbler that actually builds
      merge of '458c1e5b4ce9ec5e2754fea2e5c1df842fe9936c'
      xserver-kdrive: re-add w100 support
      gpe-login: use xtscal instead of a non-existant script to recalibrate
      gpe: adjust some SVN PVs
      perl-native: bump PR
      monotone: add 0.34
      pulse: remove rprovides, since OE changes them to libesd0, thus breaking esd using apps
      gpe-conf: bump PR
      gpe-dm: add 0.50 and clean up files
      gpe-edit: add 0.40
      gpe-dm: really add 0.50
      libmimedir: switch to svn, remove SRCDATE from
      openmoko-session: depend on mb-panel-2 and mb-wm instead of 'matchbox'
      llvm: add cvs version of llvm-native, this adds ARM support to the 1.9 version
      matchbox-panel-2: solve all the madness by making it parallel installable with matchbox-panel-1
      matchbox-panel: bump PR
      openmoko-session: use matchbox-panel-2 instead of matchbox-panel
      matchbox: bump PR
      gpe-sesssion-scripts: bump PR
      esound: bump PR
      openmoko-messages: remove patch that was applied upstream
      linux-libc-headers: add 2.6.20 from Poky
      hal: add 0.5.9 and hal-info_git from poky
      hal-info: this isn't architecture specific
      gcc-cross-sdk: add 4.1.2 with its own SRC_URI to remove zecke-xgcc-cpp and failfast patches
      angstrom: prefer gcc 4.1.2 for the sdk
      gcc-cross-sdk: actually add the SRC_URI
      gcc 4.1.x: move fail-fast to gcc-cross since it's only needed there libg2c isn't always there, so don't error out on stripping
      openmoko: remove some more proto=https entries
      sysvinit/inittab: if your machine ships the *exact* *same* inittab as sysvinit/inittab it isn't machine specific, so remove it
      htcuniversal: add phone feature
      task-base: add sir-dev and irtty-sir (suggested by goxboxlive)
      hwdata: add 0.191
      hal: install /var/cache/hald
      task-sdk-sbox, task-sdk: clean out base sdk packages, they should only contain a toolchain
      meta-sdk, meta-sdk-sbox: these are general targets, so they should only contain a basic toolchain
      meta-sdk*: repair sed damage
      angstrom: move gcc-cross to 4.1.2 as well
      insane.bbclass: short circuit architecture check for cross packages (e.g. gcc-cross-sdk)
      glib-2.0: update to 2.12.11n
      angstrom: prefer glib-2.0 2.12.11
      cups: add 1.2.10
      task-sdk: move non base stuff to task-sdk-extras to avoid building half of OE when inheriting debian.bbclass
      freetype: add 2.3.3
      xorg 7.2: prefer 1.1.1 for libx11 native use ${TARGET_SYS}, otherwise people with TARGET_VENDOR set can't build perl
      merge of 'c6c70d85f855fe69c6ca29861984307ff57d8370'
      tinder.conf: update TINDER_URL
      merge of '7123aeb50a120a6a5370c2a906821b0d823accb7'
      dosbox: update to 0.70, fixes alignment problems on arm
      merge of '13364d2be993b3a7913d2159c9b8514e52893b4a'
      openmoko-rssreader: depend on check
      gpe-terminal svn: add default prev
      openmoko-dates: disable patch
      task-openmoko: remove demo apps
      openmoko-session: don't start demos and fix typo
      gcc-cross 4.1.2: bump PR till I properly fix libgcc (again)
      sane-srcdates: bump gconf-dbus to 2.16
      gconf-dbus: update svn to 2.16
      merge of 'a1c14f5ed3aa4310fcbbae2ab8eaf084e777f6b4'
      task-base: also ship ide-disk module. Thanks to Michael Raitza for spotting that fix python-misc
      angstrom: add omap5192 support
      angstrom: add versions for gtk-webcore
      angstrom: remove references to task-base-core-default
      angstrom-mokogateway-image: fix typo and keep up with task-base changes
      opensync: merge with poky
      nokia800: add machine from poky, but fix archs and tune spec
      linux-nokia800: merge with poky
      openmoko-libs: catch up with current and future svn
      libxml2: no argumentation was given for the libiconv dep, so remove it.  ARm, powerpc and x86 certainly [Cdon't need it.
      pango: update to 0.16.2
      osb-nrcit: enable pango backend explicitly
      bluez-utils: enable bccmd per Marcel Holtmann's request
      bluez-utils: mark patch as applied
      cairo: add 1.4.4 + Chris Wilsons workqueue patch
      merge of '4ab3710b70f820537b311ab17eff50c0c82a07a2'
      gabble: add 0.5.7
      libtelepathy: add 0.0.53
      avahi: move libavahi-ui stuff to seperate packages
      task-gmae: add meta packages for the GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative
      openmoko: add more panel plugins
      task-openmoko: add more applets
      task-base: make task-boot machine specific
      matchbox-wm: add 1.2, merge in fixes from poky
      task-base: readd orinoco stuff that got removed on last commit
      linux-ezx: add experimental kernel
      bcm2305-tool: add tool to poke firmware on a780
      linux-ezx: de-html defconfig
      collie: enable MMC_DEBUG for 2.6
      epdfview: update to 0.1.6
      telepathy-gabble: add newly generated gabble.manager for 0.5.10
      xtscal: attempt to fix miscalibrations
      base.bbclass: add back a snipped of obsolete code to fix SRCDATES problems, seems to fix #2133
      gconf.bbclass: depend on gconf-native
      matchbox-wm: depend on gconf-native
      merge of '038bc21b349c21561050092a7a6d68a019b921e1'
      chrpath: add native version so we can munge bogus rpath entries
      insane.bbclass: depend on chrpath-native
      freetype: fix parse error
      libxcb: depend on *lib*xslt-native, not xslt-native
      checksums.ini: correct js and xorg checksums
      linux-ezx: add experimental 2.6.21 kernel for a780
      linux-ezx 2.6.21: fix udc patch
      merge of 'be8a841a837b3b065542075896aeb82facff500c'
      libtelepathy: stage headers (from poky)
      telepathy-mission-control: merge from poky
      freetype: remove spurious patch
      merge of '8ec01836d59cebe05395b5dab405fb4b2839d7b7'
      telepathy-mission-control: add dep on gconf to fix configure
      empathy: merge with poky
      telepathy-mission-control: include dbus service file as well
      linux-ezx 2.6.21: update patches to r1988 to get a working mux_cli (needs a recent opentapi)
      angstrom: prefer a newer cairo and update linux-libc-headers to 2.6.20 for HAL
      libmpeg2: fix shlib packaging
      libmpeg2: generate the same packages as mpeg2dec
      scummvm: point to the right path for the sdl config
      loudmouth: update to 1.2.2
      linux-gta01: switch URI to 2.6.20 branch for patches
      linux-gta01: add kernel
      angstrom-minimal-image: add an image for people that needs something smaller as angstrom-console-image
      angstrom-minimal-image: fix up for situation where the ssh daemon isn't defined in local.conf
      checksums: remove xorg checksum till we find out which is the right one
      gamin: add 0.1.8
      gamin: inherite pkgconfig
      tracker: add 0.5.4
      linux-gta01 enhance defconfig a bit
      site/arm: updates from poky
      glib: merge printf fix from poky
      linux-gta01: lower default pref
      linux-gta01: update to moko10
      xtscal: Sharp seems to use Dogname instead of DOGNAME for newer models
      xtscal: reinstate tr toupper filter so everything works again.
      glibc 2.5: fix the strlen() issues on big endian EABI, thanks to Lennert for tracking down the culprit
      glibc: also add strlen patch to glibc-2.4 dir
      linux-ezx 2.6.21: update patches to r1995, gives you working ts, keys and some powermanagement
      ixp4xxbe: add -D__ARMEB__ to target cc arch
      glib-2.0: add 2.12.12, a bugfix release
      gpe-dm: add 0.51, doesn't need procps anymore
      cairo-git: update PV
      gcc 4.1.2: fix 800-arm-bigendian.patch
      merge of '4bc8cc047648935876ee77c832ac802bb2411919'
      linux-ezx 2.6.21: update to r1996, fixes some oopses
      ixp4xxbe: the gcc patch is in, so no need for this workaround anymore
      linux-ezx 2.6.21: Sync with openezx svn make printf disable opt-in
      chrpath: add cross version
      insane.bbclass: on check for references to WORKDIR in RPATH, instead of WORKDIR and STAGING
      insane.bbclass: repair last commit
      tracker: add file to DEPENDS (for magic.h)
      gpe-autostarter: add missing patch
      prismstumbler: add missing patch
      merge of '25c9bf8030ed9b081cb15b534fe5dbd9bf20ad4e'
      angstrom: add armv5teb, prefer a perl that works for armv5teb, update gtk+
      merge of '1d5e5e75e72979319be31deaac4917c4f7140feb'
      acpid: add an extra install -d to avoid things like this:
      gtk+: add 2.10.12
      angstrom-x11-image: add task-base-wifi
      merge of '63713e447c41c83bf22dd769c1445c4ccae3c8e8'
      bcm2035tool: takes BDADDR as a commandline argument. Patch from Jan Herman
      fuse 2.5.3: fix FILES for libfuse
      libxcb: fix FILES, spotted by Junqian Gordon Xu
      ep93xx-kernel: fix do_deploy
      openssl: fix FILES, spotted by Junqian Gordon Xu
      fuse 2.6.3: fix packaging
      python-fuse: fix packaging and depends, spotted by Junqian Gordon Xu
      merge of '189bf0db22327cd99864022fed3f4e85c98cde72'
      fuse: update to 2.6.5 and make packaging more granular
      sshfs-fuse: package all files, closes #2047
      fuse: (hopefully) fix all remaining issues
      linux-magicbox: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      angstrom-console-image: add psplash-zap to kill the bootsplash after booting
      angstrom-console-image: make it parse
      angstrom: stop locking down gstreamer versions
      libgemwidget: make it work with a recent gtk.
      libvocenabler: fix cross-compile badness with linphone
      0xFFFF: add native and cross versions of the GPL flasher for nokia internet tablets
      nokia tablets: build open source flasher for images
      pidgin: add first stab at a 2.0.0 recipes
      pidgin: fix rrecommends
      mozilla: add EABI patches from poky (not applied yet, just for reference)
      mozilla: remove patches for the topdir
      firefox apply extra EABI patches
      distcc: merge with Poky
      xfce: drop some more deprecated dirs
      xfwm: drop obsolete dirs
      xfce: drop some more obsolete dirs
      xfdesktop/: drop
      merge of '846cac1d65f36e1abe1166e8c149a74192ad56e7'
      bitbake: update svn to 1.9.0 and release to 1.8.2
      bitbake.conf: set patch resolver to 'noop' to get the old abort-on-error back
      angstrom-x11-image: don't overwrite EXTRA_INSTALL
      angstrom-console-image: only ship psplash-zap if psplash has been included
      checksums.ini: fis.c is fetched from svn, so don't checksum it
      disapproval of revision '04e66b01ee822895efeb76e94c17d1f6605e0f83'
      insane.bbclass: add support for ARM EABI/uclibc Fix QA issues and prepare for 0.9.29
      uclibc: add recipe for 0.9.29
      uclibc 0.9.29: drop bogus config
      uclibc 0.9.29: add configs for a780, akita, spitz and hx4700
      angstrom: prefer uclibc 0.9.29
      gcc 4.1.2: update uclibc locale patch to work with uclibc 0.9.29
      sane-srcdates: bump gconf-dbus
      module-init-tools: fix build against uclibc
      tinylogin: make it build against uclibc 0.9.29
      uclibc 0.9.29: add configs for c7x0, h2200, h3900, h4000, h5000
      uclibc 0.9.29: add config for efika
      uclibc 0.9.29: add config for collie
      avahi: update to 0.6.19
      powertop: add 1.0
      bluez-gnome: fix 0.6 and add _cvs version with loads of improvements
      linux-geode*: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      linux-colinux: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      linux-xxs1500: add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
      merge of '230251372ae3b661dbbc35952d8e8514a1af2862'
      uclibc 0.9.29: fix FILESPATH, add ep93xx config
      uclibc 0.9.29: add fic-gta01, poodle and (now really) ep93xx configs
      	bluez-libs: update to 0.3.10
      bluez-utils: groundwork for 0.3.10 recipe - DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCTION
      bluez-utils 3.10.1: configure and package according to upstream guidelines
      task-openmoko: remove unused lmsensors
      gdb: only RRECOMMEND glibc stuff when building for glibc, the check isn't optimal
      bluez-utils 3.10.1: move hciattach to main package till hcid can handle that functionality
      bluez 3.10.1: ~lart linebreaks
      angstrom-uclibc: turn on NLS for glibc
      gettext: fix building against uclibc
      uclibc 0.9.29: turn on SUSV3 stuff on angsgrom to build perl
      install-native: inherit native
      gimp 2.3.10: fix packaging, closes #2313
      bluez-utils: enhance 3.10.1, move some stuff from include
      libtool, autotools.bbclass: merge fixes for 1.5.10 from poky
      merge of '89852768a5c62b0d92f57ecb8aa98eecfba1c740'
      babl: add svn version
      babl: fix PV
      libidl: merge r1698 from poky:
      task-base: merge r1692 from poky:
      avahi: merge r1686 from poky:
      gegl: fix depends
      babl: fix up packaging
      merge of '42944a2fa933c39933c8b65cfa592c28efa57387'
      gnome-doc-utils: update to 0.10.3
      evince: update to 0.9.0, from poky
      evince: checkin missing patch
      merge of '1c4ee14296c98438edf9aebdbe655db562583e52'
      hicolor-icon-theme: set package arch to all
      gtk-icon-cache.bbclass: postinst scripts need hicolor-icon-theme (bunch of directories + 1 small textfile), so add it to RDEPENDS
      uclibc: bump PR for zecke's change to the config
      uclibc: enable c99 math for ep93xx
      evince, pimlico: bump PR for latest icon-cache change
      gcc-cross-sdk 4.1.2: remove obsolete patch
      gcc4-build-sdk: fix USE_NLS
      merge of '1a21079a72078639c12d843797719e166601e64e'
      insane.bbclass: fix sdk builds
      sdk.bbclass: also package debug files
      binutils-cross-sdk: add
      disapproval of revision '2f7cdf8eacd78e273744583cd918480d48f69dc8'
      merge of '093b89e2fccb4864b6f56bcb61c6455a90dc384e'
      pointercal: merge from poky, add some more from
      angstrom: prefer pango 1.16.4
      tslib: ship pointercal files for angstrom
      tslib: fix RRECOMMENDS
      xserver-kdrive-common: fix DPI for fic-gta01
      gpe-bluetooth svn: lower default pref
      fic-gta01: add 'phone' machine feature
      angstrom-x11-image: install openmoko-dialer for devices with 'phone' machine feature
      linux-gta01: update defconfig for
      xserver-kdrive-common: merge n800 support from poky
      xcalibrateext: provice compatibility with old cvs version
      xserver-kdrive-xomap: merge from poky
      linux-nokia800: update defconfig for nokia800
      nokia 800: fix defconfig
      mipsel-linux site: add some more entries (from #2234)
      mono: fix require statements
      libx11: add a new -native and stop removing xlib.h
      icu: add icu-native and a broken icu
      icu: add some sed to remove non-crosscomile friendly invocations
      icu: more granular packaging: remove bogus file
      libx11-native: somehow the makekeys patch got lost, readded it
      ipkg: apply speedups patches to ipkg-native as well
      linux-ezx 2.6.21: update to r2011:
      icu: stage files
      seppuku.bbclass: start removing openmoko crap
      merge of '03587c20291556862ac9f9a01ffae714e148ee09'
      pimlico tasks: update to 0.5
      documentation.conf: remove openmoko crap, this is OE
      seppuku.bbclass: replace all examples with OE examples
      pycairo: fix packaging
      python-pygtk2 2.10.3: fix debug packaging
      bluez-gnome: fix DEPENDS
      bluez-gnome: add 0.7 release
      angstrom: move everything to 2.6.20 kernel headers
      linux-uml: add compatible machine
      ipod: add compatible machine
      telepathy: update empathy to 0.4, update tmc to 4.22
      composite-pixbug: add test app for pixbug performance
      gdb: fix RRECOMMENDS granulate packaging some more, closes #2360
      xserver-xorg 1.2.0: remove broken patch
      xserver-kdrive: merge from poky
      merge of '32c8db327cd1e1f0aa847b064a8ea651c9b43151'
      xserver-xorg: update mesa dep to 6.5.2
      xorg-xserver-common: substitute drmfix.patch with a more robust sed statement
      guinness.conf: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_xserver = "xserver-kdrive"
      scummvm: catch up with libmpeg2 removal
      scummvm: add 0.9.1 with default_preference = -1 since the sh3 patch has been dropped
      xserver-kdrive-common: fix typo
      bluez: update libs and utils to 3.11
      xserver-kdrive-xomap: update to oss31 (from poky)
      merge of '1608fc5062abdfc7660b3e33f0ae5ce2b91f8dc1'
      linux 2.6.21: add EABI magic
      pointercal: remove kernel ports since they are too unstable
      empathy: update to 0.5
      llvm-native: update to 2.0
      merge of '66eeab0bd9d407380c581368fae9d811bdf10157'
      angstrom: distinguish between uclibc and glibc images
      uclibc: fix strongarm defconfigs and add some more
      angstrom-console-image: use task-base-extended
      uclibc: fix strongarm configs
      ipkg-utils-native: bump PR since some patches have changed
      xserver-kdrive: add patch to speed up pixbuf compositing on some 16bit displays
      mediatomb: update to 0.9.1
      icu: fix build
      WebKit: add WIP recipe to build the webkit-gdk port
      empathy: sync with poky
      mplayer 1.0rc1: sync with svn version for pxa optimizations
      merge of '166a496479db8302a15b8d67da979a4d5831f049'
      angstrom: bump xrandr to 1.2.x
      merge of '004380a4e5b2e3e1156fd497174eb001676bbc8a'
      webkit: unbreak qmake usage a bit
      db1200: remove PACKAGE_ARCHS
      webkit: add install and packaging, still needs do_stage()
      icu: depend on icu-native, thanks XorA
      merge of '9d80f6499c5d862fca19d620f8124ac061dbe754'
      webkit: fix packaging
      merge of '3ab428305dc18f68841dc14cd439d1a848cf72d8'
      openmoko-session: sync a bit with openmoko svn
      webkit: add more depends
      webkit: fix typo
      glibc-package.bbclass: replace os.path.join with base_path_join to make OE use the locales from WORKDIR instead of /usr, closes #1821
      gcc-cross-initial: add 4.1.2
      binutils 2.17: add avr32 patches
      uclibc 0.9.28: rearrange patches, add avr32 one
      siteinfo.bbclass: add rudimentary avr32 support
      at32stk1000.conf, atngw100.conf: add skeleton machine descriptions for the atmel avr32 boards
      uclibc 0.9.28: add quick & dirty avr32 config
      uclibc 0.9.28: replace avr32 config with an actual avr32 config....
      glibc: add 2.6
      glibc-initial: add 2.6
      gcc: add 4.2.0 with some refreshed patches, untested
      merge of '2e1c605ca0c29e297c3422f1de81c581a6a42ed0'
      gcc-cross: add 4.2.0
      gcc: remove stale 4.2.0 snapshot
      gcc-cross-sdk: add 4.2.0
      libfakey: tweaks
      curl: turn on tls support
      contrib/mtn2cl: add quick & dirty script to generate a changelog
      mtn2cl: replace --to with --last
      gcc 4.0.2: add avr32 support
      angstrom 2007.1: add avr32 support
      binutils 2.17: add an extra avr32 patch for config.sub
      binutils 2.17: patching config.sub is useless, so don't don't do it
      gnu-config: add avr32 support
      linux-libc-headers 2.6.20: add avr32 support
      gcc 4.0.2: remove hunk that patches version.c
      merge of '1f4e0f888e7980338bb85c2dec1e2387e28fc91b'
      insane.bbclass: add avr32 support
      linux: add defconfig for at32stk1000
      kernel-arch.bbclass: add avr32 support
      linux 2.6.21: update at32stk1000 config
      linux 2.6.21: atstk1000 needs uImage instead of zImage
      uclibc: enable ipv6 and rpc for avr32
      site/avr32-common: start avr32 sitefile
      gcc-4.0.2: tweak atmel patch a bit
      pidgin: update to 2.0.1
      xanadux*: add compatible machine
      gumstix.conf: fix up a bit
      angstrom: rework PREFERRED_PROVIDER syntax to gain some flexibility
      angstrom: add gstreamer feed
      pidgin: fix RRECOMMENDS
      pidgin: recommend xmpp instead of jabber
      c3110x: add patch and magic to get a working umac.ko for the nokia 800
      mtn2cl: make it select comments for the last week automagically and also append fixed bugs
      inux-efika 2.6.21+git: add PV so it only gets rebuilt once per day
      linux-efika: move git defconfig to unversioned directory
      Angstrom: major rework of distro files:
      angstrom: delete oabi config, as it has no use anymore
      angstrom: add Marcins suggestions
      quetoo: gpl quake2 engine focused on performance
      libsdl-x11: enable opengl
      merge of '30e6927f64df64a690f6fa71e96e620cbf201274'
      angstrom: fix typo in feeds, closes #2438
      disapproval of revision '8e0a5512f90f14af5dfc892a6ad54499b93850da'
      merge of '2415386acd7ccac3f0f71353ad8ac290a875573d'
      usbgadget: remove MAINTAINER field and bogus HOMEPAGE
      libatomic ops 1.2: add it
      task-boot: split out of task base as per RFC
      merge of '08286eac244da750fe999831d31e71eb0acd01d0'
      pulse: fix DEPENDS
      qt4-x11 4.3.0: don't RDEPENDS on -dev packages
      starling: add 0.2
      gpe-synctool: add 0.2
      python-pygtk2 2.10.3: remove references to build paths
      distutils.bbclass: add some magic to remove paths pointing to buildsystems directories
      lots of packages: remove MAINTAINER field
      pulse: unify
      cairo: update to latest stable (1.4.8), this includes all the performance patches we apply to older versions
      pulseaudio: improve packaging:
      pulseaudio: fix postinsts
      angstrom-minimal-image: drop DEPENDS On task-base
      basefiles: preserve issue[.net] contents
      base-files: copy issue files
      angstrom: unbreak devices that have CONFIG_PACKET=m
      iperf: run gnu-configize
      meta-toolchain: apply some bits of #2393, still incomplete
      Blackfin support:
      gpe: mega update
      uclibc: make a bfin arch config instead of a machine config
      siteinfo,insane: blackfin is uclinux, not linux
      angstrom: blackfin updates
      gpe-login: update to 0.90
      linux nokia800: add defconfig for 770
      linux 2.6.21: elaborate support for at91 and avr32
      gpsd: add default
      xcalibrate: merge fixes from poky. This should stop it fetching everytime and allow builds from machines without internet connection
      netbase: add empty dirs needed for the build
      merge of '752a299fb6dac3f47f04ff23bc60eb3cbf0fcc44'
      linux 2.6.20, 2.6.21, 2.6.21+2.6.21+2.6.22-rc1: at91sam9263-ek updates
      linux 2.6.20, 2.6.21, 2.6.21+2.6.22-rc1: fix install for uImage
      linux 2.6.20, 2.6.21, 2.6.21+2.6.22-rc1: more uImage fixes, don't we love that all kernel archs behave the same? </sarcasm>
      netbase: one more missing dir
      u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native: add a static git tag and put patches in OE to stop breakage
      merge of '64e4141742ce7b9bb873c115920491a60d6fd60d'
      pidgin: recommend gnutls plugin
      ipkg-utils: add patch from poky to include more fields in the ipkg metadata, most notably the OE: field
      merge of '545fbb481fb86e841b1362914cceb6638930d7ee'
      parted: add 1.8.7
      linux 2.6.2x: unify and add deploy for u-boot machines
      matchbox-panel-2: enable startupmonitor applet
      linux 2.6.22rc1: fix version
      merge of '3c0e078ee39da24a256067ec5c50395619259524'
      angstrom: add feedarch for at91sam9263ek
      angstrom: split up task-angstrom-x11 in to multiple recipes to stop bitbake 1.8 from building unneeded packages
      xtscal: recommend a font
      matchbox-desktop-2: add matchbox-desktop-2
      gtk+: fix RRECOMMENDS
      busybox: add 1.6.0
      merge of '1f133cbc99d6821edfd7e22579fd164020999cb9'
      merge of '243cf387e20ff4eee94397f00dfc3e8dd9273515'
      e.bbclass: fix typo
      e17: add expedite, an evas benchmark
      contrib/mtn2cl: use a temp dir so we catch all authors and don't litter $PWD
      merge of 'b4ff8a1878072f19f8f3a513f100426adcf08ca1'
      contrib/mtn2cl: print a list of new bugs as well
      gpe-session-scripts: turn on cursor hiding based on the touchscreen machine feature
      linux-h1940: set compatible machine
      LAB-kernel: set compatible machine to h2200
      a780-kernel, e680-kernel: remove needless indirection
      linux 2.6.20: raise the default pref for at91
      angstrom: lock at91sam9263ek to 2.6.20 for now
      libmatchbox 1.9: apply BGR fixes from poky
      2.6.20: update at91 defconfig
      merge of '381f062d9435d56c4a2fe6ab295046be014e94a1'
      flumotion: add 0.4.1 from poky
      merge of 'b0f2b6b66673367e2119e54761590a724c20c2e1'
      python-gst: add missing dependency on gst-plugins-base
      merge of '13509c938fd1a99107093b57954661739e7c0d13'
      flumotion: hack packaging
      flumition: add more rdepends
      zope: install python files in /usr/lib/python2.4 instead of /usr/lib/python
      flumotion: even more python depends
      flumotion: more depends, enough to get the config gui on the screen
      distutils-base: package even more debug files
      flumotion: add more python depends, flumotion-admin and flumtion-worker work now
      libgnome: update to 2.18
      libgnomeui: update to 2.18.1
      gpe-login 0.90: rdepend on a theme
      task-sdk: fix depends
      meta-toolchain: inherot rootfs_ipk for the index methods
      gcc-cross-sdk: re-introduce SRC_URI hack which seems to be needed on at least my (32bit) debian system
      libtheora: add 1.0 alpha7
      libpcap: add misssing file
      gpsd: disable python stuff:
      spandsp: update to 0.0.4pre3
      xorg-lib: move ruutf8 patch to libx11
      zaurus 2.4 kernels: add COMPATIBLE_HOST = "arm.*-linux"
      angstrom: fix OABI package archs
      uclibc 0.9.29: add generic config for arm (where 'generic', read 'armv4t')
      evas-x11: enable x11-16 engine
      evas-x11: also stage x11-16 header
      evas: inherit lib_package
      pidgin: update to 2.0.2
      irssi: def pref -1 for svn
      merge of '3543fa4aaa5f07ff77ae69c6724d4e466b02ae8c' don't depend on directfb
      merge of '7c69d6f82807a2236b393c167a2f687e6d31f479' add directfb back to DEPENDS, it turned out to be a problem in libpng
      merge of '6751c33f46b4e65f3b35180979c5046f64ffb938'
      db 4.3.29 : run gnu-confize
      task-boot: task-boot is meant to provide the smallest possible set to get an image booting to a login prompt, so additional wishes should be in another task, or specified in the PACKAGE_INSTALL or the desired image. s/arm/${ARCH}/g
      uclibc: add generic armeb config
      u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native: re-add till uboot-utils actually works
      gpe-conf: add 0.2.6
      merge of 'a2a414dc8c26784dc8f35ecddb62ca87e5d0f634'
      tetex-native: disable rm_work since the tools in staging still reference the dir
      remove accidentally commmitted asterisk14 files
      lyx: add 1.4.4 (qt3) and 1.5.0rc1 (qt4)
      geoclue: update to use git repo
      geoclue: fix typo
      merge of '34310ed029b0ccbcd834f89fcea4e24c5d044ecc'
      esound: bump PE
      linux-ezx: readd accidentally delete bootlogo
      libpcap: fix shared.patch and add a comment about it inside the recipe
      gpsbabel: add usb support and update to 1.3.3
      librsvg 2.16.1: fix packaging
      midori: add version 0.0.2 of yet another gtk-webcore based web browser
      osb-nrcore: package icons as well
      bluez: add 3.12
      bluez-gnome: add 0.9
      bluez-hcidump: add 1.37, that actually builds against a recent bluez-libs
      bluez 3.12: enable hid2hci
      psplash: add compass logo for angstrom
      lyx 1.50rc1: RDEPEND on python-shell
      dates: update to 0.4.3
      tasks: update to 0.8
      angstrom-minimal-image: don't install translations (from poky)
      angstrom-gateway-image: add image with samba/swat/dnsmasq/iptables/ssh
      iptables: update to 1.3.8
      merge of '129af2bd91ba53785161642a1d0002b55797f5f4'
      qemuarm: fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS
      bluez-utils 3.12: package hid2hci
      librsvg: fix postinst, remove stale versions. Closes #1926
      gdal: add staging
      geos: add 3.0.0rc4
      geos: also inherit binconfig
      cairo: bump git to 1.5.1, add 1.4.10 and remove some stale versions
      angstrom: prefer cairo 1.4.10 for the double free fix, remove the big mount since the initscripts got fixed
      proj: fix packaging
      tetex: adjust packaging a bit
      angstrom: readd big mount due to udev init scripts
      lyx: also rdepend on python-textutils
      gtkmm: fix SRC_URI
      proj4: stage native tools
      sanity.conf: require bitbake 1.8.5, the two month wait is over
      webkit: update webkit.pri and
      webkit: alter do_install
      bitbake: update recipe to 1.8.6
      0xffff: update to 0.2
      qmake-base.bbclass: don't strip binaries, that breaks debug builds, let OE take care of it
      qtopia-core: fix packaging
      angstrom-console-image: install task-base-extended
      curl: update to 7.16.2
      merge of 'd8e93653bdd44929cd8b804051b01cad64bc4550'
      apt: update to 0.7.2, fix debug packaging
      angstrom legacy: fix include
      motorola ezx phones: add an include that sets the basic stuff, remove killswitch from a1200, e680 because the machines need different defconfigs
      kazehakase: add cvs version
      angstrom: add support for htcwallaby and htctornado
      angstrom: add FEED_ARCH for compulab-pxa270
      merge of '035b260708b79727e8be13177849b2e99a73cf2f'
      merge of 'c038e0efea1f81ad9c7092f84a3bd377a19e712b'
      php: depend on virtual/iconv
      htcwallaby: remove comment that makes bitbake barf
      merge of '2b438b3f55a45490f30d36bd6006d73826a40b2e'
      disapproval of revision '66573a06c1ee62e38d70a6c82f8d99a41243cd5c'
      merge of '9958e850eb5662928f6727c3a8ae9d71ac7f03f5'
      wireshark: fix -dbg
      angstrom-e-image: move to non-working, since it is, well, non-working. The level of non-workingness is quite high, since e-wm is currently unbuildable due to ecore-native, and even if e-wm would build, its update-alternatives are wrong. So before this image can be moved back, all e packages have to get built, inspected, tested and if needed fixed.
      angstrom: add altboot versions of x11 and console images, untested, I'll leave that to the altboot wanting crowd
      e-wm: fix startup script, fix u-a and install xdg stuff (per
      angstrom: update kdrive
      disapproval of revision 'ae4edc089b3dc8fc6aa34553f76502600ced6639'
      ecore: prettify packaging and fix PR, should fix #2655
      rm_work: add rmall command that recursively rm_works (e.g. bitbake angstrom-x11-image -c rmall)
      libsdl-directfb: fix QA issues again
      linux: start adding ep93xx support to OE's superduper generic kernel
      ep93xx: use the super duper generic kernel
      linphone: attempt to clean up packaging
      webkit: update webkit.pri
      webkit: add -lcurl as workround for broken pkgconfig
      gnome-vfs-obex-ftp: add WIP recipe
      merge of 'a98e93456176d74c80a713ff53caef9f3ad4027e'
      openobex: update to 1.3
      gnome-vfs-obexftp: fix packaging
      clutter: update it a bit
      fftw: add support for building multiple flavours of fftw
      bruteFIR: add 1.0i
      fftw: start cleaning up packaging
      brutefir: add comment about makefile patch
      fftw: checkin
      fftw: =+ not +=
      brutefir: depend on all fftw flavours
      jack: update to 0.103.0, fix packaging, remove broken 0.99.0 version
      gtk+: add 2.10.14, the latest stable release
      geoclue: cath up with recent developments
      Webkit: update local copy of Makefiles
      midori: update to 0.0.3
      python-pyqt3: fix PR
      libpcre: fix packaging, stage dftables
      webkit: first attempt at fixing the dftables problem (
      merge of '49620a480a3c8deee05068287aa90bf723508c27'
      networkmanager: fix packaging and QA issues
      task-base: also install bluez-utils-compat in task-base-bluetooth
      disapproval of revision 'd7758e2637918ff4035244d64fb7227f6cf833ad'
      ruby: fix packaging
      sanity.bbclass: add help2man to required utils (apt-get install help2man) in preparation for autoconf 2.61 activation
      openmoko-rssreader: depend on webkit
      merge of '332a00dc550ca182177c40331ae4e05ba59793e0'
      angstrom: move to gtk 2.10.14, fixes some weird behaviour with the xml parser
      gcc: 4.2.0 has a bug, so replace it with 4.2.1
      webkit: fix dftables build
      merge of 'a06e8907f1fe04daf5997ead2a947bfbdc675a7c'
      pkgconfig.bbclass: mangle some more workdir occurences
      autotools.bbclass: run sed over .la files to removes various occurences to staging, workdir and ${D}
      webkit: add some qmake magic from zecke to make install and staging work better
      merge of '16117855ab79f990564455eee9d420e472e6ab44'
      gcc 4.2.1: add missing uclibc locale patch and a patch to reduce binary size with -Os
      wifi-radar: fix rdepends, closes #2684
      bluez-gnome: re-add cvs recipe
      clutter: rename to clutter-glx so we can have different flavours of clutter automake 1.10 workaround
      gnuradio: set PV
      gnuradio: fixes
      omext: add proof of concept extension handler for openmoko
      gnuradio: add enough python stuff to silence
      guile-native: update to 1.8.2
      gnuradio: enable usrp and package its lib seperately
      gnuradio: packaging fixes:
      gnuradio: gnuradio-usrp also needs python-core
      xserver-kdrive 1.2.0: bump PR to get Xw100 rebuilt against a more recent xrandr
      gtk 2.10.14: add some patches from poky to have some widgets behave better on high-dpi screens
      jack: add -ldl, needed for some archs
      bluez-libs: update to 3.13
      bluez-utils: update to 3.13
      bluez-hcidump: update to 1.38
      site: we all have /dev/random, so put it in common
      gnome-keyring: update to 0.6.0
      gnome-desktop: add more DEPENDS
      gnome-vfs: update to 2.18.1
      pkgconfig.bbclass: more munging fix quoting
      gnome-menus 2.16.1: fix packaging
      libwnck: update to 2.13.5
      gnome-panel: add 2.18.1
      gnome-power-manager: add 2.18.3
      synergy: update to 1.3.1
      gnome-power-manager: split out applets
      glibc 2.6: add more broken locales
      networkmanager: add 0.6.5 release
      bluez-gnome: add 0.10
      networkmanager: add applet
      blassic: add classic BASIC interpreter
      bluez-utils: depends on libusb
      merge of '21cc63203b5df2e8d90f0a909db0ffa185502b72'
      openmoko-session2: start matchbox2 and openmoko2 variants where needed
      openmoko2.bbclass: add some ugly python foo to get the correct modulename and sourcedir
      disapproval of revision '0f9c4e9a82d594fcb5e8f31c8f8e761f3d47f099'
      openmoko-today2: set PV to OM standard
      openmoko-today2: add libmokoui2 to DEPENDS
      openmoko lib*2: stage stuff so we can build dependants
      openmoko-session2: add proper RCONFLICTS
      disapproval of revision '595f85835a210f4f204d60ffa60017c0d342736b'
      merge of '3903211109bcf34b8e6540e6f23ab4860f0236d8'
      openmoko: move NOW srcdates to its own include file and only include it in the openmoko distro
      openmoko-rssreader: rename to openmoko-feedreader2
      openmoko-icon-theme: provide upgrade path
      openmoko-theme-standard: fix typo in PV
      disapproval of revision 'f563ab05310af7faf00f83e7bebcae99a5ccb4d8'
      merge of '3ec7cab836f802bb1b737eb375a0d1422ea5099b'
      gnash: add 0.8.0
      merge of '171b776054ba3252026d46710fb0cfcfe17c4c9d' remove conflicting patch
      edje*: these packages are from cvs, not svn
      gtkhtml2: fetch from svn
      pidgin: update to 2.1.0
      contrib/mtn2cl: generate dated changelogs
      merge of '8961e177cdb0b701e3bb0304ec24d5c4a3947254'
      merge of '79771edb5b4d45a18e509f01db9c473d1aa63962'
      exiv2: add exif parsing lib
      gtkimageview: add imageviewing widget
      ufraw: add 0.12
      gtk-sato-engine: add 0.1 from poky
      matchbox-theme-sato: add 0.1 from poky
      sato-icon-theme: add 0.1 from poky
      sato-icon-theme: PACKAGE_ARCH = "all"
      matchbox-themes: PACKAGE_ARCH = "all"
      libopenraw: add 0.0.2
      matchbox-wm: also package gconf schema
      matchbox-panel-hacks: patch to (hopefully) work with xrandr 1.3. should close #2685
      eglibc: add svn recipe for eglibc
      m4-native: make 1.4.8 the default
      angstrom: add very experimental 'eglibc' ANGSTROM_MODE
      eglibc: use SRCDATE for now
      xorg mega commit: merge in change from poky
      xserver-kdrive-image: xcalibrate -> libxcalibrate
      xtscal: work with recent xcalibrate changes (from poky)
      sane-srcdates: fix xcalibrate SRCDATES
      merge of '5ccab19e0abd27e8128d91da533c52656df39aa3'
      shared-mime-info: fix postinst, update to 0.22
      tslib: bump version to 1.0 (from poky)
      compulab-pxa270 2.6.20: include to get EABI magic
      brutefir: add alsao to depends
      thcrut: fix depends
      xorg-xservers: remove RPROVIDES=virtual/xserver, that should help people seeing kdrive-git being built
      kdrive (imageon) 1.2.0: apply xcalibrate patch needed for recent changes
      angstrom-x11-base-depends: don't rdepends on virtual/x11
      xserver-kdrive-imageon 1.2.0: reset COMPATIBLE MACHINE
      xserver-kdrive apply w100 patches
      merge of '16b2b0213ee4ffed03286c1d3a6c02a47de6cbac'
      openmoko-today2: add libmokojournal2 to depends
      contrib/mtn2cl: saves last used revision to get all changes since last changelog
      psplash: make openmoko psplash openmoko specific, not machine specific
      Hal: merge improvements from poky, remove stale versions
      zaurusd: add patch for finding tslib 1.0 pkgconfig file
      angstrom-x11-base-depends: mark as machine specific
      abiword 2.5: fix packaging
      mtn: symlink test
      merge of '75cc5b6d101abaa6d3152ecabd66113e3524b48f'
      merge of '01f644d2342bc10e83344874b38bcf616e576ad1'
      pidgin: port OE branding patch to libpurple
      openmoko2.bbclass: remove SRCDATE=tomorrow
      binconfig.bbclass: more munging
      pkgconfig: sync with poky
      pkgconfig: add missing patch
      Xorg: drop stale recipes X11R7* in PV. Those aren't needed anymore after the Xorg cleanup from poky was merged
      angstrom: adjust xorg versions
      bridge-utils: update to 1.2
      angstrom: use full x11 till the feeds have been cleared of packages depending on it
      libsndfile: update to 1.0.17
      autoconf 2.61: disable parallel make
      ipaq-sleep: xextensions -> libxext
      xserver-kdrive-omap: remove it, it has been replaced by the xomap version
      xscrnsaverh: xextension -> libxext
      openmoko-terminal: fix PV
      pkgconfig-native: reinstate default pref
      libx11: remove RPROVIDES
      merge of '611bfe4d6e620cea4d216e318144b7394bd7d322'
      angstrom-x11-base-depends: remove RDEPENDS on virtual/x11, apps link to it anyway
      eglibc-initial: add completely untested recipe (copy of glibc-initial 2.6)
      angstrom-eglibc: add more defines to stop glibc from ending up in staging
      eglibc-intermediate: add completely untested eglibc-intermediate
      angstrom: move include so it can override more parts
      osso-ic: add internet connection lib for maemo
      gtkhtml: fix QA issues
      libhildonhelp: add 1.9.1
      libosso-help: add 2.1.2
      hildon-libs: add 0.15.1 (from launchpad, the nokia site is too hard to navigate)
      osso-thumbnail: add 0.7
      osso-gwconnect: add 1.0.8
      libhildonmime: add 1.9.5
      mce-dev: add 1.5.6
      hildon-thumbnail: add 0.11
      linux 2.6.22: add AVR32 support
      merge of '2c0fad768939f606b65e1c9b4e1220f0209883f7'
      roadmap: add gtk2 version
      roadmap: add missing patch
      seppuku.bbclass: fix indentation
      matchbox-panel-2: .a and .la files go into -dev packages, not into -dbg packages
      update-rc.d: merge in ${D} cleanups from poky
      angstrom: add 2008.1 file, see comments within
      merge of '3e30d03effd5d61bd64c55ec0e69214ced9039ca'
      angstrom-2008.1: fix typo in comments
      pixman: add 0.9.4
      cairo: add pixman to DEPENDS for git version
      eglibc: add eglibc-package.bbclass based on glibc-package.bbclass
      eglibc: use eglibc-package.bbclass
      fffmpeg svn: fix build
      asterisk 1.4.7: try to make conform a bit more to the styleguide
      asterisk: add missing files
      autoconf: make 2.61 the default, as discussed on the mailinglist
      task-boot: add DEPENDS = "virtual/kernel"
      neod: inherit gconf
      fluxbox: style fixes, unbreak versioning, unbreak packaging, etc, etc
      fluxbox: fix typo
      djvulibre: add 3.5.19
      merge of '62059cae4cb0ae75e3be74df3c9f3a84152b2c00'
      djvulibre: fix configure a bit and stage files
      evince 0.9.2: enable djvu
      poppler: fix 0.5.9 with backports from cvs and make packaging more granular
      abiword-plugins: add 2.5.1
      xserver-kdrive-common: bump PR to get some bogus local changes out of the angstrom feeds
      angstrom-x11-base-depends: bump PR
      abiword-plugins-2.5.1: fixes
      openmoko-terminal2: add rconflicts and rreplaces
      xserver-kdrive-common: fix typo that prevented the files ending up in the packages
      bluez-gnome: add 0.13
      basefiles: add /dev/shm in fstabs
      base-files: add SRC_URI_OVERRIDES_PACKAGE_ARCH = "1" to fix packaging
      midori: add 0.0.4 (now based on webkit instead of gtk-webcore)
      asterisk: make 1.4.10 build on arm and fix packaging
      insane: complete blackfin support
      netbase: bump PR
      amsdelta: update to recent OE standards
      merge of '1bd825374fa13ede0bf18088241b5f6082e92e36'
      gumstix: add PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS = "armv4 armv4t armv5e armv5te "
      h1940: arm920t can't do armv5
      lite5200: remove bogus target-prefix
      logicpd-pxa270: fix package-extra-archs
      mtx3: fix package-extra-archs
      rb500: remove PACKAGE_ARCHS
      triton: fix package-extra-archs
      angstrom 2007.1: add more feedarchs
      webkit: rename to webkit-gtk
      midori, openmoko-feedreader2: catch up with webkit rename
      site/avr32-common: add more entries
      avr32-gcc, avr32-gcc-cross: add 4.1.2
      uclibc: massively improve avr32 support, courtesy Stelios Koroneos
      uclibc svn: fixes
      linux 2.6.18: improve avr32 support, courtesy Stelios Koroneos
      linux-2.6.18: add avr32 patches, courtes Stelios Koroneos
      at32stk1000, atngw100: fix machine features and uboot version
      busybox: fix avr32 build, courtesy Stelios Koroneos
      linux-linux-headers: add 2.6.22
      propagate from branch '' (head 0f0f223484d369b6dd3347b0af81e9043083a3a6)
      linux 2.6.18: add avr32 defconfigs
      binutils 2.17: improve avr32 support
      angstrom: add FEED_ARCH for blackfin
      site/arm-common: add unaligned access for gstreamer
      uclibc: add blackfin configs
      gcc: add initial cross 4.2.1
      merge of '1d466223051b440fb06aab1ad59b32e9d6327361'
      binutils cross 2.17.x: make use of
      binutils-cross: fix typo
      seppuku: quick fix for Noprovider not having isRuntime anymore (use Norprovider for that)
      seppuku: misc fixes
      gtk+: work around rrecommends bug
      preferred xorg versions: fix xserver version
      linux-jlime-current: set bogus COMPATIBLE machine so the maintainer adds a proper one
      seppuku: remove extra '?' that confuses bugzilla
      gsmd: remove SRCREV
      ohm: add from poky
      bluez: update to 3.14
      ohm: fix depends and packaging
      patchutils: update to 0.2.31
      davinci-evm: rename it so overrides work properly
      linux-davince: catch up with machine rename
      davince-dvevm: set UBOOTMACHINE
      linux-davinci: fix PV so packages can be upgraded at runtime
      compulab-pxa270: base on to get a fixed configure and deploy
      nokia770: use linux-nokia800
      linux-nokia: remove 770, update 800 from poky, all nokia internet tables use linux-nokia800_2.6.18-osso40 now
      linux-nokia800: define RPSRC
      linux-nokia800: fix patches
      nokia77-init: sync with poky
      angstrom-2008: fix thinko
      merge of '29c0c6efff11ca4f1cf8681ef59b975dc70b0738'
      0xffff: create dirs before trying to put files in them
      angstrom: armv6 tweaks
      merge of '0c14edad9fe9be01f3dcd8bb7481391246756938'
      angstrom: more armv6 machines
      bluez-gnome: recommend gnome-icon-theme
      xpext, xsp: xextensions -> libxext
      pkgconfig: make 0.22 the default
      adsp-bf538-ezkit: add machine file
      adzs-bf538f-ezlite: rename from adsp-bf538-ezkit
      glibc-2.6: remove ppc-nofpu patched, as they seem to have been applied
      libmokojounal2: inherit lib_package to fix packaging
      geoclue: enable system bus and gpsd
      linux 2.6.21: add gumstix support
      gumstix: update machine file for new kernel require mkimage for gumstix
      gumstix: make uboot entry point overridable per machine
      linux 2.6.21: remove localversion for gumstix to get module deps working properly
      wv: add libgsf to depends
      abiword*: update to 2.5.2
      merge of '07b7a00cd47af0555ac72032429c0ef42baad5ec'
      glibc: update to 2.6.1
      angstrom 2008: catch up with glibc 2.6.1
      libgphoto2: add 2.4.0
      gphoto2: update to 2.4.0
      sane-backends: update to 1.0.17
      gstreamer: add depends on directfb (should fix #2802)
      gsmd: fix packaging
      midori: update to 0.0.5
      seppuku.bbclass: add more debugging and keep attaching buildlogs for known bugs
      merge of '2d9bb3f1e645b23643eaf7cf8ccc4f31c1b84f21'
      pidgin: update to 2.1.1, enable avahi
      disapproval of revision '0c3cbec705ed9bb1d768da4c43b21a210b3a4609'
      merge of '16fca46de883fd9f3759f9964bfe144b42a54a2f'
      merge of '4c92946353f7eca594c80ecf9ca6eda68f9a4b1d'
      gnuplot: update to 4.2.0
      gumstix: split into connex and verdex
      merge of '3fc90cd6e5ca8fdb9040cd52f97c35c106987f7b'
      linux 2.6.21: split gumstix into connex and verdex
      angstrom: add feed archs for new gumstix machines
      gumstix: fix name
      linux 2.6.21: fix gumstix patches and verdex defconfig (works with iwmmxt now)
      merge of '79480b22471a1e33c199dca94abfa313f4bd0127'
      bluez-libs: update to 3.15
      bluez-utils: update to 3.15, get out your a2dp headsets :) catch up with depends after gumstix changes
      linux 2.6.21: bump PR after all those changes
      linux: add 2.6.22+2.6.23-rc3 for at91 machines
      mono: fix PV for 1.2.5pre so we don't need an epoch for the 1.2.5 release (see our versioning policy at )
      mono: move patchdir, should fix #2851
      propagate from branch '' (head 63851b92b9273aff39e9034738719537beaaad00)
      automake-native 1.10: add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"
      libtool-native 1.5.24: DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"
      merge of '63851b92b9273aff39e9034738719537beaaad00'
      merge of '0135b9c8cb83a5549aee08d6ce8638b76d8230a4'
      xserver-xorg: fix -dbg packaging
      libhildonmime: depends on gnome-vfs add PV into uboot comment
      gimp: add 2.3.19, unify old recipes
      sane-backends: fix packaging and staging
      sane-frontends: add 1.0.13
      olsrd: update to 0.5.3
      bluez-utils: depend on gstreamer for headset stuff
      libmad: add conditional patch for avr32 optimizations
      libmad: fix SRC_URI
      mplayer: add conditional patch to speed up AVR32
      gcc 4.2.1: add extra patches for uclibc build
      merge of '289a0ae2ef5b937f19a659d56d37d2b368af059b'
      gcc: drop lock files
      angstrom: start adding support for building .debs and .rpms instead of .ipk packages
      angstrom: add preferred provider for avahi
      avahi: attempt #1 to stop it building python by default
      merge of '1adc26104e5b3839a7f67202324e1fa246a20443'
      angstrom: add sane defaults for tinderclient and seppuku
      merge of '95849379549ff4dd11d6dd203053b1bd43f8ab26'
      machine tune files: add FEED_ARCH to the usual suspects to make out-of-tree machines work
      openssl: add arm/uclibc support
      linux-handhelds: include wifi support in h2200 kernel and enable usb drivers let sepukku delete the workdir on failure, not tinderclient
      disapproval of revision '6b34ae43bf4f59a33f79e42d0cc2ad1b0d5e0c6e'
      merge of '7f7e2abbafbc78c693195ccd3ecbc44742312157'
      rootfs*.bbclass: uclibc doesn't provides glibc-locale* and locale-base*, so don't try to install it
      uclibc 0.9.29: add config files for gumstix add support for uclinux-uclibc binaries
      openmoko-panel-bt: add patch from
      openmoko-dialer2: apply patch from
      h2200: fix defconfig
      merge of '17c1f582fb1ba7d52e6ad876c69650cdf8ea9dfb'
      openmoko-session2: fix tap-n-hold
      uclibc 0.9.29: add templates for different ARM generations and use iwmmxt for gumstix-verdex
      angstrom: add more images:
      fic-gta01, fic-gta02, smdk2443: set UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT in preparation of kernel recipe cleanup
      merge of '5cb43bc2478385cf9482f3ea62f124371d55a502'
      angstrom-x11-images: follow angstrom-x11-<task>-image naming (thanks hrw)
      dht-walnot: set UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT in preparation of kernel recipe cleanup
      blktool: add 4 (from poky)
      squid: add 2.6-stable14
      angstrom x11 office: add gphoto2
      c7x0: use imageon xserver
      bluez: update to 3.16
      bluez-gnome: update to 0.14
      angstrom-x11-<foo>-image: fix basename
      mtd-utils: lock down git rev consistently suffix jffs2 images with jffs2
      gcc 4.2.1: add patches for maverick crunch on ep93xx (That's an FPU)
      gcc 4.1.2: add patches for maverick crunch (that's an FPU)
      dpkg: merge fixes from poky, update to 1.3.25
      angstrom-package*: select proper u-a
      dpkg-native: do not DEPENDS on u-a-native, since u-a-native already depends on this -> loop
      apt: sync with poky
      bluez: update to 3.17
      angstrom: more .deb integration
      xoscope: add 1.12
      ttimgextract: add svn version
      rootfs_deb: make sure directories exist before trying to symlink them
      merge of '3620da360f4c3047638547a32ec53f597dc16e88'
      tinymail: update to 0.0.1 prerelease, needs more work with packaging
      tinymail svn: it's not tuesday yet, so s/SRCREV/SRCDATE/
      angstrom: make distroversion consistent between 2007.x and 2008.1
      angstrom: make ANGSTROM_URI overridable
      angstrom-feed-configs: a recipe that add config files for feeds
      common-glibc: add mono and guile stuff
      bitbake: require 1.8.8
      webkit: switch to SRCREV
      openmoko: switch to SRCREV
      uclibc: switch to SRCREV
      dfu-utils: switch to SRCREV
      gnuradio: convert to SRCREV
      libgsmd: convert to SRCREV
      hildon-1: add svn version which builds against stock gtk
      openmoko*: convert to SRCREV
      opentapi: convert to SRCREV
      gtk-webcore: convert to SRCREV
      eglibc: apply glibc fix to eglibc as well
      propagate from branch '' (head 3fed235384e32b1c9ba26c86ff39b2ffb928fbed)
      ffmpeg: convert to SRCREV
      libxosd: convert to SRCREV
      matchbox*: convert to SRCREV
      tinymail: convert to SRCREV
      libowl: convert to SRCREV
      sphyrna: convert to SRCREV
      xoo: convert to SRCREV
      angstrom-version: ${D} gets deleted on do_install, so install the files in do_install instead of do_compile
      angstrom-version: and bump PR
      angstrom-feed-configs: mark everything as conffiles so user edits get preserved include a var that selects which package will provide the feed configs
      angstrom 2007, 2008: switch to binutils 2.18 to get rid of the warning spew in stripping and gdb
      angstrom-2008.1: make binutils overridable start collecting SRCREVs to compat parse-errors due to e.g. berlios being down also depend on virtual/libiconv, should fix #2934
      merge of '92277d433e8689dae991647461e4b7cbf7f3b2ab'
      midori: update to 0.6, add .desktop entry, remove obsolete versions
      openmoko-dates2: merge from poky
      pimlico: sync with poky
      gnome-desktop: update to fix issues with newer gnome-common, closes #2937
      libwnck: remove empty homepage field, fixes #2938
      gnome-desktop: fix packaging
      webkit: reinstate ;name inj SRC_URI
      nokia770: fix XSERVER add configure magic for replacing bootlogo
      linux-ezx: use to avoid duplication, update patches, add asoc patch replace opentapi with ezxd include ezxd in task-boot instead of task-base
      task-boot: bump PR
      merge of '73cd766816e9208e9486f1d0730123cf56b98a13' use kernel decompressor (fast!) instead of uboot one (sloooooooow), closes #2925
      angstrom 2008: switch to xorg 7.3
      dbus: remove --reverse (yes, that is bad) to fix shutting down of dbus services on halt/reboot
      linux-ezx: remove 'noinitrd' to fix booting from tf
      netbase: remove bogus a780 and e680 interface files
      base-files: make machine specific
      linux-ezx: bump PR
      linux-ezx: enable swap, loo, nfsrootp and wext in a780 defconfig
      merge of '1571018373f9f6226bf0385c78d6dbc62289ee93'
      rokr6: add machine stub
      linux-ezx: expand COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to rokre2 and rokre6
      angstrom 2007: include preferred-openmoko-versions
      linux-ezx: update a1200, e680, rokre2 and rokre6 defconfigs to match a780 defconfig. Device owners: please review
      linux-ezx: update to svn r2050
      ezxd: fix hardcoded gcc
      libgsmd: add stub for Motorola EZX platforms, tested, but does nothing yet:
      linux-ezx: apply patch to fix mtd access
      disapproval of revision 'faa846d8f78b2a5a405633e96ac2d3c62bd9240a'
      merge of '25b0d6183d4d53adbc5ce34a2d340bbc33e6f317'
      libidn: remove bogus dep on 'glibc' to fix uclibc builds
      matchbox-keyboard/: fix PVs
      task-openmoko: add openmoko-dates2
      libgsmd: use mux0 on ezx phones
      e-wm: add version that uses e-dbus instead of the deprecated ecore-dbus
      gpicview: add 0.1.5
      angstrom 2007.1: require
      srcrev files: updates
      linux 2.6.21: remove gumstix patch that breaks busybox
      elf2flt: add wrapper for uclinux binaries needing funky linkers
      sane-srcrevc: add elf2flt
      bfin-uclibc: add blackfin fork of uclibc
      sane-srcrevs: add bfin-uclibc
      propagate from branch '' (head ab0d9a488e49d9ec307f6d034845a25a157b066b)
      uclibc 0.9.28: add missing avr32 patch avr32 gcc doesn't create lib*.so, so don't error out on missing files
      utillinux: add patch to fix avr32 compilation
      gconf-dbus: sync with poky, drops dependency on gtk+
      sane-srcrevs: add gconf-dbus
      busybox: add defconfig for avr32 that disables md5, since that fails to link
      propagate from branch '' (head bbdff51149f19a443ea4c897e2b4eb81eec6283a)
      avr32 machines: remove uImage from rootfs, needs a better way
      gdk-pixbuf-csource-native: add a workaround for #3000
      avr32 site: add ac_cv_linux_vers=${ac_cv_linux_vers=2}
      avr32 gcc: update to atmel 1.1.0 release
      avahi: add IPV6 definitions to make compilation go further
       sane-srcrevs: bump libgsmd
      linux-ezx: improve rokre6 support
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-icons2
      ecore, edje: try to repair PV going backwards
      efl: more PV unbreaking
      sane-srcrevs: fix webkit entry, it uses SRCREV_FORMAT, which the generator script doesn't pickup
      h2200 defconfig: CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ADC=y
      gconf-dbus: DEPENDS += virtual/libintl
      pointercal: add file for a780
      kdrive-1.3-18bpp.patch: add, but not activate a patch to have 18bpp support in kdrive 1.3
      linux-ezx: add 18bpp support to pxafb and enable it for a1200, rokre6 owners will have to make a small change to arch/arm/mach-pxa/ezx-e6.c
      linux-ezx: fix a1200 and rokre6 defconfig, should fix #3009
      linux-ezx: more a1200 and rokre6 tweaks, also remove size check since boot_usb can handle 1MB images quite well nowadays and blob2 can flash like 1.3MB to mtd4
      sane-srcrevs: SRCREV_FORMAT is broken, so work around it by setting a global (and hence bogus for most webkit svn modules) SRCREV
      remove size check again
      linux-ezx: disable backlight patch for rorkre6 as it only turns of bl at this point
      gtk: add 2.12.0 from poky
      glib 2.0: add 2.12.13 and 2.14.0 from poky
      angstrom 2008: use gtk+ 2.12.0
      propagate from branch '' (head 97e2b25c7bdda7a64ccb33ddc8235de3638a0749)
      angstrom 2008: use glib-2.0 2.14.0
      task-openmoko: use qvga icon theme for qvga machines and make the ui task machine specific
      linux-ezx: enable uinput feature
      ezxd: remove --reverse from run-parts
      sane-srcrevs: bump ezxd to get the powerbutton working
      propagate from branch '' (head ee7b95f6c953bb2d20113107fd5d39678af21d2c)
      angstrom 2008: prefer pango 1.18.x
      iso-codes: add 1.4
      epiphany: add 2.19.6 with webkit as default backend
      epiphany: needs gnome-vfs-plugin-http
      gtk+ 2.12.0: also build tiff pixbug loader
      alsa-state: update c7x0 state file (from #2667), add akita one (from #2667)
      alsa: enable fixed-point PCM conversion for TARGET_FPU=soft
      openmoko-browser2: add svn version
      sane-srcrevs: add openmoko-browser2
      openmoko-browser2: depend on intltool
      sane-srcrevs: bump webkit and openmoko-browser2
      bluez: add 3.18, with the cups and alsa split discussed on the mailinglist
      bluez-libs: update to 3.19
      bluez-utils*: update to 3.19
      python-pybluez: update to 0.13
      bluez: fix problems with CONFFILES, rfcomm.conf goes into -compat
      bluez-gstreamer-plugin: add 3.19
      poppler dependants: bump PR since poppler 0.6 changed soversion
      gcc(-cross): enable fortran for arm/EABI, thanks to Alain for showing and testing the patch
      gcc: change the way to package fortran, reduce spurious variables, make missing fortran files non-fatal
      propagate from branch '' (head 0ba4bbe5ebdf7f3598dd1890a61d14cd356eab54)
      gcc 4.1.2: disable fortran as it doesn't build for everybody (it works fine on the autobuilder and my home machine)
      matchbox-keyboard-im: apply small-screen patch
      mplayer: enable iwmmxt for more machines
      alsa-state: add config for a780
      libgsmd: apply queued patches and updates from Andzej and Erin
      linux-ezx: substitute 18bpp patch with RP's overlay patch and activate overlay for a780
      linux-ezx: enable alternate mtd layout for a780
      openmoko-session2: honour ${sysconfdir} instead of hardcoding /etc and mark matchbox-session as conffile since #$()*&@$*(&#@( ipkg keeps overwriting mine on my a780
      libgsmd: select 'ti' vendor for Ezx platforms, still not working, but a lot closer to the truth than using teh Broadcom vendor
      moko-gtk-engine: give proper filename
      merge of '168c993c49f268b8a0f366d8ffd63a961512f7fe'
      libpng: update to 1.2.20, should fix #2992
      linux-ezx: sync a1200 and e6 changes with openezx svn, add more RP patches
      linux-ezx: package kernel so people can flash it from userspace on the phone
      sane-srcrevs: openmoko tweaks
      linux-ezx: fix PR
      dht-walnut: fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS
      hal-info: add snapshot since the git one requires an unreleased hal :(
      linux-ezx: sync up with eoc and backlight patches
      ezxd: work around bug in makedevs (doesn't do subdirs) and make the devnod in do_install
      ezx-boot-usb: use a more recent version to get rokre6 and a1200 working
      disapproval of revision 'dafc45b783c7c1867efc20a0f0f316abc5553d5a'
      merge of '042829d9f6fe316741a3bf0b701a9d2c9ae0f632'
      sane-srcrevs: add gtk-webcore stuff (people should use webkit-gtk)
      linux-ezx: another attemp to disable backlight
      tasks: update to 0.12 and add owl patch from poky
      pointercal: remove broken n800 one
      networkmanager: clean up packaging a bit
      pppd: stage headers (from poky)
      linux-ezx: add patches for a1200 flip switch and keys
      propagate from branch '' (head d4815037189353e6445b917ec6b4bd64777c3c0d)
      linux-ezx: catch up with svn and unbreak booting by enabling ext2
      dbus: sync with poky and use .inc file
      gnome-keyring: sync with poky
      iproute2: sync with poky
      network-manager svn: sync with poky
      packages/gnome: sync with poky, while maintaining OE tweaks like avahi and gnutls
      udev: sync with poky, def_pref 115 negative
      gnome.bbclass: sync with poky remove libinstall for dbus-glib
      iproute2: fix include ordering
      propagate from branch '' (head 6a695cd00cc23cf7fb290f5fa3b5fa575ea46578) remove unused var
      webkit-gtk: catch up with gdk->gtk rename
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-today, openmoko-theme2 and webkit
      gcc-package-cross: fix for avr32-gcc and cross-linkage changes
      xserver-kdrive: make and 1.4 build
      pidgin: update to 2.2.1
      site: add more entries for avr32
      sanesrcrevs: bump webkit dependants to catch up with gdk->gtk renaming
      dbus: tweak packaging, should help XorA's single core build :)
      dbus: include uidgen as well
      er0100: commit it, this has been sitting in my repo for too long
      merge of 'e7fcaa386e6ece8257005e7222964138b4ee8773'
      iwmmxt machines: add 'iwmmxt' as machine feature
      merge of '1401e62254aef0a87a8ce5b685e66d1eb00359e3'
      mplayer svn: use iwmmxt when appropriate MACHINE_FEATURE has been set
      er0100: catch up with include renaming
      gst-meta-base: gst-plugins-bad is needed for ivorbis
      site: commit some local changes
      midori: add 0.0.8
      hx4700: kdrive also has Xw100
      atk: remove def_pref from 1.19.3
      merge of '34d07eb5a0a81538143c57486cc515538a4d97ea' add hack for maemo software
      libhildonfm: add 1.9.41 works against a stock gtk+!
      merge of '35958473cb3e7c22ae3b948f47dcd57d676d22a0'
      libhildonhelp: correct DEPENDS
      fontconfig: stage nokia device table header
      hildon-1: update PV
      sane-srcrevs: bump hildon-1
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko icon themes
      openmoko-panel-gsm: depend on libnotify
      ixp4xx-npe: correct download link and instructions
      mplayer: depend on xsp
      sanesrcrevs: bump more openmoko stuff after testing it on the neo
      merge of 'a806a9f3048bf953ea29faffb714688ab1a8d4d8'
      ipkg: check in missing patch
      gcc 4.2.1: make maverick stuff ep93xx specific
      webkit-gtk: add unstage task till Holger fixes qmake
      sane-srcrevs: bump some stuff
      openmoko-appmanager2: add it
      sane-srcrevs: add openmoko-appmanager2
      llvm: commit WIP hacks to keep holger busy
      hal: enable pci when available
      merge of '1071338fe9143d91f11215f627150ab1adc3a923'
      propagate from branch '' (head 23aeaf6386edeac3312ef7bf65975595704646cb)
      xserver-kdrive 1.3: add patch to get the gumstix lcd working
      kdrive: move patch to proper place
      2.6.21: add support for the ts controller on the console-vx-lcd gumstix boards
      linux 2.6.21: patch tsc2003 to scan at more addresses
      mono: add missing file
      linux 2.6.21: replace gumstix 18bpp patch with pxa-overlay patch from RP
      merge of '556711700dc782e2a3dae33b581a0f4b9d3bca2d'
      merge of 'c1ea3a8ae4f9e7d4be16a51f112cef674a5306d2'
      dropbear: familiar: DIE DIE DIE add RPSRC
      gcc: add 4.2.2
      merge of '6f164d924ef877e9361c0f48667e2ef44a9addcc'
      machines: don't include .conf files, they were renamed to .inc files like a month ago
      at91*: use uImage
      merge of '3ab13564266d48c610004a9570479df65c0ee659'
      angstrom images: rename, it's safe now since reenoo stopped sending me hatemail
      angstrom images: rename, see previous commit
      merge of '313f55e5f9f09b07e1ed5f50011e51c1c6acb73c'
      minimal-image-mtd: fix include
      altboot*: fix includes
      ex-angstrom images: move to image dir
      bluez-libs: add 3.20
      bluez: update to 3.20
      isane-srcrevs: bump more openmoko stuff, tested on a780 and fic-gta01
      task-base: add smbfs and cramfs distro features
      disapproval of revision 'c5093a8451fb4abb52c3c01148a1b9f6139e116e'
      uclibc 0.9.29: add patches from buildrot to fix mmap
      merge of '5e25d910364ba4a7edab739d7fd27220ff39668f'
      busybox: add 1.7.2, remove most OE patches
      openmoko-panel-bt: depend on libnotify
      angstrom-2008.1: use busybox 1.7.2
      propagate from branch '' (head 7c2dfd8725acfc6de0286a17d58cccbfa6c141f8)
      busybox: enable more stuff in angstrom config, fixed #3150
      avahi-ui: hack to get libavahi-ui built and packaged
      mango-lassi: add git version, needs dbus > 1.1.1 for `dbus_connection_set_allow_anonymous'
      mango-lassi: add depends
      gutenprint: add 5.1.3, this doesn't work yet, but -native needs it
      merge of '873da0372ff3245a206abda6731109ceff7fda5a'
      ijs: add 0.35
      linux-openmoko-devel: use patch instead of forcing people to download 40MB every time the nano version gets bumped, also apply patch using patch.bbclass instead of inside silly do_prepatch hack
      gutenprint: fix packaging, it builds for me now
      adzs-bf548-ezlite: add machine and defconfig
      linux-libc-headers: add 0.23 try harder to find a kernel image in arch/<foo>/*
      linux-bfin: add kernel from blackfin svn, currently support adzs-bf548-ezlite
      sane-srcrevs: add blackfin stuff
      elf2flt: update to match cross dir updates
      blackfin machine: use linux-bfin
      sane-srcrevs: update linux-bfin
      linux-bfin: re-enable touchscreen since r3731 fixed it
      sanesrcrevs: bump some openmoko stuff, tested on a780 and gta01
      libgsmd: add maxrev to patches that have been applied upstream (finally!) fix hardcodes
      rootfs_ipkbbclass: fix hardcodes
      rootfs_deb.bbclass: fix hardcodes
      merge of '0c8907e0f2b5bf5a3285e92be17c709e5d0ffa79'
      merge of '1065bf1f2e7b3927eac115451e22f3a6cdb43ec2'
      sdk.bbclass: package more debug files
      meta-toolchain: include target os to distinguish between (e)glibc and uclibc
      task-sdk: fix uclibc
      xserver-kdrive-common: nothing support PACKAGE_ARCH = "<distro>", we don't want those, and you can't build 2 distros in the same TMPDIR anyway.
      propagate from branch '' (head d46c4661bf8a227094ce244e37836233fb938268)
      gst-meta-base: change some stuff to RRECOMMENDS, not everybody wants X
      angstrom-version: bump PE
      ezxd: remove runparts from init script
      conf/distro/include/ add file for locking down almost every package
      gypsy: merge (with cleanups) from poky
      sane-srcrevs: add gypsy
      angstrom-2007-preferred-versions: fix svn and mickeyl PR entries formatting and fixes workaround bitbake bugs 'bitbake x11-image' works without bitbake choking
      packages/openmoko2: s:distribution:framework:g
      angstrom-preferred-versions: remove more entries, bitbake -s gets now as far as:
      merge of 'aa36aa92826b8f74328b39933671dd201b795054'
      merge of '0d10da095e95a24a892ade5cac920039ad878ceb'
      angstrom 2007: activate lock down file, nobody has complained about errors in the file for the past week, or objected to using it. remove gcc, kernels and images more fixes
      sane-srcrevs: bump linu-bfin to get pata support=
      gcc: merge avr32 bits into proper gcc files
      merge of '76afa3fd7e5ab1e782da555eb4e4d888551a37c6'
      angstrom 2008: use proper gcc for avr32
      xserver-kdrive-common: adapt script to take framebuffer size into account when running on devices that can do both vga and qvga
      task-base: add DISTRO_EXTRA_DEPENDS (workaround for bitbake bug)
      angstrom-2007.1.conf: add workaround for missing mtd-utils-native remove some more svn packages
      merge of '288863eb61389cf9c42b3101a9e8cd27ebcd129a'
      sane-srcrevs: bump some more srcrevs for openmoko, tested on gta01/angstrom
      sane-srcrevs: add note about ordering
      conf/distro/include/ and more fixes.... and even more fixes
      openobex: use autotools_stage_all, that stages more than we currently do
      openmoko2: SVNREV -> rSRCREV
      openmoko-theme, openmoko-terminal: repair PV damage by cheating a bit an bumping the micro version instead of PE
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-appearance for .desktop, calculator for icon and mediaplayer for video support
      openmoko-worldclock2: remove SVNREV
      busybox 1.7.2: add run_parts.c so Marcin can add it into the recipe :)
      busybox 1.7.2: replace run_part.c with the one we snatched of the mailinglist
      mkfontscale*: move to xorg-app bump midori to 0.0.10, fixes #3199
      linux-ezx: set rootdelay to 1 instead of 5
      sane-srcrevs: bump webit-gtk to 26915
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko-browser2 to 3249
      openmoko-today2: add openmoko-today2 to DEPENDS
      fbset-modes: make the modes a conffile
      linux-rp: merge .23 and .23+git from poky
      libjana: add Q&D recipe for libjana
      openmoko-dates2: remove staging
      sane-srcrevs: add libjana
      libjana: add missing "
      libjana: fix packaging
      sane-srcrevs: bump libjana to unbreak source-mirrors
      linux-ezx: add 2.6.23
      libgsmd: add maxrev for send patch
      gimp: update to 2.4
      linux-ezx: make 2.6.23 the default for a780 build mkimage unconditionally enable OABI on EABI builds
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko stuff, tested on gta01 and a780
      sane-srcrevs: bump webkit
      merge of '705196b2d72ab98805eba68c1d18a11b85c6d56f'
      linux-ezx 2.6.23: repair defconfig
      ezxd: mark ezxd.conf as conffile to preser user changes
      sane-srcrevs: bump openmoko and ezxd
      cairo: update to 1.5.2 snapshot
      pixman: update to 0.9.6
      linux-ezx 2.6.23: disable dyntick tell people to notify angstrom mailinglist on changes to this file
      propagate from branch '' (head a6b798a43c05aef43ed650ab880f3edd386d0aa3)
      angstrom 2008: prefer 2.6.23 for libc headers re-add avr32 safeguards lost in merge
      gcc: move avr32 stuff into gcc recipe and update to 4.2.1
      angstrom: clean up avr32 bits
      atngw100: use linux kernel
      linux-bfin: add compatible host
      pty: add Andrews tty forwarder
      ezxd: compile with -DDEBUG
      pty:  Commit by andrew  ::  r3327 /trunk/src/host/qemu-neo1973/pty.c: (link)
      angstrom 2007: remove some preferred version that are already in the lockdown file correct some entries
      sane-srcrevs: bump ezxd
      xournal: rdepend on poppler to get pdf annotation feature working
      neod: add maxrev for patches that have been applied
      angstrom 2007: lockdown file takes precendence over other files
      openmoko-browser2: add (disabled) patch to use fingerscroll instead of a regular scrolled window.
      bluez-libs: update to 3.22
      bluez-{cups,gstreamer,alsa,utils}: update to 3.22
      neod: fix RDEPENDS, oe automagically maps dbus->dbus-1 when using debian renaming. Using dbus-1 also breaks for people not inheriting debian.bbclass.
      gsmd: make -devel also rprovide tools, otherwise OE will build them both and renders image generation impossible
      task-openmoko: bump PR to get rid of gsmd(-devel) remnants gsmd-devel now completely covers all (R)PROVIDES for gsmd, so it is installabel now
      propagate from branch '' (head a9d8dbf4fa950567435550e72514ae1d5ba70efe)
      linux: add avr32 support for 2.6.23
      linux-ezx: change rootdelay=1 into rootwait=1, that hooks into the mmc layer to hold of mounting till it's ready instead of waiting N seconds. This is a 2.6.23 feature fixlet for avr32 and gcc 4.2.1
      angstrom-2007: stop mickeyl's baseless complaints about 'downgrading' from kdrive 1.4, angstrom 2007 has never used it
      rm_work: only remove ${S}, leave temp and install alone
      propagate from branch '' (head 85dec2124d884510a593355cc3c8e6072d815aa8)
      epiphany: add svn version to get the webkit backend to compile
      sane-srcrevs: add epihpany, fix elf2flt
      icu: make libs executable so they get stripped
      angstrom 2008: use uclibc 0.9.29
      hildon-1: add maxrev for patch
      sane-srcrevs: bump some more entries
      merge of '228193d507da8cea1fcf8c9e3c43ccb070860df0'
      squid-native: fix typo
      libconic: add 0.13
      libhildonfm: symlink headers to provide compat between different maemo versions
      maemo-mapper: update for current svn, needs gcc4 fixes
      fontconfig: more symlinks for maemo stuff
      monotone: update to 0.37
      poppler: add 0.6.2
      glibc 2.7: first stab at recipe
      merge of '0a57d791817bb802f8d5d76a1f72267f1b8f3824'
      disapproval of revision '9430cfa5a334ac688d23932a066f6495abfa4709'
      openmoko-session2: bump PR massively to weed out broken packages in deploy and existing feeds
      openmoko-messages2: add recipe
      sane-srcrevs: add openmoko-messages2, bump some other things
      desktop-file-utils: merge from poky
      insane.bbclass: merge dot desktop check from poky
      matchbox-wm: stop requiring mb-common
      feed-browser: start adding a machine -> arch map
      glibc-intermediate: first stab at a recipe for 2.7
      merge of '7a2606dc2c8a5d9ec61bddbad5d013a4bb7bd62a'
      mb-wm: u-a to itself, not another package
      mb-common: use u-a to make the link to x-wm, do not depend on mb-wm to do it
      merge of '33fb6aa0bcede524e3a5d6d9f4e9ed212a2c2335'
      maemo: rename maemo3 to maemo4 since it's using most of the chinook API already
      midori: update to 0.11
      matchbox-common: make it bug compatible again
      notecase: update to 1.7.2
      gsmd: repair breakage for people not using bleeding edge svn versions
      merge of '5218b291289ff56a8d3f0caa1ddf13f84dfe516f'
      sepukku: don't log html to file, log more usefull stuff. Debug now looks like: fix sepukku typo
      seppuku: some more debugging
      angstrom 2007: prefer libgsmd over libgsmd-devel for the time being
      angstrom: only ship strace and procps for debug builds, this is a first step into removing angstrom frobbing task-base stuff (should be left to images to decide on this stuff)
      merge of '7a0881668d38c0d3e64ef7ff7fa74e208b9e2d47'
      merge of '50705f6719ea83bd28466a1c4445ea1f3af2dd73'
      openmoko-panel-gsm: bump PR for libgsmd change
      libmokogsmd2: bump PR for libgsmd change
      cryptsetup: run through oe-stylize and remove postinst hack
      local.conf.sample: update DISTRO to something that works for 99.9% of the users
      angstrom-2007-preferred-versions: adjust versions to match feeds, as discussed on the angstrom-dev mailinglist
      linux-rp 2.6.23: bump PR to force rebuild to get gcc fix
      angstrom 2--7 lockdown file: fix typo spotted by XorA
      mpfr: add 2.3.0
      busybox: Enable support for -t & -n options for read command in angstrom configs.
      openmoko-dialer2: depend on libjana, closes #3357
      merge of '4ca8a8b2d3b5c23e0df60d228c5549695910a24b'
      libdaemon: add 0.12
      fic-gta0*: add XSERVER
      task-openmoko: use xserver specified by machine instead of hardcoding it
      xserver-kdrive-common: use Xglamo for gta02, remove some of the bogus Xserver checks
      zaurus-updater: have consistent error messages
      zaurus-updater: fix a typo from the last commit
      zaurus-updater: fix flashing from case sensitive filesystems
      merge of '6ac18f3dcd3bdc55e3c6e2b808ce11f25dbd163e'
      fic-gta02: ship Xfbdev as well
      xserver-kdrive-common: use Xfbdev on gta02 for now
      xserver-kdrive-common: add missing break in the switch statement
      linux-efika re-enable modules that were in 2.6.19+git, but not in
      xserver-xorg: fix debug packaging
      xorg-driver-common: attempt to fix #3386
      propagate from branch '' (head 0238eff8862126ac83c3f05d7a6fb094feff89e9)
      gcc 4.2.1: merge with .dev
      angstrom 2008: prefer gcc 4.2.1 for avr32
      linux 2.6.23: add defconfig for stk1000
      angstrom-uclibc: atler cflags to work around broken avr32 compiler
      propagate from branch '' (head f7531c375389681cc06ea3169fea009301b94267) remove unsupported gcc option from build
      avr32 machines: make uImage hack less fragile
      angstrom: add vars for feed config package
      angstrom-feed-configs: bump PR to get new feed configs, fix machine location
      nslu2-minimal-image: alter basename to distinguish between regular and nslu2 images
      midori: add 0.12
      gcc: replace non-functional block o'python with working overrides
      merge of '0573649abd1cf5b9f42a282ceefd2a99912dae21'
      mipv6: add untested version 2.0.2, this is suppossed to work with kernel 2.6
      console-mipv6-image: add skeleton image for ipv6 mobility folks script that tells the angstrom autobuilder what to build
      glibc-package.bbclass: merge LOCALE_UTF8_ONLY from poky only use utf8 locales
      merge of '4debfc11cf9e85b98e7395e221cb5044cf8fe49d'
      linux-rp: add default_prefs to get poodle to use 2.6.17 remove console-image from ixp4xx builds timestamp success reports
      contrib: angstrom/rss.php: quick & dirty rss generator for autobuilder uploads
      angstrom/rss.php: fix links
      angstrom 2007: put feeds under package management
      task-base: bump PR for angstrom DISTRO_EXTRA_REDEPENDS change
      zaurus-updater: reinstate case-sensitive fixes that got lost in a merge
      merge of 'b01d1445a9bec64883dc3658a911ae78a7a3fdf3'
      angstrom: use ${ANGSTROM_FEED_CONFIGS} var for feed config, thanks to Jeremy Laine for spotting this
      merge of '40faf7d48d883c5cd0bb74d8c212de805ef7cdf3'
      package_ipk.bbclass: merge with poky
      sanity.conf: bump bitbake to 1.8.9 for lockfile changes
      directfb: fix #2833
      package_ipk.bbclass, sanity.conf: attemp to be compatible with bitbake 1.8.8 again
      merge of '60155ceff0e3c21add064d22518f08c6b3c5a304'
      enchant: add workaround for libstdc++ linking problem. Frobbing LDFLAGS doesn't help
      linux-efika: enable radeon drm
      mesa: add 7.0.2
      mesa-dri: add RRECOMMENDS for drm kernel modules
      various files: update my email address and website address
      xorg-driver: update ati, add xgi and vmware
      pkgconfig.bbclass: sed out references to staging as well
      pkgconfig.bbclass: also catch ${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}
      angstrom autobuilder: also build native toolchain for all archs
      merge of 'ae600945a62c9f75e22c98c2d956b2d6f1d241e2'
      uboot-openmoko: undo mickey damage that broke *everyones* build due to parse errors do_deploy changes: introduce CMDLINE_DEBUG to hide or show kernel messages
      meta-toolchain: use FEED_ARCH in tarball-name
      bluez: add 3.23 releases
      linux 2.6.23: _append requires a leading space
      propagate from branch '' (head acccc4840b95c279164a3eeacf893200164bdc65)
      angstrom 2008: fix merge damage (I need more coffee)
      mysql: workaround two problems:
      angstrom-feed-configs: add iwmmxt feeds for machine that have 'iwmmxt' as MACHINE_FEATURE
      minimal-gpe-image: add images that only offers a basic 'desktop' copy installkit code from
      angstrom 2007 preferred versions: fixes the autobuilder needed to get things building
      minimal-openmoko-image: image with only dialer + terminal
      task-openmoko: split in to seperate recipes to cut down buildtime for minimal-openmoko-image
      task-openmoko: fix typo
      webkit-gtk: fiddle with exceptions and rtti cflags
      webkit update: update webkit srcrevs, add midori 0.13, bump openmoko-feedreader2 and openmoko-browser2
      angstrom 2007 preferred versions: bump midori to 0.13 to get it built against a recent webkit
      meta angstrom 2007: add skeleton for autobuilder feed population file
      libart: add config file for armeb, closes #3469
      angstrom autobuilder: add meta-angstrom-2007
      angstrom: bump to RC1
      minimal-gpe-image: include gpe-dm
      qmake2-native: inherit cross instead of native, bandaid for recent build problems
      apache2-native: inherit cross instead of native. This is a workaround, not a real fix
      angstrom-autobuilder: remove workaround for broken -native recipes
      angstrom: bump to RC1.1
      angstrom build build base-image instead of minimal image per RFC on angstrom-devel mailinglist merge in poky stuff
      midori: add 0.0.15
      poky-base-image: add an image that offers a basic "poky" gui, and its dependencies
      angstrom build release: base-files contains DISTRO_VERSION, so clean it to get the correct version into images
      angstrom 2007: bump to RC 1.3
      angstrom build feed: replacement for meta-angstrom-2007 recipe, will be deprecated once the problems with the meta package get sorted out
      qt4-x11: create dir before trying to put files into it
      angstrom: have autobuilder report distro version to bugzilla
      qt4-x11: repair vi damage
      angstrom build-*: sync with autobuilder
      linux-rp: move collie back to 2.6.20 for now
      angstrom build feeds: add more packages
      angstrom: bump to RC2
      h2200: promote suspend/resume package to task-boot
      task-boot: bump PR
      angstrom 2007: bump to rc 2.1
      angstrom build-*: sync with autobuilder
      emacs: attemp to unbreak:
      emacs: fix packaging typo (+= vs +=)
      propagate from branch '' (head d8bfa63aa913e7227790ba2d02253cfbecce61ab)
      merge of '6765ce1f621a9ef917ba1521afc7b81013e14dc2'
      zaurus-updater: use sed -i instead of shuffling files around
      minimal-gpe-image: add gpe-terminal
      merge of 'b27a32bfcc21a1d26ba62f18397b781bbfc0133c'
      angstrom build-*: sync with autobuilder
       octave: add 3.0.0
      xserver-kdrive 1.3: make xfbdev tosa specific
      kismet: configure picks up pcap from staging, so lets add it to depends
      linux-dht-walnut: first stab at converting it to a more generic recipe
      linux-dht-walnut: switch to uImage
      linux-dht-walnut: add 2.6.23
      angstrom 2007: RC3
      angstrom build-feed: add more packages and ppc405 machine
      task-base: bump PR
      angstrom 2007: add warning and point to branch:
      merge of '28f5b60141cb1b866dcc89f47a6599c6b64dfbc0'
      hwdata: fix do_install fix the powerpc 'nof' problem for native gcc as well
      propagate from branch '' (head 968e6781dca5ee420f8b36434c88d54cafe77f35)
      webkit-gtk: prepare for autotools support:
      distcc: update avahi patch and initscript
      bluez: update to 3.24 for utils and libs and 0.15 for bluez-gnome
      propagate from branch '' (head a9cf4a7fde005b20905192e310ca984ba3cbdab4)
      ntpclient: update to 2007_365 at the authors request
      conf/distro: remove angstrom 2007.1, update dependant distros to 2008, special-case openmoko
      e2fsprogs: e2fsprogs wants (virtual/)libiconv for i18n, but let's disable i18n to have a nice & small e2fsprogs for rescue filesystems, fixes #3604 depend on virtual/libintl and disable nls
      avahi: manually poke -lintl into LDFLAGS of uclibc builds (fixes #3603)
      gettext: fix packaging
      angstrom autobuilder: also build uclibc images
      bluez: fix plugin problems
      distcc: fix host file and CONFFILES
      xserver-kdrive 1.4: add hal to DEPENDS since kdrive will pick it up from staging
      propagate from branch '' (head a9234837102809b3f5f82abc11e373c14c1c638b)
      openmoko-dialer2: add dep on libgsmd:
      angstrom build feeds: sync with stable branch
      disapproval of revision '503b3ade200ad628a4b30fab228c365b8c0cf2ea'
      merge of '171c5d74e25e7c161bf23648620a923e90cfcc5b'
      propagate from branch '' (head 6d44b490ec30acc0370a045d7b1eb3eae2b73ab9)
      angstrom 2008: include toolchain versions for weird platforms like powerpc
      module*.bbclass: set AR to KERNEL_AR during building of kernel modules
      propagate from branch '' (head 558d7f8556530ca23dc6e4b7d687d6727d3a7397)
      merge of '5b5a99c95ab4ee23e5e5c0460ba6744420c75edb'
      linux 2.6.23: avr32 doesn't like the stable patches, so lets not use those
      avr32 machines: remove postprocess hack as newer uboots load uImage from the rootfs
      fastjar: install binaries instead of libtool wrappers to make it rm_work safe fix typo
      linux-ezx: add 2.6.24 sed out LOCALVERSION, it breaks too many things in kernel.bbclass and depmod
      binutils* 2.17: fix avr32 allow u-boot entrypoint to differ from loadadress and make atngw100 use it
      libmad: update avr32 patch
      angstrom-feed-configs: add opkg support
      opkg-ipkg-compat: 'meta' package for ipkg->opkg transition
      merge of '0d8bbbcdb6668a128380d44dac827d05c8e25266'
      angstrom 2008: start lockdown file based on openmoko versions
      busybox: move run-part.c to files
      merge of '0c66b53f17f5196eb35fffef39265d813c870e1c'
      busybox 1.9.1: fix build
      uclibc 0.9.29: blackfin and avr32 updates
      poodle,tosa: unbreak PACKAGE_ARCH
      at76c503a: add 0.17 release of at76_usb modules
      h5000: ship all kernel-modules and at76_usb
      merge of 'dee683d3de0616c362d03b01a6bf3caa2da5423c'
      angstrom: disable localegen for armeb
      angstrom contrib: add upload script from 2008 feeds
      angstrom feed builder: add more browsers
      angstrom: install opkg by default
      initramfs-bootmenu-image: add cpio.gz forcefully to IMAGE_FSTYPES
      linux-handhelds: deploy tweaks:
      merge of 'bfd03d53df75d483ec5af8f6299ec49daf006094'
      testlab bbclass: add class that dumps a bunch of statistical data from your images, usefull for people doing regression testing
      glibc 2.7: fix undefined reference fix glibc/gcc buglet where -Os goes awry with inlining and fastat64 becomes a missing symbol
      gypsy: add staging method, maxrev patch
      glib-2.0: use autotools_stage_all to catch all libs, glib >= 2.15.0 adds extra libs
      glib: add 2.15.6
      angstrom 2008 preferred versions: add glib and sort
      sane-srcrevs: bump webkit-gtk, epiphany and gypsy
      webkit-gtk: move over to autotools
      midori: update to new webkit api
      openmoko2: update browser to new webkit api, remove feedreader from task-openmoko-pim
      epiphany: add 2.21.92 to match webkit api
      openmoko-browser2 webkit patch: remove cruft
      openmoko-browser2: maxrev patch since it's upstream now
      angstrom build release: do uclibc stuff first, so initramfs kernels build properly
      angstrom 2008: prefer dbus 1.1.20
      arm linux uclibc site: add posix getgrgid_r
      libxslt: add 1.1.22 and bruteforce fix pkgconfig files
      merge of '069961becc44a86c25703ae2d26de30fba398c72'
      angstrom release builder: turn on glibc again
      angstrom 2008: ask for initramfs file, not its symlinke
      linux-handhelds 2.6.21-hh20: add patch to stop the kernel from blowing away our initramfs archive
      bluez: update to latest releases
      libtool: paste in from poky
      sepukku bbclass: change 'bugname' far so bugreports get grouped by PN-PV instead of PN-PV-PR-task
      mplayer 1.0rc2: turn on -O4 -ffast-math forcibly for a ~30% decoding speedup
      merge of '4a44b08ef83a5075a82f85c34d592996acfcec95'
      siteinfo bbclass: remove avr32/glibc entries - there never will be avr32 support in glibc
      avr32 site files: add more entries
      merge of '1baac115ff1ee3cfa594ac8bdb5a672342a18c6b'
      avr32 site file: add entry for sudo
      linux 2.6.24: add support for atngw100 and at32stk1000
      merge of '7cea498c89cd9f4506bd1ed4ce852d868e4e299f'
      linux 2.6.24: tweak at32stk100 defconfig
      packaged-staging bbclass: make PSTAGE_EXTRAPATH overridable
      angstrom: set PSTAGE_EXTRAPATH to ANGSTROM_MODE to make mixing of glibc and eglibc safe
      avr32 site: repair glib entry
      mplayer: make it work for avr32 don't add -lgcc_s for avr32
      uclibc-initial: make sure dir exists before symlinking to it
      glib-2.0: add 2.16.1 stable release document inherit statements
      angstrom 2008: prefer glib 2.16.1
      strace: add avr32 support
      libsdl: disable mesa for avr32
      tune files: add files for generic armv7 and cortex series
      beagleboard: start skeleton machine file for the beagleboard
      beagleboard: use linux-beagleboard
      linux-beagleboard: skeleton kernel file
      linux-beagleboard: switch to http protocol as that seems to be more forgiving with the wet piece of string internet connection the beagleboard server has
      linux-beagleboard: update defconfig and S
      linux-beagleboard: use defconfig from other git branch
      sepukku: make attachments work again by importing bb and passing in, based on a patch by RP
      gcc: add recipes for 4.3.0 - loads of patches missing, only tested against armv7/glibc-2.6.1/angstrom
      beagleboard: switch to armv6 till our gcc 4.3.0 works better
      angstrom 2008: add support for beagleboard
      beagleboard: build proper uImage
      angstrom: turn on packaged-staging
      angstrom: add skeleton support for ANGSTROM_MODE = "uclinux-uclibc" (e.g. bfin, arm7tdmi) switch to
      avr32 site: add a few permutations of va_copy
      opkg-collateral: add missing file
      various: move over to opkg, as discussed on the mailinglist
      tzdata: fix RPROVIDES
      tzdata: every entry in PACKAGES is by default in PROVIDES, so remove the bogus PROVIDES
      testlab: remove bashism, spotted by XorA
      settingsgui: update to 0.8
      illume: add untested recipe that isn't likely to work (this one does need RDEPENDS)
      update-alternatives: move to opkg
      sysvinit: prepend shebang to shell scripts and fix formatting of those
      sysvinit: add missing !
      rootfs_{deb,ipk}.bbclass: the o-hand dudes went overboard with sed, and opkg-native overwrites our u-a-native, so we need to set both IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT *and* OPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT
      native and autotools bbclass: use autotools_stage_all instead of oe_runmake install for staging native packages
      angstrom: set QA_LOG to 1
      gettext: switch to autotools_stage_all
      autotools, native bbclass: try harder to stage native binaries
      native, autotools bbclass: check if bindir exists before trying to access it
      autotools bbclass: sync with poky and expand on it
      illume: fix PV
      native.bbclass: fix ] spacing
      insane bbclass: add '8' (.la references workdir) to list of fatal errors
      db: sync with poky
      opkg: bump SRCREV to get big-endian fix
      merge of '4f01b212b98a4b372493c483af8fda8300f38063'
      merge of '3b3bdcaa9ad2328f02f412cfd58e88c216486d47'
      beagleboard: serial console is on ttyS2
      sysvinit: bump PR for beagleboard serial console change
      illume: add patch that fixes the include paths and add -DE_TYPEDEFS=1 to CFLAGS so those includes actually do someting
      linux 2.6.24: apply connectplus hack for simpad, closes #4094
      efl.bbclass: bump PE to unbreak builds and feeds
      busybox 1.9.1: add files needed for openwrt-style 'telnet failsafe login'
      gcc-noemu: attempt to fix requires
      inetutils: update to 1.5
      om-gta*: add compat archs
      merge of '1ba445dfd1a9b934962a4db388d6ab641b3f74e8'
      evas-native: fix staging of modules and engines, edje_cc doesn't OOM anymore on my machine
      kernel.bbclass: unbreak uImage generation.
      abiword: add 2.6.0, latest stable
      abiword-plugins 2.5.x: unbreak configure by fixing DESCRIPTION
      abiword-plugins: add latest stable, 2.6.0 and patch it to use CXX for LD
      sdcc: update to 2.8.0 (released 2 days ago)
      gnuradio: add 3.1.2 release and make that the default over svn
      beagleboard: ship all kernel modules
      linux-beagleboard: switch to omap-git and use patch from Dirk Behme for board support
      merge of '3a476b00537a64a6add8bd114705a5f82eb6eef4'
      packagekit: remove AUTOREV, that has no place in recipes
      gtk 2.10.14: follow gtk 2.12 with not applying display-migration patch, applications now start 5 times faster some vendor patched gccs don't have an, so don't error out if it's missing
      site: add more uclibc entries
      tune-strongarm: set ARM_ABI to oabi
      tune-cortexa8: use -march=armv7-a instead of armv7 to get ARM mode working (as opposed to only thumb2 mode)
      tune-cortexa8: let's not confuse buildsystems with too many hyphens
      angstrom-glibc: gcc 4.3.0 segfaults when using -frename-registers, so turn it off for now
      glibc: add currently unused glibc-includes-fixed-isystem.patch based on
      beagleboard: update package-archs to match tune file
      ncurses: attempt to unbreak runtime breakages due to updated packaging
      testlab.bbclass: opkg is using a different output format, account for that,
      at32st1000, atngw100: also generate tar.bz2 images for use on SD cards
      jikes-initial: work around a problem with packaged-staging
      packaged-staging.bbclass: protect against empty SRC_URI
      jikes-initial: remove workaround for empty SRC_URI
      gcc 4.3.0: add all patches from debian and fedora into their respective subdirs and apply a few.
      linux-omap2: merge in beagleboard support and clean up versioning
      linux-omap1 git: base off linux-omap2 recipe
      sdr-image: image with SDR and unicorn stuff
      libatomic-ops: add patch to fix powerpc support from fedora
      angstrom-zeroconf-audio: add meta package to enable zeroconf audio
      sdr-image: make package selection a bit smarter
      images: create timestamp in more images
      tune files: add FEED_ARCH
      tune-xscale: fix up BE/LE confusion in FEED_ARCH
      angstrom: add FEED_ARCH to overrides and replace most machine based overrides with the arch based overrides
      em8300: add driver and guitools for DXR3 and Hollywood+ MPEG1/2 decoder cards
      uclibc 0.9.29: make use of new FEED_ARCH override in angstrom and add architecture specific uClibc.machine files
      merge of '92c05bc0b6ee1645537e1189be26b9962a1c5170'
      gcc 4.3.0: apply more patches, the most notable doing: "Automatically check reproducability of ICE (if possible) and prepare testcase if reproducible"
      angstrom-glibc: reintroduce -frename-registers for non armv7a builds
      angstrom 2008: remove oz mirror from tarball stash
      linux-davince: fix PV and anchor SRCREV inside the recipe to avoid reparse penalties
      linux-davinci: fix thinko, you can't use ?= with srcrev, since bitbake.conf still sets it
      kernel bbclass: have modules.tgz have the same version and packages and deployed images (PV) instead of pulling it out of the makefile (KERNEL_VERSION)
      angstrom contrib: add
      xserver-kdrive: add
      angstrom 2008: prefer kdrive
      xserver-kdrive: add 1.5rc ( WIP, Disabled by default:
      linux-omap2 git: add beagle patches and move to 2.6.25rc9
      linux omap2 git: update beagleboard sd patch
      linux-omap2: enable usb for beagleboard
      xserver-kdrive disable w100
      mplayer 1.0rc2: fix build for armv7a
      mplayer 1.0rc2: enable armv6 SIMD for armv6 and armv7a
      mplayer svn: update patches, srcrev and EXTRA_OECONF
      linux-omap2: bump to 2.6.25
      mplayer-maemo: add svn version of the armv6/vfp optimized version of mplayer (nothing maemo-specific about this build since the gui isn't enabled)
      linux-omap2 git: update beagleboard defconfig
      linux-omap2 git: drop patches that are upstream, update usb patch for beagle, and de-CSL makefiles
      gnuradio: fix RDEPENDS
      merge of '02c853aa8cfa6c38e9af2ee305306c04ac0a03fa'
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV to get printascii hack back
      kernel bbclass: ${D} doesn't always have a trailing /, so put one in, sh is flexible enough to take care of '//' inside paths
      linux-omap2 git: modify beagle defconfig and add usb timeout patch
      xserver-common: fix ts checks and combine if statements
      angstrom gpe task base: add gpe-scap
      angstrom 2008 preferred versions: bump busybox to 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 since someone removed 1.9.1 without checking conf/distro/include or telling its maintainers
      libxsettings-client: unbreak every version that isn't 0.16
      xserver-common: -mouse <dev> doesn't work -mouse mouse does
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV
      libsoup: add 2.4.1
      libgcrypt: add 1.4.1 and actually ship the pkgconfig file we add
      linux-omap2 git: enable L2 caches on beagleboard in kernel, instead of depending on u-boot
      epiphany: add 2.22.1
      at76c503a: move back to packages since it's working perfectly for machine it was added for: h5000
      xserver-common: reinstate keymap part of patch
      linux-omap2 git: disable problematic L2 cache patch
      sdr-image: include a working X and fancy E17 demo
      various machines: TARGET_FPU is policy, remove it from machines
      angstrom: add TARGET_FPU for various archs
      linux-omap2 git: move to 2.6.26rc1
      mono: use staging_datadir_native
      angstrom: switch to opkg-nogpg since opkg crashed upon encountering .sig files (and signing Packages is bogus anyway, we want signed packages, not feeds)
      linux-omap2 git: bump to HEAD
      linux omap2 git: add L2 cache enable patch for beagleboard and update defconfig accordingly
      libsoup: modify staging funciton to not symlink, we don't want libsoup.pc, but libsoup-2.x.pc
      linux davinci: fix PV and an template for future git updates
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV, add patch for beagleboard RTC support and add (disabled) patch that aims to enable the DVI chip
      linux-omap2 git: add working DVI patch (sent upstream for review), update defconfig remove the "2.13" from autoconf, we don't want to rely on host tools, certainly not without checking it they exist. This commit fixes the build for me on debian unstable and ubuntu hardy
      linux omap2 git: update TFP patch, add patch that prints L2 cache status on boot and bump PRu
      benchfft: fixup Makefile so compile gets a bit further. Still tries to run generated binaries, though
      gcc: add skeleton for the CSL 2008q1 release of gcc, based on gcc 4.2.3
      gcc csl 2008q1: add some OE sanity patches and fix EXTRA_OECONF
      gcc csl 2008q1: make it look more like other gcc recipes
      gcc 4.3.0: add symlink hack to get the right includes to glibc
      gcc csl 2008: remove ldflags.patch that does the wrong thing, disable multilib, and remove some more patches
      angstrom 2008: prefer gcc csl 2008q1 for armv7a, gcc 4.3.0 just ICEs way too often
      angstrom: hack around gcc csl 2008q1 bug (
      openssl-native: stop leaking target compile flags (FULL_OPTIMIZATION) into native build, it kills kittens.
      disapproval of revision '6aaaee531ff6f260aade659a5a4b74f4ce3382bf'
      merge of '1d173acb1b7f8a2e7127fddb4716194d677d3440'
      openssl-native: also fix 0.9.7m and def-pref -1 0.9.8 since it doesn't build
      merge of '1b152d2cb9b2c6474294b89bcc5f136f0cd95903'
      linux-omap2 git: bump to 2.6.26rc2, add patch to fix boot on beagleboard
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV to use upstream version of patches
      merge of '0c6f4fed33f17c5c3b0e7416ecda652fda206d63'
      linux-omap2 git: add patch to undo merge damage and drop patches that were upstreamed
      dsplink: add url to manual dsplink download
      dsplink: start filling in the skeleton some more
      dsplink: activate module build
      gcc-cross 4.2.2, 4.3.0, csl 2008q1: enable libssp and teach to package it
      merge of '8c0681c145743970130cbe62da92b45f76b3c4b5'
      merge of '3b5a264cff607e4c4977e318dde1e861a664ad81'
      dsplink: make files generic and use sed to make it more specific
      dsplink: get first part to build, need to sort out more includes, since someone though it would be a good idea to (not) pass includes using gcc instead of using #include <foo> in the source file
      disapproval of revision '462968658bdc2a3c48a8d634f9be59d450259f49'
      openssl-native: remove the CFLAG export, it isn't needed, contrary to my previous build attemps, so everything should work again (including generating vulnerable keys)
      merge of '344877dac1be60d7f6d718179f6d015c047ad23e'
      linux-omap2 git: remove beagleboard patches that were accepted upstream, remove usbtimeout.patch, it doesn't help. Remove l2-cache.patch now that we have a saner uboot
      linux-omap2 git: update beagleboard defconfig to get powertop working
      machine/include/ unbreak package archs and remove distro stuff
      gcc: add gcc csl 2007q3
      merge of '860bccc90a045f54a0fd143d4759959d43643350'
      angstrom 2008: make compiler selection easier, use 2007q3 for armv7a (yes, PV went backwards *again*, full rebuild time)
      tune-cortexa8: enable tree-vectorizer to get proper NEON support
      linux-omap2 git: update to rc3 and remove v4l2 from defconfig since that's broken in rc3
      linux-omap2 git: add patches to convert mcbsp to a platform device and add omap3 ASoC driver based on that (still missing the actual TWL4030 codec driver though)
      dsplink: fix pnum due to changed S
      linux-omap2 git: bump srcrev to get basic powermanagement support for omap3
      kernel.bbclass: comment initramfs stuff till rootfs locking works properly (initramfs should be optional as well)
      linux omap2 git: disable omap mux driver because it breaks usb host
      gumstix-kernel: attempt to unbreak it, part #1
      angstrom: update sepukku stuff
      avahi: disable libssp globally
      minimal-gpe image, x11-sato image, nas-server image: use opkg-nogpg instead of ipkg recipe to test bugreporting aids, sepukku will log to bug #4000
      angstrom: add oestats instructions next to sepukku instructions
      kernel bbclass: stage vmlinux if present
      dsplink: fix symlinking
      dsplink: catch all the kernel dirs we need to symlink
      dsplink: install and package kernel module
      dsplink: begin supporting building for different DSP platforms: Omap and Davinci
      dsplink: remove KERNEL_VERSION from PV till we have a proper solution for it
      liboil: add 0.3.14, disabled by default since the configure script will generate vfp code for _all_ arm cores, with no way to disable it
      linux-omap2 git: add mux patch for beagleboard and switch to OTG mode for MUSB
      gcc 4.2.4: another point release in the 4.2 series
      beagleboard: start generating jffs2 images now that a NAND driver exists
      lcd4linux: add lcd4linux, a daemon that can put info on your (character) LCD, like the USB2LCD
      linux-omap2 git: bump to 2.6.26-rc4
      angstrom: prefer cairo 1.6.4
      abiword: add 2.6.3
      neuros-osd2: start machine file for the neuros osd v2.0 machine
      linux-omap2 git: add LED and NAND drivers
      linux-omap2 git: enable jffs2 filesystem
      opkg: update to 0.1.4
      dbus 1.2.1: fix pidfile location
      angstrom 2008: prefer pixman 0.10.0
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV and tweak defconfig to get a more stable bootprocess
      angstrom zeroconf audio: fix RDEPENDS
      pkgconfig: sync with poky
      angstrom zeroconf audio: add more RDEPENDS
      libtool cross 2.2.4: check for dolt.m4 before trying to install it
      glib-2.0: add 2.16.3 from poky, patched to work with libtool 2.2.4, disabled by default for that reason
      libusb: add libtool patch from poky, safe for general consumption remove esound dependency
      linux-omap2 git: enable smart reflex driver for beagleboard
      freetype: sanitize do_configure
      cairo 1.6.4: add libtool patch
      tiff: update to 4.0.0beta2 for libtool fixes
      hal: sync with poky
      esound: clean configure of 0.36 a bit
      hal: revert PIDFILE hunk
      libfakekey: fix configure
      ncurses: fix libtool issues with libtool 2.2.4, safe for general consumption
      gtk 2.12.3: merge libtool patch with poky
      beagleboard demo image: add image description of the demo used atLinuxTag 2008
      libsndfile: fix
      fftw*: upgrade to 3.2alpha3
      merge of '190c583e92702619da237578aa0be6d527f7da36'
      icu: fix do_configure
      linux-neuros git: add linux recipe for the osd1 and osd2 devices
      fontconfig: fix configure
      mplayer: enable v4l2 (not v4l2-tv), usefull for people with overlay hardware (e.g. omap, davinci, x86 video cards)
      makedevs: fix compile with gcc 4.3.x
      linux-neuros git: bump SRCREV and switch branch
      neuros-osd*: build uImage as kernel image
      neuros-osd*: add uboot adresses (taken from Makefile.boot)
      codec-engine: add skeleton for 2.10, we only need cmem.ko from it
      tiff 4.0.0beta2: def pref -1
      libsdl-x11: add (disabled) 1.2.11 for people with libtool 2.2.4
      merge of '53e608aeb23095887be63ad8796f84461a850a1b'
      kerneloops: add 0.11
      libtool-native: also stage libltdl header so -native packages that build against libltdl work (e.g. guile-native)
      guile-native: update to 1.8.5 and sanitize
      goffice: update to 0.6.3
      gnumeric: add 1.8.3
      abiword 2.6.3: tweak packaging
      angstrom led config: initscript that applies led config from /etc/default/leds
      webkit: update makefiles for x86_64 and add acinclude.m4 to get rid of infinite libtool loop
      angstrom-2008: switch to libtool 2.2.4 and gcc 4.2.4
      ipkg-utils*: re-enable size field in packages (from openmoko)
      e-wm: sync with openmoko
      gcc* 4.3.0:  --enable-cheaders=c_std
      read-edid: add util that build parse-edid
      linux-omap2 git: update to 2.6.26-rc5 and update smartreflex patches
      xserver-common: move fallback keymap into case statement
      libgpewidget: depend in libxinerama. Parallel builds fail due to debian renaming
      lots of recipes: bump PR to get postinsts back
      pixman: add latest stable and unstable
      gcc 4.3.0: replace with gcc 4.3.1
      neuros osd2: correct kernel provider
      gcc 4.3.1: fix NEON ice:
      traqconfig: add configapplication of the lasertraq suite
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV and remove patches that are upstream now
      gcc-cross-kernel: add 4.2.4 and csl-2007q3
      angstrom 2008: use gcc 4.3.1 for armv7a now that NEON works, use a seperate gcc (sadly a CSL one) for kernels
      omap3evm: add omap3evm machine and make linux-omap2 kernel the default for that. Based on work from Steve Sakoman
      angstrom 2008: remove bogus preferred version
      linux-omap2 git: update evm defconfig (thanks Steve!), clean up beagle patch dir, apply smartreflex and cpuidle patches to evm as well
      aspell: add 0.60.6, fixes compile errors with gcc 4.3.x
      tune-cortex a8: remove -ftree-vectorize so people can use 2008q1 as compiler
      beagleboard: switch to armv7a
      omap3evm: switch to armv7a
      angstrom feed sorter: sync with version on serinity
      efika: prefer linux-rt
      linux-omap2 git: fix omap3evm build
       beagleboard demo image: remove octave, gcc 4.3.x lacks fortran
      u-boot: add TI 1.1.4 for beagleboard and Steve's 1.3.x git version create some dirs before installing into them
      beagle-board demo image: remove minimo
      neuros osd base image: add base for neuros images
      angstrom 2008: bump dropbear since someone remove the version we were depending upon depend on gcc-cross to get all the paths in staging/cross in the right place for the build
      disapproval of revision 'a41ea1ad763bed9b2597a75fd878c89397de75e0'
      disapproval of revision '4eeab448d8f0ea43702fbbac1fad0e283ba87b91'
      merge of 'ae80749e4b78bcd1a09605ab422d6bca3ed0eac9'
      rm_work: now that packaged-staging knows about rm_work we can make it more potent again
      pulseaudio esd wrapper: meta package that transparently replaces the esound server with pulseaudio
      padevchooser: add the pulseaudio device chooser applet
      merge of '81ce749b8f57a5a56ca3f31c843da1b227a8a48d'
      pulse esd wrapper: fix postinst
      pulseaudio alsa wrapper: add meta package that installs the files needed to use pulseaudio as alsa-backend
      merge of '23094adbbe1c0cf4e6533536f3d839d77e1e5bbf'
      stagemanager native: replace 'head -1' with 'head -n1'
      libpcre: fix builds with libtool 2.2.4
      sane-srcrevs: bump opkg*, mplayer and packagekit
      linux omap2 git: disable DEBUG_LL for beagleboard
      sanesrcrevs: wind back opkg-native to 4452. opkg works find on the target, opkg-native fails with locking problems
      pulseaudio alsa wrapper: add more modules
      hx4700: append jffs2 to fstypes
      sane-srcrev: wind back opkg-native to 4452 *again*
      oprofile: sync with poky
      linux-omap2: bump to 2.6.26-rc6
      pulseaudio 0.9.10: workaround libtool problems
      glib-2.0-native: workaround libtool problem
      linux-omap2 git: beagle needs nand support, evm only needs onenand support
      gimp: depend on gdk-pixbuf-csource-native
      sphinx: update to latest release
      libusb: add libusb1, a rewrite of libusb 0.1.x
      bluez-utils: use libusb-compat
      linux omap2 git: add patch to surpress spurious timer reprogramming
      sane-scrrevs: add python-etk
      various: more libusb -> libusbcompat changes
      liburiparser: recreate autofoo patch to work with newer libtools
      gnuradio: libusb -> libusb-compat
      libsdl-mixer: update to 1.2.8 fix staging
      libusb-compat: set PE=1 to avoid collision with libusb in feeds
      save-srcrevs: bump openmoko-tasks2 to work wit recent libtool versions
      merge of '325cca716bfbf3db0f668af761161a7b40a705e8'
      meta-toolchain: merge opkg fix from OM
      linux-omap2 git: fix dispc init for beagleboard
      gdb-cross-sdk: don't use -Werror
      lcd4linux: bump PR for libusb change
      lcd4linux: add patch to build against both libusb and libusb-compat
      binutils: add snapshot, fixes problems with CSL compilers and static linking
      dsplink: enhance patches to build against more kernels
      dsplink: more tweaks for Omap
      codec-engine: sed make rules to use OE toolchain(s)
      codec-engine: build & package cmemk module
      bluez-utils: fix do_install. passkey-agent moved to test/
      linux-omap2 git: bump to 2.6.26-rc7
      pidgin: add 2.4.2
      beagleboard-demo-image: add pidgin and irssi
      firefox 3: remove #if 0 from TLS checking code, replace _pthread_self() with 255255
      firefox 3: replace internal js version with one that isn't horribly broken
      firefox3: apply debian patch to support building against gcc 4.3.x
      linux-omap2 git: add ASoC patch for beagleboard and update defconfig
      linux-omap2 git: add 16bpp for beagle
      linux-omap2 git: add DPLL patches for beagleboard
      sane-srcrevs: add more freesmartphone stuff since the maintainers aren't bothering
      linux-omap2 git: bump to 2.6.26-rc8
      openssl-native: stop leaking target compile flags (FULL_OPTIMIZATION) into native build, it kills kittens.
      openssl-native: also fix 0.9.7m and def-pref -1 0.9.8 since it doesn't build
      disapproval of revision '462968658bdc2a3c48a8d634f9be59d450259f49'
      openssl-native: remove the CFLAG export, it isn't needed, contrary to my previous build attemps, so everything should work again (including generating vulnerable keys)
      linux-omap2 git: fix evm patches
      linux-omap2 git: update SRCREV
      linux-neuros: update SRCREV and defconfig for the OSD2
      beagleboard, omap3evm: attempt to remove \r
      dsplink: add dsplink 1.51
      dsplink: more sed magic
      dsplink: update patch for omap3 support
      vlc: add davinci port of vlc, it currently depends on NDA bits, but the goal is to build is against the 'public' codec-engine in the future
      vlc-davinci: enable dbus en up SRCREV
      linux-neuros: add binutils fix to get uImage that isn't 2GB
      linux-neuros 2.6.15: add patch to build with gcc4, still needs better defconfig and EABI patches
      angstrom 2008: prefer uclibc 0.9.29
      linux-omap2-git: update beagleboard defconfig
      avr32 site: add libIDL_cv_long_long_format=${libIDL_cv_long_long_format=ll}
      linux-neuros git: bump SRCREV
      libart: add avr32 art_config.h
      linux 2.6.24: update at32stk1000 defconfig
      gcc 4.2.2: add more avr32 patches.
      gnash-minimal: fix PV
      linux 2.6.25: add support for at32stk1000
      linux-omap2 git: run dos2unix over patch files
      linux-omap2 git: disable rtc on beagle
      linux omap2 git: disable apm for beagleboard
      swfdec: fix 0.4.0 and add 0.7.2
      libsidplay: add debian patch to build with gcc 4.3.x
      swfdec: fix DEPENDS
      sqlite3: install headers during do_stage, fixing packaged-staging. From poky
      gnash: add 0.8.3 with an ugly, ugly hack to work around libtool problems
      linux-omap2 git: add bootlogo for beagleboard
      dsplink: add -include linux/autoconf.h to the kernel cflags, obsoleting patches adding #includes for that
      linux-omap2 git: sync with sakomans tree and drop unused patches
      oprofile: fix build with gcc 4.3
      gst-ffmpeg: add 0.10.4, disabled by default
      gst-ffmpeg 0.10.4: fix src_uri
      linux-omap2 git: add oprofile patch for armv7a
      oprofile 0.9.3: add armv7a support
      beagleboard demo image: add oprofile
      libtool native 2.2.4: stage libltdl source tree for packages that want to rebuild libltdl (e.g. pulse and gnash)
      gnash: fix build to use external libtool
      libtool-native 2.2.4: fix forced stagings
      boot 1.33.1: add fedora and gentoo patches for gcc 4.3 support and an extra patch hunk stolen from 1.34.1
      gnash: add missing patch
      swfdec-mozilla: add NPAPI browser plugin for flash, works with webkit
      gnash-minimal: depend on libtool, remove PR from .inc
      linux 2.6.25: update at32stk1000 defconfig to include pcmcia->usb drivers
      gnuradio: add patch to build against gcc 4.3.x
      gnash-minimal: packaging fixes
      oprofile: def_pref -1 the cvs version
      ipkg-utils*: fix PR values. OE doesn't use split PRs, so stop commiting them!
      emaotion: add missing depends spotted by packaged-staging
      sane-srcrevs: bump opkg-native
      angstrom feed configs: bump PR
      glibc 2.6.1: change optimizations flags for armv7a
      initscripts: do not poke at /proc/cpu/alignment on armv7, it slows libavcodec down with 50%
      initscripts: fix typo in previous commit
      gnash-minimal: fix depends
      bitbake.conf: fix PARALLEL_MAKE, it hasn't been working lately. Patch by Richard Purdie
      sl: fix parse error
      beagleboard demo image: add swfdec-mozilla
      dsplink: fix dependencies
      dsplink test image: add image for testing TI dsplink
      neuros-osd2: add (disabled) framework for creating ready-to-flash upk images
      neuros-osd2: set uboot machine
      neuros-osd2: fix typo
      merge of '0c449bd860651c16124dcc0cc2cd07689c45f195'
      neuros osd2: move upk to .inc so osd1 can use it as well
      neuros osd2: really set uboot machine correctly...
      u-boot git: add support for neuros-osd2
      u-boot-env: dummy package to generate a script for setting up the default environment in u-boot
      neuros-pkggen native: add tool to generate ready to flash upk images add IMAGE_DEPENDS
      neuros-pkggen: install to _BIN_dir add some dummy versions to make the generator happy correct rootfs name
      meta-toolchain neuros: add meta-toolchain for neuros jffs2 is not yaffs2... use raw oob mode for yaffs2
      qt4: add first stab at qt-embedded 4.4.0, the *$%(*$%(#% people at trolltech renamed it *again*, so we probably need to copy all the qtopia core stuff and do s/qtopia-core/qt-embedded/g
      qte 4.4.0: don't build tools, use the ones in staging
      uicmoc-native: add 4.4.0
      linux-omap2: bump to rc9
      qte 4.4.0: disable some more tools
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV and update defconfig
      qt4: add webkit, help and clucene packaging
      qt4: fix help and clucene packaging
      gtk-doc: generate packages for sdk and native toolchains
      qt4 packaging: since not all packages exist recommend them instead of depending on them
      qt staging: fix up more .pc files
      meta-toolchain-neuros: add qte and dbus
      linux-omap2 git: enable uvc for beagleboard
      tar: add 1.20
      webkit-gtk: bump SRCREV
      qt4: fix typos in do_split_packages
      linux-omap2 git: sync with Sakomans tree
      openmoko toolchain scripts: update SRC_URI and packaging, OE somehow refuses to package files in /, so the license are in /doc now
      ffmpeg: move SRCREV to recipe so people can build the git version with optimizations for NEON
      qt4: add a hack to get qt-embedded to build without building qtopia-core
      qt-e: adjust PR
      dsplink: bump PR to force rebuild against updated kernels
      neuros osd image: add dbus and qt/e, attempt to use mdev
      ffmpeg git: enhance staging
      omapfbplay: add small media player that uses the omapfb overlays to play stuff
      linux omap2 git: add patches to get overlay working for beagleboard
      ffmpeg git: adjust staging
      omapfbplay: bump SRCREV to move frame display to a seperate thread
      omapfbplay: make a static binary
      beagleboard demo image: add mplayer and omapfbplay
      omapfbplay: fix depends
      angstrom-glibc: don't use -Os on armv7, csl2007q3 breaks horribly with it
      omapfbplay: update DEPENDS
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV to get rid of image curruption when using gcc 4.3.1
      libmad: sanitize optimization options, some were remove in recent gcc versions
      codec-engine: disable parallel make
      dsplink, codec-engine: disable stripping for all packages, the kernel modules don't work when modules_strip is used and you can't disable stripping per package, only per recipe :(
      dsplink: attempt to fix kernel architecture flags.
      dsplink: create an 'openembedded' distro for dsplink, update kernel flags
      dsplink 1.50: fix typo
      dsplink: use some more sed magic to get the kernel part to use the kernel gcc and the userspace part the userspace gcc
      linux-omap2 git: enhance /proc/cpuinfo cache info. RMK doesn't like it, but who cares?
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV
      gnuradio: bump PR
      gcc csl 2007q3: add patch to fix segfaults when using -Os
      libxml-simple-perl*: merge from poky
      icon-naming-utils native: merge from poky
      gnome icon theme: add 2.22.0 and clean up recipe
      hicolor icon theme: add 0.10
      angstrom-glibc: revert armv7a optimization flags, they make gdb segfault
      util-linux-ng: update to 2.14
      task proper tools: prefer util-linux-ng to get schedutils as well
      util-linux-ng: fix packaging
      angstrom: prefer util-linux-ng
      task boot/base: bump PR
      angstrom led config: move to an earlier slot in init
      beagleboard demo image: ship led config
      gnome-icon-theme: icon-naming-utils -> icon-naming-utils-native
      poppler: add 0.8.4
      epdfview: apply fixes, clean out old versions
      swfdec-mozilla: depend on gst-ffmpeg
      evince: add 2.23.4
      lcd4linux: fix initscript
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV for faster mp3 decoding
      merge of 'dea5fd7f1b27baf261b5d668733d4ab001554649'
      libwpd: update to 0.8.14, fixes problems with gcc 4.3.x
      asio: add 1.1.1
      merge of '1828e091ae06fc2f6f869299de7c7187900c649c'
      t1lib: if we stage the x11 header lets also build the corresponding library.
      gtkmathview: add 0.8.0
      abiword, abiword-plugins: update to 2.6.4
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
      qmake2: add sdk version
      merge of '45d7f2962e16b25cf29da125c1645096b5d7fe7e'
      qmake2 sdk: fix packaging
      meta-toolchain neuros: add qmake2-sdk
      uicmoc4: add sdk version, fix build with gcc 4.3.x
      meta-toolchain neuros: also ship uicmoc4-sdk
      neuros-pkggen: update sources don't use lzo compression for kernel jffs2 partition, the current uboot config doesn't like it
      linux omap2 git: add patch that should fix hang on serial
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV
      u-boot: bump SRCREV for neuros-osd2
      rt73-firmware: add 1.8
      zd1211-firmware: add 1.4
      qtopia4core bbclass: set QT_DIR_NAME
      neuros-qt-plugins: add qt input driver for the neuros IR remote
      neuros-lib-widgets: add neuros Extra QT base widgets
      neuros-qt-plugin: it's an kbddriver, not an inputmethod
      codec-engine: package and stage cmem*.a
      dsplink: package and stage dsplink.lib
      u-boot env: update neuros-osd2 env
      ffmpeg, omapfbplay: bump SRCREV
      gst-ffmpeg: prefer 0.10.4 for armv7a
      linux-omap2 git: add patch to fix a race in i2c code
      dsplink: add glue to hook in TI dspbios and TI c64x compiler trees into the build
      dsplink: remove some trailing spaces
      linux omap2 git: bump to 2.6.26
      merge of '027df8bfceecb5d21ab2b2b76d0d191124b3446b'
      vlc-davince: update srcrev, use vlcs compile system (yuck!), fix description
      codec-engine: hook into TI xdc and dsp toolchains
      codec-engine: more bruteforce sed to get rid of bogus target-prefixes
      codec-engine: pass CFLAGS to demos
      ffmpeg: bump SRCREV
      linux neuros: bump SRCREV
      omapfbplay: check in updated patch
      linux omap2 git: update TWL4030 patches for beagle, add mrus clock patches
      mythtv: start beating it into a state where it will crosscompile
      merge of '25f2070b6ff7c016172c18ddcbea754aeb7d159e'
      dsplink 1.51: adjust default preference
      mythtv: the configure does link tests first (which succeed) and then goes to check if the lib exists in LDPATH. This is bogus, so rig the path check.
      mythtv: don't use 'uname' when cross compiling
      mythtv: pass --arch as well as --cpu
      neuros-osd2: recommend dsplink modules
      task-boot,base: bump PR
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV
      vlc davinci: more configure params
      qt4 x11 free: add 4.4.0
      dsplink: fix preference typo
      vlc: add more configure flags, bump SRCREV
      mythtv: disable opengl since qt4 doesn't build QtOpenGL
      mythtv svn: it now completes packaging for armv5te!
      codec-engine: enhance do_stage and install the OE version of the neuros CE helper script
      codec-engine: add neuros helper script
      codec-engine: prepare do_stage and do_install for more libraries
      mythtv: package libmytdb as well
      neuros-osd2: try autoloading cmemk and dsplinkk modules
      qmake.bbclass: export qmakespec so we can use do_configure_prepend
      mythtv: <= 0.21 are qt3 based >= 0.22 are qt4 based, so move inherits around
      mythtv: fix quoting for armv7a
      lirc modules: update to 0.8.3+cvs20080713
      tcp-wrappers: fix staging
      codec-engine: stage some more libsf
      mythtv 0.21: fix depends for themes
      nfs-utils: update to 1.1.2
      linux omap2 git: refresh mru's clock patches
      linux omap2 git: reduce i2c speed and enable 4bit for SD
      neuros-public: clean up apps, add mainmenu
      contrib/angstrom: add source mirror description
      angstrom 2008: gpe 2.8 is so last year, use latest versions from now on
      vlc-davinci: fix depends
      mythtv 0.21: enable appropriate ARM optimization dependant on cpu and patch in NEON support for video
      mythtv 0.21: fixup patch for armv7
      linux omap2: add missing patches
      gpe-login: add CONFFILES so user settings don't get blown away (e.g. autologin) on upgrades and remove old versions
      gumstix-kernel: use
      gumstix-kernel: set S
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
      firefox 3: fix idl stuff
      merge of 'a94d96e725d7b1b902a9b09b6c9628a3d59d5cf8'
      firefox 3: add patches from mamona
      firefox: move to 3.0.1
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV for cortex deadlock fixes
      mythtv 0.21: update NEON patch to fix cpu deadlocks
      firefox 3.0.1: remove js hack
      linux omap2 git: add patch to workaround cortex-a8 deadlock
      linux omap2 git: turn of MUSB dma to avoid crashes
      opkg*: bump SRCREV to 4564 to fix memory leaks and segfaults
      merge of '4d6ee85cc3ba867945ab4763b494533e79d9e0ac'
      dsplink: use 128mb patch for beagle as well
      vlc-davinci: bump SRCREV
      neuros-osd base image: add more neuros apps
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV
      swfdec: update to 0.7.4
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
      omapfbplay: build shared version from now on
      linux-omap2: add patches to fix serial hang
      dsplink: bump PR for packaging change
      codec-engine: stop installing ticel-config
      ffmpeg git: make default for armv5+ on angstrom
      linux omap2 git: add v2 of serial hang patches
      linux omap2 git: update serial hang patches for beagleboard
      qt4: update qt/e and qt4-x11 to 4.4.1
      gpe-scap: bump PR to get fix
      x-load: merge x-load recipe and patches from;a=tree;f=packages/x-load;hb=d19fc238129e7d515c731916bf3bd964c0a8a098
      u-boot: make do_deploy safe for packaged-staging and update beagleboard stuff
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
      gcc-cross-intermediate: remove dummy *after* staging, since do_stage will fail with "cannot find -lc" if it's removed beforehand.
      merge of 'a675a323523cfdb282fa64bd2a0e42d19d71db33'
      beagleboard: build u-boot and x-load
      uicmoc4 native: fix staging
      merge of '5dde2d982b4415230cf4fcc1095f4a732837813a'
      qmake2 native: update to 4.4.1 and fix builds from scratch
      gst-ffmpeg: bump PR to pick up ffmpeg SOVERSION change something in the qt build process hardcodes the tooldir to the target stagingdir, while the actual tools reside in the native target dir. Copy over the tools to work around this. This is a bandaid, the proper fix would be to use the newly gained crosscompile support in qt 4.4.1.
      merge of 'dde1602d414f1e9af9fbf46e7fea13cda79bdd4c'
      merge of '12e8362ccf0740454595721a242cfb8e867eb512'
      u-boot git: bump SRCREV for neuros-osd2
      webkit gtk: bump SRCREV
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV for arm
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV
      neuros-pkggen: sync with neuros git
      neuros public: update nwm, mainmenu and lib-widgets, add skeleton for photoalbum, vplayer and lib-gui
      vlc-davinci: bump SRCREV
      merge of '3d8fcb3e38b76cf853ceee12d6cd8f1d518b546b'
      libusb1: update to 0.9.2 for bugfixes and update the compatlayer to beta2 also for bugfixes
      merge of '1ebb8320b743c004de3edbcfb17ea43a7cfbe6b2'
      qmake-sdk: update to 4.4.1
      merge of '9767e2c8632f709640f3b42264030553c9906cb2'
      firefox: move -devel dir to -dev package
      ffmpeg git: enable software scaler
      ffmpeg git: stage swscale headers in both ffmpeg/ and libswcale/, apps can't agree on a standard location
      libomxil-bellagio: add openmax IL components
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV
      gstreamer: replace staging with autotools_stage_all
      merge of '43b7d311b8108ccaa97f5955ea74f245fe291dc0'
      gst-openmax: add openmax IL support for gstreamer
      merge of '6516a85d1d78f28686ffc271f1b433d8bc839bd1'
      wscan: add 20080720
      linux-omap2: use MPU timer instead of 32kHz timer to avoid serial hangs
      merge of '604e4566ff77ba4e877e134951341dca1fbf145e'
      linux omap2 git: sync with upstream git
      linux-omap2 git: add missing patch make kernel jffs2 4mb
      u-boot git: bump SRCREV for neuros-osd2
      firefox: fix ARM jsautocfg.h
      firefox: fix packagings and replace debian patch by something without a weasel fetish
      librsvg: add 2.22.2
      babl: convert to SRCREV
      gegl: convert to SRCREV
      gnome.bbclass: use AUTOTOOLS_STAGE_PKGCONFIG = "1"
      libexif: fix staging and add 0.6.16, fixes CVE-2006-4168 aka IDEF1514.
      lcms: use AUTOTOOLS_STAGE_PKGCONFIG = "1"
      gimp: add 2.5.2, with an ugly hack to get around OE's ancient gettext native (lacks msgctxt support)
      xorg-minimal-fonts: add a recipe that installs a minimal amount of fonts to get the Xorg server going.
      xserver-xorg: change xorg.conf to use the framebuffer instead of s3 (sane defaults and all)
      beagleboard demo image: install xorg server
      beagleboard-demo-image: don't make XSERVER a weak assignment
      firefox3: bump PR
      quetoo: uglify recipe a bit more so that it compiles with gcc4.3 and libtool 2.x
      xserver-xorg: add CONFFILES for xorg.conf
      merge of '44147c36bbb2a3438d57b6293a393355eeffc48b'
      gnuradio: bump PR
      neuros-nwm: add initscript
      neuros-mainmenu: have nwm start it up
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV for fb fixes
      neurow-nwm: add correct initscript
      angstrom 2008: prefer a newer glib and gtk+
      beagleboard: switch to using xorg
      task-base: bump PR
      linux-neuros git: enable oprofile
      merge of '5a2fb2965a905224af0a1e26d73f342ecf8944e8'
      linux-neuros: bump SRCREV for more fb fixes
      alsa-*: update to 1.0.17
      x-load: bump SRCREV to get NAND boot working when there's no MMC inserted
      u-boot git: bump SRCREV for beagleboard for i2c fixes use regular oe_sha256sum since OE doesn't build its own version anymore
      checksums.ini: merge in checksums from 4 angstrom buildhosts and poky
      openzaurus pxa 2.4.18: update SRC_URI to point to, the ezaurus URL seems to be corrupt
      autotools.bbclass: check if pkgconfig dir exists before trying to copy out pkgconfig files
      merge of '26ec78f4f59453ecd4343ab4c92d4787ab5a81fe'
      numptyphysics: add patch to build it with gcc 4.3
      x-load: bump SRCREV and PV
      merge of '9e9036263aa2cf4c53293c1bd44b54810ab8834f'
      linux-omap2 git: bump SRCREV to get GPTIMER irq fix
      qt4 staging: add a || true to the cp
      u-boot: fix bump SRCREV for neuros-osd2 to fix HDCP handshake
      dsplink, codec-engine: put common paths in a .inc file so more recipes can share them
      vala(-native): add 0.3.4
      om-gtao1: use += for image types sync with openmoko so package upgrade doesn't &*$(*@$(@ erase my kernel partition again
      merge of '003d5589c32126d84385935351087e649339386a'
      linux-openmoko 2.6.24+git: make bt and sound builtin, stash PR between version and git rev to get something monotonically increasing
      xserver-kdrive-common: fix up GTA0* entries in non-openmoko Xserver script, now we have a working touchscreen again
      bluez-utils: restore device naming behaviour that got lost after removing bluez-utils-3.x from FILESPATH
      ffmpeg git: switch from 'arm-neon' to 'arm' branch for arm
      ffmpeg git: add note on how to keep software working
      gst-ffmpeg: bump PR, ffmpeg changed SOVERSION
      libomxil: bump PR, ffmpeg changed SOVERSION
      netbase: remove resolv.conf hack from om-gta0* that keeps overwriting working resolv.conf files with broken ones
      resolvconf: add 1.41
      adzs-bf548-ezlite: adjust serial console setting
      angstrom 2008: use gcc 4.1.2 for blackfin
      angstrom 2008: fix typo
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
      omapfbplay: bump PR
      linux-omap2 git: update to latest git, add Pauls latest serial hang patch set
      gmyth: add 0.7.1
      totem-pl-parser: add 2.23.3
      mysql: use autotools_stage_all to get libs into libdir/mysql as they should. The old wrong behaviour is left alone to minimize breakage
      gmyth-upnp: add 0.7.0
      gmyth*: fix up .pc files for -dev packages as well
      totem: add 2.23.4
      xserver-common: add keypad to keymap
      gconf-editor: add 2.22.0
      gst-plugins: fix do_split_packages bogus dependency addition
      libupnp: stage .pc files from inside autotools_stage_all
      gmyth-upnp: fix .pc some more, the clinkc dep isn't needed
      totem: add more gst plugins and fix mythtv detection
      gmyth: add mythtv dependency
      gmyth: fix typo
      totem: split plugins into seperate packages
      libgtop: add 2.23.4
      gtkmm: add hack to get it to compile with a recent libtool
      gnome-system-monitor: add 2.23.6
      angstrom feed upload script: reuse file list to lessen load on server, add status output for the upload script
      gcc configure common: disable objective-c, it ICEs gcc-cross
      angstrom led config: adjust names to match kernel
      linux-omap2 git: check in WIP cpufreq patches for beagleboard
      sdlquake: add 1.0.9
      libsdl-x11: fix cdrom support and enable it
      udev 124: merge from poky, add blacklist back in till we properly merge with poky
      freedoom: update to 0.6.2
      prboom: add 2.4.7
      gnome-python-desktop: add 2.23.0
      libggz: add
      prboom: recommend freedoom
      ggz-client-libs: add
      guile: add  1.8.5
      merge of '574f948e2e34c92b8569814f4622a4be67664b8b'
      merge of '1e0c7e9af08cc3d33b61608f1780d80214f1c51a'
      guile: inherit binconfig as well
      merge of '3c5eeab152463150e763af8e2364e135eabc995b'
      gnome-games: build aisleriot since we have a working guile now
      gnome-panel: depend on startup-notification
      beagleboard demo image: add gnome-games so people can play solitaire at boring trade shows ;)
      xorg-xserver: it needs hal at build and runtime, so add proper (R)DEPENDS
      xorg-minimal-fonts: add symlink for Xorg compat
      totem: add 2.23.4
      libsigc++ : add 2.2.2
      busybox: RRECOMMEND libgcc since avr32 toolchains don't build it
      midori: add 0.0.19
      classpath: classpath non-native needs the libtool rpath hack as well
      linux omap2 git: add patch to fix musb dma
      povray: update to 3.7.0 beta 25b
      pixman: add 0.11.8 and apply ARM patch from
      povray: make go a bit faster on armv7a
      libgpewidget: depend in libxinerama. Parallel builds fail due to debian renaming
      merge of '1381c99b5b235453ffd6d1e9c2eaeae4f080910b'
      ffmpeg git : bump SRCREV
      sugar toolkit: add 0.82.1
      sugar: add 0.82.0
      sugar-base: add 0.82.0
      merge of '095df9699f7a69f0e2ef180dff98382e29bbd36a'
      sugar: rdepend on sugar-toolkit, shlibs doesn't pickup python deps
      sugar: also needs sugar-base at runtime
      gmyth-upnp: rename 'test' binary to something that doesn't conflict with coreutils or busybox
      sugar: more runtime dependencies
      python-numpy: add (currently non-building) new style python-numeric modules, needed for sugar
      sugar: even more runtime deps
      firefox 3: fix mozconfig as pointed out by Vladimir Vukicevic, tweak packaging to avoid dragging in all -dev packages
      ffmpeg: workaround problem with linux-libc-headers and c99
      xscreensaver: update to 5.07
      gnome-python-desktop: make robert happy :)
      icon-slicer: add 0.3 native
      sugar-artwork: apply diff from git to use icon-slicer and fix packaging
      disapproval of revision '0ee2e3ebf2818ac252bbfb150badcf82e665fec4'
      disapproval of revision '8f11add2be832596eef0720d2ab23e1cc7a840b4'
      merge of '2df98cb93e1c3ab67c675e3f11ef036ea57dd19b'
      mango-lassi: fix build
      firefox: use O2 instead of O1
      ffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
      xorg-fonts: set package arch to all for fonts
      linux-rt: fix scr-uri and expand efika defconfig
      fso-image: remove bogus compatible machine *again*
      mozilla: fix powerpc builds
      ppp: fix parse error
      angstrom feeds: add some more stuff
      angstrom feeds: add gta02 machine and fso apps
      angstrom feeds: add java and more browsers
      site common-glibc: add ac_cv_fread_reads_directories
      pixman: make 0.11.8 the default
      cairo, xservers: bump PR due to pixman abi change for arm
      gst-ffmpeg: 0.10.4 is working great, make it the default
      merge of '045e00ff4301aa05fddab174a3ac5bf9c260343b'
      angstrom-x11-base-depends: bump PR
      intltool: update to 0.40.3
      intltool-native 0.40.3: replace patch with sed
      libwnck: update to 2.23.6
      intltool 0.40.3: fix shoddy m4 macro
      gnome-python-desktop: also build wnck and rsvg modules
      sugar-base: add more python rdepends
      hippo canvas: add 0.3.0
      sugar-base: it now gets to the first run wizard with these extra depends
      mango-lassi: fix install
      gcc* 4.3.2: add skeleton, it is missing sysroot, xgcc and uclibc patches
      numptyphysics: add patch to build it with gcc 4.3
      bitbake.conf: add entries needed for hg fetcher
      angstrom source mirror: update script to hangle bzr and hg
      merge of '05c8ac666734fffe4be207c184a8d6ec410c203f'
      pixman 0.11.8: add more arm asm
      xserver-xorg: bump PR for pixman change
      angstrom 2008: prefer pixman 0.11.8
      cairo: bump PR for pixman change
      sugar-base: add librsvg-gtk to RDEPENDS to get svg icons working
      ohm: sync with poky
      angstrom 2008: prefer xorg 1.4.2
      clutter: sync with poky
      sane-srcrevs: add clutter stuff
      loudmouth: update to 1.3.2
      telepathy glib: update to 0.7.14
      telepathy gablle: update to 0.7.8
      telepathy salut: add 0.3.4
      telepathy python: update to 0.15.1
      libtelepathy: update to 0.3.3
      telepathy mission control: update to 4.67
      intltool native: fix up m4
      suagar base: more rdepends
      empathy: add 2.23.90
      sugar-presence-service: add 0.82.1
      sugar base: add presence service
      python-numpy: fix wrong include paths, but it still tries to run generated code during configure
      empathy: put scrollkeeper stuff that conflicts with other packages in its own package
      dia: update to 0.96.1
      openssh: package keygen seperately
      sugar-base: depend on ssh-keygen
      mythtv 0.21: directfb 1.2 changed headers, so disable it
      python-numpy: add gross hack to make it build
      sugar-base: more rdepends, it gets to the 'desktop' now:
      etoys: add etoys from sugarlabs, build tested only
      etoys: doesn't contain arch specific binaries
      xapian-core: update to 1.0.7
      python-xappy: add 0.5
      sugar-datastore: add 0.82
      merge of '2d574b396363dc4b0725e8562582f359dc3f9e9e'
      gphoto2: update to 2.4.2 and fix libtool 2.x issues
      gnome-panel: update to 2.22.2
      sane-backends: update to 1.0.19 and fix libtool issues
      ffmpeg: move improved staging method from _git to .inc
      angstrom feed builder: more tweaks
      ffmpeg git: make default for avr32
      gnas-minimal: add ffmpeg support
      gnash-minimal cvs: fix missing trunc() definition,
      bluez-utils: reenable hidd
      ffmpeg: bump SRCREV
      fennec: add skeletor to build fennec, the mobile browser from mozilla
      gnash-minimal: don't package libltdl, we have libtool for that
      chromium: add recipe for the google chrome browser
      gnash: enable ffmpeg and plugin
      merge of '1044732b8a88225ade87ce8064bd97dee00124ac'
      gnome-panel: add librsvg to depends
      gnome-python-extras: add 2.19.1
      linux-omap2 git: enable more usb stuff for beagle
      bluez update to 3.36, the last version in the 3.x series.
      x11vnc: fix SRC_URI
      vino: update to 2.22.2
      cmake bbclass: allow extra argument via EXTRA_OECMAKE
      clucene: raise it from the dead
      merge of '8a4df13bdb5d6b154edb85a4b71e38ac457670a0'
      kde4: add framework for building kde4 apps
      soprano: add 2.1
      jasper: add jpeg2k lib
      strigi: add staging function
      epiphany: bump PR for webkit change
      linux-omap: a new recipe to build omap1, omap2 and omap3 kernels
      linux-omap: add missing files
      angstrom feeds: add mythtv
      gnome-menus: update to 2.22.2
      gnome-desktop: update to 2.22.2
      gtk-engines: update to 2.15.4
      gnome-themes: update to 2.22.2
      gnome-themes: no binaries, so set package arch to all
      eel: update to 2.22.2
      merge of '78e920edfcc452a246ac6107c6733947f37cf081'
      angstrom-x11-base-depends: add dbus-x11
      nautilus: update to 2.22.5
      dbus-native: fix up dependencies
      libpam: update to 1.0.2
      disapproval of revision '4dbaa78e8c16d8981f8ee837e88654194fab70c6'
      merge of 'da2adc92c99cff2b86889236f56aa4071a73c158'
      merge of 'ed07fd1cf78a54a3b29bc5b123624acb39c4f70a'
      gdb: add 6.7.1 with avr32 support
      gnash-minimal: fix packaging
      pixman: add newer version of armv6 speedup patch
      cairo: bump PR for pixman change
      xserver xorg 1.4.2: bump PR for pixman change
      fennec: update SRCREVs and fix a crosscompile issue
      angstrom feed uploader: be more verbose in rsync step
      merge of '02d2a2fcfe802bc2a50b32abb39c188461f83cc8'
      gdbserver: add recipe that only builds gdbserver, usefull for target without native gdb support (e.g. avr32)
      uclibc 0.9.29: fix -dbg packaging
      fennec: fix compile, do_install fails since fennec doesn't support 'direct installs'
      uclibc 0.9.28: fix build
      uclibc 0.9.28: remove avr32 hacks, they aren't needed anymore
      fennec: package it up in an ugly way till mozilla dudes get a clue and create a 'make install'  target
      fennec: add alsa-lib to depends
      fennec: also put jsautocfg.h in objdir
      qt4 staging: try harder to fish out qt tools
      merge of '758d1f4ff547286aef7de856b87ca0bd9f743c4c'
      fennec: add icon, apply js crosscompile patch (seriously, mozilla dudes, fix that already) and silence staging errors
      popt: depend on gettext-native instead of gettext
      angstrom uclibc: switch to proxy-libintl
      pixman: add x888->565 speedup patch
      angstrom feed builder: build viking and fennec
      powertop: needs virtual/libintl
      angstrom led configs: add at32stk1000 support
      linux 2.6.25: enable amber leds for at32stk1000
      site avr32 common: add pthread size
      linux 2.6.25: make powertop a bit happier on at32stk1000
      linux 2.6.25: bump PR for defconfig changes
      site avr32: add gmutex size
      neuros: bump SRCREVS for userspace, kernel and uboot
      ffmpeg: fix versioning, the -pre1 is wrongly versioned, so bump PE, spotted by Xora
      base-passwd: add 3.5.19, disabled by default
      linux-kexecboot: restructure it a bit to make it more generic.
      ioquake3: add 1.32
      glib-2.0: update to 2.18.0
      pango: add 1.20.5
      asterisk 1.6beta: sanitize PV
      glib-2.0-native: update to 2.18
      angstrom preferred versions: bump glib and pango versions
      gtk+ 2.14.1: add recipe for the latest stable release, removes most patches to get a new performance baseline
      quake2: add quake2 from
      ecore, libgpewidget: add more depends
      merge of '3f94d65dac6aa5231048ff3e534da903ee56b856'
      quake2 svn: fix install for non i386 hosts
      linux-omap git: remove most patches. They should be added back one-by-one to track down the display regression
      angstrom led config: match kernel change for beagleboard:;a=commitdiff;h=830588a772757cc522893634e1a88773bacaf1b0
      base-passwd: make 3.5.19 the default, a diff of packages only showed difference in the update-passwd binary, which were bugfixes
      fennec: update hg rev to get new js JIT and tweak mozconfig for arm
      linux omap git: rearrage patches: musb still doesn't work, even with the magic xceiv patch, display is locked at 640x480 due to DPLL misconfig
      angstrom 2008: make gtk 2.14.1 default, it feels a lot snappier than 2.12
      merge of '395315f21c6ec4386dc02169f7f643cb89cbaed4'
      linux-omap git: update to current state
      linux-omap git: bump SRCREV and fix patches
      id3lib: add debian patch to fix compilation with gcc 4.3.x
      mediatomb: add 0.11.0
      linux omap git: sync beagle and omap3evm defconfig
      omap3evm: switch to linux-omap kernel, it works better
      linux-omap git: refresh patchset
      xserver-kdrive-common: remove unneeded RDEPENDS
      gpe-scap: bump PR
      abiword: bump PR
      schroedinger: update to 1.0.5
      angstrom-libc-fixup-hack: add hack to fix runtime crashes for programs that linked against in the time the toolchain was broken. This package will be used till the feeds have been cleaned out.
      angstrom: require libc fixup
      task-base: bump PR
      fennec: update SRCREVs, it's at 1.0pre now
      omap3evm: sync defconfig with linux-omap2
      xserver: make kdrive and xorg parallel installable by putting the security file in a seperate package
      angstrom-gpe-task-base: remove libgtkinput, it breaks pygtk apps
      gtk+: always install private headers, gnome and maemo need them :(
      libgnomeui: add 2.23.90
      merge of '20460ca5bc208d9dfe0693cc79f9684c01aef89d'
      gcc 4.3.2: fix packaging of crt*.o and include-fixed
      merge of '56d2135bf97d27ef385220e2f6f36071d007d2c1'
      schroedinger: add staging
      ffmpeg: enable schroedinger
      enlightenment: PV went backwards *again* so bump PE *again*
      efl: bump PR since PE doesn't get encoding into package filenames
      merge of '32e3cb7e99864d52a06bdc489a128fc6d02960c2'
      firefox: add 3.1 alpha 2
      merge of 'cb21251032df15f833bb72b7b562bd34e429a614'
      pidgin: add python to DEPENDS
      linux omap2 git: enable more usb wifi sticks in beagleboard defconfig
      webkit-gtk: bump SRCREV
      dosbox: fix gcc 4.3.x issues
      angstrom feed builder: build more packages
      openredalert: game engine for red alert 1
      angstrom feeds: add gdb, gdbserver and strace
      vlc: add 0.9.2
      miniclipboard: depend on libxpm:
      merge of '0b047574c2795c0058db53e754d56c77c8df3c70' disable parallel make
      ffmpeg: bump SRCREV to make gst-ffmpeg happy
      gnome-games: brute-force sed to fix -I/usr/include
      omapfbplay, gst-ffmpeg: bump PR work around armv5te alignment issue for cairo and webkit
      linux-omap git: apply keypad irq fix for omap3evm, switch musb to host
      merge of '06df0f40b1d36f22a5e9a1ddc32dbed08ea25373'
      liboil: add 0.3.15
      fennec: bump SRCREV to get rid of the repaint-entire-screen-every-100ms hack
      libsdl gfx: update to 2.0.17
      gnome-games: _ap_pend, not _pre_pend
      angstrom feed builder: clean qt3-x11
      wolf4sdl: add 1.6
      xcowsay: x11 variant of cowsay
      wpa-gui: update to 0.6.4, which is using qt4 now
      merge of '1e74f5ed8af305cb8e17fcf9acd8941acaec53d5'
      ffmpeg: bump SRCREV
      linux 2.6.25: disable alsa drivers for at32stk1000
      c7x0: append jffs2 to fstypes instead of weakly assigning it
      angstrom 2008: disable old style initramfs handling for now, this should be moved to the kexecboot effort a string always is true, so test for the contents of it
      base-files: bump PR
      initscripts: remove /etc/init.d/devices for angstrom, it is only needed for devfs
      udev: add tmpfs fix from poky
      glib-2.0 native: fix DEPENDS
      merge of '32c0fccda6ab3bd86ccbdddf72299fd683c82f91'
      linux-openmoko: openmoko developers like to have PV go backwards to mess up upgrade paths and feeds, the rest of the world frowns upon this practice, so let's *incremement* PV to fix everything
      freesmartphone: add an extra counter in front of SRCREV so that package upgrade actually work
      merge of '6f38dd43d055a41dad4efd3faa8fb28f66c10ae3'
      gtk+: add 2.14.2
      angstrom 2008: prefer gtk 2.14.2
      glib-2.0: add 2.18.1
      angstrom: prefer glib 2.18.1
      mplayer svn: update SRCREV, remove w100 and pxafb patches that don't apply anymore, add patches for NEON
      glib-2.0 native: bump PR to get people around buildproblems
      xserver kdrive: update glamo and imageon to be parallel installable to Xorg
      linux-omap git: bump SRCREV
      xkbd: fix SRC_URI
      linux-omap git: move back one rev to fix MMC, fix MUSB to host in defconfig, add beagle asoc driver
      mesa: add 7.2 from poky
      xorg-proto: attempt to sync with poky
      bitbake.conf: merge in a small piece of darwin support from poky
      xorg-lib: attempt to merge with poky
      merge of '2ae98c73d0708cb2d224fbf130a90805e19503ee'
      lixdmcp native: fix buglet that slipped in with the merge
      angstrom 2008 preferred versions: bump gl- and inputproto
      xfce: remove pkgconfig hacks and switch to autotools.bbclass, tweak packaging
      stalonetray: add 0.7.6
      beagleboard demo image: ship stalone tray so things like networkmanager-applet, connman-gnome and bluez-gnome stand a chance of working with e-wm
      glibmm: add 2.18.0
      pango: add 1.22.0
      pango : add missing patch
      angstrom 2008: update some prefferred versions
      icon-naming utils: update to 0.8.7
      pixman: add 0.12.0
      cairo: add 1.7.6
      angstrom 2008: prefer newer cairo
      pango 1.22: bump PR to pick up newer cairo
      gtkmm: add 2.14.1
      angstrom: prefer gtkmm 2.14.1
      epiphany: update to 2.24
      gconf-editor: update to 2.24
      gnome-desktop: update to 2.24
      gnome-icon-theme: update to 2.24
      gnome-menus: update to 2.24
      gnome-system-monitor: update to 2.24
      gnome-themes: update to 2.24
      libgnomeui: update to 2.24
      libgnome: update to 2.24
      libgtop: update to 2.24
      libwnck: update to 2.24
      merge of 'a3ceb2efe11ba0ea4109c98e325782ecb5291f36'
      pangomm: add missing glibmm depends
      xtrans: fix -native build
      xkeyboard-config: merge from poky
      xserver-xorg : RRECOMMEND xkeyboard-config
      pidgin: update to 2.5.1, package ca-certs, recommend package with icon
      mesa: swith default to DRI, current Xorg expects it
      libdrm: add 2.3.1
      libgweather: update to 2.24
      gnome-panel: update to 2.24 add hacky workaround to stop fuse-module (which doesn't build) being built for 2.6 kernels
      gvfs: add 1.0.1
      empathy: add 2.24
      ortp: fix staging
      gdk-pixbuf-csource native: update to 2.12.11, enable jpeg and png
      feed browser: add screenshot support, update angstrom sample config
      gnome-games: add 2.24 (with aisleriot)
      kernel.bbclass: prepare for 2.6.27 style external firmware
      ggz client libs: remove bogus m4 magic that keeps adding -I ${prefix}/include
      merge of '32cacec64cdbd8fb3ef60cf340711ad9e3b80d98'
      vlc 0.9.2: fix build for machines that don't have qt4-dev installed, enable hal, httpd and vlm
      pulseaudio meta: fix samplerate regression, make it machine specific
      pulseaudio-meta: overwrite config files at install time.
      linux omap git: bump SRCREV, update evm defconfig
      merge of '9e8fa08e687f308e46230b3b21322dd836444437'
      linux-omap git: add patch to fix soft lockups in MUSB code, run dos2unix on remaining musb patches, bump PR, fix PV
      fennec: update SRCREVs
      linux-omap git: add MUSB patch to fix multiple bulk transfers, drop obsolete patches
      imagemagick: add 6.4.4-1
      uclibc: tweak debug opts
      linux 2.6.25: bump PR for avr32 defconfig changes
      mtd-utils: fix SRC_URI
      git: reorder vars
      gnash minimal: make sound work
      qmake2 bbclass: pass RCC var
      samba: make do_configure_prepend work with more recent versions
      packaged-staging bbclass: make relinking work
      perl: fix references to STAGING_DIR/HOST_SYS, it needs to be STAGING_DIR_HOST for the upcoming MULTIMACH_TARGET_SYS changes
      cross bbclass: sync with poky
      gcc: sync with poky
      libsdl-native: disable parallel make
      sharp-flash-header: make machine specific
      disapproval of revision '7e947a0c90014aa35b2d54a97a35dac21ecd4545'
      linux omap git: add patch to increase VMALLOC to 256MB
      native bbclass: sync with poky
      distutils bbclass: sync with poky
      python-native: sync with poky
      bzip2: add missing -native recipe for python (from poky)
      merge of '23575cb366ac6706d85f4cc91b22f06ce1e10a0d'
      qmake2: fix path issues
      gnome games: fix broken ggz.m4 file that keeps adding -I/usr/include
      guile: fix .pc file
      gnome-games: fix guile linking error
      firefox 3.x: update mozconfig in an attempt to fix themed icons
      Split staging by base package arch (armv7a, ppc603e, etc)
      merge of '1427a8ede5b7d37a89b207e3552cbe6a842fcc22'
      angstrom feeds: add beagleboard machine
      angstrom oabi: set BASE_PACKAGE_ARCH to arm-oabi
      apache2 native: attempt to fix bug #4606
      gpsd: fix bug #4611
      opencv: add debian patches, compilations gets a bit further now, although it probably needs some more #include <stdint.h>
      xf86 video omapfb: add driver for omapfb (currently only has stubs for accell points)
      package bbclass: add an 'allow_links' param to get symlinks packaged, usefull for splitting out libraries
      opencv: split libraries into seperate packages
      xf86-video-omapfb git: bump SRCREV for XV driver
      angstrom feed sorted: add mpc831{3,5}e-rdb, try harder to create directories
      xf86-video-omapfb: bump PR
      cpan* bbclass: fix for staging layout changes
      linux-omap git: add another MUSB fix
      u-boot: update omap3 stuff
      initscripts: package contents changed with the volatiles commit, so bump PR
      xf86-video-omapfb: bump SRCREV to get windowed xv working
      linux omap git: add patch that should make dvb behave better on arm, it doesn't fix the oops in the dma code
      python-native: attempt to fix python-native build (it's more of a python-cross builds now)

kolla at (4):
      merge of 08db957fdc2ccf76cc3653ef7749381a03947741
      Wasnt aware of PR... bear with me
      Pine - A tool for reading, sending and managing electronic messages.

kristoffer at (166):
      jlime-donkey.conf: Updates distro file
      packages/pcmcia-cs/pcmcia-cs-3.2.8/superh-noO3.patch: Lowers Optimization
      site/sh3-linux: Makes lzo build nicely
      gnome/libart-lgpl/sh3/art_config.h: Adding support for sh3
      merge of 4214be31dc929ef728c46eb617bd9385b68e80ab
      libmng: Fixes export of include files to staging dir
      bootsplash: Fixing so it builds again
      JLime-Donkey.conf: Changes to distro file and new jlime kernel files
      base-files/jornada6xx: Addition of machine specific fstab
      linux-jlime-sh3- Add patches for known gcc 4.1.1 issues
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Add Virtual/xserver
      voilatile-setup.c.patch : Adding patch needed by linux-jlime-sh3-2.6.16
      Jlime-doney.conf : Removing kernel-modules from distro file
      jlime-donkey.conf: Fixes Sanity issues
      jlime-donkey.conf: Setting CVS date in distro file
      merge of 04349a15fcf0be8c719e5faa20f6d3b7173944ca
      /meta/jlime-opie: Addition of new jlime meta package
      merge of 0c68cd9f7176bca16daf6bc374bbe0adcb6f7736
      /perl/perl/5.8.7/ Fixing sh4->sh3 typos
      /conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Addition of seperate kernel compile
      merge of 60da1de31387d235b99e99c95290e2f845e6d0b0
      merge of 2688bfa9b672d5b4d8734a288aa8b1e77ee47a60
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : +kernel-modules to image +fix kernel build
      files/device_table-jlime.txt: Addition of new table for JLime
      scummvm/files/gcc-4.x.x-accept.patch: Makes scummvm approve of gcc 4.x.x
      merge of 9c951cf8a21c82b4eabd9def7e39018b72a58207
      scummvm/scummvm_0.9.0: Addition of new scummvm file
      scummvm/files/sh3-arch-0.9.0+.patch: Patch for sh3 to > 0.9.0 scummvm
      scummvm/ Addition of tremor patch Addition of new jlime-7xx kernel
      packages/linux/linux-jlime-arm-2.6.17/* : Addition of patches for HP 7xx
      /linux/linux-jlime-arm-2.6.17/defconf_jlime: Addition of new config file
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Minor change to opie settings
      distro/ Addition of new opie cvs file
      merge of ab0d2fe564011d47e659f0272adc979bf2b14851
      linux-jlime-sh3/LinuxSH-2.6.17.patch : Patch from Linux-SH for 2.6.17
      merge of 8c16cdbfd0fc7d55498a7ffc0a2e64b24025460d
      linux/linux-jlime-sh3-2.6.17/LinuxSH-2.6.17.patch: Updated patch
      packages/linux/linux-jlime-sh3- Dropping packages
      linux/linux-jlime-sh3-2.6.17/unexpected-int-fix.patch : ported to 2.6.17
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : changed opie SRCDATE = 20060627
      merge of 3b10fe494db6e5e5f14deab8ed3c5865826faf0f
      linux/linux-jlime-sh3-2.6.17/defconfig_jlime : Changes
      conf/distro/ : Typo fix
      merge of c1749e31b60b984658b557139430b4fe8eb432a7
      merge of 8a2023ca2f97d50fba9ee9d052e5353b46eda98f
      merge of baa4b93cbf7cd2b34806985948c44762c4682d0d
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Updated SRCDATE for OPIE-version
      packages/moc/ New .bb file
      merge of 1a01264e65b67ef85967a894ab8c3c3f4ceec72f
      merge of fab47ded5e1837c41db0c40cd772fe320c0c8a19
      Moving linux-jlime-${ARCH}-* -> linux-jlime-${machine}-*:
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Changing to
      conf/distro/include/ : Addition of lost opie
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Minor updates
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Minor updates
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Keep sources to comply with GPL
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Change of Glib versions
      linux/linux-jlime-jornada7xx-2.6.17/defconf_jlime: Updated of defconf
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Addition of GPE versions
      files/device_table-jlime.txt : Addition of /dev/random device
      keymaps/files/jornada6xx/* : Addition of keymaps for jornada6xx
      linux/linux-jlime-jornada7xx-2.6.17/defconf_jlime : Addition of TSDEV
      packages/tslib/tslib/jornada7xx/ : Change to /dev/ts0 for j7xx
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Addition of hotplug-ng to RDEPENDS
      merge of 0a9016d47dc74f75d91c7ff85ed9b69f3d1cc8f8
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Addition of RDEPENDS for bootstrap-image
      merge of 158d7fcc3d3ef86d360c775f912e5e314992018d
      base-files/base-files/jornada720/ : Moved to jornada7xx
      merge of b4d676ca1731d058a9e6796e021b076ade646392
      merge of 1fabadea24c36f83b75bb8e13e7fe5bd38d9a6ce
      Adding Jornada Support for backlight,power... in Libopie.
      merge of 235bdc3ae0f87feaab2e0933bfdb44645a492c5e
      Some patches to add Jornada 6xx support and altera model 720 to 7xx. minor
      merge of 06626817d6e4c48c4f1832c0f65a5736087ed3df
      merge of a2b72038a75fbaa0877614758b62b3787a0937a4
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Fix PREFERRED_PROVIDERS -> PROVIDER.
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Fix typo
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Add X11R7 include, fix typo
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Increase Binutils versions
      merge of 1d04ef5038d67cd195b55d02d4973c0a4a074264
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Updating glibc
      merge of bddbb157960dc74708ee1f412dc226c4e119322f
      linux/linux-jlime-jornada6xx-2.6.17/defconfig_jlime: Changes
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Add wget to rdpends
      merge of 4052297c94828dc52bc0def5a0e710c9ac0d5446
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Removal of some RDEPENDS
      merge of 04264e63d95f7b157030356df1acd2c861ecf54d
      packages/xorg-app/ Addition of DEPEND LibXaw
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Major cleanups and safe versions added
      merge of 336c2756d6daa832106c29d9ab7c874fcd6815d7
      merge of e5fc9068f8cf1cbab5a9388e11725f13093edecf
      merge of 4afeb65d2d724da6938ccfa96b35c1dcbaa40f26
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Added specific liblbxutil version
      xorg-lib/liblbxutil : Addition of 1.0.0 patch
      merge of 7977b8ce284c880bc8392583f70a410d660e9c7f
      merge of 476ae0428965694f00e9493316ccf44da4a20828
      packages/glib-2.0/glib-2.0_2.12.0: Fixes broken URL
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : GTK related versions remove, bugfix
      merge of 43de53f09816b4e1e243912e5958a66424c605f8
      packages/linux/linux-jlime-jornada6xx-2.6.17/io.h-fix.patch: Fix io bug
      packages/linux/ Add io.h patch
      gtk-webcore/osb-jscore-0.5.0: Addition of patches for gcc4 & superh
      gtk-webcore/osb-jscore-0.5.0: Addition of Patch
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Add preferred_versions of osb-jscore
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Set preferred_provider for libsdl
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Addition of Links to images
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Remove glibc-intermediate providers
      packages/tuxnes : Addition of skeleton
      merge of 629adcaf78ed27ef81715e0e1b0ba32f4fb9ee20
      packages/linux/linux-jlime-jornada7xx : Addition of 2.6.18 Package
      linux/ : Fix typo
      packages/konqueror/konqueror-embedded-20060404: Fix of KDE-config error
      packages/qte/ : Added keymap patch to jornada6xx
      linux/linux-jlime-jornada6xx/defconfig_jlime : Addition of settings
      merge of 5d13f311dd93df73db461d6abca7480b39bbecbc
      libgsm/ : Fix broken Source URL
      MAINTAINERS : Added myself for the good of all man kind
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Update to distro file
      linux/ Addition of new kernel ver.
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Minor changes to distro file
      linux/linux-jlime-jornada7xx-2.6.19rc6* : Addition of new kernel package
      merge of 57c7ff1bca3e3d0423fe776b6cdf466b16f29e50
      parted/ : Addition of new parted version
      merge of 83d79b5cd4fd20054c665e25366f4ee45f3b681f
      glibc/glibc_2.3.5+cvs20050627: Setting Default_preference_sh3 = "-1"
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Minor updates
      merge of 3fde30892ae18b3f22391525a8649d85af536c63
      linux/ : Changing S dir to 2.6.18
      conf/machine/jornada7xx.conf : added task-base parameters
      conf/machine/jornada6xx.conf : Added machine features for task-base
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Added DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Fix typo
      packages/tslib/tslib/jornada7xx/ : Set proper TS device
      packages/tslib/tslib/jornada7xx/ts.conf : Proper ts.conf
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf: Addition of more RDEPENDS
      conf/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Added parted & Dialog to distro_rdepends
      merge of 425cf1b391611c169a1c3b78f1fe86df088902b9
      initscripts/initscripts-1.0/jornada6xx/ :
      packages/parted/ Addition of mem allocation patch
      parted/parted-1.8.0/memory_allocation.patch : Addition of patch
      packages/parted/ : New parted Version
      ipkg/ipkg-0.99.163/patch-ipkg-localfilename : Addition of patch
      gcc-4.1.1/sh3-installfix-fixheaders.patch : Fix of bug 1525
      initscripts/initscripts-1.0/jornada6xx/devices : Cleanups & Additions
      merge of '12528b74949ac903af2d3960e26a8ede5eaa5648'
      merge of '6da9d621bc47b3a3cb21e8d3a666f30c5cec58e1'
      linux-jlime-jornada6xx: minor typo in patch
      packages/keymaps/files/jornada6xx/ Minor changes to uk keymap
      packages/linux/ : Addition of development kernel build
      merge of '99cbcc8e87c723d0a9e1a7c858d8001fc155c6ec'
      merge of '3138c13a7a9b08f8cfb5650c96e544ad82b3b84a'
      config/distro/jlime-donkey.conf : Update config file
      packages/keymaps/files/jornada6xx/keymap-* : update/add keymaps
      merge of '56948314f3a66d76e956852342e56aa3503b0c1d'
      conf/distro/jlime-henchman.conf : Add sub-distro file 'henchman'
      conf/distro/jlime-mongo.conf : Add sub-distro file for jornada7xx
      conf/machine/mp900c.conf : Add NEC MobilePro 900/c machine conf
      * fix broken download url for bitchx_1.1
      * Addition of jlime jornada6xx kernel (2.6.25) bb file.

kuhlen at (1):
      mpd svn: set maxdate for mikmod patch since it has been applied officially

laforge at (1):
      conf/bitbake.conf, conf/machine/fic-gta02.conf : fix arguments for yaffs

Laibsch at (682):
      ppp|all versions: fix SRC_URI
      merge of '42b98a213761be9213d2d8438b252c41523837d5'
      gpe-common: strip visibility-inlines-hidden instead of negating it.  Fixes bug 1631 and possibly 1521. zecke-approved ;-)
      merge of 'c4d28a6e258d216337992f6758fd866e256c7b04'
      libcap: Make DEPENDS on flex-native and bison-native explicit.  Closes 1659.
      merge of '66ac81e5457735c2fdeaffebbea0e83ef0b97877'
      libcap: Append include directory to CFLAGS.  Reenables compilation and fixes 1628.
      libcap: really remove that ${S} line now instead of commeting it out.
      merge of '3a8ccf83b6129aaf01b6c74434ca54cfb7e5decb'
      conf/bitbake.conf: Update default SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR to benefit from recently introduced, better mirroring
      merge of '033a134d8063d99bff7b1df1b0d14984874b7b2c'
      poboxserver: upstream sources gone (temporarily?). Host at now.
      merge of '3da2caa6a3dac230f20ffcd1b963e933f744dbfa'
      gstreamer 0.10.x: unify bb files and make hrw happy ;-)
      merge of '88df3da823d2bce88856c558a8edb5e19f13c6dc'
      acpid: unify recipes
      autoconf: unify recipes
      avahi: unify recipes
      merge of 'a1ac08321d149b2fdf0a8556eee3e9606457d69c'
      gtkmm: unify, make use of GNOME_MIRROR
      blueprobe: unify
      glibc: first step to unify
      blueprobe: add the *.inc file that mtn apparently forgot last time. Thanks, psokolovsky.
      merge of '81438ff8d532d4511d52cc48caae759eaf02741c'
      merge of '5d04d04dfc4ca490d4feb89775a2681116f3a403'
      atk: unify
      btsco: unify
      busybox: unify
      merge of '1df6d041b2c60bf99f158bc629911c2bd43cb76b'
      gdb: basic unification of recipes
      gpe-mini-browser: basic unification of recipes
      matchbox-wm: basic unification of recipes
      pvrusb2-mci: basic unification of recipes
      centericq: unify
      coreutils: unify
      e2fsprogs: some unification
      e2fsprogs-libs: unify
      expat: unify
      granule: unify, add CVS bb file
      merge of '740568b10a465e2c82673155e6c544f4bf1fd4c3'
      fuse: unify, clean up
      e2fsprogs: Replace ${PN} in .inc to make sure fetch does not break for native package.  Thanks hrw.
      merge of 'e7503adc20d2a854905f468365cd82066ebed0d5'
      remove extra whitespace at end-of-line in about 900 bb files.
      merge of '44da8efcf85940e173cd83b2ea95fa7ae8782bb5'
      linux-libc-headers: basic unification
      merge of '09fce21ef9143343e04d95aa6ad19ddae5e6bc08'
      linux-libc-headers: correct spelling mistake in inclusion
      kanjipad: DEPENDS on gtk+ instead of gtk
      merge of '790c23e81c39839b0ba0595162a5ae757e670a1a'
      ttf-sazanami: rprovide virtual/japanese-font, some clean-up
      gpe-beam: unify
      merge of '479705830aaddad1ebb7bf7f36e492b5587043a0'
      mark fonts that rprovide "virtual/japanese-font"
      neon: fix SRC_URI to make older versions fetchable again
      merge of '8f81066c1bea85c3191ff30a0d721cd1a3ccc041'
      uim: update to 1.3.1
      zudoku: add LDFLAGS += "-lstdc++". Fixes build failure reported in bug 1279.  Kudos to gfeller for the patch.
      merge of 'a536e1f1c106f600dacb9b7c677edf69297378fb'
      m4: upgrade to 1.4.4 after hrw tested successfully.
      merge of 'b802ffe5a3ad259c0df31c26d3801fe6bf2dd1fe'
      kanjipad: Add kpengine module which can be used by a number of packages.
      merge of '24d82a2b5a32fe5d1e0f3aa0049aaa50eb5ba7bc'
      uim: update SRC_URI, fix SECTION, misc clean up
      uim: libs not lib SECTION
      poboxserver: fix SECTION
      anthy: fix SECTION, minor clean up
      kpengine: fix SECTION and FILES
      merge of 'd1370b15e175b1b3cf370e0d9464e6db9893326a'
      fush: fix SECTION
      opie-sh: fix SECTION
      sccd: fix SECTION
      genlist: fix SECTION
      merge of '355fab3d1867a0540055c0c85f9e5763ce090bfe'
      xtscal: unify
      xserver-common: unify, clean up
      merge of '6696df101b8a0383c5cf30d534475ac1dc4d0866'
      eb: add eb, a lib for epwing electronic books in widespread use in Japan.
      merge of '64a406be5c1819c15b47d3a2a9b566ff3f852846'
      nasm: fix SECTION
      merge of '141cd340dd8e13975199b977f90b57e74e522707'
      kakasi: add kakasi, the "kanji-kana simple converter". It converts Kanji characters to Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji.
      divers: fix section "x11/apps" as per
      divers: fix sections "net/misc" and "net-misc" as per
      merge of '14d71b936216a80a0008bcd3d669f6c38fd5d0a6'
      fbvncserver-kmodule: fix SECTION
      uboot-utils: add to SECTION "bootloaders"
      uboot: unify, fix SECTION
      merge of '350577dc9d50fd104cbe65fcdd6fc4ef3687461a'
      ipsec-tools: fix SECTION
      nis: fix SECTION and LICENSE
      freeze and netcat: fix SECTION
      divers: rename LICENSE from GPL-2 to GPLv2
      bmon: fix SECTION
      lididl: fix SECTION
      musicpd: fix SECTION, sanitize
      abiword: fix SECTION, sanitize
      dcop: fix SECTION
      merge of 'd869db4c0ac7d1350976e17e00fe6ec914dd9499'
      divers: remove superfluous spaces from SECTION line for 63 bb files.
      divers: fix some minor spacing and quoting issues for 14 bb files.
      divers: fix minor spacing errors, sanitize
      terminus: replace unfetchable SRC_URI, closes 1870
      merge of '0c4f9a61dfdb0b3267c7794453ccf15dbc4e600c'
      glibc: unify some more
      glibc: make explicit the (current) dependency of ldd on bash, partly closes 1788
      merge of '1f1ee65b78eaa5dbe2156b3cbce011afd24101f0'
      merge of 'd283e920162c9ff5c4a3392010a4376d56a02b3c'
      collie-2.4.conf: Prefer hostap-modules over linux-rp as a workaround for bug 1877. the 64-0 image for collie is generally more appropriate than the 24-8 one.
      bitbake.conf: revert unintentional change of SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR introduced
      merge of '2cea807f786ead2b5e28b2227fcc8a96752158ef'
      grub: fix SECTION, sanitize, separate out -doc package.  Closes 1838.
      removal.txt: added libmpeg2
      samba: Make fetching more robust (closes 1885). Unify some more.  Sanitize.
      prefer openzaurus-sa kernel and 64-0 layout for collie.
      merge of '971d18af52c7881e09c9f5ffa43d9bf33216ce83'
      conf/machine/include/collie-2.4.conf: Correct Typo.  Fixes 1902.
      merge of '0cc484607260a013c209789586a468c114c20254'
      aircrack: clean up in accordance with OE policy.
      procps: unify
      merge of 'bfad7eb7e40db9284b9271f1a40a8fa4ec870886'
      glueap: some reordering of fields.  Minor additions and clean-up.
      merge of '4d697e87459daf170e9cdc2cf6e3cb5382c0a5b1'
      MAINTAINERS: update to Zero_Chaos' entry which I forgot to push previously.
      merge of 'a96c9acac99b5599d2b0fb0a518603646414d166'
      granule: update stable version to 1.2.4.  Closes 1959.
      tor: update to  Closes 1638.
      tor: some clean up.
      glibc: unify this beast some more.
      glibc: unify even more
      merge of '286930242424d10b2503eb290dbc31c7975bab74'
      gpe-clock: unify
      gpe-nmf: unify
      fix glibc QA issue in debug package and close bug 1987.
      disapproval of revision 'a96c9acac99b5599d2b0fb0a518603646414d166'
      disapproval of revision '286930242424d10b2503eb290dbc31c7975bab74'
      disapproval of revision '2c516898480b1bc053c9cbf6da853a016059c4c6'
      merge of '22194037a32f6de23fd28a12aec379cb884388b7'
      merge of '93f735b7ca958938f3ad5bf1c45cb5cffc450a9f'
      merge of 'be6200db697731daae7d15a8ac5ca6b54f62a6d0'
      qof: beef up the bb file with some further entries
      gpe-expenses: fix dependencies, closes 2010.
      merge of '13300dbb95259891ffdb187402ac66a12e7f43c7' PR makes no sense for an include file
      gstreamer: Bump all PR to prevent it from going backwards as a result of removing PR from the include file.
      merge of '6c7f9afdafc67f5e5a8263301ca0cfce430be173'
      glibc: recommit my glibc clean-up (minus the one change that broke things)
      btxml: clean up bb file (reorder fields).  no semantic change, no PR bump.
      gpe-bluetooth: unify
      merge of '338ea31d4809a6db514f8ee9dbd35db2c426e83f'
      qpf-unismall: hardwire SRC_URI for .jp sourceforge mirror.  Seems to be necessary.
      merge of '5075b3f69144c8ca977abda48869d41f724d1334'
      merge of 'cae3b4333167ab63d418dcd8fac25afe9618f558'
      merge of 'b97fbd848f55a36ddcbe0d79f43f05ef9a7d330a'
      opie-bartender: fix minor spelling mistake
      merge of '351a1d2f8971414b26915d2d5c883576729b53f9'
      nunome: update to latest release (source tree cleaned from unnecessary binary cruft)
      merge of '25889b95fd1b6dbf67f1c12c4b431ef3b5f56abd'
      dillo: move debug files to debug package.  Probably closes 1911.
      merge of '909c507b800748c820ddc73a2c5bed204cbdbd65'
      merge of '4628771529e2ed24d72e3df800feb7a575c330e7'
      gpe-ownerinfo: unify
      merge of '4e038cbec73ce09bc146fb74f60b2c6d4359a29b'
      merge of 'cfa8d2cb144f036d07edfe4d470a48c730645c51'
      entice: clean up.  Bump PR. Partly fixes 2234.
      links: clean up.  Bump PR. partly closes 2234.
      gphoto2: clean up. Bump PR. Partly closes 2234.
      fltk: clean up. Bump PR. Partly closes 2234.
      mb-desktop-xine: clean up.  Bump PR.  Partly closes 2234.
      povray: Clean up.  Bump PR.  Partly closes 2234.
      ntpbm: clean up.  Bump PR.  Partly closes 2234.
      gpe-timesheet: drop all versions prior to 0.3.
      merge of '42c1f8fc2e2320defc4c39f093a87c49b1af3656'
      merge of 'e6967a90020b84553487e008644039b8e0fad143'
      gmailfs: update to 0.7.3.  Closes 2256.
      merge of 'dce476bebffcc73b0e98cc7993b31d7ec990e0c1'
      ecj: add native package.  Partly closes 2296.
      merge of '50409e326e2ff8f7448fc8f41f187589486432cb' correct spelling mistake
      merge of 'c46f8208c373d5560ddd45271e743c4c230bd2cd'
      checksums.ini: Replace faulty checksums for unismall.
      merge of '55dae195045d9fd52e41e970627ac6ef031ff672'
      zten: add zten for the first time.
      merge of '538b8a92adf30fc2607a93bc9b05dd896bd35712'
      wlan-ng-utils: unify
      wlan-ng-utils: put ${S} back in.  It is indeed needed after all ;-)
      wlan-ng-utils: package up debug files.  Fixes QA compilation error.
      wlan-ng-utils: fix packaging issues
      lirc: disable DRIVER_collie = "sa1100" temporarily until it works reliably
      lirc: package debug files.  Bump PR.
      gdb-cross: unify
      gdb: unify
      merge of '0e2728379c2e900b805d816523cedae63a8ec8e8'
      nano: upgrade to version 2.0.6.  Closes 2343.
      merge of '4e2ecbe3b531720352dbfdff640946f0773a6bb4'
      MAINTAINERS: update my entry
      MAINTAINERS: update Rick Farina's entry, partly closes bug 2356.
      libmpeg2: drop from OE.
      xorg-lib: drop unused errordb-keysymdb-path-fix.patch
      removal.txt: add gtkmm 2.4.8 for removal. See bug 1184 for further info.
      MAINTAINERS: update my entry
      merge of '2095c71741c2d1d79a50f2d9ea052cada53ba7d0'
      classpath: update from Andrew Paulsen. partly closes 2296.
      MAINTAINERS: update my entry
      gpe-timesheet: unify
      gpe-what: unify
      gtkhtml: unify
      hal: unify
      intltool: unify
      classpath: make disable-automake-checks apply to CVS version of classpath-gtk
      classpath: revert seemingly erroneous manipulations of SRC_URI in
      merge of '0720bd0a82c8392e4c15a280ce7075eb650da9ac'
      mpeg2dec: set it to provide and rprovide libmpeg2 (just to be safe, bug 375)
      scummvm: introduce SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR variable.  some minor clean-up.
      glibmm and gtkmm: fix incorrect dependencies.  Fixes bug 1923.
      elfutils: upgrade to version 127
      opie-tinykate: fix packaging
      classpath: update to version 0.1x
      merge of '04f5cc86d8508c3838a5112313a7db80201c4039'
      lirc: remove default_pref=-1 from cvs version until other versions compile (cf. bug 2375 and 2284)
      gtk-engines: remove hard-coded paths.  Closes 2364.
      lirc-modules: enable cvs version until other versions compile again
      merge of '29a8a8c7605ad9df4a27011f49bc1935e05c4b72'
      mpeg2dec: fix a compilation error (${S} var) and packaging.
      merge of '05bd9dc1a83a011814f8686a016c671b35e0a18e'
      iana-etc: add to OE.  Closes bug 1750.
      ntp: unify.  Add iana-etc to RRECOMMENDS.
      mISDN: initial "early and often"-release.  Partly closes bug 240.
      bitbake.conf: Remove the dangerous suggestion to change SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR
      merge of '19e8907fe35a9f46f690201cf752b83fc25cbe4d'
      ntp: fix issue with INITSCRIPT_NAME
      merge of '23a59cebf92d573927159e3645cf0a49afe3efcd'
      gnuchess: initial commit of the gnuchess engine.  Partly fixes 429.
      nunome: fix non-working nunome on spitz/Angstrom
      merge of '378deeb40b41ec05cc902c4d69546d9f2f604c30'
      libhangul: initial release. untested.
      merge of '5b2b2941e7e4881e571d056410b3ef2263b250e5'
      nabi: initial commit.  Untested.
      nabi: Fix SRC_URI
      nabi: render DESCRIPTION more precisely (Korean context)
      merge of '120adbf5e1dc9921cc744af51e0b4877a60d7242'
      merge of '337a5b25ca63db8c280a6eb478dba96f7fb3b342'
      MAINTAIINERS: add Andreas Holzer for his chess stuff.
      qt4-x11-free: fix up packaging a bit by moving debug files into proper package.
      merge of 'a4a93e205d5a389011745cf24cb1a68fbc0ed7e7'
      qt4-x11-free: fix typo in packaging declaration for debug files.
      altboot: drop obsolete versions and
      altboot: unify.
      altboot: simplify RRECOMMENDS
      altboot: add latest work from hvontres (kexec, menu)
      merge of '3522489c0311d58fd9ccb9e295ecac8a0a18fc21'
      move bitstream-vera fonts to ttf-fonts and qpf-fonts respectively.
      anstrom-2007.1.conf: enable altboot for spitz after successful test.
      usb-gadge-mode: Create /etc/default in do_install.  Closes 2444.
      python-pyqt4: update to version 4.2
      merge of '2415386acd7ccac3f0f71353ad8ac290a875573d'
      anthy-native: fix S variable.  Reorder some fields.
      merge of '66da92b8617b2b12ed4b88764898faf67c060098'
      gspcav1: update to version 20070508 to make it fetchable again.
      MAINTAINERS: add an entry for CoreDump
      gspcav1: (futile) attempt at unb0rking package
      merge of '239bf9442698f4db4f07daf718bd532f57820a9a'
      wireless-tools: unify
      wireless-tools: rename pre-release packages to conform to
      merge of '1213079d1b0cc83ff10f588ca0b547a3c117bbe5'
      qt-x11-free: move some debug files into proper package
      gsoap: remove erroneous PACKAGES-line
      merge of '00ba67c01fec8b792eb0346153ef79f8f229476c'
      remove a bunch of empty directories
      merge of '7d055c0af1800d25200ac6ecd4c27f7dbf792959'
      gaim: set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" for unfetchable cvs version
      merge of '151a325a6a314faf871bda4dbaf1a03741b81e83'
      gtkmm: remove version 2.4.8 as announced.  Closes 1148.
      MAINTAINERS: add tomoe to my entry.
      tomoe: hardwire mirror for Japanese sourceforge
      checksums.ini: correct entries and update URI for three tomoe tar files
      udev: disable parallel compilation
      merge of '9f20206493b0337a84d74f61b27b34138e7ea9f3'
      anthy: improve packaging, some reordering of fields to clean up
      uim: fix S in native package
      qemu: apply patch from bug 2157
      merge of '20f86cced0cd0f3af307002570f8505ef976e07a'
      libopensync: set default pref to -1 for svn version which seems not to build.
      fix a couple of LICENSE entries
      uim: move debug files into proper package
      merge of '00d174a244aed2a142a8e7eff3c9237d11a3c1e2'
      wrt-imagetools: Fix do_fetch by taking svn snapshot until OE can handle SVN by itself.  Fixes 1735.
      icewm: update to version 1.2.30
      qt-x11-free: Put those debug files into their proper place
      merge of '017bdeaa3b1e0331f3491b2ab736655e2a040771'
      classpath: unb0rk classpath-minimal-native.  Partly fixes 2296.
      jamvm: upgrade to version 1.4.5.  Partly closes 2296.
      merge of '2a4827e0d2f1c33bb0ef3c1c3722a53d40a6795e'
      uim: fix packaging
      kanjipad: add gtk+ to depends
      merge of 'd047390e8b0dc8fd0841e35eb34a740bf2cbdabf'
      jards: add to OE
      unionfs: update SRC.  Fixes unfetchable source.
      merge of '21e9dd88b8f6dc59e8389b4b65879eb68d306057'
      minimo: declare missing dependency on zip-native.
      jikes: make jikes-native PROVIDE virtual/javac-native
      classpath: add virtual/java-native to DEPENDS
      classpath: unify the gtk_cvs version and leave a note on how to compile it.
      classpath: fix compilation failure of classpath-gtk_cvs.  Closes 2519.
      classpath: some more fixes to packaging, etc and clean-up
      merge of '3eac26db70c312053491f643dc9df91f03c13be2'
      freetype: update to 2.3.4.  Closes 2218.
      merge of 'ef18f00dc16fe77fe2fd46a7dbf853dfe443b8c3'
      angstrom.conf: prefer version 2.3.4 of freetype
      merge of '0725dca697debd47e527ba8545a1c2f3cded398f'
      glibmm: update to 2.12.10
      cairomm: initial release with version 1.2.4.  Partly closes 2544.
      merge of 'aaafb999d11846eacd606047f3cddf7a583a9e0c'
      gtkmm: update to 2.10.10.  Closes 2544.
      merge of '57fa0ccbbdbca8c188108e3c4fbde4702976f3c6'
      esmart: fix packaging.  Closes 2573.
      gtkmm: add cairomm to DEPENDS
      merge of '554d1c13766299b9a5323f5553876072c65d7ff3'
      qpobox/poboxserver: some unfinished changes
      poboxserver: fix -dbg packaging.  reorder some fields.
      merge of '030e4469b1b9b06a2653e1b2c5a505fe0a234237'
      glib-2.0: remove a couple of obsolete and unneeded files
      gaim/libw100/vincent: take care of name change.  Properly closes 2641.
      merge of '2436a8cf0f1e75038f7abdde2b335ec87e4787c2'
      python-pyqt: fix dbg packaging
      xterm: add --disable-imake to EXTRA_OECONF.  Fixes 1352.
      micro-emacs: upgrade to latest release.  Fixes 2004.
      site/common-glibc: deal with scanf issue in preparation for inclusion of gnucash.
      merge of '6c16fb38b0e12103704f2bd628944f23673cd55e'
      apt: upgrade to 0.7.3
      merge of '6ce5f26b9e3717a906b07e8edd9eb1f3d7867889'
      zten: correct md5sum.  Closes 2808.
      merge of '2940479bcfd956eef260cc704db455cc804377b8'
      uicmoc4-native: Drop non-compiling 4.2.3 and 4.3.0 (closes bug 2511).
      divers: fix spelling mistake in license (GPL2 -> GPLv2).
      merge of '0340844fa6dec3078e66fa33da6ff6e42090cf32'
      sip: upgrade sip-native and python-sip to 4.7.3
      merge of '091511591b5d369f5f183c5300585f7f1b3ca830'
      opie-citytime: replace recommendation for timezones with tzdata
      merge of '7a5a4709034423139d7001ca7861c3d0ac73e140'
      spandsp: fix SRC_URI
      merge of '6a57ef3dc19b0640f6623b5aa686a5c2d3f81f32'
      merge of '7426dbd625295a2b15666267369a0733c5b2e3f8'
      timezones: drop from OE in favor of tzdata as specified in RFC
      MAINTAINERS: update my and CoreDump's entry
      glibmm: update to 2.14.2 (with DEFAULT_PREF -1).  Closes 3265.
      guile-native: add DEPENDS for gmp-native
      merge of '7515f43924dd61866be5833ca02d8cc7252e7ebc'
      reiserfsprogs: fetch from DEBIAN_MIRROR instead of
      atk: drop packages version 1.10 and older.
      atk: drop obsolete versions 2.2 and 2.4
      matchbox-applet-cards: fix unfetchable SRC_URI
      merge of '074f227db84b62ec3c531c61efcd62fc6b429dc3'
      openembedded-essential: add gfortran to dependencies to go along with a5c7b007eaa675cc904f5285291d2f8a597efc84
      merge of '37149b3d7b17d35e06e93ecd95c7eb36f4425da6' remove obsolete and superfluous GPE_EXTRA_INSTALL line fix SECTION.
      qpf-unismall: set PACKAGE_ARCH = "all"
      Zaurus machine config: fix code for creation of installkit for collie
      merge of '503b3ade200ad628a4b30fab228c365b8c0cf2ea' remove entries for python-pyqt, python-sip and sip-native
      conf/machine/: doing the changes to installkit for collie correctly now. change memory split from 32:32 to 64:0 for collie.  Closes 3528.
      merge of '08fdda9ff7a84b205b2fb4764177f2ce0fe9c95e'
      conf/machine/: fix configuration for Strongarm devices
      merge of '4989371c8e7cec943a964b459ec3e71c0f547204'
      java packages: replace jikes-native in DEPENDS with "virtual/javac-native". Partly closes bug 3655.
      jikes: jikes-initial really needs jikes-native.  Partly undoing f7a565e7e910cea46808ec61590556a6b97dff74
      merge of '10c20f13828f71806f4d990010db22c15e357aee'
      merge of '47a018f2318445ba4e71d5969574adb98e48f062'
      quilt: update to quilt 0.46.  Fixes 1960.
      jamvm: include inc file.  partly closes 3655. package unpackaged files and reorder fields in bb according to StyleGuide
      ncurses: really fix packaging now.  bump PR.
      apm: turn off wifi cards before suspend so they are fully reloaded upon resume. closes 3664. autoload locomo-kbd on collie.  partly closes 3693.
      linux-rp: bump PR for 2.6.23 kernels to go in line with e7739cea697d3013eb0d05d3812297cb7911994b
      linux-rp: update linux-rp-2.6.23+2.6.24-rc0+git to rc6 (from poky)
      linux-rp: for collie, use thesing's patches instead of Dirk's in 2.6.24-rc6
      merge of 'b54b6efc8251bc5fce52afcb9a74272f2cea1bbb'
      merge of '16c96161b634d2e64b9a1b4ba0e3fff5ddf21bcb'
      add pwsafe to .dev
      conf/machine: general machine config clean-up for Zaurus as discussed on oe-devel
      orinoco-modules: unify
      spandsp: update pre3 to pre16
      audiofile: reorder fields to comply with StyleGuide
      poboxserver: simplify packaging and drop unused qpobox directory.
      apmd|hostap|orinoco: move the fix for bug 3664 into a separate package
      callweaver: follow upstream from to and update to rc5
      asterisk: replace references to openpbx with callweaver, the successor project
      openembedded-essential: commit version 1.4
      openembedded-essential: add bc and python-pysqlite2 to deb
      xautomation: add to OE. Closes 3706.
      kaffe: move common dependency on libart-lgpl into include file
      libart-lgpl: unify
      spandsp: apply the hack from version 0.0.3+0.0.4pre16 to trick QA tests.  Closes 3498.
      fontconfig: unify
      tzcode: update tzcode-native to 2007k
      tzdata: update to version 2007k
      zbedic: update libbedic to 1.1 and zbedic to 1.2
      font-update-common: first commit, partly closes bug 2430
      fakeroot: update to latest version 1.9.1
      contrib/distro-packages: fix an error in changelog so devscripts do work again
      contrib/distro-packages: provide patch for building ubuntu packages
      kernel: add wifi suspend fix to kernel-module-(hostap|orinoco)-cs. Closes 3664.
      divers: remove lines of the form "PACKAGES = ${PN}" from 63 files
      beep and ez-ipupdate: replace 'PACKAGES =' with 'PACKAGES +='.  Partly fixes 2471.
      divers: add debug package for 85 files with hardcoded PACKAGES definition.  Partly fixes 2471.
      opie-taskbar-images: add "inherit opie" stanza.  Thanks, zecke for spotting it.
      divers: replace '=' definition of dbg packages with '+=' for 43 files.  fixes 2317.
      opie-taskbar-images: fix the PACKAGES line
      merge of '2ab43fd44163ef54ceb8ddb42879e7220b856fbc'
      opie-taskbar-images: There is nothing to compile and thus nothing to configure.  Fixes breakage in do_configure.
      libvncserver: update to version 0.9
      libvncserver: add recipe for version 0.9.1 as proposed in 2411
      fbvncserver + x11vnc: consolidate all VNC related stuff in packages/vnc/
      divers: delete 22 empty directories
      fbvncserver: remove dependency on version 0.6 of libvncserver.  0.8.x and 0.9 are fine.
      mysql: make sure all files are packaged.  Add -dbg package while we are at it.
      conf/machine: Go back to treating all Strongarm devices the same.
      qpf-fonts: rename qpf.bbclass to and dependent changes as discussed on ml.  Partly closes 2430.
      opie-ttf-support: prepare for update-font-common.  partly closes 2430. add RDEPENDS on font-update-common and call the update script in postinst/postrm.  Partly closes 2430.
      fontconfig: prepare for font-update-common.  Partly closes 2430.
      ttf-fonts: some clean-up and PR bumping after introduction of font-update-common.
      terminus: rename to qpf-terminus
      integrate qpf fonts into "font-update-common" framework.  partly closes 2430.
      qte-fonts-common: consolidate all qpf fonts in a single directory
      qpf-fonts: some major clean-up and bumping of PR after the "update-font-common" commits
      gtkmm: update to 2.10.11 and make packaging a bit more robust.  Closes 2804.
      kanjipad: consolidate in kanjipad directory and unify
      xapian: initial commit for xapian-core.  partly fixes 3712 on our way to an offline wikipedia.
      xapian: initial commit of xapian-quickstartindex.  Fixes 3712.
      php4: fix unfetchable SRC_URI and update checksums.ini accordingly.
      php: unify
      merge of '723287caa1b0cd2e362ab6dd69f9e8db2eaca821'
      opie-ttf-support: add 02qtttffont-update and move everything possible from the bb file there
      klibc-utils-static: first commit.  partly closes 3739.
      initramfs-kexec: initial commit.  partly closes 3739.
      kexec-tools: unify
      kexec-tools: add static version.  partly closes 3739.
      klibc: move do_stage to separate inc file.  Fixes do_stage failure for klibc-utils-static.
      moc: apply patch from 1152 and update to latest version.
      unionfs: make SRC_URI fetchable again.  prepare for upgrade.
      claws-mail: update to latest stable 3.2.0.  Closes 3700.
      htop: initial commit for version 0.7.  Closes 2846.
      kismet: unify
      libeventdb: unify
      libglade: consolidate and unify
      postgresql: unify and fix SRC_URI.  Closes bug 3752.
      dbus: update SRC_URI.  Fixes 3755. bump entry for opkg to 4022.  4019 did not build for me.
      eb: update to version 4.3.2
      MAINTAINERS: update entry for Patrick Gfeller
      MAINTAINERS: update my entry
      mkbold-mkitalic-native: initial commit.  partly closes 1362 (incorporate stuff from openzaurus-ja project)
      php: fix incorrect unification for php-native by setting S explicitly.
      libxml++: add glibmm to DEPENDS
      sqlalchemy: initial commit (bb file modeled after python-simplejson which also uses setuptools)
      python-pyqt: add python-sip and sip-native as DEPENDS to ensure successful compilation from scratch.
      anki: initial commit for flash-card program with spaced repitition
      libpcap: unify and add flex-native and bison-native to DEPENDS
      tslib: consolidate, taking extra care 0038f02055e33a3dad0ba914de112ce9450c45d4 is dealt with properly
      Sharp ROM stuff: include latest linux-libc-headers by default.  Closes 2199.
      opie-irc: drop utf8 patches which have been applied upstream
      xorg-lib: remove libxcb dependency from libx11.  Closes 3372.
      libxine: omit restore-esd.patch from  Fixes bug 3074 and enables successul build.
      busybox: add docu for "push 'em"-status of packages/busybox/busybox-1.9.1/adduser-longops.patch
      anki: export PV that should work with bitbake 1.8.8, too.
      zten: push patches upstream.  Add AUTHOR to bb file.
      wxbase: consolidate into wxwidgets project directory.
      acpid: push gcc patch upstream and consolidate identical patches.
      task-opie-all: drop opie-usermanager.  Fixes bug 3311.
      libmrss: document better-parse-url-r0.patch being sent upstream.
      gcc: add upstream comments to three more, otherwise identical patches.
      tshark: initial commit of tshark, the text-based version of wireshark.  closes 2283.
      djvulibre: replace QTDIR with PALMTOPDIR to enable successful compilation.  closes 3044.
      djvulibre: update to version 3.5.20.
      qclockchange: update to version 0.1b.  Closes 2653.
      icewm: RRECOMENDS ttf-dejavu-sans to make sure some font is installed.  partly closes 1506.
      gnome-doc-utils: add libxslt-native to DEPENDS and reorder some fields according to StyleGuide
      gnome-doc-utils: unify
      gnome-desktop: unify
      tshark: fix SRC_URI
      gnome-desktop: remove EXTRA_AUTORECONF from 2.10 and 2.16 recipe
      sqlite3: drop a bunch of patches from version specific directories that are also available from sqlite3/ dir.
      sqlite3: update to latest stable (3.5.6)
      amule: initial commit.  closes 717 for OE.
      xorg-lib: push a couple of autofoo patches upstream.  partly closes 3828.
      gaim: moved gaim to packages/obsolete and pidgin to its own directory.  Fixes 2374.
      fix mirror handling for openmoko, oplinux and nylon.  Closes 3585.
      kdepimpi: commit hrw's kdepimpi X11 version.  Yet untested.  Closes 371.
      kdepimpi: not sending patches for kdepimpi-x11 upstream since it has been abandoned.
      kdepimpi: drop superseeded versions that weren't really meant for commit.
      kdepimpi: I at least found a place to report the patches to now.
      kdepimpi: consolidate kphonepi and ktimetrackerpi into kdepimpi directory.
      tcl: drop -L${libdir} in  Fixes 3771.  Thanks, zecke.
      libcap: update to latest release 0.9.8.  Partly closes 2989.
      bootsplash-native: add jpeg-native to DEPENDS.  Fixes 1947.
      sharprom-compatible.conf: set palmtopdir and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_linux-libc-headers.  partly closes 2809.
      gpsdrive: fix SRC_URI.  closes 3494.
      free42: fix SRC_URI, add HOMEPAGE and update to latest version 1.4.41.  Closes 3643.
      xserver-kdrive-imageon: remove FILESPATH definition to make sure it finds all necessary patches.
      xserver-kdrive-imageon: reintroduce FILESPATH
      djvulibre: fix spelling mistake in SRC_URI.  Closes 3871.
      wlan-ng-modules: follow upstream reshuffling of older sources into "older" directory.  Fixes 3867.
      libmrss: document the acceptance of better-parse-url-r0.patch into upstream cvs
      gnutls: drop unused directory gnutls-1.4.4 with 1 patch
      apm-wifi-suspendfix: add libertas to the cards being ejected before suspend.  Closes 3938.
      seppuku: have the name of the MACHINE in the attachment's description (as discussed on the ml)
      seppuku: add PN to comment line for attachment (as discussed on ml)
      conf and linux: update ts72xx to 2.6.24 kernel.  Closes 3906.
      tetex: move to nonworking as discussed in bug 2510.  Closes 2510, 2607 and 3748.
      fakeroot: update to 1.9.4.  fixes do_fetch problem reported as 4143.
      task-opie-all: drop opie-dasher (unsupported upstream).  Fixed 3601.
      python-pygtk: push prevent_to_get_display_during_import.patch upstream
      merge of '2aa738d5c03b83a4132b153cc9c9d76b3b367651'
      wlags-modules: point SRC_URI to instead of which has reorganized their website unfavourably.  Closes 4158.
      mplayer: adapt makefile-nostrip.patch to actually apply to rc2.
      rox: add shared-mime-info to DEPENDS to enable compilation from scratch.  fixes 4172.
      php: update 5.2.0 to the latest stable 5.2.5.  I assume that bug 2866 is not yet fixed and php still broken.
      php: rename patch directory from 5.2.0 to 5.2.5 to complete ca389305099b27d2ff07722bf46d1e83a2e38bb7.
      dbus: drop unneeded fix-dbus-launch-x11.patch to complement ec238858461bb40d136b48ac17f1ad9ee6b50c9e
      libgpg-error: unify.  partly closes 1688.
      libxsettings-client: unify. partly closes 1688.
      linux: dropping some left-over directories. finishing off bug 3906
      libxsettings-client: commit forgotten .inc file
      at76c503a: move to non-working and close 1209 as LATER (wontfix until somebody picks it up)
      linux-2.6.24: commit ts72xx-rs485.patch, left out in 790aa11c64e9dc4a2c87583222f59ac903d1859a
      xapian: commit my latest work on xapian-quickindex.  partly closes 3711.
      geany: initial commit to OE with latest release 0.14.  Closes 3763 and 3496.
      divers: s/ for all of OE
      libsoup: set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE to -1 for 2.4.1 which does not build for any of the targets I tested
      gtk+: consolidate 2 patches which are identical across all versions into files/ and drop the remainder
      uim: disable xim for native version and rework general packaging
      efl1: drop imlib2/remove-local-includes.patch after it become unused in b84aeb3b3fcb9975cdaaafccc4ecbc7ca61c5312
      centericq: The software looks unmaintained in OE.  Moving to non-working and closing 959 as LATER.
      atmelwlandriver: move apparently unsupported package to non-working and close 919 as LATER.
      centericq: centericq has evolved into centerim.  latest release is 4.22.5.  Fixes 959 for good.
      dhcdbd: fix SRC_URI and remove inaccessible HOMEPAGE. Thanks to the jlime project for the hint.
      tmsnc: release 0.3.2.  Closes 4217.
      fbreader: fix SRC_URI (courtesy jlime project), reorder fields and update HOMEPAGE
      roadmap-gtk2: fix SRC_URI (courtesy jlime project)
      naim: add of this console chat client (courtesy jlime project).  Closes 4218.
      quake: fix SRC_URI for quetoo (courtesy jlime project)
      scummvm: target check too restrictive.  Ease up.  Closes bugs 3522, 3594, 3572, 4028 and 2464.
      scummvm: send scummvm-targetcheck.patch upstream
      scummvm: scummvm-targetcheck.patch accepted upstream
      frobtads: add version 0.8.  Courtesy of jlime project.  Closes 4219,
      pointercal: backpush pointercal files for qemuarm and htcuniversal from poky.  Closes 3742 (it at least masks the superficial problem).
      gmp: consolidate identical patches into files/
      anthy: update to 9100e
      python: introduce MAJ_VER variable so that no further changes to a bb file are necessary even with major releases
      irssi: autofoo.patch sent upstream.  partly closes 3828.
      xorg: w100-autofoo.patch sent upstream
      misdn: moving to nonworking and resolving bug 240 as LATER
      hostap: add hostap-modules-rawtx (untested).  Closes 1098.
      anthy: document unapplicable upstream-status for patches
      midori: unify and gently point everybody to
      chicken: first release with version 2.6.  Closes 2454.
      gif2png: moving to nonworking and closing 2003 as LATER.
      task-sdk-opie: replace libqpe1 with libqpe-opie.  Closes 3313.
      guile: move guile-native-1.6.4 to nonworking and close 3503.
      seppuku: make the autobuilder report against the stable branch by default
      postfix: update to version 2.2.12 which is the latest to compile without any further changes.
      avahi: move PR out of inc file and into bb files
      avahi: disable stack protector for MIPS.  Closes 2223.
      dillo2: fix compilation problem with patch from Marek Vasut.  Clean white space.  Closes 2032.
      bitlbee: update to version 1.0.4 which still compiles fine without major changes.
      ipaq-sleep: reorder fields according to StyleGuide (while browsing bug 4101)
      openembedded-essential: update to Standards 3.7.3 and add dh_clean to clean target
      tasks: replace unsupported opie-pcmcicaapplet with opie-cardapplet in all tasks
      qte/libopie2: add some patches to fix cursor key rotation.  Closes 3678.
      dropbear: remove unsupported default arguments in scp.  Fixes OE bug 3227.
      gallery: introduce SOURCE_FORGEMIRROR variable and replace hardcoded paths with variables.  Closes 2450.
      explicit merge of '8c79c14e519c2da015b828d88899e0af791e9da9'
      merge of '2a95914087586c7f511061dd7404c0f44fc9ce24'
      php: move version 4.x to nonworking.  We have version 5 (I will fix out the remaining bugs)
      merge of '509968e9aaa6b52420f7ae51e79fa781b449a633'
      php: move patches for version 4 to nonworking, too
      php: autotools has become unnecessary in version 5.2.5.  Drop.  Fixes 2866.
      php-native: add mysql-native to DEPENDS
      samba: fix packaging and close 3146.
      x11vnc: add libxtst to DEPENDS.  Closes 4282.
      glibmm: move up to latest stable release.  fixes build problems in 4264.
      ctorrent: add ctcs 1.4.1 and ctorrent 3.3.1.  Closes 4278 and 2646.
      sharprom-toolchain-native: add virtual/arm-linux-libc-for-gcc to PROVIDES
      opie-dasher: move to nonworking.  Closes 3600.
      opie: introduce ${OPIE_CVS_PV} for a number of cvs opie bb
      opie-taskbar-images: add more resolution and other info for palm devices.  Closes 2721.
      opie-taskbar-images: don't try to install jpgs which don't actually exist.
      opie-taskbar-images: replace 240x320 with 240x240.  The 240x320 jpg is not available.
      lcms: point SRC_URI to  Fixes 3687.
      lcms: update to latest 1.17
      gtkmm: update to latest release 2.12.7
      xkeyboard-config: initial commit with version 1.3.  Based on work provided by Otavio.  Partly closes 4340.
      xfwm4: don't mangle the include path
      acpid: 1.0.6 and later don't need the gcc40.patch anymore
      cmake: move definition of CMAKE_MAJOR_VERSION into python function in .inc
      olsr: consolidate olsr and olsrd into a common directory
      cmake: fix minor spelling error.
      olsrd: introduce MAJ_VER variable.  Downloads are split into MAJ_VER directories.
      dasher: update SRC_URI from cvs to svn. dasher-gpe, not just dasher!
      tree: update to 1.5.2.  Closes 3208.
      sysklogd: update to version 1.5 and unify.  Hopefully closes 2691.
      chicken: update to 3.3.0.  Closes 4433.
      chicken: make sure there are no mistakes we have different inc files for 2.x and 3.x
      lcdproc: unify (in preparation of closing 2488)
      dnsmasq: [SECURITY] update to latest version 2.45
      otpcalc: add initial version 0.97 based on work from Yuri Bushmelev.  Closes 4441.
      tangogps: update to 0.9.2.  Closes 4438.
      libmpcdec: initial release 1.2.6.  Closes 4385.
      flac: consolidate and unify.  preparing closure of bug 4386.
      rrdtool: some cleanup
      espgs: build with support for gutenprint, gimpprint and cups.  ijs still disabled.  Closes 3032.
      otpcalc: add defition of S which indeed is not expendable as Yuri pointed out correctly in bug 4441.
      nandlogical: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to c7x0 for now until somebody compiles an authoritative list.
      merge of '434c9b83795714321c5e83703daa92ea144962c8'
      rrdtool: generalize test for IEEE math into site/common.  Thanks, koen, for pointing this out.
      gconf: fix compilation for version 2.6.1
      txdrug: fix include path and incorrect assumptions about $palmtopdir.  closes 2420.
      apt: mark autofoo.patch for the two oldest versions in OE as unapplicable for upstream
      pkgconfig: mark autofoo.patch for 0.22 as unapplicable to upstream since there is a newer version in OE.
      gconf: fix packaging for dbg, introduce autotools_stage_all and reorder fields according to StyleGuide.  Closes 3505.
      gconf: bump PR for 2.6.1
      lzma: update SRC_URI. closes 4494.
      openmoko-appmanager2: replace ipkg with opkg in depends and fix FTBFS.
      nandlogical: according to hrw, nandlogical can be used for all Z except collie. COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(poodle|c7x0|akita|spitz|tosa)" should represent that.
      guile: drop nonworking version 1.6.4 and its patches and close 3503.
      nandlogical: split static and dynamic packages
      dhcp: make sure that /var/lib/dhcp is included in dhcp-client package.  Closes 4491.
      libiac: set sane srcrev to 1590.  closes 4095.
      apt: make sure $libdir/apt/*/.debug actually ends up in the debug package
      python-pycap: relax DEPENDS to not require particular versions
      hildon-home: move to non-working.  It has to be non-functional at least since 2006, so apparently nobody cares.
      merge of '9c656e60411087235cb8e41b6b3ae676447fa38a'
      imlib2: several packages depend on virtual/imlib2, so this is a natural candidate to provide it
      nonworking: move a bunch of maemo/hildon stuff to nonworking.
      xmms-embedded: relax depends on specific version of libmikmod.
      telepathy-python: RDEPENDS on python-dbus instead of the non-existant dbus-python.
      task-slugos: the task-slugos definition RPEPENDS on ixp4xx-npe which is only compatible for machines "(nslu2|ixp4xx)" thus the same must be true for this task definition.
      openmoko-icon-theme: exlclude from world build because it DEPENDS on librsvg-native which is not in OE.
      midpath: depend on qte-mt instead of the non-existant qt-mt
      flumotion: depend on python-twisted instead of the non-existant "twisted"
      merge of '5a27dc2251870d3b0fba8216aa90a9b93350f68e'
      udhcp: without ${PN} in PACKAGES, the package won't build because it cannot resolve the dependency on itself (udhcp-dbg -> udhcp)
      merge of '818e2a75a7b401d665944a17d67a461550f70977'
      libexif: move to nonworking and close bug 1664 as LATER.
      merge of '0c72fca9e0c0a27bd39068df21078215a4362b1c'
      openttd: make it clear in the description that openttd is the engine only
      fso-image: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE are om-gta(1|2) only
      gphoto|sane: move some stuff depending on libexif to nonworking.
      libexif & co: it seems that after all, libexif was fine.  Don't know why do_qa_staging bailed out for me yesterday.  restoring all affected packages from nonworking.
      gtk+-native: massage FILESPATH, so this recipe actually finds its files.
      juce: add $PN to PACKAGES so the package won't depend on itself
      qpf-bitstream-vera: make sure $PN is in PACKAGES
      sphyrna: rename to sphyrna-python to make sure $PN is in PACKAGES
      (in) replace sphyrna entries with sphyrna-python
      merge of '1f9ecef5aa14483fc6f8eb9ea98c7a709ec92c5a'
      juce: fix and future-proof SRC_URI
      juce: I guess I forgot a very important part in that SRC_URI in my previous commit ;-)  Should work now
      boost-asio: drop incorrect and superfluous PACKAGES definition
      inputpipe: add $PN to PACKAGES definition
      libdbi-drivers: add $PN to PACKAGES definition
      libqanava: add $PN to PACKAGES definition
      sphyrna: fix $S
      sphyrna: generalize FILES_sphyrna-python definition
      e-image: fix spelling mistake and comment out non-existant task.  Closes 2752.
      kdepimpi: add $PN to PACKAGES definition
      merge of '10e6bf1f992b208b919b4fc707871e1e1ae7e91e'
      librcf: add $PN to PACKAGES
      merge of '481cda07f650eec08e83f5f63d522be2fbcb6ff1'
      elfkickers: add $PN to PACKAGES
      meta-gpe-extras: replace the entries in RDEPENDS with something that at least exists
      nonworking: move meta-sectest-gpe and meta-gpephone to nonworking
      gsoap: fix PACKAGES and close 1505.
      openembedded-essential: add help2man to DEPENDS and close 3035.
      merge of '74c061404accba6de9e626ef3f093a8293209def'
      conf/machine: replace ushbost with usbhost in a couple of config files and close 3515.
      xmms-embedded: put .debug dir in $PN-dbg

lamikr at (16):
      h6300 kernel: update to and remove 2.6.14-rc5
      gomunicator: Create gomunicator icon to desktop by installing the gomunicator.desktop.
      gomunicator: Gomunicator requires that alsa-lib is installed to target device.
      libxml2: Fixed the download URL's for all libxml2 packages.
      openobex: Openobex failed to compiler due to error in checking libusb.pc in the crosscompiler environment.
      base-files/h6300/fstab: add h6300 specific fstab
      gomunicator: fix the sourceforge cvs url.
      gomunicator: h6300 kernel, Tux can now call home.
      h6300 config: add alsa sound modules needed by alsa apps and gsm phone calls with gomunicator.
      qemu: fix the no docs patch against the qemu trunk.
      merge of 171f7917626b9f4ae8dbf894b68c59b96f170e80
      minimo: update the config patches to apply with cvs head.
      setserial: change the download url for sources to working one.
      merge of '09a60ca1c7d8ce93fb27f1180373afc4410945cb'
      rxvt: add version 2.8.0
      xstroke: fix download url to 0.6 version

law at (1):
      linux-handhelds-2.6: Add defconfig for aximx50

law at (15):
      updated gpsd to version 2.28
      merge of 189d378741dbc7aa7eac0a92e135a36bf31167f8
      added gaim 1.4.0
      added sylpheed 2.0.0beta6
      added ggme 1.0.3 (required for sylpheed 2.0.0beta6)
      updated kernel conf for clamshell ppp should work again
      updated kernel conf for clamshell ppp is now directly build into the kernel
      fixed typos
      removed ppp-modules from openzaurus-2.6.conf. because ppp is build fix into the kernel
      move ppp from kernel to kernel module (save disk space)
      changed MAINTAINER in sylpheed2.0.0beta6 .bb file
      added openssl dependency to the sylpheed 2.0.0beta6 bb file
      removed openssl from sylpheed again, added sylpheed-gnutls-extra.patch from XorA
      added sylpheed2.0.0rc bb and patch file
      added new version of gaim (1.5.0)

lenehan at (377):
      quagga: Add 0.99.4, fix bgp package name, some cleanups.
      merge of 3395fc22cc5fd1e9a7862619eb6834ffcc6860cf
      merge of 79d9031e921eb2b64b0a614d28f2952b273cf3cc
      arpwatch 2.1a13: Add fakeroot-native to DEPENDS since it's required to build. Closes #946.
      site/sh4: Update the sh4 site files. This contains all of the changes over
      net-snmp 5.1.2: Fix endianess detection to work on all platforms by looking
      net-snmp 5.1.2: Does not work with a parallel build, so clear PARALLEL_MAKE. Closes bug #713.
      hdparm 6.3: Update SRC_URI to point at the hdparm primary site which is now sourceforge. Closes bug #772.
      pmacct 0.7.9: Don't look for pcap headers in /usr/include, look for them in
      site/sh: Fix parted for sh3/sh4 by removing the minicom entries. The minicom
      rsync: Update SRC_URI for 2.6.7 and add 2.6.8. Closes bug# 947.
      merge of 9163a4b2aa3f51ec4fd9c17fbf7e8cacf1c0f767
      gpsd 2.28: Stop from using X headers from /usr/include by passing in the X
      gpsd: Add 2.32 and remove 2.6, as request by mickey in bug #1039.
      site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add required entries to get openssh to build on sh4 with uclibc.
      site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add required entries to get sudo to build for sh4 with uclibc.
      site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add required entries to get vim to build for sh4 with uclibc.
      wget 1.9.1: Disable checking for the SSL headers so that it doesn't attempt
      merge of 85319fa61d0c4e459749097283b01b6a22ddca01
      glibc 2.3.5+cvs20050627: Revert sh fix from bug #954 again to get sh4 to
      ckermit 211: Fix for uclibc by disabling arrow key checking, which in turn
      librsync 0.9.7; Add librsync - a library that implements the rsync
      rdiff-backup: Add rdiff-backup 1.0.4 (stable) and 1.1.5 (dev). A backup
      olsrd 0.4.10: Added version 0.4.10. Closes bug # 902.
      olsrd: Moved the common parts of recipes for 0.4.9 and 0.4.10 into a
      wget 1.9.1: The fix to stop wget searching the system paths didn't work for
      merge of 6c5f6dd92dc9e167c3598305801931820379802a
      ckermit 211: Fix dangling symlink for ckermit-sshusb. Closes bug #1100.
      merge of 19c7f21b75299e2823cd9f6ccedbeebb643f4e53
      perl 5.8.7: Allow perl to be built without the perl shared library. This is
      perl 5.8.7: Add support for building on sh4 and sh3. Tested several sh4
      site/i{35}86-linux: Add required entries for building openssh. Closes bug #1109.
      merge of 006ff5c889f07b22718fa73951084ab94aba16aa
      site/sh4-linux-uclibc: Add the required entries to build ipsec-tools.
      psmisc 21.8: Update for uClibc. psmisc requires libintl on uClibc which it
      linux/linux-titan-sh4-2.6.16: Add a 2.6.16 kernel for the sh4 based "titan"
      linux-titan-sh4 2.6.16: Updates:
      linux-titan-sh4 2.6.16: Disable IP auto configuration for the kernel. This
      merge of 4fa66e8ed3c592fe36065306271c6b2c559b7b76
      lilo-sh 0.21: Add lilo-sh, a port of the LILO bootloader to the sh
      psmisc 22.2: Add 22.2 and use a common .inc file for 21.8 and 22.8.
      merge of 975b96916690358f4a6cab8fbb7308fce112d311
      linux-jlime-arm 2.6.17: Fix the .bb to correctly parse so people don't get
      strace 4.5.14: Patch the sh specific syscall table to get strace into
      zip 2.32: Add version 2.32. Version 2.31 has been removed from the source
      hping2 2.0.0rc3: Added hping2, a network testing tool. Especially useful
      man 1.5p: Disable parallel make or it fails due to trying to link object
      conserver 8.1.2: Use EXTRA_OEMAKE to change the install command so that it
      conserver 8.1.14: Add the latest version of conserver.
      conserver: Include the example files in the documentation package
      conserver: Add a proper init script for conserver and use a default file to
      quagga: Make the default files, which are used for local administrator
      classes/image_ipk: Add support for multiple device tables. The original code
      linux/linux-titan-sh4: Upgrade the titan kernel from 2.6.16 to 2.6.17 now
      glibc 2.4: Remove the workaround from CVS changes. This isn't a CVS version
      ssmtp 2.61: Dont use -s to install so it doesn't attemp to use the host
      files/device_table_add: Add two device tables fragments. One adds the
      glibc 2.4: To build glibc for sh we need to pass no-z-defs=yes via
      iputils 20020927: Add support for building with glibc 2.4. In glibc 2.4
      linux-titan-sh4 2.6.17: Fix to enable module loading. The initial 2.6.16
      liblockfile 1.06: Fix for building with glibc 2.4. The local function
      dosfstools/dosfstools-native 2.10: Fix for lib headers which don't pull in
      classes/kernel-arch.bbclass: Update the kernel arch selection so that
      madwifi-ng r1527: Fix to build and work for sh4. The compiler options that
      ethtool 4: Add latest ethtool version. Also updated the description
      linux/linux-titan-sh4: Update for the kernel. Add a patch which
      madwifi-ng r1692: Add madwifi snapshot 1692, which is the same as the 0.9.2
      merge of '0737af91de87534a67944bad4308b43b04d675db'
      jpeg 6b: Remove spurious debug info from jpeg-tools. Closes #1231.
      perl: Add -dbg package and move debug info to it. Closes #1234 "perl
      db: Stop the .debug directory being included in the -dev package. Closes
      sqlite3: Move contents of .bb files to a .inc file for sqlite3 since they
      sqlite3: Add a -dbg package to the packages list so that the .debug
      sqlite 2.*: Remove the .debug directory from the sqlite-bin, related to the
      udev 092: Remove the spurious debug info from the packages. Closes #1241
      sysvinit 2.86: Exclude the spurious .debug information that was being
      wireless-tools 29-pre10: Remove the spurious debug info. Closes #1230
      glibc: Add glibc-dbg package, and make sure all the .debug files go in to
      udev 092: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      sysvinit 2.86: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      sqlite: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      jpeg 6b: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      db: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      perl: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      net-snmp: Add the -dbg package to hold the new .debug files and directories.
      glibc: Update for keeping the debug information in the correct package
      sqlite 3*: s/include/require/g. I added the include's yesterday when they
      man 1.5p: Remove the spurious .debug directory from the main package.
      pcre 4.4: Remove the spurious .debug directory from the main package.
      iputils 20020927: Permissions are not carried over from install to the
      ndisc6: Add ndisc6 which contains tools for IPV6 neighbor discover, IPV6
      net-snmp 5.1.2: Update the endianess test to handle the situation where only
      hping2 2.0.0rc3: Update the endianess test to handle the situation where only
      openssl: Update the endianess test to handle the situation where
      site/i{3,4,5}-linux: Add entries for ipsec-tools so it will build.
      merge of '5b22925a7b123db5cb7c74c47b0d46e3a3510df6'
      site/*: Updates for slrn. Added required entries for slrn to
      classes/patch.bbclass: Create a "patches" directory when initialising
      linux: Add a 2.6.17 kernel for the pcengines WRAP (Wireless Router
      groff 1.19.2: The install task was failing because groff refuses to install
      ebtables 2.0.6: Patch to enable compiling with gcc 4.x. Tested with gcc
      site/i486-linux: Add required entries for screen.
      gd 2.0.33: Don't search for the X11 headers. Without this hosts that have
      make: Add version 3.81 for both make and make-native.
      libpng 1.2.12: Disable the use of x86 assembler code. When building
      conserver: Remove spurious .debug directories from the main packages.
      conserver: Fix up the PR's which I needed to bump them in the main .bb
      conserver: Run over all the files.
      site i586-linux: Add required entry for sudo.
      gawk 3.1.4: Remove spurious .debug directories from the main packages.
      gawk 3.1.4: Run over the recipe.
      gawk 3.1.4: Use the update-alternatives class rather than manually
      libxml2 2.6.22: Remove spurious .debug directories from the non -dbg packages.
      postfix 2.0.20: Remove spurious .debug directories from the non -dbg packages.
      openswan 2.2.0: Remove spurious .debug directories from the non -dbg packages.
      lilo-sh 21: Change the SECTION from bootloader to bootloaders to match the
      lilo-sh 21: Run over the recipe.
      quagga 0.99.2: Drop old version.
      quagga: Manually sanitize the recipe. The script makes a
      quagga: Add a -dbg package to the list of generated packages so that the
      machine titan: Add machine file for the sh4 based TITAN boards (Nimble NP51R
      machine wrap: Add machine file for the geode(i486) based WRAP boards from PC
      merge of 'c3ccb88cdee78aea39d63a6124314b875def14c8'
      merge of '9f9af081d35c83fb9fcf3d0378dbc38579858171'
      site i486,i586,sh4: Add required site file entry for rp-pppoe.
      gnupg Fix for x86. The assembler code was being compiled
      site i{4,5}86-linux: Add required entries for lftp.
      merge of '08a9f8816233bc3d01e123af2e2d1cb16e33a5ca'
      libgpg-error 1.3: Remove spurious .debug directories from the non -dbg packages.
      gnupg Remove spurious .debug directories from the non -dbg packages.
      clamav: New package for the CLAM anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. It
      site: Add entries for clamav for my test platforms: sh4, i486 and i586.
      clamav 0.84: Inherit binconfig so that the clamav-config script is staged,
      merge of 'a6eee320d19a51be84a742cc6dcbf630b384272e'
      clamav 0.88.4: Add a do_stage to stage the header files and libraries so
      merge of '5edd26361a304f2cf7b98bc4b7747eede01e1c76'
      sudo 1.6.8p12: Fix the autoconf patch. The AC_LINK_IFELSE test that was
      perl 5.8.7: Fix the perl shared library generation for sh3/sh4
      merge of '510f18c6951b0f99c4fbde082f641a4d4f04ab48'
      cpan.bbclass: Instead of putting modules into ${libdir}/perl5 put them into
      cpan_build.bbclass: The existing cpan.bbclass works for perl modules that
      cpan.bbclass/cpan_build.bbclass: Make all perl modules DEPEND on perl
      perl modules: Add the first collection of perl modules. These modules are
      perl: Update modules that were effected by the cpan.bbclass changes:
      perl: Add some additional perl modules. This are the optional dependencies
      perl: Add libio-zlib perl module which I forget to add in the previous
      perl: Add the libmodule-build perl module. This is required for anything
      perl: Add the perl logging modules Log::Dispatch and Log::Log4perl.
      perl: Add the perl IP address manipulation module Net::IP.
      perl: Update cpan.bbclass to set CCFLAGS to CFLAGS so that the compiler
      perl: Add the perl Locale::gettext module, which is used for gettext
      perl: Add the native version of the Local::gettext module.
      perl: Add the 1.1.6 version of libintl-perl. The 1.11 versions which are
      perl: Update the LICENSE on the modules to indicate that they are available
      perl: Update cpan_build to automatically add libmodule-build-perl-native to
      merge of '40ec719fc9cc4cb736be0ec589bede256813af3d'
      libxslt 1.1.12: Disable searching for libgcrypt. Currently it will either
      libxslt 1.1.12: Add the -dbg package to the PACKAGES list.
      perl: More shared library fixes for sh3/sh4, this time for the shared
      perl: Don't try and patch up references to /usr/include in binary files, as
      ssmtp 2.61: Add back the patch which prevents ssmtp from attempting to strip
      grep 2.5.1: Add a -native version of grep.
      perl 5.8.7: Use grep -I to ignore binary files instead of looking at
      perl: Another sh3/sh4 shared library fix. Modules build built with
      perl 5.8.7: Enable threading in perl for sh4 to fix modules that
      cpan.bbclass: If a module attempts to use LDDFLAGS to link then it will be
      perl 5.8.7: Manually add some dependencies for the math-bigint
      libnet-ip-perl: Net::IP required Math::BigInt to function, so add to
      perl: Add the Math::BigInt::GMP cpan module. This provides a faster, gmp
      perl: Add Perl6::Junction perl module. This provides support for the
      perl: Add the perl Text::Diff module and the Algorithm::Diff module it
      perl: For native perl module packages determine the actual non-native
      libalgorithm-diff-perl: Fix up RDEPENDS, there was one " too many and one
      perl: Add a new set of perl modules related to testing.
      perl modules: Update the SRC_URI on all the modules to use PV to refer to
      perl modules: Exclude debugging information from the modules that are
      merge of '9694cc03739b4b684e1c1d9ec0df5f93374f846a'
      util-linux: Put mkfs.minix and fsck.minix under update-alternatives
      clamav 0.84: Handle the /var directories correctly by making use of the
      clamav 0.84: Simplify the init scripts. assume that the volatiles
      clamav 0.88.4: The optional linksource field in the volatiles file is in
      havp 0.82: Add HAVP, a HTTP antivirus proxy which uses clamav to scan
      havp 0.82: Inherit update-rc.d so that the initscripts actually get
      clamsmtp 1.8: Add clamsmtp, an smtp proxy with virus scanning support
      linux-titan-sh4 2.6.17: Add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE since it is going to be made
      ipsec-tools 0.6.6: Add version 0.6.6 which builds with glibc 2.4,
      site sh4-linux: Add a required entry for p3scan and slrn.
      site i486-linux: Add required entry for p3scan.
      clamav 0.84: Don't stage the libraries libtool archive file,,
      p3scan 2.9.05d: Add p3scan, a transparent proxy for POP3, POP3S and SMTP
      MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the maintainers file.
      strace 4.5.14: Fix strace for glibc 2.5. Closes #1475.
      strace 4.5.14: Run over the recipe.
      less 382: Use update-alternatives for less since busybox provides less as
      zlib 1.2.3: Include zlib.h and zconf.h in the zlib-dev package by
      diffutils 2.8.1: Use alternatives for diff since busybox also supplies a
      psmisc: Psmisc was updated to use alternatives for fuser, however the PR
      fakeroot 1.2.13: Fakeroot requires getopt which is provided via util-linux,
      fakeroot 1.2.13: Run it through to tidy it up.
      clamav 0.88.5: Add new stable branch release of clamav. From the news
      clamav,lingpng,quagga: Remove some empty directories that I appear to have
      coreutils 5.3: Fix for glibc 2.5 by renaming the tee function to tee_files
      clearsilver 0.10.3: Stage the headers and libraries so that C based
      patch 2.5.9: Use alternatives for patch since busybox also provides a patch
      findutils 4.1.20: Use alternatives for find and xargs since these commands
      havp 0.82: Remove the .debug directory from the main package.
      p3scan 2.9.05d: Remove the .debug directory from the main package.
      iproute2 2.6.16: Add the tc (used for QoS) command back to iproute. It was
      iproute2 2.6.18: Add verison 2.6.18 to pick up the new tc monitor command.
      cherokee 0.5.3: Update the HOMEPAGE for the web site move so other
      libnet Modify so that it no longer uses a patch configure by
      libnet Clean up the format of the .bb by running though
      site: Update for libnet. Add ac_libnet_have_packet_socket to any site files
      clamav: Add version 0.88.6, drop version 0.88.4.
      quagga: Quote the rhs of all variable assignments since this will be
      openssl: Use the new siteinfo stuff to determine the endianess and set the
      site: Add newlines to the last entry in endian-big and endian-little.
      hping2 2.0.0rc3: Use the new siteinfo stuff to determine the endianess and
      site/sh3-linux: Replace the samaba entries with those from sh4. The current
      net-snmp 5.1.2: Use the new siteinfo stuff to determine the endianess and
      site/sh{3,4}: Update the sh3-linux and sh4-linux site files to match be
      site/sh{3,4}: Merge the sh3 and sh4 site files into a single common site file
      cherokee: Add an initscript for the cherokee http server so it'll start on
      cherokee 0.5.3: Specify the configuration files so that local changes
      cherokee 0.5.3: Pass through
      cherokee 0.5.5: Add version 0.5.5 which fixes a large number of bugs
      cherokee: Factor out common parts to and fix up the packaging
      cherokee: Move the .la files and the .so files associated with shared
      cherokee: In the init script pass the config file as a parameter. This
      cherokee 0.5.5: Minor fix to Should be using "no" and not
      perl: Replace the require in the native modules with a simpler version that
      merge of 'f8321aa1642750ba69f345b7dc42a76e54b38109'
      gmp 4.2.1: Disable for sh by setting DEFAULT_PREFERENCE since the resulting
      devshell: Fix so that it actually deploys the devshell script. The task
      initscripts: Updates for
      packages: Update the packages that use volatiles to pass update as a
      lilo-sh: Lilo sh is an sh3/sh4 version of the lilo bootloader, so add a
      arpwatch 2.1a15: Add the latest version, 2.1a15. No source for older
      arpwatch 2.1a15: Cleanups for arpwatch:
      machine/wrap: Add task-base related settings.
      machine/titan: Add task-base related settings.
      quagga: Added 0.99.6, removed 0.99.3.
      clamav: Added 0.88.7, removed 0.88.5.
      iproute2: Move common parts of the recipes for 2.6.16 and 2.6.18 into
      madwifi-ng r1844: Add svn snapshot 1844 which is the same as the
      site/sh-common: Add entry required to build the latest version of apr, which
      arpwatch 2.1a15: Run do_install under fakeroot because the Makefile
      quagga: Don't -RDEPENDS on ncurses and readline - the shlibs code
      quagga: Modify the package to use the volatiles system to create the
      gd 2.0.33: Explicitly disable support for freetype and fontconfig. There are
      merge of '4bd0656537922e63f9ef5f8663e6a5c319d7b982'
      radvd: Add init scripts and sample configurations to documentation.
      merge of 'e54ea8f023ca74e009761324b7eaf157c8a84ef3'
      gmp 4.2.1: Allow gmp 4.2.1 to work for sh arch by apply a patch from
      madwifi_ng: Add new version r2187. This version adds a single VLAN
      insane.bbclass: Add support for sh4.
      radvd: Updates for the IPv6 router advertisment daemon:
      merge of '6a3b981cd09643c90b1f45b77d55ea346170dac9'
      iproute2: Fix up 2.6.16 and 2.6.18 so that the patches are applied.
      iproute2: Add 2.6.20 to pick up a lot of new commands and bug fixes.
      perl: Fix perl build for sh3/sh4. The recent change to support powerpc was
      perl: Rearrange the patches/files a bit. Move the 5.8.4 specific
      perl 5.8.7: Simplify the addition of patches to support gcc for linking and
      perl: Move the do_configure from into since it is
      perl: Add 5.8.8 and use DEFAULT_PREFERENCE to disable it until more
      iptstate: Add iptstate, which is a top-like interface to the
      perl: Move the list of rprovides for backward compatiblity into a seperate
      perl 5.8.8: Extract out the common settings from the 32/64 bit configs to a
      perl 5.8.8: Re-arrange the installation directories to match the debian
      perl 5.8.8: Replace host paths from the configuration file that is to be
      cpan.bbclass: Update to enable the building cpan modules for perl 5.8.8.
      perl 5.8.8: Move comments on how to create the dependency list into the
      perl 5.8.8: Move configuration files for libnet and cpan to /etc/perl to
      perl 5.8.8: Minor updates to the packaging:
      linux-titan-sh4: Update flash driver so that it'll build with recent kernels:
      linux-titan-sh4: Add 2.6.21 kernel. This moves away from the old linux-sh
      linux-titan-sh4: Remove the older 2.6.17 kernel that was based on the
      merge of '07175ec33773496e83adae9754cad99975a05135'
      perl 5.8.8: Fixes to be able to build under uclibc.
      perl 5.8.8/cpan: Fix the installation paths for cpan modules. The installed
      merge of '177ed52042195257c9390eac21052907cfa0c4d0'
      cpan: Use CCLD for the linking instead of ${TARGET_SYS}-gcc. Without this
      perl 5.8.8: Improvements for cpan modules:
      merge of 'cb611997ee14f51bf6877589c7d518d35ed52f50'
      libxml-parser-perl: Add a dependency on expat-native and pass in the
      merge of '0e85d248181cfdf704931e925058cea1824151c2'
      quagga 0.99.7: Add latest release. This includes some important BPG DOS
      quagga: Use DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME to stop the debian class renaming the
      rp-pppoe: Add version 3.8.
      perl 5.8.8: Allow perl to build when using an external toolchain.
      perl 5.8.8: Fix to tell bitbake about the perl module packages. I'd left out
      cpan.bbclass: Building cpan modules needs to depend on both perl and
      cpan.bbclass: Stop the cpan modules which ask you to confirm the
      merge of '253548a9fef0f4eda716e6b0611bae50c0fc4eb3'
      perl modules: Bump PR on cpan modules effected by the recent
      net-snmp 5.1.2: Fix for do_configure hanging when using bitbake
      perl: Extract common functionality from cpan and cpan_build classes into a
      perl/perl-native 5.8.8: Move the creation of the hostperl link in staging
      perl-native 5.8.8: Apply the patch from perl to stop the .packlist files
      perl: Add the .debug directories that to FILES_${PN}-dbg in the
      perl-native 5.8.8: Fix for cross-compile badness in the perl build. The
      merge of 'dead8726201c5039d0257a605f354059105e7c99'
      perl 5.8.8: Bump PR due to the perl-native change which will fix failing
      perl 5.8.8: Allow debian.bbclass to mess with perl-lib's naming. This will
      perl/perl-native 5.8.8: Remove -DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" for version 5.8.8.
      perl modules: Bump PR since the directories they install into have changed
      basefiles, initscripts: make /var non-volatile, as discussed on the mailinglist
      clamav: Add 0.90.2 version, remove older versions plus a number of other
      havp 0.86: Add new version. This version is compatile with the clamav 0.9x
      uclibc 0.9.29: Add machine configuration for the sh4 based titan board.
      clamav 0.90.2: Fix build for uclibc by testing for libintl and linking
      sudo 1.6.8p12: Redo the long long autoconf macros using what is in the
      site: Update the site files to handle glibc having sys_siglist while uclibc
      blueprobe 0.18: Fix for uclibc. Termios speed above 115k are not supported,
      bluez-utils 3.9: Fix for uclibc. Termios speed above 115k are not supported,
      grep 2.5.1: Fix for uclibc. Grep uses __mempcpy which glibc provides but
      perl 5.8.8: Fix the CFLAGS being used for perl modules. Instead of replacing
      perl: Bump PR on modules that include shared libraries since these may have
      perl: Add some more modules which I've been using locally incase someone
      merge of '99133b6a252718e1e4b91a43a3a2dc3b7a6cfbdd'
      uclibc 0.9.29: Move the angstrom configuration to the global configuration.
      perl/perl-native 5.8.8: Change the installation directories used for
      perl 5.8.8: Patch MakeMaker in perl-native to check for PERL_INC in the
      perl-native 5.8.8: Fix an issues with the perl makedepend script not
      perl 5.8.8: Bump PR on modules to force the -native versions to be rebuilt
      sdl-perl 1.20.3: Fix the build of sdl-perl
      perl 5.8.8: Fixes for uclibc and libxml-parser-perl.
      cpan-base.bbclass: Update the perl depenedencies:
      clamav: Add 0.90.3, remove 0.88.7.
      merge of '143d8aa20b687ea3aed59e831a5032bb14b3d523'
      libxml-parser-perl-native: Remove uneeded entries:
      wget 1.9.1: Make it work when you have no IPv6 support in the kernel
      openssl: Allow openssl to build when using an external toolchain. Closes #2402.
      opensp 1.5: Fix compile issues with various compilers, fix from
      opensp 1.5: Clean up the recipe, fix up packaging and reduce optimisation on
      opensp-native 1.5: Add the fixes for various gcc version to sp-native since
      perl 5.8.8: Fix for building under gcc 4.2 which was just added to OE. It
      merge of '153830195ef2863a9465bcab1705eec7215fd6ba'
      ipsec-tools: Add 0.6.7, removed all 0.4 versions and fixed for
      merge of '114006d8480321d7b199ce8a9d4a6b805b96311d'
      perl-native 5.8.8: Fix for building with SSP-modified host gcc's, as
      rp-pppoe 3.8: Updates
      rp-pppoe 3.8: More cleanups to the pppoe package:
      merge of '315cbb93869a360f92e32183f8c4dc46ba28faa5'
      rp-pppoe 3.8: The server needs to depends on the client since it uses the
      rp-pppoe 3.8: Fix issues caused by autoconf needing to run in the src
      rp-pppoe 3.8: Remove the definition of S, it was needed before the previous
      pptp-linux 1.7.1: Added latest version.
      merge of 'b447a9258c3ff6c3f763a99dc5b5af75eb8eac55'
      poptop 1.3.4: Add 1.3.4 with some changes:
      poptop 1.3.4: Remove the wtmp plugin, it's built for the wrong arch. I
      perl 5.8.8: Fix the regexp for removing /usr/local paths - it was eating the
      perl 5.8.8: Directly patch the files that need patching instead of having a
      perl 5.8.8: Don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running miniperl. This was being
      merge of '47eb1f067c7af4c1a56a27e9e25ea10f002e49de'
      iproute2: Use update-alternatives. Note that this moves the ip command from
      iproute2 2.6.20: Add the 2.6.20 bb file. It seems when I added 2.6.20 I
      perl/perl-native 5.8.8: Fix up asm/page.h include issue. Perl was including
      perl 5.8.8: A few host paths were being included in the perl for the target.
      p3scan 2.9.05d: Fix up to work with the recently updated
      libnet Fix build errors that appeared when building with the
      sudo 1.6.8p12: Fix build to work with the newer autotools versions.
      ethtool 6: Add version 6, the latest release of ethtool.
      iproute2: Add latest version 2.6.22. Also move the settings of S into the
      iproute2: Drop some older versions.
      quagga: Added version 0.99.8, dropped 0.99.4.
      iproute2 2.6.22: Fix the uclibc build of the latest iproute2.
      net-snmp 5.4.1: Minor updates:
      iana-etc 2.20: Don't install as /etc/services and /etc/protocols as these
      netbase 4.2.1: Make /etc/services, /etc/protocols and /etc/rpc as conffiles.
      merge of '06538476a57a7ec542febb49515ebf5c936fe6de'
      clamav 0.91.1: Add the latest version 0.91.1.
      clamsmtp/havp/p3scan: Bump PR to get them to rebuild against the latest clamav.
      merge of '398bc51e114a5414e2a0ed00059e3e98a2c10bba'
      clamav 0.91.1: Remove the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE that I forgot to remove before
      merge of '02c31916f8203f8e8f2ded060c7f3756a95c9841'
      net-snmp 5.4.1: Add missing patch.

lenehan at (1):
      ntop: fix compilation issue (bug #1993)

Leon Zhang (1):
      opie-eye: fix install

likewise at (9):
      lzma: added 4.17 - close #1467
      squashfs-tools: added 3.1r2 (normal and lzma) - closes #1466
      lzma: do not stage target binary, DEPEND on zlib - close #1476
      bitbake.conf: add support for squashfs-lzma images - close #1507
      cairo: add 1.3.2 dev snapshot
      ice.bbclass, apply patch from #1495, closes #1495
      lighttpd: add 1.4.13, closes #1662
      gcc 4.1.1: add patch to fix PR 13685
      ixp4xx*: fix endianness of PACKAGE_ARCHS

likewise at (257):
      Added bitbake recipe for libzvbi 0.2.24.
      The source package for uboot-utils is u-boot, not  (uboot-utils).
      merge of '7a9c6dcd00355e7f104559fd3a74974aad0d5967'
      smartmontools: Added 5.37. Consolidated common stuff into .inc.
      merge of '71838e03ecc147470b6b605de0819927c7cebc0c'
      linux-efika: Added audio driver and device tree fixup. Experimental.
      merge of '1897dabec68161c37cd3543ac7f113e99557ec54'
      merge of '787ba7a97720606befccca45c0f4830be98cc964'
      linux-efika: Enabled build of audio driver as module.
      merge of '132be09ee353f798eadc984f8f09e27e68180850'
      merge of '1dab1e878846ddfdd02a4299ee92d3bab84010ea'
      alsa-utils: Fixed typo's in recipe: speakertest vs. speaker-test.
      mp3blaster: Added version 3.2.3. Now hosted on sourceforge.
      fastcgi: New package, version 2.4.0. FastCGI is a library for developing FastCGI webserver-backend gateways.
      sqlite: Added 3.3.9. This release fixes database corruption in rare cases.
      sqlite: Fix previous incomplete commit of 3.3.9.
      disapproval of revision '913931cff89c154822360bc667ef1aaa2b60ae28'
      sqlite: Fix previous incomplete commit. Try 2.
      flac: Fix build for powerpc. Closes #1775.
      linux-efika: Enable CIFS in defconfig.
      linux-efika: Sound driver altered to keep hands of register bits it shouldn't touch.
      musicpd/mpc: Fix cross compile badness; missing --with-iconv-*.
      merge of '7dfc7a31ac72c55bd7de2ec3f60edae7fcb0bd0d'
      musicpd/mpc: Added 0.12.0.
      merge of '759a595e111a9e5fa47000ee0357f261d2bfc364'
      musicpd/mpc: Changed URL, was unfetchable.
      merge of '08a55e9ecaeb0f65d81ffeb0eaffe33ce8860584'
      merge of '64d61b910321c9ea962004a87927c15c3ba97cc3'
      freetype: Added release 2.3.0, but with DEFAULT_PREFERENCE -1, needs testing.
      mythtv: Added commented-out patch. Maintainer please consider.
      madwifi-ng: Refreshed 10-xscale-{be,le}-elf-copts.patch
      image.bbclass: Removed wildcard rm as it broke building multiple rootfs image types.
      bitbake.conf: Make IMAGE_CMD_tar build uncompressed archives. Regression fix. also mangle KERNEL_HEADERS not only KERNEL_SOURCE.
      insane.bbclass: Fix check for bad RPATHs. This is gonna break builds. Needs fixes in the shared library handling.
      insane.bbclass: Broaden check for RPATHs by removing work/ path component.
      merge of '0a4ab83c5e46677b239452867d3205ca5843586f'
      insane.bbclass: RPATH check was always true due to scanelf output including the file path.
      insane.bbclass: Commented out scanelf format debugging.
      insane.bbclass: Re-add -B to scanelf to make it correctly check single RPATH occurences. Apply no-hardcode.patch and configure.patch. Needed for sane RPATH's in depending libraries (fontconfig/pango/...)
      linux-x86-2.6.20/defconfig: Enabled Wireless extensions. Added 1.16.4 with DEFAULT_PREFERENCE=-1, needs testing. Quantize kerning value if metrics hinting is on. This greatly improves screen text rendering with certain fonts like DejaVu Sans. Needs no-test patch.
      merge of '7d6ea0e6dab43d210ce6c89ab32e84f6264a0e4e' Bring patch local, was no longer available online.
      merge of '548157e6cd17d49950d2b216414b1570f06705db'
      glibc: Remove armeb strlen workaround. We now have the GCC PR16350 patch, take 3 in GCC.
      db: Use rm -rf instead of rmdir (which broke re-installation).
      merge of '10fadef3ad37a1955f0a8811f336463bbfc68016'
      linux-efika: Add kernel with CFS scheduler.
      merge of '61b65ffb0a858399f89407df40b6469b203bda44'
      upstart: New package. Event driven system init alternative, 0.3.8.
      merge of 'a539bcb60c6f9bed8bce4062a843e6af65394769'
      upstart: Finer grained packaging. Fix license. New package, needs testing.
      merge of '2baf3a1fbd62929bb0545e9e479b7a34b21190a2'
      uclibc: Fix .config for (old) uclibc-0.9.28
      merge of 'a064aed240de1f35562230be92d3fcca8737b1f7'
      uclibc: Use only uClibc.{distro,machine} for 0.9.29. Do not need require these for <0.9.29. This fixes uclibc-initial-0.9.28 builds.
      merge of '5d1b115fdc0cd4dcc8356e8e2c5aaeca756b6e99'
      helloworld: package plus image for truly minimal user space, a statically linked hello world executable.
      merge of '1ca0ede88a8098bb5aecc096c437b17e3779239a'
      disapproval of revision '1d3cbf1f69da57387c0d0eb4329fc5054a9ccec0'
      angstrom-minimal-image: revert broken commit.
      merge of '161f25ff852644b094fb04a166a56a41156e3f66'
      merge of '386f054189c8baaee86e3bd28d60abe9c7bbd49f'
      merge of '0b283e6731fcecb8efe6007eaa4798a26df1938a'
      linux-efika: Add kernel from GIT tree. Supports deep sleep.
      merge of '3eeaba619f8cf3f53f5f2e5f2a4e8a0ede51ef98'
      merge of '978bc47ab709a72ea6a5bb83be03de70413bde5b'
      helloworld: New! A statically compiled hello world.
      helloworld-image: an truly minimal image with static helloworld
      linux-efika: Enabled power management; standby mode now works.
      merge of '9eb0bfbe34d1258e15bdfdccaf57c8a5d5929847'
      hdparm: Fix building against uclibc.
      merge of '13698b0155bfd84de4053760ea89c710016962d0'
      uclibc: 0.9.29/angstrom/uClibc.distro needs UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY=y for perl
      uclibc-0.9.29: Fix inproper shift in mmap (uClibc bugid 1303).
      uclibc-0.9.29: Revert untested patch, must test first.
      watchdog: Added 5.3.1.
      merge of '0cf0e308c229ff2591e8342f494ce06330cfca1b'
      watchdog: Cleaned up .bb. Corrected description.
      alsa-utils-1.0.13: Disable NLS for uclibc, workaround, needs more TLC.
      merge of '391ece358841d7638395dd14d50b93ca1f00b896'
      uclibc: Add uclibc-initial-0.9.29 so that toolchain bootstrap from recent kernel headers works.
      merge of '3dca5f3aea64920432c630403debee9d79085513'
      vsftpd: Fix dependencies. Fix uclibc support.
      libcap: Fix uclibc support.
      merge of '0c3c5a0c40d89a34ad1175d10b53ce5a9a3cf9c2'
      lighttpd: Added 1.4.15, for those clueless about cherokee.
      merge of '597edaa83bb7d8320a4ed098a2ba3430ce1878f0'
      libcap: Add missing syscall.patch. Thanks v8jlene for spotting.
      merge of '6f9abba2c67b22b08b6642422263d870e580295d'
      sqlite3: Added 3.3.17.
      ipkg-utils: Fix config into ./config in
      lighttpd: Respect --with(out)-pcre, do not depend on libpcre presence.
      merge of '5e3a99cc75e7a19b9e1a2202770d36f7bb244ed3'
      merge of 'dc99b239ab5958b609e6490dca970a481541c9e3'
      perl-5.8.8: Have make override any environment TOPDIR variable.
      linux-x86-2.6.20: Use ARCH override, not MACHINE override to bring in correct defconfig. Should be safe for current i?86-generic machines.
      merge of 'ae5744fa10248e83339259dfc0764f954c5b3456'
      makedevs: Add support for creating directories.
      merge of '9f877480867cc9cabebff8145a336b76f7a0f58d'
      x86-prescott: Added new machine.
      linux-x86: Build bzImage, some kernels grew too large for zImage.
      merge of '7222928a192dd87d681067dcc74025c3a2ecf986'
      helloworld-image: trimmed the .bb, had second copy of itself
      Fixed x86-prescott and added x86-32-nocona machines.
      merge of '45ca967807a5074a8c64f0c1a767ad0f29409890'
      eglibc_svn: get_glibc_fpu_setting must be .._eglibc_..
      merge of '155c9f469df51f8d2bb0f7240c5ce5642ae38c49'
      eglibc: touch configure files to prevent them from being regenerated.
      merge of '4a859de905afc30ec35cf91dcd1dd6c18307c1f8'
      merge of 'b90c6e333490c73f6f5aae24f3e0898b87bef4df'
      devmem2: Simple program to read/write from/to any location in memory.
      merge of '1e52f7b1fc531c1622587e798a3e97e77aa163c8'
      disapproval of revision '1e52f7b1fc531c1622587e798a3e97e77aa163c8'
      merge of '25a24c2d758b820a0edde364e9cc5c7910fa9e70'
      lighttpd: Moved from 1.4.16 to 1.4.18.
      merge of '70fd9fb1ac425fcc17af35114e0370d24851ef43'
      gnome-keyring: Change package version from 2.20 to 2.20.0. Fixes bb parsing.
      lighttpd: split plugin modules into separate packages.
      fastcgi: Disable parallel build, it's broken
      merge of 'aac60b186b977130a688c4d00bfde913fb6221eb'
      mpd: Added mpd-alsa from SVN. Builds, but needs configuration love.
      linux-efika-2.6.20.x: Include sound support as modules.
      mpd-alsa-svn: Added FLAC, Ogg and AAC.
      linux-efika: Moved from to .20.20-cfs. Needed div64_32() symbol weakening in lib.
      mpd: Added sane revision.
      gcc-4.1.2: Added support for powerpc e300c3 core. Bumped PV for your pleasure.
      binutils-2.16: Added support for powerpc e300c3 core. Bumped PV for your pleasure.
      mpc8313e-rdb: added machine for Freescale MPC8313E-RDB.
      machine/tune-ppce300c3: Added PowerPC core, used in MPC83xx.
      MAINTAINERS: Updated my info.
      efika: Trivial typo fix.
      mpc8313e-rdb: Fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS and SERIAL_CONSOLE.
      linux-2.6.23: Added mpc8313e-rdb with defconfig.
      mpc8313e-rdb: Added support to build u-boot.
      libzvbi: Moved from 0.2.24 to 0.2.25 release.
      binutils-2.18: Added powerpc e300c2c3 patch.
      binutils-2.16: Use . Add comment before powerpc patch URI.
      cairo: Add 1.4.10 with cairo-perf stat patch.
      mpc8313e-rdb: Add PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot
      uclibc: (Re)added mpc8313e-rdb/uClibc.machine
      libpixman: Added release 0.9.6, needed by cairo 0.5.2+.
      pixman: remove false dependency, remove common include.
      pixman: Fix previous cleanup. Removed too much.
      gtk+: Add stand-alone gdk-pixbuf library.
      squashfs-tools: Added release 3.3.
      squashfs-tools: Fix; move PV from .inc into .bb.
      pango: Added 1.18.3 with DEFAULT_PREFERENCE -1.
      gcc-4.1.2: Follow upstream fix for pr34130. -C*abs(D) became abs(-C*D), not good.
      gcc-4.1.2: Update PR for gcc(-cross). Mention to update PR of -cross when .bb main changes.
      gcc-4.1.[01]: Applied pr34130.patch, from 4.1.2.
      gcc-4.2.[12]: Applied pr34130.patch, from 4.1.2.
      gcc: Add pr34130.patch for missing versions.
      inotify-tools: Add version 3.12 from sourceforge.
      linux-2.6.23: Added LEDs patch (only) for mpc8313e-rdb. Needs testing.
      linux-2.6.23: Fixup of mpc8313e-rdb-leds.patch.
      gdk-pixbuf-2.10.14: New recipe for stand-alone libgdkpixbuf and loader plugins.
      gdk-pixbuf-2.10.14: Trimmed down, replace plugins by built-in.
      e2fsprogs-1.38: Use --disable-nls if USE_NLS=no. Fixes #3409.
      e2fsprogs-1.38: Always --disable-nls for linux-uclibc.
      linux-2.6.23: Add LED trigger for CPU activity. Added powerpc hook. Build module for MPC8313E-RDB machine.
      package_ipk.bbclass: Fix one remaining occurence of bb.utils.lockfile(), so that it works with bitbake 1.8.8.
      linux-2.6.23: Added patches for .12, CFS-v24.1 backport, and squashfs-lzma.
      merge of 'adce0d7b339a936c3f4417e986f731cddd2d5ff7'
      util-linux-ng: Added 2.13.1-rc2, recipe to be finished during candidate release cycle.
      util-linux-ng: Install binaries into same locations as util-linux does.
      linux-ixp4xx-2.6.23.x: Move from .8 to .12, nslu2-linux rev 927 to 957. postpatch() instead of prepatch() nslu2-linux kernel patches.
      linux-2.6.23: backport of upstream fix: kallsyms-missing-include.patch
      linux-2.6.23: Apply kallsyms-missing-include.patch.
      mpc83x3-rdb: Fix uImage kernel build. typo fix for UBOOT_ADRESS
      mpc8313e-rdb.conf: Add UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT and UBOOT_LOADADDRESS.
      linux-2.6.24: Added mpc8313e-rdb machine as supported.
      linux-rt: New .bb for the real-time kernel (experimental).
      linux-rt-2.6.24: Added squashfs-lzma. Reduced kernel configuration.
      linux-rt-2.6.24: Added squashfs-lzma. Reduced kernel configuration.
      cairo: Added 1.4.14 with pixman memory leak patch, with -1 preference.
      linux-(rt-)2.6.24: Fix clock resolution to nanosecond.
      lighttpd: annotate upstreamed patch.
      merge of '0bbc4414a3d984fe899446fe3d8f50b9238cc3dc'
      merge of '3f1372952a23092858708c96a555777c98913155'
      image.bbclass: Innocent typo fix.
      mpc83x3e-rdb machines: Use ?= for virtual/kernel so it can be user-configured.
      libzvbi: inherit from pkgconfig so that .pc is staged.
      linux-rt-2.6.24: Update to Add missing include patch. Add MPC8313E-RDB LED driver. Fix LED numbering order.
      linux-2.6.24: Fix MPC8313E-RDB LED numbering order.
      linux-rt-2.6.24: Added leds-cpu-activity.
      mtd-utils-1.0.0+git: Install headers for -dev.
      mtd-utils: Added 1.1.0 with -1 preference (Scheduled for default 15-03-2008).
      util-linux-ng: 2.13.1 final release, remove -rc2.
      ltp-20080229: Newly arrived, the leap day surprise.
      ltp: 2008-02-29 release. Patched to build. ballista test still fails detecting native perl. Not tested on any target yet.
      base.bbclass: Add .tbz2 besides .tbz and .tar.bz2
      rt-tests: New package, version 0.19.
      gdb-6.6: Added early_debug_in_nptl.patch as recommended in FAQ.
      linux-2.6.24: Unbreak, misses patches which are in SRC_URI, will commit those later.
      uclibc-0.9.29: Remove bash'ism in equal check of some config script.
      bitbake.conf: Introduce CO_DIR, defaults to DL_DIR, for a user-overridable checkout dir.
      merge of 'aa8972a1a5b088933a6f3918732ec23ff5b2edf6'
      merge of '13126e3c4c86326c68fc0b5dc3b7bcadd544ea20' Blindly inserted powerpc as the architecture that also DEPENDS on libc-initial. Please review.
      uclibc_0.9.29: Fix bash'ism according with upstream uclibc fix.
      e2fsprogs: Do not put --disable-nls twice into EXTRA_OECONF for uclibc.
      smartmontools: 5.38 release.
      site/sh-common: Added ac_cv_func_posix_getgrgid_r=yes
      base.bbclass: Enable 'overwrite' flag for unzip (to match tar behaviour). Broke rebuilds when disabled. New. Now uses MMX on x86. Who does ARM?
      Specify UBOOT_MACHINE for at32stk1000. Move to PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot 1.3.2.
      Fix recently added DEPENDS on ncurses-native. Fix HOSTCFLAGS to use _NATIVE.
      uclibc-initial: Add ncurses-native to DEPENDS.
      Fix for issues when system's texinfo version >= 4.10 Fix for issues when system's texinfo version >= 4.10 Reworked sed expression and tested to work. Reworked sed expression and tested to work. Added. Added New configuration; fb only, dedicated simple swf files only.
      u-boot-1.1.4: Added additional patches from Atmel AT32STK1000 BSP 2.0.0 CD, mostly LCD/splash support.
      binutils-avr32: do not specify specific autoconf version, use whatever we staged.
      gnash-minimal: DEPEND on agg.
      boost-1.33.1: bits/atomicity.h is now ext/atomicity.h. Closes #4204. library paths have changed in 0.8.2, fix up packaging. Enabled fps measurement. Fix packaging of libltdl.
      gnash-minimal: Added, and
      avr32-common: Add ac_cv_type_error_t=yes for gnash-0.8.2 built with uclibc 0.9.29.
      autotools.bbclass: from OM. Needed as commit 85a5e185b6a21e42e4243ad17befe40373025e0e alone will break uclibc/gettext builds.
      gnash-minimal: Fix building for uclibc by working around faulty argz.h test for uclibc, using _GNU_SOURCE.
      rt-tests: Bump to release 0.21.
      mtd-utils-1.1.0: Removed DEFAULT_PREFERENCE=-1 later than scheduled.
      merge of '635b19191517f99ee151ae6157a22f5d56406238'
      agg: Added without X11 and SDL dependency.
      merge of '5135d5b0b85d509b8af80d221f18563d4ce62475'
      mpc8315e-rdb.conf: New machine, derived from mpc8313e-rdb.
      agg-minimal: Disable libagggpc, it's disabled in agg as well, and has different license.
      linux-rt-2.6.24: Up-date to latest .7-rt10 PREEMPT RT patch.
      linux-rt: Update with latest linux-rt developments. Add device tree location for MPC8515E-RDB. Updated to -rt4.
      linux-rt-2.6.25: Bump to -rt6 and add efika. Note that -rt is unstable.
      rt-tests: Fix detection of executables in do_install().
      linux-rt-2.6.25: Enable hrtimers, dyntick and -rt latency tracing for EFIKA.
      conf/machine/cs-e9302.conf: New machine. Added defconfig for linux-2.6.24 but needs further tweaking.
      fastcgi: Link with -lm. uclibc requires this. Fixes #4421.
      merge of '2b98fc6fe63ab6d8f550bd5e53546e27d970f533'
      gnash-minimal: Include $\(INTLLIBS\) in LDADD for gui/fb.
      gnash-minimal: Add libltdl DEPENDS.
      gnash-minimal: Incomplete fix for RDEPENDS on libltdl (still not being picked up).
      linux-2.6.25: Add virtual mouse driver, but for AVR32 only.
      ffmpeg: Revert DEPENDS on coreutils-native. Instead, remove -s (strip) argument to install.
      ffmpeg: Brought in ifaistos' missing patch for fixed linker arguments for libavformat. Needed for ppc/glibc.
      libtool-sdk: Create include dir.
      mpc8313e-rdb: Merge Freescale's patches for u-boot 1.2.0 and linux
      mpc8315e-rdb: Provide initial defconfig for Linux with PCIe enabled.

lrg at (11):
      added alsa support to generic device table
      mainstone_kernel_2.6.18| virtual/kernel : added mainstone kernel 2.6.18 to support Angstrom and EABI
      mainstone_linux 2.6.18: fixed PR syntax error in bb file.
      tune-arm1136jf-s| machine conf: added arm11jf-s CPU support
      mainstone_linux 2.6.18: fixed another syntax error (only noticed at build time).
      mx31ads| machine conf file: added mx31ads machine support
      mx31ads: Added VFP hard float support
      MX31ADS kernel ported from 2.6.16 (Frescale release) to 2.6.19rc5
      MX31ADS kernel configuration
      mx31ads: Fixed kernel oops and upgraded to 2.6.19rc6
      mx21ads: Initial support for the Freescale IMX21ADS

Lukas Gorris (1):
      i2c-tools: add with version 3.0.1.  Closes 4260.

lukas.gorris at (2): : new version from dcordes
      htcpolaris : add machine definition and expand kiaser kernel to work for this

mad_soft at (4):
      gpsdrive-pda 2.10pre2: Add a PDA, QVGA optimized fork of GPSDrive.
      fltk-chess: new recipe.  Partly closes 429.
      oneko: initial release.  closes 4271
      xserver-common: rework default keymap

mail at (1):
      Jaaa: add 0.4.2 + deps. Jaaa (JACK and ALSA Audio Analyser, is an audio signal generator and spectrum analyser designed to make accurate measurements.

mailto:antti.andreimann at (3):
      xkbcomp: reinstate recipe, closes #3212
      xlsfonts: reinstate it, closes #3186
      xkbutils: reinstate it, close #3185

Manuel Teira <manuel.teira at (2):
      starling: add SVN version - close #2063
      gpe-conf: make it build with wireless includes changes - close #2095

manuel.teira at (8):
      xserver-kdrive-imageon: add (another) w100 based xserver, closes #1752
      kdrive: update imageon patch, closes #1983
      xserver-kdrive: update imageon patch, closes #2052
      liboil: upgrade to .11 to avoid sigill on arm, closes #2067
      gst-ffmpeg: merge recipe from poky, closes #2085
      gst-plugins-bad: fix faad2 checks, closes #2057
      gst-plugins-ugly: fix cross compilatin configure issue, closes #2068
      snes9x: fix linkage and gcc4 problems, closes #2154

Marcin (1): add missing file

Marcin Juszkiewicz <openembedded at (1):
      feed-browser: add search functionality

Marcin Juzkiewicz <hrw at (1):
      task-angstrom: split it up a bit

Marek Vasut <marek.vasut at (1):
      picocom: fix building - close #1972

Marek Vašut <marek.vasut at (1):
      hexatrolic, labirynth, zsubhunt: create directory for .desktop file - close #1962, #1963, #1965

marek.vasut at (12):
      opie-dagger cvs: Add patch to build against sword 1.5.9.
      libsdl-qpe 1.2.9: Add version of libsdl for OPIE, matches versions of other libsdl
      libwpd: Add missing DEPENDS on libgsf.
      btscanner 2.0: Add missing DEPENDS on libxml2.
      groff 1.19.2: Fix staging.
      btscanner 2.0: Make buildable with gcc4.
      linux-hackndev-2.6: Updated defconfig for palmld.
      qte 2.3.10: Support uclibc+eabi configuration.
      qemu-native: amd64-enabled 0.9.0 cvs snapshot from bug #2589.
      linux-hackndev-2.6 svn: Update repo URL.
      libopie2: use proper var for CVS version
      libqpe: use proper var for CVS version

MarekVasut (1):
      keyring: fix compilation.  Closes 2418.

MartinDietze at (70):
      configuration: merged in changes to nylon/mtx from 4G repository
      linux kernels: updated kernels plus patches for nylon/mtx
      libccaudio2: added new port.
      libpcre: added new port.
      pcre: removed accidentally added package
      nylon: updated images and nylon specific packages from 4G trunk
      initscripts: adaptions necessary for use with nylon on 4G access cube.
      various packages: added mtx-2 configuration
      chillispot: patch to fix compilation errors
      hostap-daemon and madwifi: fix compatibility problems on mtx platforms
      gcc: fix compilation problems
      libintl-perl: new package
      shorewall: added a version of the package for (more) monolithic kernels
      merge of '6b1d2d29b75614981eb6f61a01a5e5ccf2a065f1'
      olsrd: made cvs version non-default choice
      pmacct: duplicated mtx-1 specific configuration for mtx-2
      openssl: duplicated mtx-1 specific configuration for mtx-2
      simple-firewall: fix CVSDATE/SVNDATE confusion.
      libpcre: fixes resulting from renaming pcre->libpcre
      xorg-lib: added nylon-specific solutions to bugs #1411, #1412 (can well be made common by maintainers)
      kismet: added kismet configuration for mtx-1, mtx-2 for version 2005-01-R1
      nylon: added nylon-helpers.bbclass (helper functions for working on the svn trunk), updated preferred providers in nylon.conf.
      busybox: added nylon setup for versions 1.2.0 and 1.2.1
      ppp-dsl: added ppp-dsl version for monolithic kernels.
      mtn: added configuration for cvs20041113 version of mtd-utils which works for nylon/mtx-[12].
      nylon-feed: changed some defaults, added packages
      madwifi-modules: added fix allowing two successive do_stage to succeed.
      ppp: added a nylon-specific patch for a cli program allowing to read the ppp database /var/run/pppd.tdb.
      xorg-lib: resolving bugs #1411, #1412
      sysvinit: use "ln -sf" for creating start links to avoid errors when re-building package.
      elvis: a vi clone with lots of vim-like features
      cxcrypt: primitive binary-xor-based encryption tool.
      busybox: use a larger buffer in xargs for nylon, patch to compile busybox 1.00 for mtx-[12]
      elvis: some finetuning
      busybox: removed BZIP2 feature from nylon config, it was redundant since bzip2 is installed anyway
      busybox: nylon no longer uses busybox-vi but elvis-tiny instead.
      wpa-supplicant, hostap: fixed wrong syntax for mtx-[12] conditional entries in recipes.
      nylon images and feed: use elvis-tiny as standard editor instead of busybox-vi.
      nylon-scripts: upped SRCDATE as a more recent version is now used by nylon.
      elvis: added missing DEPENDS on ncurses.
      merge of '6159b24371b1d635546251f92f5c705343f88b30'
      boost-asio: recipes for the asio library
      RCF: a RMI framework library for C++
      nylon update:
      rootfs_ipk.bbclass and shell script syntax fixes
      util-linux: added configuration for mtx-[12]
      libintl-perl: added do_compile() function needed for crosscompilation
      pciutils: remove "-s" switch from install command in Makefile, it is redundant and causes trouble when crosscompiling
      merge of '52a6d55e272aa56689f2387c7c4321d72814b233'
      conf/distro/nylon.conf, conf/machine/mtx-3a.conf, classes/nylon-image.bbclass:
      bsdiff: new package (binary diff / patch)
      ifplugd: added nylon-specific fix for compilation problems with linux-kernel-headers
      madwifi: added package for madwifi-modules 0.9.3
      libloki: new package (C++ class library for design patterns)
      linux-mtx-2: fixed acm driver to produce more stable behaviour with HSDPA datacards
      busybox: updated nylon defconfig files (no more vi- and bzip2-support)
      elvis: set download url to a resource which actually exists
      hostap: fixed typo in init script
      nylon images: added support for experimental mtx-3a machine
      librcf: added a working download url
      linux-libc-headers: added nylon-specific append to do_stage making sure that some headers are found where expected
      simple-firewall: upped srcdate
      nylon-feed: removed two packages which currently do not compile
      quilt: added DEPEND on autoconf-native (>= 2.61)
      merge of '2620a9b57f6ef565cef134f6a34c2a51381ac2e3'
      base.bbclass: fixed bug #2082 (Checksum doesn't expand "localpath" with "localdata") as proposed by bug reporter
      mtx-3a.conf, removed remaints from old OE code (PACKAGE_INSTALL instead of IPKG_INSTALL)
      quilt: undid previously added DEPENDS line, it is not necessary
      mtx-3a.conf, fixes to not conflict with the recent bitbake versions.
      merge of '30f615c65861e2aeac9bcd31565276b2d5929532'

mas at (1):
      linux-rp: add omitted pxa2xx_udc-clock.patch from previous commit

mattaw (1):
      linux-rp: apply slightly altered 0721b4b1bee8f2328cc4e0ab17efc5265d816dd7 from .stable and close 4180

McGregor <mcgregor at (2):
      u-boot 1.1.6: added Sarge-AT91 support
      u-boot 1.1.6: fix Sarge patchset

mgoebl at (9):
      packages/lirc: Update lirc to 0.8.0
      libao-alsa_0.8.6: Add libao plugin-package with alsa support
      musicpd/ Add mpd-package with alsa support, Fix init script, change maintainer Rename from libao-alsa_0.8.6 and fix do_stage
      musicpd: Add init script
      vpnc: Update to version 0.3.3 with patches, add to slugos
      lirc/ nslu2: Do not show cpu activity on IR led
      lirc/ Install lircexec.init for every platform, SRC_URI was wrong

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer (1):
      wmiconfig: new recipe; configuration utility for atheros wifi chipsets

mickeyl (10):
      openmoko-mediaplayer2: ship images, remove patches that have been applied upstream
      add openmoko-firststart2
      linux-gta01: make it compatible w/ gta02, adjust DEPENDS
      linux-gta01: use linux-gta02 as kernel
      linux-gta01: use gta01 defconfig for gta02
      rename linux-gta01 to linux-openmoko, this kernel will be useful on a family of devices,
      vte 0.11.15: update to 0.16.8
      imlib2: explicitly state that we're building a version with X11 support
      uboot-openmoko: create known-good version as seperate bb, make git/svn really uptodate again
      openmoko-terminal2: build new terminal found in OM svn

mickeyl at (2606):
      opie-ttf-support: fix postinstall script
      Qt/Embedded 2.3.10:
      merge of 0484063486563010f0662099c9c6084d75e9a806
      opie-ttf-support: make it work even when /opt/QtPalmtop/fonts is not existing
      opie-taskbar: /etc/init.d/opie: copy $OPIEDIR/etc/skel/*.conf into $HOME/Settings/ on first start
      qte-2.3.10: add improved version of w100 accelleration patch courtesy Manuel Teira
      merge of 40ab23b1b8e8e478cc075a3795e981566f038498
      Python: fix python-datetime dependencies
      Opie: set default font size to 16pt on hires devices
      bump CVSDATE for openzaurus-3.5.4
      merge of 62e43adfa95f28be56e88ed4588c52ea8b613b76
      merge of 5d0bf12db458113fa06f91798e1362090e49ba8f
      merge of 309baf9561eba78495d1b59322a8ebca28e571bc
      merge of 141e00dd91cb49e23b2a89cccc771cfad2f10a66
      merge of a9cdfa26e73a0f7a055960fc96915e9e462c40f1
      Add missing things to zaurus-machine configurations
      merge of 1e28595fffe28b835e1b38f536e5b2cc693f5564
      Zaurus/2.4 Conf: readd apmd and remove some things for the new spitz bootstrap
      merge of 2b0c75329e8e9e0257dd626d3af2ed2042ff24a4
      Update defconfig-tosa for linux-openzaurus-2.6.12-mm1 - courtesy Dirk Opfer.
      remove old openzaurus distribution conf files
      merge of 2109e112bb3a836e7b627253f84a9efa2a19f779
      bluez-utils: Sleep a couple of seconds in /etc/pcmcia/bluetooth to give the
      Qt-Embedded 2.3.10 patches courtesy Manuel Teira:
      kernel.bbclass: Add autoload entries for the bluetooth modules 'hidp' and 'rfcomm'.
      merge of 0e0901aeb2df666b7ef411c84571c64d8648f2f7
      Add dropbear 0.46. Patch courtesy Erik Hovland.
      Busybox: enable the -l option for umount
      Initscripts: add udev guard to all devices scripts
      Hotplug mmc-agent: Increase delay to give udev based systems more time to create the device node
      Upgrade python-pylinda to 0.5
      Upgrade BlueZ to 2.18
      Bluez-libs: adjust for removed headers
      linux-hotplug: make it use the first 'install' binary in the PATH. FIXES #129
      libpcap: remove version 0.8.1 and fix do_stage for 0.8.3
      bluez-utils: update dbus patch courtesy Patrick Steiner
      zroadmap: supply -rpath-link manually. FIXES #140
      merge of 2022049443b7792bb0aa83a3718b39fa33c7a995
      Python-2.4.1: DEPENDS on readline to get lib-dynload/ get built
      merge of 0aa8013267614c94b0122ab5b95c006413d93be2
      Add bluez-hcidump. Patch courtesy Simon Vogl - thanks.
      merge of 608719661f2b529992817aca005186cc9ffd5807
      zlib: add debian patch fixing the Vulnerability mentioned in
      libopie2: build and package libopiebluez2
      merge of 18847e62fc2cebf8bf5fbc961455a822595bd286
      gnome-balsa: fix SRC_URI, sources have vanished from upstream
      merge of 630804513aa5dc09552fa2067802f3f4dcbd6fe1
      openzaurus-3.5.4: use floating CVSDATE until we approach a release
      zaurus machine configurations: add orinoco-cs to poodle, specify 0.13e for Zaurus 2.4 kernels since later versions don't work there
      zaurus-configs: fix stupid typos introduced in last commit
      opie-collections: repair gathering OPIE_MORE_RDEPENDS depending on ROOT_FLASH_SIZE
      Add console, ncurses, gtk+, and glurp musicpd players courtesy Justin Patrin.
      gmpc: add dependency to gnome-vfs. thanks reenoo
      move mpd into musicpd directory
      merge of 626d9cf0d974243e86609b2dc64c3da55ebf97c9
      monotone: extract common stuff into
      merge of 4945900d6b970a0180dcbf40306e9caa5fd900ff
      monthly mtd upgrade
      gphoto: syntax fix
      upgrade python-imdbpy to 2.0
      add libpcap 0.9.3
      add tcpdump 3.9.3
      merge of 25e31bea2d2b004a18c1cd7472201bf31309d94c
      merge of 9c0265ee62d37de050c68ecb28894baf95259be9
      merge of 905c8d454a8f78a32652b51edb7d9fc32edc640b
      python: install libpython-2.4.{a|so} into staging area
      tosa.conf: add missing dependency to wlan-ng-utils
      zaurus-updater: recognize zimage.bin for tosa
      merge of 002a1f51b953da649d96ae8ecdac59ea1ae42bd5
      merge of 852a5931df198c319ddd37aafce0001ae839df46
      merge of 86dd0e90cceb760828bde3bc88ed858f8fb41c67
      add GNU parted 1.6.23 - patch courtesy Pigi
      put some sense into lzma-native
      merge of 4083811b8032d3a372f6aed8c3f16991920880f6
      udev: repair stupidity introduced by last patch
      merge of 60b47beac72c6f1f23514b42a309716b470d471b
      c7x0: set kernel 2.6 as default kernel
      squashfs(-native) depends on lzma(-native), fixes BUG #154
      merge of 45523d76f8ab21f3cf758dddb065ea69352fdda6
      add lineak (Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards) courtesy Justin Patrick. BUG #152
      linux-wrt: fix SRC_URI
      merge of 9670e736a83e6a2cd24cf9ee212df96f51b9f7c2
      add sdcc - small systems compiler collection
      add usrp - Support software for the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP)
      merge of 6d3ab1c248e51c9e183169b8ec8cd0fee592080c
      nitscripts: solve the keymap situation in a more generic way to reduce maintenance load
      fix include statement after reordering
      recreate initscripts patch that has been lost during our db chaos
      initscripts: do the keymap stuff a bit less generic to make it play
      Opie-Taskbar: remove hard coded QWS_DISPLAY setting from initscript
      initscripts: add sane keymap for tosa running 2.4
      tosa: ship console-utils in the default image
      libusb: disable parallel make to fix compiling
      merge of 470f2685dfe5cb3786786067c1edf1282dd1c536
      tosa keymap: populate some more keys to make USB keyboards behave
      meta-sdk: add opie libraries
      tosa keymap: add num lock and caps lock
      tosa keymap: map holding the left dotted button to AltGr and
      merge of 295b25bdccb71c5cb89674e861313d3fc4dd8aa8
      openzaurus-pxa27x: autoload usb host module
      spitz.conf: ship all of e2fsprogs in default image
      zaurus-clamshell-2.4.conf: ship usb host modules in default image
      merge of 6e10609c36e07bf2bc3dc1f6840ff0cbb1fab3b5
      prism3-firmware: s/noarch/all/
      merge of 20bf7ae234ac7b3e8c7ff19fb5ee9a420b57c62e
      libtool: fix parsing error. functions need to have at least one line
      merge of f32d65a137da0098ee47bdab991b7ac17c15f0a4
      libtool: functions need to have at least one line
      zaurus-clamshell*.conf: don't override BOOTSTRAP_EXTRA_?DEPENDS, since
      opie-taskbar: qpe.conf: use Windows (*cough*) style on hires models
      merge of 286a5cadf7726262c13fd2d631d3f2bf15fddf5f
      openzaurus-pxa27x: fix EQUIPMENT setting for spitz and akita (was swapped)
      zaurus machine confs: add console-tools and zaurus-updater
      merge of 7f1a36bb348422ee0ee7643b6c8090a43f6900f4
      openzaurus-pxa27x: fix CMDLINE constructing, fix module_autoload for pxa27x ohci module
      spitz fstab: reorder for more clarity
      update attributes
      merge of 30cb3036d3a6a06d185c6a941ab380be44868897
      hostap-utils: fix firmware path for prism3 fw 1.8.4
      add curl 7.14.0 and remove 7.12.2
      upgrade python-pycurl to 7.14.0
      merge of 211d3eafdbedbb4a02100687b6b195ac48fe2a02
      merge of 65ba11a9774e6d79d6e8cf86b9aa4280fb5092e4
      remove nonworking e2fsprogs 1.36, add e2fsprogs 1.38
      merge of 78fbed1dae12cc05db2a4773ecaa9e752733f733
      merge of 4903b1d50173ddff067e80fe315602281ea135df
      add LyX, a sophisticated document processor based on the LaTeX markup language
      add unionfs modules and userland utilities 1.0.13
      disable XIM for qt3 to make it link against diet-x11
      qt-x11: non-functional improvements
      merge of 381601652b317baceda945983007efd557415021
      nonworking: remove a couple of obsolete files. please don't put files loosely here, put them into directories
      unionfs: add make.patch for 1.0.13 and remove a couple of obsolete versions
      merge of 2c9a9f52d7a84d26b72104dfc968f2430ae26091
      add pine, a Program for Internet News & Email.
      merge of 73d71ebcee8007b3d2a69a80d4387a817b24d046
      use mirror for python-inotify and python-pymp3
      pine: use versioned upstream tarball
      merge of 5c8caead42a2c879d5b9eb133d13144c60bf2346
      flex: add patch for flex bug 720976
      add teTeX - a complete TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems
      merge of 5ae8db073bc2bb13b71406d13b300a0da7091653
      tetex-native: fix typo
      xfce changes:
      add crimsonfields, a popular tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
      xfce.bbclass: remove per-package things - this is not what a bbclass is for
      slight fixes to libsdl-native and crimsonfields
      qt-x11-free-3.3.3: build assistant, designer, qtconfig, and qvfb
      upgrade ghostscript to 8.16
      merge of 2ce5d57fff8a719282f53555ba91fb8e0c04e486
      espgs: upgrade to 7.07.1 final and remove the need for espgs-native
      merge of 62f17dde6e02af42bf4eab7e425978b66cea3823
      add (dummy) gconf-native, make libgnome depend on gconf-native
      merge of 3312c8f3a63ff90c42c1a421b659e0cd17696424
      package opie-reader plugins seperatly. patch courtesy Patrick Ohly
      add xev (X event viewer) - patch courtesy Justin Patrin
      merge of 031940b53227ed6076cc3d5e00220f0f9f1013c6
      add fbvncserver patch from Henry von Tresckow - fixes bug #202
      pine depends on openssl
      merge of 5c853caed3eb7f82f8393ee8dd12837a0ffab8b9
      add build class for the 'scons' build system (
      add libsigc++-1.2.7 (1.2)
      merge of a85c8bb53604e3bd7a5ae3d8b5eb3f084798e061
      merge of 0e3cf43c8f55aec7cdc3b6f4ff71869298320085
      openzaurus.conf: enable extended kernel module naming (PARALLEL_MODULES_INSTALL)
      merge of 505f6e001e3fc7e1bda5010a429e1d963b181ba7
      update gpe-irc to 0.08, makefile patch no longer necessary
      patch gpe-appmgr to compile against the latest cairo
      merge of b19adf0c94378bc7f986e8f497a7aed16f2453b8
      gpe-appmgr: add cairo patch
      merge of 69894987a74901f755f23dcc5ff02467692a1d81
      update qolyester (OSLR routing daemon w/ QoS enhancements) to 20050728 and bring it back from nonworking
      merge of bd296c637a24b7be6993653a2922069c43373e63
      slutils: package slbl seperatly
      merge of 95ff9f961bf59ce2a886e3909caec19578cdb748
      tetex: add tetex-texmf, package tetex more fine granular
      merge of 299d7ad50c11e98b4229b447db0f230399d5b808
      - add curl-native
      binconfig.bbclass: install foo-config as foo-config-native for native packages,
      MASSIVE EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) Update:
      merge of e9dd020fc3fd113d6a079b11a238249de03ff731
      EFL Update, Part II:
      add udev-065
      - evas-x11 depends on xext
      ecore depends on curl, ecore-x11 depends on evas-x11
      fix wrong #define in diet-x11 Xlib.h:
      e/libs: add some more dependencies and some implicit --with-config
      merge of 27cb5f6de264ac36e00303d9625c6edc31c2c6c0
      e-libs: yank do_install() in all -native packages or else our precously crafted foo-config will get
      merge of 8682c577fb2d85f5eba728c853258b0de8554651
      opie-buttonsettings: set MACHINE_ARCH in a more general way
      binconfig.bbclass: reinstantiate patch that solved appending -native slightly more elegant
      merge of 27ce3dcb3ae4cdeafc78be0419448c83a31e6c86
      autotools.bbclass: add INHIBIT_AUTO_STAGE_INCLUDES
      Third (and hopefully last) EFL revamp before I hand over maintainership to
      cumulus_cvs: fix SRC_URI
      mpfr: adjust SRC_URI
      E: misc cleanups and fixes all over to ensure a clean reproducability
      debian.bbclass: replace package name only once to fix it for corner cases
      more EFL fixes + add the enlightenment library from the E window manager as dedicated library
      add the enlightenment window manager + utilities
      merge of 802b5c32960cd36a01f851dc081ca5c7b123dec5
      E: commit missing files
      merge of 9382a38f6527ac52dbb3b04c1ccd0854c14c1e5c
      xstroke needs xpm
      refresh elpp patch for 2.6.13-rc5-mm1
      fix entice dependencies
      merge of 5b9f262d058d326dc272b37c6613728556effa9c
      first sketch at an e-image
      merge of 41ccdaa6ccec1fc3dd5467a321a4920945f4a673
      merge of 0ff64394ec8e55a962dae7598429db658db92ce8
      repair openzaurus-pxa27x after someone destroy vital parts of it :/
      cumulus: ship icons
      add a font to the image to make xtscal work (the e stuff has its own fonts)
      add mrxvt, a multi-tabbed rxvt
      merge of 573b5d78b5e0b180193dc60cf7ef9d57cb7fd657
      add taglib, a library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular audio formats
      libpng also uses the binconfig scheme
      add eclair, the E17 multi media player based on the emotion engine (based on libxine)
      E17 files
      xine and dependencies:
      emotion depends on virtual/libxine, not libxine
      eclair is no longer BROKEN
      taglib: fix SOname and link against stdlibc++
      merge of 38a9824230c1f33aa1b69405d1a6074d1df99753
      add some more dependencies to ecore-x11 and evas-x11
      merge of e0ad7669467beb214dbbaa5169e94b07b29044c8
      engage: fix dependencies and add no-local-includes patch
      rrecommend all xine plugins in opie-mediaplayer2, remove opie-mediaplayer2-divx package
      ship more apps in e-image
      merge of 24e85069eaef121ddb29e2dc3539a98c5ab3b6aa
      remove nonworking versions of emotion and esmart
      merge of bc8ebabb26be6b1995dede187f84d76cb364c344
      - remove obsolete
      upgrade mtd-utils to a newer snapshot; remove some obsolete patches
      merge of 25f8c526f6726d19c4ef8cfc766c7666c58c3c4c
      openzaurus-pxa27x kernel: fix CMDLINE (hopefully the last time)
      upgrade zgscore to 1.0.2
      merge of 29709b7d5d5e2ec13e3b1968de4a6da6f657adbc
      add freetype-2.1.10
      add efl++, a C++ wrapper for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
      merge of 69f5e6634ad41e14c392c5aca06f4c4516ab4f21
      efl++: create .inc file, split into a .bb for -x11 and a .bb for -fb
      evince rdepends on gconf
      make osso-gnome-vfs2 not PROVIDE gnome-vfs2. If it really PROVIDES it you should add a virtual/gnome-vfs2 providee
      merge of 47c741e249fa9fd872ab3d835c3c5b28a6897aae
      efl++: catch up with upstream changes
      remove obsolete alsa-driver .bb
      add OBEX Push command line helpers
      obexpush: add patch for obextool
      obexpush: ship daemon in sbindir
      merge of 1a161e3d9f46581507d1542d1112d40c07481893
      add support for the Sharp SL-C3100 (Borzoi)
      merge of b2dc5386b1cf85eeaa91e944d9c2b5c11752b4f4
      obexftp depends on libgsm
      merge of 6aabdcba32fb2d929d84f69140cc7b14d9af03c3
      hostap-modules-0.3.9: add forgotten event_patch
      merge of 1ab8e3772bfbaecdabe093d92f28f8c2148e4f61
      add better borzoi
      merge of 024765e1dedb38db9ab1fa38f91d192e8c340dfb
      add last bits of borzoi support configuration
      add obexpush-native
      merge of 2fcf6fe8d1d98bbe857dbbd186838951682572e9
      add borzoi variant of sharp-sdmmc driver
      obexpush: fix opd init script permission
      initscripts: install keymap also on borzoi
      add opie-autorotateapplet also on borzoi
      merge of 442f062be604dc778760de19d17e0429b815330f
      merge of a4c0e74f4178cfd572d5dfe0f9b2b8d920172816
      libopie2: disable the sqlite backend for libopiepim2
      add glue package for a sharprom toolchain in usage w/ DISTRO=sharprom-compatible
      efl.bbclass: move and libfoo.a into ${PN}-dev
      merge of 3a8d976edec8e170e572b6281c1d290e82e766ee
      qte-2.3.x: update c7x0-w100 accelleration patch courtesy Manuel Teira
      apmd: install the apm wrapper script only on Zaurus models using 2.4-embedix
      efl: add feature-reduced set of esmart that builds without X and split esmart into -fb and -x11 variants
      e17: catch up with esmart changes
      opie-taskbar: add borzoi setting for background and welcome pixmaps
      build ppp as modules - it looks like this has been accidantly reverted for the c7x0 defconfig
      base-files: /dev/hda is a harddisk on borzoi, /dev/hdb is the CF
      qte-2.3.10: update c7x0-w100 accelleration patch. This version fixes painting QBitmaps. Patch courtesy Manuel Teira.
      efl++: upgrade to 0.0.3
      pcmcia: ship dedicated ide.opts for borzoi
      merge of 8032192230077b09d16100e880211ea479093f78
      zaurus-clamshell-2.6.conf: revert accidant commit that outcommented several modules
      qmake: build 1.07a from QtE 3.3.4, build 2.00a from Qt/X11 4.0.1
      python: fix bluez typo in task packages - closes #278
      esmart: fix typo in package name
      bluez: update and put related .bb files into one directory
      qt/x11: add qt-x11-free-4.0.1 and make it work
      qt4/x11: add patches necessary for clean cross compilation
      qte-2.3.10: integrate tslib RMK calibration algorithm to calibrated mouse handler. patch courtesy Richard Purdie.
      dbh, ocamlc, qmake, uicmoc: don't use | or / to seperate multiply licensed files, use a space
      add tinyscheme, a lightweight scheme interpreter
      classes/base: show BitBake version and Monotone Revision (if working on a valid MT repository) in OE Build Configuration
      wlan-ng: add modules and userland utilities 0.2.2 (final)
      merge of 8ff944953434311b09f162dfad1932c2c1222d7e
      wlan-ng: lower default preference for 0.2.2 since this has unresolved symbols
      add libqanava, a graph library based on the Qt3 Canvas
      merge of 4a6e34a69c58c1380bde32bf2842f910ac57223a
      wlan-ng-modules 0.2.2: make it work on stoneage kernels
      tosa-2.4.conf: stoneage kernels need orinoco 0.13e
      merge of 301eec9b699901af861fb29a8cebbe1e1b608b1f
      angstrom: add preliminary build files for bootmanager and bootmanager-images
      merge of 5163269103c7a889fa4bcc1beee6b8f4d5a63ef5
      efl: add cvs versions for ecore-fb and evas-fb
      merge of 58b70d443320302d28d40f3bbd27c219a60956cb
      efl: *) September is the 9th month... *) ship emotion plugins
      merge of 50b29d3f0371ac55da68a61f56708b4328771ff8
      efl++: bump to v0.0.5
      merge of 67d2c7e1bf087c7c007705c24cae5ff93bd007be
      swig: fix typo causing swig not to install its support files. Closes #321, thanks mreimer.
      remove older version of sharp pxa27x kernel, the new version works with all models
      add python-sword, python bindings for the sword document reader library
      merge of 427dc4e4b02069584f06135f74bd23cb80490c8b
      efl: add tslib support to ecore-fb (cvs)
      merge of 53eb13501a2259cc700bd74c6a4d5b7022eb3d69
      qt: PROVIDE qt{3|4}-x11 as Qt is not upwards/downwards compatible across major releases
      qtx11 classes: DEPEND += qt{3|4}-x11
      lyx, libqanava: catch up with new qt major release depends
      merge of 0e2a091a9cb5f25d70d0e869994470d0f2741e4c
      mythtv: remove explicit qt-x11-free dependency and some obsolete versions
      wlan-ng: resolve several issues in our wlan-ng 0.2.2 build
      merge of 609271c40b312ab6442f49fa8fcf91b9de016933
      qt: revert classes and applications back to explicit DEPENDS to prevent circular dependencies
      merge of 720a8c74ee3b12838375231f9349f202ff0346ba
      wlan-ng: move two patches that are used by more than one .bb to the files directory
      merge of ef08017d3c998883e45efdd77c3eb501cab7bc4b
      add libcwd, a sophisticated C++ debugging library
      libcwd: LICENSE is QPL
      merge of 5b224b4c91dec0b22ff45bec26fb18a01889e139
      ubahnnav: upgrade to 0.4.1 and remove obsolete versions
      opie-image needs to DEPEND on task-bootstrap
      merge of d4dacf3f494f19480484b5e0d7806960a0ba7909
      pcmciautils: upgrade to 010
      add librtaudio + tests
      add tcl (tool command language) and the tk (toolkit) extension
      add python-pyflakes, a source code checker similar to pychecker
      add python-pyvisa, a package that enables you to control all kinds of measurement equipment through various buses (GPIB,
      tcl/tk: install header files into $STAGING_DIR
      merge of 0999703813e827e2010766c4f16c850b72e85f01
      merge of 67751448562cee294c455a1ca90add74cc339b78
      python: add patch to fix Tcl/Tk detection. python-core now correctly emits
      tcl/tk: add SONAME patches, ship .so in $PN, not $PN-dev
      distro configurations: revert unversioned distro configurations back to standard names and add a warning if they're chosen
      distro configurations: catch up versioned distro configurations with last change
      resistorui: fix DESCRIPTION and drop MAINTAINERship
      tk: DEPEND on libx11, not x11
      merge of 05dd4ce9d2ee0995688e45e60a21534114fbc45f
      disapproval of revision 05dd4ce9d2ee0995688e45e60a21534114fbc45f
      merge of 3aa50a835b9cb17bb8bfd3632f5b0ed705e72497
      upgrade python to 2.4.2
      merge of 2ee92374446758a6e4eb30e6b81483816ae44575
      class autotools: add function 'autotools_stage_all' that automatically stages
      ncurse, readline: use autotools_stage_all
      merge of 0f9bc56e68821bb651a30e8104863bd4c869dc05
      merge of 68c930a87450b83ee412109725aa2845c4653e11
      busybox: set 1.0.1 as default
      class qt3x11, qt4x11: remove DEPENDS
      python: upgrade to 2.4.2
      add ruby 1.8.2; NOTE: ruby-native doesn't need to be adjusted
      add a basic bbclass for building ruby extensions
      merge of afb8a8c72b9f95f42b8ac9092aca5417404b46b7
      python 2.4.2: add quopri to python-mimetools
      libopieobex: DEPEND on openobex-apps, not just RDEPEND on it
      merge of 190f2a680fcbd7ef0c24337df43378bded12f048
      add machine configuration and linux kernel for the HTC Blueangel
      jlime.conf: rename to jlime-shrek, add preferred versions to make an opie-image buildable
      jlime-shrek.conf: set TARGET_OS = linux
      add python-pygame 1.7.1, closes bug #387
      python-pygame 1.7.1: remove qpe patch as it is no longer necessary due to changes in our SDL build.
      merge of 4719404458019fa92365a0f97202f5d145c24ff6
      zope: add missing rdependency on python-shell
      merge of 751202dec5e87f8d2890ebfa4eda6fc01be383dd
      openvpn: add version 2.0.2, remove version 2.0rc1
      merge of 348f3f6524cd73a696d15a5f3d04dd4c89b66fdf
      add qpegps - the latest version of a GPS viewer application for Qtopia/Opie
      zaurus machine configurations: fix ROOT_FLASH_SIZE on all models and set 2.6 as default kernel for akita, borzoi, and spitz.
      add regina-rexx(-native), a cross-platform REXX interpreter
      gnu-config, orinoco-modules: fix cvs SRC_URI per
      merge of 68dc68630ef5f8cb5f392a2b722b9e4df487594d
      merge of 6fc08cb0027e6ecc5ef10578e8c37a7b66f53bf9
      merge of f8284bbff196fac15cb8c1b32ae2ac3dcda6a7a8
      wireless-tools: upgrade 28pre6 to 28pre13
      merge of 655180ca822fd77b58f585a3b13300acdaedb1cb
      openzaurus-sa: upgrade wireless extension API to V18
      zaurus 2.4 kernels: upgrade wireless extension API to V18
      merge of 1f08208ff3c43887e64b23c1f616b3c055f659f8
      wlan-ng-modules: set default preference of version 0.2.2 to -1 for tosa,
      nylon kernel patches courtesy Martin Dietze <dietze at>
      add nylon-specific start scripts and meta packages courtesy Martin Dietze <dietze at>
      chillispot upgrades courtesy Martin Dietze <dietze at>
      add class for nylon-image and update nylon distro configuration
      merge of 0b31d87c1b9bcc0d2789be6377713fc1adcc891a
      python 2.4.2: fix dependencies for python-re and python-stringold
      python-pylinda: upgrade to 0.6
      merge of 397e16c7ee39422a928815c8f39b1d8aa619daec
      python 2.4.2: add python-mailbox subpackage, add _ssl extension module to python-io
      python-imbdpy: 2.0 upgrade to 2.4
      opie-taskbar: enable dedicated pictures for tosa
      merge of 2d917a9725f84078c390a35764f260c9abbef0f6
      python 2.4.2 various packaging additions - thanks to respective bug reporters
      qt/embedded 2.3.10: generate eabi configurations to make ./configure not bailing out
      qt/embedded 2.3.10: add gcc4 patch to make it compile :)
      merge of 80f6af3e8d9657bdfa59fa62d84fe03c09d93944
      perl: fix SRC_URI to use ftp, the http structure has been moved
      openssl 0.9.7e make it work with gnueabi-arm
      libmodplug: use oe_libinstall, not cp
      libxine-fb 1.0: apply gcc4 patch
      konqueror-embedded 20030705: apply patch to make it compile w/ gcc4.x
      qpdf 2.2.1: add patch to make it compile w/ gcc4
      gpe-bootsplash-themes: add FIXMEs and fix SRC_URI for theme-e (file+wildcards is problematic)
      merge of 2fd623e8d76c78b3918a5881b42ffab1609a05d0
      add python-itools, a huge library supporting various web technologies
      merge of 085d7150845adc7b63d27d8e1468741c72a3561b
      merge of 5542410cebc875e7fa0cf7df43f77e83dd815ae4
      uicmoc-native 2.3.10: apply patch to make it work with gcc 4.1
      merge of bcb91ddbe21b7a5889fe98f3853d19ddcb2471cb
      qmake-native: install linux-eabi configurations
      qmake-bbclass: make it know about linux-gnueabi
      merge of 879120a741aec05639064e380f443dc99cf4ad9d
      libetpan: add 0.43, remove 0.36
      merge of 2e715e0002b1abd606680bde1f426f3384e1863a
      openobex: add version 1.2, remove version 1.0.1
      obexftp: add 0.19 (openobex 1.1 and later), remove 0.10.3 (openobex 1.0)
      opie-bluetoothmanager: catch up with recent changes in the opie cvs
      merge of 1506d12fe8ff1d8436934663e78fc3c298406bd2
      grub: substitute the anonymous python function w/ COMPATIBLE_HOST
      add python-psyco, a specializing compiler
      uicmoc 2.3.10, 3.3.5: add patch to make it build on 64bit platforms.
      uicmoc4: upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.1.1
      merge of 19c9c34826590fe580ab36a128422e4fb4c3f6b8
      boost 1.33.0: make it compile w/ linux-gnueabi
      qt-x11-free: upgrade to 3.3.6 and 4.1.1 respectively
      python: upgrade to the latest and greatest version: 2.4.3
      merge of 028fac41fd6e3c12693a33f64dc1e331c0270149
      lyx: update to 1.4.0
      openobex: PROVIDE openobex-apps
      soundtracker: upgrade gtk1 version to 0.6.8, upgrade gtk2 port to experimental January version
      merge of 059e51f284488d43836324f6cfbc2d76b6d919c9
      konqueror-embedded 20030705: update packing.patch to make it work w/ g++4.1
      merge of 852e43ffea417b36fb0ec4e3a883e91cb7960eb6
      konqueror-embedded: make svn version use libqte-mt-static (for now)
      qte 2.3.10: add mt version, add mt-static version, factor out common things into .inc
      merge of 0185cf2d013d2c0935d8f930c1bd794ff7d2defe
      merge of 7fa1e5c6dd75c098cabd0b1240a46de4c4a174ab
      merge of 462f9eb4321f7a407e426cef0645184c6c47894f
      qte 2.3.10: fix typos introduced by manual merge
      add gperiodic, a periodic table application based on gtk+(1.2)
      evas: stage plugins
      konqueror-embedded-svn: fix DEPENDS line
      merge of 5945a66a6847c21d25595376695c23f3971f6f8a
      merge of 94b564900cca12eafeb635e5e42858918f06d86a
      tetex: make the build more reliable by forcing it to use our libtool
      merge of 6d1ae8b64aef6872327fda9386a4c9de48ac51ad
      qmake: upgrade version 2.00a to qt 4.1.1
      qt4: upgrade to 4.1.1 - add patches to make it build
      merge of 36cb9cba2fd4c56a699cbd4285642c1a6f1fa710
      qmake2: specify (cross-)install prefix to get library paths pointing to the proper staging area
      qt4: fix tests and staging
      merge of 830a2ca2c9484467078002caaef98f80db84c191
      qt4: install native tools to where they are expected in qmake generated Makefiles
      add texmaker, a free cross-platform LaTeX editor based on Qt4
      merge of b9308de4d2d1072e26d134bd4eada0efa17993f6
      uicmoc3: fix a buglet in the 64bit-cleanup patch
      qt4: add forgotten patch, thanks XorA
      merge of 8f860e5acf5f3449ded79e9bc876a6b5b70cbc47
      tetex: more libtool oddities
      qmake/qt build classes: make qmake and qmake2 coexist
      lyx: add version 1.4.1
      merge of 24be272ea8c07c7b0b690d8be9589681925c037b
      qt4: set platform to ${TARGET_OS}-g++ to prevent host based assumptions
      merge of adbb0fa00fc14211e7902e17eb9ca516f0d13f44
      qt4: embrace STL
      zope: add 2.9.2
      libqanava: upgrade to 0.0.7, needs qt4x11 now
      plone: upgrade to 2.1.2, remove 1.0.5
      merge of 2ff27dc2432bb6df1bec19deafdff91dbb72f2c9
      merge of 59ae9726b5fbfe541edc28700acbc17ed11a9672
      merge of 57ac60221ec66341d6031290ebe0ea39dea0b9c7
      tcltk: apply patch to fix a bogus line in the configure scripts
      merge of b2aabdd1853c4273f9ce3ab3d26acd034460ec1c
      base class: make base_read_file not raise an exception if the file to read is not present
      snes9x-sdl-qpe: fix linking
      merge of 0b09834f6c4f44d4145ed8d06e17ecf1d1c48029
      preferred-e-versions: give people a chance to chose over fb/x11
      bitbake.conf: fix E_CVS entry and make E_URI appear here as well
      site/arm-linux-gnueabi: add AC entry for size_off_t
      e.bbclass: don't duplicate E_CVS and E_URI
      efl: edje and ecore no longer need imlib2 (yay!)
      qmake class, qmake-native: for qt4, we store mkspecs below $QTDIR
      efl++: make 0.1.0 build, remove obsolete 0.0.5
      lirc many versions: drop maintainership and remove obsolete versions
      merge of 84ac7904b3e5b86a16d2ba1acac2d5a0876f3af4
      add etk, a nice widget set based on the enlightenment foundation libraries
      poppler: add a cvs version, because epdf needs some of the most recent features which are not in a release yet
      etk: stage additional headers
      add epdf, a PDF rendering library based on poppler and the EFL
      diet-x11 x11r7-1.0.0 tell the truth about thy utf8 support (fixes #778)
      add juce, a very nice C++ application framework. the .bb is WIP
      sip-native: add 4.4.1
      python-sip: add version 4.4.1 in preparation of PyQt4
      merge of b527e063b110f80270c8dc87e41ce53a83d4870a
      drop qte-4.0.0-snapshot, there is no such thing as Qt/Embedded 4.x anymore.
      merge of 3aa7e8c00e162c64558b2b2bf8171f7887f4725b
      polypaudio: update to 0.8, bring back from nonworking
      merge of 3bb8b4ecf78d2acc4e8cd5cddaafc4e0386dab93
      sdl-perl: remove bogus usage of a build class
      python 2.3.4, 2.4.3: make python-core provide the python runtime
      merge of 492a286523344c6075a8e8afbb49f5b13be91738
      konqueror-embedded 3.5: pinpoint a svndate
      sdl.bbclass: remove bogus stuff that was present before
      palmtop.bbclass: virtual/libqpe -> virtual/libqpe1
      sdl.bbclass: use ?= for APPNAME, APPIMAGE and APPDESKTOP defaults
      qmake.bbclass: show the used qmake version if we bail out
      palmtop.bbclass: document what this class does and automatically set up CONFIG=thread, if PALMTOP_USE_MULTITHREADED_QT is set
      libqpe-opie: make provides and depends more precise
      qte: use .inc file to produce three incarnations of every version
      configuration files: adjust opie versions
      merge of 3a6c0a29d29ed10272278e0c212ee87508ffe416
      documentation.conf: document PALMTOP_USE_MULTITHREADED_QT
      distro configurations: introduce QTE_VERSION
      oz.conf: fix stupid typo
      palmtop.bbclass: yet another typo
      libqpe-opie: take optional qt multithreading into account
      libqpe/libopie: don't override EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST|PRE given in class
      opie.bbclass: leave one space at the end of EXTRA_*
      merge of d23a51fd3de55ab7bd14228f1701651fb28530e6
      opie-freetype: append to EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST, not override it
      palmtop.bbclass: say CONFIG-=thread if we don't build against a multithreaded qt
      merge of e54d3f9c3cb5f2e740cd272a75c02eb49d140803
      zaurus-clamshell.conf: fix jffs2 summary generation
      zaurus-clamshell.conf: back out the jffs2 summary patch; we need to handle that one different on c7x0 because of the extra
      sip4-native: upgrade to 4.4.2
      aliens, abuse: use sdl class
      bitbake files inheriting palmtop: don't override EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST, append to it
      bbfiles inheriting opie: don't override EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST|PRE, append to it
      merge of d82f1294da436f4c180db853fffef16a6b811b28
      opie-keytabs: remove bogus depends on libqpe, keytabs is just data files
      freedroid: decouple from opie via sdl.bbclass
      abuse: remove bogus depends, they come in via sdl class now
      vectoroids: decouple from opie using sdl.bbclass
      sdl.bbclass: fix names
      merge of 784fefbad71c3505470368a578f10f698b47068d
      gemdropx: decouple from opie using sdl.bbclass
      sdl.bbclass: set SECTION properly
      rott: decouple from opie using sdl.bbclass
      merge of 086eccbfe2f48acd3f73977b451e8ce001884b98
      openttd: add opie support via sdl.bbclass
      bochs: flag as broken
      add sliderulez, an advanced RPN pocket calculator for Opie
      merge of 61aa408f3a01fffc55bb2aa59c4801f8c68ec695
      sharprom-compatible.conf: upgrade and add the new meta-fields @MENTOR and @REQUIREMENTS
      python-pyqt: fix virtual/libqpe1 dependency
      palmtop.bbclass: add a special case for sharprom compatible distros -- gcc 2.95 has no idea about libsupc++
      task-python-sharprom: update and switch to date based versioning
      python-sip: inherit palmtop to make it qte/qte-mt logic working
      python-pyqt: inherit palmtop to use the qte/qte-mt logic and to remove duplicated stuff
      smpeg: fix staging, improve packaging
      python-pyqwt: make it build again, make it work w/ qte/qte-mt
      qwt: make it work w/ qte/qte-mt
      python 2.4.3: remove tcl and tk for the sharprom
      python-pygtk2: upgrade to 2.8.6 and remove obsolete versions
      merge of 01d13ac2c361ef4b10719889dea72fd4630df482
      merge of 21858366d3f1cd69225dc0db2af6109cdd227145
      visiscript: catch up with qte/qte-mt changes
      add anthy, a japanese input method backend library
      merge of 45a5427b6f0cf6bd9348091b9a3207186c8f7ec2
      repair fatal damage introduced by florian's changeset
      add qpobox and poboxserver, japanese input method stuff. poboxserver is not quite ready yet and needs someone familiar with
      merge of 24f21a5b3e458f3905aa456dae8691117a730f78
      add anthy-native 6801
      python-gmpy: upgrade to 1.0.1, compiles with gcc 4 now
      merge of 35b40bf4117bf5bebe985df8f8d329cddaccfbbb
      task-python-everything, python-pygtk: cosmetic changes
      merge of 7da66fdac38a59d4284a8123c0234669c472a79d
      merge of 35cc385288e7302b688800adaae976f0815b05eb
      qt4: improve packaging
      pyqt4: make packaging more standard
      sip(4).bbclass: fix appending/prepending dependencies
      merge of 06d21bcf828a008844c92e310530a3d845183621
      add imkit, a japanese inputmethod for Opie.
      pyqt4: build against Qt 4.1.2
      python 2.4.3: add some hints to about what built this version and who is maintaining it
      merge of 853e35738795ae7caa7858e2df6f8cf805e42cc2
      add qt4-x11 4.1.2
      imkit: update to 0.4.5, still no compily
      add gsoap, generates C/C++ source codes for Web service and client applications
      merge of 16b6051835bf1cfb727403fbce8d2d3a2532956d
      qscintilla 1.65: add patch to remove bogus DynLibrary use when built against Qt/Embedded
      zvisiscript 0.4.3: always use EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST +=, not =
      (python-)sip4: upgrade to 4.4.3
      add PyQt4, the Python Bindings for Qt4/X11
      merge of 35ce256593987e71d7c04247837a04f2dfaea425
      qt3x11.bbclass: add DEPENDS on qt3
      libqanava, lyx, texmaker, wpa-gui: no need to explicitly depend on qt, inheriting will do
      merge of 887360a0dd0ab194c55c98aec0baaf069e32fe47
      add ulxmlrpcpp, a lightweight c++ based library for XMLRPC applications
      merge of 745f481b6c45cddfd77a92cad262092f8ce0dd05
      add nkf and nkf-native, the network kanji code conversion filter
      poboxserver: depend on nkf-native
      merge of 0b9bb46b4ffce99f3d0837a600f782e9b6d3f7c7
      add albumshaper (qt3x11), open source application for organizing, annotating, framing, enhancing, stylizing, and sharing  your digital photos
      add mkbot, a modular IRC bot written in C++, using the Qt 4 toolkit.
      apr: upgrade to 0.9.12, fix staging
      base.bbclass: fix showing MT revision by using rindex instead of index to get the position of the MT directory
      merge of b1410ede664e298061d74b36181c097dd76a0b22
      neon: alter source while webdav is offline
      subversion: upgrade to 1.3.1, fix staging
      add qsvn, a Qt4 based UI for subversion
      gammu: inherit pkgconfig to install the .pc files
      merge of 183a7abb14b61cce40ef9860783b1523f0caa0cd
      base.bbclass: remove bogus debug out. thanks koen for spotting.
      gammu: fix staging, add NOTE for improvement
      add python-gammu, the python bindings to the gammu phone comm. library
      python: package UserList and UserString in python-core. fixes #949
      add wxWidgets, a cross platform application framework
      add Qxmp, a Qt4 media player based on MPlayer
      merge of 383f54bb340ef9be1fdf7241b922566502b40e1e
      add ethereal... simply the world's most popular network protocol analyzer
      merge of 460c9c22eddb03009d980c3edb1ee42689b9e09d
      lemon: upgrade to 3.3.5, take source from sqlite release
      merge of cdbb7877ce270a2160669f6ed055cdd98154f548
      add first stab at support for the Motorola A780 GSM phone
      merge of 868246069be482bc64e4d7bd013d7a0df35de286
      openssl: add patch to make it build for sh3 and sh4. closes #956
      add metadata to some configurations. fixes #970
      merge of 20d82b867694bc656456a80553cb61e3496c6971
      glibc-cvs-2.3.5: build a working glibs for sh4. closes #721
      merge of 6efbfec71e63ee2a821512e58cb523b4ead883d6
      add libelf 0.8.6
      ltrace: add 0.3.36, bring back from nonworking
      merge of 38c34687521951dd251b87f48f5c8a4edeced577 set overridable defaults for QTE_VERSION, OPIE_VERSION and PALMTOP_USE_MULTITHREADED_QT
      familiar-unstable.conf: unbreak a bit
      add distro configuration for EZX phone distribution
      ltrace: remove do_install
      merge of 42b8c7920b08e37a6ea01ca90bfdc0e0aa4c2759
      tweak ezx configs. bootstrap-image now builds, further tweaks not until I got my A780 :) disable JAVA for sh3. fixes #977
      sh3-linux: add entry for libxfce4util. fixes #980
      xmms-embedded: fix SRC_URI per recent sourceforge cvs restructuration, catch up with qte/qte-mt situation
      merge of 1790fd843078a2ebd98288de3336054f298213fa
      remove opensimpad distro configurations. there is no such thing as a
      merge of 7ee1ffcec438245a0a1840156021aef8230bb7e0
      linux-ezx: add patch for mmc, add e680 defconfig
      add machine conf for Motorola e680 (ezx platform)
      add qpphoto, a photo manipulation program for Opie.
      libxi: libxi needs xext
      add Xqt2, an X server for Opie environments. patch courtesy Enodr <nicolasfr at> - thanks!
      merge of 30eebf6ff01f422b7202f44394c4cd74a659e235
      libusb 0.1.10a: add -native
      add ezx-boot-usb-native, an utility to boot a zImage on an EZX device via USB
      directfb: add version
      merge of 1ee22e5dc2cdeec8a88f1136a019329901a0c9f3
      task-qpe: add the new opie environment apps qpphoto and xqt2
      c-ares: upgrade to 1.3.0, add do_stage
      add libevent 1.1.a
      add libarena, a custom memory allocator interface and implementation.
      libarena: fix staging
      python-gammu: upgrade to 0.13
      add libevnet, libevnet provides a suite of interfaces, all built around libevent, useful to network daemons.
      merge of 551b99b264a271c5af4896cd57b97354be2f16ab
      lyx: remove 1.4.0, fix SRC_URI for 1.4.1 due to upstream moves in the repository
      libsdl-qpe|x11 1.2.7 fix make it build (also) against qte-mt
      add pipepanic, a neat SDL pipe game
      merge of 701e498cb6b22382fd13e288d7b47f93abb32feb
      task-qpe: add pipepanic to qpe-games
      glibc-cvs-2.3.5: apply superh fcntl patch for sh3|sh4. closes #955
      jamvm: add sh3sh4 support patch. bug #958, not closed yet.
      glibc 2.3.5+cvs fix pnum=0 patch (tss...)
      pipepanic: fix datadir to look in /usr/share/pipepanic, ship pixmaps
      merge of 81c701fb4af8296026067c0e6d6a33431d87cd78
      native.conf: append to ASSUME_PROVIDED, don't override it
      generic.conf: include preferred opie|gpe|e versions
      merge of 93f6aca0335dace467591d3dbba7c7852abfd438
      task-opie: add task-opie-everything
      python-imdbpy: upgrade to 2.5
      add python-spydi, a distributed indexer
      merge of 12c8ec6ea03d7bf942717daba4cc06fd518965c0
      busybox-1.01: improve uclibc-posix patch to not break the glibc build. closes #657
      ezx.conf: add stuff for uclibc builds (uncommented atm.)
      merge of 11bb54e0cf52d0c5a23e20076d3797d35cd2e8e7
      libopieobex: catch up with recent opie cvs developments
      libopieobex0: fix typo
      directfb: remove 0.9.22, add directfb-examples 0.9.23, fix 0.9.25 staging
      merge of 0acfb1eebc2f685a59a9682d0c0ca5f04720f21a
      ezx.conf: update
      merge of 8b069f0b5e4fc820af1c8f803a12366dbb47a104
      add a machine configuration and a kernel for the Micrel KS8695 board that
      directfb: unbreak ++dfb, remove dfb++, unbreak directfb-examples, add patch to fix directfb's wrong pkgconfig spec file
      merge of 28a5dee63c03c0d1372c9c00f5faaee2054fc87c
      linux-ezx: we no longer keep own copies of the patches, refresh defconfigs
      expat 2.0.0 fix build (the m4 file needs to be present during autoreconf)
      linux-ezx: upgrade to
      merge of c0cfa6456fcf9d90a45c2a15139dcb2414db2c03
      merge of 17b5ed09da5a4cdb493874b746d2586d5ba53c86
      add ezx-gpiotool, an utility to read gpios from userspace
      base.bbclass: fix all patches being classified as "outdated" when SRCDATE > DATE
      linux-ezx: change SRC_URI to fixed version of ezx6 patch
      prismstumbler 0.7.3 fix host includes in gpsd subdir
      gcc 4.0.2 disable fortran here as well
      add freenote, an error correcting paint program for Opie. patch based on work by Enodr <nicolasfr at>, thanks! closes
      task-qpe add freenote
      gpe-nmf: fix local includepath due to hardcoded Makefiles
      merge of 60c043fd54516cb786cb22ad9d4e45c007dd7386
      sanity.bbclass: make it work even when distutils is not available
      linux-ezx: update defconfigs to compile some more things into the kernel
      linux-ezx: bump revision per the defconfig changes
      merge of 33f5c37d2f8c2a6f5a242f167516efbcbc9ecf41
      obexftp: remove 0.19, fix 0.20
      merge of 2b7e98de2ae7babc1fba7bf05e9cd56e79bd2aa3
      obexftp: actually add 0.20
      add xmms, the x multimedia system. yes, it needs gtk+1 *cough*
      merge of 3fe026a130277946b2552c28c3fdda5e9bd74b31
      python-pysqlite2: fix SRC_URI and stop it using host headers
      python-pysqlite1: don't let it use host includes
      python-gammu: fix SRC_URI
      obexftp: remove bogus patch
      merge of 4bea65581a76f2d570ab41485732af8db23f2559
      We need more python applications... add pyfits 1.0.1 and pyraf 1.2.1:
      merge of 4af0b1bc6131703de0850a30751d772f9d2ae229
      fakeroot: fix SRC_URI
      merge of aa208c78dc9ba6e2c8b7c157a2a98c6ea5f507fb RPROVIDES = libncurses5
      tslib cvs: add support for the Motorola E680 and A780
      sanity.bbclass: improve error message, check for cvs and svn
      qte: clean up, remove double entries, add flags for Motorola A780 and E680 GSM phones
      add libusb[-native] 0.1.12
      merge of 2d6d863c36fd1d9d7ab0dba3d700e0f1ccf122be
      base-files: add tmpfs to stock fstab
      linux-ezx: defconfig updates, add known good one as backup
      merge of 6c892a12e5ecbf776b1486325e3502f44bfbee00
      merge of 4df4d7b459a3415cf0a91eca732e547c9ba278a6
      bluez-utils: apply 0x0,0x0 -> bcps patch for all distributions
      generic(-uclibc).conf: add 'reference' distribution configuration
      merge of a615f71806dc9ceee0102ed403b1e7fe4f948b5d
      qpegps: add, remove
      netbase: add proper interfaces file for Motorola GSM Phones
      qte(-mt): touchscreen works on Motorola EZX platform now
      ezx: catch up with upstream source tree movements...
      merge of 3326cffb0ca8c0f56ab7a6d5a6463619e0c7f74c
      merge of 4cfdadba6908591a58400b358f66aa5d7a5c2d9e
      a780|e680 kernel update: adds touchscreen improvement fix and enables dyntick
      ezx-kernels: rename boogy per the recent arm-linux-depmod-${PV} dependency
      linux-ezx: need to set FILESDIR now that it's getting included
      update ezx machine configurations
      ethereal: remove workaround with -native version, delete -native
      etox: you are dead, go away
      python-spydi: fix SRC_URI
      qt-x11-free 3.3.6 fix using native tools
      sip4-native: fix staging
      merge of 12fab859e46a5b7c800c685dd8a3595e6e74c5e7
      linux-ezx: add patches to make e680 configuration build (HACKS!)
      merge of 6564927a60e6ae419e0ce8e3df08a4d778c193bc
      linux-ezx: add LED subsystem from 2.6.17, start with LED driver for E680
      a780.conf: fix typo
      merge of 7086df3f26c4f3f859bc974370b0550cc148fbdd
      linux-ezx: add LED drivers for A780 and E680
      spectrum-fw: fetch in do_fetch (sic!)
      merge of 371519ee16090c31f871dd775b4e4d1660ac9b5a
      linux-ezx: update e680-leds patch
      merge of 32d700ed29f263f43a84f4a55a5cead4c12d033f
      linux-ezx: first shot at backlight class driver for EZX platform
      linux-ezx: first version of backlight driver works
      linux-ezx: new version of backlight patch
      merge of 431299faa1c58d0b74b78c0214c3d6e1ca32abfe
      linux-ezx: backlight driver correctly deals with backlight power on / off
      ezx: pinpoint svn revisions
      linux-ezx: compile led and backlight drivers into kernel (they're working ok now)
      linux-ezx: fix e680 keypad properly, drop HACK patch
      merge of 407bf0fc9b07e2530a5ccf8399950eab802626c0
      linux-ezx: add logo from openezx contest
      merge of 9fc1b3192dc4460c4d2e5e2d6f59a93d53fa35f2
      linux-ezx: actually add the logo
      merge of 9caf4ba565c754c9654e33192b6bdcc9ca660e06
      linux-ezx: shrink logo to make it display
      spectrum-fw: fix broken fix. close #1075
      merge of 3c51b3a56df4d11fa759fd5ddbaf3fd02c7ac250
      libsdl-qpe: gcc 4.1.1 fixlet in agawa-piro-mickey.patch
      merge of 0bda2d2be880e8f2511362475ca94c7fccbe18db
      g++ 4.1.1 fixlet - thanks cyril romain. closes bug #1082
      merge of 4370ca2e204ad443d596f20685d97fe2caf98d16
      merge of 862947fc7ef9b740fb666cce1351ba7df1cf9ca8
      bitbake.conf: add STAGING_PYDIR
      sip4-native: 4.4.3 -> 4.4.5
      python: remove 2.3.4
      python-sip4: 4.4.3 -> 4.4.5
      python-pyqt4: upgrade to 4.0 final version
      libtool: remove obsolete versions
      linux-ezx: fix direct keys on E680, disable LEGACY_PTYs
      merge of 12aa0c8ab97e48e880104ae70099396cfec730d0
      merge of 318d06f263d6957b449ed1f6a10cfdda107bcceb
      merge of fb53c03fb636482fe26316e5adacbaeb4ddd5634
      ezx-boot-usb-native: link against our libusb-native
      merge of 0733bfcfa824e0324d60f8ff76e749a1e93b5edd
      generic distro configurations: use soft-float only on arm and armeb for now
      simpad configurations: add some sanity
      merge of a56b1beed74d7cedad94cb2edd928cddbf3bf089
      configurations: use MACHINE_KERNEL_VERSION whenever your MACHINE setting supports more than one major kernel version.
      simpad.conf: fix typo
      merge of b1413be68019496f10dcfa8c854fd6644adecd93
      sysfsutils: remove default preference for v2.0.0, remove some obsolete ones
      lm_sensors: add 2.10.0, reformat 2.9.2 per style guideline demands
      merge of 7312b6306cd878588176ce2cc0a31e4d0edc4e5a
      zroadmap: upgrade 1.0.8 -> 1.0.12, take optional qte multithreading into account
      merge of 2ba8efd35a14c2dca849205133efdd2ecd83c907
      merge of 02169d766c8620f531bb081faa58a6d1c2277f1e
      tslib|opie-taskbar: remove opie mouse hack for htcuniversal in and add it to where it belongs
      add -unstable version for generic distro configuration
      add nunome, a japanese input method for Opie. closes #1095
      add uim, a multilingual user input method framework.
      merge of 236d70d96b3f9300bb6e751a5d3f3ea13f9a04db
      nunome: RDEPEND on virtual/japanese-font
      openobex: fix DEPENDS, fix EXTRA_OECONF. This should close #1113
      merge of 2c58b60e1d3b3e6180e692b5ecb380645848d3f6
      merge of 2091d412f452437ec9b7db4efc878f7c22f56082
      obexpush: supply -Wl,-rpath to STAGING_LIBDIR
      opie-taskbar: c7x0 w/ w100 acceleration needs a special suspend/resume script
      qte-2.3.10: update suspend-resume-hooks patch for w100 accelleration on c7x0.
      site: add tests to make lzo compile w/ gcc 4.1.1 - closes #1099
      merge of 857d29a477b23e8bc2f6523391fe6bbcb15cf15a
      merge of f53e73238f903a9d33e92490cbd1cb8822fcf5f0
      merge of aa18ee8eb2023a276ade17e86029f95c7bd44e9b
      qt4 4.1.2 fix g++ 4.1.1 asm constraints, fix angstrom build
      qt4 4.1.1 remove
      merge of 6a09c229506ea55e94d418d22f102bba3d356a32
      zile 2.2.15 add latest version, patches no longer necessary
      guile 1.6.4 add patch for building with gcc4. reorder and enhance metadata
      merge of 28b5204f533562d4df4b43cde7bbc16981fb0d0a
      libqpe-opie 1.2.2 datebookmonth patch has been applied upstream
      libopie2 1.2.2 remove openzaurus branding patch, has been applied upstream
      opie-button-settings 1.2.2 remove bugfix patch; has been applied upstream
      opie-packagemanager 1.2.2 remove patch for recursive wget; applied upstream
      opie-appearance 1.2.2 remove ui settings patch; patch applied upstream
      merge of d0c5b7c949900a094e2ea11d85707b56997e2c91
      opie-pcmciaapplet 1.2.2 remove activate-as-default; patch has been applied upstream
      qte all-versions enable threads in mt-static variants
      opie-backup 1.2.2 remove bugfix; patch has been applied upstream
      opie-console 1.2.2 remove bug fixes that have been applied upstream
      opie-wellenreiter 1.2.2 remove upstream patch
      opie-datebook 1.2.2 remove bugfix that has been applied upstream
      irk 0.11.0 fix wrong dependency on virtual/libqpe, palmtop.bbclass handles this
      irk 0.11 fix wrong dependency, make it work against multithreaded qt as well
      merge of 621bf027644015319adb51145e07f9d6e3195b93
      tslib: not much cvs activity since two years - create a fixed version
      zbedic 1.0 fix building against multithreaded qt
      tslib: fix cvs build, reorder metadata for -maemo variant
      libcwd: upgrade to 0.99.44
      txdrug 0.1 regenerate Makefile, fix working against qte-mt
      merge of 4ae75badc5589c35fd33c90369b77e8d0a4d0c46
      mileage: catch up with sourceforge CVS hosting
      iqnotes: remove bogus dependency
      merge of c24a7375060d5ad599851af14ea91bce14d3092b
      tximage 0.2 add patch for g++4
      zroadmap: add cvs version. add patch to overcome questionable handcrafted Makefiles
      zroadmap cvs patch fixlet
      zrev7 1.0.1 fix packaging .desktop file
      gemdropx 0.9 fix linking
      billiardz 0.1.4 add gcc4 patch
      merge of 78c141426ac25a36e8345e703ee6eb3f523b2e69
      merge of 3a5832d4912a64e85b05315eb3993311efbecb59
      binutils 2.15.94 add gcc4 patch
      merge of 8f81c821d4522c9367e23584313e4bbf36557144
      add inotify-tools, set of command line utilities for the Linux inotify filesystem change notification system.
      merge of be8473f770fde97a98916a81842a608af462fbbb
      merge of b910f2201c5aba208eedfb5ec07c0d6a245ef6ae
      binutils add matching binutils-cross-sdk, remove other 2.15 ones
      generic.conf: prefer task-bootstrap over unionfs-bootstrap
      merge of 6957560e17a99bdee10607797a02209bcfaeed94
      busybox 1.2.0 fix packaging due to changed CONFIG_ options
      merge of 2669117ead966ed1a52946f4b039a239cfd06607
      python 2.4.3 add PROVIDE line for subpackages to satisfy the BitBake RDEPENDS changes
      add python-webpy, a lightweight framework for web applications
      merge of 80526ab06e22a8188d5bbf6c96c91a93e182c7c9
      polypaudio 0.8 upgrade to 0.9.2
      generic.conf include sane srcdates
      generic-unstable.conf detach from generic, since we don't want to include sane-srcdates here
      opie-taskbar 1.2.2 add dedicated qpe.conf for htcuniversal
      libsndfile 1.0.11 -> 1.0.16
      merge of 74324a04301a770e8af5057b86f0d17b225b6d0f
      pulseaudio 0.9.2 improve packaging
      merge of 0fb0ebb33b635bc17b0a13f6da59e6bd1b474b79
      add python-pyephem. PyEphem provides scientific-grade astronomical computations for the Python programming language.
      libxslt add 1.1.2, remove 1.1.7, remove 1.1.8
      libxml2: bring 2.6.22 up to modern standards, remove 2.6.7, 2.6.9, 2.6.10
      add python-lxml, a set of Pythonic bindings for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries.
      merge of 7bd820c4a7bbdcb47264fd60a48b7099177d4859
      alsa: remove wrong MAINTAINER
      python-lxml 1.0.2 add DEPENDS
      alsa: add HOMEPAGE, remove 1.0.8 and 1.0.10, mark alsa-driver as BROKEN
      qte all reenable RTTI, must have been lost during a merge
      konqueror 20060404 add gcc4 patch, remove 20050322
      merge of 8b41db425f053a0c79ef7f41b7f70619b23390d7
      add libdvdread, a library to read dvds (sic!)
      add libzvbi, a library that provides functions to capture and decode VBI data. It is written in plain ANSI C with few
      merge of 11d8497b1833de1683f037417535cc4ba64608f3
      zroadmap cvs add dependency on expat
      merge of 7484256711bab20f56c5b8cfe94ae9c4a0fac36a remove opie specifics
      merge of 0b32c3262ef809324fd2b1cf3daffb33589fe68c
      uim add .inc file that has been left out in the uim commit
      poboxserver 1.2.5 update and make it compile. patch based on Tota's and Laibsch's work as detailed in #1114
      qpobox: update Tota's code patches, but keep my .bb changes intact. closes #1114
      familiar-unstable.conf: include fixed cvs dates
      conf/distro cleanup. conf/distro should only contain files that are ok to be directly included
      slugos distro configurations: fix includes
      distro configurations: rename include files to *.inc and adjust those which include it accordingly
      sanity.bbclass: relax the DISTRO check a bit, taking into account that some DISTRO configurations
      libetpan: add 0.46, remove outdated ones. no need for our patches but one
      base.bbclass: catch up revision display with new monotone version
      merge of a3eaa78e93ce09edb93d710e411a9ec816ded220
      add zudoku, a sudoku game for Opie
      merge of 59ba4be70367579301ec86a4ace2a74be281b35d
      task-qpe: add zudoku to qpe-games
      libetpan: add new lflags patch
      merge of 4c2bff0a75bafec17f894f5e677f4b07f8d120c8
      merge of 709370ff47e008ad6a103c7d32f5e8a3aa8b2eb9
      libsdl all install sdl.m4 into aclocal include dir
      merge of 261f8a4167761b16158724a65abdf147c333aefb
      python-pyrex-native 0.9.3 zap RDEPENDS
      distro configurations: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_libx11 -> PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libx11
      diet-x11: move/copy patches to make it compile again
      python-pyxml 0.8.4 remove bogus PV override
      python 2.4.3 manifest fixes. closes #1268 and #1269
      merge of 31d357b0ebed18d4bed9207bdfd1217f9cf35e9a
      merge of 1a66dacb1592037ea25fd0a5aab56279ccdc2472
      preferred-gpe-versions 2.[67] diet-x11 6.2.1 needs setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_xextensions = "xextensions" as well
      generic.conf: require
      generic.conf: require
      merge of b3e86370942ae81e42661d50c1440b905d9b3b5b
      python-native 2.4.0 don't modify first shebang line when installing packages via distutils. closes #1271
      python-native 2.3.3 remove
      merge of eb7d96a0afd303253a978ec21808298060b90fc2
      libvncserver add 0.8.2, remove older ones.
      merge of 7d7323376ea7f6cae9fe0cdfb367a78cab4dd545
      opie-networksettings: remove me as MAINTAINER and set it to Team Opie
      merge of 963bef78cb5cce1bc02dc3d20926c05ed5a0829e
      xtrans X11R7.0-1.0.0 fix missing include path in pkgconfig file. closes #1244
      merge of 8025b1031a3e4a5ddd61c6a7a3f4788138fa0264
      preferred-gpe-versions: pindown gtk-engines when pinning down gtk+
      merge of 296e66426511a2f435ec31779df775a4464ac37a
      sudo: remove bogus double SECTION
      libesmtp: add 1.0.4, remove older ones
      libesmtp: inherit binconfig
      esmtp: update to 0.5.1
      merge of 5ea9eb6f097fe0b646889d1b3a1312d9d7fc796e
      tin: add 1.9.1, uses our libpcre now, no more patches necessary
      merge of 2694ea866aead6f6639b0c69c13127c90f95e5ff
      ipsec-tools: s/net/network/
      nfs-utils: s/networking/network/
      merge of 08b0e7058f8944b597207b5f969021dea13443c9
      libvncserver: depends on libxext
      contrib/python: add the script that I use to generate the python manifest file
      contrib/python/ update to latest version
      python-manifest: remove explicit rdependency on libncurses5
      angstrom|familiar| s/DISTO_FEATURES/DISTRO_FEATURES/ :D
      libesmtp: correct damage done by previous commit
      python 2.4.3 add PACKAGES_DYNAMIC -- close #1366
      uboot cvs fix SRC_URI
      merge of b20c3c5a8f28ed4e47ac9afd5626ef9138ad0c95 fix wrong preference for pango.
      ltrace: add mvista-toolchain specific version, fix building w/ gnueabi
      merge of 2e20cd2e17b7f73e026db0536fb11075bff0eaf9
      lsof: remove 4.74, remove 4.75, add 4.76, add gnueabi support
      libpcap: remove 0.7.2 and 0.8.3
      tcpdump: remove 3.8.3; reinstatiate -O2 patch for 3.9.3; remove using local includes
      merge of 38117d57558bad2d7938536e244fcb6954590006
      add hnb, a nice text-mode outliner
      calibrateproto: s/DATE/SRCDATE/
      merge of '2af79ceb1e37ba57b38b201f8034eb9d90da8f12'
      add bing, a console network performance measurement utility
      merge of 83d0e48aed0ad37c789536151c11fe1ee96e68c6 fix wrong xau entry, it's 0.1.1, not 1.1.0
      git-native: fix DEPENDS
      openssl: add openssl-native (needed for git-native)
      ltrace: fix building for ARCH=i686 and ARCH=i586 fix typo in PV
      libxine 1.1.0 add gcc4.1.1 patch (static vs. nonstatic declaration)
      libxine 1.1.0 fix typo in SRC_URI
      linux-x86: upgrade to
      merge of 0ba38ca13b8f9b76c025b96b9273d2a9d620deaa
      merge of '561789101197a1ad79583108a323b4d89e6b24a7'
      xserver-kdrive git supply EXTRA_OECONF_x86 since w100 xserver doesn't build for x86
      x86.conf: make it work w/ glibc 2.4 + NTPL
      ltrace: remove 0.3.36 and add 0.4
      eds-dbus svn enhance metadata, fix building on some architectures
      merge of '4b947022d295cf54343e477171aae5c39c73865f'
      xserver-kdrive git reduce duplicated metadata
      * add unifdef-native, an utility from 2.6.18-git that's used to generate userland headers
      glibc 2.4 backport two patches from HEAD
      merge of 5792a180891dc27533ab8ad97885291db48258e8
      glibc* 2.4 add proper fix for building against recent linux userland headers
      merge of c03b28dceb994cd2ab73b1d2bee782c3a0360eac
      libxml2 2.6.26 fix SRC_URI
      merge of 0b5e6bdf56efa0e135a5c541490fd6bfdbe9c8d0
      appweb: refactor get_appweb_host function out into common .inc
      matrixssl: remove 1.0-beta, refactor get_os function out into common .inc
      sanity.bbclass: loop over required utilities
      kbdd: remove obsolete 20040904 version, catch up with rename of linux_modules bbclass
      rename linux_modules to linux-kernel-base, add common kernel_get*version functions to this class
      base.bbclass: make showing display revision work with the mtn 0.30 workspace format
      merge of '05ae7db20f9eaa0dd28712c87eb37d67106003e2'
      task-bootstrap*: refactor common function into
      p4: add which defines the common p4_arch function
      merge of '08b850dd4e1df4e1751532b79a9685dd41464df7'
      many conf files: catch up with renaming linux_modules to linux-kernel-base
      merge of 27992ad903b456bde0a40788a183fd1b84d95beb
      sanity.bbclass: improve error reporting for missing utilities. thanks nicholas
      MAINTAINERS: add me and resort (guys, it's _first_ name, not last name)
      merge of '0168c99658bc90098d3e7ce80e7ada8c166dc75a'
      python: add heapq and bisect support to python-lang, remove bisect from python-threading
      merge of '577e0fae5932f28f1096d2650fe9d96fe41fd58d'
      python-pyrex[-native]: upgrade to fixing compatibility with Python 2.4
      upgrade python-dbus to 0.71. patches (seem to be) no longer necessary. close #1479
      merge of '7484bb8b957706d9249511a6a73b62f70db94929'
      generic-unstable.conf: remove
      cups: remove 1.1.19, remove 1.1.20, add fakeroot-native to 1.1.23 DEPENDS
      merge of 2a35ebf8aac4cd73e0ac9369feb9250cedab4b65
      add python-gobject bindings
      add pygtk 2.10.0 (for usage with gtk+ 2.10.x)
      merge of '6fcfd7c187e5bfdb019983b87124ddc80af2462d'
      add python-pycairo, python bindings to the cairo canvas library
      python-pygtk2 2.10.0 add patch to make it cross-build
      merge of '12ff563eb00759b6cae9ecfc5c1400f246dcd533'
      add gtk-binver parsing gtk_binary_version out of .pc file. close #1455
      merge of '593b9e6f5ea7ab1790ec54c7599baf883f22f12b'
      add xoo, a GTK2 based graphical wrapper around a windowed X Server. It is intended for embedded developers that want to simulate a target
      xoo svn add missing dependencies to gtk+ and libglade
      python-pycairo: inherit pkgconfig
      add xorg-headers-native to enable building X11 on stations without X11-devel installed
      xserver-kdrive * disable w100 by default, enable it for arm
      merge of 7d9d43a22af37a8b4ac0bfcbea925695287659e7
      merge of 497af8d916ea71b5cc3ad879076fb96fd89b3ef9
      sdcc: add gcc4 patch (remove bogus extra :: qualification)
      merge of '2adf3ab14059d254166005fe0eb52600889af8da'
      sdcc: add native-tools patch to make it build
      qemu: sync with poky, remove obsolete ones
      python-native 2.4.0 compile with --prefix same as --exec-prefix to fix some rare cases of distutils builds
      python-native 2.4.0 this time, the --prefix change is actually effective
      add libsdl-native 1.2.11 - this one compiles with gcc4
      qemu-native: depends on sdl-native now, add more metadata
      merge of '296ff29bfd956e25378dc4b3d757bfe71b1010d5'
      qemu-native: install binaries into staging (again)
      qte/qtopia-core: factor out qte_arch function into, use this from qtopia-core to get QT_ARCH
      sdcc-native: autotools_stage_all doesn't work w/ sdcc, do_stage manually
      usrp: depends on boost
      qemu: add missing files
      merge of 'af022eaccf1ea1052c096be4c37accec350e9b27'
      tslib 1.0 add configuration file for qemuarm machine - taken from Poky.
      add matchbox-config-gtk - from Poky
      generic.conf: update to glibc 2.5
      dates: sync with O-Hand Poky
      web svn sync with O-Hand Poky
      merge of '1f09cd3a225e9cc6002c73f2660f6619f10f9e59'
      flex fix SRC_URI close #1518
      merge of 09016de82e8089016031f1df831bdc386449eec6
      merge of 70b8885f91280693d7cbd223c133cdad1d106ca6
      make DISTRO = "sharprom-compatible" (sort of) work again
      merge of 14bd8d9b654cd46ec71ba3b5312ad1d28ec2550e
      sharprom-compatible.conf: override compiler flags to make it find the STAGING area
      merge of c1656691540333cfa24d768dfa15b6c02ea73ac5
      add glrr, an inspection library for glib, gobject, and gtk+
      add glrr-widgets, a library for inspection widgets for Gtk+ based programs
      add ginspector, a run-time debugging and inspection utility for Gtk+ based programs
      add gtracer, a gsignal run-time inspection and debugging utility
      libxml: revert SRC_URI change to tar.bz2 -- I don't see any bz2 on
      libsdl-native 1.2.11 inherit binconfig
      qemu-native * make it pick up sdl-config-native
      merge of '23bb0a8c4f3ff02382510526c89865eec5758b71'
      qemu-native * make do_stage more reliable
      merge of '08caa01fe78b735fde2c7ca902bf7bfeb6075ff7'
      sharprom-toolchain 1.0 PROVIDE your stuff only for DISTRO=sharprom-compatible
      merge of 4228f36c4f155245f64f7cb36ab837dabdc3b85e
      octave 2.1.71 fix SECTION
      merge of 3dae055f5bf6d49d626cfcf0a8062c4c979aaeb2
      popt[-native] 1.7 DEPEND on gettext-native
      merge of 292370be96ae823e50cc7a6150f75e83d93c1f58
      udev: fix udev rule for SAMSUNG UARTS (stupid missing ',' in rule!)
      merge of 8cfd2f59fa869bd625b9828d6c59bc1d16c978b7 remove duplicate --disable-alsa
      contrib/python/ python-pickle depends on python-io
      python: python-pickle needs python-io. bump due to updated manifest.
      gtk+: remove a couple of obsolete versions, major stable versions remain
      merge of a83b40dbdf522cf477298e73d789074887799468
      add fstests, a benchmarking suite from o-hand
      merge of 74c6df5277dd79cbaaba08bdb441d1299119179e
      fstests: add sane-srcdate and add proper PV
      gnet: add cvs version that builds w/ modern compilers. remove outdated 2.0.7 version
      add refdbg, a refcount debugger for GObject based programs
      dbus-python: make it work
      merge of 80d921d4eb948d68b2d65a3d93db120eae996016
      efl++: remove 0.1.0 version (no longer fetchable)
      eds-dbus: repair build for SRCDATE=20060126 which has been broken by previous sync. w/ poky
      merge of '8b3f99cac7b433e63ebc902c06ae99fbf39205c7'
      add unrar, a decompression utility for the RAR archive format
      hvsc 5.8: update to v45. TODO: split package up... 63MB might be a bit too heavy for some devices *cough*
      merge of 1b9b5e29f993b107b17de5dde1395f8dba168e17
      git: fix case of the disappearing snapshots by adding a stable release
      familiar[-unstable].conf: "clean" up the situation by issuing a message
      removal.txt: remove familiar-unstable.conf from the list of removals. This has been "solved" differently
      merge of 8eaefa4f638dc67e29fb59fca3c6a98e4049eb09
      python: update to 2.4.4
      merge of 2c2427ae9aeb6ca358a92e745e1051f1d06134df
      portmap: use DEBIAN_MIRROR instead of hardcoding one
      merge of '626cf4325c0654b9580525c44fc4b4a1eef602f2'
      include/, catch up with removal of gnome-vfs-dbus.
      add gtk-theme-torturer, a stress test and benchmark utility for gtk themes
      merge of '5a3a0499fceb6465dab6ed321713520ddb11b854'
      lsof: make it configure
      merge of '434de93cfa2e4d34e3f4a19e5bff6130398e5d8f'
      alsa-lib: fix "error: field 'tstamp' has incomplete type" when including alsa headers with strict compilation options
      scons.bbclass: override installation prefix
      add chibitracker, an SDL based Impulse Tracker clone
      merge of 54d4c3d2efb39c8c1b9e97c60b643eb6791d12a4
      gtk+-2.6.10: make it build against recent glib's
      gtk+-2.6.10: patch GtkStatusBar .c|.h to work w/ glib >= 2.9.x
      gtk+ 2.6.10 compile-against-newer-glib.patch rediff and make it -p1
      gtk+ 2.6.10 fix order of sed parameters
      vorbis-tools 1.0.1 remove deprecated curl option. fixes #1835
      js 1.5 fix SRC_URI
      generic.conf: remove armisms add libmatchbox and libfakekey
      add python-pylirc, python bindings to lirc
      merge of d95a77faa4899185141ccf69126722bbf2116c19
      disapproval of revision 'b9a2e7516cc3620c51495eadf5a2d938086881a9'
      id3lib: fix zlib linking issue by reconfiguring autotools stuff
      openmoko-devel-image: ship task-openmoko-examples
      merge of 'a1f690feff27a3cf8c220262f43412c6cefd8638'
      gsm: run in background until gsmd properly daemonizes
      merge of '58bcdff88bb0b8e65ab6272fba2d3c6295d40558'
      openmoko-apps: fix description in openmoko-messages
      ipkg: remove a couple of outdated ones, update is_processing patch courtesy OpenMoko, Inc.
      merge of '5f6162242333485471131d78f950aabf0b553be9'
      classes/openmoko-base.bbclass: add support for inputmethods
      openmoko-keyboard: catch up with changes in OM svn
      merge of '6bc2006eb8eff633170fcf544612bf6bcc7be7be'
      pulseaudio: beautify, add gcc4 compliance patch, make 0.9.6 the new default
      merge of 'bc14395624375a26acbbd5e4c92900e2e5e456f0'
      python-dbus: upgrade from 0.71 to 0.8.1
      merge of 'd9a7dd0081361f783c4c47de77596d085c151416'
      add libxosd, a library for a TV-like on-screen display w/ X11
      merge of 'aaf6c550254109a87b66440444b7d453231240a5'
      vte 0.11.15 increase packaging granularity
      add gtkterm, a lightweight gtk-based terminal emulator
      merge of '0af83053cd30ecb7da6ef9c1ff0309caecfe1cbf'
      oe/libxosd: add patch making libxosd using 'fixed' as default font --
      merge of '38fe196c64aa6b2afd09cdb99be2946bea1525fe'
      libxosd: refresh use-sane-default-font patch
      merge of '33019e0e6235ec885c91256837a062fa55cae440' add metadata
      bump etk_20060418 to etk_0.1.0.003
      add fbgrab-viewer-native
      gpsd: ship python-pygps package, including python bindings to gpsd
      mkfontdir-*: beautify and add dependencies to mkfontscale
      merge of 'af152d47ebbb835213adc897491fd19ccf8b4e1d'
      merge of '702a5081576a1863ce14aecd10fdbf425bc547af'
      etk packaging and staging bugfixes
      add synaesthesia, a psychedelic audio player (from openmoko)
      add mpg123, a console based mpg audio player
      direcfb 1.0.0 add patch to fix include files for depending programs
      mpg123+mpg321: rreplace and rconflict (with) each other
      merge of '1d05bbd701cd09434dbcc309dc00e37c3f1e2b54'
      esound 0.2.36 clean up, add no-docs patch
      directfb update:
      merge of '6784a6b701f00708668a4025f803a9342e7ccbdf'
      classes: update efl1 and e for E revamp
      massive E revamp. all shiny and new. no more binconfig madness, no longer add new entries for EFL and E17 packages
      e17 applications: catch up with EFL overhaul
      esound: remove unused directory
      move older efl stuff to nonworking
      elitaire is back in EFL directory
      python-pygtk: explictly specify gtk version we depend on
      python-2.4.4: update manifest, update manifest generator, close #2487
      add rage, the Enlightenment Media Center
      python 2.4.4 properly ship debug information in appropriate packages
      add python-setuptools. closes #2459
      add python-simplejson. closes #2460
      python 2.4.4 ship manpage. (finally) closes #2282
      add python-fam, bindings for the file alteration monitor. closes #2466
      libftdi[-native] 0.8 update to 0.9 (from OpenMoko)
      python 2.4.4 fix debug package name to python-core-dbg
      libftdi: update doxygen configure patch
      merge of '16dcbcac515f688b9e5c38ab8ad41abc9a570d38'
      add libid3, (yet) another library for reading out id3 tags
      openocd[-native] update recipe, add link-static patch, put into deploy directory (from openmoko)
      s3c2410-utils: remove fixed date versions, keep svn versions
      add sidplay-base, a spartanic console sidplayer based on libsidplay 1.x (from OpenMoko)
      merge of 'c49be42499a8281e021296da447021b3145791d0'
      initscripts: add seperate inittab for FIC GTA01 (ttySAC multiplexing...)
      fic-gta0x configurations: update and add note
      linux-gta01: update .inc
      linux-gta01: add missing patch, make it build
      merge of '43f0162e257c27b3b68e689fc1e52fc7d296db3d'
      uucp: fix some paths, update SRC_URI (from OpenMoko)
      merge of '148f8dde1ce484726500604f6b511b828737ed47'
      openmoko-base: merge w/ openmoko svn overlay
      add openmoko-terminal
      openmoko-panel-mainmenu: add more dependencies
      openmoko-pim: sync with openmoko svn overlay
      add openmoko-calculator
      task-openmoko: merge with OpenMoko svn overlay
      merge of '7e6adf2eba691057299d67aeff9562e39132c566'
      remove openmoko-mainmenu, it has been integrated into openmoko-panel-mainmenu
      etk upgrade to
      merge of '6bf4895c5f2152a0cafda3d402b7b1190cd8469a'
      add alsa-states, containing the machine specific alsa states.
      poppler: add recent cvs version since 0.5.9 release doesn't build
      merge of '3b04f9d33d900f95c8814c78ad7693a4bd404ded'
      add epdf, the glue between libpoppler and the EFL
      add epsilon_cvs to get the shiny new epdf thumbnailer plugin
      fic-gta0[0|1].conf: move recommendation of alsa-state(s) from task-openmoko to machine configuration
      fic-gta0[1|2].conf: task-base handle alsa-states, no need to duplicate it here
      file: update 4.20 to 4.21, 4.21 contains security and build fixes for some archs
      merge of '06dece86b19a87ce894b51a9a4596d0dd10aa368'
      alsa-states: add dummy state
      alsa: integrate alsa-states recipe into alsa-state
      ecore-native: fix configure options to make it build on systems without EFL headers
      efl: next round of updates / cleanups
      efl.bbclass: update snapshot date
      merge of '68b677cc5ae237d521b127e852086eac5d000fd4'