Holger's qtopia repo: Changes to 'master'

git at git.openmoko.org git at git.openmoko.org
Thu Jun 12 11:32:36 CEST 2008

 .../phonevendors/ficgta01/vendor_ficgta01.cpp      |  118 --------------------
 .../phonevendors/ficgta01/vendor_ficgta01_p.h      |   25 ----
 src/libraries/qtopiaphonemodem/qmodemsmsreader.cpp |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 144 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit c8ee249c2b7a2d918d6bd7a1cca4912005ffa36e
Author: Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org>
Date:   Thu Jun 12 11:29:52 2008 +0200

    [simtoolkit] Remove non-working sim toolkit implementation for the ti calypso
        As pointed out by mwester on openmoko-devel the SIM Toolkit implementation
        does not work. The actual implementation was turned off the initialisation
        was still there. Remove the code and initialisation as we can always go
        back and enable it again.

commit 38c76fd98f560a300505beb3a98e7563c9639659
Author: Mike (mwester) <mwester at dls.net>
Date:   Thu Jun 12 11:25:51 2008 +0200

    [sms] Unable to receive SMS messages
    The problem is that Qtopia does not retry long enough to send
    the AT+CNMI message before giving up.  (This message instructs
    the GSM to send an unsolicited message upon arrival of an SMS.)
    Notes in the code indicate that some modems will be busy for a
    while after the AT+CPIN transaction, and Qtopia retries 5 times,
    each time one second apart.
    However, the docs for the Enfora Enabler, which have been noted
    to be more similar to the Calypso than others, make a specific
    note that it may take 20 seconds or more after power-up before
    the SIM is read, and certain SIM-related commmands can be run.
    (The error we get from the Calypso is "SIM BUSY".)  Various tests
    here confirm that the magic number for the Calypso with the SIM
    in question (a T-Mobile SIM) is 20 seconds.
    The patch below changes the 5 retries to 25 -- which solves my SMS
    problems completely, and is large enough that it should work for
    others as well.  There is no impact for SIMs that worked before.

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