Openmoko's OpenEmbedded repository. This is used to build the Openmoko distribution: Changes to 'org.openmoko.asu.stable'

git at git at
Sun Jun 15 16:25:00 CEST 2008

 classes/rootfs_ipk.bbclass                       |    2 +-
 conf/distro/include/            |    2 +-
 conf/distro/include/             |   14 +++++++-------
 packages/python/python-cython-native/Turn_off_GC |   14 ++++++++++++++
 packages/python/python-cython/Turn_off_GC        |   14 ++++++++++++++
 packages/python/         |    6 ++++--
 6 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit aaf9b041974757a08c5fc7a6953cd363fb9c6f86
Author: Carsten Haitzler <raster at stinky.(none)>
Date:   Thu Jun 12 12:47:08 2008 +0800

    newer revs of illume and efl/e

commit e9695aa1eef83a33564af0620801cd4d330768a3
Author: Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke at>
Date:   Sun Jun 15 15:30:55 2008 +0200

    [srcrev] Qtopia upgrade to have various bugfixes for regina

commit 60f34fd9470a9aec41174244edf0b731095023b0
Author:  <mickeyl at>
Date:   Wed Jun 11 15:45:54 2008 +0000

    rootfs_ipk.bbclass: opkg nowadays needs its lib directory created before it can operate

commit 79b22f5538a5df1421571baf19860fba33e11fb8
Author: Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke at>
Date:   Sat Jun 14 09:05:15 2008 +0200

    [srcrev] As on ticks request upgrade opkg to 4488 to fix some segfaults
        Some segfaults on package installation and downgrading were fixed
        by Thomans. Use that lucky version.

commit d2967ceb321964a524e12e1b315cb48dfa98ee0d
Author: Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke at>
Date:   Sat Jun 14 01:14:45 2008 +0200

    [srcrev] Upgrade the ninja theme to rev 5 as of ticks request
        raster posted a patch for ninja, jeremey applied it, we
        can now use the result.

commit 5c2ea365caae26e1b846087840c585c52e13c4cf
Author: Julian_chu <julian_chu at>
Date:   Thu Jun 12 22:54:08 2008 +0800

    [python-cython] This commit is a temporary solution.
    Exposure always got a Seg Fault when terminating.
    They think there was a bug in python-cython--it double
    free the same pointer.
    Raster found that turn off one option will hide the error.
    "generate_cleanup_code = 0" -- in
    It will turn off Garbage Collection of python.
    However, turn off it just hidding the problem, never fix it.

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