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Fri May 2 21:00:44 CEST 2008

revision:            85aa9d44282e81ea802eaddb07462565da096dbd
date:                2008-04-29T23:59:54
author:              gwossum
changelog: Re-enable optimization for AVR32 now that we switched to gcc-4.2.2 with Atmel patches which has the ICE fixed.

format_version "1"

new_manifest [b07fcaf1d6346cb85845da6a814c843cf85c7c67]

old_revision [8ef6f40062f322a638a7b2df52172bdcf6b2fff9]

patch "conf/distro/include/"
 from [bd467a8983d81901f98163052c0537bbf2909f15]
   to [ed3615a8cce5b329c1b4354ca91a98190a64f862]
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# patch "conf/distro/include/"
#  from [bd467a8983d81901f98163052c0537bbf2909f15]
#    to [ed3615a8cce5b329c1b4354ca91a98190a64f862]
--- conf/distro/include/	bd467a8983d81901f98163052c0537bbf2909f15
+++ conf/distro/include/	ed3615a8cce5b329c1b4354ca91a98190a64f862
@@ -16,8 +16,15 @@ BUILD_OPTIMIZATION = "-Os"
 #Gcc will die with 'internal consistency error when using the above optimizations
+#with gcc-4.2.1-atmel.1.0.3 (and probably most other avr32 gcc ports).
+#However, some packages require optimizations to compile (e.g. libmad).
+#It appears the guilty optimization is "-frename-registers", leaving that one 
+#out allows the build to proceed normally.  -fexpensive-optimizations may be OK,
+#it was removed while debugging an issue that ultimately turned out to be due
+#to the ICE fixed by gcc-pr32889.patch.  It needs to be tested again. 
+#Note that this testing was done without the gcc-pr32889.patch.
+FULL_OPTIMIZATION_avr32 = "-Os -fomit-frame-pointer"
 CXXFLAGS += "-fvisibility-inlines-hidden"
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