org.openmoko.april-update: 2aa9937f9e683b761235648c38bc5c66fab8d5eb

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Mon May 19 17:32:34 CEST 2008

revision:            2aa9937f9e683b761235648c38bc5c66fab8d5eb
date:                2008-05-19T12:52:47
author:              freyther at
branch:              org.openmoko.april-update
e-wm: We need shared-mime-info and mime-support to find out what files we have.
    raster pointed out that we need these two packages in the image to make
    illume display the icons in the grid.
    I think they belong to e-wm as it is classically handling the desktop/root
    and needs to have these files present.

format_version "1"

new_manifest [3411e4459d8e085ab18036b0752a4dd825462a83]

old_revision [a459d346a420e0270b3e57127a5053d6cffdeaa6]

patch "packages/e17/"
 from [10fac6f3469627d641a1a831d9875c86b8b3edc3]
   to [19e715ed638e757695c61a1a15a41a3abc4879c2]
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# patch "packages/e17/"
#  from [10fac6f3469627d641a1a831d9875c86b8b3edc3]
#    to [19e715ed638e757695c61a1a15a41a3abc4879c2]
--- packages/e17/	10fac6f3469627d641a1a831d9875c86b8b3edc3
+++ packages/e17/	19e715ed638e757695c61a1a15a41a3abc4879c2
@@ -2,10 +2,12 @@ PV = "0.16.999.042+cvs${SRCDATE}"
 DEPENDS = "eet evas ecore edje efreet"
 PV = "0.16.999.042+cvs${SRCDATE}"
-PR = "r5"
+PR = "r6"
 inherit e update-alternatives
+RDEPENDS += "shared-mime-info mime-support"
 SRC_URI = "${E_CVS};module=e17/apps/e \
            file://disable-e-cursor.patch;patch=1 \
            file://pkgconfig-fix.patch;patch=1;pnum=0;mindate=20080328;maxdate=20080401 \
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