r5094 - trunk/gta02-core/components

werner at docs.openmoko.org werner at docs.openmoko.org
Sat Jun 6 03:45:31 CEST 2009

Author: werner
Date: 2009-06-06 03:45:30 +0200 (Sat, 06 Jun 2009)
New Revision: 5094

A bit of cleanup and small improvements of components/STATUS:

- added author field to make it easier to spot eligible reviewers
- renamed usb_mini_b to mini_usb_b
- added Rene's new components
- added remark that crystal naming could perhaps be generalized

Modified: trunk/gta02-core/components/STATUS
--- trunk/gta02-core/components/STATUS	2009-06-05 20:16:55 UTC (rev 5093)
+++ trunk/gta02-core/components/STATUS	2009-06-06 01:45:30 UTC (rev 5094)
@@ -1,42 +1,50 @@
-Component		Ref	1st review	2nd review	3rd review
-----------------------	------	--------------	--------------	--------------
-74x1g00_5		U4902	Werner		Andre
-74x1g125		U4901	Werner		Andre
-74x2g126		U4903	Werner		Andre
-aat1275			U4904	Werner [1]      Alvaro
-atr0610			U7601	Werner          Alvaro
-b7840			U7603	Werner
-dtc123			Q4601	[2]
-emh4			Q1501	Werner
-exc24cb102u		B3004	Werner
-fa2012			RP6001	Werner
-ht210			LED1501	Werner
-it3205be		X7601	Werner
-k4m51323pe		U2201	(Werner)        Alvaro
-lis302dl		U7801	Werner          Alvaro
-ms2v-t1s		X1701
-pcf50633-04-n3		U1701	Werner          Alvaro
-r3113d			U7604	Werner
-rt9013			U1702	Werner
-rt9702a			U1705	Werner
-rt9711_bd_5		U4905	Werner
-s3c2442			U1501	(Werner)	Andre
-si1040x			U7609
-smsn16			CON7501	Werner
-sw_push_4		SW1501	Werner
-tas4025a		X1501
-usb_mini_b		CON4901	Werner
-varistor		D3001	Werner
-vibrator		VB4601	Werner
-wm8753l			U3001	Werner
+Component		Ref	Author	Review	2nd rv.	3rd rv.	Remarks
+----------------------	------	-------	-------	-------	-------	-------------
+74x1g00_5		U4902	Alvaro	Werner	Andre
+74x1g125		U4901	Alvaro	Werner	Andre
+74x2g126		U4903	Alvaro	Werner	Andre
+aat1275			U4904	Dave	Werner	Alvaro		[1]
+atr0610			U7601	Rene	Werner	Alvaro
+b7840			U7603	Rene	Werner
+dfbm-cs320		U2	Rene
+dtc123			Q4601	Alvaro				[2]
+emh4			Q1501		Werner
+exc24cb102u		B3004	Alvaro	Werner
+fa2012			RP6001	Alvaro	Werner
+gta02_wlan_h		CON7802	Rene
+gta02_wlan_s		CON7901	Rene
+ht210			LED1501		Werner
+it3205be		X7601	Rene	Werner
+k4m51323pe		U2201	Dave	Werner	Alvaro		<1>
+lis302dl		U7801	Dave	Werner	Alvaro
+mini_usb_b		CON4901	Alvaro	Werner
+ms2v-t1s		X1701	Alvaro				[3]
+pcf50633-04-n3		U1701	Dave	Werner	Alvaro
+r3113d			U7604	Rene	Werner
+rt9013			U1702	Alvaro	Werner
+rt9702a			U1705	Alvaro	Werner
+rt9711_bd_5		U4905	Alvaro	Werner
+s3c2442			U1501	Dave	Werner	Andre		<1>
+si1040x			U7609	Alvaro
+smsn16			CON7501	Alvaro	Werner
+sw_push_4		SW1501		Werner
+tas4025a		X1501	Alvaro				[3]
+td028ttec1		CON6001	Rene
+varistor		D3001	Alvaro	Werner
+vibrator		VB4601	Alvaro	Werner
+wm8753l			U3001	Dave	Werner
-KiCad R_PACK4		RP2001	Werner
-KiCad CRYSTAL		X7602	Werner
+KiCad R_PACK4		RP2001	-	Werner
+KiCad CRYSTAL		X7602	-	Werner
-(name) = partial review
+(N) = Nth review is only partial
 If a part is used multiple times, put the first reference.
 [1] Different packages available with different pin numbering.
     Component therefore needs qualifier.
 [2] Pin numbering probably wrong. Need to check real device.
+[3] These symbols are not very component-specific. Consider using
+    names like XTAL_4_12 for a crystal with four pins/pads, of
+    which 1 and 2 connect to the crystal and the rest is ground.

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