Java and neo1973

Stefano Sanna gerdavax at
Tue Nov 14 00:03:11 CET 2006

Hi all.

First of all, my congratulations to the team of OpenMoko for the 
exciting challenge they began! I hope we (the community) all will be 
able to support their project and let the open-mobile come to reality.

Today is a very important day: Java embraces the GPL v2!

What a nice coincidence: neo1973 is arriving full open and Java is 
moving towards open source. I believe that Java on the neo1973 is a 
must, in order to support the large market of existing mobile devices.

I would be nice to have a prototype version of the SDK to start porting 
the (now open!) official VM to the neo1973 environment.

Looking forward to buying it in january... :-)


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