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Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Hello.
> On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 00:03, Stefano Sanna wrote:
>> What a nice coincidence: neo1973 is arriving full open and Java is 
>> moving towards open source. I believe that Java on the neo1973 is a 
>> must, in order to support the large market of existing mobile devices.
> Why should java be a _must_, just because it's GPL after many years?

With some billions of devices already running Java MIDP applications, I 
think any new mobile device should look with interest to it. Being GPLed 
just makes easy to have a good VM implementation, because it is still 
missing a good one in the open source world.

> It is an option not a must.

You are definitively right. It is an option, but having Java 
compatibility may present neo1973 more attractive for mass market. For 
instance, there are lot of ready-to-run applications for RSS reading, 
email, games, mapping and so on. Maybe it would be easier to port the VM 
instead of writing from scratch all the software already available for 
Java ME.

> But I'm sure we will see java in openembedded until january. This
> makes it pretty easy for java lovers to install it.



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