Java and neo1973

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Tue Nov 14 00:37:21 CET 2006


I definitely agree that Java will help to make the Neo1973 far more 
appealing to a mass-market.
I would be willing to help in development of JavaME for the Neo1973.

Stefano Sanna wrote:
> Hi.
> Stefan Schmidt wrote:
>> Hello.
>> On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 00:03, Stefano Sanna wrote:
>>> What a nice coincidence: neo1973 is arriving full open and Java is 
>>> moving towards open source. I believe that Java on the neo1973 is a 
>>> must, in order to support the large market of existing mobile devices.
>> Why should java be a _must_, just because it's GPL after many years?
> With some billions of devices already running Java MIDP applications, 
> I think any new mobile device should look with interest to it. Being 
> GPLed just makes easy to have a good VM implementation, because it is 
> still missing a good one in the open source world.
>> It is an option not a must.
> You are definitively right. It is an option, but having Java 
> compatibility may present neo1973 more attractive for mass market. For 
> instance, there are lot of ready-to-run applications for RSS reading, 
> email, games, mapping and so on. Maybe it would be easier to port the 
> VM instead of writing from scratch all the software already available 
> for Java ME.
>> But I'm sure we will see java in openembedded until january. This
>> makes it pretty easy for java lovers to install it.
> Excellent!
> Regards,
> Stefano.

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