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Tue Nov 14 06:38:51 CET 2006


Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Hello.
>> You are definitively right. It is an option, but having Java 
>> compatibility may present neo1973 more attractive for mass market. For 
>> instance, there are lot of ready-to-run applications for RSS reading, 
>> email, games, mapping and so on. Maybe it would be easier to port the VM 
>> instead of writing from scratch all the software already available for 
>> Java ME.
> But write them from scratch or port native linux apps makes the
> software better. ;) SCNR


> I see that there are billions of java midlets with nice GUI and closed
> code. And I see that the mass market like to use them.

Not only: industry recognizes Java as the fastest way to deploy services 
on mobile devices. Google, for instance, provides its gmail client con 
JME devices: it is easier than providing a client for WM5, EZX, Maemo, 
PalmOS and so on.

> My point is that we have the chance here to do it _right_.


> In my eyes Java midlets are only a workaround while you can't write
> native applications for your phone.

Yes and no. I mean: if you have to write an application that has to run 
in just one (well identified) device, I think there is no reason to use 
Java and miss native capabilities of device. However, if you plan to 
have the same application running on two (very) different platforms 
(Symbian and EZX, for instance) you will have to double effort or switch 
to Java.

> Don't get me wrong, I _know_ somebody will make a JavaVM available for
> OpenMoko and I _know_ that people will run there midlets on it. That's
> fine with me.


> But personally unhappy with the performance, code quality and closed
> source of the java midlets I've seen.

Performances are getting better, code quality is in our hands.

Anyway, I would be happy to see Java on neo1973 and I would be happy to 
contribute to it. ;-)


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