Wi-fi Yes; Camera No

Bill Hope wehope_be at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 09:10:44 CET 2006

I am very excited about this phone.

IMHO, 1.3megapixel cameras in cell phones are worthless. Too low a resolution to print. Too little control of the picture quality. No flash. To hard to get off the phone. I carry a small Casio 5Mpixel in my pocket instead. I had a phone with a camera. Used camera a few times. Hated the results. Gave it to my daughter. If it was 3Mpixel with some control of picture quality, then it MIGHT be interesting.

Wi-Fi is a must for me. I currently use a web interface to play my music on my stereo. I don't like needing a desktop/laptop computer (and my daughter is always on it anyway). I would do more home automation if I had a small device like the NEO1973 (had been waiting on the next generation of the Nokia 770 hardware) to use as a controller. Range on BT isn't good enough.

I would also ask for USB in host mode to possibly connect to a keyboad or make sure the BT works with (more than) one.


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