Hardware questions: Does the 1973 have a camera?

Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at fic.com.tw
Tue Nov 14 10:57:26 CET 2006


Thanks a lot for your comments! We're planning on doing something cool when
the whole community site is setup (WRT requesting h/w). Right now I will
file these quests on my computer.


On 11/14/06 5:44 AM, "david pais" <davioh2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> My suggestions for the next generation "neo 1975" or
> whatever it will be called in no specific order...
> #1. keep the same general styling/form factor (which
> is clean and great)
> #2. Camera(s) with flash/led
> #3. HSDPA 3 g data access
> #4. fm tuner /bluetooth 2.0/802.11x
> #5. full size sd card slot with sdhc and sdio
> #6. more flash ram (whatever serious amount is
> possible)
> Uplevel model 
> #7. 2x whatever flash ram the base model has.
> #8. bettery battery
> well that is my 2 cents for the future of the unit I'd
> love to be able to replace 3-4 devices...btw I don't
> care if the new unit is $700 I just want it to have
> all the features possible.  I keep a phone for 2-4
> years so its worth the extra money to have the good
> feautures built in even at a premium price).
> --- Sean Moss-Pultz <sean_mosko at fic.com.tw> wrote:
>> Dear Tony,
>> Thanks for your interest. My comments are inline:
>> On 11/13/06 8:03 PM, "Tony Holmes"
>> <holmes_tony at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> It seems from the pictures and the absence of
>> "camera" from the features
>>> list that the Neo1973 does not feature a camera.
>> This seems unfortunate.  I
>>> love the idea of a Linux based phone, I use Ubuntu
>> on my PC so the idea of
>>> using apt-get to manage the software sounds great.
>>  The GPS idea sounds very
>>> interesting.  I had a look at Nokia's Linux tablet
>> community site and all
>>> the applications that I could see there seemed to
>> relate to ways to use it
>>> as a communications device (and so make more money
>> for the networks).
>> Our first generation hardware won't have a camera.
>> If this is a feature
>> highly requested by the community we will definitely
>> put it in the next
>> generation. 
>>> Obviously the 1973 is a communications device and
>> so is likely to feature
>>> applications that will allow email, limited web
>> browsing, phone calls and
>>> other data transfer uses, but (as is implied by
>> the GPS) it is also a device
>>> capable of running a variety of other
>> applications.
>> For sure. And the fact that it's open means that you
>> can put any of these
>> applications you like on your phone ;-)
>>> So, will it have a camera?  And will the screen be
>> protected (being a touch
>>> screen) without adding too much bulk to the unit?
>> Thanks.
>> No camera now. We will provide a really neat case.
>> -Sean
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