Wi-fi Yes; Camera No

Jan Niehusmann jan at gondor.com
Tue Nov 14 11:34:29 CET 2006

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 12:10:44AM -0800, Bill Hope wrote:
>    IMHO, 1.3megapixel cameras in cell phones are worthless. Too low a
>    resolution to print. Too little control of the picture quality. No flash.
>    To hard to get off the phone. 

While the other points are valid - the last one definitely shouldn't
apply to a truly open phone.

In fact, I guess most phones make it difficult to download pictures
because of pressure by the mobile providers: They prefer pictures to be
sent by mms instead of downloading them to a local computer.
And this kind of deliberate restriction is exactly the thing which won't
happen if users are able to improve the software.

>    I would also ask for USB in host mode to possibly connect to a keyboad or
>    make sure the BT works with (more than) one.

USB host mode would also allow to connect an external camera to the
phone, perhaps mitigating the need for an internal camera.


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