wlan and voip

Hannes Hauswedell hannes.hauswedell at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 21:39:46 CET 2006

hi everyone,
i REALLY REALLY love this device. it has a great design and the concept of a 
free and open platform really convinces me ( i am one of those people who try 
to convince others that flash is evil because its proprietry and pay an extra 
60€ to get an "mp3player" with open-hardware sent from the us to 
germany ;) ).
being able to connect my bsd and linux boxes to the phone and hacking on the 
phone is awesome, BUT i need wlan and voip functionality. this is one thing 
an open platform should defintely provide, because it makes the phone useable 
and affordable without 2-year-contracts and simlocks.
to explain, i get my internet through wifi, my hardphones are all voip 
capable, my neighbourhoood is covered with this net and my university has 
wifi. it wouldnt make sense for me to buy a phone that doesnt support SIP....

unfortunately there are no working free (as in freedom) phones out there that 
do that....

so i wanted to a nokia e60 or e70 as these are the only ones that actually 
support sip....

...until i came upon your website some days ago :)

when will (will there?) the first openmoko devices be shipped that support 
i cant wait too long so please be honest....

if you say not before summer next year, i'll get an e60 now and try to sell it 
a year or two ;)

thanks for your work/plans

hannes hauswedell

p.s: if you achieve half of what your promising, its gonna be a revolution ;)

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