How to connect Wifi to Samsung's S3C2410? Re: Congratulations to you and FIC

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Wed Nov 15 20:01:39 CET 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 18:19, Robert Michel wrote:

> SDIO = SD Host/MMC (Multi Media Card) Interface?
> So upgrade the Flash Memory up to the maximum of 1 GB
> and give up the SD port for the benefit of FAST Wifi?

First of all let me chime into the praise. I was *this* close to ordering a 
Nokia E series phone because of it having WiFi and not being Winmobile.

Add try to add another whatever-sd slot and use Spectecs tiny WiFi module. Or 
even just two microsd and try to get hands on the microsd one. More SDIO 
lines could be useful anyhow, as there are even SD Cams these days I believe. 
(I think someone had a combo SD WIFI and Flash card but that obviously wont 
fit into microsd).

But I believe it's like easier to up the flash onboard: I'd very much support 
50$ higher price and get 1 or (much preferred but technically not possible I 
believe) 2GB Flash on board thus freeing up the microsd slot for microsd 
WIFI. Sacrificing the microsd slot for WiFi without anymore onboard flash 
means the PMP features and GPS maps get lost...

Be sure to look at

If it gets 1GB internal Flash I would most certainly buy one (even for 400+$) 
if I can get SDIO to work. Same goes for the current specs plus WiFi. Without 
WiFi I'm much less sure I'd pay the 350$ as GPRS is insanely expensive in 
Switzerland (something like 3EUR per MB).


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