Adding an overview page to openmoko.{com,org}

Kay Hannay klinux at
Wed Nov 15 20:14:59 CET 2006

Hello all,

I also would like to congratulate the openmoko team for this great
approach! I hope it will be a success and that we get a big community
for the device.

Here some comments from my side for the preliminary specs.

Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve Koen!
> ...
>> Software
>>  * uboot
>>  * Xorg kdrive 7.x
>>  * gtk 2.6.x
>>  * openmoko libs/widgets/etc
>>  * matchbox
>>  * ipkg
>>  * closed-source 'agpsd'
>      running in userspace
>    * Funambol's dual-licensed SyncML stack
>From my point of view it would be interesting to know which kind of
software will be shipped with the phone. For example:
- calendar
- addressbook
- dialing
- ...

This would enable the people to think about useful application projects
which could be started as soon as the device/SDK is available.
>> Buildsystem
>>  * A bitbake collection to be used with OpenEmbedded, will be merged in (approx) january
>> into

I would like to see more details about the SDK, environment, etc. But I
fear that its too early. I really would like to get some simulator, some
API documents in my hands.

Best regards

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