Multiplexing SDIO? Re: How to connect Wifi to Samsung's S3C2410? Re: Congratulations to you and FIC

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Nov 16 02:51:36 CET 2006

Salve Gabriel, *!

First sorry if my thoughts on this list starts confusion
(again I'm not a hardware expert) but I like to encourage
the Neo1973 team to find a desin of the Neo1973 that
- has much memory
- has the potential to upgrade the number of memory
- has the chance for Wifi
- and no bottle neck for Wifi or memory access

- some additional solder conectors for UART, SIP.... for
  hardware hackers and embedded computing / smartphone developers...

Ok hope that some hardware skilled person will be motivated
to find good ideas and layout for the Neo1973 ;)

Gabriel Ambuehl schrieb am Mittwoch, den 15. November 2006 um 20:01h:

> On Wednesday 15 November 2006 18:19, Robert Michel wrote:
> > SDIO = SD Host/MMC (Multi Media Card) Interface?
> >
> > So upgrade the Flash Memory up to the maximum of 1 GB
> > and give up the SD port for the benefit of FAST Wifi?

> Sacrificing the microsd slot for WiFi without anymore onboard flash 
> means the PMP features and GPS maps get lost...

BTW is the SD memory limited to 1 GB or could we expect to
use cards with mor memory?

1 GB would be a image of the Wikipedia (one language)
1 GB Maps
1 GB Sounds
1 GB pictures
1 GB emails /files
1 GB documentations
ebooks , software ...

With such a great display more memory = more potential more use.
Even when it is an option to buy 8GB one year later ;)
Ok OK you are all right - when the Neo1973 has 1GB memory,
I could jokey with USB memory....
But when our free phone offers the chance to have a great
collection with us... or just the potential for the future?

BTW is the SD memory limited to 1 GB or could we expect to
use cards with more memory together with the S3C2410?

> If it gets 1GB internal Flash I would most certainly buy one (even for 400+$) 
> if I can get SDIO to work. Same goes for the current specs plus WiFi. Without 
> WiFi I'm much less sure I'd pay the 350$ as GPRS is insanely expensive in 
> Switzerland (something like 3EUR per MB).

Yes ;)
I didn't wanted to start a discussion which is more important....
(I think definitive memory and not Wi-Fi) 

I'm no expert - multiplexing the one SDIO with the help of one UART?

SDIO multiplexing:
1. external micro-SD
2. internal Wi-fi
3. internal free SD - e.g. for solder internal another micro-SD.

Anybody more skilled (expert) here with some good Ideas 
how to connect to the S3C2410 in the NEO1973
much memory and Wifi? Or just open the board design for
smart (hardware) hacks?


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