Multiplexing SDIO? Re: How to connect Wifi to Samsung's S3C2410? Re: Congratulations to you and FIC

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Thu Nov 16 09:33:04 CET 2006

On Thursday 16 November 2006 02:51, Robert Michel wrote:
> BTW is the SD memory limited to 1 GB or could we expect to
> use cards with more memory together with the S3C2410?

From an earlier mail to the list:
>  * micro-sd slot
     1GB maximum (due s3c2410)

I didn't verify that however.

> 1 GB would be a image of the Wikipedia (one language)
> 1 GB Maps
> 1 GB Sounds
> 1 GB pictures
> 1 GB emails /files
> 1 GB documentations
> ebooks , software ...

Yes. More memory would certainly come in handy. In that respect I would prefer 
minisd or even full blown SD anyhow.

> > If it gets 1GB internal Flash I would most certainly buy one (even for
> > 400+$) if I can get SDIO to work. Same goes for the current specs plus
> > WiFi. Without WiFi I'm much less sure I'd pay the 350$ as GPRS is
> > insanely expensive in Switzerland (something like 3EUR per MB).
> Yes ;)
> I didn't wanted to start a discussion which is more important....
> (I think definitive memory and not Wi-Fi)

Personally, I have both on my must have list. I'm not willing to sacrifice 
either (tho I might go for it if there was some sort of tradein deal).

There is one issue with the microsd wifi however: Looking at the specs and 
comparing them to normal microsd Memory cards, I guess the spectec card is 
oversized (says it's 23mm whereas normal cards are about 15mm, just why the 
consider that to be microsd is not really clear to me).

If it was at all possible, a minisd slot would thus be vastly preferable. The 
Spectec minisd WLAN card even lists Linux v2.418 on samsung 2410 / 2440 as 
being supported!

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