Multiplexing SDIO? Re: How to connect Wifi to Samsung's S3C2410? Re: Congratulations to you and FIC

Richard Franks richard.franks at
Thu Nov 16 17:47:35 CET 2006

> First sorry if my thoughts on this list starts confusion
> (again I'm not a hardware expert) but I like to encourage
> the Neo1973 team to find a desin of the Neo1973 that
> - has much memory
> - has the potential to upgrade the number of memory
> - has the chance for Wifi
> - and no bottle neck for Wifi or memory access

The way I see it, the memory issue is mitigated somewhat by wifi access
-- affordable city-wide wifi (e.g. Toronto) would mean that for most of
my usage, I'd be happy to stream media or data as-required, from my home
machine. In fact, in many cases, it would be preferable to stream/cache
data rather than rely on the download-then-remember-to-delete paradigm.

Yup - that would require additional development to deploy for the
masses, but it could be simplified - assuming one end has a routable IP
and a friendly server to negotiate the initial connection.


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