power of "apt-get install" example: Linksys NSLU2 is now official supported by Debian installer, 2. free ARM emulator QEMU

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Nov 16 22:41:31 CET 2006

Salve Koen!

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Koen Kooi wrote:
> As indicated before, openmoko won't use apt, but ipkg.

Ok - so I asked myself why ipkg and not apt.
gaves the answer that ipkg will use less memory on the mobil.
I love to be able to use one tool on diverent devices and plattforms
so my first reaction on this info was :(

Second, I still have the open question if ipkg on Neo1973 could
let me use the normal .deb packets from the debian mirrors, or
comes the need with ipkg to convert every packet?

If yes, does somebody already hacked a proxy for do this?

I already use my (external) vserver for finding new software
- apt-cach search, apt-get install and also man is much faster
then my laptop. So why not swap out as much as possible from
the mobile to a (own) server?
A proxy that knows about the installation on the mobile and
that it could calculate dependencies, needed free space and
needed data transfer (and it's estimated cost via GPRS)
and convert the .deb for the ipkg installer.

> > 1. Linksys NAS NSLU2 (ARM CPU) is now officiall supported by the
> >    Debian installer
> It has been support by the slugos installer for some years now, and slugos is built with
> openembedded like openmoko.

Ok, but with Debian support I does not know or care about slugos
installer - same source, same tools....

> OE has been using qemu to emulate various things during crosscompiling for a while now.
> I guess old news gets recycled once debian does it ;)

Ok, could be old (cold) coffee for most on this list
- sorry to bother you ;)

But debian makes things easyer to use (with less knowledge)
and more populare.

I do have much respect for those with much knowledge.

My motivation to write the mail about QEMU/Debian was to collect 
information for people (like me) which haven't used an embedded 
Linux or a Linux PDA yet - and to support them
that they start a ARM emulation with X (and soon with openmoko software)
just 5 minutes after they thought 
"OpenMoko/Neo1973 - a real open Linux phone - that sounds interesting".

Thank you for your feedback 

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