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This comes up again and again on ml's, so just shoirt answers.

On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 13:11, Dan Koester wrote:
> Someone brought it to my attention that I was not replying to the entire
> list when I hit reply (I was not checking and assuming it was returning
> to the list).  It appears as though the reply-to address is not set to
> the lists address.

No, this is a no no. Please read the following:

For replies to the ml use the reply-to-ml feature of your mailer. If
your mailer doesn't support this, open e bug.

> Also it would be handy (and I have e-mailed the admin account listed on
> the website) if there was a prefix in the subject line for the mailing
> lists.  I have even noticed a couple of people manually adding one.

This only waste space in the subject header. Mails from the ml already
have a List-ID heaer inside. You can use this one to filter your

> Both of these requests seem to follow current etiquette.

Sorry, but I disagree. Which etiquette you refer to?

Stefan Schmidt
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