What will you do with yours?

Richard Franks richard.franks at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Fri Nov 17 18:08:26 CET 2006

In the sense of, which application area interests you the most - if you
intend to develop some software for this thing, how would you categorise

I'm split between syncronising data/content between the Neo1973 and all
my other machines - so I have a single computer system constructed
transparently from multiple disparate hardware nodes, and the innovative
uses which GPS allows for.  e.g. dynamically altering security levels if
my home machine detects that the phone has wandered away from my usual
weekday routine. Or sending me uplifting music if it notices what I'm at
work late.

Or is it still too early for people to start thinking about development
projects without an SDK to peek at?

I'm thinking in terms of all the architecture which is independent of
the Neo1973 - PC-client side apps (e.g. facilitating streaming, remote
access, personal query-servers). Certainly there is no need to reinvent
the wheel, but some thoughts on how to integrate third-party development
could be positive?

Specifically, I'm itching for details on the 'Software Manager' app, and
what is meant by 'software feeds'. Does it extend beyond the scope of
the Neo1973 platform with PC-client side (or web-based) configuration?
If not, could it without breaking the design? :-)

Does anyone else want to share their project ideas?


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