wlan and voip

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at cc.helsinki.fi
Fri Nov 17 18:32:36 CET 2006

What with all the wlan and voip interest, thought I'd drop a note
reminding that you can have voip without wlan, though of course rather
less flexibly location-wise; nearby a friendly workstation or, as the
case may be, your laptop, you can have your phone connected to the
internet via Bluetooth. Then all you need is a ported SIP softphone,
which shouldn't be much of a problem, though of course a somewhat
unified phone interface would need more work.

I at least plan to script easy Bluetooth internet access via my
workstations and laptop for my eventual OpenMoko, though not so much for
VOIP; I rather find that phones aren't really for talking anyway, net
access being their primary use ;)

And since this is my first post, some ObPraise: Yes, I indeed very much
plan on buying the first-gen OpenMoko phone, despite lacking some
attractive features (notably the WiFi and 3G); the freedom and
flexibility outweigh those in my book. Indeed I've been wondering which
phone manufacturer would be the least evil and which phone the most open
for my next phone upgrade (my current phone having already once seen the
soldering iron), and the OpenMoko announcement made it very easy for me.
(Having affordable flat-rate GPRS here in Finland also certainly helps
mitigate the small feature holes :)

So, kudos to everyone involved, and I hope the shipping date holds.

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