wlan and voip

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at dungeon.inka.de
Fri Nov 17 23:36:53 CET 2006

I'm very keen on getting an openmoko phone too!
if there is anything I can help with, please let me know
(I know smartcards well if that helps, and have some general
clue about packaging and compiling software etc. - maybe either
is of any help?)

about the voip capabilities: can the mobile phone be used
with a linux computer for voip? that would be real nice?
not sure what kind of software we would need on the usb
host computer. with usbnet maybe only routing (ok, plus
nat or proxy arp and thus this gets ugly), without usbnet
maybe the ip communication can be done by the host and
the audio part, sip protocol, contact database and all
that would be stored on the mobile?

with or without voip - I want one. :)

as for the standard consumer feature: I hope for real
nice management of contacts. None of the software for
linux I know has a decent contact management (e.g.
kontakt, evolution, mozilla all suck at some point),
so it would be real nice if I could store and manage
all contacts on the mobile, and it could for example
let me see whose birthdays, anniversaries etc. are
comming up.

maybe it could be even the first application where I
can enter a birthday for a contact without knowing
the birth year? (I don't remember any software that
can do this.) as you can see we already have lots of
ideas and wish list items for the mobile, but if the
first software version can't do all that, it will be
perfectly fine. the more reason to dig into the
source and improve it.

Regards. Andreas

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