Using UART/SPI... for swithing 2-8 SIM-cards Re: [Neo1973] Hardware access: additional solder points ; )

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sun Nov 19 16:36:08 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Dienstag, den 14. November 2006 um 15:50h:
> I do not promise that my knowhow is enough for big hacks,
> but I do know much engough, that the CPU has so much unused potential

> Please take a look, eg. UART/IrDa 1.1, SPI, I2C, I2S  interface:

One of the potential would be a software controlled switching of 
different SIM-cards. AFAIK "Benefon Twin Dual SIM" was the first
phone that allows the user to switch between two SIM-cards with
the phone GUI.

An open Smartphone could make it possible to swith the SIM automaticaly
to get the cheapest scale (tariff) before dialing/dataconnection/sms
And even for caller - when your frind/partner knows about your phone,
you could reject the incomming call and switch to another GSM-net by
choosing another SIM. HeShe has just to call a second time...

Going abroad - I live in Aachen, is close directly to the Netherlands
and Belgium (just to walk 2 km to the south or to the west). Beeing
called with a German SIM is very expensive for me.

E.g. I would walk/drive to Belgium - the Neo1973 could check with A-GPS
which card to use next, when my phone is going to lose the contact to 
my German GSM-network and choose the right (cheapest scale) card for
Also for travelling by plaine - switch on, and the Neo1973 will check
with A-GPS which SIM would be the best (of course it would maybe the
wrong card to be able to use A-GPS - but (optional) it could reject
incomming calls at that moment).

A-GPS could work more accurate when you use more cell informatios -
or your GSM-net offers only one cell connection because this network
is not good/strong at the location you try to find it's coordinates
- just switch to a foreign gsm network and you have the chance to
use roaming to more gsm networks....

You have several SIM cards? Neo1973 could swith to different networks
automaticaly from time to time to collect your incomming SMS from
other networks.

On scale/tariff better on the afternoon/nigth, another better on a
weekend - let your software switch atomaticaly.

Last idea for the moment - with asterisk with to numbers on asterisk
you could log off on asterisk before switching and log on after
so that asterisk knows how t forward calls to you AND gives a
busy as feedback for incoming calls inbetween. So you would not lose
any incomming calls.

So when the circuit board of the Neo1973 got some additional
solderpoints, someone like to hack an electronical switching for
2-8 sims (maybe to extent the cace by 3-4mm).

Networkprovider wouldn't like such features - but hey, 
when the Neo1973 is distributed without their shops anyway
why not make the Neo1973 more smart, especialy with features
that GSM networkprovider never would sell?

Keep in mind that a lot of unsuported things in mobils of today
where not the lack of creativity of the developers - it was 
grabby whish of the business people of the netprovider,
shortsighted in my case - without a smart SSH and other features
on my phone that makes it real to a smart phone
smartphone = mobile computer + GSM/GPRS
I have no need for GPRS e.g. and I would not use the Internet,
when Compuserve/AOL is the only one who sells network connections
and terminals.

So beside of the dumbphones of today  - there is so much potential
with an open smartphone :)))

I realy hope that here will be at least *one* usable SPI connector 
on cicuit board of the first Neo1973.


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