Undecided Bluetooth?

Joel Newkirk moko at newkirk.us
Mon Nov 20 20:22:41 CET 2006

Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> ma, 2006-11-20 kello 09:40 +0300, Denis Kaledin kirjoitti:
>> Sean, thanks for posting initial specs. One question: looks like
>> Bluetooth is still undecided in first-gen Neo?
> Good catch. I had formed the impression, based on an article on perhaps
> The Register or something, that BT was in, but if it turns out not to
> be, I'll have to do some reconsidering on the first-gen devices...
> _Some_ form of local wireless connectivity is rather important. Not sure
> yet if a dealbreaker, but hopefully I won't have to decide...

I agree - a year ago I didn't use bluetooth, but today I use it for both
handsfree and data connectivity.  Which leads to my number one beef with
Bluetooth as implemented on all phones I'm familiar with - single-device
limitations.  If my bluetooth handsfree is turned on, I can't use the
data connection, and vice-versa.  What would be really helpful would be
a bluetooth implementation that would support at least two simultaneous
connections.  (at least to different device types/profiles - two
handsfrees might even be useful sometimes, but the data.vs.headset issue
is quite an irritant)  However I don't know if this is a limitation in
the silicon or the bluetooth stack...


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