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Koen Kooi koen at dominion.kabel.utwente.nl
Mon Nov 20 20:31:55 CET 2006

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Joel Newkirk schreef:
> Mikko Rauhala wrote:
>> ma, 2006-11-20 kello 09:40 +0300, Denis Kaledin kirjoitti:
>>> Sean, thanks for posting initial specs. One question: looks like
>>> Bluetooth is still undecided in first-gen Neo?
>> Good catch. I had formed the impression, based on an article on perhaps
>> The Register or something, that BT was in, but if it turns out not to
>> be, I'll have to do some reconsidering on the first-gen devices...
>> _Some_ form of local wireless connectivity is rather important. Not sure
>> yet if a dealbreaker, but hopefully I won't have to decide...
> I agree - a year ago I didn't use bluetooth, but today I use it for both
> handsfree and data connectivity.  Which leads to my number one beef with
> Bluetooth as implemented on all phones I'm familiar with - single-device
> limitations.  If my bluetooth handsfree is turned on, I can't use the
> data connection, and vice-versa.  What would be really helpful would be
> a bluetooth implementation that would support at least two simultaneous
> connections.  (at least to different device types/profiles - two
> handsfrees might even be useful sometimes, but the data.vs.headset issue
> is quite an irritant)  However I don't know if this is a limitation in
> the silicon or the bluetooth stack...

Although it's not a phone, the hp ipaq h5000 series supported multiple devices till HP
released a 'upgrade'  that disabled it, so all the people using that cute keyboard + mouse
combo were out of luck. When using linux on that device we hit some same bugs, and after
some investigation it turned out to be a combination of bugs in the bluez stack (no error
recovery), not so nice silicon (PXA25x BTUART has issues at Mbit speeds) and buggy silicon
(the bt chip used).

But in this day and age there shouldn't be any hardware issues that exclude multiple
connections. What is an issue the 'SCO' support on the hardware side and software side.
Marcel Holtmann (the bluez dude) can help with that, but he would need access to the
hardware in question (hint, hint ;)).



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