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Joel Newkirk schreef:
  (Only one
> thread over there about OpenMoko so far, enthusiastic, and it mentions
> some OESF/OpenMoko interaction already taking place)

It mentions *OpenEmbedded*, not OESF (yes, that's confusing, thank the forum dudes for
stealing the name).

> Many useful things are already available in package feeds for Familiar
> (HP), uLinux (Zaurus), and other ARM-based linux distros 

With a different ABI, so you can't use them (maybe the OZ feeds, since they use softFPA as
well, but certainly not the others. But even them, it would be pure luck thanks to glibc
and gcc differences). Users shouldn't install packages which the developers say "don't
work" or "are incompatible". That being said, it is real easy to make your 'own' packages
of stuff you need with OpenEmbedded and the tentative SDK.

> like IAXClient (Inter-AsteriskExchange VOIP support - connect direct to
> carriers like Teliax or personal/office Asterisk servers) and services
> like CUPS and Samba remote printing that would require little or no
> modification to recompile for OpenMoko.

As said before, openmoko uses openembedded, so you just type in 'bitbake samba cups
asterisk package-index' and it will download, compile, package it up and make a ready to
use feed for it.

No need to start reinventing the wheel :)


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