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Tue Nov 21 20:00:11 CET 2006

Dnia wtorek, 21 listopada 2006 19:29, Richard Franks napisał:

> Yup - I can totally see GPS-based location behaviour alteration holding
> massive potential for interesting new applications

Switching profiles based on location!

1. When I arrive at work, phone will switch to vibrations, connect to my 
work BT network (PAN not DUN) to be reachable from my work computer and 
if connected then try to sync.

2. When I leave work and the time of day is correct (so I really left 
work, not go to visit customer) phone switch to normal profile with 
numbers from 'boss and other like that' blacklisted.

3. When I'm at cinema (or other defined place) phone disable everything - 
no calls received, no beeps, no vibrations.

Application support:

I'm at shop and phone beeps that I have some things on shopping list - 
quick look at screen (list on top) and I buy all what I had to.

WiFi/BT profiles changing during walks - I'm at home so connect to home 
hotspot, at friends - to their hotspots etc.

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