A marketing angle

Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at fic.com.tw
Wed Nov 22 14:49:42 CET 2006

On 11/22/06 1:21 AM, "Ben F-W" <openmoko at flemingwilliams.co.uk> wrote:

> Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
>> Please understand that market questions are not something I can freely talk
>> about at this point. We're just beginning a really long term plan. I
>> wouldn't want to show our cards, too early ;-)
> That's no problem, Sean: I quite understand. Equally, I hope you don't
> mind my speculating in the meantime?

Not at all. I really like the fact that we are having (somewhat at least)
non-technical discussion, too. This is really exciting for me.

>> I will say that OpenMoko is extremely strategic to our company. We are, and
>> plan to continue, investing generously in this effort.
>> Please don't think for a second this is a one time, wild gun-slinging event,
>> from FIC.
> That's good to hear - and I'm delighted to know that FIC considers it so
> important to them. However, it is a new approach in an established
> market, and therefore automatically entails a certain amount of risk.
> FIC would not be acting rationally if it invested further in a product
> that had failed to recoup costs, unless it showed a strong likelihood of
> doing so in the future. My interest here is to look at what the
> community can do to ensure this new approach makes its mark!

I, too, share the same interests ;-)

So please by all means, fire away. I'm all ears!


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