GPS App idea

collin at collin at
Wed Nov 22 15:12:59 CET 2006

Quoting Joe Bushong <joe.bushong at>:

> All I really want from the Neo is a GPS application that helps me when
> I have gone senile and can't find my car in a big parking lot. Ideally
> it would constantly monitor my speed and "mark" the last place I
> changed from driving speeds to a long period of walking speeds. No
> user interaction until I ask it, "Where is my car in relation to where
> I am right now?" and it displays a big arrow and distance reading.

If you park in a public garage you don't have gps, so your app wouldn't work.

I would rather go for a nice (google/who_ever) map software, where I 
can lookup
and remember (save) information about the place/street/where_ever I'm 
at. If you had a camera you could go even further - but I'm actually glad that
there will not be one. If you combine this app. with the address book 
you could
do real crazzy things like "show me the house of a CONTACT" in the case where
you can't find a particular location. I could go on...


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