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Salve collin, *!

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> Quoting Sean Moss-Pultz <sean_mosko at>:
> >On 11/22/06 2:38 AM, "Koen Kooi" <koen at> wrote:
> >
> >>I've been playing with lately, which is 
> >>pretty
> >>neat stuff.
> >>Having a dbus service that has your positition (altitude, velocity, 
> >>heading,
> >>etc) would be
> >>a good start for an 'API'.   

> >>Having geoclue working with the agpsd daemon would be even better :)
> >
> >This is a _really_ interesting idea. (I'm taking notes ;-)
> if you had dbus support you could do stuff like: add locations to reminders
> (todo list items) and let them remind you about things while you're at a
> specific location, e.g. pickup something from someplace.


You could also share (via GPRS) this "to do" with your family, friends,
neighbour sport-team or your business team:
"The first who came to this location or in this region please do...."

Metalocation could be shops of the same brand,
and shops where you can get the same product.

So you haven't talk again with your partner who is buying the milk
- the first who came along a shop can buy it and by removing it from
the "to buy" list - the other will not buy it, too.

For your sport-team - the first who is near by the sports store could
buy xz for the team

Special shopping offer - you haven't the time to go monday morning into
the shop zz to catch one of the special offers - but you can ask your
familie, friends and neighbour to do it for you - the first of them
who is in the shop get a "message - Hello Frank - please...."

The system could also assist when will be the best moment to
exchange things.....

Of course things should be simple, but when you buing something
for your sport-club or when this system is used - a financial 
assistment would be fine (it is also thinkable that this system
is be used by people that didn't know each other)

Such  "comunity shopping" could be combined with a private (digital)
The shopping task could have a (hidden) digital signature from you,
- confirmation that user77 will buy it for you and it will cost 350€
- confirmation2 that user77 had bought it for you.
Your system send to user77 a message that you say ok, when you give
me it, you will get 350€

So in a family or with friends it could be a system that the kredits
are taken and given and during the time they will be balanced.
If not, you can exchange paper money, or do a (bank) transfer.

This could build a private, non-comercial financial network of trust,
which maybe could also used for mini-credits or even bigger ones.

The private banking and sharing "tasks" should IMHO
independent of one big server, one company, and it should be encryped.


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