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Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Nov 22 16:22:01 CET 2006

Salve collin!

On Wed, 22 Nov 2006, collin at wrote:

> Quoting Joe Bushong <joe.bushong at>:
> >All I really want from the Neo is a GPS application that helps me when
> >I have gone senile and can't find my car in a big parking lot. Ideally
> >it would constantly monitor my speed and "mark" the last place I
> >changed from driving speeds to a long period of walking speeds. No
> >user interaction until I ask it, "Where is my car in relation to where
> >I am right now?" and it displays a big arrow and distance reading.

The smart point of Joe's idea that you don't have to act every time
you park your car - it is automaticaly a backup for your memory.
Interaction only when it is neccessary.

> If you park in a public garage you don't have gps, so your app wouldn't 
> work.

Please consider that the Neo1973 will have AGPS and I can imagine that
"TI GPRS" will support E-OTD
see my mail "Some links but also questions about AGPS"

AGPS localisation with the Neo should be usable even in a public garage
or inside your pocket.

> there will not be one. If you combine this app. with the address book 
> you could
> do real crazzy things like "show me the house of a CONTACT" in the case 
> where
> you can't find a particular location. I could go on...

Or you can chare information that you have visited special locations
(mountains, citys, shops, restaurants) with your friends - online or

You whanted to decide which of three restauants you visit:

China1:  Frank 4x|4days ago ****0   Stefan 6x|4weeks ago ******
Italia4: Frank 1x|4moth ago  00000
Greek7:  Frank 3*|2weeks ago *****  Marc 2x|6weeks ago ***00

When you still cant descide, just call Frank ;)

And please go on with your ideas ;)


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