simplicity + more (I love) + wish for Bluetooth

Graham Perrin grahamperrin at
Wed Nov 22 17:12:07 CET 2006

Two reasons for writing:

1) I _LOVE_ the simplicity:

> Dialer
> Contacts
> Application Manager
> Calendar
> More...

I can manage I.T. just fine, thanks -- it's my profession.

The clicky speaky thing in my hand/pocket, I treat entirely  
differently. I want to be as *simple* as possible ... at least, to  
begin with.

So, keep it simple (with the option of adding "More...", but the  
more, I'm more than happy to wait for :-)

2) I'd *love* to see Bluetooth. Figuratively speaking, I let my Mac  
do the *clever* stuff. Moreover, I can't be bothered with cables.  
Permission to slap me, for bringing Bluetooth to the wish list for  
the Nth time!

Best regards,

Graham Perrin, Projects Media Development Officer
<sip:17476059854 at>

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