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Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Nov 22 17:16:56 CET 2006

Salve *!

Robert Michel schrieb am Mittwoch, den 22. November 2006 um 16:05h:
> Special shopping offer - you haven't the time to go monday morning into
> the shop zz to catch one of the special offers - but you can ask your
> familie, friends and neighbour to do it for you - the first of them
> who is in the shop get a "message - Hello Frank - please...."

Ok, Frank will be the first in the shop, and me community system knows
that Frank also know my neigbour Lisa the system could ask their system
when they will meet each other next time - because the sing in the
same chor every wednessday the answer will be,
Frank can give Lisa, and Lisa the packet to me.

Ahh.. such a logistic system could also work for a passenger system
- friends offers to join their trips to shops, cinema...
and by a network of trust, such offers could be shared 
friends of my friends are my friends, too.

By tipping on a location "Sauna" I will get the information that
a friend of Lisa will go there on Friday 18:30h  - but he starts on the
other side of the city. 
By tipping center and east side of the city, I got the information
that my working partner Stefan will drive home at 18h - and there 
would be the chance to take a bus at 17:50h in case that Stefan
will leave the office earlyer or much later.

> So in a family or with friends it could be a system that the credits
> are taken and given and during the time they will be balanced.

I have to gave Frank 350€, but this private finance system knows
that Frank have to give my friend Leo 100€, and I still have to
got 150€ from Leo with encrypted and digitil signed excange:

I 	350 -> Frank
Frank	100 -> Leo
Leo 	150 - I

could be reduced automaticaly to:
I 	250 -> Frank
Leo 	50 -> I

I could also imagine that such a reducing of financial (credit)
dependances could also work with open groups - without the need
that Frank and I, both know a third person - with digital signatures
such bonds could be reduced by a network of trust.

Maybe with bail/gurantee that you gives for your friends
e.g. 50% - with the next node it will be only 25%...

I'm not a economic person, but money is even nothing other
and there are several systems of complementary currencies:ärwährung 
But IMHO it worth to think about such systems.

What is the link with this chain of ideas with the Neo1973?
Comparing with Palm/Linux PDAs such a system could interact
directly with your server. A hidden reducing of credit 
dependances wouldn't be thinkable with offline devices.

And even the "shopping comunity" it needs the online feedback
that not 3 friends are going to buy you a thing - and when
someone pay something for you it can be registered in both
book keeping system. 

So a linux mobile PC with GSM/GPRS and AGPS 
opens a lot of new potential ;)


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