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wlan paul-openmoko at
Wed Nov 22 18:42:44 CET 2006

Mikko J Rauhala wrote:
> With apologies for keeping the "we want Bluetooth" thread alive, I'd
> nevertheless like to commend this suggestion if this is, in fact, the
> case. Eg. if the phone software might not be taking full advantage of a
> Bluetooth interface early on, it's still a win to have it on board; and
> maybe some of the buyers would also fill in some gaps in high-level BT
> functionality.
> That said, and having done some thinking, I'm leaning towards buying the
> phone regardless.

if it has USB host, then there's always the option of an external USB
adaptor, and also wifi too.

remember you will want two phones anyway, one to be your
test/development platform and the other to be your live one... so
support the project AND get up to speed developing by being an early
adopter. Then when things settle, version 1.1 of the phone with extras
will be around!

in my experience, the people who make the most impact, have the most fun
doing the interesting and new stuff, and gain the kudos and the chicks
are the early adopters, as they set the direction. people who come in
late find it hard to catch up let alone innovate!


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