A marketing angle

Ben F-W openmoko at flemingwilliams.co.uk
Wed Nov 22 22:34:30 CET 2006

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> On 11/22/06 1:21 AM, "Ben F-W" <openmoko at flemingwilliams.co.uk> wrote:
>> <snip> I hope you don't mind my speculating in the meantime?
> Not at all. I really like the fact that we are having (somewhat at least)
> non-technical discussion, too. This is really exciting for me.
I'm pleased to hear it! I felt the marketing side was being 
under-represented in the discussions so far: and as it's my own 
speciality, I thought I might have something to add. Afraid I'm not so 
good on the technical details!



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