A marketing angle

Richard Franks richard.franks at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Wed Nov 22 23:52:34 CET 2006

> Sean, any chance of a wiki going up yet, so we can collate all the 
> application ideas so far? I know you haven't got much to do at the moment...

I was very impressed with the ease and speed of setting up MediaWiki. 

I'd be interested in joining a development effort before seeing the
OpenMoko API, as many of the ideas I've seen can be logically divorced
from the low-level (e.g. dialing, negotiating connections), and the
high-level API wrappers for the GUI/input etc. There's a lot of grunt
work to do which can be done using stubs for the API functionality which
hasn't been released yet. 

For example - I'm not hearing much about middleware in the OpenMoko API
- how different applications can collaborate, create metadata (e.g. for
usage-prediction), and share resources or data - I suspect (although I'd
love to be wrong) that there isn't much support for such things. 

> When I get a minute, I'll collate the ideas so far and try to categorise 
> them - anyone else been organised enough to do this yet?

Not that I know of, but I think that would be really rather handy!


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