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Michael Lauer mickey at vanille-media.de
Thu Nov 23 00:15:38 CET 2006

> Redvers Davies (openmoko) wrote:
>> Call screening.
>> When someone calls you and they go to answering machine you can listen
>> and pick up if you choose.
> Interesting idea, Redvers! There seem to be several good possibilities
> focussing around the answering machine services: the ability to select
> between recorded messages when rejecting a call springs to mind here.

> Sean, any chance of a wiki going up yet, so we can collate all the
> application ideas so far? I know you haven't got much to do at the moment...

We already have an internal Wiki that
we planned to open up for everyone
once we launch the device. Since all
of you are having so many great ideas
right now, it would be a shame to wait
until then.

It would make much sense to add a fresh
new mediawiki right now and then just
copy our "super-secret" stuff over once we
launch the device.

Sean, what do you think?


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