encrypted phone calls ;)

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Nov 23 02:11:58 CET 2006


I thought about to do not post about the possibility of
encrypted phone calls with the Neo1973 untill I have one ;)
One open smartphone with a linux SDK,
which also is free of (close source) binaries in the kernel 
(Thank you Sean to take care of this)
- so that this plattform is quite trustworthy.

But to stopp your/our BT yelling, I will do it already now:

Hey guys, please stopp thinking conservative and see
the freedom that such a phone cold offer, e.g.:

encrypted phone calls :)))

If the phone support data calls (9.6 kbit/s) and
if there is a chance to programm between mic and GSM
- e.g. to use asterisk inbetween, then will be also
encrypted phone calls possible.
(Or GPRS could be used).

I have already have test phone call routing using
Speex with (2.44 kbit/s) between me astrisk servers with
the aix protocoll.
And already this speex bitrate is clear :)
(So two calls or additional data transpher could run
on the same connection - for the same price)

On my todo list: 
-to do this through a tunnel and
-to it through a tunnel via GSM data call

I have a smartcard (schlumberg cryptoflex32²) with usb-adapter
did I got from the Debian project by it's last centralised buying.
It is running well and supports USB 1.1.
I realy hope that Neo with USB hostmode have enough power
to use such a card. (The small usbadapter has a mals USB-A
jack - it could be replaced with a mini-USB jack quite easy
by solder it yourself).
For setting up tunnels such a card could help to keep the
private key, private.

In case speex encoding, asterisk and a tunnel would be to much
for the SoC:
100 MB radom data (created e.g. with a lousy noise webcam) 
as OnTimePassword will offer you privacy for over 5.5h speaking time.

On the other side of the tunnel could be another Neo1973,
or an asterisk server in trustworthy environment (no cheap vserver by
a network provider).
The data call could be made to any ISDN Internet dail in point,
or you could use an old GSM phone with modem and RS232 or usb and
connect it to a box - e.g. NSLU2 ;)

BTW: some tariffs GSM2GSM cost 3 Cent/minute or they have a flatrate,
but SMS costs 19 Cent - beside of GPRS, it could be interesting of
direct connections for transmitting SMS, Email....

So I hope, that the NEO1973 does have a modem and support data calls
and the mic and it is so open to use asterisk in a way between 
mic and GSM.

AFAIK are there only two crypto phones on the market (*very* expensive)
both totaly closed source - hardware and software
- you could trust them, or you can be paranoid¹.

I can't understood companies beeing so naive to use backberry for their
communication - also that Sync-ML is used to exchange appointments and

With more informations, I hope more people will understand how 
grossly negligent they care about their communication, data,
contacts, knowhow, and privacy today.

OpenMoko/Neo1973 has so much revolutionary power! 

Open your minds and consider:

Neo1973-smartphone = mobil computer + GSM/GPRS + AGPS

and all this with an open Linux SDK


¹ It is not the question if you are paranoid,
  it is the question, if you paranoid enough. ;)

² Even the gnucard has no transparent hard and
  software on the smardcard - so these cards could
  have bad radom generator or the privat key is hidden
  inside the encrypted data. You can't just buy security.

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