Maybe two phone calls via 9.6 kbit/s data call possible Re: encrypted phone calls ; )

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Nov 23 03:24:55 CET 2006


Robert Michel schrieb am Donnerstag, den 23. November 2006 um 02:11h:
> But to stopp your/our BT yelling, I will do it already now:

Sorry, I wanted to focus on the core potential of this
phone and what does me let not sleep? 
So excuse me - but this idee must be free:

> If the phone support data calls (9.6 kbit/s) and
> I have already have test phone call routing using
> Speex with (2.44 kbit/s) between me astrisk servers with
> the aix protocoll.
> And already this speex bitrate is clear :)
> (So two calls or additional data transpher could run
> on the same connection - for the same price)


How to make two calls with one phone?
With a BT (sorry) headset that you normaly like to use
with your phone and that you have with you.

So when you will share your phone with another person,
one of you will get the bluetooth headset
- able to pick up calls and maybe use Speech recognition 
  on the asterisk server (not phone) to use dial menue
  and to dail out (but has to stay in the radio range
  of the phone)
the other could use the phone as normal.

It would be thinkable that during a phone connection with
your asterisk server, you could transfer this first one to the headset 
(switching down the codec rate?)
and free the phone for a second phone connection.
Because using a data-call - the second phone connection to
your asterisk server will not cost more.

So when you walk with you partner and get a call that will take a
little bit longer (and bores your partner), she could phone, too,
or use 5 kbit/s  data connection inbetween.
(with compression and using a text webbrowser like elinks on a 
server would reduce traffic, too).


> The data call could be made to any ISDN Internet dail in point,
> or you could use an old GSM phone with modem and RS232 or usb and
> connect it to a box - e.g. NSLU2 ;)
Maybe not the best box for encrypted phone calls,
the ethernet driver is not yet open source.

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